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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, August 14, 1896, Image 6

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JeLL I dont ba
iler Its pomlble
W eyes If yea do MJT
It Mlrtn All 0118
talk about plMotrie
friendship la 1 atm
ply alumni Why
Id be willing la
I W T a dnsen
pair of glove thai
iron and Karl Scott
nil he enraged be
fore the year to I out In spite of all
four boasting about friendship
done pall a laughing vole and
a bright faecd girl toatnl upon a
t trunk proceeded to extract by meant
of a hatpin a lame pickle from an
extremely imillneckvd bottle
I And b l r lull my friends ila I here
liy cool l aforrwild covenant and there
w u a shouts of laughter from the crowd
01 1 l girl about her ai the speaker sol +
femnly devoured the pickle
It was not hard In MO that Miriam
Wetlcotl was the lending iplrll among
these college girls nttemblrd here far
their weekly spread llrlghl Mini
ble and full of humor abe teemed the
life of the little circle about her The
fclrl were students In the treat unl
jvertlly of M and after a week i
bf hard study were i1ipoM In make
the moat of their evening together
i I That the HIHt Ul I ever made
rlrU ald Miriam Why Karl and
I lure known Men other since wo were
liable and betide hea In lore with
Ia girl It homer till last In a very tri
umphant tone Intruded to carry eon
Srletlon with It It only nerved to
trine < < to the face of the first speaker
a niont tareaillo smile
Well well Jim wall and air and
tnrnnwhlle Miriam yowl beat stove
your part cash
Hardly were the ward uttered when
PS ting at the door wen heard and 11 11 1 r
lami mlMhlevotit whisper
Why girl I do b line thai Karl
Ilea tome to take me home You
know hea Jiut like my brother but
her wont warn drowned In the shouts
of laughter flat 10110111
Ai the door old behind Karl and
Mir tin anal they went out Inlo the
Slight Miriam Bald
It i awfully nice of you to tome
alit me Innlghl when youre 10 busy
too with that latin quiz
You know 1 woiililut lot I you come
arrow that vampm atone such a night
aa Ills Knrl had antwered aa he put
the girl arm through loll and In the
InorMHent there win nomethlnR that
made Miriam look uii Into her com
panion face and aay Thank you
Karl I am glad you came
Romoway Knrl was unusually allrnt
4onlftht and It wia not till they were
IIIIDII home thai he said hesitatingly
SnYa lj jrLim I with youd lei me
t iu yoa a ro n t h n af i h o u a h tr in k a o w
youll bo angry
lietier not ny It then for twould
t 4 q t Iu jl17t
I r
U ilt
be a shame to limit 1 our frlendihlp
Hu you know Im very proud of the
fact that wore surd good friends and
not Iho Irani bit In lore with each
olloerl and the girl looked up to her
companion with a frank expression In
tier brown eyes It wan too dark totes i
the expression In Karl face There
was n silence and then a ihort laugh
from the young man
I Vcll niter Hut I dont know
whether I better say what I was going
< o or not Ita thU MlrUm he Mid
tiurrlrdlyt I wish you woulJn1 go
with 1nul Wwton lies not n man
that I would wnnl my own litter to
po with and 1 with you wouldnt do i
II either I knew youd be angry he
continued aa the girl wa ill nt for I
Miriam with all her hood qualltle
could not brook Interference from any
one Independent and Keltreliant > the >
haul alwaya followed her own wishes
and even her beet friends hesitated
about irenilng to Interfere at all whit
her action
i It la I very kind 1 of you to trouble
yourself about me pale Mid coldly
but I think I know whom to go with
end whom not 1 never think of telling
you what illrl to go with
Youknow I never go with any one
but you lie replied quick sail then
aa they went In at the gate lllrlum
please dont be angry You know very
well that I only mid It fur your good
Many thanks was the cool ananer
and without another word Miriam went
Into the house and shut the door
Well that dooent look like falling
Co lore with Karl Scott site mid oa
