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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, August 14, 1896, Image 8

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AtAI At mo urttnu of mint
Assns An ePAO0 tes + r COALtelie
Nr M is 1 set Clip II411 I
KotMwlek la m
uw All ncaae pies aeMUja
NolW Uja ers
IW lja B
Koi re1t e Rww
KutfiMl I 110 tit
Aathrlil l CHtrri nilnl enl Ikl
1r Tin Tim
Itm see i KIM
vF r II 1r F < i n
= < l iff V
iimmnl IbWlM
latia Uk
t l5L
11 1 Nll leI h + r
Nef Jywl e Noll
Aln lanI4
Or 101 a I Vn awfHttwti
ayJlrAl ta oaW > n A ITAiir
Oliuruli Ulr ot < iry
Lit rea nir UII T
Hunday tihi1 I tverr Huwlay at 10 a
fJ m In ri Plat house 8arrami
I R meeting at 2 p ui Mwy Hfllolay 1 YIn
M 3114 I prty Sunday at T 110 p I m
In fluke i 1 sloe
omraiM Ttoii4L rHiarn
1rMcliliii a prkrrey wrond In
day 1 iTtllni t Reach Hrhnol rm >
HnnUv at nl IW p m Y I1 I S C K 1
after r Sunday school J
pA tieoe II Irair La lor
SIN K Ill III Olrll l
= = = = = = = = = 7
Note chango In ml al Mrt llhotdet
Ills lime
Cash Ilargaln Store oiler ome mote
bargains In their ail Ill week
Tim duce Vheidnn gate a pleawnl
Aa xr7ljpeliiif rndt haliirijernt
64 log
The Coop annmiaeo lit their I ml Ilili
week Out they hate binding 1lno I 1 lor
Nearly ill nl the water In Chalk deck
It I now taken out d > r IrtiKiitlon pur
bherllT John M I Harrington was ono
of the pcclatort who w tint m < d I Ilse
hanging of ThtMle
Tho agent for the hallo 1 east Com
pany 1 Ira In town TturMlay tacking ui I
liw RIIII riwillnic Imitate
A number COfIIIII l 011011111
attended Ito UIIl Echo Friday tutu
lied and report an excellent time
About fxHi I p < opl want on Ilia rx
rorilon of t Hip llllrntant mm Iark
City to Hallalr I lltMn from tnal
The liiiii ho hate IKNIII I ennijm
chopping iU fur Thoinat Item e returnm
homo tttfcinviday the Kinlratit liuiiin
bi lta1
Th illteudwce 1I11I01I11WII un
uianlly large and 1 no doubt would have
begun larger hail nut to many lien busy
tolth thee crop
It 1 It I time tout action tine lakes to
repair the bridge at lloyltUllt which
have been lu an u nan It condition etcr
tine the high water
Tho Infant child ut are gala lint
died Veduetday aftern < M > n ul 8SO
oclock Thu chlll lacked l but one day
of being three montlit old
Meiiri Jacobs and McCarthy are Oil
gaged digging a cellar fur JI Mitchell I
Mr Mitchell contempliitct putting In u
stock of groceries In tho near future
Judging from the reports of Ibo ear
lout hilltop at th flake conference
proipcctt wcro never brighter for a
ioucteout harm than they are this
Tho weather durltg true pact week hat
ben greatly appreciated by the farm
ol era at It hat permitted them to latest
f their hay without being molested by the
Tho school furniture stationery etc
that have been ordered It I vxpectpil In
arrive shortly The school will then
be In excellent condition to commence
on the Ulh ot next month
Tho party 01 young people from Coal
vlllo who went up Weber last week furs
few days 1 outing returned Friday night
feeling much happier than when they
left Hili woo try iinnieroni hut the
great Iroubln wan ther knew enough not
tii get on tin took nail Ui pulletl out ol
the water lint the party had I all they
