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L ART i + A
IIOIIMIIY not line In ten thousand
of the presentday admirers of
Abraham Lincoln am aware that
there Is yet standing In a perfect
state of preservation a modest
frame collage which served as Ibo
summer homo of the martyr presi
J dent during his administration
Many tenders no doubt liP un
f ware that IInroln had any other
horn than tie White House at
1 aldington during the long period
of strain and strife and yet as a
matter of fact h 1 It not been for
1 the rest and relaxation afforded by
his snjnunn at Ibis modest subiir
ban rclriat It II doubtful If lit
coin could have met tho exactions
of that trying hnlfdccado without
I paying tin penally of nervous col
laps long before Iho close of the war
The Lincoln summer cottage has a certain added
tlgninciimo when conilderrd In connection with the
project which has several times been broached In
recent years In provide tin In sldrnt of the tnlled
States with a irmnn I nt summer homo It may ht I
remembered that only last win
ter there was talk of attempting
to have congress appropriate
Inn < y for the purchase or ereo
toil of u special mention re
IK it for tin chief magistrate
r ami lieu when Ihla scheme fell
Ihn ch various lumnur revorl
oimiiui Itirs nil over the corm
try cure forward with offers In j
tome mimmer presidential
hone free of expense lo the
n it n If only they bo tit en as 1
inn lira that such gift would cl J
11 live Plilal mnctlon and I
I rtnn t n as Iho summer 6 1
V Mlto tint it
V I oddly enough nil the lime 1
hat this dlsrimilnn of the r
nro rt for a summer Whllo
it titian w is In pri grin the na
Ion wan already In posiisslon
of a presidential vacation cot
I 7C
L t i < I t yS JLNJMC1 f
J twelve rooms In the cot
K t a w Inge Several additions
al N have been made to tho
house since It was erect
Z ed more than ix century
< but the residence ne
t x r t ago
f t tKr It stands today Is f Identl
i r cal with Its appearance
T r when Lincoln was mailer
t Y s there As has been said
e i tho building Is n frame
a exterior
structure but thn
l tf Is 1 covered with ulncco
h J l such an wns so popular
a with many of the early
1 y news bulldcrn and this has
+ i3 1 un > i3sp Yv LJS been kept In n rerfec
r 1 v state of fcpilr so that the
e r + r i cottage today bears no
AWMfIAI7 CATtI4Y ll1 TNEJOLDCiIS HOlY CiIfOVIAJ evidence of Its great nge
anlcr y JVPflilftrEIPFIYT or T4 JOJPIFIfJ HOrfio Thn foliage Is nl pMS < tlt
age the very ono that was urlMnilly provided
far Prtsldcnl Lincoln and which hus since stood
rmdy for occupancy by any chief execution al
though none of our later prusldtnts have availed
Ihomiielvts of the privilege To bo sure this
summer cottage Is I not located In the mountains
nr at the siaihnro but un Iho contrary Is pic
turesquely situated In the environs of Washing
ton Hut then wo inUit rememtier that not nearly
nil of our Presldenla have subicrlbid la the
theory of Taft that It Is I necessary to seek a
northern cllmo for line summer solitlce All tho
early priiljonls of the nation who were residents
nf Virginia thought that Ihe Old Dominion nf
forded nil the reijulsltle of a sumnur resort and
so recent a president is Grater Cleveland chose
In fend his summer In tho suburbs of Washing
ton In collages which he rented for rte purpose
Hut to gel back lo the subject of tine Lincoln
summer home It may bn explained that this his
tonic cotlagn stands on what Is I now tie grounds
nf the National Soldiers Homo In the District of
Columbia This tho only country home officially
provldid for a president of the United States was
not however ipeclally I erected for President tin
coin On the contrary It was built In 1SIO as
Iho country home of thorn WashlnUon lung
one of the first cllliens of Washington and the
founder of a house that has transacted tho bank
ing huilness of practically every president of the
