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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, October 15, 1897, Image 8

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COArVllLK UTAH OUT 15 1897
AI ITI1 D nun 0040 MiLflUI
NolM lortnCllr 11r0Aotn
MotttlolUfco aam
010l71000 O1e017000 MHO
NoWet tl OOil
lIoIMt ttAOpm
Ko4 rot IMp > m
1o20011 L
aU 3nttonaal and 1 Anl
fir Th Tim
rm 11IiLMI I flies
Oi W prt
rw o
prt Ilrw s
rr ad o
11 uRt1ft orlotilN i afIeI J6Alfl c li i
f r N111H 1pewt
tt trJtti
QnlTfen AA eao
MurilD UVtmiOM
K ll nf mi wyu > r
Cliurcli UIlliv
WARD cnAMWiT Mimtow Kvurjr
8undaynt 2 p in 1 II Wright TIM
HAIHTII Soiiook Kverr Sunday at
10 1110 Heard Hiipt
JJIIIT Miftmn Kvery tint tfiunUy
tn laIllphop
IxxKiuL pHiEtrltmui Mairtrnuof the
Ward 1irnl bJtidny ol rarli ninth nt
4 p la Hliliop
AAKOMO Piiimiioon JtieenaaPrrry
WftlncMlay at 730 p I 1IIIIIhol
IltuirPoriRTT MretloosMrcr first
Thur dayat2 p in In Awilnnijr llnllil l
Ing lltlMbclli IIMIJT Pree I
Y M 1 M I1 I MmiMMKrvrr Sun
day nt 7 JO p I infl II Copley IIM I
V L 31113llsrio < Every Mon
day at 7CO p I mItla thtrlMr IrM
PRIMAHT Minnrn Retry Prhljr nt
4SOp I in In Andtiuy nolMlltf
Magglo Salmon Im I
730 p in I W luil > ttr Chorhtr
nixniitutiKWAi IIIUHCII
Preaching tcrvlfo every weoiiil Sun I
day rllr Sutidnv SclMol Trjr
Sunday nt 20 I p I in
J II Niriino Pallor I
Tlilr1 North and ulneigt tail lake
Coalrtll III nelr 1 i
Mall pouchci golne north Mil and 1
neat 1600 at thin otOfn nt sail n in
Mall poncliei golliK toadi elite at U80
a in Mall nrrlvvf from Ihu oiilli nt
Un in Mall strive from Ihu north
cat nml writ nt 11 n in
Mall MHirl fromUptnii nrrlM at 12
ain lent < at 2 p in Wedmudny
and fcatnnlay rneli trek
urrict not 00
Money l ordern window optni nt Un in
amlcjQrei nl6 p I pi
Clenpvral llcllvcrr alall I fn
1trgAlur w uJ w 10 roc A n nriaifruil
J tWtliihl r16pir6t n l m Mrt egad 1
liolMili cenrrat ifllv rjr window wlli
IK I poll Inr ono hour only AIIr mall ni
tier Xa rrvlilrnxl I mid monny order I
builnm will Iw lone l an thmc il rlly
I I 1
J I IU I > yU n made a trip to Mull Lalli
on liiilinM l thin week
Sit William Iariuley ud children
will rnv for > > to1l1 im reek
Jim UIIO Dlw u leave V e1 Morrow flit
VinmunihllU to Join her ImitMntt
MU Luuon Kvnui wee in Ball IMH I
oil limit vltlt the tint of the uek
A eouplt ol uilleur went through
li yesterday in wurcli ol the aw aped
Hull lake mnvlrK
= A lanirUi lltitiiM wm Utuol blur
day I to Owen Irtmnnn nml Mary lab
rlclnonlolh IarkUlty
Wo urn nwro than plvnHxl to niioimo
lint I tT Wllli nii In rontliltriiblr
linprnvnl In liiMilth at title It cIting
j Mr T J 1010 and ohIIJrcn Imvo
r gene t to Jnir 51o 011 n hll l 10 relit
I I th81 and old friend They will bo ul
Pent nb ut MIO luunth
ii i Nlee nellt Invllatloui fur the K O
i T St ball 00 tllIIIllh lint have Juit
I I lees printed at this oalcr The ball
o I I proinlteito Lo a grand affair
N t I i Tlio Orchestra from Silt Ijko pln M
to a Inrito audience of bodies and K mall
J audience of Kontlewen nt the I 0 O
F UnlUnitTuvkJay evening Yarloui
I i I reaioni roiulilurj to came a imall nt
tendance jet thwe who went wore
