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The Coalville times. (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, September 06, 1912, Image 2

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Cdltor and Manager i
Coumll So f of HIP Native Hoin of
I tat lint I been oroKHlxil 1 It i Ixigsn
The body of an unknown mutt allolll
II > curi old Kim fuunil In II dlleli a
horl dlitunre out uf Thistle It U
hrllPicil he ass munleiwl
drain county will send a mnlil ol
honor lo MIn HIP Irrigation iiurpa
in the laredo whirl will Iw I hell lo
Malt Lake City diirliiK the Utter purl
nf plemlwr
Tbn elllrum nf Iron rniiuly will
tote on the pinpoltl n In bninl the
oiinly for UIIOIJlJ HI thp tout lug < < ve
Kon Tim loon will Iw I UMI for
oiiiliuclInK highways I
The body of uu unknown man wi
taken from the Spanish hoik river a
half mile lx > low Thistle Junction
rhyslelans say he was about 31 yours
nf age and was driis lied three or foul
days ago
tIle Israel has surienilerid In I Hid
Hall llke Millre add olidlie In I the
murder of njamln K I Plait an apd
Jewish rhithltig inerclunt In North
Topeka Iso on the nlxhl of lVb
roar 2Z 1911
A ornery hallslorm played IIIVOP
slit h HIP Origon Hhorl Line wires In
llo mlKhlKirhond I of tthevlnn I1n > Kl 1
iler county Thirty likKraph gotten I
otrn blonn down and HIP sIns a err
put nut of service
Kirn which started from unkiinwn
origin at 9 clock at night In a liird 1
wnri short at Park City spread rap
Idly In a lost 1 hall and a drug stum
and canned u total damagii of liSUO
b foro It wan < illngulihed
jtntpwlde raniiulKn In I pllmlnatp I
noilous wiKiU from the hlghwaH and
byways of Irate was Itmlllulud by it lie
hoard 1 1 of governors of the tlah DP
irlopmrnt league at Us monthly nirel
lag hi II In Hall Uikv tail utik
William McKlroy a raltlebuer of
< hlcagn claim that two lonlhlence
men niutcled him nf 2000 III Halt
lube slier they had InvvlglPd I I him
nto belling on fake horse race In I
HIP heart or the business district
The cool weather of Iho last week
hu retarded somewhat tho ripening
if peaches In Weber county and thn
ihlpplng season will not begin unlll
September 10 at tho very carllvst
rim crop will bo exceptionally heavy
Tho recent order of Iho pint older
department concerning Sunday closing
rill not affect 1rimi Tho local oilier
t r1
nl d
Ifin poslmaiter general to clcwo on Iho
leather ChldcMlpr 5 years old nt
Illngbam Is I In a Halt Lithe hospital
puttering with a fracture of Iho skull
Ihn result of Injuries received at I
Illngham when n rock which bounded
lown a lilllsldn struck her on Iho
Caught by the rapidly revolving
ihaft of the concentrator of the Ohio
upper cximixiny nt Illngham Harold I
Halt aged 10 suffered II broken leg
eeclved severely brulied feet and Is I
thought to mlu sustained Internal
Wreaking Its fury upon Ihn fruit
beating the oats and alfalfa in the
round perforating the beet leaves
ind denuding trees one of the most
violent wind and hall slnrms em rec
ord tore Us way thrnugh Cjche valley
> n Wednesday
110v nor Hiram W Johnson of Cnl
fornla vlcepreildenllal candidate nn
Iho Natlunal Iritg nasty ticket tnld
t large audience nt HIP Halt iJiku tho
lire on Wedneiday night that he be
leved In HIP conservation of human
enonreen and right
beetle l Mnycock manager of the
Icelphonc plant at Hprlngvllle was
ilcctrocnlcil while testing I wire
Physicians worked over him fur titer
in hour after the holy had been
entered lo Hie ground bill were un
tile In restore conichiiiinpss
Tho election held thrnughnut Car
Min county to vote bonds fur finishing
ho high school liulldlng now under
cinitriictlon nt Price sac carried fa
rorlng ito Issue of an additional f IK
lOd I In bonds Tie structure will bn
jne of Iho finest In the state costing
1100 000