wanted to eat Just for one total A
good p lime toss enjoystl by nil who want
and If another IIIt pes141 l l hate been
pent by lbm a touch letter time I
weal hare Mill bud ne they hal Inlo
Ouithife when
got broken In to eampln 8
they ION NniHM 10 rtlHIB lom ae
the ab bin got salty
A HHlr M young people eomp nl of
Mmii ItonlnMo roam Manson and
ocher toowl 1 Ihroofh Coalt un Ike lr
say to CtMillr seek ami 1 liege riper
when they ulll spend R hew I weeks
uontlnzoRil hitting In that country
Through tyrsraphl l Mor In Iat l
seek brae the minute of the City
Council reAd that the per taut 01 tans
then of the Mwwl valunllni 0 l the city
pr petty bad tree lxd at It mill It
I tlmuM hare rnul 1 mill 111111 Itl f 0
I C A Snow A Cof WMhlnglon II t >
C patent lawyer what ad is I In an
ther tvlpuin pea are haaletlls lor lnvn
Ilea I In the UnllH HlatM t Canatla aril I
l0101 flue T will mail prlntwl I ailrlee
51 + 511 tirwoilni 1llnh free tunny I ail I
Wlill Thoumi Fishes wee crowing
he railroad bask near the dtl > H rob
MHI UMk fright and ran away throw
tog Mr 1 reek to the ground Tin
MIII wa ileppeil In front of Pr J J
hunter rnklvm No lUinage nut
We rtwhd l tins week the Annual of
she Unlvrrtil of Utah Inclndlnf tiv
llh State Normal school Halt Uk
nnnuiirviiifiili for IW4V7 silo the
raialogae and announcvmtiiU of the
IAltIr lay Pant 1 College fait 1 Uk
but the eleventh aearieinlr year IMDVV7
The raffle ol Frank Bianii wheel
lok place 1 aa announced In lint week
Issas at Echo tail Friday night Car
see taken to mime all holding nombtM
a fair 1 chillier IrAnk llopkln nni the
III ik > man The h1 l did nd brlnRa
nurh an enh cfHl the tun rtoelpli be
lip ftll
The Tlrriuent ronrtntlon whlrh wee
held In Sell 1 laksthleseek waaattemliNl
IIy dvlrptlM from ctery State In the
111111 A tiry Intvrnthig etwlos wat
hell iifw riMoltitloni adopted 1 and many
ilea exclmngrd by the delegate
James Impolite ol Silt Leek sea elerteil
irviidrnt of the aiiotlallon
A oelnl party nut given nl lime reel
Jenieuf I Mr and Mn Uorgo Kdgliu
11111 on Vednfidny nrnliigln honor ol
their noire MIa Flurenrn Mother who
left fur her I home In Halt InVo i yesterday
U an arty hour the vuel tibran hum IIr
Iin Mid at parting all pxprerMd llien
echoes at hating a mOil enjoyable time
A burning oal lulno cxlili In 1lcton
rountyiWCanada Th ruiniiilMlonrri
appolntetl by the local goturnment In I
report on lh Iditory eniiien mid rirrcla
ut f the tool mine lines of the mute ills
rlct rcfKitnl that the Fount roll pit
tat been on flro atone place or another
ever slur II K > t and 1 that It was nil
turning and Ilkvlr to Inure
Thfl Y I M II 1 hold it upeelnl Inrot
lug nn 1rkby nliiht < liikt > rrvldeiit C
V Pack Mr 1 i Itnth Park and Mil S F
Itirood i were present and gave wine
goal 1 hiilruetloin 10 him iiiemlwr III the
itmrlallan TheM ladlei liar brew I
raveling through the Sink holding
niMlliil of the Y L M L t and the
toilet Pnrielr In lliMnrlnu wards
lomplalnii alm niiuutont aroum
town alvnt Ihr lncinivrnl nr forted
then the piiiph bt l nut hitting a bridge
over the merit mi Klmt North sheet
This bride sae taken up al the Imp I
the waiei wan u > high and baa not yet
