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The Coalville times. (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, September 06, 1912, Image 7

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Physician Meant Well Enough but He
Had Left the Motorman Serious I
ly Handicapped
rank I Payne n member of the
Mali tnllroncl cumml lon said when
investigating n troll accident n >
irntl In1 was told of n molornmn on I
n work car slur was running at high
peed alien tin trucks loft the rails
beaus I of snow and sleet mid l the
ear was thrown to HIP side of the right
I of way bringing up ngnlntl n tile
I lionTin put
Tin molorman was not mloiifdy
hurt Inn was cut and bruised about
the head and face lip II Inn glare Hi
was carried to n ploftlcmnit olllci1
when hits wound were sinned nnd
biitnlUKid When tin phflelan mil
placed HIII last tn tin asked the
swiiided ninn If ho Mi like lie could
Sure I eat walk all right re
turned the pntldil lint 1 wish > uu
would IU limn bandages BO I ran
Why man returned the Ihal > l
tint 11ft I ino of > our e es uncovered
for ihn purpose
Hut doc Hint ejo Jnu left tinror
trl d In I n glass om Indianapolis
105 Kanter I Ao IVtrolt lIch
Komo lime Ian summer I wan taken
I with eczema It began In my hair
first with red blotches then scaly
spreading to my face The blotches
were red on my face dry nnd scaly
tint large on my scalp they were
larger somo srnhhy They come on
my hands The inside of my hand
were all lltllo lump na though full of I
hot about one sixteenth of an Inch
under the skin Then they went to
the outside and between and all over
my finger It also began on tho bot
toms of my fret and tlm cahes of my
legs J and Itch oh my I never had
anything like It mid hope I never will
again The Itching was terrible My
hands got an I routd scarcely work
I tried different eczema ointment
hut without results I olIo look modi
elno for It hut It did no good I raw
Ibo advertisement for n sample of
Cutlciirn Ointment and Soap and sent
for ono They did ma to much goal
I bought sumo more using them as
per directions and In about Ihrco
weeks I was well ngaln Cutlciirn Soap
and Ointment entirely cured me
Signed Tlenl Passage Apr 8 1912
Cutlciirn Sony and Ointment sold
throughout world Sample of each
I true with 32 n Hkln Hook Address I
posttan Cutlcura Dept U Uoston
Always a Safe Remark
Amateur Ned Kelly lotto toco
lly Jove 1vo forgotten my Jolly
lines loudness gracious whatever
shall I do2
Profcuslonal Din Kelly 1 equal to
the occasion Shoot the nearest po I
liceman and beef out To tow bush
boys In lie I bimlil Sydney llulletln
Mr I Casey sitting up In bed
Malke did > 11 put out thin cat
Mr I Casey Ol did
Mrs I Cnsey OI dont behave It
Mr Casey Well If yea think Olm
i liar get up and put er out > er ilf
A very successful remedy for pelt Ic
catarrh Is hot douches of 1nxtlnu An
tlneptlc at druggists 25o n box or sent
postpaid on receipt of prlco by The
Paxton Toilet Co llostun Mass
livery limn a moo makes u bluff nl
piilng iillentloti to n woman oh bo
gins to look for something In him lo
Find Relief in Lydia E Pink
hams Vegetable Compound
Their Own Statements
So Testify
Platen roWh1I 1 wroto to you
first I was troubled with female weak
flees and backache
i 4 Irt and was so nervous
tr that Ilea would cry at
tUI i
V k I oho least noise I It
f r would startlo mo BO
tew qo f I nIWn take Ly
u Aai 1 din 1 E IMnKliami
remedies and dont
hat o any more cry
1 r ffT Ing spells I sleep
sound and mle ner
vousness Is better
I will roeommand
your medicines to all sintering women
Mrs MAny IULSTIUD Ilaten Pa
flax Os
Hero Is tho report of another genuine
case which still further shows that Ly
dia E rinkhuni VegeUblo Compound
may be relied upon
WAlcott N DakotaI had Inl1nm
motion which cnujwl pain In my lido
and my bade ached all Lhu time I Will
to blue that I felt like crying If any ono
even spoke to me I took Iydia C
Hnkhams Vegetable Compound anti I