treated lo a Inn reportotre 1 ol dance
mnilc Had the murk been better
known there It no owl t the attendance
would hate been large I
Wra Melee for n long time con
nected with the WnMteli mine n look
keeper I hilt none to Dlamondvllle
where he hag itrurtd employment
The prtlgram for Ptiwlny evening Oct
17111 at the Slake TnbrrnKOI la I nn ad 1
drei I y JA HmlthadoiiHe riuarletto
by Kiln Fisher and olherf and an ciy
br til n Copley
A lwlnl In thin mornlimn Salt fake
llnrald annonmMlhat iijiinln lam
pert I dm nt hit home In KnniM on
Wnlnewlay Ill wcc a brotherof Com
mlMloner Ijimlerl
Wit heard n rumor jotenUy which
Kemi to here toint prelly Mralght
to thin elfeet that II C Jlunilwrn had
lemlireil hU rwlgnatlon ai Miivrlntend
eat of the Ontario company and that n
Jlr I ftanm had been apiotntnl In lit
flare I nlMllmt the millie woukl likely
retunmoprratloiK within thirty day
Harry Uyehrrley willw to from Poo
Held thnl nil lhw who went down
thre art ut work tad 1 that them In I
pltntrnf work there fur ninny more
mm A Stokes imlvnl Iheru thiothv
day and went lu work next mornlnir
lie oleo calla our nttcntlon III flue fact
that wtonimlll till nume of Hnlwrt
Wllion in our lul of those who went
down with Mr Pnnnley
A few weeks ago the editor VAt taken
Kith a my aevere old that nturod him
to Iw I In u inotl mlrernblo condition
Ii wan nmlonbleilly a bud ram of lit
grippe AIIlIItVllnln It ai dangerous
IIH link Inimwllnle elope 1 lo bring about
a ipetdy 1 tUft Profs the aiKtrtlw
lint of Choral erlain Cough lteme < ly
and the ninny peael l rpeunilnendntlon
liftclrd therein weconclmlwl tomiika
a Ant Irlnl of lU miillclu Tn say
that It wag mtlifactnry In ito recap U I
pnitlng livery mildly Indeed It acteil
lIKe moflcmid the rulI Ira II iw ily
and nftnlnenl cure Wu hne no
henlinney In recoinmemllnx title ex
lIplII Cough remedy to anyone nlll lets i
with u coughs or cold Innny form Tho
Hannerof lllivrt Llbertytottn Mury
land The 5011111 IIOcejlt ilwafor axle
by JIIII luyden e Sone
LVrlnlnly you ilunt mint In iiHTVr
will dyata < t Nlo ronmlpatlon nick
hemlnrtiu willow rkln nod dos i f RpN I
tllii You have IIer trlei iWltla lit
tit Burly HUiii for theio oumpUlhli or
fJl I
you would loan tyen eur < YIII I They nto
hail plllii tut gi ut rvxulaton John
Itoy den A Ron
Iladn llultel
100 1111111 I I hai IK en rngngnl for
neat Ttivwlay nlxht hy Senator
lUinilini Colorvl Troulwhiura iVu
ere Iron vnrlimi ptM notleet that they
hntu ulvvn RVII81 tdtltlnctton ant are
a world nl fit within llminiflvn Thvy
nru nil colored jwoplv ant aid lu IM I
good article
The l > Htoii Nov Tbs nay tint
lliHthmv column ol IIKIO invlndltw
plantation wtnnlrii Itln wii nut dance
liiKlnrw Jim oksrt vU and lhue who
did not utiiid intiw < l n rail trcut In the
way ul 1 a hearty laugh l unit that their
l oil hid Ild twise u iniKh to ssw fr
inferior lullonl
We have won tinny more ooinpll
iiientnry notlaw lu tI lie Houtlifnt Chili
lwrt Their iwlroi lor 1uenlay next
will tie l 1ft V nnd 85 i unto
To heal the broken and dlmnm tie
IBM anolho the irrltnml inrfxwl to
Instantly retluv and l to periuanmitly
iUlli lili iuli il IfcUltli Witch
1II8Ilve Joho 110111 Bon
