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Mme IplvlUI IIIn Ahovt tuIllen
lion et the Nell and TIIt Thr
IInlInllu l1IlIu sad elerl
XVIII lrnlrrllim of 11n l rh
J I IMHItOUR experi
I ment In protecting
rrJ the poach agHlnet
l J winter killing I hire
A been carried on at
lJlhe Missouri Kxpe
I rlment Station during
fit i
If t Inc the pall two
JG1 t ypr The recult
lr of time trltlt are
s reported by Prof J
r Whitish In bul
letin thirtyeight of that statin
lb bulletin to Illuitrated with cut
allowing different method employ
ed and Is I for free distribution
among the peach grower of the Mto
slsslppi valley In tills latitude winter
killing of Ihe fruit buds of the peer U I
Usually due to the unfavorable effects
of freetlng after they have ben slim
ulaled Into growth by warm weather
during winter or early spring It Is I
seldom that the temperature drops suf
ficiently low to Injure dormant peach
buds Peach fruit buds may aately en
dure a temperattirn nf 10 or 20 degree
below tern prntlded they mature well
In autumn aw entirely torment and
the cold comes on gradually Zero
weather may kill fruit hurts thai have
swollen during previous warm days or
that were not properly ripened In au
tumn The early swelling and growth I
of Ihe buds Is due to the wsi ruth they
receive from the sun on brllCI1 days Is I
practically Independent of rit action 1
and may takeplace on warm sunny
days In winter while the roots are
frozen and dormant Shading1 or whit
ening peach trees to prevent their ab
sorbing heal on tunny lays oppose
growth of Ihe buds and It consequent
I ly a protective measure Whitening
the twig and bud by spraying them
with lime whitewash la I on account of
lIa rheapne and beneficial effect the
moil promlilng method of winter pro
tection tried at the nation These
whitened buds remained practically
dormant until April while unprotected
buds swelled perceptibly during warm
days late In February and early In
March Richly per cent of the whit
ened buds pasted through the winter
safely while only 20 per cent ot Ibo un
whitened buds escaped winter killing
Whitened bud blossomed three lo six
days later than unwhltencd buds Ther
mometers covered wllh material tho
color of the peach twigs regliteicd dur
ing bright ninny weather from 10 lo
over 20 degrees higher than Ihermom
stem covered with white material of
similar lesluie thus Indicating that
whitened peach twigs might be ex
pected to absorb much leas heat than
those tint were not whitened The
whitewash used was four part of
water one part of skimmed milk and
enough freshly slacked lime to make
as thick a wish at could conveniently
be pumped through a llordrnux spray
noule without iluiglng this wash
wit sprayed on tho tree by means ol
a bucket spray pump The Out appli
cation was made the last of December
and three subtcquenl sprayings were
necessary to keep 1lho tree thoroughly
coated until spring Tim cost for ma
terial and labor Is about 10 cents per
tree when done on a small scale
Shading the trees with canvas hay
covers Will about ai beneficial at whit
cuing but was more expensive Hal
lag by drawing the branches together
In a vertical bundle and Catering them
with coarse grass and corn stalks pro
teclt the bud Old trees with atlfl
branches cannot well be treated this
manner without Injury to the branches
layering or bending down the trees
In autumn and covering them will I
earth hat proven beneficial Hlucllnt
the trees with broad shell cnahliu
peach buds to survive the wlnttr un
Injured when CO per cent of unprotect
ed buds wero killed Tree protected
In lull way bloitomed later remain
ed In bloom longer let more fruit In
proportion to the number of apparent
ly I perfect flowers and held their frill
better than any other tree on the sin
lion grounds This It I the moat cffee
live meant of winter protection tried
at the station but It It I probably lou
npouilve for commercial orchuiiU
The Iseues mill lUmlnrh
The Tlmbermaii nay The farmer of
the United Htatv hat liolten beyond
the point where he wlha the cheapest
thing limply becaue It li I cheap but
he like every tentlble man want the
