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FORTIER IN RE For tho Advancement of Spanish Fork Utah County and Utah Territory and tue Froo Coinage of Silver and Fair Legislation 2 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE
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Passenger Train at Full Speed
Crashes Into the Rear End of An
other Section Both Trains Loaded
With Pilgrims Shrieks and
Grorus and Sights That Beggar De I
Quebec July DA very large pll
prlmage from Sherbrooke Windsor
Mills and Kchmond left the last nam
ed town at 10 oclock last evening for
the shrine of St Anne de Beaupre
There were two sections of the train
one running 0 few minutes behind the
The llrst section was standing at
Cialgs Road station at 3 u m today
taking water when the second section
passing the semaphore dashed Into the
rear Pullman coach of the lIst section
smashing It to kindling wood and
killing It Is said everybody In that
car except the Pullman conductor who
Engineer McLeod and Fireman Per
kins of the second section were both
killed I outright The Pullman coach
was telescoped Into the llrstclass cars
of the first section killing u number of
passengers Among the killed are
three priests The number of killed Is
placed at thirteen and Injured at twen
Following Is a full canceled list of
the dead
CHAItLES BEDART mall clerk
HECTOR MLEOD engineer Rich
REV F P DING AN WindsorMills
MR COGAN Richmond
MISS VALIN St Joseph de Levis
MISS PHANEUF St Joseph de Le
MRS J B GAYER Danville
AUNT of Miss Valin St Joseph de
The work of rescue was begun as
soon as possible When the blinding
clouds of steam had subsided the train
men and priests rallied the men to
gether and the dead and Injured were
taken from the ruins of the engine
Pullman and firstclass coaches and
cared for wherever temporary quarters
could be found
The women of the party ministered
as best they could to the wants of the
maimed passengers They tore off
their underclothing and made ban
dages for wrapping wounds and tried
In the absence of surgeons to staunch
the How of blood and properly cleanse
the hurts A special train was soon
sent to the scene and conveyed all who
could be moved to Levis where they
were placed in hospitals
Tlie arrival of the train at Levls beg
° gars aeseHpllon The slghT of the un
o fortunate victims as they were carried
from the cars was one never to be for
gotten The poor victims were covered
with blood and their clothing was torn
to shreds
The second person taken from the
train was Rev Dr Dlngan cure of St
Georges Windsor who died just as he
was carried from the cars
The scene In the hospital after arrival
of the wounded was a sad one The
unfortunate pilgrims occupied beds In
the different wards of the hospital
and were attended by physicians of
Levis and Quebec and nuns and ladles
of Levis The cries of some of the
wounded were fearful as they were at
tended by the physicians
Coroner Bellow of Quebec crossed to
Lovls to hold an Inquest this afternoon
when the bodies of all those killed ar
rive It Is hard to say where the blame
for the accident rests It has been
suggested that Engineer McLeod might
have dozed off to sleep and thus miss
ed seeing the semaphore A strict in
vestigation will be held at once to de
termine where the responsibility rests
The wreck was a frightful one The
engine of the colliding tialn seemed to
rush up then turned completely over
pinning Engineer McLeod underneath
The rest of the second train was de
railed and badly smashed up
Instantly after the crash the air was
filled with the shrieks and groans of
the Injured and Imprisoned passengers
The few train hands and station em
ployees on the spot set to work man
fully and extricated the passengers as
quickly as possible Thirteen dead
were taken from the wreckage
N J Quinlan the Grand Trunk pas
senger agent who was on the train
Is not seriously wounded In conversa
tion with an Associated Press cor
respondent he said he could not see
how he escaped death as the Pullman
car he wan In was completely shivered
Into splinters
P Mcllugh one of the Injured said
lie was sitting In the car In front of
the Pullman when the accident occur
red Ho saw the locomotive of the
pecond train coining through his car
nnd he was only saved by a friend
named Simon White
Proposal for a Bimetallic Conference
Signed at Paris I
New York July DA dispatch to the
World from Paris says
Delegate Fogelrol passed the latter
part of last week with M Gardoff and
Count Mlrbach Arendt endeavoring to
reach an agreement After much dis
cussion Gardoff abandoned the Idea of
gradual rehabilitation of silver by a
system of seigniorage rights and with
the Germans signed the French pro
posal which provides for the convoca
tion of an international blmetalllst con
ference which shall fix the relations of
Oliver and gold at 15 to J
