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Soil Moitturo
t Incidental to tho prevalent discussions
t of the various jihnsos of tho Irrigation
question tho subject of saving tho soil
moisture Is receiving considerable attar
t lion It Is Interesting to noto the vnrl
thus sldos from which such subjects aro
t approached and tho various conclusions
reached depending on tho writers paint
f of view Such diversities arc to bo ox
a peeled and graat Rood on the wholo
r comes from such exchange of oxuorluticu
i and opinions fir although each sees thu
j subject from his own sldo this Inter
ii change of vlows makes each soinuwlml
conversant with tho subject us n whole
r This fuller acquaintance ho would never
got by his own unaided experience
It Is trout I earnest Intelligent observa
tion and discussion that the advanumonl
of farming Interests must come o
we may expect only good I from thu dis
cussion now occupying so much space In
agricultural and country papers upon
tho subjects of Irrigation conservation
of moisture and etc
Whllo the subject or how to supply
plants with tho proper amount of moist
tiro Is one as a whole takes ns many
phases us the illlForont persons handling
It hero are In fact many distinct
factors that go to make this one general
result A proper and full treatment of
tho subject would Include all of them
but It Is often convenient to classify unil
to deal with ono at a time One writer
thinks only how to not water on the sol
lie Is Inclined to say that all wo
want Is water Another thinks that
the preparation of tho boll Is thu all Im
portant thing lIe would subsoil and
plow deep thus preparing n deep bed
of earth to hold tho water and thu plant
food and glvo tho plant roots room to
expand and amplyfy so that tho crop
will have a largo area from which to I
draw Its supply In tltno of need An I
othor would strive by methods of culti
vation to retain any water that falls
upon the soil of his fields or that may
be put upon It by Irrigation Ho ob
serves tho loss of water from throwing
up tho fresh earth to drying winds by
doop cultivation and tho evident dis
tress of plants from this cause and from
having their roots disturbed and broken
at a tlmo when under tho most favora
able opportunities tho plant Is soroly
pressed to sustain Itself No doubt
there Is much In what any of those may
say on this favorite thomo but all should
bo considered together The question
of how to save moisture In soils and at
tho sauna tlmo If possible bring tho soil
to tho condition that oxcoss water docs
no damage Is far broader In Its applica
tion than that of bringing water upon
tho sol
There arc many seotlons whore Irri
gation will not bo practiced whore rain
fall Is usually sufllclunt for the needs of
crops but which suffer at times How
to economize In tho use or rather waste
of the water In tho soil when such times
come els an Important cosldcratlon
Methods of preparing soil and of tillage
that will serve to keep tho soil In thu
best condition aro then of groat value In
all sections In those whore rainfall Is
p generally sufficient and In thoso where
Irrigation must be resorted to But It
would seem to bo of greater Importance
whore water In soil stands for an outlay
of money or labor or both Whore wa
ter has cost nothing but has fallen
from tho clouds ono may bo excused for
letting It escape In wasteful ways per
haps but certainly no such wasto can
bo afforded whoro water costs some
thing The water In either case should
bo mado to go as far as possible In grow
ing crops Doop and thorough opening
of tho soil Is a first requisite In many
soils But hero discrimination must be
used Close compact soils will repay
opening up by tho subsoil plan If need
bn Ou some soils green manuring or
applications of well rotted barnyard
manure would bo useful In Improving
tho texture to say nothing of their ef
fects as a fertilizer In seasons like this
tho harrow should closely follow the
plow Soil thrown up roughly dries out
rapidly and becomes cloddy The har
row or tho roller and levoler should be
used at the close of each days plowing
The difference In tho loss of water from
soil thrown up roughly by tho plow and
from that which has been harrowed and
plaukod Is certainly conslderiibo al
though I have no figures upon tho sub
ject Surface Ullage at tha tlmo when
crops nvo suffering most for water will
serve to reduce loss by evaporation
1 hose methods are all being urged for
adoption by man who would Improve
their farm practice They have been