most powlblo for lilt muni with due
consideration to a rwuoiialilf proflt fa
everyone legitimately engatiHl In wan
utacture or trade ICconomy In buying
depend not so much on the actna
price an upon the peculiar adaplnblllt
of the thing purchateil to Hit purpose
fnr which It la I Intended The wider ac
qualntance tin lumber buyer or con
sumer hot with different tarlelle IIf
woodiwith their periillaritle of
strength durability workable quail
tie etcthe mart nconomually he
will buy Having puck kuStiJudce he
will find tonilltti that the more cost
ly I article is I really the chei ur or he
may find that the cheap article may
for certain ue ba a s wllifartnrjr Ra
the more expensive one with which h
It I acquainted To the farm hemlock
which la a comparatively new inalerla
In the West should appeal with special
tree became of its peculiar ailaufulil
jiy I for certain classes of ninttriicilo
combined with cliMpuew It U actually
better for torn tblugt than white pint
and yet ran be bad al a nine lower
price Ill It Utter tenon S lings than
yellow pine better In fart far corn
crib than any other material We 110
Dot know that many farmers will ice
there line but erUI 111 ly many retail i
diwler will and they ahDultl tutee I
miieJi influence with their emtoMoM I
hemlock hw the adrnntM of bellll
both bong and aim that to It l to eap I
able of bmrluff a heavy 1 Itralll sad of
not yielding in II until th breaking
point hi eloMly approach thertfor I
fnr framing material It I IIIIUlIed
Per mad illli and In ltu tlona where
It It I subject to llrtlon of molture
sail dryness hemlock Ia found ei
tremoly desirable i Therefore to a large
rail of farm building eoneiructlon It to
llIarl lPlI In ecilona of
Petillrly well odaftleil I
Iowa where U bu bn thoronghly
tried hemlock IA I given the preference
for barn romtruelton It I sell tale late
In the assents to talk about corn crib
material and yet the attention of the
former thoulil be called to ths fart
uppurlnl by much Irrefutable evi
dence that rala anil mice will not at
tack hemlock and to crib built of It
see ml and teases pnmf except at the
rodent may And their wy through
tpenlag Into crib They will not
taake an opening however and this
fact shoals commend It for into purpo i >
10 he farinm Hemlock is I till a cheap
mber In the Ww and lumber roo
m thiitiM Ls given the advantM e
of this Met that they may line It wher
ever It to ptiMlble and economical too I
du to
Annl llnrirt
According the department o agri
culture from 199 to ISM the number
of horses In Montana Wyoming Colo
ratio Now Mcilen and range further
was Inereatnl from 11797m 197S
U2 about U13 per rent The average
price of huriM In the United States In
18rG wit UIG from 1BU to 1U9 from
70 65 to nUt the hlghnit price being
that of III and by 18Z the average
value wa reduceil 06 01 After n93
> egan the heavy decline During that
dl II ib
year the average price wa 141 22 In
VI I713 In J5 l20 In DC 11307
end al the beginning of 97 HIM
Tile cheap price hate checked pro
urllon In the South and linit The department
artment hat the following reaton for
ontlderlng thin oullnok encutiraglng
10 the Wet slue Ml I the number of
hone has fallen from 1 72aU to 1
811140Z or nearly 18 per cent Ifxporta i
10 Europe I have grown from 3000 a
year In UOOO In IWD The Western I
hone havlug NIIO much of hi Oslo
he range will be devolnl to more
rentable Indiittrle Tho demand for
chain better cmmm draft and driving
horses good saddlers and cavalry
mount ha growing Improvement
IVirtillritMliiK in Users >
J II Hale the Connecticut fruit
rower who hAl the great leorgla orchard
hard of which much has been written
he I preparing for another Increase In hit
rcci Ijait wlnler the orchard of 100
000 tree wa Incrcaird by 60000 and
the land U I being prepared thli turn
ncr for Iba planting of 0000 mom
UiUftU which wilt U a practical
doubling of the orchard says the
Southern Planter The Increase plant
Ings will bo entirely of earlier vane
tie of peachier than are now In the
hearing orchard and of Japan plumi
The nursery plant of the company hat
recently been Incrrated and now pro
duces about 4000000 tree annually
