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Th Mlllnrj ftimmanilrr of tlipn tin
rrlhrtl l > Ith lit rip lullaw11
I e enls the of tlmna
1iNm Hi appointment it
1iNmT llahrl Pasha t to the
T Important office of
I mllllar commander
B er of Ihe Aleppo dl
trlct linn inched n
storm of Indlgalloti
among the Chrlt
t > Han residents nnd
diplomatic rcpro
tentative In Fun
ky Tim pasha ll I
ilccrlbed no a cruel tyrant anti II In l re
ineinlxriil thai ho nn In commnnil al
an nt Ida time of Jhe Turkish atrocl
tie there and was largely responsible
far the slaughter that followed llrltlsh
AmbiiMHdor Currla then demanded his
moral on the ground of maladminis
j halloo And cruelly to the Armenians
whit governor Thin demand woo com
piled with lit the time but equently
be wit restored to power und decorated
lIT the Millin The district of Aleppa
teHprlte n Tutklili lInrl In North i
r I
1l r i i
s r it
iti i > I
i ar riv v t
cr = =
Jf J Syrli on the border of the SyroArab
W Ian I OtMrt nbout sixty mile cast of
nllooli anll seventy mile from DIP
Mediterranean The population of the
ciplUI city le l 100000 of m 10000
t nn > Christians and 4000 Jews Ibo rot
being 1 Creaks Arroenlanii Arabs and
Turk Tho city li of a thoroughly ori
ental iota with extensive bazaars nu
nieriiu mosque and a populntlon re
nurknblo for Its elegant bearing Tho
streets nru bottler than those of moit
eastern clllti though many of them are
arched over The houses arc of alone
substantially built with terraces for
evening pramenadei It has recently
been thn tent of some of the Armenian
outbreaks and apprehension li I felt that
the atrocities of Van will bo repeated
f J nt Zeltoun and other place within the
district after tho surrender which the
pilrlurch has been trjlng to bring
about When Ilahrl Tallin appoint
ment was nnnounced the representa
tives nl tho powers Immcdlutely held
I n meeting nnd often n full dlscurslon
Joined In a note to the porto stating that
Ihoy cannot answer for limo conan
iliiencet In clue a massacre should l fol
low In Aleppo frequent council aro
being held In tho palaces and forac
pliiln lunruago is I Mlil to have been used
by ho I sultan The protests have caused
the sultan somo alarm but he show no
signs nf wavering In tilt purpoie The
appointment virtually give llahrl
Pasha control OUT tho troops
710 liaaalier
The superior wisdom of the feminine I
mind la I shown In the fact that tho
mother never rebels ngaluit her dough
tera guidance She It I the fiat to dls
cover thu young womans wisdom nail
she enjoys thin security nnd sense of
rest which come from reeling that oho
hot romii ono to depend upon tonia
ors to think not plan for her Oho re
gards It ai providential that as tho
huibnnd of her youth grows careless
as hIs judgment become untruslwor
Ihy ni tu detail na ho grows Inclined
10 shirk the llttlo questions which arise
In the conflict of tho household Ibo
diughtcr qultn naturally takes up the
neglected duties and assumes the man
agement of tho nirnlm Of couno Ills I
often dlClcult for tho mother to live up
to tho course the daughter mark out
Silo sometimes finds herself deficient
In tho strength or wisdom the daughter
f expects from her Hut thl II I not real
tioiiblc for under It nil Is I the com
I t forting eenso of being guided by n
strong will tho censo of being free from
responsibility for tho social and do
mottle velfare at Ibo family is I fllllnr
the young womans soul with sallsfac
lion nattering her with the conscious
nessof her great usefulness making
her realise her Importance In the
j The Ilannr ountr
E The mountain county ofLmtle in
Kentucky claims to be the banner It >
publican count In ibo nliul M te
f navlBB given Bradley In the recent
election 7Sfl vote to 70 for Ilirdln
A riorkr llnlHIl Homn 1 Ihe I IUnlr
xllli llmi
Mr Chisel Ijilond the hendmni
young wife of a Duliith tiallcr omelsl
WAR at set ireounli aese on a hunt
InK trip In the northern weeds unm
mmpanM by An > friend Inn her Nle I
and unerring dim Till Is 1 not the tlll
time he him tone on a similar aollMry
pcui lon Her hiutund feels no nil
enilnrM on her I Rerounl Jim loll I lOAd
is I a Mexican b > birth A few years
ago soon after her marrlosr nil pad
dled n canoe clear to Italnjr Luke City
expecting la there meet her husband
who IJ4 teen csllril Into IhHt country
on business He wait ilolujcj and alter
nailing for him until her patlemn wu
exhausted she ntnrtril for home and
tiiade the return trip nlone paddling