nation The vast estate which surrounded this
cosy country home was the tract which now com
prls < s the grounds of the National Holdlers Home
and the circumstances of Its acquisition for the
use of the nation were very interesting
When upon the conclusion of tho Mexican war
den lnfleld Scott returned with his victorious
srmy to the Unlltd Stales ho brought among
other spoilt of war the sum of 170000 In gold
which he had exacted as penalty or Indemnity
from den Santa Ana for the action of the Mexl
ran troope In firing upon n flag of truce Iciural
Hrolt was soon In a quandary what to do with
this money He offered It In congress but that
body was for lome reason arena to accepting
It There were good 1 reasons for not attempting
to distribute It among the olllcers and soldiers
of the army and Goners Scott did not want to
keep the money himself although the War De
portment was quite willing tbat he houd do so
Finally he solved tho problem by personally pur
chasing the Itlggs estate and estubllihlng a Na
tional Soldiers Home Congress accepted the
gift and this unique Institution has since been
maintained by a small tax imposed upon each
soldier of the regular army
It was In lift that the Illggs cottage standing
on the crowning silo of what had developed Into
> >
a z hbfi
k jSPSfcrs ii
kaa IpqteSiSggg
a most beautiful park was Investeil volts Iho dig
nlty of n presidential summer home It was evl
dent of course that Ibo irokr < of Ibo war
would prevent Irtsldcnt Lincoln from absenting
blmsetf from tho capital for even a brief anew
lion and yet It was equally minlfest that his
health would suffer unless ho had some relief
from the tropical heat that besot Ihn city on the
Iolomac In summer It was Unerul Scott him
self who brought to the attention of the preil
dent the charms of the beautiful suburban cot
tage set on n hill overlooking the city and mir
rounded by n veritable forest President Lincoln
forthwith fill under the Pull of the romantic
pot and removed his family from the While
House lo the newly I discovered retreat
From this limo until his untimely death Un
coin spint much summer at the cottaro on Iho
heights It was his custom to drive Into Wash
Ington such morning from tho cottagn and after
pending the day nt his office In the Wblt louse
to drive back In the cottage at night but there
were nf course occasional days when he re
mained at his suburban retreat and nnny confer
ences were held there from limo to tlmo that
had Important bearing upon the fortunes of the
Union The cottage came to be known as Ibo
president cottage and Is so popularly dcslg
noted In this day but In thn course of time It
was by IJncolns own direction officially Christ
ened Anderson collage In honor of General An
derson of Port tinnier lly direction of tine Sec
retary of War Anderson callage ens sot apart
for the permanent inn of the 1rtsldent nf the
United males and In later cars II wns occuplul
for brief Intervals by Insldents hunt IHym
and Arthur but none of them were so deeply at
tached In tho modest and comfortable habitation
as was lie Civil War Iresldent
To present day lsltors tho c < nler of Interest
at the Lincoln cottage Is I resident Lincoln bed
room which Is I on tiro second floor and Is the
largest room In the house Two largo front win
dow open directly over the porch and a splendid
view of the City of Washington Is afforded The
parade grounds of the Soldiers Home tho flag
pole and tho commandants quarters are directly
In front of tine cnttnga the site being the most
Impretilve and commanding of the rntlro grounds
The furnlturo used by Lincoln during his occu
pancy of line collage la reverently preserved but
It has been rcmoted from the cottage to a store
house and Is not open to the Inspection of lsltors
Immediately beneath the bedroom Is the room
which was tiled by President Lincoln as a sitting
room It Is about half the size of the enormous