Fart NTillcyt boa orchard U I tlio great
fit of its kind In America It li n lit
lie southwest of the central part of
Georgia on the line of the Southern
railway The orchard when the new
rent are planted will contain nearly
2000 acre
AN 1g lmtetalltf
M 1 Hour noil t recomtncndt 1 In a
Trench Journal the following method
of prctcrvlng egg Dlttolve In two 1
thirds of warm olive oil othlril of I
beeswax and cover each egg complete I
ly I with a 1 thin layer of thli pomade
with the end of the finger The egg I
lrc I
shell by degrees absorbs tho oil and j
each of the homes become filled with
was which hermetically seals them I
M 1 llournouf alllrmi that he hal eaten
I elll kept two years In Ihli manner In j
a place not esiMMixl l to too great ex
treme of temperature He Ihlnki also
that the cirm may In Ihli manner be
pwcncd for a contlderable time
Frozen Itoot IIrllflThlo li not new
In our experlencn Twentyfuur yelp
ago n neighbor drove up with a box of
root grafts froien nollil He wild that
ho shut tip the homo for n winter visit
nnd on coming home found tho collar
was frozen wild On examination no
sign of uniting of root and Kraft wa
found lie offered lo tell the lot of
30000 graft for tlO We did not know
lliiii that they were worth 10 cents but
we took them ami planted l them bvclde
our awll graft kept In l u warm cellar
The mull nut n perfect laud of the
froten gratis and a poor one of thoio
kept na ate tupiHiivd just right Klnco
that limo we have nut bean afraid of
a vary cold root collar for graft pack
ed In tomly earth Hi
Curl for mlhrHtlnc have
exp rlnctl coutulsrnblii dllllcully la
efficlually curing fowl < if the bad habit
of eathr eahluf and found Iho fol
lowing a certain cure after falling Kith
paraltiti paring thin bill etc TaLu u
plea of wlr of the thlcknw of un
urdluary halrpla bind It round the top
portion of thu bill near the vud Illf
nvleutly tight as lint to allow It 10 np
aft tin will not pretem the bird frum
uating or drmklns but mil prevent its
ilotmg Its bill timiUfiiil ilglit lu draw
fniitbor anti the had habit 15 soon for
goiwn Cullfurula Poultry teepee
In preparing toll for letting out
treat the whole urfc of the ground
hiuld bu worked to an equal depth
II only the ground where the Ire It
11 be set be worked up It will lorn
A cavity where Ibo water will collect
and Imperil the life of the tree
Ills I alto a alga of good luck to give 1
pVnly of good wound food and clean
hp v linn
It hoe fequenlly bats Uj bit we
ue I1IllIn l too many ake1l 10 bit
country and therefore dial which
ought to be a aonro of with to ui
h fr qu < ntly a totirco of 4 preMi > in
the one loading of the market with
hoc all1 hog product not leaving a
fair margin either to the firmer or to
the packer Mr National Provleloner I
It Is I muy to Into the wren of the
trouble but It Is I more dimenlt to sue
ret a remedy In thli matinee how
ever we are not entirely beyond the
poMlhllltle of n remedy and relief We I
have for many year adrlwd the euM
ration of mutton at a deHmblo n > al
and the raiting of more peep and Ins l
hog The farmIng paptr of the dour
try hu liken ildn with m and hnve
inpporipd our view and there to no I
reason why the farmer should no dJ
what la I in their Intermit and what will
help their bank account A large ptri
of the wealth of linglnnd and Atltriiu
la I derived from sheep raiting An In
crsse In the number of sheep In thu
country would add contldenbly to Ihll
wtiltli of the nation flltlClall of the
farmer and of Ibo packet the more so
now when wool is I amply protected and
ought to bring a ROW price Our run
lemiwrary Wallace farmer urge Ian
firmer In the mime manner at we du
and shueaka epetllly for the stain III I
Iowa which is I now a very large l
lioKrntoltig stale but whalr I
relate to Iowa relate to a
great extent lo othtr Western I
state and olio to the South Of i
coiirte It will not do to ralte sheep
on ground which It too Hat or wet Hut
In the bluegraiM section of this country
sheep would mattiro at well If notbet
ter than they do In the HrltUh Islands I i
We have hotter auminen It la true but
our wlntera am more even than they I