her own canoe and killing to moo r
and a bear on the way In her dress
for the wools Mm Inland In not n
new woman KO far no outward up
prnratirm go Kite Is I n mnilent little
uomnn of about 23 with a round annoy
face Next to her body aha CUll n
close fllUig Milt of buckikln under
wear through which thn wind rannnt I
penetrate No corsets Impede her i
movement anti there Is I not the leol
muplclou of ungnliillnew Over lhl
buektkln aril Mr Ijilond wear n pair
nf holt cloth trouiwrr reoehlnc to hr
knots where they are met Icy l high
bests or long tegged moccasin as the
stale of the weather may require A
knit Jacket cover the upper part of
her body and over Ihl come limo cloth
coot Mont any kind of cap complete
him costume and when lhuenlllred Mr
Uiloml defer the coldest weather Mr
Lalond can lea n 32ealtber Winchester
rifle when after big game and for
mall game the uses a 10 gauge stunt
A rirlurt ut lh rattan
Abdul Humid II iiiltnn of Turkey
who Is l to much talked of At present Is I
perhaps flftyono years nf age rather
tall but somewhat stooping Many and
greatly diverse stories are told of the
personal life and attribute of the sul
tan and after nil the outildo world
knows llttlo nbout his real personally
The Armenian outrages have cause
him to ho more unpoular than before
Ho has been In momentary dread of ns
atslnatlon for thu last eighteen years
and cnn no longer trust nnybod Ho
lives In n perfect agony of rcmortcful
terror Those who hiivo been admitted
to a private niidlenco with the autocrat
of the Ilosphoriis nay that tits voice Is I
not iinnniulcil and he adopts a low tone
01 I 1 i l i
In convcrsatlnii Ills monocle are de
scribed as the very cscenco of courtesy
lllrjrl > ul 1leKAemn I
nicjclc are worrying the life out of
baggagemen nowadays said Alfred
Hasnicr of Denver at the Centropolle
especially when Iho owner neglect to
hand up a tip On tho Denver and Itlo
Grande for Instance there were
checked during July lCCt wheels or
an nveragn of over flflythrea dally j I
If they bad brought a quarter each
Into the pockets qf Ibo baggagemen
who handled and watched them or
even It lie eunnuny had collected a
fee for the transportation service them
would have bison lUlU satisfaction but
for tho road to carry Its little wind in
fated lompitltor for nothing hurt the
tialnmen tike fur > An a wheel mlrht
sy Tbl makes bsga tmen pneu
matically tired Knnus City Times
Mr tam rrrllcllr In I letleranl
Its llrH1 eimnl Ihnnsli lie wnn t
t0 till lye in Iteai lilt Oleos nl
Ih < Innlrntlnn ara0
I porter could f not
LJ help looking a
long way backward
when ho called on
1 the lion William
f Maxwell Kvarl 0
the other day Mr
yio Kvart was In hli
home at the cor
I L ner of fourteenth
street nnd Second
avenue There was an alter of deep
i carmine I In the I lapel of Mr llvarls
oat IIIrn mess dressed I Just t 0s NCW
Yorkers have seen him tor Iho
I fifty year In n few month Mr Uvnrl t
will lx > 78 > can old Ills hlno bloc
rock coat and waistcoat ore Just as
natty and wellfitting as those lIootw a
booth 1111 oldfnshloncMl turned don
collar Is I Just as rumpled ns ever nnd
his cravat Is I of Iho same raven hue 1t
Ib hair Is I Hmewhst thinner but not
lotlcatbly ro nnd his feature nro Jutt
nt milkwhite and pronounced as In t
bygone days Mr Kvnrl li practlonl
V In rtllrcment Ho said that ho I rt l
dent visited hIs ofllCM In WaU tree t
but that be spent most of limo summer
at Ills farm In Windsor VI
Along In November continued Air
Kvarl It becomes n little dreary la
Iho country and I to 10 down here tu
my city home I wnlli about the street
In this neighborhood on bright niter
noons and occasionally drive through
the park I am bolhervil I romwhat
with my ow otherwlio I ara In verb
good health amid I get about very nicely
I1 cannot use m > eyes to read and this
Is I a greet deptlvntlon Ilsyond this
ainictton I bale nothing In the world t
to complain o I take a groat Intern
In all that Is going on In the nation
and I have not lost n particle of m >
concern In public affairs
Tell me please about Ibo conven
tion In Chicago In 18CO which t
ed Mr Lincoln
Ah replied Mr inrt that WAI n
convention I bellevo that It you will 1
look up the records you will llnd 1 that
Iho seventy voles of New York stale
In that convention nro still I recorded I
for William II Seward At every roll I
call New York responded Seventy
vote for William II Seward 1 re
member that I moved to malic Mr Lin
coln nomination unanimous but 1 I