Those who belintr uhrt nit illiirrh >
lu U Inirarablv jtwMl1 784 l wlmt Mr I
1 It OriiUm ol ilAHti Nllll La ho I
MwyiMi the lobjuut via 1 have
heat s untrue from olirunlo iirrlio > I
eaer ulnoo the war nail IIAV trlixl nil 1 I
kind 01 inlltlii fur It At last 1
found a r mwjr Hint llMt il Raaro out
tint WM OhHiiil rl m Colic Cholera
unit DiuthuoA Kcinwly Till miHll
11 ne fAn alwity be depended Alan lor
rifle potent morUn JyMiilory or dill
tliuM Ill U pleasant ta take amt nrrr
I fall loulftot n ouiii III stud SO aunt
slave i fur IM II liy John lloyJw it Sum
Call at our yard and It i will lake
pleasure in mowing you and ijuuUin
rluM on the inRiiy iNMiiitllal motto
llMiitt nml liwililont now on Iniml
Summit Murblo Work
Mo > l vllU Utah
Wactive tentliuieii or bilk to travel
tar ro ionllile eitnblliliiMl home In
Utah Monthly ttlSOO and irtm
1 ViulIIt tlNllly ItlllTfllUK I llUkIUM
ifl < nililmiil uttinpvil vnvvlopu Tim
Dominion Company Dept Y Chicago
Tho lllccllit < lleol Frioiul P Ii a
Inmlllnr name for DuNVItti PItch lintel
Solve always revel for innvricincln
Wlillo ipeillo for pile It nlao Inilniit I
Ir rclluve I and cures rut brnlin mill
rheum rcieum mil nil Rlfrctloui ol the
kin It never fells John ItoyJfU J
ny 1IlIt
The City Osurxd met In a il IIIIIn1
ftntlon Monday nljlit
Hoi I cull ihowe l a quornin prevent I
and alter prayer by Connrllman Vrliiht
Hit tnlnnlM ol the tncctlnj < > I Piplfni I
her Tlh were read and approTdl
wero abL the nlnutpg ol October till
The hlllolDrJ K llwrnr for U2
for military work wn read and referred
lo UlalinicoiiuiiUlKQ with faoer to act
The olldwlnx Mile were allowed
A Franklin Military work 11 2 mi
ninei IlibllililiiK Gutt our ii I 70
A W Steele iMlfcHneMH ex 1 7f
Tho Wright nlriet eel relwr l < Ift T5
W 0 ltwilcnlnlioron 1U U
J M Knddln fwllut vat U 00
June Wclab lumlr MM
Cavil Iniilln cltwniiiit rnlirit 2 111I
H i II Ithcad innklnK diwlt 3 TO
J1 Smith recording drl 13 M
Janic Slonrr Inlmr on crinclTj 18 OIl
Clly Marilml rnllng iiirai 3 IK
CltyTrranunr 1 M
Coitlvllle Coop inpplicii 6 71
rill repotn of Ilio Jmthfof tin IVnci
City Mjrhnl l nml Oily Tiraiurrr wnu
read 1 and accepted I
Under tho head 1 of iwtlllon JOfIIIh
Wright preivnlfil n Iwtlllntl i ntklng the
Council order nn 0h cl lon to detach n
iwrtlon 01 Iho city Uliig o1 tin tint
klrlaof lean After Iniliurlloni loin
the Oily Attorney the Councl elect bti
Unit the ruUi t toulil not Ui legally
An nrdlnanco relating to Itpinliwl 1 bill
stud payroll for cap 1 oinc n woe mid
Oat and tcronj time ant on motion II
was lull l on Iou table until Ihu next
meeting when It will rnvlte III third
ri dlti Il
Thu Council then npuoliiNxl 1 the fol I
lowing elrelu as jiiduetol tlectlon fur
the 1011I nil iiiiinlclwl plKllon to bo
held Zsotviubvr 2111 l i 1rwliat ID II
Uhoalon Jr nlll J 11 Smith Oem I I
John lloolh Jr Urm 1fitlixt L0 It
1 Notlhcotl Itepi Jntnet Short Dem i
Cl 1 I June IH < m Irwlnrt 21 I W B I
Chipped Hop Joseph I fiKht IMui
JniniM Cowclll Dtin
Tho follow hIli I were lelrrttnl iiiHilllng
places Precinct Hock fhoolhoiiHi
PmliutSU Irlrl KhoollioiiMt Precinct
21 I bprlliK Hollow iiifvtlmt lionru
ThoiiimKn > nllon of judges was iixetl l