slue sent Into her room and threw her
hat on Iho tablo Ihn Idea with n
little Indignant sparkle In her eyes
of bio trying to dictate to me And
Uicro waa a units on her checka aa
she RAt down at the tnble to rood her
psychology for the Dost day Hut In
some soy It had lost IU Intereat for
tier and after twice reading the ox I
traonllnarlly simple and lucid tate
incnt1 An object la the objectined
interpreting activity of Intelligence re
lated by Uo ego to the abMrooled nut
veraal the hut the book In dligunt
and wept to rletp that night with
Karl lilt word ringing In her ears
Miriam dont be angry
The WMki west on skirt tree
WMIU far MlrlMi IMwem hemir I
Md Karl Scott R true = boos de1 I
clarwl I and they met apparently on i
their old I friendly fooling 1 Only te
girl and Karl bluuelf knew that there
WM a 4lflerae The old friendly re
lation had ooiMboir become Impossible
and Inlo their Intenoarae a tr a
new element bad erwt
Well Miriam bowa that betr1 sold
Mary Kanborn one morning some
month alter the seeM with wfcWi
our story opens aa one met hr friend
coming out of college
All right We bad a fight that very
evening ymi 1 know awl the iky 1
elaiidy even yet
ThAt nothing MM her mm
panlon with a laugh I dont belie
Ill buy the glove Jut yet
Ill gel them for you If you like Im
going to ride our to Ip 11 l this after
noon No than wan the laughing an
ewer and then the glrli aeparaled
Hut Miriam was not to Ilght he viol
today salts had le < l her friend to
Imagine Bomehow Karla treatment
of her had often wounded her of late
It was not Ihat he was unkind but
some way the old friendly relation
were broken Karl was not the Jolly
rampanlnn he had once been lie war
sliest and reeervcd kind always but
unifhow the girl war miserable and
And Karl lie too fell the differ
ence but to pave hit life he could not
treat Miriam In hie old friendly fash
Ion Why he could nol have told but
he rmllied that life In these toot
week was a very different thing from
that of Iho ymra before The bill
about the little colliite town had looked
more benulUul In their snowy while
nee against the winters sky when ho
went with Miriam In their weekly
ram MM
On title December day when Miriam
hail met Mary Hanborn the girl was
mnuinlly restless and unhappy lute
could not study and after wandering
aimlessly about the haute for wane I
hours site suddenly put nn her hat re
membrrlng noran trifle the had In
tended to buy at Ipel a town a few
mllM illilant llaetlly putting the
addle on her hone she alerted off
down the road Thli was Jllrlnrai
uual IDode of rvrreallon and no mat
ter how cold 1 1 or stormy the day she
always returned frum her ride re
freshed and In good spirits It woo
early In this afternoon when site
Ill surely be back Mare dark
stib mid ai she left the house but tho
houra wore away nnd the did not re
turn A blinding inowalorm had let In
with ho approach of evening It war
dimcult to dltcern objects In the Rath
erlng clink and the flake fell thicker
and thicker aa the darkness Iwcamo
moro Intense Bo It wu with a atari
of urprlra that ft man reined In his
burn ni the 1111111111 went et Ilia lahl
of aomelhlnR by the roadilde dark
ohjcct itrangely like a human form
In an Initaut hu bad dlimountcd and
linn Karl Boott heard a aobbliiK voice
that rent the blood to hula heart In
Brent bounds Ito bent over tho
lUDurnfu little figure and the nest In
stand he hail gnthernl Ihe aobbliiK form
In hits nrnia and wna holding It ni
though ho would never let It ro again
Oh Karl 1 thought no one would
over rome and my foot hurt mo sol
Then two nrma crept up about Karla
nock and for awhile the darknew und
Iho atorm were forcotlen by tho two
there alono on the hllli
Mlrlama hone had thrown her ni
aha was returning and for toveral
hour alto had been here by the road
iltlo 1 with a Kirlblo naln In her ankle
and chilled and net by the alarm And
hen the tint knew had coma and tho
girl had given up all hope of rHUO for
that night till she had looked up to
