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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, April 23, 1897, Image 2

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Tao Car of lunnrll an lmx rUal
t aetor
Coming now la Die more riwt let 1
rnre of medicine I nailed on Dr A II
Ornndln the New fork Mwl llirt who
tmllcre that longevity depend really I
upon the action of the heart says the
Cleveland Plain Dealer The heart
tie rays In I the narmt tpproadi
known to man In hat dream of Ml I
core perpetual motion The promo
whOle pulse beta with full and nor
1 mal stroke hit the beat chaneo for a
long lift llenxliury qiHlltlm coffl
next In Imrxntaare and If the parents
nte ihnrtllte1 t prreen hat I a fore
warning of hit own tale fur the
nnmlnllnn of three whotw then or
mothers may have dial young It tlioiild
1t t i told lint mon aullnirlil mtlnttln
tint lirrxliury lendonrlni citric to a
tcrrat extent from the gruiiilparcnU
tutu eren from previous itnrmtiin at
that If there htn been I a good arena
vt long life In pant mixritlnni the i
fait or early death In the oat nt father
or mitt r need not lee of xrliHit 001I
fTurnrr One of the mOlt Inlrrml
tog nplnlnnt Ihtt I obtained In regard
to the ihanrtM 0 if long lift conic from
Nicola Teals 1 the Inventor and rlev 1
trli hn who think bal drrp ties much
to do with the matter A tare has
Ircn given a certain term of life Bald
Sir Trtln m many hour In peas on
this north I morn hour when lie It
nllve awake I do not count the boars
when he It I tteeplng I do not believe
they AO strictly speaking Included In
till term of life When a man really
live he It I dying hour by hour tint
when he slece he It I accumulating vital
frrrca which will make him go on liv
ing In other words In maturing nut
our dole of hours to each ono of ut tin
gntU timekeeper atop hit count whit
we are sleeping Therefore the longer
n rain sleeps 1 the longer he will remain
on earth Nearly all longlived 1 people
have been grout iloepera When IV
I < ptn > x wai on Die ocean he would
deep twenty hours on a tlretch Clad
atone It I a great sleeper and nuance
tweife hour a day I ran believe that
a man who would learn In sleep rlnht
ten hours a day might live 00 year
This Mia teems a little fitnlattlc but
It ahould Im Bald that to creel an au
Ihorlly aa Prof F W Warner In a re
cent lecture on Hlnmelry or Hclenco
of Measuring Life Inclmlet abundant
sleep among the four nwonllali to a
long life which are 111 To be de
cended at heat by one ItII from
lungtlr d paienli 12110 be nt a calm
contented and cheerful dlipmlllon 3 11
In have a tymmilrloil form I e II full
chest wellformnl Joint and lint
with n nrck and head large ralber than
mall In proportion tti the alto of tha
tHxIy Ill to hn a long and tound sleep
rr The profeuor went on lo thaw
thai women am longer lived than men
and that married women live longer
than tingle women The atallttlca show
that few nuns attain old age and that
monks also die on the average earlier
than men who marry
Tho primary condition of tong
evlty are anti Vrot Warner that the
heart lungu and digestive fur gins ai
well ai the liraln thould lie 1 lrhlU
tliiso urgana are large the trunk will I
be IOUK and the limb compan ctllytl ly
short The person will appear tall 111
tilling and short In tandliig Tie
hand will hero n long and tomowhal
Iietny Palm and short flngtrt Tim
brain will bn deeply twitnl M shown
hy the oriricn nf the ear lining low The
blue or brown Imiol eye lIa showing nil
InlrriulMlon of lniHirain nl It I u tn
urublii Indlratlon The imnlrlls tw
Inc largo open mil free Indcatoa large
lung A pinched and bltclotd > i
tell ludlcatM small or neik lung
Av U l > Urili < lnc IrrllnlU Nuljtcls a1
Hi llliiiir To lilp
Why Is I It that In moil hoiiteholdi I