et tII oaefl
lliuvompvninllonnf rcvlilmtloii offl
corn was llxid nl fit our ifsy I
Tho City Kwnrdor wi Innlructtsl 1 to
t ° YItIho aeannatroiiw 1 unto omit
a niimhvrol widows nnd IndlKtiiti stud
deliver tlw revlaeet roll Id lieu Oily
HIM funnel then diuriiol hen
illclloi by CounellinanBnclmunli
heladlwiinetlhl 1 Nk itt the pl m
Rill home III Mil IIIIIOIn1I1II1 were
lelluhtiully inUTtiia The cession
ur > n 1 diildedIUOWM toy IIItlllll
Hiroptone whom w t are wirry to stall
wan nimble to shout ilnonili Illnwt
nn > Her i lout toll call
Mr 1 Cnllls cnntlnnol review of
Ellwhh lllitory flnlhing till lrlllhint
niiin ogiHHl < Qsee11 I e > lime nnnaUl
nl Kllillwth lire ttdoined l with noitiept l
the griMlurt name of hiigiuh Uwrn
turu file nuorltv MI I Kngluh mite
wa inriuwl i by llm hand of HiWltWi
tfte harinony of Ungllili UTO flowtd
from the IIM of Spnwr the ilrunn
the surest proof of an u < It l nuv 1 lrtrhm
lion had then the lint lets 1 1I111111111 unit
w a iwrfecletl by the immnrta Shake
pear nrhllit HIBOII o aol up a imv
methoil of phllotopn vvw l praellwl I
fruit we way U aid nrll Ww 10
gather I
Mil AnnlttOhtn relnlnlnii hlilBll
cal event tounvle wnh thin reign
the ensue whtoli KM I lo and IhK OX
station of the luke ul t > x
Sire Corn llDlmn gc nn luttrmtlni
JmiTlptlon of the 31aa 1 n > nl HI lint
Mra UnteStUinirtikl a pretty sad
InttrMtlimtoJcctlon I
Mm llMnwr Rats an oacellvnt nr
IkIt from Thu itterary Ilest l I < Ka
giirnnnd lAiril KeMn Thin grant Kn
plash rnKln > r propone loniihw thli
nonderlul rolnrnet to turn the wheel
ol vast machinery lie iiwuiun the I
total power ot Mnitaia toba 50HO0X
hor e power
Mn Norlhiott rand nn Intcrvitlntt
artlclo front thus CotmopoUtfon M1ka
line Jnpnna Stag and Greatest
Actor Danjuw
An auiuilniiiolectlon I Quacks was
rend by lire Corn WliwJon
The preiident arose and Rracefully
made a brief eloquent addreii eiprtia
Ing the regret ol the club to lose one of
Ita tutmberi heiioke enthuilnitleally
of Mr 1 OUrni work In the club A
beautiful Imbroldered dreamer ret wni
then proientr1 toMn Olnonby the
president In behalf of the club Mri
OMIII r iioiidtil In a hnppy and air i
proi > rlate manner
Mr OUen openwl the oor Iwdlng to
thntllnllig room nml gracloutly Inrllwl
thu ladies to enter The room wile
bvnutlfully ilreurnle l with autumn
travel femall lnjlo decnrntetl with I
nutumn Irnxri weru plaearl l around
upon which were red dilnly mid do I
lldom refieihmeiiK niitl tliii ol
chlikeii > paint I bltcultt olive inkvi
frultr etc
Thu hull volml Mm OlHll n moot
chnriiilnK entettnlnir end ere indeed
lorry that bulo 10 IrauiConhlilo I The
Utt 1010001110 lull 10 with her
Club ndjonrnul lo meet next Monday
with Mr Pamley N
Rider Mlaa Pack and 1 llrrl PnckOel
11 llenvfer Nov 21 fndutvlll
iov1 Conlvlllui Her 12 Uiiton
Deo Ill llojliivlllfi JAil IMH Van
ihlp Jots 21 Itookport j Feb 20
Prna I j Pet 27 Oakley Mnr 13
IUII I Mar 27 Knit Conlvlllcj j May
X HellO
Hider 1 John A Marchnnt and John
Seymour Oct 11 Echo Nov 21 I
lInl Nov 2S Snjdervllloi IVe I
12 East CoaUllloi liter 211 Coalvlllp
JHIIOHS lloylivlllu Jan 23 Vnn
ship Ib 80 Itockt ort t Feb 27 feat
Mar 13 Oiklcy I Mum 27 Knmi j May