am Knrl frlghluicd gray eyes and
felt Ida klMea on her lips How clue
got home that nlghl tho girl could
never hnvo told but there was always
the dreamy roniclouinrm I of her lovers
white anxloua faro bending over hIT
Mill Karl just Ihlnkl lluw will I
rrr endure It T unld Mlrlnm ono oven
IIIR n few days later na she was lying
nn Iho couch by tho open fire uluuo
ruddy gleam wan making a hundrnl
fantaalle ahaduw In the little room
and nuking the nwret I girlish faee
there among the rimhlona mora beauti
ful than ever > aa Karl whu woo wild
Ing over It fondly Imagined
You know hero girls will never
get through tensing me And I wits H
cure too Why did < your do It Karl
tbl last with n reproachful I glance
from her brown eye Hint make her
lover answer softly in he bend and
kisser her
Wh > Jut beeauio I couldnt help II
And strange to My thus Illogical
answer MemM quite Mttifiatory to
the college girl though In all her
studies In Kant nnd Spenser no trace of
with reasoning had curt Lion found
Ihe hoot nioriilnR1 mall brought n
liackoge lo MArY Banborn ntid AI site
held up to view 0 dozen hairs of glove
he tnld critically
I nltta knew Miriam Weateott had
good laite In cloves
Ill Iho MjOnnrr
Jenkst America had the llnj
flower now wo could iwcrp Kngland oft I
Inn teas
IInllkaWhot make you think lOT
Jrnka Ilratuie according to the i I
million of people claiming their nn
eealor came over on the Mayflower I i I
Ihe hlp mutt hnvo linen aa big ai HU I
noteUp to Dale I
A000l1 1or
Hick nnlCHlromntlwillr Via fir
my homo la I a little heaven on earth
Wlak That account for II I never
did know of anybody who was In a
hurry lo enter hmvon Diuton Tran
attg n f etm llhvrt IJtnptftjt Ye ton i
TlMn 1500 > Un IntUitlng sae
Nklll llltrl llsn llalnni 00 >
small eolo I
Queensland Ass
JJ 1 Irolln iho king it
J u the IIfRII niheN
and tho owner ft
Ihe only pMrlitnU
farm In the worM
r li at Iho O tldn
tnl announce tM
Han Iranelieo Call
I J > >
Mr Clark pmri
hell farm la I stout
ed with 169000 pearl nhclli which M
collrcleit from the deepara water lie I
believes that he can grow pearlt sol
rhrll It li I a new thing Nobody
ever ntlemplrd It before Mr Clark Jon I l
on a tour of lute world to lnvr tlgil
Ihe various pearl fliherle
lie has all iho fact and figure eon
earning them on hla fingertin lit 11
much Interfiled In thin extensive pearl
flatteries In Ihe lulf of CalKornla bill
of court only In an abitrnel way 11
he hai no money Invested In Iher
The king of pearl Others employs DO
heel than 1100 men and 2SO vnueli
Of till army of 1500 men 2to are
ekllleil dlrrrii The vllllela uie < l art of
all aloe Ihe average coal of etch
being K00
I have been fifteen year engiftd
In pearl fishing inld t Mr Clark lait
nlghl My I flihcrle arc In the Tofrtu
stroll In the north of Queensland I
begnn I on a small Male nod hare liven
the pearl fisheries my close atlnllon
during all IheM year My I oprrteace
has led mo to Iho belief that with
proper Intelligence In the aelectUM of
7 = = c
a place one can raise pearl and pearl
shrill as easily aa use can raise
oyster but of course to do this > ou
must know how I mrlej l Urge
pearlshell farm three year ago and
have locked It with shell which I ob
tained In ninny Inttaate far out nt
wean In the deep witoiv To grow
shells suneufull according to my ex
lenience thus far tht water lust not
bn too deep
There U one thing I mi lure of nnd
that U I that no matter bow runny pearli
are piodiiced the supply sett never i
equal the demand and lh afore them
is I no danger of any routine among
Ihe pearl Other of the glob It II for
the purport of finding out ill I din In
regard lo the pearl Sah1 tIM of the
different parts of the wtiU thai I
have now net out on Ibte trip I
keel putty will lnfrra 4 In mint <
to the pearl 1 fUlurle in all parts of
Ibe country I Your irtat Ubery In the
Oulf of California Is I tho + lfiBttt one
on the American ccpntln nto > nd II prac
tical ly the only one xc1 Wlnf that of
the Hulf rO Mi xiio btlov the gulf I