the dinner Inblo become n dumping l
Around fox the wliolrtuln plaint of its
I inembdraT Probably uccnuta till Is I then
only tnrnl of the tiny when lie I eutlre
ir I
family I suet together each one feels
It n duty Iu air a few lolIOnlll IIY
nouns 111 order lu seek niii uinuuii
from the other lay the Ilonlim Her
ald Olt of deference lu illiMllon II
for no other riiison dinnertable con
venation ihould be of the iplrletl but
hula fact la I lost tight of lu the general
dralre of everybody from peas down lu
the ynungtiteri to serve up only those
< topic wlilnli have luarrrd rulher than
rand tin I ilaya hniiplmtw Hardly hat
Jlie man ot lime house llnlihed lilt care
Inff Out IP before he fall lutn nn ani
mated financial dltciiMlon with hi
wife IlnuMhold oiixiisp are re
iailied bill Kriimblixl 1 over and the
com ut living rnukutalnl 1 with lislluu
ruturlly Mother In her Him ruger
y pour Into any Duelling enr her do
netth woe The day a error b < luw
Main are minutely recorded She sigh
over lrldrf huller wale declare
that he butcher IndlfferiHice lo bur
orl j > r is I upTomlng Intolerable and au
DU Then the mall Uy Kwr Illllv
argct for flaw picking romt In for
his shore of rrlililtm HU fallurni lit
WtiiMil are rluil c sly raked up and nil
Horl nf piinlihinviiti lhre > il ii < sl unlearn
rtio U DcHly refurni If tlioro Are
guest pr giant IhS talk of the Illner
circle ii i for courtesy aka given n
lea prnnal flavor but only then
Good finer ami plenty of It Is not
1 the motto of the average umlly dlu
t Iicea hl
Why did you put the plush album
iVflh we dont nnxl 11I any more Mary
jreart her fathers photograph In her
ibrooth her mother In her belt buckle
toys In her watch nnd bracelet
whll I grand mil 1ft I on limo coal bucket
and grandpa on the pallor vatoi Do
til Free liras
f 1
1i i
Tit merpetnate site 1nte nr loss nl
AreetnInant Tht the 1101 > Inn
annt Yaen tieeny ut Ih Lure
t al ttae
IIRIIR ha jltl
been erects al
I u m rem y III I
Frtnr the blrlh
plare of the world
i famous mild of Or
Inane what is I per
limits the mint won
iliMlul military I
rl I
rI rhnrch In the
w 01 II stye the
Nell York Journal
It ba hn Illerally built by mldlen
for soldiers and with the nary ash
Krlbod by tnldlen ll It an almoat
exclutlvrly rollllary churrh There la I
mure of the pomp and panoply of war I
about It than even the Herman im I
poor chapel al PntKlam or the mili
tary chapel In the Invallde at Part
In direct contrail the rmeefnl Mwet
IIf most church Although nbmlnally
built In tarp > pate the nm of JOIn
of Arc It It I practically a IOInII tJ tin
god of war Tim very appearance It I i
that nf a strong fortrrllk building i
and both the Interior and iurlor are
decorated with warlike tatUM and
martial figure and everything trot
the church ipoakt of military life and
attain The appe raiir of the rant
luarya Interior U certainly rnlculnte
lo arouse all the military enthuslatm
which the Trench soMler can boati of
In the porch stand a inagnincenlty
sculptured group among which the UK
urn of Joan of Arc kneeling In the atti
tude of prayer and raiting her band
and taco to heaven It I prominent The
figure It I lifelike and ono scent almost
to hear the fair warriors petition for
divine guidance At her tight tide
ttandt HI Margaret the patron taint
of fortltiule holding tho mnluVni lie
= = = c
met whllo HI Catherine the Matron
tulnt ot heroism It I on her left and
hear tho word which It I in be used In
the battle with the llrltlsli Another
varllko nguro It I that of RU Michael
the cleat archangel of bathes Ito It I
repritenlcd nt clad In a complete stilt
of armor ai though ready for Immo
late warfare and ho lowers high
abate the other ngurct and with tilt
right hand points lo heaviMi the war
rior malda gaze following the direc
tion ut hit uplifted linger In hit left
