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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, November 12, 1897, Image 6

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tium rim MIIIKO co
The asueseol l TdlMtUon of Jnab
ewintf h OIlHI three million 1 011 or
T U Smith a Hftlt belie > twit tunic
lisa been srieateii on a charge of rob
A tl rhone lln Is I Wing strung
tin lltunlm tu Itan lolpli lUUnco
of SI miles f
The nitwit serrate In many eoontlo
M aMd as a rwiilt of
will H greuViiieteaisd
IrTBlllntt piIf
lion thr gnty It Inrlllnlr ahead
a 10 mlnlncminly Within the pail
eiaeiirogint strIkes
tt IA1 very
hu iwn consolet
Utah Ill helms chlrfn incite a
In Mlilnxton ont
good nprrwlonln
re r urnmr vatinilel that llotm nt
Of land U foe tic tent
The OrnIrttI Hliortllno has anknl
the lnlr tatr mmniern eomml lon
for a n tcn km of time In hlelo to
M ulp IU tntln with auUHiiatlo coup
lien run nf the Utah Sugar Factory
for thin season Ik I at an mil AlthixiKh
the chilly 1111 hM been better than I
nrr before the run In I only half a long
as umul
The limit I Hlvrr Orfhanl eompmi
will ship a large amount of Utah fruit
to Mlmldplila I where It will Im put on
MlilbUlon It IniluilM almost every
variety rained In Die Mate
Unlteil State Henalnr Cnnnon arrlT
nl IMIIIW from China an I lapnn last
week whrrr In company with Dutml
soil IVttlKrrw he han teen nuking a
cindy of conditions In the Orient
It Menu to hate Ion ilcmonstraUit
In Salt Ike I lly a municipal IlIon
thai wmnin ntv not ncwksful at rule
gpttcrn JUihof the Hirer parties lead 1
given rrprnriitntlnn to the fulrf rx
ami In cacti near they ran liumlrnU of
votes Milml the ticket Iolltlclani
say that women Totcil against their
CapL Donovan lain of the Salt I ake
police force teas gotten over lien Shag
un trail Into Klon lyke hits party wa
> ne of the nary few to aiirtinl 1 let
tern from him diacritic the horror of
Die trail and shale that hundreds turn
back 1IaII > lntd I anil illtgustril The
tear for gold 1 In the far north Is I not
> ne of unmlsril pleaiurr
The monthly statement of State
1 rcas rcr Cblpman sIenna a each list
urenl tin til 9i at tbo end of Dcto
tier Ilccelpti for tlm month were
tt H noO 1 auil esiwnillturrs 111371
The chief Item of revenue la I Iu of
secretary of Mate 111 010 7i Uasatch
musty waite the largest rrmllttnce
MOO no end Kanpeto county the small
lit DO rents
IOnrllor l 1rlnce of New Ialoo
h In Salt Lake In the Interest of a
ew telephone system lice new sjrs
tern less no central atatlun cool ante
iirllnrs autnuiatlinlly make twnnre
Hons lice 1 sysleicu Is cheawr than the
Due now III vogue If snlllelciit eu
touragrment U I voueheil Mr PrInce
agrees to have the > Mcui In operation
within a year
CoUmel John H Mosby once the tr
ocr 01 then Union army but now en
Kageil In the > caceful pursuit of prao
tUIng law mans visitor In Halt Lake
City one clay last week Colonel Mosby
Is I H yearn of age but In l niche of Ilila
he carries himself with tho spr 1 tII
lieu of a man of lee Ills movei cals
are an iulck noel his eye as bright unil
alert at In the ohl clays me hoe lien
mention hit name made half Wash
log trt inlilr
Tho posxlhlllty of contAit over Salt
Lake election has tlevelopeil a iuenr
stnleof nirulm lt eenis that am lee
KwAbla comlltlon la lii > osail Wforo a
anU can IM I begun Fraud must tie
charge mod supported by parties
whoso vote la I alleged to have Ion
tnnipiml millie An there U I no means