Construction work on HIP pro
xxeil 1 Inlerurbnit linn b
between Halt I
fake and Pasem which Is I tn connect
ulth the lUmbirger line at Halt IiiVe
ind Ibn lloclea lino nt Oitden nnd cam
pleln nn electric mad from Payson 10
llrlgham City Is I In I commence within
hlrly das
David Hlarr Jordan president nf
the Ieland Htanford university nil I
drenoj n large audience In HIP stoke
labernacle at Irovo on Sunday cm
The Case Against WarIn which hn
showed Ibo wasln misery and crime
resulting from war and Ito utter me
lesantse of armed cnntesls between
Waller Preitler and Thomas and
Oeorgo Scotenli miners mplnynd by
thv lllnEbam New Haven Mining mm
tony were entombed In Iho mine at
IllDBham for seven hours by a fall of
earth but are none the worse for
their experience
Frank Stranger iigexl 24 n 1 rftd n I
of Marriott Weber count v
drowned In the Wetter rlt l2
Blalervtlle Hundny afternoon Stan
ger and six friends were spearltg
lIb when fitoncfr Hepped Into a
deep hole In the river lie was un
able to swim
Immediate Surrender of Rich Mining
Property In Mulco Owned by
Americans Dimindtd by Rebels I
Who Would Finance Devolution
I Ilonota I I Aril A force of Hll reb
als mi Thursday demanded the I dir
rendnr nf H 1 Tigre mining camp an1
I American prnperty located sixty live
mile southeaii nf here Korly Ampi
Icmil fully armed Intnnil lo fight II I i i
necrisary lo protect their wnmen ant I j
I children Koventy federal snlller i
defend Ihn to MI Kl I llgrn Is one nr
i the rIchest gold milieu In Meelen colt
trnIM by Kstiiai Ity eapllsl mid II I
I captured by r < beU eoiild Hnance HIPI
rrvnlutlon I
Mounted messenger representing
Itafanl lamps leader of mItt I nlel1 I
lund rndn Into Ihn milling eamp emrly 1
Thursday slid demandod 1 Its surren
der It I reported that no definite
answer wan given Camixis force Is I
encnnipeil only fourteen miles west of
hue mlno pmperl
I Another fnrm of tehnM Is I reHirleil
tn lie I moving in from a point thIrty
miles In HIP past
heaver Counly Man Selected by Dem
ocrats for Governor of Utah
Halt Ijik City Tim Democrats nf
Dish lu convention an Thursday
placed II complete stale Hike In the
field henled by John I niton I of
hover enmity for governor Tnllnn
was leilerted on lint fourth h lllot
Ihn platform of the Democrats Is n I
long and vlnorom 1 document It was
prepared for Ihv most pin In advancei
of thus convention by leading Demo
grain who had decided It was necis i
sary that the platform should l set
forth fully tie prlnilplps and other
merits of Hie party Ihn plulfnrm dp
dares for the Initiative the referen
dum and 1 lIar recall and other ud
vanced iKilltlcnl measures
Tho contents fur eongrcsic nnd guv
ernor were the only herlous ones nf
the convention Most of Ihn other
candidate werei lined by ncclama
tan T
In their plitform declaring for a mm I
partisan educational system 1 and the
appointment nf Ibo superintendent nl
public Initructloii by n nunpirtlsan
board nt iducatlon A C NeUon
present superlntendciit I nt public In
strucllui was Indnrted for reelection
to this position
The ticket follows
Knr lot ernnr John Prank Tnllnn
Knr Congrrsimen at larg Mathn
nlhah Ihnmas Halt Lake and Till
man D I Johnson Ogden
Tor Juillcn of the Hupremn Court
Io I Iriind Young Halt iJiKo I
For Hecrelary nf Stale Clmrle
Knghnd Logan
Kor Attorney le nernl Joseph W
Rtrlngfeltow Halt Uke
Knr Htnte Audllur John H llhln
Spring City
For tOusle TreasurerJohn K Men
dcnhall Hprlngvlllp
Fur Slain Hiiperlntpiidenl nf Public
Inilriicllnn C Nelson Silt like
For sldentlal lllcctnrs Jesse
Knight of Irovo O W Powers nf Halt
Lske James Andrus nf HI Cenrgi
Thnmis II MineralI I l nf Halt Uike I
Standard Oil magnate who on his
relurn from Europe II epcled 10
tell a lot about that companys rita
lions with national pollutes i I I
Two Killed In Mine