The pearls that are grown In thus I
Torres strait pare all I of the color you
see here This beautiful slyer pearl
which you see on my sent II I a good I
Illustration ot the klad we produce
There U only one color In fact old I
thai U I the most t deilrtxl among par
chaser Thuds Urge oval pearl you
muy think something abnormal In its
way but we get many of Ihem There
Is I no question but Hut the Torres fish
rrlei produce the tlncwt pearls to be
I hid The market bow that Tiny
I bring hue highest price
I Mr Clark U I a nun of mfdlum height
and inlddln age lie It 1 Atd to bo a
inulllmllllonaire and to have OOllul I red
ills OIII01al fortune slgJx I he began
Hflrlnhlng a few YM It ego Ha bal
a raddlih beard a cleirFgray 575 anti
a quiet confident way our talking < < that
i Is very Intereellag
My pearl ahelt farm ha oonlloueJ
I occuplea a atretrh nf water 10 mU
I bog and about Oro IlllIee whto on the
edge or the Torres traps The water
I shallow for It la l only In that kind ot
water that shells can be found Meem
rally matured experienced pearl
Saber can tell at a glance from th
tarrmindlng shots whether or not be
has the best Ochlng ground
If the shore are high and rugged
It Indicate that the water I deep and
cold The hell do not ntUIn the
greatest ill 1 there Uald I till It I
bard on the diver In going down eo
deep for them
Where the there are low and re
ceding sad the water warm there Are
to be found 11141 not shells and the
blggewl pearl
I skip my hells to London In my
own vewel I The hells are used for
eorrit of different purpose now and
there ha I a greater demand for them
each year They go to London In my
vessel I by hundred of ton
The ptarh are marketed In Iondon
I and farts mainly The catch every
I year run roughly speaking from 1200
1000 worth up to almost five lime that
I There li 1 a constantly growing demand
for them I havo been In Die builneii
long enough to uncertain that for a
It Is I Lecniuo of this that I nm now
trying to make pearl and shell on
my own farm which I have eitnb
llthnt and stocked by a portion of what
t have caught
Ihlegrphing Ih apih of 5 I0ol 01
Imf Worthlngton has been studying
n curious phenomenon for twenty
year my Knowledge Tho iplaih ot
a drop occur In the Inkling of an
rye jet It is I nn exqulillcly regulated
phenomenon and ono that very hnpplly
Illustrate tome of thin fiindnmcntnl
I prop rtle of tho fluid Tho problem
that Irof WorthlnKlon has nuccceded
In solving Is I to let n drop of definite
aloe fall from a fixed height In compnr
J7 j
Mia IMnn Hooker U I Hi tiWulrWBf
the llockle She li I the 61001 tea h
er at Ibo village at MldUid and she
hu Jut prrfarmed n deed cif heroism
which according to wrMtrn editor
cannot be too highly cuamended
Ono of MlM Hookrr puts had n pol
antelope which like Mary1 little lamb
followed Iho child to Ktol each day
and wilted patiently l abort until the
chest was dUmlaxol
Ono day last week It Uy aa usual
batklng In the mm I at the door while
the teacher and her children wire nl
work Suddenly there WM a commo
lion and tho startled cklldrtn looked
uu to see the little anliial In the
clutche ot n largo mountain lion
With thrteka of terror toe tote ran to
the mOlt dUtant corner and huddled
there together
The teacher did not for A moment
IINM her nerve bill storied towards a
hotgun which hung on the wnlrnrar
this doer To reach It she had to pail
Iho lion who had dropped thin antelope
and growled omlnouily na tho ap
proached The gun was empty so the
had to reach her desk again to laid It
In Ihe mrnnllmr the lion sprang to
wanU Ibo group of children The
bravo young woman followed him look
aim nod pulled the trigger
Tho moron cf Ibo old gun knocked
her over but Uio charge had done III
work for thin lions head wa blovn nl
mat to piece The pupil ran
creaming down thin roid with the
story and In n short limo men were
In Iho sohuol house where they found
the lion dead and the teacher safe
but In a nervous collapse They ex
pressed l their enthualaim In typical