of Identifying ballot It present H con
illtlon that cannot be compiled with
kltl Ian I tort of the old Australian bal 1
lot law
A new form of inlshnicnU
adoptiMl 1 icy the tale Imanl of lam
commission lonUInt an nfllilavll thai
Uml teat rellnriilihil to the 111111 I
Matt by nrlller In eonslilrratlon o f
the stale of Utah selecting the sumo
In satisfaction of soy portion of got
eminent grant to the Mate end agree
ing to Mil the trait to the rellnqulshr
nt prIvate Mile at a stipulated price 01
not Ipso limn 51 ino 1 per acre I is lion mln
eral In character aced Is I claimed by no
other jrson
The Indian war It seems turns on
to have liven an unprovoked annul
on the part of ofllolous game warden
hare are laid to Iw I 7M 010 head of
sheet on the tlewrt bitwiwii trice unit
the Colorado line where they em Ill
wlmete 1
It tfjjjtmaleil Unit the e > pnsc of
the rrJJnt munlolpnl election In Salt
I ak will reach 39UO
In Salt Take inunUlpal gmnpalgn
the average Mrrngth of the partita
was Democratic I 6H Norvnrtl
Iii llepubllcan aCI031 Populist 7j a
r °
Toll larlun tUMHM In fhilNin rtflwU
UlmllslNHrre I rmreiill > n
Itarana So oMnnlml ihianen hens
lyneil the following edict ottlelally ile
KtMlMl as rnhlI the rnlllllll
inmta wnllmenUof the queen regeeel
arnl tIe Irm iletermlnatlon the na
tkmal government
I rwrrton In fall all thowwho hav
been prooveutnl for the crime of re I
bellion Helmets pmsecotwl 1 for enni
mon crimes Independent of rebellion
aneh iw soolUtlim Iminornllty ami 1 thin I
like will 1 7 I e Hiriloiifsl as relwl but I
jwlgnl for other ileoiss eummltteil
by them
IhiiMMirrerlng Mntenew Imposed
prior to the date of Hi In edict Mill have
their wiltnee cnmmnled to a certain
client and perhaps In I anise eases In I
Seven Insurgent were tried tHlurl
martial here lisloy and Hfty thrw In
urgent were Milt t < > the icenol Mttle
uient sue the hale nf llnim
Till OUTRAGE nNDonsno
lean Mnlfn SeC Vkr Newel In Un
llrtli r
envcr Nov lnincomniltlonef
Swan siibmlttol lo the governor
his report on time encounter Intween
lameUanlen Wlleox anil I liii Inwee
mid n eamp I of Intah I Indians in
Itmitt county Mtcil r3l lilleMr
Swan deplore then taking nf lininan
life he Iwlleve that It cmos neeeMllat
ed 1 by the oxegenele of the situation
lIe Mite thai In I hU opinion lama
nnltn UIIexs version of the tight
was correct and that the killing of I the
In Hans was nnavolilhble and mres
nary However he retiiminemls that I
In I Jtitthr to nil mineorned there
slionlil be the fullest pnwlble examlna I
lion by n nHiiinlMlon np ilntwl for
that iemerlns lie nlwi sayit thnt tho
rommlwlon might providn wnya or
meano lo prevent a retiirrvnci of audi
On Iml In Id n lite
New lmuele Nor IIA farvnell ro
ceptlun hns been tendered at the How
cry mlwkin to n band of k < nn Chris
tlun eriiMilir who started for thee
Mon like gold field tnvMuhllsli muni g
the miner n permanent inloslon In
dcr the Irademhlp of Alexander He so
la thn missionary tuinil 1 will trnri 1 on
foot all the way from this clt to Den 1
vcr Impel service I will I IKI I held along
lr I
tho route from I Denver hue I mission I
cries will probably nmkii their uiiuy
coast through the Nouthwml to thee taultlo I
Icmse1lcreom Inimmuc
I hew ork Not 11ho celebration
of the JSth annlvsary of the adoption
IIf the Wstmlnntcr standard un < ler
lioauspltmnf the hlstorlca commit
let of the New ork lrisbvtcrlan un
lOll na Ngun In the 1lrst Irraby