hand HI Michael holds the royal tan
ner of France with llsuradMtt long
since nuprrtHHled by the natjoniil em
blem the trlcolnr of Ibo rrtnlutlon
Title group of ililuary Inspire the
most peaceloving clllien with martini
rlnr mill Mere le l tout a solder Of line
lrnrli army wlllilii mil I of Diniromy
who line not tltllitd the church and
been struck with this grand military
monument It It ilgninoanl thai the
turnip face toward llermany and the
patron Mlnta of heroism and forlltud
are gaslng out In the III Milo II of the
lnngtiMtliul mil forgotleu pnnlnco of
Alsace Tide hat been iwrllcularly
nnllcwl by nearly every tnlllury via l
llor lo Ihe church The walls of thus
church arc dewraled with old color
ol the Ir nch rca1manl lalieiwl and
torn reninanU of whit IIIIIe were
bright Hog ilnlnul with the llfliooj
of many n gallant a ntuliirilh < ar < r and
hnnnretl by victory In many n battle
On tho very altar llaelf ore marble alit
lira of warrior talma with avford
inlid aloft und commute wrltttit on
Iholr imturn The building wu com
menird tome jean ago and wa In
tfiuled to bo the national moiunrlal U
Iho fair girl who war in cruelly burned
its a witch In luirbarou time The
money 10000uwaa tub oril > d by
French toldler and authors In all part
of the world
At before mentioned the church It
iptclilly fretted for the benefit of not
diem Services ot military character
ire frequently eoniTatltd and every
day a matt U I laid 1 for the sonlt ot
thorn French igldlent who have been
klllwl In batlln or olherwlie la the
torvlce of their country I
Cot ttlrr Ill tall lie to Irep Jtnl
r n nrwrlmu
I wanted lo her what Col Hive
hid lo say of ex1rmldent Cleveland
with whom or by whom lie gas gun
ning down Ihe Potomac nays the Cin
cinnati Commercial Tribune Ho It
very dote however Oil an olDclal con
fidentiality The subject had trio sew
eral time tapped h but would not run
On Ihe lift occasion the colonel got at
far at to tty Mr Cleveland It I a very
nice man lie used to lie very free and
natural In hla rommsntt nxotnt when
an unknown ptrty came In then he
would close up like n terrapin lately
he hula become very elrtumtoecl hav
ing few opinion lo exprtm I never
quote anHhlng he says If I did I
noiilil relate many droll remark tie
poMeia ehtraiter of lib own whlru
I at to dltappolnt many of hit fol
lower who expect him tn pi too far
He will leave the proeeMlon when lie
don not want to go any farther Thl
Is I where partisan become offended
They are nut willing lo let a preIJcnl
think by himself and want him to
think nt they do Mr Cleveland at a
tporltman It I manly If you want lo
< ave him a duck at they arc flying
and do not thool at It In jour turn he
will refuse to shutout It At the tame
lime be It I nol up lo our melhodt on
the Potnmae He It I to clout that ho
cannot stand up a long tlmo to hoot
He thonta pretty well and la I very active
for a man of hit flesh but we hoot In
turn without a word between tit at
the ducks come Mr Waller the pro
prietor down there at Aqula creek and
me he knowing nit ducks I mine
crack crack alternately We always
lake them nn the wing from the bllmli
we have built Mr Cleveland stays out
on bit boat we ttay ashoro
Ctleaonlley hint
The advance agenlt of traveling ex
hlbllloni are usually careful to ascer
r + 3 1
a + e
T i15iil lr + ° aiu lwN
The above llluniratlnn thowii a Irve of liullii known nt the Iluit nl I R loan Inc Ireo of the pagrxlas Thl II I ono
of Iho most niitnht Him xiubellltlie the landtcnpo nt Hint country II la provided with nihentllloua rood which
rmch out from the bruiichn and nnd their wny ID the ground At first these root are very thin and muall till
they lourh Die toll when they al onen begin to enlarge and develop largely There aa they develop form columns