bedroom but larger than moil of thn other rooms
la the historic cottage There are nil told about
occupied by leterel of the old eoldlell who nro
In this haven n r
sending Mr declining yearn
nrmy Naturally
tine veterans of tie regular
old soldiers hold Iho colin go In Iho greatest Yen
ration bmuio of Its association with Lincoln
and they tit manifest pride In showing lllIon
about and rtlittog anecdotes of tho war tun 0
resident I
There are many reminder of the Immortal 1ln
coin In this locality Not far distant la It s site
of Port SletMs where Lincoln was under fire
while n spectator In the trenches during a spirit
ed engagement bitween Federal and ConfcdorM
force s Yet mar at hand In Iho cemetery con
nected with its Soldiers Home Is A handsome
Lincoln memorial rostrum which Is I the scene 01
the exercises which arc held at this cemetery 00
each recurring Memorial Day and at which the
President of lie United States Is I often a spcake
U has several times been proposed that Iho Un
coin cottage U torn down In order In make use
nf Its splendid site for ono or another of the
buildings which have from tlmo to tlmo bee
erected to accommodate the Increasing membership
ship of tho llamas I family of old soldier but 10
much sentiment bal always been aroused agnlns
such action that the scheme has always bee
abandoned and other sites selected
lint that Miss Vnwlcr singing across the
1r I wlihcd she belonged lo A grand opera
You surely dont think she can sing
1 Not at nfl i but grand opera companies never
come to this town
Who Is list I Intoxicated chap boasting Ihat
he can whip bus veliiht In wildcats
Thats Makers I
Huiband of Mr Iuftlnghurst Meeker the
The earns t suspect he Is hinging around
here becaui be Is afraid to Ita homo I
When yoy are presented to tae king you will
pUaio mottos etnufloctlon said the master of
iircmonlii I
rood latd1 exclaimed Mrs PorUnghtra ol
the I S A Is I that a nolle or a s mure I
Women are beginning to realize
more fully that good health Is not to
be found In the use of cosmetics and
face powders Tbo appearance of
health may follow facial treatment
but health Itself Hoi mucu deeper than
the surface
Most Important to the health of c7
cry woman Is l regularity of tho bowels
And dlgesthe organs Tho weary
eyes bad breath frequent headaches
pimples and general air of lamltude
Is In most every case duo to const i
potion or Indigestion or both There
aria various I remedies l prescribed for
this condition but thn aslest most I
pleasant and certainly effective Is
a combination of ilmplo laxalho
herb with xpiiln known to druggists
u lr CaldnellR Syrup Pepsin This
slmplo remedy Is fur preftrablo to
harsh salta and cathartlcn and violent
irgnllva Waters that disturb tho
bolo system without affording moro
than temporary relief
i lr Caldwell Syrup Pepsin Is a
tonic laintlte I mild In Us action I
I dcnsnnt to tho tasto and poslllvo In
tie effect strengthening thn muscks
or stomach and bowels so that after
a short limo theo organ regain tho I
power to perform their natural rune
Ions without nsslstanco
Ir Caldwell syrup Pepsin la sold
by druggist everywhere In tOe and
100 bottles If you into never tried
It wrlto for a sample to Dr W II
Caldwell 201 Washington Ht Month
cello III ho will gladly send n trial
lottla without any vxpcnso to you
Either Was Alarmed I
Ksther n lite ear old daughter of
North silo parents hcnrd much about
time dangers of diphtheria and was I
eager to ohnervn ivory precaution to
keep from tomlng Into contact with
it that slue and her two brothers
mlgful not catch It
Ono day clue Insliled on going to
line grocery on tins corner to spend
her penny and was warned by her
mother not lo stop and Play with any
children slut might meet on Ibo way
Attar hating been game only n row
ilnules slid rushed Into tho homo
inch excited exclaiming ns Ibo en
Mamma you must keep bee boys