brew nplaiisl The t IM > IM lu Mil r
dully areaiuliiKlii knew what liyaln
to be item in ihU m Uur WhllL stalest
It LHty DaiT
3t and Ihr 1 Mark llepklnt Ilia XI
Salmon nnd Jalin Klwrnmn hit Ueduta
lay furs plvarur trip to the llotpntt In
VVaaatrh county lleort I the pkras am
hIIIAn llIflltld Thumlay making
be inn on Uryelet a dlatane ol owe I
Uiv mil In less I than tvven hoar
KetwMti lleber AII Imvu river brid < e
Mr lloikln chill titlng to dodge a
rofk tllppnl Uully wrwklng the root
wheel of hit bicycle
Thomat llettk In the eiuiilor of 8 S
Klngtbury a tlirvp man while trumg
10 extrnct it part 0111 cartridge shell
from A r toli rbydrlvlngapli > o ef Iron I
in lie Imrrvl while the ihninUr Wt
full through the niplailon of the car
trldgct which lurched time rrolver III I
limo place lost the end of the thiim
on tin If It hand to the lint Joint and n
reived a wound Just alerts the knee 01
the left imp I One of tlio piece 1 of tlu
pllto tossed due to his head and hiu
through the rill Inwlilcli hews seated
The gentleman went to Suit Lake on the
following day Atiguit lOlli for trtu
ruent o
erccvled this Itk n letter from
President M Tanner ol the Agricul
tural College stating that 1rof K 11
MnOeld would hold a metllng at Oakley
Tiitnluy evening Auguit ISili and one
at Coahllle Thuridny evening Viigutt
IVlli for tho benent of the t iraieri The
tublectt no hlch he will ijxwk tiion non
Dairying and nimal llnibandr I
Ilo will speak from practical experience
and at thtte abject ln > olv flnanolnl
gain to tin ooiinnuiiltl that have
adopted this line of week It would lit
well for the Intimate of lies pieces to
like tlio nuttier limbo w > ntldt > ratlon and
turnout and bier what 1rof UMflelJ
has to say
0 erge Atldf ha 1 bets yells tick tlit
Mr Prawn a tmitht wt 10 I Ctlvlll
llowanl Hnl bat bite finite tl > k
hit week t
bulls Ktfl Hilton refereed to Ogden
yesterday I
Mum ton FMdkM ntorael 1 ik
Ity Mffwlay
W J Hremtojr and wllltre op I trIII
Echo y Inlay
John Salmon infelfta bailreta trip a i >
ark I City MontUr
llrari Olen has Ua I In Ihll
tiring the IHI tt I week
1Ia Annie Ontntli MX I ion n fr n
Park City Mondar mornIK
Mr Iarrlih of Park CW sae dong I
leiine tlii Coalvlll Ifastty
I M I Straw route oat tom II l
an I Thurfduy on a wekttbtt
ll orit 0llhrlii atoll l tlfc Suet + l >
row helm 11ieedny on btdnrae
Malln ol cOl 11 i
John ollroekl
nor HiMlt the early I add iii I
Ii I 31 I JUron Jr caa oP f 10
1 monatliortvilt 1 Ihrllll vll I
Ward II 1 lack 01 rate cn o I
he smunf reuse rlttton lid > M I
ay Mr 1 XeweOHib the phtgrapher
u tile a lueitues trip lift lk tutu i
W O nanNy nlwntlng the
Hchllllnfr Ten CiHflpnf III > town
Ihlt week
Melvln Motbtr renamed In Wt Ik
Monday after a thtHl 5 IRY III
oar city
J A A Ituoot ant tulle sod Inv 1
Shatter Iliinot etwe nnH Henefrr on
IIIH IhlllllllAn weeslnlg ihoee who
went from hero on I1ttMlarslon to Salt
air lIIR
tie Park
John Smith camndWf rfllll
Monday III eye m jl oly II tar
Irymi up herr
MlM Il dce 1MIff alter tH > ndln
month In Cortlvlllc rntarnrul 10 Wl
Vher nil Momlny
A P hVhtadon OorllIIIIO1 spent
MimUy and MOIH J ll lux e n > oii lltli
hug and hunting
Mlit Agnet 1iuldiff she hll lien
landing n luuntli ntbwic returned to