The International Congress closed to
day The general feeling among Amer
ican delegates was that much valuable
lIme had been wasted In banquets and
receptions which might have been bet
ter employed Franco cannot take the
Initiative In proposals of International
arbitration Her alliance with Russia
Is now nn accomplished fact
Proposes a Discussion of tho Money
Washington July IA J Warner
president of the American Bimetallic
League has written a letter to Hon
Charles H Fairchild chairman of tho
committee on sound currency of the
Reform Club of New York In whlsh he
Invites the committee on sound cur
rency to a discussion of the money
question on distinctive propositions to
be agreed upon and to be carried on by
questions and answers
I would suggest he pays that
not more than five or less than three
on a side be selected to conduct the dis
cussion to be held at such time and
places as may be agreed upon
Tho Monetary Unit
New York July DlIon L Bradford
Prince for years Governor and Chief
Justice of New Mexico Is In the city
In an Interview he said A couple of
months ago there was a great discus
sion In Chicago as to what was the
unit of value under the original coin
age act of 1792 which embodied the
views of Washington Hamilton and
Jefferson They made large bets on the
subject Dome contending that the unit
was In sliver and some In gold and
finally the matter was referred at one
of the clubs to Judge Vincent who ren
Jered a decision which was no sooner
made than It was controverted
The joke Is this That the people of
Chicago never thought of looking at
the coin Itself to see whether It said
anything on the subject
Now here said the Governor tak
ing out of his pocket two finely pre
served specimens of our early coinage
here are two silver dollars one of 1795 >
and one of 1802 On the obverse of
each Is the word Liberty and the date
on the reverse U S of America Now
look at the edge where the milling Is
placed on more modern coins What
do you see One dollar or unit Hun
dred cents
If our Chicago brethren had only
thought of going to the coin Itself as a
witness they would have seen In a mo
ment that the silver dollar was the unit
by this direct statement Imprinted In
Its very substance
You know the silver dollar never
varied In weight In the United States
from the foundation of the Government
to the demonetization In 1873 when It
was worth 103 In gold dollars
When the change In the ratio was
made In 1834 It was the gold coin that
was altered not the sliver dollar
The latter was always the Immu
table standard of value till struck down < <
by the monopolists who desired a dis
honest constantly Increasing single
standard In 1873 When the unit
question comes up again Just remem
ber to look at the coin Itself
Democracy First Silver Afterwards
Austin Tex July Governor Cul
berson today In answer to lIon John
Bookhout of Dallas comes out for the
free and unlimited conlage of silver at
16 to 1 The free sllverltes of Dallas
county will hold a convention on the
29th and the Governors letter Is for
their benefit He says that whatever
may be the action on this question
next year he proposes to support the
Democratic ticket State and National
He pays > his respects to President
Cleveland rather tartly
J pums Second Blast r
Bloomfleid Ind July DHon vf D
Bynum delivered the second of his
series of lectures on sound money here
tonight He spoke to a large crowd of
merchants professional men mechan
ics and farmers for about two hours
pointing out the alleged fallacies of the
sllverites and blmetalllsts
Big Shipment of Silver
New York July DThe steamship
Paris will take out tomorrow 435000
ounces of silver
Residents of Salina Kan Driven
From Their Homes
Salina Kan July DThl Smoky Hill
river broke over Its banks last even
Ing and this morning a large part of
the east side of the city was under wa
ter On Iron avenue the principal
business street of the city the water Is
from one to four feet deep for half a
mile on the east side extending east
from Front street Many people have
already been driven from their homes
and boats are running In the streets
The river Is still steadily rising and If
It goes six Inches higher a hundred
people will be forced to leave their
homes Between midnight and 2 oclock
this morning the river rose at the rate
of three Inches an hour but since that
time the rise has not been so fast
Situation In the Mining Region Is
Bluefleld W Va July 8The situa
tion Is very grave In the Elkhorn min
ing region Colonel White Governor
McCorkles private secretary says the
danger Is Imminent and that trouble
may occur at any time A telegram
from Governor McCorkle today to
Colonel Tlernev says that If any more
parading with guns Is done by the
miners the troops will be sent Immedi
ately Threats of burning the tipples
are made and this with the derailment