Irlnldad Coin in
William Tweeddn I A
fred lloubip miuutly J by
gas enu P > e Id > co mn of
the Itiw m finl iimpany
near 1 In
> < ur Hiown to Pieces
Uhttnniiiarquis Hobertn Imperial
Inventor of thv new explosive Imper
halIte on Ihursday was blown 10
pieces and his factory was hurled Into
Ihu air nt Monte Chlarl near Ilrescla
Italy 4
= M 9taFIq
Idahoin Elected President of Tram
Mlsilnlppl Commercial Congress
Deiplte Precedent of Years
Halt luko City Kiirmer lovernor
JIIIIUM II llrady of Idiihn was elected
Iirnniduut of tho TransMlsslsslppI
nmmerctal rnnitrpss and i Wichita I I
Flat wan chosen 11M Iho 1913 mcutlng
iliue at thn final siwilon In Aisnmhly
mil Friday morning
lillnln tho completion of the
busltiPKS of HIP nesulon tho congress
idjournml sine dl < >
A prncslint of twent three years
wit broken by the rongrois In elccH
Ilia former lotornor llrady president
Inttvad of John II 1iiwtll who was
chairman of tho vxocutlvo committee
11 has always been customary lo elect
tht chairman of Iho pieiullvo commit
Ito In Iho presidency
A resolution presented by Htcphen
II Ixnn of Halt Lake urging congress
In rccunimcnd In tun rallroitiU tho Irn
Mediate establliumcut of faster train
schedules In bo maintained until nor
mal traffic inndltlons preall and tho
danger cf a car sluirUKv In tllmlnated
use atittifleul I
Halt Lithe ItOI thin many strUt
Inc features Hut testified to Iho great I
work and purpnup of Iho Transmls
slsulppl Comiuvrclal congress at the
opening sessions uf Us twenty third an i
nuj nimcntloii hue Tuemlar prob I
ably noun Is I of more Importance I than
llm Inlroiluitlou of a resolution by
JIIIKU K A Helm I nf Wlehltn Fun I
comprehending I lower freight rates at
Impenitlto to the progrem and ikul
opmcnt of 1111I twenl two states we it
of tho Mississippi I
A movement urging thin government
lo ullllio Iho machinery now In uie at1 I
Hie Ianam canil Impnue the chan
nel of Ibo MUslstlppI rlur for thin
dralnnro reclanutlon 01 vail areas of
swamp lands bordering on Hut great
waierwa I aim a proposil that the
federal ctingrpM be askeil In I appro 1
prUlu iVOiiunuu toward lIar Iinatii 1
Iailtk Inlernallnuul exposlllon of 1915 1
at Hun KrincUiu formeil lniMirliint
feu tu res
Aiming Iho dlsllngulshed guests
present were former tiovi James
II llrad of Idaho who Is I mentloniHl
HK the next pieshlcnt of thp congress I
Hiimer Hotirnor Hcnirgo W 1ardee uf
ullfnriili A II lunls of Hi Units
tin thv platform III Hie mnrnlsR sn
uliiii s tnt Ito nnltur Mlllain Hpr >
Mil or Huiiiiel C Park Joseph U
Culne secietary of the Halt lain
Coiiimerilal lull and others
A teller licim President Ulillam U
Tail uddrenscd to dntcrnor Hpr
wi leMil pspre > sslng Ills reHit at
In Inn unable lo attend ami hoping nil
cnngress sessions might lie fruitful
uf good results
VIMHOIK reasons why America In
gemril and thv west lu particular
shouid bo sven first In preference to
Foul were nt forth graphically In
adurrsie Wo > ln sday afternnnn at Sail
air liy speakers uf national repuio
atcmi UK tho Trans mlsslsslppl Cum
Inn r tat congress
Bcei America FIrst naa the
sIt in fur the mitty It was the dn
net Nrt for aildri < ss dealing en
II itt wiih unisons a luy this slogan
sin it stand llelmenthttthIve s from
ma Han iweni slate acm pres
en Dm tlslt to Hiltiilr was part of
thu heo America llrsl program
fie lake was one of the wonders of
ntetlia icferred III by speakers and
more than 40U persons suw It for thn
Unit lime About 500 delegates were
President Trumbo opvned Iho luueot
I =
Mutielman Wins I
1 Ivtiolt llexiills from forty nlno
counties ff Amoi H Musselman I 01
ainnd llatlds I I HIsS majority J over his
opiwnent Secretary of State Fred
I Martlndalc for lIme Republican noml I 1
nation for guteruor
Namt3 Fruit Iniprctor
llalie Idaho Tbo Oregon Hhort