began to gain right away I continued
IU use and now I am a well woman
Mrs AUEUA DAHL Wulcott N
If TOO want special aJilce rrrlle to
Lydia 1lnkham Medicine Co cokll
dtntlal 1jiiii Man Your letter will
be opened read and anirrrrrd hj s
iromin and held In klrlct cunlldfuco
Washingtons Second Baseman
Taught How to Hit
Manager Qrlffith Takes Danville flop
In Hand and Teaches Him to Oat
Shows Great Improvement
In His Stick Work
Tbo Improvement of liny Morgan
a butter Is Olio ol the greatest things
connected 1 with the piiformnnctts of
the Nntlonuls of 1912
lant jear Ito little lad from Dan
Mile Va wns a llRlit ticker Jim
my McAleer I denpnlrwl his ever uhln
hug In Ibo big league on that nc
count Hut Jimmy illilnt know lion
to tench the boy better form nt the
bat It remained for Clark Irimth
to do that
At riiarlotlostlllo Morgan wn
gUcu long mill rnrcful Instruction on
liar to stniid how 10 suvlng how tc
Cut away from tlio plate end the kind
of n bat he should else It wn nl
new to the lad Never before had
any one tried to tench him Ho had
always lilt In his own natural slI <
cool enough In Its way too but nol
Rood enough for the bit show
Vhcn the mall started Morgnr
tone only learning how to use nil hit
weight against Iho ball how to pick
out the good ones and how to gel
puny from the plate Ho was learn I
ing rapidly however ami when the
opportunity came for him to tube hit
place In Iho regular lineup day aftci
duty he was ready
Morgan should be one of the tcnml
lending bittern If he continue hit
invent work with the willow Ihor I
Highly Impregnated with Ihn doctrine
being taught this team hy Irlllllh ho
believes ho can hit any pitching irrv < M
up lo him nirlherinore he In doing
II and has been doing It nil along
Thin llaltlmoro boy I II tiMng ho
proper site of stick non lie HWIIKI
with all bin ttrcnglh and weight nod
la ono of limo longest bittern on the
t wtY
Ray Morgan
team Ills great speed enabled him
to get the tow out of his long drivel
to tha garden nnd ns n rlldlng run
ner otil Mocller 1 and Mllnn begin tc
< ompnre with him
Morgan Is n miturnl hitler thats
nil smiles Irimth when talking 01
lute young second buscmun Ho li
using nil his nblllty now nnd hnuld
be I n ruceeKK all iiloug As noon aa he I
learns Iho flue polntn about plajlng l
the bag he will be ono of tow best
ijComl baremtii In thu giimi1 murk
me onu of lies hot In thu game I
I President Ebbed of Drooklyn Sets at
Rest Humors Concerning Leader
of His Team
To tet nt lest irlotm rumors In
volving tlie munnguncnt of tho IlrooV
Ito next > enr President Kbbcts mode
this positive slalcmciit
Dahlni vslll not bo supplanted He
linn doDo excellent work vo11h limo ma
terial In hand In thrco years ho luau
Dill Dihlen
ripped out tho deadwood limo drinkers
and oho trouble maker and has built
up an entirely new orgunlzutlon He
IIIOWB every nngla of oho gamo und
Ibo Hrooklyns arc bound to Improve
It would < be an Injustice to remove
Dahlen from tho management Just at
i limo when It teems certain that be
Kill get good results Dahlen Is not to
blame for tho accidents and Illness
that 1mvo crippled us from limo to
time Ho has been patient and pains
taking and I Intent to place Increased
tonfldince In bit ability
S I r IJ I Xa
r e
i I
Q IIi i I
Manager Jennings of Detroit
Hugh Jennings Imo signed n contiuct 10 conlliiuo his service as man
ager nf the Detroit American league baseball Irani for limo next two yours
Ills salary Is said lo be the highest paid any malinger In oho American
Old Tlms National League Star Lets
Port Deposit Team Down With
out One Safe Hit
Via Willis for 13 years ono of tho
star pllchcm In limo National vague
thawed his old tlmo form when pitch
ing for tho Trl County league ha lot
v Apt
f t
L r
a s
u ti
k y t
Vic Willis
Port Deposit down without n lilt and
thru lust time camo 1 to 0 Two error
1ava Port Deposit the winning ruu In
tho ninth Inning
Senates Awakening
