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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, February 28, 1896, Image 2

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nT Tom Times tuauIO COMPANY
t 1 11 I dUo and Ingar I
I strength To work wlinoul a 1Iar Is a waste ol
The start toward the tail always be 1
gins In short step
Only the wicked are anxious to prove
I that the devil Is I a myth
Marriage make different men ol
I ethers OHIO fellows Md lnJIKwent men of
Dmtli Is I so swift that It overtakes
I everybody l and yM so Mow that any
one can catch IL
It aLa of Americans Is I In bo re
I wardo1 Mr William Astor will bo able
to seturo that coveted title
Tht business man who advertlic
I hasnt any time to worry about the
fluctuations nf the gold reserve
U Is very much In Healer Hehlatlers
I favor that he doesnt have to hn driven
out ot any town where hn locates
Homo people term to overlook the fact
I that thorn Is such n thing as kieplng
cool and patriotic at the name lime
Canada Is I disposed to emulate the ex
ample at the small child who cries for
I the solo purpose ot Inducing some one
to coax It to stop
Ily Increasing Iho price of leer U per
barrel It looks as If the brewers were
preparing lo go to the rescue of the
United States treasury
Poet Laureate Austin will have to
I reel off some very soothing lullabies If
he can make Ibo llrlllsh lion feel happy
when his tall Is full of kink
The distressing feature ot Kaiser
I Wllhelms Impudence In making faces
nt his dear old grandma Is the fact
that Wllhclm Is I ton big to spank
The retirement of Richard Mansfield
may lake from the stag n star but the
I apparatus for producing thunder nnd
lightning and moonlight Is still there
The people wanted clear headed pa
triotic American men on tha Venetue
I Ian commleslon unit they got them
Now let them net wisely and promptly
A man In Houston Tex who mur
dered his wife was sentenced to the
I penitentiary for ninety ears Such n
fellow should havo In en lentcmed for
t life
Since n man who committed suicide
has been Identified as J U Good It Is I
I settled that sulcldn Is not u sin It It
Good were Iho suicide would not have been
The Rchomburgk line Is I now satil to
lie I worthless This can hardly IRA I tho
I cue If It has been the niMnn af teach
ing Britain the danger at making Ito I
Uon play the box
Uermnny stems to havo n kind at
Monroe doctrine of Its own III Is n llt
I tie harder In pronounce perhaps than
llcclo Hams but III Is likely 1 to answer
the purpose In South Africa
Tho Society of the Cincinnati after
years ofdebule has decided lo erect a
I monument to Wakhlnglon nt the Green
street entrance to ralrmuunt Park
Philadelphia It Is I tii rout 1SOWU
Senator Quay U I encouraging the
i i Plttsburg t reform movement As Chris
I llagon Is I the man tho reformers era
after It will ho seen that Mr Quay Is I
not July a reformer for reform purposes
Uncle Bam can buy the island of 81
Thomas from Denmark low for rash
I or country produce Tho question Is
liars ho want lIT It Is an Island thir
teen miles long and has perfect land
locked harbor
When the revised version of the New
Testament was completed It was tele
graphed ns news to Chicago When It
won found that hell had not been trans
lated out ot It there was much disap
pointment Men leading bad lives art
always unbelievers In future punish
ment The language ot their hearts
Iii I hater him because hn doth not
orophevy good concerning me but evil
Says Iho tracery World Some peo
ple say that advertising Is all a mat
ter ol luck hat you cannot ell what
advertising Is I going to do or whether
ur not It Is going tu pay This may
be true but U Is very utrunge that the
man who give Inttlllgtnt thought to
his advertising und doe It In an Intel
ligent earliest straightforward way
usually ban Ilia luck on his side Ho
Is lucky In his ndverllilng because sup I
+ reduce It to a science Advertising Is
just certain us paying rent Advertis
ing Is Dimmed by the same common
i sense builness line that govern buy
lug a lot ot tomatoes ur codfish
t Our commiseration Is extended to our
oslremed contemporary the Vouluuo
Zcltunic an Us sudden chaugo of base
A few days ago It was wildly condemn
luc the United States for pretending ID