of cars has created serious alarm The
heavy guard of United States Mar
shals together with Governor McCor
kles telegram Colonel White thinks
has had a beneficial effect The com
pany here Is In readiness to move at
once If needed
Colorados New Gold Field
Florence Colo July 8Jhere Is con
siderable excitement here over tho dis
covery of a new gold field In the
Greenhorn range nine miles south of
this place directly on the line of sur
vey of the Florence Southern Railway
One vein of ore which Is free milling Is
forty feet wile and has had a mill test
running about 10 for tho full width of
the vein Another tunnel In thirty feet
struck a vein of quartz that seems to
be high grade ore and prospectors
claim an assay of 55 for the whole
vein some parts of It running as high
as 500
Ancient AntiToxine
A Boston doctor calls attention to the
use by Mlthrldatcs a hundred years
before this era began of what seems
to have been a true antltoxlne Pliny
relates that the Pontlc monarch made
himself proof against poison by ad
ministering to himself an antidote
whose principal Ingredient was the
blood of a peculiar kind of duck native
of that land and which had the repu
tation of living exclusively on sub
stances fatal to human life This the
Boston man thinks shows that the em
ployment of an immune animals blood
to make another animal Immune Is a
very old idea and should deprive the
inventors of the scrum treatment of
any credit for originality Its a queer
Idea sufficiently absurd to win serious
consideration Boston New York
Will Insist on a 25 Per Cent Cut or
Condemnation of tho Plant Bond
holders May Appeal to the Federal
CourtKansas City Aldermen Are
Threatened With Ropes Owner
ship of Gas Works
Denver Colo July 8 Special to
Tribune The conference between the
Mayor and members of the City Coun
ell did not result In settling the water
question They were In session all this
afternoon and will meet again tomor
At the conference today the Mayor
pronounced his ultimatum He will In
sist upon a cut of about 25 per cent on
all charges If the water company
will not accept this and Insists upon
going Into the courts to prevent the
cut being enforced then he will Insist
upon the clause In the contract provid
ing for condemnation of the water
plant being enforced This will enable
the city to own and operate the plant
If the company Is slow to accept a re
duction of rates
Ao tho matter now stands the Mayor
and supervisors are with the consum
ers and a majority of the Aldermen
are with the water company But the
Counoll will never be able to pass any
thing over the Mayors veto Unless
some Aldermen relent they will never
pass what the Mayor asks
In the meantime It Is expected that
the bondholders of the water company
wilt apply to the United States Courts
asking that the ofllcers of thp company
be compelled to proceed with the collec
tlon of water rents setting out that the
Interests of the bondholders are not
being properly cared for and that It Is
Impossible for the present City Coun
cil to agree upon any readjustment of
In the conference today the Mayor
would not consent to even a considera
tion of anything but a plain reduction
all along the line of about 25 per cent
although the water company sen word
they would take nothing contemplating
more than 15 per cent
Kansas City Aldermen Are Also in
Hot Water
Kansas City Mo July 8Llke the
members of the Denver City Council
Kansas City Councilmen are In hot
water and are threatened with a rope
Assembly No 3839 Knights of LaLor
filed a communication to the Mayor
and City Council demanding muni
cipal ownership of the gas works to
day and T W Gllruth recording secre
tary of the Assembly created a lively
scene In the City Clerks office by ac
cusing certain Councilmen of unfairly
treating the people >
When Gllruth entered the City
Clerks office he threw r the document
on the desk wlthM aJrap of his
knuckles and said to Colincllmen
Brown and Kllwell who were standing
We mean business gentlemen You
must not exploit the rights of the peo
ple In the manner customary with the
Council for some time past
Tho Councilmen made a sharp retort
whereupon Gllruth continued It Is
plain to us that the Council has been
engaging In crooked business and I will
tell you very plainly that the people
are getting exasperated If this thing
continues sir we will visit you with
After a few more hot words Gllruth
hurried away
Why a Company of Arizona Militia
Is Disbanded
Denver July 8A special to the Re
publican from Phoenix Ariz says Ad
jutantGeneral Schwartz of the Nation
al Guard of Arizona tomorrow will Is
sue an order disbanding the company
of the First Infantry stationed at Tuc
son A general courtmartial has been
ordered upon the officers and the non
comgilssioned olllcers prior to dishon
orable discharge have been reduced to
the ranks