Frank Hcbulio of the Culm has re
covered his bulling eye Hclulie was
the batting uciiEntlmi of lust year
when ho mado 21 homo runs Now
Ilvlnlo Zimmerman Is oho candy kid
with the stick Hchullo undoubted
ly bo heard from this limo forward
Chance to Undergo Operation
Frank Chnnco will bo operated on
at the cud of the present season Tho
doctors believe thoy can relievo his
ricesitlvo nervousness with an opera
tion and Chance has consented to this
Ancient Fans mud at Present Day
Dattlng and Pitching Sport la 1
In Its Infancy
Dam ball today Is a scheme and wo
ancient faun Ltaud nmand at tho pres I
ent day pitching I and halting I I work
at thus phenomenally clever bow run
ning and oho hold Hie lutlonul guinu
has gained on limn public funry Wa I
are univvliiK old with tint ginue hut
Iho latter la I IIIIVH Improving while
vvo mo getting smear nUhteil 1 and stiff
In oho joints caps u writer In Ie llus
Thu glories I of tho putt inn being
dimmed by tha necoinpllnliiniiils t of
the prusont und the Infant I fans
will llvo to see thing Bono Unit Ne
cannot even Imuglni That why I
invy them Wo used to think wo
had teen ovor > lhltm that woe In h Ibo
game Now sun rrnllin that Ilia sport
Is still In hit childhood Tim Cobhs
II iII i
the MnrquaidH and Iho Jidiiisons are
teaching us this and doublet clinching
Ibo fact
I iMf 1 BM
Klsher tho nun lliooKI shurlslop
looks very promUInt
long Cantllloii U claiming anoth
er pinnnnt for Ihn Mlllern
Umplrn 1111 Sill t mtu U out with thu
theory that Ty Cobb lent human
llarnoy lru > fni of thu IMrntv Is I
filler Iced Corrldon of thu Kuimas City
lltorge fllbton menu lo ho In a
clams with Jimmy rchnr In giurdlng
tho racks
Kdillo Menior lime outfleldfr of the
Pirate team ls a prize Irhl r in Iho
ol season
Russell ford and IM WnUh liotli
rpltbillurH hum allowed more hit
Ihan lilY n her pltttnrs In thin Anier
Icon Hiaguf
Apinrenlly Manager Cullalmn In I
coming to liellevu hat joungstern till
niili iiecdcj
Charley Dooln rpiltiK n nsv on <
In askliiK thul a disinfectant ho used
on the splllmll
Cincinnati Nos released Thom
Mat limn WatliUinlonIx < e university
illtlur to Toronto
As ueuil In n detest tlm op > oslng
pitcher didnt eeeij to hUll nnylhlng
oxofpt n gluIo nnd a 1 prayer
Tbo KUCCMII or Iho Senators Is t said
to to duo to Ihn nblllly of thin pitch
ers lo hold the runners on flint
Ducky Inlninn mamner of Ihn
grand Haplda tcnm U boantlng that
ho Jovolopt1 lddi Itnbe Muniuard
and Dlxla Nvnlker
Thin Cleveland club Is fcourlng limn
remotest cowers of the country fur
nn > thlng nnd eer > thlng that looks
like n player
Columbia of the South Atlantic
league has traded Phil Union tu I
Spartanhurg of tho Carolina anocls
lion for Catcher Mencfeo
i 1 < tJ 1
I V A Picture of Contentment
All men look pleased when they smoke I
4 this clu > iru tobacco for all men like the rich 1 >
quality and true imlund llavor of
t fflffd f K i
9 3J P A
d I
Smoked In pipes liy thoiiiamli of men everywhere
known cigarette smokers as the maklngi i
We take limnuil pride In Ijgcrll tf Mytn Dukes 1
Mlxtnrr It Is our leading brand of crniiulalnl tnlwcco
and emery sack we mnlec lea I liullriiu tu all other tobacco s
1 manufacturers Ivcry Sv wick nf Hill fimnus tnliAcco
ontalni line and a half miners of rhnlce KriitiiiUtril r
tiituecu In every way equal In the lirit yon tan huy at any
Price mill with each suck nu get a lunik nf cigarette
IMPCM ntrr I I
If you have not tmnked the Dukes Mltlura madn by Ilia
Llffill i Jyiri liilMiiu Co al Durh in N t try It now
8 I Get n Camera with tho Coupon
t File flue roupuni With them ou run get all KiiHof Yalu
able preienli rlk Imuitsble fur l Jounlf and P
b oJ1 1 olJ 1 men Ollln buys and gnh You III Ira
DI ilcllghte1 In Ire nlut > OU nugrtfrra with
nut one real of rut tu uu ict our now
t j j ti Illutlrh + lcnl + InK Asaspciafir ore
rf fi wilnd It tee JaHng Stplimkir and
se i O faber only four name mid cddreit