tiara any Interest the welfare of Veil
iiuela and now It Is I domandlng that
the German government shall lake en
rellc steps to protect endangered
German Interests and at the same tlmo
those of bar kloswon the Doers Wo
should like to know what Germany has
to do with a suzerainty of Great llrltalu
There iiur oIIIYIlIe rave nf pro imp
rOOD SHORT STontes ron THE
ttbat a tear will hlm ttera tenntt
leanA Tbl 110 elf Droll
5t Otag IhlrraILr Tee ILlthrul
l0arolena At Jean
IIIIN Baby goes a
Mlllsg and
M the I > ref Is
Wf fresh and i
fr I
J 1 Ills ship li Jest the I
< 11Ita queerest craft
t that ever Mil I
I 1 rd to heal
O if Ten nnjlllra trills
It made up Iho
crew that
watch onleek must keep
While all nrow ten toes below are pas
sengers asleep
kind mother Is I lie pilot deer ah none
be true ns she
When baby gim nMllliiK and the
breeze Is Trend and reel
When mother rock the cradle ship tho
wslls fomhore slip pact
The breezes froti the garden blow when
baby boy malls fait
So rot hn 1I11t < 11 Dolly cries she fears
well run her down
to hard nport tnre not the steel lo bra
n dolly drown
And then you know lee got the
whole with carpet for a sea
When baby gums nsalllng mid the
lirriiu Is ftenh and reel
When l iby lies becnlmal In sleep and
nil the crew Is still
When that wee ships In port at laat
all safe trim storm and III I
Two cars or love shall shine above two
lips shall kiss his fun
Until glen deep mil tranquil sleep hell
smile at Ant embrace
For mother wntiiies I loo si night while
through hew ilimihfiH creep
Dreammemorlei of sailing Pro Iho
brreeea fell asleep
Vli E iiln > il heath
It Is I strangely true that the perfection
of Instruments a war will do moro lit
bring nboutiiilnral peace among nu
tloiw than any other human aginoy In
former days thus soldier had n chance
for his life and an opportunity for
honor Now Individuality Is largely
lust behind slaughtering machlnra and
single prowess eiunts for ulmo t noth
ing Nations win soon be unable to go
lo war bemuse ol the marvelous butch
ery that It luvolten glance for a mo
ment nt the wonlerful Maxim gun an
Dr Henry M Illld of Tho nvungcllit
portrays It In dnWlblns n visit lo the
inventor j
HIilMr ll f Wi I special pet his
doll la the marvelous gun that does
not Are single lilts hut IIIally rains
bullets as tha dements In their fury
rnln halliiones It Is I n light affair lo
look nt having the app aranea of n
small brass canniii mounted on a tri
pod and aimed and worked by ono
man who situ behind II an n saddle like
that of n blcycln from which ho can
point It up I or dada with as much came
as If It were n pistol ur swing It to tits
right or left as in enemy approaches
from ono or another quarter
Hut how Is III gun loaded Ah
there Is the bmutr of III It loads Itself
The originality of the Intention lies In
this That It vtlllsee tho recoil so
that las tho cartrklgra lire strung on n
belt that carries from n hundred unit
Arty to four hundred tumuli ever kick I
of the gun throws oil file exploded cart
ridge on ana side a the Kiln and an the
oilier Ihror the next cartridge Into
place so that the dttcharge Is I Inresinnt
You have only to res tho button and
the gun does the qmi t As long ns you
rI tl
keep your Inter ok the button the fir
Ing gems on the Km throwing eleven
oriole bullets n rrcaul COO n minute
Hut not quite li fast I bear some
one say who lias made the study of
lire arms dont ol know that this In
count firing wash heat the Rim so
that It would eiplon unit du more de
struction nt Iho fine end than ut the
muzilcT 0 yen gen lo critic know nil
this and am glad ytit upoko of It ns It
elves mo occasion to point out ono more
contrivance of this marvelous machine
That steel barrel tlrough which an In
cessant flash tram like n continuous
streak of lightning melting 01 exploit
ing everything near It passes through
water It Is I all thowhllo Immersed In
water that 10 I counted In what Is I
culled the Viator JUkct so that tho
gun like n good Midler keeps cool
while doing its most deadly work
Thus It Is that thenmn at flat pun Is I
master of the situation nnd need 1 not
run away even If he Is I attacked by a
regiment unless It names upon him I by
il IO
surprise and lakes him nt close quar
ters or memo villainous sharpshooter