away from Mr A s bousu causa they
into diphtheria and have a sign
Her mother said Is 1 that lof What
duce tho sign B1
It says for into said Hslhcr
ndlanapolls New a
Reward of Merit
lo on sail I Go on and blow yo
pawn bout who yo Is and what yo
done Impatiently said old heather
Moguls Hut lemmo specify dat Iso de
ny extinguished citizen o dls town
dot do president o do railroad dls
luh road right yuhl paid any ten
Ion to when bo went thin In his spa
coal loyal last week Yassabl I was
yuh when do train passed right on
nits IIotlond IAt ar poUr white
man glmmo a floe aeegyah flung Ito
10 mo outs do window o do kyali
and t wet lit loollurk
On to Her Job
Mrs Colin tJnhhloUo you ever per
mit your husband to hata his own
Mrs Strongmlnd Oh yes occasion
ally Ho Is sure to make n fool of
hlmielf and that makn him easier to
manage next tlmo
Young Americas Reply
Why did Huylock want a pound of
I suppnio ho know that the price
of meat wan going up
Whtn a man has occasion to ap
pear beforo u pollco magistrate ha Is I
apt In forget his own namo
Yen sine had to give up her part
Was U n case of ovcritujy
No understudy
Dr tierce Plraunt Pellet cure tea
tlpntUm I lonitliution U line mule ol
ninny divor Cute the cube and you
curs the dna ue F1y ta like
It lakes a genius to play the fool
and mako It pay
rlatY rt lt111Ntt sirs MINI
Th1 ma tAOAT t n suit wn9t1rINa i rl tar
svwwTii UIt1 < LW lb orld
llliLvtU > l4ln I UO1ol to
A Ponlblllty
Hos gone to that meeting full of
I flroThen e
Then ho had letter 1 bo careful or
they will put him out
When Your Eyes Need Care
TrrUurln Ktll nrr Nit amartln FM
Hn l Arln giilrklr f l II fur tied rf
trstery eye nl tI coon late R7tld Iltu
train I tick Ia earl tacks r Sturm le
tikh wr IMeha pw I NM
Mnbnl kM In I uwJ 1 1 htarln 1ne
rw far nr fen tluw tnrawl to Inn IM
V tr ratstuAt11le tJ
Llr 050
ant My t I n 71be d doe
fflurlno Eyo nomocly Co Chicago
lie Ought la Get It
On what ground do you seek A dl
orto from lour wife asked tine law
Simply iHenuio of n pun replied
the long suffering husband You seo
sines a iculptremi and It gets on my
mrtcs to hear tier remark twenty
times n day Will you hove mo when I
mold l <
Childs Reasoning
I cant tell ou nnrthliiK nliout my
grandpa raid solemn little Kuitnco
questioned by n happier comrade as to
Mi more recent ancestor because I
never bad any All my RnndparcnU
died before I was born
Hut you hud grandparents Just tlio
nine dear Interpolated n listening
adult The fact that they died before
you were born doesnt alter tint fact
that they were your grandparents
Hut If our father and mothers had
died bcforo wo were born tinny
wouldnt bate been our fathers and
mother would thoyT the wondering
child questioned So I dont sea how
what you sax can bo trite
I I went every I
who le 111I011 runll
paled or h n awm
nth ur Iltn lImnll
adtoenfnwprkn ts
ll t my pnw It 11 F
I wut to Irww lira
o 0 they pu IIIrNy cure In
dlpellun e + uur r tnm
orb olrhlul1 Wind
lIoIoho Nnrull +
bra Nleeplr nrw and
are on Infallible uo
fare mill uih n Tmta
this I rawllMnil < ielT million ii tee patio
ales i Uke nil lbw rlik Hoi I 17 ilrimiilii
for centa 11 lur free parkrpeadd rct
Pro Murion lard i Jill men Sli rhlldIDhI Pi
Browns Broncltial Troches
tOI nM and rrlliblo ICU Ilrmnlr No 01 Mr
b raiil free oeLUWw ll4tH ikMui I low
11 1 1
i For Infanta and Children
A The Kind You Have
ar r r Always Bought
h ANrCclablc Prcpardlion for As
similnllnj ihe Food ntvinefjula Bears the
I 1 Signature
5b Promolcs DigclionCluerrut
ntssiiniRcilConliiinsneillicr of
p OpiumMorphine nor Mm < ril
I rilrpOldlJhvYwnA6f
tl 1 II
j AwellJ4 Oat
d1 In
u lrJdJy
nay +
Aperket Remedy forComllp f Use
lion Sour StomachDiarrtwca
3c > ormsConvulsions Fetcrish
ness mid Loss or SLEEt For
C Facmnu 5lnalurc of Over
Thirty Years
x Tnt Ct ti ntn Cownvvy y
uaratttee under tlto froodid
Lesser Copy 01 Wrapper r

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