hardly think It was done 1 cannot
rr +
quite recall that fact just now I re
member thai I was one of Ihe commit
tee to go lo Mr Lincoln homo and
notify him of his nomination I then
saw him for the first lime and also Mrs
Lincoln and they both Impressed me
During Mr Lincolns first adminis
tration continued Mr Cvnrts I It was
necessary for mo lo bo In Washington
on professional business I frequently
called on Iho President nnd I can still
remember how kindly Mr Lincoln
greeted me He would always nay
I am very glad to see you Mr
Kvarts bccauio you dont want any
I nil Mr Lincoln within n few days
of bis assassination 1 wanted A pass
I for myself mind some professional
friends Into lllchmond Mr Lincoln
very kindly gave It to me and I recall
i to this day how well ho looked and how
strong and what a marvelous man ho
vast and within a few days ho was
Mr ivurt was principal counsel for
President Johiiron In the Impeachment
trial and ho was counsel for tho United
Slates at Geneva In limo tribunal ot
arbitration on the Alabama claims Mr
Ilvurts good health has often excited
limo comments of his brethren of tho
bar Ono day a friend asked him the
recrct of ills Immunity from disease
He replied jocularly
I attribute my good health lo the
fact that I always get out of bed Into
und never take any physical exercise
Mr livatts In his convcrsallon did i
not care to go Into detail of hll long
professional and public I career Ho wa
admitted to the bar of New York In
1841 He sops ho Is I good for twenty
five cars more and during every mln
uto of that time ho will continue to
take Iho same keen Interest In public
affairs that he has since Ibo day ho first
jriisped limo hand of Abraham Lincoln
at Springfield after ho had fought
hour and hours to bring nbout the
nomination of William II Seward ol
New York
ta panes Troop
A traveler In Japan ways that the
Japanese tramp takes his hot bath daily
If he has n fraction of a cent to pay for
II or his cold bath It ho liauut a cent
Ho eorrlpH n comb toothpick n razor
and u tooth brush In a little bundle A
few Jnpanoso tramps might wall bo In
troduced as mlKlonarle In thu Ameri
can brotherhood whose members do not
seem lo appreciate what clennllnoi Is I
next to
uthng eeens to Iosnenleee ThU
alrange tn
That queer physical rpeclmen known
lo the medical fralernlt of Hurop as
Captain Vetrlo astounded n jury com
posed of several 1 of the most eminent
PlDslclan of New YorK recently H <
dolled all the laws of nature by swallow
ing sufficient poison eating enough
glsas and common paving stone to de
stroy twenty families and meat se ensy
after It as If ho bus Just consumed n
oft boiled egg Tho meeting look placo
at the Madison AVenuo Hotel on Jladl
on Avenue and 1lfIeighth Urcet
Previous to the gathering all the
drugs that the human marvel agriel 1 to
consume were purchased In open nun
bet The following articles were se
Hough on ral arsenic Indigo cop
pen vitriol Iron vitriol chrome hull
phosphorus and verdigris
To this denthdenllng wa added
several bunches of common sulphur i
matches and n section of paving Mono I
picked up In the street several heavy
ilr f rT I I i
6 J 1 t
ij i f I
CAPTAiN virrmo
porcelain plates two ordinary drinking
glasses n lot of coal emit coke and a box
of printers Ink possibly Ibo most tau
sou compound over placed upon Die
The physicians present sealed them
salves In n enilclrcla about Ibo awful
fsat In such n way that every move
ment of the poison enter could bo ob
ervenl Velrlo stood In a cleared space
away from lam table under n strong
electric light and four feet from the
medical Jury
llinnil I Mlilrtn
In these In > s of prngresi nnd discon
tent with the old method tho follow
ing Hem from n western paper I may bo
refreshing for those who long for Iho
good old limes
A navel document WAS tiled In limo
offlce of the county recorder jester
day It Is I a paper wherein dirsw Hello
Asher apprentices her daughter Irftha
Ailier y years old lo Mary Juno Lon
la learn Ibo trade and art of house
keeping Although It 1 seems to bo
no l Ills apprenticeship or as II 1 Is
familiarly called I Iho binding out of
children particularly girls as servants
li I very common In the not and south
Tho writer know of a case where n
benevolent western woman had lalil
the colored girl bound to her or ap
prenticed l by lie mother as n token of
gratitude at Christmas In return for
thin childs l service the miln > s be
came reiponslblo for her boarding
do 1nr
lojclnc and education I 1