lhe company has been known as the
Mexican company of the regiment be
ing mainly composed of Spanishspeak
ling citizens Its offense consisted in
leaving the parade on the Fourth of
July preferring to appear In the line of
march of a bicycle club An order will
at once be Issued at headquarters for
bidding the enlistment of any person
who cannot speak and read and write
the English language
Carried to Sea by a Tarpon
Grove City Fla June 2C Lashed to
a huge tarpon Mrs Richard Talbot
was carried out Into the Gulf yester
day With her husband and son Mrs
Tulbot went down to the beach to gath
er turtle eggs Soon Talbot got Into
his boat and went down the bay to
fish leaving Mrs Talbot and the boy
on the beach Shortly after a wave
landed a monster tarpon near Mrs Tal
bots feet with two huge porpoises
clinging to Its tall Mrs Talbot drove
off the porpoises and set about securing
the silver king which seemed ex
hausted Her son brought a rope
which they attached to the fishs tall
Mrs Talbot then wound the other end
of the rope about her body and she
and Willie tried to pull the fish upon I
the beach
While tugging away the fish flounced
Into the gulf dragging Mrs Talbot
with It In the water the fish seemed
to revive and began to rapidly recede
down the bay carrying Mrs Talbot
The womans son ran down the beach
screaming and attracted the attention
of his father who was fishing near by
In the boat Talbot rowed out to as to
Intercept the fish and as the fish pass
ed Mr Talbot seized his wife and
dragged her Into the boat The tarpon
was nearly exhausted and it was easy
for Talbot to capture it The fish
weighed 185 pounds
Mrs Talbot was not badly Injured
although the rope about her waist had
cut through her clothes and into the
flesh She was unconscious when
dragged Into the boat Mrs Talbot ex
pressed a wish to capture a tarpon
She pays she Is satisfied now
At an Evo ing Party
Once upon a time says the New York
Evening Sun the Clever Girl and
Young Apropos found themselves at a
very stupid evening party After sev
eral minutes of boredom the Clever Girl
grow desperate I tell you what lets
do she said you take one side of the
room and Ill take the other and well
each see how many persona we can en
f I
gage In conversation upon a certain
topic without In any Way appearing to
drag In the topic
All right < snlll Young Apropos
but what shallthe topic be
Cockroaches said the Clover Girl
Straightway they separated and she
going on one side of the room and he on
the other they talked to as many per
sons as posslbl pulOn cockroaches
Just before leavlei avtlng time they
met and both n TsJ6 < that never had
they had a maAVeJWjMihtful evening
As the Clever Gr J driving home
with her mpthir the latter remarked
Oh by the way Clara do you happen
to know If we an troubled with ah
vermin or ah cockroaches or any
thing of that sort
No miimma why jdo you ask In
nocently Inquired tlle lever Girl
Oh nothing returned the mother
onlYI It was very strange so many
people oame to me this evening with re
cipes for getting Hd of ah cock
roaches and I couldnt understand why
It was
I Palma Succeeds Marti
N w York July 8The Cuban elec
tion for a successor to Jose Marti was
practically decided today In favor of
Tomas Estrada Palma The delegates
In the principal large cities of the
United States and Mexico represent
thousands of Votes In their respective
States Their cholcf as announced by
telegraph today was that the dele
gates are all one way for Palma
Four Inches of Water
Fredonla Kan July 8A blinding
rainstorm accompanied by high wind
passed over this locality extending
three miles yesterday at 3 oclock In
forty minute fully four Inches of wa
ter fell washing away the sidewalks
At La Fontaine iCon the residence
of R Giles was blown off Its foul lla
At New Albany Kan the roof of the
brick schoolhouse was blown away
damaging the building to the amount
of 10000 The Christian Church In
course of construction was leveled
Pullman Wages Advanced
Chicago July 6The Pullman Palace
Car Company has advanced the wages
of Its employees at the Pullman shops
10 per cent the advance affecting about
4000 people No formal announcement
has been made by the company of its
action as the advance has been gradu
ally taking effect in various depart
ments for the last t wo weeks Vlce
President Wickes today said the
company assured its men last
year when the great strike was
ordered that wage would go up
as sop 5jpJi3a3xQndltlons would
n Ttnlt ana tV < Btof i increase was
I simply a fulfllln Jythe promise
Wanted to Pr lo and Carried Off
the ecbrds
West Superlo iWls July SThe
council meeting IgIt was verx sen
sational At 01 lPHR4 O Fe
sided at once 4Muon as the rcfvas
called Alderman klnson attackTf the
Mayor for pre ding at his own f rial
and said he hnj insulted the Alder
men lIe move I that the Mayor va