picks him aft before begets to business
lAt the regiment kwp I at a respecfut
distance and give the brave follow n
chance and ho will ay them low by
hundreds and little < I let tho enemy
bo ever I numerous If they will only
stand up lIke men to e shot at he will
mow down half a dos i regiments while
I ha is I smokliiK his clg r
Uhrll1 tdr
I The soldier who I 1 lists on obeying
orders to the letter luu furnished no
end of innterlil it the funmakers
I Thin lime It Is I tile Vnshlngton Post
that describes an ur usually good ex
ample of him
Irish 11 swiss
Ho was was he u
member at the Hlxtl lUglmrnt South
Carolina Infantry rationed on the
bench uf Sullivans I tend Hugh was
I on guard Two haunt after ho had
thus been stationed the corporal with
i the relict appeared In the moonlight
and wan astonished to Me Hugh v all i
Ilia to and fro up to HJi vvnl t m the
eat < r Te tide had ionic In l j
Who goes there demanded the
Ilellcf answered the corporal
Mull relief Advance corporal aid
Site the countersign
Hut I am not coming In there to lie
drowned Come out and let mo relieve
Nlvcr a Ill mid 1 Hugh The lit
tenant Could me not to lave me putt
Well then said the corporal start
Ing to move away you may stay them
all night
Unit tliiindere l the sentry Ill
put n Irate In yo It yo pas without the
oiinl rnlnn Them me order from
the llflcnant and he cocked and lev
eled Ill gun
Confound your answered the cor
pornl Kver > body will hear It If t
bawl It out to ou
lets 1 too darling and the llftenant
mid I It mint be given In n whisper In
with B me finger on Iho trigger
There was nothing for the corporal
do but to wadoout to where the faithful
sentinel Blood
fie Jabbers said that worthy Its
well eels come The tide has a most
drowned mo
Ie r Ilthl
One nf her majestys cruisers lay si
anchor In the harbor ofHavana nnd
the temperature of that port In July
was not conducive lo erslslent activity
rrl Ih
fly on lie part of the Junior I watch
officers at any rail In fact n comfort
nbln armchair seemed exactly to fit the
exigencies of Ihn watch after the cap I
lain and thn admiral had turned In
Ore morning the mall brought n small
s < hoi to Iho admiral and that
evening hn gave n small round Instru
11 Ill t resembling n timepiece to he
Junior watch ofllcer snylng I
Mr Marline carry this with > ou nn
> our watch and pass It Along to your
relief wln similar Instructions
Mnrllnn put the machine In his pock I
et and commenced In stroll lo and fro
until the admiral retired Then he
stretched himself out In his chair IInI1
lighting n cigarette began to watch the I
lights go out one by one nn shore I
Next morning Lieutenants Marline
Malnhotd unit 1 Lazaretto stood before
Ihn admiral I I
icnllemen t said the ameer sternly
I halo examined this I tit I Instrument I
witch > ou tell mn was car I
ried by von three gentlemen
In succession on > our respec
tive watches and I ntn astonished 1
to find that although I set It at zero
List evening It now records only two
and n half miles lenttcmen I do not
propose to condemn you on the unsup
ported testimony of n pedometer and I
mud confess f that knowing you lo be
ambitious and diligent officers I sni
loath to trust nn apparent record so far
below the actual requirement Iluvt
ever I shall risk jou to carry the In
strument again tomorrow evening
Iontlcmcnou ore excused
Ilditcnnnt Malnhold had the first
watch that evening anti ns soon as like
admiral had gone to his cabin he sealed
himself In the nrm chair and ordered
Midshipman Itnttlne to appear before
llntllnc said the lieutenant when
you went nshoro today you absented
voursell without permission for an
Aye aye sir
You doubtless Imagined tint I In
tended to overlook jour offense
I hoped so air
Not nt nil Von must take this
Instrument and shake It violently for
four hours and I shall nay nu moro
about It
Thn morning after the Mine tliren
officers again stood before the admiral
Gentlemen said he I fear I have
misjudged you I fled on examining
the pedometer this innrnlni that It
records u distance of eightynine tulles
walked by you three gentlemen three
bourn It Is evident that tho machine
la utterly worthless and a sharp
aplush was heard as tho pedometer
struck the limpid water at the bay