around the tree and Iliun eolunnade nt onntldernble Ivnglh are fiirmeil The nnthn dellghl 10 build chapels In
the Interval of opal farmed by lhe e nihenllllnu root and iii from this iictom that the tree receives Ife name
lain the prcullnrltlM tho ineiltt and I
itcmerlti nt tho hall they nro to ex
hibit In for the benefit of tho perform
era when thy arrive One of these
agentt having hired a hall In n Kwi
tulduy town atkrd llbe proprietor ot the
How are the ncniittlc of > our hall
The which said the Kentucklan
The ocouitlcii
Well Ill tell jnu sell the pro
prlctor looking I a Illllo puziled nt tint
and then Indignant Yo tee thar was
a minstrel compny long here bout
two weeks ago In my plan an they
Hole bout ecr thine Ihey could lay
their hant on I nlnt keen any coo
alecks round ware thijr wn hero nn
It wouldnt Iprlte mime n grain ef them
l lntrt > l luau triune an luck ellll
HIP ttko l iinuuilitry 1
Thu full text nt the Alaska Houmhry
Treat rerently Kotlald l > lwioii
our own and th 11I1llh I iiuvernmtnt
ihnw that It relalw only I la the ite
liiarraIUm of that portion uf the IKHIII
dary exlmullng nlotiK the llltl meridi
an nf Inntlliide from Mt 81 Nut
ncrltiwvnl lo marcullon Iolnl on
the shore nf the Arctic Oonn A more
dllllrult question 1 not lunched by tills
trail It I the boundaryllu bt > lun
AlMka and llrltlsli Columbia The
two chief point ul Imsue are tint
whMee Pur land Canal I In Ihe aid
trestles meant Iortland Canal or IKluii
Canal and ueondly I whether the
roses parallel i with which the Ions I
daryllnc It I In he 1 drawn It I the edgo nt
the mainland or Ihe oulormutl edge
of Ihe outlying Itlandt
Olueral wwt
Hhoh It I this mlncnl wool one
roadt no much about lie MltRril 1
wool Why IhatV the wool they tduear
from hydraulic I1ImNw York
The aerrogo of land In Georgia hat
I detreated from JOOOOO to 200000 at In
dlcated by the lax returns
I rnre llollnn llnollrtllniu H Iii
Hrl Trip In Tlil < < < otinlT
1aIlMe lluttont ullectloni of
hits boyhood are In 81 Nicholas under
the title of A Hoy I Knew Hit < lir
let rlilt In Rcollind wa made when
he WM but 4 nr S yean re ge and long
before he bad oiwumtd tao dignity of
trousers or had been sent tn school
HU father had gone to the old I homo
al 81 Andrew hurriedly upon Ole re
rilpt of the newt of the terlnui Illness
ot the boy grandmother who died be
fore they reached hr Naturally the
lay ha little recollctlon of that td
month nf Dicemrwr spent In lilt
grandmother house except that It
woo sad Tho weather was cold and
wH the house even under ordinary
rlriuntManu could not hate been a
very cheerful one for a youngster who
had no companion of bus own age It
lonlnl out upon the lertnan ocean
whleh nt Hml lime ot the year WM
always In a rage or In the sulk nnd
the house wu ealle1 Peep o Diy be
cantn II 1 rieeUnl the very Oat ra1I
of the nun aa he tone upon the llrltlsli
I < IM I The boys chief ninuemrat WM
the feeding of flour ccone and oat
cake In an nd goat that lived In the
neighborhood and tho dally walk with
hit grandfather who teemed lo foul
come Illllo comfort and entertainment
In hit graniUoni chlldlth prattle I Ho
was then almost the only grandchild
and the old man was very proud of hit
manner and appearance and particular
ly I amuird al certain gigantic effort
on the toys part to adapt hula own
short leg to the striden nf hit sinlort
long one After they Interviewed
Ihe goal and had watched the wrecks
with which Iho wild shore wo strewn
and had Inspected the cantle In ruin
and the mini of the cathedral the boy
would gate upon hl cmuilmothcrt
ttcw made grave and hit own name In
ulla common name In the family
upon the family lomb In the old kirk
yardalt of which mutt have been
very cheering to the boy although he
could not read II 1 for himself And
then which waa bellcr Ihoy would