Tho Vas if tows
Chinese newspapers reporting the
death of time Queen of Corea and many
of her attendant at Iho hands of tho
Japanese say that they were hung up
by the hair soaked In oil and the
queen body reduced to ashes Tho
Queen of Cora wa one of the most
remarkable women of the age She pos
sessed ram Intellectual gift a vigorous
force of will and n rare degree of execu
tive tact nod Astuteness She had great
Influence over the king and a powerful
group of adherent At the same time
ho woo very unpopular In certain quar
ters and was relentlessly hated by per
sons of weight und prominence In Ibo
nation Among Ibo latter was the kings
father TalWunKun who had many
follower Tho Chinese and Japanese
WAr brought about a climax between Ibo
opposing forces Tha queen was an ally
of China and Tal Won ICun of Japan
Asa nrr
t Ii f to
I 0
d I
When the Japanese wero victorious the
queen s power weakened And the king
father became the real ruler of Ibo na
lion on Oct 8 the queen was murdered
rice eio Vp
Of limn t 194 sealskins brought Into
Port Townsend Wash during Iho sea
son just closed 3C50 wero of female
seals nn Indication of the rata nt which
the seal herds nro being destroyed It
Is I sold by those who have been with
tho sealing fleet that more than halt
of the female killed woro ollher
nursing pup or were graved Tho klmt
brourht into Port Townsend only rep
result about onoclghth of the totAl
catch of sealliiK fleets
An ICiullli Hitlnillr
A new inell h swindle is I to advcr
IIN for IAdlo to dress high prtced
doll and then on Ibo promise of
good pay exact a deposit AI guaran
tee I that tho lilghprlMd doll will bo
returned It has bn worked through
the melt with great micccos
nllb In1 Mn Whn Allot 1I1lIn
lion II lvoy for Illm was well
1 11 tone from s rantns
USTICI itufui
V > Pcekham the
new nmoclalo Jus
J tlee of the su
f It boron court wa
aes J g > 11 uom In Albany Ill
F relght years ago
y VFTTi 110 Is I the on of the
< A 1 late Justice llufui
F91 W Peckham who
was elevated to the
appellate bench In
11870 after having served 0s a district
attorney of Albany county its member
ot congress nnd In 1819 having been
elected Justice ot Iho 1111 life 1110 court
Time elder Justice Pcekham with hit
wrlfSj was drowned nt sow In the Vllle
de llav ro accident In 1873
Young Peekham l passed through the
Albany Academy nnd at the ago of 18
he entered lho office of Colt I PccUhnm
where after three yearof study he was
admitted I to limo bar With Iho same as
siduity that he displayed his tulles
Ito pushed his advancement the pro
fcaslon of his choice soil won obtained
reputation and clients Boon alti r his
admission to practice ho becnmo mem
ber of the firm of Pcckbam R Trcmaln
nod continued In that connection until
Iho death of Mr Trcmaln when the firm
becnmo Peckham I Itonendalc
As his father did before him the
> ounger Peckhnm began the ascent ot
Iho ladder ot legal fame by mean ot
the district nllorneyshlp ot Albany
county which ho attained 18C9 Ho
mi i Lrllllant record a prosecutor
1 s took a deep Interest DUI
nn tlonal politic being active In
the Vilcntlnl conv entlon of 1870 and
I860 when ho was leader ot Ibo Tllden
force After nerving 81 corporation
counsel of Albany he was In 1S83
elected a justice ot the supreme court
for a term ot fourteen jcnrs His elec
tion lo the court of appeals followed In
1SSO His eloquent denunciation of the
Onondaga county election frauds won
for him the opposition of lor Hill who
procured l Iho disastrous nomination of
Maynard for chief justice ol that court
to prevent Judge Pcckhams nomination
for II Judge Pcckhams term would ex
plro In 1SOO
U will be remembered that Wheeler
II Pcekham was nominated for the su
premo court by President Cleveland and
vehemently und successfully opposed by
Senator Hill The senator however
seems to have experienced a change of
heart ns ha recently said In on Inter
view I hope the Presldenl will send
In the nnmo of Ilufiis W Pcekham lo bo
o oolnlo justice of the supremo court
New York ought to get the place and I
think It will In my Judgment there li I
nothing In this talk about Carlisle go
Ing on the supreme court bench The
President knows that Now York Slate
Is I entitled lo Ili and I bellevo that he
will select n Now York man Ilufus W
Peckham Is I my choice
lvoull 0Oseed I Tennyom
Tho accompanying portrait Is I of Al
fred Austin who aspires to succeed Lord
Tcnn > ion as poet laureate of England
Austin is I In his slxtyllrsl year and was