r t i UII a Iallal will bring Itlu you
I CoMI Law lhlil AJ11 war L w
vd rIMl I w1lUltaEalU4J
tU3G11ar na Awli Itrbrlco J
e ri no curl 11lfll1UNl U OAR
I tVl LTIU eels I hhla r
iJ NArr rtl n re ยต nral 11 r I
v i Tremlum Deft a
ij Jlfl M4I
re ib tl
Domestic Combat <
I Trim bridge 11111 I Rianilxin nf
the Kiel ongfellawSvho to nn Ilellllr
married In Ciiinbrltlgn out lIh n beintl 1
ful rlluul of hits own lompoidilon tuld
HID oilier day 10 n repniler
If I all t nuplen I giivn In niarrliiKe Iho 1
pralnund l thought mid re V rriin > luau 1
my wlfn nnd I KHVK lo It I 1111 111 wuiid
bu fewer inlnmallngii
The average mariltil heir It nome
lime seenm to me inn like Ihe
Pa 1 salt Illlle Tom my IHnU etc
slay whnlp n wrkiHinT
A wiapou my ton lilnlm un
svvind U MimelliliiK In llKln Nub I
Thin pu raid Illlle Touim > Is
inn jour wen poll T
I Keeping Water Cold
If ou urn In the hnbll IIr luUiix a
pllihir of lied wiilir to Jour loom on
1 renting Icy Ihln Iroiuic n square
pimlibonril box Iwlih lid sulllilentl
purge I In hold > our pllclfr and live II
leo or HIIK Odls of tarnlili nil HID I
imiilde ntlonlng such nun lo sir
ihorouiihl I 11 late mot pllilur of wu
n r In Ihlr box I mi nHrlM pulling ilio
lid un U tulip lad > mi site lulu iif iII i
bathiK i uld drlnklim wu er any hour
of U i > nlKhi
Important to MottiorH
CiMiuliiH cart fully uitry iidiilt I it
CA4TUIIIA safe hud mre unity fits
liifalk nut ihlldrpii Mid ciu hid It
Downs Ihn A
fl inituroof Mhli r 13S
In Vm Far Over ao YM
Lliililron Cry for JMillers Cniloriu
No Chance
im < er Wlistn llui iroiililc lcii I
Jim thorny = lura IIn nimble 1
Mn fluid nmn noileil In lo try unit
maki Mime but Im 101110 I Ie I iiiiild nut
do Ill
lien 1 ttiWw rLbslhina Nerii r r u Iln n
Lelauaeeaarn thepaala rwnho 1 now
ilea ale push 1 some n uWloh f a a
Many n mans good nnumilon Ua
I bin bush blllcn b the p11u1II
Ialhl Yn of rrnhaw rY5ww + 1 IIaa1
I 1 b1 n Lnll n ran rruwtnn uw h W
1Nrwnl Yua Mlaw h InIwrJ bJw titIIIJN
Aa I verist ad Ihw Yr M
1NNN Iaa nIrw1 n fa hlrhA > < wl wpyM
MWniMnHhl < li lMVh i H Nl itiftNitw + ln
lr wa hll irtul n11M111 Uvorlbr llHitf rmhii
Mwr wow we r fmw hJnwr e JJrf nw u
II 1MM fhnMl wrlanN Ylaf ae r1Y M h
lit In 1 A i tlti M iIMId tyM In i farllUr msrtldrlit
n it MMIfJr In a far l l ni rnnat I
Iw y Yr1Y w ru 1 1 t h1 wfH f nIYMIt 1 IN
rJt1 Yr w Iw r wY Il Y 1tl r b
151w lu suit Y ern will w iA ntl how lill lu I a
a IhlIw rnrlw La W w W sun IA I
tmw l war LYI i ni Iwarl lb ha e nl
rn I w w I of a 1 w w ura n Ln r
I ffi If Jij r Vnit > fYl ikI i
lit I IM Hi I Tl tHk II A4 1I
fpl < IWII I
l j nd Kn ll yU II iin 1 l Wti I
flii ioritrw
ir 1 1 n i
eiliriillLiiti JI IJlirfcSt UMD
f N r 7 1 1 wl Iw r wa naw M n rrI
t noneIlt ut plr Ynnn il h h
n M w + a 7T r 1a hrIrna r
t 1 ui 1 jnTi H iS VU 111 + Virk
= wa 1 < u
N + lscsu IYNVYArta 101
I i AHJI WAd et Ch e 0
rule lltrrlllli rels IIIJlrho hUJ
1n JeUt leant ur unrurn YIJ se neon
III n J c9 Pil3 <
holno nJ riven lolh week lima
cliMJntVs aoJ IJJJrr
11 uf this paper
Jre21Ule1lS drslhK 10
ndveitlMd in Its column buyanytldng ahould
lusUt upon having what they ask for
I ref uningall wbutituteroorinuitanuns
Iwikuut uu II II tilt 1 rl Libra
WK tALIt NA ikr t L + run 1t h
W N U Sill Like City No 33 1912
II 300 350 400 450 AND SBOOL J i
fOrt MN AND WOMCN Wf7 Tf >
Ooytt all wosi W 1n lioutjlna SSOO S3OO I
and 3OO SaltaoSStiootit Cutt fishy nora I
I WLDouclainit1iei mid sell 1 more J3 00 330 und tOO I
I IbMO thin any other manufacturer In the world because pIc i
they look better fit better and wear longer than scull
nary shoes
CAUTIONWhen you buy shines b < lure W L Douglas
name It stamped on thus toll om It gunnntuet prolecllon to you Acolnt
Inferior iliac neo of lubititulet W1 Douglas shoes are sold In 78
own dares In largo cilia i and retail hue dealer > evrrywhar
Iai cow l wear Writ for Catalog W U DOUGLAS UrocUltn Mess
r of

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