arm In England I The I packer and com
mlulon I I men ought to educate the t farm
er lo understand more the value of
the sheep as Investment and of mut
ton as a delrable food Sheep Deed
some care but If It li bestowed upon I
them there Is I no better InvctlmeDt to
the farmer five acre of land will I I
take euro of twentyrlvc tlicp soul
their Iambi during the iiimmer and In
wlnler no farmer will miss dust they
eat Their fleece will pay about U
apiece and their lamb a year old If I
Ptoperly erred for ore good far I 1 It
fattened to 100 pound weight ind put
on the prptent market they are good
for S by oho carload It has been fig
I ured out h > authority that with oat
I and corn rt 30 cent a bushel sod oil
mwil nt hl6 per hundred a limb from
tho time that It li IWo weekioU until
I U reaches 100 pounds which li In the
eleventh month will not contuse more
than tl 3J worth of grain Inwropln
i Ion the lime ha I 1101 very fir dlitant
I when with Ihe scarcity of bed and
I with the 1 Uli price which Ntlle coir I
i mand wn will have to retort lo eating
i I mutton There will alto beirett n
i port demand for tho article te hive
i too inn I i ltD too many liep too tow
I bI t aaRe e
I I leery In rlo es I
I Mr 1 > W Button d Derby JON
Will ntlle cat budiye and an
they In ilouiT ltOI Ii tell nit they
will kill cattle It 11101 I have a pas
ture In Mlilfli thcro aretalte n Dumber
I of buckeyes and would Db to under
t stand If thin buckeyes in dangerous to
I cattle boors turning on lie pasture
Irof I L lludd tutcri In low
I Btale neglttcr nt fathom This li I an
tewerrd 1 publicly as It 1 hi public Inter
1 rat Tho nut of all llu buckeye fam
ily are not poltonoui U the ordinary
sense but they ore baled 1 with an In
tensely Miter narcotic principle thai
may destroy life It Ntfg In consider
I able quantity for tax reason cattle
arm fond of them nnjio fact le better
nlnbllihcil than the He that cattlt
have frequently been HIM by entlnt
nut of the Ohio hooey and the one
native to lid state It till be safest tc
cut down the tree In the pasture and
we know from expcrleitt that the wild
crab applet In Ibo Pauline ihould share
the sumo fate If mlUt l cow have ac
cent to the fruit as they will decrease
Iho flow of milk as loaf it the applet
Moshe for Ilreakfut writer In
Ihe lima llomoteflil den the follow
ing cry practical aJriet Maihea are
a quick breakfast The crops of tho
fowl In the marulngtrttnuity nnd It
la necessary that they ihouhl have
omclhliiK for quirk litlmllatlon It
take A number of boon for whole
grain to dlgeiit This round grain
tcry qilckl doe Hi work Into thus
mailiet meat or con41tk iwwder or
any tonic can bo rtatfljr put and the
results lire mute tatutwtory We feed
mathe the cttlro year During the
winter we mix ground rriln with oil
I Ing hot water durlni summer we
uto cold water In tbe winter wo give
the math In the mnrnlci and grain at
noon and nlnM Durlni the Bummer
wr give boll two mal i da > morning
and evening In the tauhei too we
are nbl to guys mare of a variety than
A Illi whole grnln
Argonllce LuT tioTkTlii number
of live cluck the riratn Hepubll
tiowttrsee amount tan in KnKll li ex
I chaste to about 50tn po head 01
horned 1 cattle nutMiuoooisup SOOOOOi 1
hoses COOOO ntxet ana mule 2000
UOO goat mid tOOuuo pin wheraa Ibe
whole population uf I the country only
amount to 10001 uoo Inkablunt The
majority tat the caste belollG to the old
creole race
Danger In PlifhTvViUr Doubtle
thousand of chll Iwrt tile annually In
oily and country from ne effects ot
milk from toW oblige to drink wator
cnntamlu ted ulili Ott pane of disease
nuil lute il 1 wj is I often traod to lhls
solace Any Umling water 0po i 1
to the rsye of the nun u anjrou
Let our cuwe hate no Water not nt far
you > onw lt to dlnkKr
The pathc of glory Iud buIlD the
grave Oray
Indian 6 od if it c 1 tln g Bear
e4 fiF
In describing the manner of taking
turns of the furbearing animal of
the Hudon Day territory tho liner
m nrll by It root being carllcit
prim of all other animal of the north
ti i ntry
The Indlani who chore thin flnlihlng
nf their last year hunt In Juno have