abundantly Jus titled hy experience In
practical experiments Wo may confi
dentially expect that as greater study Is
given to soil physics because ijf the
prominence It Is assuming In Irrigation
Investigations our knowledge of how to
save the water of our soils will be great
ly Increased and that thu Importance
of such measures will be so fully demon
strated that none will question 111ror
0 H Flalyor
Balfour Is In appearance one of tho
most Indolent men In public life In Kns
land though In reality one of tho moat
achy mentally A writer describes him
as flitting on tho Treasury bench with his
backbone so curved as to bring his head
where his back should have been with
his feet In air his heels resting on the
desk before him
Managmont of Bandy Land
Thoro Is a very wide difference In the
agricultural capabilities of soils says
tha 1lcld and Farm lint all such soils
have ono chief characteristic they are
all deficient In vegetable matter This
Is bocanso time porous character of sandy
soil allows water to drain through It
readily When tho water goes out air
from tho surface follow Hence when
there Is a heavy rain tho soil receives an
accession of oxygon which rapidly de
stroys whatever vegotablo matter It
contains If tho subsoil Is sandy It be
comes exceedingly difficult to fertilize
It While the thin surface covering of
vegetable matter remains oven tho soils
that aro sand down to and Including
tho subsoil will produco good crops
hint unlesscaro Is taken to grow IItrnUnor
somo othor green manure such soils bo
come drifting sands entirely worthless
for farming purposes But there Is very
little Bandy soil that does not overlay
stratum of clay Such soil has great ad
vantage In oaso of cultivation and In Its
quick response to manure If land of
tills character Is plowed shallow and
sowed to alfalfa It will not be difficult
to make It fairly productive for an In
definite period It Is so easy to work
sandy soil and It can bo worked so much
earlier In the spring that many farmers
who have learned the secret of Its man
agement prefer It to all others It Is
free from stones and In plowing much
loss labor Is required than In turning a
heavier soil There U nothing to gain
but much to loose by deep plowing of
sandy soil If only three or four Inches
of tho surface Is mixed with vegetable
matter that should bo tho limit of depth
for tho plow until tho growing of alfalfa
has extended vegetable matter to a
greater depth
From a Prominent Physician
Salt Lake City Juno 15 1805
I have had the opportunity tho past
few weeks of seeing the Eagle Liquor
and Tobacco euro administered to ono
of the worst cases of alcoholism that I
have ever seen Tho patient Is an ox
ICocloy graduate so called and was In
an extremely bad condition both physi
cally and mentally I havo always boon
skeptical of tho socalled cures for liq
uor and othor habits but must acknowl
edge that In this case Its success has
surprised mo very much When a man
who has boon In tho habit of drinking a
quart of whisky a day and smoking
from three to live packages of cigarettes
under ten days treatment absolutely re
fuses either and when at tho same time
also returns to healthy appetite and a
regular amount of sloop without any
othor medicine or romody except that of
tho Eagle Liquor cure I am willing to
acknowlego that It I Is a success and I am
willing to endorse the game
FruitGrowing As A Business
There has novor been a tlmo when
tho outlook for horticulture as a busi
ness was better than It Is at present
Tile people of this country aro rapidly
appreciating tho fact that fruit as a
food ls not only wholesome but nutriti
ous and It has become an Indlsponsa
ablo adjunct to almost every tablo In tho
land This Is well for tho consumption
of fruit is to bo encouraged In every
way as being beneficial to tho health of
tho people
Tho man who engages In fruitgrow
ing now Is sure of a market price that
will pay him well for thu tlmo devoted
to It Thoro has never boon a time
when a crop of fruit did not pay well for
all It cost and now that science has
come to the aid of tho fruit grower and
taught him how to combat disease and
tho ravages of Insects ho Is more certain
of u crop than over before
The old way of setting trees and lot
ting them care for themselves Is a thing
of tho past and progressive man realize
that fruit trees require attention as well
as any other crop Orchards are to bo
furnished with tho proper plant food
and the soil kept under cultivation
salllo as If It ucro In a crop that can bo