Gentlemen you are excused
Nitnlrml llulil Nlrokr m Jn
Oct 14 1KOO Napoleon won ho bit
Urn nod brought the monarchy of red
citric tho Great under his tufl March
Ing rapidly upon Merlin with two col
umns ho found the load blocked at
Jcnn by 1rlnco llohenlohe with 00000
men Tho Prussians were on the lilnn
behind tho heights of andKrafeiibcrg I
which were so steep as to bo Itemed
Impassable Discovering n 1 narrow
pathway up the steep side Napoleon
rut n road In ono night and m nel
upon a rock Just out of view of llohon
lolnia pickets 40000 soldiers with their
rnnnan Under rater of n 1 fog tansies
thrust forward his division The can
non firing rrnltered the fug and dis
closed to llohenloho 90000 Frenchmen
opposed to his COOOO Ijinno was
checked for n time and aim Attitrrau
fioull and Key At 10 oclock Napoleon
sent In MurutH cavalry and his Imperial
guard against file stolid Prumlnn
siliiniBS A corps of SO 000 Salons
stood the brunt of tho light parking
with bn > oncts tho sword thrusts of
Murats horsemen until square after
square had been broken FInalty a lout
began In tho 1russlan lines and t re
servo of 0000 horsemen led by glen
oral Racket galloped forward to foyer
tho retreat Bucket placed hlmwlf III I
front of tho fl Ing troops and died hero
ically but vainly trying lo sats the
line More than 15000 PrussUoi lay
dead unit wounded on tho filed Na
poleon put his entire army la pursuit
driving file enemy In nn oppwiu dl
r ctlon from Berlin
eltl a IIIIU rirl
A 00 earold cltlien of Wwt nook
port Maine Dmlel Andrews cut 1000
hoop poles last week and anted them
all ino dlsancu of 110 mile He aj
hr lmpl > dlt it fir car h I MI he In
getting u t1 iifie < lit In Ibo ins 1
I title Uiim a r or 1
Careful attention to another point I
will save labor nnd make better butter
I If you stop the burn as > oon ai the I
I pJrtlclM of butter have formed about 1
the alto of wheat kernels You con
then draw off the butlerriillk and wash
It so thoroughly that It will require
I very lltlln strength to work It It It Is I
necessary or desirable lo work It at nil
I1 I wash twice I with cold I I nail brine l then
float In a weak brine of about GS df
green for a few moments It not par
ticular about Iho temperature of the
last washing the butter will bo too
cold lo make together conveniently and
I make II dimcult to handle When you
j I hate drained It thoroughly sift over It
I n half ounce of salt lo n pound ot but
ter Let It remain a short lime to fls
I solve tho grains of salt then turn the
I crank several times when It will be
1 masted together and qiilln as evenly
salted as luand working could do It Do
not let Ibo lever nr ladle go over with
a sliding plastering motion You may
KIUCCIO or pound It with Impunity al
most but every lime jou rub It over
you spoil as many grains as you touch
and so much cf III Is no better thon oleo
margarine For packing use the btst
I made best looking welt tubs you can
find Scald out with hot water soak
with strong brine twcntyfou hours
turn that out stud nil lo this brim with
scalding hot brine let cool and > our
tub li I nt for use Pack as solidly as
possible cover tightly nnd set In a cool
place until ready for shipping I
MoiCof the older butter makers think
that you lake all the flavor out of but
ter when you wash It little dreaming
It Is I not the taste of butter nt all they
ore so fond of but simply butter milk
others scald and even boll their butter
milk until all the delicate flavoring oils
Ala dissipated nnd nothing but n tal
lowlih grease Is I left You will hardly
find two farmer people who will think
the same sample Is I flrslclaM Hut
hen you send It to n great city you
nay confident It 1 will bo graded about
tight There Is I too great a demand for
timidly firstclass butter for a commis
sion man lo let It go for less than best
prices Ho will want morn too badly
but of course ho can not get morn than
It Is I really worth you may bo sure of
that and you may be sure also that It
> ou feed rightly keep tho burn free
from swells by dusting the floor dally
with plaster that If you ore very care
ful to keep everything about Iho milk
and cream perfectly sweet and clean
that you churn It as soon ns It Is I per
fectly sour and Is of a proper tempera