In I i u me tired of n Huh diet are nnxloua
11 looking forward to thin Ittli of 8p
iiniier On nod after thin date thin twir
king l hate A market value with the
e > > o1ny and the Indian go Into the
lirrry patches and twamp lu quest of
bruin who lion for the Ilat eta week
be n fattening iindltturbed
on lderable bravery II I shown by the
liillan In hunting theto ntrong mind fe
n > < loin animal at thl lime of year
Few of them have other than a tingle
barrel nnxxle loading gun soil If they
DIM n fatal spot when firing he re
lull I lo them amniotic If not death
I cannot do better In these oerles rf
hunting itorle than to follow tho foot
steps of WnSnKeJIc who wan ono of
mr molt luccesiful all aronnul hunter
He had a liking for the while In Ken
ral foul from hit klmlneai for mo In
particular At any time when It was
rontenlent for me to leave Ibo pout he
drained my company on hls ihootlng
ind trapping tour RUM hunting
the bear In n flat anil dry borer patch
require tho greatest euro and precau
tion to make It a day of profit WnHa
Kejlc lands from 111a canoe on the lee 1
ward aide of the patch ho Is I going to
reconnoltr and atcendi a largo moun
tain whose wooded southern ildo runt
down to the river shore from thin top
of thli he leant tho burned land be
neath him with great rnlnntenrm for
several seconds Al last hit taco light
up with tatltfactlon for hi eye rests
on a largo black bear feeding to the
windward of n clump of aiders lie
lore starting tn stalk the game ho
notes Ibo direction of the wind the
lay of the country nol the number of
points of concealments between him
and his quarry All those essential
mentally Imprctted nn his memory ho
loads his gun carefully and descend
the mountain WaSaKcjlc make his
way swiftly from Ihe base for about
a quarter of n mile after that ho goes
with greater care At bat hero Is I on
ly I ono Intervening stack of willows be
tween him and the bear From my
outage point of view I notice nil his
movements and alto that of Iho bear
which Is I lailly feeding on the ripe full
At thin extremt lefthand point of the
lump stand an Immense rock
brought there no doubt nt the glacier
= = =
period toward this the Indian is
lomellmes crawling al others crouch
ing at last he Is I safe lu its shelter
with heart beating with excitement
When he left the mountain lop the
bear was feeding toward this very rock
I ml hud so continued I With gun on Ibo
lull cock Wa8nKeJlc carefully ad
vances his bund around thn base In an
Inntanl Ill It brought back lo cover for
ho has caught sight of bruin not thirty
feet anal and busy eating the luscious
fruit still toward the rock
Wn8aKeJlc walls five minute
lodger lit appears hours to me nt I
watch and then wllh bell axo well In
front and gun s lted Orally In hit
bands step boldly out from his hid
ing place As usual with bears when
mrprlked nt close quarter tho mil
mat resume an erect pntltlon and at
the imo moment the gun bclehe forth
its deathdealing bullet and the man
lier fall pierced through the heart
That night the Indian squaw and
thllilren feast on berofed bear meat
ind the growing boys Iliten brenthl M
ly I to their father description of how
be killed MuiKwa
Tho foregoing la I ana way of hunting
beitr nn1 the other li by trapping
ilthcr deadfall or steel traps This
mode of trapping It only practiced In
Ibo spring Shortly after tho bears
come out of their dent they retort tn
creeks and small doer where carp
sad small trout spawn at that teaton
Druln to an expert flthorman and will
stand on the low banks and with n
dash of his fore paw land out one or
two fish at a stroke
The Indian hunter knows these
creaks and risers and It Is I on their
bank he sets his trap with Borne
tempting bait such as mutqiiaih meat
or corn with maple syrup mixed to
gether neither of which Is I It pomlhlo
for Mr Hear to pas without making a
try for
Wooden trap or deadfalls nro made
In the limo shape as the wellknown
flgurcoffour trap for marten and oth
er small animal only many times larg
er and the cruthlng weight or loalllll
much ns two strong men could l lift
Tho bait Is I tied on to a loop of tw lit