grown In a year The day of largo or
chards Is passing oxcopt whoro largo
companies have them and thu day of
extensive fruit arowing Is at hand
rite small orchard which Is given the
very best care Is to bo preferred by tho
average farmer rather than tho large
ono which cannot be given proper atten
tion Lot tho man who sets an orchard
now attend to the location and select
those varieties that have proven best In
his section and success will crown his
efforts over time hero Is no need to
experiment on n a large scaln as there
once was whims no man know Just what
to wire Thu experiment statloiif
have all been doing work along this
line and the results are open for any
ono who Inquires and there Is no excuso
for not bnowlng just what to plant In
almost any state and what tho lay of tho
land should be for tho best rcMillt
Those vho have good orchards are
reaping groat profit from them and
those who set others In tho near futurr
may rest assured that tho demand will
keep ahead of the supply for a good
man ycura Farm News
Tho Cigarette must go Glvo the
Eagle Tobacco Cure n chance and It 1
will conquer every tlmo
Use Three Crown Baking Powder
Shoop Raising
Sheep more than many animals crave
a variety of food and they will often go
hungry ralhcr than oat food upon which
their appetites havo boon cloyed They
turn In pastures of swout nutritious
grass oftentimes to the rag wood Wo
always hear u great deal about fat mut
ton but It Is a fact thatthe sheep Is tho
best producer loan moat that wo have
Ono of tho best sheep foods Is clover
but It should not stand till the stocks
aro woodr as In that condition tho
Sheep know enough nut to oat tho stems
For sheep fodder sow clover thick the
stems will grow fine Cut when It gets
Into full bloom and cnro It woll nnd the
sheep will oat every part of It
leas and alfalfa when cut at tho right
tlmo make an excellent sheep fodder
Tho hiuiliu or stems of beans and tho
pods of the same should be fed with ox
reme caution as tho sheep like them
but they are apt to cause trouble In the
bladders of the animals sometimes
bursting them
Tlmolhv hay that has linen allowed to
n nn nn non n
stand unlit nearly ripe before cutting is
unlit to feed to sheop Yoarlsngp will
almost starve to death before they will
oat It drown thick and tine and cut
just when coming Into blossom older
sheep will do fairly well on It Too
many farmers loivo their hay to gel
hard and woody before cutthtgin which
condition It loses fully 50 per cent of Its
feeding value
Where shuop are fed on very much of
the carbonaceous furago they should
have a portion of grain to balance up
tho ration When swamp hay meadow
hay timothy hay corn fodder or straw
Is being fed wheat bran gluten meal
or oil meal should bo fed with that and
never corn to any great oxtent and nov
or except In connection with ono of ihu I
above Rural World
The Eagle Tobacco Curo Isa genuine
reality It Is safe and sure
Deliberato Wholesale Slaughter of a
Louisiana Family Used a Double
Barrelled Shotgun I
New Orleans July 21Last Friday
night on the Terra Haute plantation In
St Johns parish while llosarlo Giordano
and his family were seated at the supper
table Joo Noska walked up to tie door
and leveling a douulebarrelcct shotgun
tired Mm Ulorduno fell to the Hour a
corpso und tie bullets that did not go
through her went through both legs ot u
fourmanthsold Intant she held In her
arms Ulordano fearing that the tender
balm was killed In the fall sprang for
ward to clasp it and the assassin then
tired again Tho buckshot entered the
groin or Mary Ulorduno The tenyear
old little girl on seeing her mother tall
ran forward and received a portion of the
loud of buckshot that struck her father
The shot entered her abdomen literally
tearing It to pieces At the same time
little Nlcollna fell to the door wounded
through the head
The assassin Joe Noska did not move
from the spot but when ho saw liencdltto
Giordano a nephew of the dead woman
and Charlie Columbano coming toward
him ho coolly placed two fresh shells In
his gun and waited until they got very
aloso to him Then he raised the gun and
tired both barrels the two men falling to
tho ground dead Then the murderer
throwing his gun over his shoulder made
his escape to the woods When the citi
zens ascertained tho extent of the deed
they organized a posse and led by the
Sheilff attempted to capture the assassin
The wounded were brought to tho Char
ity Hospital In this city They are
Hosarlo Giordano tho unfortunate head
of the family aged 31 years shot In the