stand hand In hand for a limo In front
of a candy bow window In which nat
displayed n llttlo regiment nf lead nol
diem marching doubt fllo toward an
Irapoilng and unconquerable lend for
Irrr on the height of barley tugar
Of hit spectacle they noer tired and
they used to < dltcus how flue boy would
arrange them If they belonged tn him
with a sneaking hope on the blY1 part
Hint tome day they were fo be hie very
own At lion urgent requett of the
grandfather the American contingent
remained St Andrew until the crud
of tho year and < lilt boy till rcmrin
her vividly and ho will never forget
the dismal failure of Auld tang Syne
un rung by the family with rlatpcd
htmli of the clock track and the new
year lufyin He Mt up for the occut
Innor l rather w 111 waked up far the
lnnan1 of all that family group
he hi lien for a decade or more tho
only mm Ivor Tho mother of Iho homo
ant but lately dead the nicest ion and
hit sum were going Ihe next day In the
other side of tho world nnd every vole
broke before Iho familiar verse came to
n end
tie lluel Hllli TIHhk
II Do yuu think marriages am
made In heaven She Well 1 dOIlt
know but I gueu your will have to
be It you ever get married
1eoiio who taw him Dna minute
later thnuiiht lhal he was tryIng to
catch a Iraln Clo eland Loader
Thr ehandlcd loving CliP In cut
claw afford a very effvctlvo rec ptable
for flower
1otwd form will noon die It dirt la I
allowed to accumulate on them An
occasional wringing will keep them
Many remove from the prlmlllv
bltcult Jar arc luxurloua modern af
fair In cut glass with lIver gill lops
set with a mlnlalure framed In Jewel
I The princess gown will be noted
among the models
T WAS In a pretty
l7 old fuhlmet won
J try church yard
I 4 h thai I heard the
y >
I 1J following toy
ty t i v The nemlon had
I 1 been lit work al a
I V 1 I t little distance but
I + he observed the In
may teret with which I
had iloplcd to K2
I upon a straight
on which
shaft of watte marble
cut the simple
Morelll igeil 17
i girl sold
1 never beheld a prelller
he eyes no big and dark
a complexion like Ivory and the rw
dent lip 1 She wee a nne figure of n
girl too tall and elegant though
light and the regular blueblack hair
that ice heard belong to thai kind of
beamy Her family contltteJ of an i
undo and aunt and their eon lo whom
eho wa engaged to be married and
whom the seemed to bat wore than
I olson
It Isnt likely that I would ever
have known the family nffttlrt of folks
w far above me even In n country
place like thli where everything get
talked of snore or Int I bul for the cir
cumstance that I potwetMed a nephew
who wai about the handsomest young
fellow that over the sun shone upon
He wai at fair at the Slgnsrlna Mo I
relll was dark hit ore were blue like
violets and bit hair like gold and
bin you sir when these iwo young
people lint taw each olher It wa at
clear a case of love at flrtt tight u any
other Homeo and Juliet and Just at
natural aa Ibo nADIa between Un and
My nephew hit name wa Hegl
nald and wo called him Ilex for hart
was the organist of the llttlo church
over yonder and the young lady sang
In tho choir though the Will tuch a
grand one
In that way the two young people
Ort met und their acqualnlanc pro
gressed rapidly I it you rosy tuppoif
The cousin to whom the Slgnorlna was
ngiged used to como to church with
her I reckon that Italian fellow loved
the girl In hit fierce way u well at he
could ever love anything though II
WIll thought ha cared moil about her
Of course ho wai at Jealous at a
Turk and If looks could have killed
poor Ilex would not have llvnl long to
be hit rival Hut neither my bravo
lex nor Mitt Dlanca cared a bit for
the Signora black loukt and then you
mutt know oho young lady never really
greed to tho engagement It wai all