crlan church here ride aftirnoom
t ttton wa votiil I to nddn ssis thee
vcnlng session was held In the Mud
on suaro coiuxrt hall mid Inolu ltd I
a musical programme mid a collation I
Uim Ion Istl renter
Memphis ImncMve Nov ul s
Thomas thn forger maila hla Kecon 1
scipti Iroin the Jail hini by ausenl Iliit
tide lmr uf heho cell and aftirnanls
awing tho bur of the window In the
nar of the jail Ihoma had madu
lilmself famuli tmy Ms previous iMHp I
from Jail here and alt hlengo and lein
ulMtsucnt innrrlugfl with MM annle I
Iliilherfonlof Mlune mllsatht Unit I I
I hrwi othi r rlsoncrs charged with
minor olTinsrn nlso mmneiulcmui 1
IlllmU hemt aires
Hprlng alliy Ills Nor luSIe1es
have Urn 1 taktn at a teems lutetlngo uf
minors held at MariiioU > to continue
the coal strike through the winter Iy
iriatlngn ul > illstrlil Imanl consist
Ing of miner from Mprlnif altti IA
tall Peru Udd Ktatonvlllf mil
Mal < llIell Them inanagimcnt of tho
strike Is I to IM put In their haul
hctcrul mines at Mariuctti tahlllnii 1
at IVru ore tho only mlnts working In
Mils dlttrlit
teiaitjudseetot Facmura I
1 Hilton Mo Nor IIAI noon 3ca
lenln nine mllmiastof lure UUmr i
right lillliMl John lies and shot tlm
lattira father MllUm H lies at
their home Ml ihoso Involrnl urn
farnu but no reason Is I given for tho
hooting lIce mnrdtnr passeil hero
thl afternoon and is I making hdls ay
Ceiai 111
Tendvlllt Colo Nov etJeueeph
Hatvlur who arrived from Carters
vllle Mo waa fatally Injured by full
lag leuncc aehuteD feet tin nn a
partnir In the lenso of tho mine need
was In an upraise whin ho made then >
fatal mlsMcp
Ills nm lltlon II I critical and It li I
fnnxl he will uoeiilub to oIth
Consul leneral 1 to liu ruturnol U
Die convicts who enaemapmct from the
Montana inltentlar last wnk huvt
liven eaptnrihl at Ioiutcllo
1 ilde Mtnotlon In Illo Jamlro U I ro
gunUd l u orltlonl lIsa tnmp remain
umlir arm read for inierginule
Fort diiter Montana has been
I abandoned on reeomnun latlon 01
Icnirul U a lo lIe nlso riHHimminded
the abandonment of lort Aululbone
Vnll1 Slsine lIop Cn1 lunch ie
lmcucefmee tn hum t
Hftn Kranelteo Nov 11111 news
that the nlled StMUs nnreme court
sderided not to Interfere with the
execution of Durrani spread iul < klv
over tint elty and orovtds Interested
people read llhe announcement taferlr 1
from the rewpaper bulletin eoafdhi l t
1 he decision of the mmmli rclim eOll1 IOU
not unexpectnl here end apparently
only llurrantand his attorneysremrd
to have any liot that him murderer
Would bo saved from the gallows
arden Hale of Kn guentln cub is I
In Washington wired the news I Art
Ing Harden rdgar Kdgar Ian not
notified Durrani of his fate nel I will
uol nay when ho would do en >
District Attorney homes who r un
laded the sensational trial thr result
of which moan the eonvlitl nf Iur
rant for thn murder of Minnie Mil
Hams wan much pleased I n Ih in le
cithin Ile ii I convinced that Inrrant
committed the murder and hsmlafei l
at the delay carrying out II1 > en
fence Mr llarne maid I tint Durrani I
would nol have to be re senteu wl
Ile said that all 1 that v H neresury
would be for the district tt < rney I
when he received official notl T mf the
decision to go Into court anh 1 aol 1 for
an order to proceed with the eiecn
tlon and that a date be line I Ir it
Durrani lamlly were notlled thIs
morning of the court decision and
were deeply affected Mrs Durrani
wrpt bill ssld her ton was Innueent I
smul I that she did not yet give up hope