born at Ilcadlngly near Leeds Ills
parents were Itoman Catholics and he
was educated at Stonyburit and St
Miry college Ho took his degree at
Ibo University ot London In 1853 and
four year later was called to the bar
ut Ibo Inner temple Tho law did not
pay and Austin turned attention to
writing poetry Ills verses were the
stepplngstono to n high place In English
journalism 1 and If rumor Is tu bo be
lieved to thin chair of national poet
laureate In 18C5 and again In 1880
Austin vainly attempted to enter par
liament He has been a sucocHful jour
nalist and editor
II It MM la It enmplt1 end rUid
for Work
Interest is I renewed 1 In John W Keelr
and ltle discoveries by recent report
of effort made by prominent parties to
control the result of his labor A
ketch of the Ills of the Inventor will
beof Inherent 10 many John W Keely
ICJ I jear old nlthough ho looks much
younger He began life III a tousle
teacher and It woo he says the tuning
fork that gave him his fret hint of the
new pocr that he claims lo harp ills
covered Ho has spent many year and
much money In Inventing machinery
and the Keely motor It It Is 1 over com
pleted and perform the work claimed
Cor II will make him this greatest In
ventor In the world I history For more
than twenlyflve year he has been ex
perimenting with the now power which
lie calls ethnic vapor He Is I called
an Imposltr by tome but ho lives lm <
ply and work hard all lima time His
dlseovirlt and Invention may bet
vanquish meat of the ellflleultle taut
confront us today
A B13 001 llrlrl VVlli
Tho gorgeous tales of Oriental splen
dor tell of patliwn strewn with gold
dust lo be trodden by limo sacred feet
of royally and diamonds am tho con
ventional paving material for the prom
enada of the princes In Iho fairy tales
It has been left lo n St Loul business
man writes n correspondent to con
struct a gravel walk neither long nor
strikingly beautiful that It I a modern
It comparatively humble rival of thcsa
glistening highways of fiction anti
fable for It represents 15000 In bard
cash The manager ot a Ht Louis cot
fee company It I the proud possessor of
this unique walk It Is compound of
several tons at Ilrailllan pebbles that
came to idol In n business way during
the last few year Thl firm ara heavy s
Importer of Ilrailllan coffee Iteforo
the berries fro ready lo bo roasted for
the market thin sucks lira opened and
time content carefully examined for
twig leave and other Impurities the
latter generally taking the hallo of
mall pebble about tho size of i > i
berry These came with such r i
lly and In such quantities that lo no
Iho Idea that they wero accidentally
In the lack was abandoned and the
conclusion reached that they wero pur
posely placed In the bag to rank
weight Tho dally discoveries of these
Ilrailllan pebble which lira paid for
AI coffee will fill an ordinary bucket
They ara still added to the gravel path
as they come In
Th llfrol 1ollriuin
Our baby 1s I down the well cried
n colored woman la Policeman Pontius
of Itoxborough its ho wa patrollng his
beat on Monastery avenue The officer
ran lo an old disused well In the rear
of the premises followed by every man
woman and child on the street Peer
Ing Into the depths ho fancied be saw
the child lying on a pile ot mud An
there wo very little water In tbo bolo
ho hastened to the polka station se
cured rope and together with Officer
Clegs returned to make the rescue
Clegg being the lighter was slowly
lowered to the bottom the women and
children lending a willing band The
hauling up process was n tedious la
borious affair but by main strength
Clegg was finally landed on terra firma
but with n look of disgust on his face
that would have turned vinegar sour
In hla hand be held a baby not n real
living child but a half wornout ono ot
the rag species Tho woman had dis
appeared but a chuckle In a nearby
home told she wa enjoying the police
men dlscomfllure IHtsburg Chronl
Isoece Ihd wellaaes
lion George Peabody Wctmore the
senatorelect from Ithode Island Is I
i k i I
about fifty years old Ho has been gov
ernor ot thai State On June 14 1851 I
Al it
ho was elected I a United States senator
receiving the unanimous vote ot the
ripubllcan member of the legislature
Alhe amid VVII
Tho fact Is recalled that tho teacher I
and all thane who eat under ber In I
struction In a bulb acboolhoute In Ibo
town ot Mlnot Mats flftythrco year
ago are allvo and well today

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