nealcrn faihlnn Procuring n chair
they plicod tlc girl In It and carried
her and tho dead lion through the town
with wild ct fIIrom tho New York
nth UnrUiu unto a itirfnco and to II
lumlnato It by n flash of exceedingly
abort duration nt any ileilred I I Btngo ao
na to exclude all tho ilngFa previous
and ubw > iiicnt In thorn thin selected
Thn man Illustrations In this volume
testify to tho accuracy and beauty of
his work Tho curious roeult of n
slosh ot a drop of mercury from a
height of three inche upon n smooth
glaw pinto ore pnrllcuhuly Inttreatlng
Very soon after the lint moment of Im
pact inlnulo ray are that out In nil ill
rwtlonn on the iiirfnce will mar loua
regularity Iroin thin end of the ray
droplet of liquid split off Tho liquid
subside In the middle and loon after
ward flow Inlo a ring The ring then
divided In such a manner tie to Join
up the may In pair Thereafter tho
whole contract till the liquid rite In I
the coot rr to as lo form the beginning
of the rebound ot the drop from the
plate Immediately Iho drop at the
central ins M rlK1 In a column which
Just falls itself to break Inlo drop
lie photographed fewer than thirty
sncccairo atnge of the splash within
tho twentieth of a second 10 that the
average Inttrrnl between them was
about Iho ilxlumdrrdth of a second
Uomurlmhle nro the aplnihc ot water
drop falling about tUteen Inches Into
milk but mora beautiful nro tho dome
form when the height Is I Illlylvvo
A Sup 1 to lrheua
Orotblnet has a violent dlKUMlon
with n gentleman who has called him n
Withdraw that expression1 howled
Ill roll you to account for U
1s you pleaie
Iroablnet slmmtrlng dovn
Como now you really must wltlwlravv
All rllhl Mid the other Ill with
draw uplno
And tlrtublntt walked off na content
I 01 vou lltllt la Petit UcEcola
etl taleneh o Slay tie Aolaod
haute of an fln1 hlieot cross
Inl Iapo eeoe on d treo1 hlh
tat toe no1 Cate
AVE you ever felt
al If life were not
worth living Have
you ever thought
thai hope had
been crushed oat
s and that oxUtcnco
J I iti wall merely 1 n Pro
< Ion l god lormentT
Did you over give
up all ambition all
Idea of attaining
earthly happlne and Ml yourself
grimly lo bear the burden of wearlnc
and drapnlr And then In the very
mljit of black liopelnmneM hAl Clue
thought over Unshed suddenly on your
mind thai you might put an end la It
all by committing lulcldof
If to you bavo very probably been
the victim of n dltenso which la I nl
present attracting Iho attention of
Santo of the moil noted phyalclana In
tho world ray Iho New York World
The disease li I known technically I ai
ulcldal melancholia
Melancholia U I a compound of two
Greek word meaning black bile It
was supposed originally to have been
cnuicd by nn overabundance of black
bllo In the system the effect of which
Will to cause the patient to bo In con
slant drend of omo approaching evil
According to the degree of mental
ileprr slon CUM of iiilcldnl melancho
lia have been artificially grouped ni
t simple melancholia 2 hypochondrl
oral melancholia and 3 delusional
mclancholln Hut thrsa dlvlslnni are
purely arbitrary All cntcj begin ai
Impla depression and dclutlon nro
gradually evolved as tho illseane pro
grew Tho delusions nt Hrst ore
light and floating but gradunlty be
come more fixed and unchanging
Tho deluiloni vary greatly In char
acter Tho patient fnncle sometimes
thai all hula relatives and neighbor nre
In league ngalnil him or thai ho hON In
tome way Incurred the enmity of tho
wholo world In inch Cos e hie alit
ease will probably end In canto form
of mental derangement unless he neck
a pcedy 1 cure Somtlmc he Imagine
thai he Is I being robbed of hla properly
or that hi h I food la I poisoned 1 In other
cases soma unseen agency I auipectnl
to bo al work inch for example ni
Very frequently tho deluilon refer
to Iho spiritual welfare The patient
asserts that ho hall been very winked
and that he la I lost for time and eter
nity These It will bo observed come