cate the chair nitauiatfthe President of
the Council pre lde
Mayor Starkweather refused to re
cognize the motion and Alderman At
kinson called the roll Himself and the
motion was carried While the Presi
dent of the Council was calling the roll
the Mayors friends carried a motion
to adjourn
Mayor Starkweather the City Clerk
and several Aldermen left with thp
city records The Investigation of the
Mayor then went on Four men placed
on the stand testified to giving money
to the Mayor
Will Go to Jail Rathei Than Reveal
Her Daughters Whereabouts
Chicago July 811rs Lizzie Cottier
of Washington was today sentenced to
six months In jail for contempt of
court In refusing to disclose the where
abouts of her daughter Florence Mrs
Cottier Is the Washington stenographer
who In 1888 after placing her daughter
In hiding told the Buffalo police that
the child had been drowned Her hus
band Alonzo Cottier a wealthy Chica
goan had attempted during the hear
ing of the divorce case to regain pos
session of the child and Mrs Cottier
was ordered by the Couvt to tell whero
her daughter Is hidden This she re
fused to do
Mrs Cottier dramatically declared
that she could not no matter what the
penalty disclose her daughters where
abouts as she believed that the girl
would be Injured should her father find
her Late this afternoon Judge Payne
granted an appeal In the case and Mrs
Cottier was released on ball pending a
Van Houten Sentenced to Hang
Denver July 8A special to the Re
publican from Colorado Springs says
Van Houten recently convicted of the
murder of Richard Newell Jr was to
day sentenced to hang during the weel
commencing July 28th Newell was
superintendent of the Midland Termin
al Railway which crosses the claim oc
cupied by Van Houten The latter ob
structed the hue and when Newell vis
Ited tho scene shot him In the back af
ter the exchange of only a few words
Big Smelter Output
Kansas City July 8The Consoli
dated Kansas City Smelting Refln
Ing Company on July 5th broke the
record for all previous days volume of
business On that day the output was
1250 ounces of gold valued at 25000
81000 ounces of silver eight cars of
lead and two of copper The value of
the entire product was about 80000
The days work Is believed to be the
largest recently done by any smelter In
the world
Silver Cliff Excitement
Silver Cliff Colo July 8 Excite
ment Increases over the Wllletta gold
camp southeast of Sliver Cliff New
strikes are being made dally and busi
ness men and hotel keepers are becom
Ing prospectors A general miner
meeting hall been called to make camp
rules and organize the district l Picks
shovels and Winchesters are numerous
Wyoming Soda Company
Denver July 8A special to the Re
publican from Cheyenne Wyo says
H C Gilbert and associates of Chicago
filed articles of incorporation today
with the Secretary of State The capi
tal stock of the company 1 250000 and
the object is to develop soda deposit
belonging to the company in central
Wyoming II I I
Commander of the Spanish Troops
Was Too Smart to Bo Caught in a
Trap According to tho Spanish
AccountDefeated 1500 Cubann
and Killed 280The Spanish Loss
Was Light
Havana July 8A severe engage
ment has taken place between Spanish
roops under command of Major Azuar
and General Antonio Maceos large
force Two hundred and eighty of the
liter were killed
It appears that Major Sanchez re
elveu information that a force of 1500
Insurgents under the command of
Haul had occupied strong positions
ear Manzanlllo province of Santiago
de Cuba The Major sent a messenger
to his superior officer Colonel Azuar
proposing to him that they shoulu
Join their forces and make an attack
upon the Insurgents The messenger
however fell Into the hands of the in
surgents who hanged him and sent
word to Major Sanchez In the name of
Colonel Azuar to make an attack up
on the Insurgent position from a point
which compelled the troops to approach
roach the Insurgents through a nar
row thoroughfare
Major Sanchez recognizing the dllll
culty of the movement which he was
apparently directed by his Colonel to
execute seht forward two advance
Ickets of twelve and thirty men re I
spectively with Instructions to push
forward to the right and to the left
of the narrow thoroughfare far re
moved from them and be careful to
tal < e up advantageous positions from
which they could protect the advance
of the main body of troops under San
chezs command The pickets cleverly
followed out the Instructions
Major Sanchez then advanced care
fully upon the Insurgent position pro
ecting his men by every Inequality of
the ground But as he expected the
troops were no sooner Inside the defile
than the Insurgents attacked them In
force The first charges of the Insur
gents were made with enthusiasm and
heir machetes played havoc among
the troops who wero hemmed In and
unable to deploy on account of the