that her ton would lie I vindicated and
tlo Innocence proved District Attor
niy llarne Mated that the only thing
now imes to appeal from the order of
the supremo court but that the
thought they would not Iry lube ar
tleey were sum to foil
maim Aenisseanep em tho lesitea if
emcece eeesmies
New orlc Nor IIfhe anarchists
of thi city last night erlel rated tho
tenth anniversary of the execution ot
their comrade In hleogolna pnblli
meeting In Clarendon hall there were
alKiul 500 anarchist In the audience
Jnhan Most presided and read 110
speerh from mono ueacrhpt
bloat duke 01 tIde Consllle of Up
Itallsm nlilfh h > said congratulated
lls < If that the so lsl nnillon tuasl hem
iiirlched mid that eace and ordtr pre
valleil He wanted to tell the political
HimllU that the anarihlst were not
gnthi red to council or to shed tear
ml to ting n Ming of triumph for the
future mvas not far off
Die spirit of the revolution must
mid will endure until the spirit of ty
runny shall bo criislud until ties
triumph nf justice and equity soul hit
mnnlt and peace will prevail acid
the tpeakir
lIe called the government a cow ho
governininl with apologli to the
ccmeohimcynoni tickled hha hearer by
ayIng only one bomb wa lImed In the
llaymarkit hut U did excellent eon
Ihnrlc W Mowbray Hermann
Schiultt and August lull were the
pt > akera mm addressed the muling
1i1Uuln ° toeoiiihs5 VI it Ills
tire lileue
New MartlntvllU W Va ov B
trinn Pork Win tonn of tula S
Y drove to the iiltro glycerine inaga
lne with li twohorM wagon to lIt
twelve gallons of nltro glierlno to
shoot MHIIC oil wells over which ho hat
Whllll he wat lasldo another two
horse wagon with twit men In It who
have nol IKIII lltnllllrd drove up I
llffori thim sI rang me alighted the
magRilnii bltw up with a report litard
ten u miles anav
the ollly thing found that ever was
hiimiin lyons pliny of n mandfoot
Ml rise the men the hone and tho
nagoii I were sill I they never had en
Isted Where the nugutlno tiNKl is t a
dtip 1 annlngi iern Alndnn were
br < kin III every dwelling Ithln half
n mile I
hire Iieug hul ham of 1lnnI sea Sde
Idhiltne t mob iiece
rral Not Inrtalll Wrlllhl
lIIlIIallll hdiemiei IIIollllh the eallmy
1001y Ill rOlllo fur IllIeIe01o lndr3
Ihlllil ls I reorl1 quIet olollar the otnt
11110 iortIee Jlllt III from IIalllolll
lIIollntlllli lu rth tate that there
are hIIIIII noem QIUI1 In tI icc
111111 1II11I1t mhcem
SOl IhllL lice tiles are hrallKhl to
mcellee Ihal th gohes 10 tho grist
11111 ragbon of rlorllo are elo1
1IlIIIIIt IhlII they sill III cli Irulou
lellIly to thlr hOtilll 011 this Utah
sIde of the lIne
ihleii selaiigiuo
ashtngton No v 1I8ellator Wol
eott of Ciilorado eps of ho commit
klonpm who hate Kn In luro > e tn
the Intenst of IhetlmitalllMt arrival
In this oily last nltht He went to Ida
home Vhn he remained about Iml
an hour mid thtll mmeuit to the whIte
lions In > retp < im Ui a sunimiink from
rrtullenl MoKlnby Senator WI
coll It U iimlerstool made Inform
nl report of the owBnilwtgnfMttt In
I Kuropx hinat > rUIILOU dcilluc hem
talk fur pnblli > atl c
Tlk Iucieeesilmmsiysf lemd oIllInD Thai
leo ll In II he Orient
Ogden Vial Nov dtrehlemt State I
rienator Cannon Is I home from Us trip
of Investigation to the Orient where
he left his companions Snntor Tetll
grew and Fred I Dnhols who will
soon return Mr Cannon did I not care
to eoiument too freely upon the con
elusions he hail arrived at ns with the