Silt fjtku Monday
Mitt Llbblv CalilrruMxl 1 left for Suit
Jake on Monday laittheio the will re
I main fur rein hIuie if fj i
Illtliop S I wool and nlTo were
among the proniient Ion lu con
I I erentM Suuday Monday
Mrt Johnnnafclalmon ot Suit luke
hat lncn In OhtTlllo the I > IIIL lIk
shilling friend ell clallYn
It J Knight Hi daughter wholutMt
liitn t ltltlng liCoiMllw fur tlu putt
thrra week r miv < lhoiiiulo bull lot e
Mr Intale rurallng MlMiimn for
the IIMIIIhtOO Colli pa Wit In
ifrtlcwlug our Brchanlt on Wetlnva
MiiiliiDiu liioa who hat ben I
spending a eotyle uf wake lu Coalvllle
ltltlng relallvMind friend ratnriuxl
boniu vlnetiUt 1
Aloalr ii oT T a daleattended the
KtakB i iarlerly > nfri it Sunday sad
Monda and gars slime very iuatruvtlva
remark ii Urn MiQU
Thumat Nt ler 1n < Clark hr
and Wllllr Jr tTllll std Ueurgu
Clark hell I fur SojdeSl Vedueaday morn
Ing s heir Ihty nelatto work
Mr I John HktrlaUl sued Mt tUl r
I Mix 1 AIII lHi rWrtn III I Coalvlll
from Salt IjUt WnUtirlay John will
now vumu bachciri ball which be
ha hold do 10 loot i
livorg E MlllRft rpr nting the
Anglo imiiun Olpokcty and lilacs
ware Company of iw York and Sai
rrautlMo It at tke I Co tlllt > Uoune I
Mr 1 Millar report Q ode Inn excellent
ronditlun Slav hit lay li > Utah he I
lull I Hindu vuit heavy putlae
Nertoui dcldllty ll aiommon com
txiniplaint f ifUll nmonu women
The first mnllral trratment for this dit
order tea I Insistent I count of tyeea
HirMiArlllatoclene and Inxlgoratu the
bloo l ThtibelngaccumpllihiH
will do the reel
tot en w iirlPK a Hxrirl
Just bll lore going to pren I IIe rccehed
I the following telegram from the editor
and party who are Ole on the IJu
It I 111 t t H D K I I
I Iltli wont bite VounpmauafraldoN
cater wild
111 t J 00 T T M
Hear wont l killed Kleti amaw h
la I desperate
1111 llttt I I I i
IHer refiuet to 6e hol l Nticrkllled
oneln lili Me t klntl
Three be I really till till alit we synupa
thlu with IhoM trove smelt of liu forest
tort hose pour 111110111
tl IIIOt so rltl
I Del
Block 01
IIIH whit pibwl Ctr
and d hoe III edva for they w III hover I
1 net lIhtPIiIf 1I001ey
LetIirtwect III atilt Ugttl
I the blIolu and a old 1 lt
labor plisse re loJPJII IIII
lost childhood 1 have been
afflicted with wrofnloin bolls and
sore wild caused me terrible
sufletlng lIilclmu were unable
to help ate and 1 only grew worse
under their care I
Al length 1 begun I
to take
t StmHpnrllln nnd I I
c r eery wont grew let
ter After imlnft I I
f r 0 Malt atloteii hollies
I note roinpMtly
cured all tint I Dave nut had n hail
or plniplp on oily part lit t billy
for the last tttcUo jtnr I can
cordially ricoiniiiciul Mr5iria
paring us the very lent I lihxxl purlflir
In exlnleltrei I r Ill IMIMIT
Sarsaparilla I
Pfnee Cherry Pltlaral Beret Clha aid Cold
The ete 11lalnw
The xlnduwln the Plate lloute are
I At I lat upImni mI The Ir lomplHlon I
h in Iou long Hi mvenull sod will be
ookel iljioii hy the cllluinx of ImUille
and Huinnilc county with a Crest degree
01 f allfactlAti
The glee I la I of the hlghet pnttlhle
grade abundantly figured and cnntatn
lug niMny appniprlato and artlttlc do
thin Of Ihr ihrm IlIIlIe l window no
Iwo art silk but all are differently