ed roots and the latter Is I caught over
the wooden trigger that supports the
loaded crossbar and then on thin peg
at back of the trap The bear after
drawing In strong whiffs of the tempt
ing morsel from the entrance venture
nldly In The depth of tho trap It I
almost equal to the length of his body
to when ho tugs nt the bait the middle
of his body Is I dlreclly under the cross
bar Tho loop slips off the peg and tho
weight of the logs and stones crash
down on poor old MusICwa
The Indian prefers using alto steel
trap as It Is more certain and the bear
keeping alive for several day the
hunter li I not required visit his traps
so often
During the hot spring Slays n bear In
n deadfall very soon becomes flyblown
and rotten and tho meat useless and
very frequently the skin alto
It Is I In tho spring of the year Wn
RaKcJIc takes his twentypound now
hove trap and make his way to a
imall connecting stream between two
lakes It Is I the spawning ground of
carp Here along the bank is I a well
trodden bear path Klshlng bear have
frequented thl trail for years Hero
ho btilldt an obstruction on two sides
out from thin trunk of n largo spruce
for n dlttancc of four feet the opening
In front Is nbout twenty Inches wide
A tempting bait Is I placed on n forkfl1
stick at the buck of the Incloiure near
tho boon of the tree He next cut a
sound young birch seven or eight feet
long diameter at small end five Inches
nnd six or even at the thickest end
Tho weight of such n stick In tho sip
Is I about sovcntflvo pounds About
onethird tip this drag the ring of thin
chain Is firmly wedged and the Ini
mcnso JAWS J of tho trap Is I opened A
hollow In tho entrance of Iho hOe li
made so thai when tho trap la I placed
the hole Is nearly on n level with ohs
ground A bent root of small tree or
t trx 4
1 I j440J
NJ q lYIf t
shrub about as thick aa the little fin I
gcr la placed under the palate to mak
the trap harder to set off This Is I don
so that mall nnlmali such us marten
fox or duller cannot spring the trop
should ahoy be drawn to the bait
A layer of white moss or that from
about it decayed stump Is then placed In I
ono beet carefully over the wholo Ifill
nod pulterlted rotten wood or curth In I
then sprinkled over the mom to lake
away the newness and tho trap I
ready Four or hoc days lime posse
during which time WaBnKeJIo ha
been busy setting other trap nt differ
ent point and now cording to Ibe
ilgnt It Is I time he lilts the traps wo
saw him set
lie emerges from ohm forest on D
small hill overlooking the traphome
Ono look he news the drng hog ho I off
Tornup ground and bitten twig toil
brnnche mark clearly the way the
beast hal gone Wa8aKeJlc rams a
bullet Into his gun nud follows the
signs With a twentypound trap am
a draglag almiMt ns heavy a n maD
can carry III Is I a marvel how fur n boar
wilt travel after being caught Hut In I
this ease bruin It I not far off an ob
ttrucllun of some considerable strelist
has caught the drag and as he hear
Ibo approach of the hunter he rattle
his chain and left out a defiant growl
WaSaKeJIc draws nearer and s
he It well caught I f high up the
foreleg Ho Is I amble to do the trapper
ally harm and Ibo latter calmly looks
on the great heist far a moment or two
before giving him his quietus
Indians OlIn carry Immense weluhts
uipended by a leather thong from the
forehead bear weighing up to thru
hundred poundi they can carry In this
half mls
way OOfOU a portage of a
Ithout realm
Hut Wn8 KeJle had one now even
eavler than that so he opened him to
and removed the munch and entrails lo
lighter his load The trap was reset
and tie siccewiful hunter made his way
10 the cnnoo nnd then to his camp IC
ring smile and laughter to hula wits
and family
Some of the poorer Intllna who do
noli xxw steel trap and are too last
10 make dNllltall sometime set ores
In the bear road but thli mode ol t I
hunting Is I not siicceMful as a rule
Irrunitprrt Mao and Hnprrirrtlrrittill
ttitllrr llrnnl rlr MIIMIII
There le I a certain young man wht
le Just nt present ruminating I over tin
rtilsm that you can never tell about f t
women say the New York Trlbtino I