other two gentlemen be I will compile
a ireport to be printed and clrcu
lated at a ant document
Ile Mil Ue had good opportnnl
ties for making theolnervatlons which
were the objxcl of our journey to tho
orient Numerous conference Wire
had nllh the finding men of Japan
tIme men through whose Influence that
empire adopted 1 what It ialls tIme gold
itandard In addition lo thi wo ex
aniinrd the Induttrlet of the country
those to which have been applied tho
modern niethols and the Innumerable
home Imlnstrli whloh are carried on
now em In centuries gone
There Is I Try little tn fear at prrs
enl from the companion of Japan In
manufacture Jho hens dtstroidmuch
of her advantage by adopting a policy
whtih wo dlilaled from nglnnil I
What with her vsst stamllng army
and with an Increase of tujttlon such
as I Is Instituted by I the I mac dci admin
Istratlon Japan the arc not thu I
Inducements for the Investment
of capItal In large failory systems
Iletlilcs the dllTcrenci of exchange Ia I
nn In favor of China to tin extent of
nearl 12 per cent and ns the latter
empire U I likely to r main on the all
Tee basis tin Mlmiilut to oriental
Inanufailiirlng Islurgtly In China
rill efteit of Ihlncse competition I
is I a more w rlous iiiestlon t n Inrnniu I
to vast thai no pritliittiu turltt will
guard us against It 1 he labor of C hi
nrse fsetorlcs Is I kkllluli It hi I drawn
from Inexhaustible fund of pearly
tonOOOUfJII of population It Is I thee most
patient hard working stunlnus la
bnrln I the world It average li us thim
1111 tents er day of our money It pro
I duce DO much per tuplla In factorli
stud In mill ns mi lator In thu world
i China can produce us coach cotton ns
theticeiU 1 sheiundran from thee Mon
gollan sheep Hocks all the wool nrccs
slimy for the world Mie has In tem ea
provlncisollls I state 1 byenglmer
and other will whom I conversed
more Iron and coal contiguous than Is I
i I lo IM I found within thi i ntlro bounda
I ries of the lilted States
i She U I making rail mid all klndsof f
Iron and stcil fittings It will not be
many < ars If flnsnclal condition
throughout the earth remain as they
are now until China will bu an ex
porter of nil the thing which the ban
I formirly bought from ITllluI lands
To ItlilMn Aiinnlloult
Havana Nov K ThennnexatlonlsU
havo received through tho columns ol
a newspaper nf tht city n hint thai
It will be well to aiidon their nitet
Ing TIde article In question convt
rd the In formation that the duel wnt
to b procrrdrd against ama enmldlni
nstltutlon under which pretext It
would e possible lodo ita mtinbir a
great deal of harm without going to
the length of accusing them of eon
tplracy these meellngt huu Iherw
femme been dltconllnurd
leneral IlUnco formal ncrptton at
he palacu us wirk ago wa u icr
chilly affaIr Oultlde of the ollleliiU
and representative of thu commirilal
bodIes whitattindrd thiro wtru only
al out Ihlrt people prusenU Iciurul
HlanroUtall I to be I tu piKtr i health
and to Iw constantl In need of uncoil
attention 111 there foro not llki
Iy to I cable l to emliirn thu ImrUlilps
of aninirgitliiainpalgn agulnsl the
Personally Mnrshol Illanco la I will
llheci IIoy lIce mrmlHrs of nil pirtlis
Including the roiikrrviitlriui who
owing lea theeir wealth hkve generally
tiucicdul In kwuylng thu mass of the
people In Cuba lice I autonomist 1111 1
the lontcnatlves nn fur from Itlng
haul In glote and no muttir nhut the
new laplnln gem nil favors ho Is I