Line has created Ohio office of chief
fruit Inspector for this state C J
Htlnsel of Italic will bo the Oral In
cumbent notice of his appointment be
ing madn ednii tsy <
lug by psylug glowing trlbulo to the
hate Klshcr Harris of Hilt I4iIue
whom ho nctredlted wllli tuao lIme bepii
HIP liader In limo movement of edncai
log lIme eople to Heo America llrst
Important among thp ninny resolu
tions Introduced at the Wednesday
upsslon was one by Henry Wilih of
Park City Ilah advocating that tIme
prone nt regulations unit methods of
Iho Interior department In handlinic
blue resources mineral timber and
grazing lands of Iho country should bo
so changed Inte preted or modified
that tho rlllun of thin Inter moun
loin country tnlg it euro Iho benefits
at thclr very doors Instead of being
jeleprhed of thin b > unnecessary and
I unrenwnablo res rlctlons
llesolullonswero Introduced favor
of the pruxi eil 1 transcontinental high
l way tlmnklng the president nod con
gress for waterwi Improvements on
liitiud rivers and urging further har
bor Improvement ulmiR tho gulf
I W Irnhain western engineer
and Imliislrlal ugent of Iho ireal
Northern railroad read an address
prepared by Inils W Hill chairman
of the board of directors of Ibo sys
lIce A 12 I Hlglvy of Denver deliv
ered an addrcsi tilled will humorous
inecdotcs which kept his listeners
oniitsntly In smiles Ho nmphasltvd
In woiartul eeeorras of site west
and spoku glowingly of Americas nat
oral wonders which he declared far
excelled anything Europe had to offer
both from a scenic and hlitorlcal vluw
An address on Tire Waste deliv
ered by Wlllard Done Utah state In
suninca cuminlislniier I was Iho fen
lure of tIle afternoon session of Ibo
Tranimlsilsilppl Commercial con
Kress on Thursday
1orme Congressman Itoliert W
llnnngo of Colorado In discussing
The lleform of Our inking anil
Currency 1uws1 In I fore tho congress
at the night session dectircd that thv
American people soon would Insist
iiion moving the sllgmu of being n
nnanclal nulsanco nmong Hie world
powers nnd would demand n compre
henilvn banking icystem
P Fl i Qulnn government I commls
sInner N S W Auitralla apokn on
Problems nf Ibis Antlpodem Settle
ment Our problems tire very tiiucl
thin samo as Jour own said Mr
Qulnn Australia has great resource
und few people
Stockholders of Moffat Road Meet
Denver Hlockholclcru of Ito Mof
fat mid held n meeting Thurrcliy
mornlnK to ratify Instructions under
which their attorney Is I nctlng In con
fcrcncen In Now York with New mm
Krb and Hie stockholders protective
committee and In nrrungo for Ih
purchaio by local Intercuts nf bonds
In tho ncn compan which Mr irl
will organlup after control the month
passes to him
Will Not Arbitrate
Washlnglnt Although tIn able I
department will authorize nn state
ment to tint effect It Is I understood
hero that the admlnlstritlon will dc
dine to permit the question of the
right cjf Iho United Hlates to relIeve
Us own shipping from lolU III the
I fananm can il In go tn arbitration
This position of tlie government U Is I
i said may not be dcvilnped fulj for
wmo time
Raise Values In Idaho
lloUo Idaho Tho IMO tmiil 1 of
eijualliatlon has raled time tult > of
taxable property In Iho stain to glti
0000011 Last your It was 33000i > 100
Kony l per cent will bo taken as lImo
liasls fur assessment Thn Short llni s
valuation Is I lull at J500QOOOO The to
Ital I valuation of all roads and Inierur
I buns ls S OOOOOO
Senator Smith Denominated
Detroit Voters illoteil In stole I
wldo prlmarleH for candidates for na
iloiuil state county and city offices
Vllllam Alden Hmlth had no oppoil
lion for rcnomlnatlon for senator on
tho Ilepubllcan ticket I
New Ship to be Dullt
IIIIJoA sliter ship 10 the Mo
nocacy will bn built at Marn Island
Telegraphic orders to begin work were