ture that you clop churning as soon
as the butter forms In small particles
that you wash thoroughly In strong
brlno salt and work lightly and pack
It In sightly properlyprepared I pack
ages and keep milk cream and butter
away from Iho nlr ns much as poslbte
you can not fall to have butler of n
highpriced flavor that will command
creamery prices and may bo termed
Dairy butter In n quality equal to i
creamery Mrs Robertson
Limo on IAndUur cultivated crops
contain on an average about ns much
limo ns potash While It Is I necessary
that It should bo thoroughly mixed with
the earth It should bo kept Hoar tho
surface as It Is liable to sink Into the
soil In whatever way It Is applied It
Is I well to remember that tho carbonic
acid which has been expelled from It by
Iho heat Is quickly regained from the
atmosphere and It should In conse
quence of this bo ns little exposed to
the nlr as possible before being applied
to tho land It should bo put upon the
land as noon ns practicable after slak
ing Ily watching the effect of n small
replication the farmer will bo able to
Judge whether his lands require It In
larger quantities or whether Its Use on
his particular soil Is I at alt beneficial
since there Is I scarcely anything that Is
as dependent upon repealed experiment
and so Independent of nil definite rule
as ferlltlilng owing to tho great diver
sity of soils tho difference In their me
chanical condition unit various other
causes Agricultural Gazette Tas
Dutlerlne No doveA recent rul
ing of the Treasury Department will
tend practically to make tho word but
terlno obsolete nnd otherwise to render
the silo of oleo under the gulso ot but
ttr moro dlh cult Tho order from the
Treasury Department Is I In part as fol
lows Tho nee of any tnulo mark
label brand picture Illustration or ad
vertising or descriptive device repre
senting cow or dairy farm or In any
other form Indicating Ibo oleonmrga
rlno to bo n product of tho dairy or
calculated to Induce the belief that It
Is such dairy product Is Inadmissible
Tho use at the word buttcrlno Is I also
Inadmissible since section 2 of tho act
ot August 188G prescribed that but
terlno should bo known and designated
as oleomargarine Uutchers Advo
A Kino Dairy Amour tho most suc
cessful dairymen In Central New York
may bo named Augustus Sago ot
Holmesvllle near South Now Ilerlln
ilia farm contains eighty acres and
keeps thirtyeight head of holstein
cattle twelve sheep and his teams
Mr Sage says hero Is I scarcely a limit
to the producton of un acre ot lan
or of tho amount of milk a cow will
give when properly bred and cared
far Mr Sage has raised and grown on
his farm his present number of cows
Mr Valkrnburgh deputy state dairy
commissioner after examining tho
herd sold This Is the finest dairy
of cows and shows tho best breeding
for the production of milk ot any dairy
within my knowledge Onconln Her
Hxerclse and Torco Tho sun the
heat the fresh air the activity ot
respiration Induced by exercise de
velop tho force energy suppleness and
muscular strength of tho colt Those
rained In stnblea may bo larger In
breadth and amplitude but they can
never attain these more rmentlal cle
ment la lonllneinrnt Like a rhlld
the colt needs to run about and play
TJinnlM tie lId Unit
I Colonel McLaughlin sent hU Sited
lab foreman out a fen days ago to do
some work around the mouth of an old
mining shaft anti he look a green
countryman with him ai an sulitsnt
In a couple ot hours tho foreman
walked lip to the colonels allies and
sia y colonel I want antidJer rasa
H hy Mints the matter with that
man sent out with you Inquired the
Oh he fall down de shaft bout an
hour ago an he dont come up I
tlnk he I yumptd his yolkSan Fran
cisco I
Duel to lack
Fine Ice I man eery roLl weather then
tomes a high old dine In skaltotsrinks I anti
skating faults I on tildes I end rides I and we
o home tired au1 orerhlalld I thl
lamehome u wlhh
oan okl Jlor of tooingPaolf air lIh
wratw I and on with all torts or aches and
alums rhemnallr neuragle sciatic t hum
I = xic Including fro m l tmckache l Seen
toothache They who dance must pay the
WIIIIII Jk an1 aro trouhl low
1lptr nrotanrtot2Jlvhatut
I I U dnsv
wlllzeonall the same It is generally i
known that HL JAttIot Oil will cure all