lie came to New York n few earn nlll b
from a western city more noted for III
ilety than nn > llilnc cone and has beet f
or halo living at nn uptown hotel 011
ly enough tho early piety Instilled It
hIm was not ln < tlng he had sllppct l
from graco nt divers time and In I
certain way cultivated n taste for the
cup that cheer There arrived at lilt
hotel recently n little party from hit 1
homo city The pearly rontliled of at IiI
old gentleman hla wife nod deal I
laughter The old man was n frlcnl k
ot the young man father nnd tin l
young man hail n slight acquaintance j
with both father and daughter Tin a
elderly man asked tho younger man ti d
dlno with him In the evening and tin
nt Italian was nrccptcd When tin
dinner hour rolled around the little
party strolled Into the diningroom
They found tho room filled to over
lowing and It woe Impossible to gar
four teats together After come dcln
II was nrranged that the elderly coup
should sit nt ono table and Ibo youni
man and the daughter sat nt another
Thli man had acquired a habit of pro
facing a dinner with a coektnll Hi
knew well Ihe feeling of his host at
his subject but ha wanted the cooktnl
badly lip knew tile wailer also and
calling him over told him quietly ti
bring ii cocktail In a teacup Thi
waiter smiled knowingly and went off
Shortly ho returned with n teacup ant
the > ounR man Mono know It rontnlnci
n cheering mixture of whisky and bit
tern Tho waller was In his day ant
generation n wise man Ho had sect
this particular man drink In tho hour
under all conditions but never bj
stealth Ho set his gigantic brain II
work and he evolved the hip that tin
secrecy was for Ibo benefit of Ibo girl
and so ho set the cup down directly U
front of her and smiled with n salt
satisfied smirk at the man Tho mat
glowered and choked but coult
say nothing The girl looked sutpl I f
cloudy at the cup soul then picket
It up and smelled It Then a greni
light came Into her taco and she falrl
beamed She raised 1 tha cup to her llpi
and pausing smiled across at thi
man nol said natt1YIt wai so kind
of yowl Just what I wanted No on
but you would have thought of II Pos
itively you are n Kcnlus nnd whl
Ilbo mellow liquid flowed down the
girls throat tho man sat and blinked
and blinked Now he thinks that the
younger generation of that vlllagn ti
not so bad after all amid ha Is talklni
of making a longpostponed visit tc
Nol n PIineme
Dabbler Why du you journalists
always call n news writeup n story II
Spacer Hegard for tho truth my boy
compels me
Gambling mania Is now accepted It
Franco ns ground for divorce
few people In Indln tat more tha
I Ie a day and thousands only once
Tho greatest cape In tho world li tl I
Capo Horn n precipitous mountalt
over 3000 feet high
there are In Indlo I 200000 tvldowi i
ago between ten and fourteen years
and 80000 less than nine years old ps
Tho relative alto of tha earth nt com 1
pared with the sun U I npproxlmatoly f
that of n grain of sand to an orange fi j
As far Os calculations can decide tin o
temperature of comets Is bcllctcd to bi
2000 time fiercer than that of rcdho
A recent Intention la I a cradlo thai
rocks by meant of a clockwork median
Ism and at tho came time play bob
ShoIsnt Colonel Oldboro the wore
fellow for tiring off old saws and say
local lieA regular maximgun eh
Ilrookljn Life
Notwithstanding all the efforts of Inventor
ventor no ono hat been nble to die
cover n substitute for leather foi
shoes belting harness and a thousand
other uses therni nothing like lea h
Toronto hotels halo been bothered
by a man who persist In putting th
name on the register and ordering th
room although no ono nccompanlci
him and he represents nobody but him
Didnt you forget something sir
asked the waller Yes replied
Cllmpy reaching for hit lint Yot
were 10 long brlnnlng my dinner thai
I forgot what I had ordered Phila
delphla North American
First Passenger Would youIlh
Iced mo your spectacle a moment
I1t lIe Second IastengerCertnlnly
sir Pint Pauenger Ah think you
now a you can not see to rend youi
paper would you mind letting me ham
It plei 7TltIllts

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