received from Washington Tuesday
morning Iloth gunboats will be uiud
in I Chlncio waters
Two Thousand American Marines on
Nicaraguan Soil Should be Sufficient
to Look After American Intereiti
Is I Opinion of Chief Executive
llnrhisler N V President Taft
on pilneiMU > night rescinded his
twiliehcuruM ordur directing I thn
Immrdlatn despatch from Panama III
Nicaragua nf Ih < l Tenth Infantr
Pro in his private ear In tIme lloches
let jards Hie prpsldinl wired tn Iho t
nctlng secular of war In recall tho
order A sufficient force of marines
the president said would lie I In Ma
nagiia hun Nlcaraguan capllol nnd
Corlnto Its principal pipnrt early
next week to Insure the unfit of
American lives and properly
the prrsldenl expressed 10 friends
on his car the belief that there will
he more than 2000 Inltid States ma
I fines on Nlcaraguan soil b > lore
I dayThe
The president did not conceal bin
anxiety over conditions In Central
J America In Managua and Corlnto
and other towns thn situation Is not
I II 11 rra
specially dangerous In Americans
ml In other tarts of the country Ill
aglnc of nil orla has been going on
The people of Nicaragua tIme prest
dnl was Informed ore sutrerlng un
old horrors and Americans nro silt
erlng III many Instances with them
To friends Mr Taft said thai If HIP
echoic had agreed to the proposei
realy wllli Nlcaragui which hn ad
ocaled on his long trip last fall the
misery existing today would not nave
Americans Threaten to Attack Town
Unless Permitted to Enter In Peace I
Corlnto Nicaragua Comnnndcr
Warren J Terhuno nnd n force of SOU
American lullors and marines from
he gunboat Annapolis and the colllct
Justin on Wednesday forced their
way through territory controlled b
Ib revolutionists to Icon thn town
midway between tho Pacific comet and
Iiko Managua lyhero the Illwrrli
rota tn nrms on AiUuni 19 analrTlli
night massacred tho sleeping soldleri
of the garrison
The Americans found Iho llberali
hontllo 10 their advance and It bo
camo neceisary for Commander Tcr
huno to threaten tn attack loon be
fore thn Insurgents would 1 allow the
train seaming his detachment to chIld
the town Illottng had subsided and
tho Americans found the city resum
Ing Its normal appearanco
After conferring with Ihn liberal
leaders Commander Terhuno withdrew
lull force from thn city 100 marlnci
going In Managua and the rest of the
detachment to Corlnto
Archibald to Quit Dench
Washington JuJgo It W Arch
bald of thn commerce court whox
trial under Impeachment proceeding
Is I pending hi fore tIn senate has nC
ed I Chief Justlcn White of Hie United
Htates riipremn court temporarily ti
relievo him of duty
sf IJ >
4 A t I
Dramwell Dooth who was selected
by hit father Cen William Booth to
succeed him at head of the Salvatlcn
Army contemplates tome changes In I
i the management of that great organl
i ma tin n
Flirt Across Channel
London H J D Auh Ibo ala
tor flew from llemlon Lnuland to
Hardelot near Hoiilognc Prance In
three hours and live minutes on Wed 1
nemlaj lie carried ns It paste liter In
his blplano Miss 2hnry Duls
England Rcccvei Deluge
London Tho cessation of ran In
most narti of Kniland alter a mn ith t
down nir has ito lieei i inu Ii iIil
yet by an aliiicinem oi i u r I It I
Norwich In i c i t i u >
from tho outer w i
Charged With Conspiring to Place Dy
namite In Order to Oltcred
Labor Union
lloiton There was an astounding
outcome Krl lay of the grwit strike of
mill operatives at Lowrenep 1 Muss
which lasted from Jiiiniiry 11 I until
March 14 Imt nlarmnd tin country
mid brought tin a Olkto mil mllltli
In sanguinary collision
William M Wood pielltnt of bite
American Wonlon < oinuny iturreii
don hlmiclf here un tainilng In had
bun Inillctctl for ennsplnicy
Mr Vooil In 1 accum > d of plotting lu