pnlt kiirn to line lIce hostlllt of
OliO or the ntlier
IhtMUn hrlene llrilrr rre let
muaktlt > Nov 8 Nothingever
tlrr1 lice Chrlllull hclcntlstsof Kan I
sum City aim huas tho arrest of Mm V 1
lliilnl Christian Science luuUr for
falling l to notify thee 1lIh authorltlis
of n role of diphtheria whlih she bus
treated Among the 1900 or oouHcl I
uitltU In the city there are few who
do not support Mr llalnl In her Coil
trnvcrty with tho health olllur Iho
health otllcir look on Mr llalnl of
friiko no serious Nile will not lail I
able lawtr when the appear In po
I lIce lourt mid thonl I the l < o tonvlctte
It Is I curtain that appeal to thu court of
fliml rvsurt will bo taken
1 rolwl If Untrue
Nmev York J < nv SThe Evening
orld taa former N lie Irtkldcnt btu
ncctsemtl faIlure to return with Senator
oluott nml General Paine mao due to
a new turn of affairs In nglaml I
cm heIdI may result In tome ihangu In
the latitude of the HrltUh govern
men ton tho blmetulllorUistlon Aa
consequence tho Ktinlng hurlml knt
thu report of the Unlteil Mute com
inlulourr will not be made public un
Mr btuvmion U heard from
to Ode tereloi cii nreeee hle 7hy Chn
lo Un 1
Madrid Nov 8The Spanish gov I
eminent as a rrtult of the dellbera
lions of thee ministers I over the utter I
on I
anmea of leneral weyler I las come to
the decision to try him by I court inar
tlal no matter where he lands If he
tonflrm the nccnrncy of the press 1 rt
port of his utterances I
Ihe commanding ofllcer at all the
ports of the Spanish kingdom have
been Intlructcd to demand of leneral
Ueyler the moment he eu be commu
nleated with thectact terms of the
speech Mb he dellvcnil reply to
the manifestation at Havana on the
occasion of hit embarkation for SpaIn
on Sunday
The Meaimir Montserral on which
lencral Mcyler tailed for hpaln Sun
by on Vednesda as cabled lo thee
Assoclattd Irrsk reaihcd llbarra on
lIce northI eeuulst of uba with her
engine disabled and may tie I compelled 1
to n turn to Havana In which IBM It
Is not unlikely Dial there will be In
tcrcstlng developments
llraills I mlilenl Miinlrronilr hII1
lijr Mletler I
Illo Janeiro Nov 7ct soldier of the
IVllth bnttalllon which constitute
part of the local garrison attempted
to shoot President Moras with a pistol
The president was just lauding the
marine arsenal I after visiting the
mmlmo mae r on which leucral llarbota
minister of marine hat returned from
The h slander frustrated the at
tempt bulColonil Normes Iho prtkl
ihnta m phew nan slightly wounded
In I disarming till soldier leneral
Mnrcada Ilitlln Court mlnlstcrofniir
then Ititerfirrd and I wa himself
tabbed lien wound mm amamsemioiia
thnt he I died KOOII afterward lice at
tack hit caused the greatest agitation
I In political circles
lllnhucTimn llrl I i
I lIes Molnc la Nov 8Threo i
colored despirndoes armed I with n
shot gun and two big revolvers hi Id I
up the mining town of Mnniulsvllle
I four miles north of biro They
walked Into the poolroom and calling
on tlfty tiilnim to hold up their hand I I
ono of the part wtnt through their I
pocket The miner h1 I jusl lam 1
lull 1 ami quite n sum was taken At
lor thu robbiry the dispcrailots strut
I id nroiin I town and gloated over their
mirk for a few mlniitt They lImed
nan shots but no ono was hurt
I rhty are Mill at Urge
ma lipaee tscunemsilx
Washington Nov iWurul 1msbeen
received here thai the delegation 01
Hawaiian who will come lure to op
lie annexation Is I made up of 1rlnre