such ackee and 1100 eel arotely vr lolled
tlvey slid the ry is 011 with the deuce
I The fun Is now an InxparaUe adjunct of I
tU dainty evenlnxjolIetlM I j
rrkfr llnifr Tnnln
I Of the many Rood things to be found
p = oiot
In American I homes we do not believe i
I that any am held In higher esteem or
have done better service than Parkers I
linger Tonic It has grown to be a
household necessity anll Is serviceable
In almost every cane where there Is I
weakncis and Infirmity Ihero are
forms of female debility thai mnlco life
a burden The same Is I true of persist
ent coughs und colds and distressing I
i stomach and nervous Ills They have
held high revel In many homes until
t iIIfli
I rl l
banished by Parkers Ginger Tonlo and
I no are proud of the record that has
made so many hearts grateful
llos Cure for Consumption i li the only
couch ninllrlne used In mr bouoeIJ Co
Altrlgkt I Minilnburg l Pa Loa II W I
The value of Cho diamond not bat II
doa but whet It Is
The Orcllteti ricdlcnl Discovery
of the Age
His discovered In one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy Hut cures every
kind of Humor from the worst Scrofula
down to a common Pimple
lie his tried It In over eleven hundred
cases and never filled except In two rotS
both thunder humor He hums now In his
possession over two hundred lertifcalu
of Its value ill within twenty t miles ot
Boston Send postal card for book
A benefit Is always experienced from
the first bottle and i perfect cure Is war
ranted when the right quantity Is taken
When the lungs are ilTected It causes
shooting rains like needles pissln
through them the same with the Liver
or Dowels Tills Is caused by the ducts
being starred aU always disappears In a
week alter taking It Pad the libel
If the stomach Is foul or bilious It will
nuns squeamish feelns at first
No dunce of diet ever necessary Eat
the best you ca1 get 1 and enough of It
Dose one tablespoonful In water at bed
time Sold by all Druggists I i
kyN dlaf turner whelNlo
Money Saved ors real fee 11x1 I of pry
Uouq Lknome Uryeenor
II ramlhinas ralIIYry Cloth I
xdytowr Uru M als t era l rAY euHE N 1 5 J Ow34 4a1 Neb
= =
Depend upon the blood for aoetsnsaen
rf blood I Is Impure 1
Therefore It the u they are
tapropeirly Id snd nervous proitrattoa
results To reske purs bleed plakotatloa
The One True Blood Purifier 11 lCfor5
Hood 1 5 Pills lion to Irlcv habitual a coati reunita
Th ° Columbia
Pad Calendar
For 1096
s A
A Wok Calendar li j a nemilty mett
convenient kind of storehouse for m em
ao The Colnmlila Desk CnVuilnr
li briititnt and hands nest or allfull
of ilalnlr pen ascetics stud entertaining
thoughts on outdoor exercise and port
OC > IOB > UT reminds you of the iup rh
quill of Columbia Blcyttn and or
joar seed of one Von wont object lo
roar or count Tb Calendar will be
nallcil tar ate I Sctnt stamps
Address Calendar Department
rill AriiMoTiiu co tm br i tie wodd
tnatjailu trath w teem It bar IV1UCT4 the rent or
wind pewee N 1 Atonal II woe labor null base
bouu uaunpMlN lu reri4n d t + ptin
faun dar atmu t f
bearrundofur im I b l Jaen
ObL II mall Utn 01
eel 1010 anaca
nut Iltiwtoary ° 111I1
1 nJoo1l < ff1 T < m > n Ml llnniu
find sel 1 111 miirri and yea
e1nuAra lin ipplleMlon it mn name oa
I Or lbN article that It win luiuui ban
Jabaur lit it 1n man ciuil pneo It AIM mare
nos > and eventet ot all kind ttmt for eamooN
Fsaicil Hit LKkviU sad I Ulcers Slrttti ct kll
idIN Of to I r Nm
2eaaewat rotate a U1r4H abe
r iwt moLaale do rbN 1 JOin
11 and boNllf triad 1 n
+ 1 Qr1NU1hN In two minatN 1 ho matt
eptIJa0nHorbroken lIb
a eta eaO oe oar warry Co In
locality 116b a se 1 to Imf oaCo il to
forgetter for woilaalfa bury wweh f + bso Columbus tibia write
a C1 Naw aulur u asL
f Ia
Nr rt 9 linters
Il1r to li enrh a o e
QuNw en4 tuna
x Ilal nelru pAL te till Uw
In Ilma Pn1A br eaita
Patents TradeMarks
Pumllloo ii > AI > l la MUI 0
Iomienthnl revInvnlenU
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The Personal Side
Of George Washington
Not the General nor President but the lover
the man the husband and neighbor Three of
such articles by General A W Greely the
famous Arctic explorer will shortly beginin the
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