plant dynamite KI un til discredit the
lahiir unions
It In charged tlml h i anil either
planned In conceal tin1 dudiy cvplo
slvn nnil then In betray IU hlilltiK 1 1 1
places to lImo pollen smt as In create
thu Impression lhit Ilia striker ire
po etl tn destroy iinio of tho mill
from which ihmey hail walked out
Tho el mmltci was ellsccivered In u
Hrhn lodging house it cobblers chug
and n cemetery at Lawreiuo Ian Jin
Oldest Man In the West
Itiiio NIIIrnnk ILacciM a negro
claiming tn lx > the oldest men In the
west on Friday culebrttled hiM one
liiitulrrd nil Input second hint lila
Iluccua In 1 an Inmate of the slate hoi
pltal oath despite lull yuats In I Jtrong
and In Rood health Mate ala born
lit Rt lenovp below Kl lmls on the
Mississippi In 1790 anil was sold an a
nlave ito como to Hanglown now
riacerllle Cal In 1WO I and later ml
crated to Nevada
Attack Was Reiult of Plot
Washington Tint lnrlitm Vjiw
tin reporter who nltnrleil Hiiith I hilly
ton American charge daffalre of the
edition In Havana was merely a tool
In the hands of Cubin philters who
ace antagonistic to tho Unit 1 < 1 Slater
nnd would like tn p > t the Cuban coo
eminent Into trouble with thli conn
try nan the opinion expressed horI
itt Honor Mattln lllvcro tho Cuban
Marked Increase In Import
Washington market Incrvafp In
both Import and exports In I shown In
the July figures of foreign coinner
ns compiled by the division of 111110
tlci of lImo department of commer
nnd labor July Import were VII1I
AlUU41J1IJlnl la
In July lflll nnd fur the eden
months ending with July bl032tyIt I
COO ngalnit ISSltOO iri In Iho coir
spondlng months of last jenr
HeInz Triumph Over Opposition
Ilurke Idiho With n votlni
strength of tweUo an arilmit une
llelnro completely routed the npixiil
lion headed by 12 I J Carter at tIme
meetIng of HIP stockholder of tin
Btewnrt MlnltiR cnmpany hell I at Fl I
lore The Holme furies inmlrrml
f0000 0111 again 7500D volts fin
lIme Carter faction The inei linn woo
In scsilnn Ins than tell minutes
Ftooievclt Assails Doth Parties
81 Jobnsbury tThu trust attl
tudo of the Democratic ami Ite nbll
ran pnrllei was scalchliiily umallcd
bit l Colonel Ioo cell In a speech her
Friday night on the vlllamt grmao
winding III n Ureters day of stumping
The president denounced the Inn
parties as straddling tlie problem 01
controlling lIar corporatloii
Four Killed In Railway Wreck
IlttsburK rour men woro Ullnl
Oil fatally Injured and a number
slightly hurt when Iho Pemujlvanli
railroad train whIch left Ilttsburi
Krday morning for Clnieland lIen
Ibis Cluvcland Iltlatiur dlvldon
ran Into n work train toga eI In i tear
hog up n freight nreclc that hut occur
red a short time bcforo
Threatened by Volcano
dmdaltjira Mexico Warning his I
IIPOII linKil to thlf Iho colI1 I elI > In
tho republic with n population 01
150 000 that It Is I to he I dentroed by
n olcnno Tho narnlni U I glun la
all serlouine by lImo Roeriiment
IhroiiKh the olmo rah brunch of
tho nHtlonnl cjwrv itnry at Mevlui
I Earthquake at Nina
Iteno Ihreo dUtlnct though
slUhl tarthqiul shock were fell
litro Trlilay at II oilock Ilirniuh H
4 > roil of hit lii II eeonds No ilinttR4 1
nas done Chandellem nero rocked
unit oIIBIo l shaken Thu direction n >
loittd luau from nit tn went
Widow of Roijeis Dead
Snw York Mrs llenr II lingers
wile of the lato vlenIrlhll1I1 of the
Standird Oil compan > illod uil lenly
Irlda > In a dlnlni car lit Hie Croinl
Central station at thn iniieluslon nf H
Journey torn llrotlun Vtithhmt N II
10 list home here
Secretary Goes Wrong
Han rrsnilico Wlllhm oiltn
rveretar of tlio Contlnt > ntHl ami llti Id
Ing Ioin nsiorlatlin dlmiahitloii nf
which II now sought In the unirts
auu nneileil Trldiy un u imint
eharcliiK iiUlllciiIlon uf uccnuiits
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