22 lploil
Klderi Stephen Wnlker stud llolwrt
Slddownr Uct8l lOoylrvllle Nov
21 Uplnn Nov 23 Knit Coalvllle
Dec 12 Coalvllle flee III Kama
Jail U M Mkley Jan M llojuvllli
IVh 10 Wiinihlp IVb ti Echo l
Mm 13 UockKtti Mar 27 PMAI
April 17 lleiiffcr
iden William Crook and Aniton
llatM Oft11 Upton Nov 21 Unit
CoMlvllle Nov 33 llenefer Deo
I2lvho D < < o II Hndmlllo Jnn
11118 CinlUlllc 1 Jun 23 Oakleys Keli
27 IIIIIIM Mar 13 lloytvlllo 1 Mar
27 Wniikhlpi April Itockport Ap
rll 21 Peon May itt iuiiUin
Idler Alexander Sine and los Ii I
halloo O In Knmii Nov 21
Oakley Nov 23 IVwa Dee 12 Rock
port Dee lu Wniwhlp Jan OKS
Ifont Coaltllle Jan 21 Coalvllln Ib 1
20 Upton Feb 27 llenefer Mnr HI 1
Iklioi Mur 17 lloytmllloj April 17
limy lllytt tnydortlllf
Stile Gio Huir stud J Tlllwl < lII
Dot310lkleyNov21 K 1 doss j Nov
23 UofkK Dir 12 1 llovt IYIII 1 Drc
10 > IVonJnn 1IH Upton Kvh 20
Sept UiMlvlllu IVh I 27 lloytntlllu
April 17 1huy May 22 Snydervillo
Ellen llenrv llublinon uml Wllllnm
linen 0131 Itook > oI j Nov SI I
POOH Nov 20 Wanahlp flee 12
llenvfer lw 111 Host I Conlvllla I j Jun
I3UI I who Feb 21 ConUllle Mnr
13 Upton Apill 17 lloylivllle MayU I
Oak Ivy
iiilir Thoiniii llrlttoii iinl Walter
lliinot Oct31 Wnnihln > Nov 21
Ili > t vllle I DM 12 Oikley Dec Ill
Hwklidrt Jan 11118 feat Jan lIS
0Milvlllei lel > 10 Upton j liar IB
IlHiefir r btT Aim April 17 Coal
villa April IH Kvnnitoni May 2t
Kldtri Henry Hint und C Walton
Oct 81 Icon Yoe 91 Iloclix > rt Nov
ttO A Vtay I lite it Kama j 100 > 1U
Upton I Inn UIM Echo Ieh 20
Ifovlavlllu Job 27 Coalvllle Mar 1
IH Wnnahlp April 17 Ian Conlvltl
April SL lleneler i i
Kllera Iitao Danaor stud Charles
Klng ion Hit 81 Almy I Nov IM
nook Spriuga Jan XSIW Park CUy
ltbVOIltn M r27 Coalvlllv I I
Aurll 17 Soho May Vt Itrltijer
lthln Cliarlei tenilgu ami Joseph
Dean Oct Ul Kvnnilon Nor II II
llrldger Dw It Krho Jnn 008
llwielw Jan M hick Hprlngt April
aiConUllio John llotdun
IMiuond Llilreilgo
Joeeph A Fisher
A pp t ud
W W tluil Pre IlllhIIIU7
Awarded I
Highest Honors Worlds Fair
B > R
A rue Crape Crum or Tartar Powder Fef I
from Ammonia Alum or ary other adulterant
40 Years the Standard
We are alive
to the fact
e Thru it in hard for the people k
to Make both ends meet these
tiiiicw We nlso know that the
people have some needs that i
must be supplied We feel
< warranted in saying that you I
can supply your wmts front
our complete stock of
We have everything in outing I
and flannels from 6c to sot n
yard Quilt linings nt 16 yards
for Si Our line of
We have a Rood gray for 8oc
A better one for 9oc
o A fine white one S 175
An extra hcnvy one i8o
Very large and heavy gray zoo
i Ouri M gray is fine enough
y for anybody 375
7 Wo hnvc iniuiy more not listed
t hereIn
In Mens Underwear
Our stock can not be equaled
We have them from 112510 5
a suit
Our fleeced lined wear at 170
is the best money can buy
Peoples Mercantile Co
Always On Hand at the
Lump + 200
Stove 125
I TiiiS L LoiiIciIFroiiiii1I tl N 0 U DoI I 0
I WeberCoal Co
l =
Clearance Sale
in some of our lines at
Bedrock Prices
Calland seek be convinced All other goods at HARD TIME

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