David Kanauanakin Jamc 1C Kau
lea Dnvld Kalauakalnt soil J M l Ken
takua The Irlnce will pa lehs awn
expenses but thai of tin remaining
delegate will be met Hy n tubscrlntlon
among the natives the mount to Iw
raised Icing 8IWO of 15000 lIce de
gallon llecembir is I to arrive at Uatblngton In
Unteril Irnln
Washington Nov AThll report of
the commlsslonir of pension foi time
jinr ending June 30 lsi7 thona that
thcru are Miii pensioners In the llixky
Mountain Malik and lhal the wire I
pal Kill401 during the ytar riceI
I rtnloners lind piymcnl are divided I
sa follow Utah 778 pinsloner
rriilvlng 1110013 Idaho 1141 8103
100 Nevada SM 11130 W3oemihng
CW < IO > 10
c ioteieau I 1h miru
HI Iaiil Minn Nor 7ilcdllammdl I
and llanall wire united luy a notablu
wedding In st lull I 1 he irown palnl
er to thu Dutili roal family a dlttln
arltst marrlid
gntshid ruropiun a
to the daughtir of Hawaiian king a
widow of remarkable beaut the
bride was rlcanor Kalkulant Irahaui
of Honolulu the groom nn Joseph
IliiUrt Noof Ihe Hague
3hcra lrnn
Crvttal lulls Mich Nor 7The
most Important Iron dlscoviry of tin
Menomlnie range In icvcrat jears leas
leen made on the bank of the Mlili
Igamce river one mile south of thee
Mnnttleld mine Die vein ho I 77 cot
del p and 40 feet wile The ore assaya
13 per enl In Iron and oil per cent In
phosphate tliut putting II safely with
in lltttinurllmlU
II rend alpha lhniuILp
linker City Nov STho Spade
singe na held up by two niatkid mm
time mile from till city tonight Tho
highwaymen had a lantern whlili
frightened the horse canting them to
run nway and the itmih capsized Die
I drher grubUd the mall sack and
I ru ad 1i < d the illy In I safety
Aluminum IrHhli
lltrlln Nor 8The aluminum thin
lilted with a lenilnemotor wattctted
In the presence of n muni ir of gcntr
all and the chief of the atrthlp de
partmcnt lIce ship roso a Ihouiand
fret lloated In the air a few moments
and al llrtl oleyed Ihe man steering
It but later a strong wind which pro
railed rcndero tho ship unmanagaa
bio The experiment wo considered
partly tuctessful and will h repcatii1
under other conditions
The October pay rolls of the Com
stock roinpanlx aggregated 9V f
Charles Hull n printer n nrreittd
mi the all In nrnmle I fur forging two
theck fur U51 each
I I H Kelly a theepherdcr It I In
jail a Ilrtngston Mnnt charged
with forging the name met lduan
Irumtt n ice u lumeot stoekmin
It I reported Hint an canteen yn
rllcntc ho l trlug to kccnri n lease on
WOW ncr esii f oil Imul In the Salt
crick country yo to bo used for
grarlng purpose
rIte Montana Mate board of pirdoni
hums rufusid to confirm the pardon of 11 f
r UiUlcrt serving 1 term of H MIIM
for murder to nhom pardon mean
grunted ty the governor tim wicks I
ago I
Mnckmen near lion In Wo are
< complaining bltti rh about tin rnogi
of lIeu wolvi A 1 ovlngton I
prominent Mmkmmi Muted 1 that lIeu
nolu have klllul MMtrol of hi largo
A rcwnrd of Siiei bus been offered
for tin capturi of the two inin who hi
trmpteil to munlir Will hurl mmmcc Iii In
emhulle plno county JIIVHOIIIO uke
10 rIce count ulTira Soul nml Irli
noli liliiiMirnirtniSlixi
Cattle niul thrcpare Inlng shipped
out of Itcno Nor both rest anil wtst
The cast Is I bidding ngalnsl hlucmeeii
foriholtu hurls of Nundiibnf mil
mutton ami tin Imf produurs i nm
llockmastcra of the stole nru reaping
a wclldiMrvtd reds mcrel In tho revival
of busIness I In tlulr Urn