under the head of delusional melan
cholia hilt It limit bo remembered
that Ibo delusions are not the cnuie
but Iho result of tho malady
In many cnic tho patient wholo
attention is I concentrated on the itato
ot ills bodily health Thno caM form
the group ot h > pecho n t Irlncal melan
cholia Such persons frequently ex
hibit an Intense craving for sympathy
and are constantly pouring forth
lengthy statements of their Inmglniry
mnladle They complain thai their
throats BrO blocUd up or their atom
nch gone or ao on In addition to
other deluiloni hallucinations of upe
clal sense ore frequent In melancholia
Three affect mostly the hearing and
then the sight onus taste
Tho closo relation of sulchlo to
Ihl duienicd condition of tho mind Is I i
well Indicated by tho records of cases
nt hospitals Out of 730 Olla treated
In Oarlnnd nilum Knglnnd the ml
cldal ImpuUe was present In C5 per
cent More than half of this percent
age had made actual attempts nl lIell
destruction while tho rest had con
tented themselves with making
threat The proportion of suicidal
cases wn 11 per cent higher among
tho males than among Ibo females
Tho bodily symptoms of aulcldal
melancholia nm clmraclrrUtlr There
la I n condition of lowered vitality and
anaemia or scarcity of blood Tho
complexion is I muddy thin appetite
poor digestion Impaired and the bow
els torpid Tho muscle nro iltbby
and there la n lack of vigor Neural
clc pain and ileeplene are also
It will be borne In mind that the
statement In this article are not
fnunde on the opinion ot Rill one
phslclan no matter how tkllled 1 he
may be but are the rmull of a careful
examination of records and a compari
son of case In till way It has been
found that Iho mont Important factor
In the cautntlon of suicidal melan
cholia li I hereditary predlipotltlon
The tendency to the mental disease la I
Inborn and only lie dormant till nt
tome critical period of life It la J called
Inlo active exlitence Some bodily ail
ment or mental shock which would
produce no mental In n person
with a healthily constituted brain li I
I siifllclent In those with hereditary men
tal taint to Induce on attack ot de
i pretilon of n cverity out of all propor
tion to the strength of Ibo existing
I Theme Immediate or exciting causes
are moil frequently ot a phjalcal na I
ture Intemperance In drink I affording
a large percentage ot patients In
nboul onethird of the CAM tho mental
dcprewlon la I found to have been prc
roded 1 by some trouble of a moral or
mental character Huilne nnxlolli
I constitute tho moat common moral
auto In mm and domestic allllctlon
In women
nrunkenne Is I a fertile source of
race degeneration Vlctlmi of melan
cholia and suicide often have nn alco
holic family history though there may
have been no previous Insanity In the
I family Alcouollim ban In truth much
to answer for a It exerts its baneful
effect not only on the drunkards
themselves but equally If nol morn on
their descendant
If every victim of utrldal mrlin
cholId should at once submit himself
fa a proper treatment Die chance
would greatly favor A recovery A s a
rule recovery lake place gradually
and along 1 with the Improvement In tile
mental stale there Is I a corresponding
Improvement of the bodily health U
1a I 1 favorite sign when the patient
begins to put on fat The duration ot
the attack In case thai recover vanes
greatly Some last only three months
and other continue for two year and
To 1I101ut teSsd tarld hang Illll
II Soil Posy
ndy Helen Stewart n fashion lad
er of Hngland has decreed that BO
clely thnl U I the feminine element
must part Its hair on the side or cx
poso Iho forehead gulltleoe of coquet
tlih citric say the Philadelphia lYess
And fashion Ihnl Is l In HngUnd
Is beginning lo wny a bit In her direc
While the American girl would look
with horror on Ihli unfeminine coiffeur
for her ndopllon yet oho give a sigh
ot nile when Ibo thinks that maybe
Lady Helens example will lake effect
among ihe world of Ilrltnln elect