gured and vuloivd
The glut lor th Mwlndoni > na pnr I
hawd liy the Iadlw nI11 f Society
who art entitled to I mneh pmlf and
comnwmUitlon tlieir elfortn
A motion wat made I und carried In
roll renr I SuiiiU Hint the pretldunti
of I tie nrtoii gnosis of I lie prlwit
ioxt net at a rollelllim cninniltUt I tti ob
atn tnlllelentmntnttocaiionll the door
and window of the Slnktt lloime limo
work In Iw I enmpleti helmet tho next
oiiteriMir Thlt Iauother l lose In the
right dlrrctlon and we IIOJH that these
who niny be culled l span to nmlut In tits
work will nupond freclj And Moro
the next itinjervnto tha wlndunt nnd
doom wllllio neatly laied At they now
aril It putt ono In mind IID w na remarked
In ronlerenev of a nun who It drcitvd
II IIh a lilt u I1An whituthlit and nn old
jutr of ottmllt Moro teatt arc ago
cry badly nefleil MKclully In the
fete lie goo < I work IN on and Iho hulld
Ing will noon IH completed ind our tOil n
will then povmn n ttrnrture that will
IHI I n thing of bMitty nnd n i Joy Jot
MM in in 1 rvv 1tlIfl l
The City Cuuacll ol CoaUllln City
will tit sea Hoard of k < ualltatlon IM
l wren the lore ul III n in and III 111
on Maltirdiir Augut Sli IWM at Cltv
1UII tii hear auto and all lumplalnll
with r gar > l to aiMnpd 1 value of any fO
r ur application fur the nbatemenl
or remlti11 I nf tix t ft > rthe current
year and alter that time all complaint
will be forever barred
J M KtDi > lK Mayor
A N KTI ii r Her order
Premature balhute may btr preeeatol
and hair mad to grow on beadi that
I are already hall 1 b > ho sos 01 Hallt
Hair Rvnewer
1101 lie lewatiy
On Friday hut Clmtlea Tlilnle limo I
Murray wife uiunleret exjilnte lit
awfnl crime ou the gallows The died
for which 110 autTervd death was run
anted on May 11904 and wee unit 01
ho mutt roldbln > li > d In the hlttnrv f
Utah The remain were iiilmed li
tho cmtvry at Handy 1tldny alternoon
which amited tho ImlUinatinn of the
Hople and lain Mnnday night the rn
nain were removeil on 11 Jo ol lima
There will to l held n louchert rx
ninlmitlon I In Coohlllo nn Tlitumluy
AugiutSOlh IIe It McCtniktr
Supt of School
Ullllko every oilier Japan teaScull
thug lint tca
1ure no coloring no adulteration
Highest HonorsWorld Fair
1uIis I
PdOI I r Ir
m y J1i
A puma Cran 1J r Powder Free
ronAmu nrMt ioyotheradullennt
This is the time to strike
the best bargains in every
variety of Mens Furnishings
at the
We are offering Mens
Furnishing Goods at such
tempting prices that buyers
will find it to their advantage
to call and see our line We
carry the most serviceable
and best class of goods in
Shirts Gloves Hosiery and
Neckwear and Mens Panta
Will continuo cheap sales on all snmmoi
roods Ladies Vests 10 and 15 cts good
quality Black Hoso 10 ots three pair
for 25 ots Also havo a nice lino of cab
inet envelopes
Best Weber Coal
Gtass C111eelc
2100 Ib Cullen Mine lump 200
2100 Ibs Old Church lump 175
2100 lbs 1 Stove Coal 80
Good wheat or oat taken in exchange for coal Stitiii
and bunk house furnished free
Prescriptions Filled
Always On Hand at the
Lump J 200
Stove a 125
Teams L Loadefl Promptly tl No N Delay D I J
Weber Coal Dept O S M Co

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