lintirt draff while Miallng n chile
nn the Montana nlon nt Harrison
Mont fill mull tin train iiiiltlig
Injuries thntw111 pro ubl prove fanal
Cashier I II I llatclnroftin wnikid
Nnrthnestnn National I ank I nf Innt
lull Mont hai Inn kcnti need to
five iarn In lIce nltintlnry for miss
sllluhhlug I thee fmiilii of lice bunk
Tin tno lloln rt girls who cm ire kid
nnppid lit Ilmmis dilution Set lust
nick Hire found In a caliln In 101 I
I Chance valley Hit 1011 I cms mill
I MoNnughton wire not taught Iml
pcrsum an mill nn tlulr trnll anil It
It quite proliille that If Hit un ovtr
II taki n tin remm 111 11 no lutil h for I jury
J C Connn of aramle I hVmu
nho nan riniitl rilinMil from
I the joining pdnltinllnn Inn Im
prorul his tlmi h I study 1111 is I equip
pcil 1 to rimw the lattliof life lie I
was untuned I to luiiit liveiari fur
killing I I con IK lit tnspir lint 11 or
ernor > boniu ininmutnl hU itinio
loklx yean
Hftymill north of llclina adjoin
IngLiwI mnl Clark county Mont UI
the Hint U I a IILU mining district
that Is making it great record for itself
II t f
atiut yet llsixlstintu U knonnto iimi
I paratlnl fin of tin mining nun of
I the ktati The lUtrkt In I know I to the
fir nho are at nil familiar with It nn
llulillciitoii dlstrlit being namiil
aftir the iiinn who lllcucd tern I It
tthalMcms to linn IHUI an Instant
of laioliMiiiM on the part of Ion I ro
ll In lost him huls lIfe UK ho coos tomlnir
oIl shift on the uunlnjr I of lIeu 4h
liiht from the Ill uccu cii mine In Mon
tana Ho nnkiuiikeil from thu ingu
at the Kto oot livel anil fill Into thu
limp 3JO fcut IKIUU unit moan In
A iiiimlKrof tnllfornla hnntcrii are
IIHtlllt 1 11 < a Oil the Illiiiilxilt limit
lulon ivileaks l llVIlclll for the Sun
rmicliiio I markit Diukii tint numir
sun 011 they aru tueledg klaiilitiriil ly
tin mmlmeulouI > I lie huiilin ilo thu
iliootlnif from UiaU which tiny
roiiKlit fromtallfornm lice cxlueumuuum
of uutllttlnir IdiiK liiavy tin mudded
foil I lice Ijilklluss iiilto prolltahli
nmml will llkil follow It for Mvirul
incintlin at the iliuku make the lako
theIr ulntinmartirn
The nucleI edumemeleci riinntni arouml In
large numliirn tlw > o to Itixk Sprliiii
anlion > iiiintl melsumla mui i arc Imv
111 n gay oh th cue On Suiulii last
Jedhumi Kustnir mnl Mili lappUlirnnijlit
home I OIK riuh Aiiiist Kimlull eemcih I I1 I
lor hIlled thence Join llrannaman
cud partnir niro UMI see cute csfuil In
peltIng n fin unit jchtinlaj loin
licanl of n bond c rose log the troth In
he see 1 town mnl Vamljki ami follow
Ing thrill ho thot thne Illiln klchtol
Turn > aminon who mod mlecut ut lloil
hprliiRn for ome time anil 1 lio Will
arrcMul at Hani Iork umlir iupl
nfhavlnir komttlitii > to no with thu
dllih of the ollllf nnl Ilinr Chap
man uho ices found ileail In n jiool ol
naUrut Ham Pork hail n pnllmtn I
ary hearing lucMla nail WM dU
diarRul tliire btlng not the ullKhtrst
c lilcmu I to cnniucl him with thu
ilrath nf Lluipmnn
A roiupaii Imi been formcil In
touthirn lolmton count W jii win
will ektolilUh a large Store nt lie fn
mom 1C I C rniuli on Iontlir rltir
The IIW lompmiy hens 810 noo capital
anil will loiiktruot hearing nml illp
pIng pin
Two bends of kcalib yusheeep iinnta
by lie X Wlleoa which Hire Iwlng
trullr to an Tnkwl for thlpmenl
were riiurantlniH by the Convirw
count Wtulnar lnsMitor each will
lo rciurcil to illp ccmil 1 eradicate tlio
scab boforu piocictllug

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