That frightful curled frliiled l bang
that the princes of Wale Insists up
on retaining has ppolled the face of
many women who might othcrwlto
have been called pretty
I shall never forget once seeing n
famous ingll h actress mnko her toilet
for n reception Slue had Invited mo
to her room She was combing her
mass of yellow hair down over her f
eye and I thought It wns only n lrlk
of retting her back hair out of tangle
Judge of my urprlio when she frizzed
up till molt with the comb ai ono
doe feather with n knife anti let is
hang In front
On went the cverprrtent Kngllih
toque over this heroic bang and I did
nol wonder that bellboy stared
Hut the was only arranging hrr hnlr
as all ot her set do Therefore lit
every lover of benuly hope lhat even
iho formality of Lady Helen plain
forehead may make headway ngalnit
the untidy unbecoming coiffeur of lire 4
women of Iho Kngllih I nobility t
Wlml n change the sleek wellgroom
ed head of tho American girl must bo
to them
Intnlrrt In < ll rtirlljr
The prntlra of the wife assuming the
husband nnno at marriage accordlnc
to Ir Ilrewcr orlclnnled from n Horn
an custom nnd became the common
custom after Iho Itomnn occupation I
Thus Julia and Octavla married to
1ompey nnd Cicero were called by the
Itoman Julia of 1ompcy and Octnvln
of Cicero and In later time mtrrlcd
women In moil European countries
Uned their name In Iho same man 1
nrri but omitted the of Against tills
view It liny bo mentioned that during
the sixteenth 1 oath even nl the hrrln
nliiRof the toventccnth century the us ty
ago fffms doubtful t slnco wo find lust
Catharine 1nrr co signed herself flee
she lincl been Inlco mnrrlcil and wo
irone hear of Lastly Jnno Grey nol I
Dudley Arabella Stuart nol Sey
mour tic Some pertoni Ihlnk hunt
tho custom orlglnnted I t 1 from the scrip
hont III W
lural teaching I thnt hiitband and wife I
a > e one Ihls wits Iha rule > n far
back nt Ilratnn died 1ICS and U wn
decided In the ease of lion vs Rmllh 1
In tho reign of Kllzabcth that a woman
by marrlngo loses her former nhma
chit legally receive that cf her hus
band Altogether the custom U I In
volved In much obscurity 1hllu i
dolphin ledger I
Te Nellher
IrlollDo you belong 10 the real
lithe or to Iho romantic Irhool IIf liter I
0lur01 Young AlllhorNelther I ant J
only In hue klndrrEnrleo otSomlr I
vlllo Journal
It li huge folly rather to grime for
the Rood of others than lo rejoice for
that good which nod hath Kit on in of I
our own Jeremy Taylor
Despite not nny moo and do not
spurn anything Ior there Is t no man
that hath not hula hour nor Is I there
soy thins that hath not Us place
Ilabbl lien Aral
To da great hurt some nonius come
knowledge name talents In short nat
ural or acquired uro necessary leer t
Indeed far low than ore required lo
do Rood but always como llolluc d
Grace loads the right way It you
hoose the wrong take It and perish
but restrain jour tongue tlmrRO not
with light tiilMclent and left free your
wilful sulcldo on lotus decree Cow
Solenco Is nstrulynrevelatlon of lod
as It I the lllble only In another form
Those who itnnd nt the gate ot na
ture and seek and find and bring forth
115 great truth and power to bless a
world < 1 aro worshipping nt tho nltnm tl I c
the Moat IIIl1hr Thomas
Death Is very luccesaful teacher ol
Hint fnllh wo all long to poswss tho
conviction of tho unseen Wo may
play with tho arguments against an
other life when our affections are neu
tral nod may oven pretend that the
COM la I not proven Iet ono of our
flesh and blood bid us good by and
pas within the tell and reason itir
lender tho place 1 ot love A young
child with Christ doe moro to Illumi
nate the other world than all the book
thai ever have been written and It hat
often come to pas that nt the touch ol
Ihli unseen hand hard nnd sceptical
men hnvo arisen and set their facet
to word a Clod for tho hope ot seeing
liP In a golden head on which the inn
was ever ihlnlng Inn Maclarcn

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