idrrow road they had to follow
But It was here that the advance
pickets came to the rescue From their
elevated position they kept up a continuous
tinuous and welldirected fire upon the
Insurgents within range and eventual
ly assisted by a charge from the Spa
sh troops compelled them to retreat
outside of the defile The Spanish
rushed forward after then and once in
the open they charged the insurgents
with great courage and compelled them
to retreat hastily The Insurgents then
sought refuge in the strong position
they had previously left In order to at
tack the troops but the soldiers car
ried the position and put the enemy to
flight with the loss upon the field of
280 killed The troops lost fifty ipn
tilled and wounded
It was at first reported that the In
surgents were commanded by General
Maceo but It was later learned they
were under Rabl alone and that Maceo
took no part In the engagement
Heavy Reinforcements for Campos
Insurgents Will Be Shot
Havana July 8Generals Salcedo
and Bazan while out scouting in the
fields near Vatras had a skirmish with
the insurgents who left ten dead upon
the field On the side of the troops
two soldiers were killed and six were
wounded General Navarro had an en
gagement with the Souza bands of In
surgents at Botjl Santiago ae uuua
The Insurgents lost two killed left two
wounded behind them and In addition
the Spanish troops capture two pris
CaptainGeneral Martinez de Campos
has Issued a proclamation saying that
all Insurgents captured with arms In
their possession will hereafter bo sum
marily tried by courtmartial and slu > i
Those who conspire against the Inte
rlly of the nation will be sent to tli
African penitentiaries and those wh
surrender will be released
At Maoagua near Matanzaa an In
surgent band consisting of about thirty
men has plundered and burned three
stores During the present month re
Inforcements of 16000 < men will leave
Spain for Cuba and during the month
of October and the early part of No
vember additional reinforcements to
the numher of 60000 troop will be sent
from Spain to Cuba All the steamers
of the different Spanish lines will be
chartered by the Government In order
to send troops here
Officials Unable to Give Cause of the
Whaloback Disaster
Washington July Supervising In
spectorGeneral Dumont has received
from Chicago the report of the local
Inspector of steam vessels of the re
sult of the Investigation of the acci
dent to the whaleback steamer Chris
topher Columbus June 22nd It says
one of the castIron connections on the
main steam pipe burst causing the
strain to break one of the main stop
valves on the after boiler In the star
board battery The report nays We
Inspected this steamer June 8 1895 and
gave her n very thorough test and
there was no defect of any kind As
the newspapers have given a great
amount of undue criticism to this of
fice we have taken great pains to
trace every person mentioned in those
articles having sent letters to each
and every one and have received an
swers from the most prominent ones
and have taken their evidence Each
and every one testified there was no
catclesBiiess nor lack of discipline on
the part of officers or crew and that
on the contrary they performed their
duties In an excellent manner allaying
the fears of the passengers and assur
ing them of their safety Neither was
there an excess of steam pressure car
ried at any time Therefore wo are
unable to state the cause of tho acci
dent except that it was one of those
for which no cause can bo given
That prolific Italian author and anthro
pologist Mantegazza who writes at least
one or tWO new books every year has
followed CHccros example by writing n
book on old ago EloKlo della VochlaU
He Is past his sixtieth year his tone Is
thoroughly optimistic and he Inclines to
the opinion that old ace Is tha most en
joyable period of life
Alleged Reason Why the American
Military Attache at Pckln Has
Been Ordered Home
New York July 8A special to a
local paper from Washington D C
says Lieutenant M J OBrien of the
army military attache at Peltln has j
been directed to return home and the
fact Is one which officers on duty at
the War Department are discussing
quietly but with much Interest
Lieutenant OUrlen was attached to
the legation at Ielcln shortly after the
war between China and Japan began
He was selected by LieutenantGeneral
Schofield The course of the war
would It was believed develop results i
which for military reasons it would
be necessary to observe and report up
on Other countries would have their
army and navy olllccrs In China and
Japan and the United States must be
In a position to obtain the valuable
Information on the Held and seas that
these foreign representatives would se
Olllclals at the War Department will
not speak frankly In relation to their
unexpected action In recalling Lieuten