made up by her relative and she al
waya declared she would rather ills
than marry her coutln declaring bold
ly that she love Hex Ilaywood and
would never marry any other man
And ono day with hit bright face
shining with triumph and merriment
lex hurried away to the church to
practice hit musk for the Aext Sun
day jllut Illwu a very dllf left mutl I
I t
hat he played when that tad day cam
for on tho very next morning I lolled
the bell for Illanca Morelll who hall
been found cold and ttlll and whit
whcn her mall entered In drcta her for
> r akfuu Thla woo a Friday and the
funeral was act for Sunday and you
may bo cure In n place like tblt thor
was plenty of talk about time sudden
death and the hurried burial
Hut my nephew poor 1I001lIIld
nothing lie wcmed turned to clone
Lilt ho played the moat beautiful music
that ever wai heard In our church for
the funeral semolina of the girl he loved
and though they wouldnt allow him
to go near tha grand mahogany coal
In tho church I took euro he should
kelp mn to loner It Into the grace 11I1 I
lio stood betldo me and dropped a
great bunch of red tear down oa t
It at I began to shovel In the earth
Well well my poor Hex I hope I
may never tea such a face of dwpal
again and at 1 glanced at him frou
flue to time I felt sure hit would bo the
rut grave I thould III In
It war late that night and I wa
Just thlnklni of going to bI though
Ilex liadnt comu hum and I Will
mighty uneasy about him when I
heard the click of the loot dowmlalr
a It opened and shut and then I rec
ognized hit step quick and hurried III
ho canto upttalrtnot a bit like the
flow drugging steps of tho lat two
night but even lighter and quicker
than It mod to bo and I hadnt done
wondering when the door opened IInil
tho next moment ho Will betide rue
wild haggard pale ai death and wllh
his great bluo oyet almost ttartln
from bit hoadl Im not a nervnui man i
but I Jumped up worno tcared than II I
I had teen a ghost llefore I could ut
ter a word for my voice failed me Ilex
caught me hard by the arm and whl
pored boartelys
Dont tpenk uncle but just Ilitc
ninnca Isnt dead I hope you believe
the la not dead Lookt read and he
held before my eye n scrap of j > pe r I
on which nat tcrawlcd tbme words
Hex my darling 111 die or seem
to die believe Rent not I Hart me I
taken from my coflln within twelve
hour of my burial anil all may yet
i well You will not fall run dearest
I read till extraordinary mewag
or more than once before I took In Itt
meaning but a It flatbed on me t aw
as well aa Ilox bow little time we had
to lOOt and I furnrtalled lilt word
Come on In heavens namor 1
hlred It mutt be dote on to 12
oclock and at safe as It will ever b >
for such a work Fortunately Its a
iftchblack night unit all the moon
there wan hat gone hour ago Como
on I
While I poke I found a little dart
anleru and wo were already descend i
lug the ttnlri nod next moment wir
were ilrallng through the churchyard
with my pick and hovel In hand
whIch I had caught up aa we pae i
b y the cralboiM where I bl kept
them It was terrible work but In lee l i
mo than 1 had PUT teed n tpado be
rn the newlymndu grate won opener
the roBIn rilled of It t > recants contentr
lilrli Hex and I carried 10 our homp
rapptl 1 up In a huge thaw I which I
had brought for the purpote J
iii my Hut It Will the unranlcil
ghfa work that ever I did shine tho
hour I wat born Vo laid the body oi
m y bed and we chnfeil the cold whlln
hands and listened In vain at tin
ulteleM heart Hut I taw no tlgn ol
lie Sho wai ai beautiful at a flgurt
of alabaster and at llfelrti for aught
I could tee but Sex declared that stir
11 oa not dead
So at It wa necettiry that I
should rrttoro the empty roflln ind nil
In the grave again I Wit obliged to
heave him here on his knees betid
her wildly I klulng the poor cold hand