ant OBrien They say that the war in
China Is at an end and there is little
need of any army ollicer being retained
In the Orient They say also that It
has never been Intended permanently
to keep an oillcer at Pekln Consider
ing the circumstances this explanation <
Is not considered satisfactory
WellInformed subordinates at the
department Intimate that the real rea 1
son why the ollicer has been recalled
Is a diplomatic one They speak of the
case with much caution but one more
talkative than the others hinted today I
that Japan has Informed the State De
partment that Lieutenant OBrien Is i
persona non grata
It appears that a short time ago Mr
OUrlen wrote to Minister Dun about
the alleged Japanese atrocities at Port I
Arthur in which letter while speak I
Ing In a complimentary manner of the
general character and conduct of the
Mikados troops during the campaign >
he said he witnessed at that place J I
shocking acts of violence and brutality jon I
on the part of the Japanese The let
ter has not been published Besides Its 1 J
signifIcance In the present connection i j
It Is Interesting as the written testi j
mony of an eyewitness of what took I I
place at Port Arthur on the occasion
about which so much has been said In
press telegrams of Japanese cruelty h
The letter Is dated December 28th J
It reads In part
As to the unfortunate circumstances at 1 >
Port Arthur I can only speak of what 1
saw of course but I am sorry to say l 4
that even that little Is such as to lay the 1 <
army open to the most severe cenmirejiIf Vj3p > t
have seen a number of cases of the kill 1
ing of men who not only could have been <
made prisoners easily but who were
plainly unarmed and hi a position of hum j
ble surrender I have also seen a number
of bodies whoso hands wore tied behind I
their backs Also bodies very much mu
tilated and having wounds that Indicated
that they were killed with the bayonet
when beyond question there was no le I 1
Blstunce I have seen these and other
horrors In the ordinary course of my ob r
servations of tho battle while eolng to I
the forts and main points of Interest i I
saw no new acts of war or pillage on the
22nd and 23rd November except the loot j
Ing of houses and stores hat went on l 1
until there was nothing left to loot J
The letter goes on to assign a reason x
for the Japanese atrocities that the
army had expected greater resistance 1
than It met that with such an idea the
troops began to clear the way by force J
and that control over them was lost >
The remark Is made I do not think
this excuse Bulllclent Such acts have
always met with censure and so must n
this case
Lieutenant OBrien says some pleas 1 i
ant things of the army which lessen
but do not remove the sting of his
Two Hundred Thousand Copies to
Be Dent to Kentucky Nebraska
Sound Money Campaign i
Boise Ida July 3 Special to Trib
une The silver fund collected under
Governor McConnells call amounts to
22605 State Treasurer Bunting In
creased the amoant today by his per
sonal subscription to 250 and u war
rant was drawn In favor of Colonel G
V Bryan for the amount Bryan Is a
member of the executive committee for
Idaho appointed at the recent Salt
Lake convention The money Is to be
used In publishing 200000 copies of tho Jj
reply made by exCongressman Bartlne
of Nevada to Carlisles Memphis
speech This literature Is to be circu
lated In Kentucky A systematic can t1
Is to be made raise
vans now to money V
to extend the work Mr Bunting au r
thorlzed Bryan to draw on his firm for 1
an amount equal to the largest sum
subscribed by any other concern In the i
State i I
Train Robber Identified I f
Roseburg Or July 8The prollm
mary examination of John Case anti f
James Poole charged with robbing a
Southern Pacific train on July 1st was r I
held this afternoon Case who was t rl
positively Identified as the principal l
robber by the brakeman and several
passengers was held to answer for I
train robbery The examination of
Poole Is not yet completed i j
Walker Was Murdered f
St Joseph Ho July William
Walker whose remains were found I
strewn along the railroad tracks
for a distance of four miles it
Saturday was not killed by
the train as at first supposed I
but was murdered and the body placed
on the rails to hide the evidences of
the crime This Is tho conclusion I
I reached by the Coroners Jury I A
Brett Must Serve His Term
Helena Mont July 8 Special to
Tribune The Supreme Court today I
handed down an opinion In the appeal
of Harry Brett exasblstnnt Clerk of
Helena who Is now serving a tenyear I
sentence for altering and forging city J
warrants The opinion denies Bretts f4
motion for a new trial and afllrms the < 11
Judgment of the trial court on every t
point Brett will have to servo out his
term I
J J t I

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