and calling upon her to open her love
ly I eyes to ice her lover by her Hut
I had no hope that anything but soma
earful trouble would como of It and
marveling and terrified ai to what
might be tho end t the butlnett I
aliened away to the work that await
cd me
Hut they were right and like a
stupid old man I wot wrong for
when I turned the trancelike sleep
wai broken and the tout had awak
ned within that apparently llfelem
form and the lovers tat holding each
oUters hand her dead retting on lilt
boulder while lie taught to calm Un
earful agitation which had taken pot
nilon of her now that she began tl
realize the horror of all that had hap
Ah that was a bravo girl and n
lorywriter might nil a volume with
her binary and all the went through
In those tow month from the tints
of her Ort meeting with Hex till thin
awful night Hut I must cut It thort
for the night It I coming on To hut
irlef then She had never toll Itei i
lalf or Indeed a tanth part of what
she suffered with there wicked rola
clone of hers especially the coutln wUo
wanted to marry her
At last thtlr persecution reached a
point when the could bear no more
and the discovered a plot by which tin
Will to bo hurried away to Italy un
mown to any one and iho knew well
hat the would novae tea Hex again
lu thli world If this plan should U car
ried out Sbo Wit In despair
Tbe Itnllin taw that cite had dla >
ocreel the plot and sir was linunxll
ately locluil 111I her room all communi
cation with the outer world cut off
linen her maid < l Will In the pay of lift
eltttUMt at the know but the girl
eemed to loco her personally nml
driven to the last extremity tut 1 found
urielf obliged to niako n confidant ol
her und to trust her lIe to thli rills
dltcretlon I
Mho praed worthy and cove hei
I entlio aultunco to her young mlitret
They ronrocled tka detprratu plan
which by morn ot tome myitcrloui
italian drug they managed to carry
out with inch result 01 I havo do
ncrlbedi and whllo I war lltteulng la
a story more wonderful than any ru I
nance I had ocr mad tblt tamo faith
tut servant joined cu
I found lha door open the aald
10 tho Hlgnorlna and hearing voices
know all waa well and came directly I
Hut It wat easy to tee from the
young ladyi agitation that all Will 1101
well and I guoued that It noun
changu wai not coming soon mite Will F
In danger of dylug In cariutt from ex fr
citement and consequent oxhauitlon
My wind wpm tpeedlly made up I +
know our minister to ba ono good man
picked out of ten thouiund and I was 1
loan at lilt boiltldo telling him the t
whole tory whllo I helped l him to
dressNever 1
Never have I teen o man mot y i
dated but he soon look In the allun 4
lion and helped ut out of our perplex i
ity Ho wont with mo directly and especial 1
special llcinte wnt obtained at once bj
Ilex to that next day the young coupl
were married and driven by mo tin tin
mluUtera onehone cordage to a ills r
tan raltwny station
Of courtn need not ray that Maria j
the maid accompanied them She hLC
tiroed herself Invaluable In brlnclm
clothe to her mlitrett and a box ol
tnlunble jewels
The next day there woe a great hut I
and cry over the dltappearnnce ol
Maria whom the Italian called a thlel
and a monster of Ingretllude but they
never tutprcled the real cuio of th <
girls running away Alt tills happened
yeah ago Iri but I hear from ra >
nephew now that hla wife U I at length
aa strong and well that they are golni
to make their appcaranrn before thi
Italian cousin and claim the Blgnor
Inat great fortune which that vllUli
had bun enjoying ever tine hit re
turn to Italy
The big ocean greyhound will won
It It thought be equlpixil with 1110
boatt barnrated lo balloont 10 aa U
b < i nrtcllcally unslnktUla

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