left thigh
Mary Giordano aged 10 years shot In
tho abdomen the bullets perforating tho
bladder and Intestines
Nlcolanl Giordano aged 7 years shot In
tho corner of eye the bullet penetrating
his skull
Joseph Giordano aged 4 months shot
In both legs und the head
The two little Giordano girls at the hos
pital will die Tho father and four
monthsold baby will recover Tho as
sassin has not yet been captured
Mr Giordano says he does not know
how ho had offended Noska who was a
laborer on the place except that on one
occasion the overseer who Is a friend of
his told tho man to do some chores
Giordano however had nothing to do
with this Giordano had been living on
tho plantation with his family for the
past few years Last October Noska or
Genuste came from New York to work
on the plantation lie Is a married man
and lived with his wife and twc children
on the place The assassin and the wound
ed man had never hud any trouble what
ever and no 111 feeling as fur as the
wounded man knew existed between
Mrs Anna Oarlock was found dead In
an old house In Boise After the ex
amination of several witnesses a ver
dict that deceased came to her death
from natural causes due tp the exces
sive use of alcoholic stimulants was
S P Worthington at Oakley has an
orange tree bearing Its fruit as though
It were planted In a tropical clime and
this year will give forth two largo and
wellmatured oranges while at the
same time It Is bearing blossoms und I
other fruit growing I
rise scalp vouchers presented and l al
lowed at a late session of the County
Commissioners of Holso amounted to
252935 This sum was for rabbit and
gopher scalps deposited rtt the County
Clerics oillce during tho past throe
months which aggregate over 80000 at
3 cents each
Payette Independent A party of thir
teen homeseekers arrived from Illinois
the first of this weelc AVo understand
these people lISt stopped In the vicin
ity of Idaho Falls where they remained
about two weeks finally concluding to
come to Payette valley and locate per
manently In the great fruit belt
Ilnlley Times The Indians are said
to be playing havoc with the game up
on the head of East Fork They should
be kept on the reservation because the
whites hero are liable to shoot them
accidentally Uncle Sam had better
care for his pets or there will be good
Indians lying around loose on East
How pleasant It Is for brethren to
dwell together In concord I The Payette
Independent sweetly says The Inde
pendent sent a printer over to Ontario
last week to help the News out of n
rut This week Brother Bowen re
turned tho favor by coming over awl
stacking lead for UP Thats the way
for brethren to dwell together In unity
Mr Sonner Is now extensively en
gaged In fattening hogs on the Hornet
creek range The feed used In crickets
of which there are abundance The
only trouble Is that hogs arc too scarce
to stop their ravages
Says Ho Was Not Given n Cabinet
Place Until Ho Changed Front on
tho Silver Question nnd His Con
version Was Like Thnt of Aaron
ExSenator Walsh Presided om
phis Resolutions Adopted
Griffin Go July lBThe streets of
this little city were thronged at an
early hour today by crowds from the
country and surrounding towns while
the hotels boardinghouses and public
places contained an unwonted number
of visitors from a distance all come to
attend tho bimetallic State convention
called by the Spalding County Silver
League and to hear Senator John L
Morgan of Alabama speak A caucus
of the leaders of the free silver forces
was held last night at which a plan
of procedure was mapped out
In accordance with the programme
the convention was called to order at
11 a m by Professor John G Hunt of
this city president of the local Silver
League I3xUnlted Stales Senator Pat
rick Walsh of Augusta was made per I
manent chairman of the convention
and also president of the State Bimetal
llo League In assuming the chair
Senator Walsh made a brief speech do
lining the purpose otr the gathering and
criticising the llnanclal policy of the
The displeasure of some of the Dem
ocratic delegates at the presence of a
large number of Populists showed Itself
early when Delegate Gardiner of Pike
arose and protested against Populists
being allowed a voice In the proceed
ings Ills remarks were greeted with
Congressman Moses of the Fourth
district moved that all resolutions be
referred to the resolutions committee
without reading This was hotly op i
posed by Delegate James Barrett of I
Augusta a Populist who was support
ed by the other Populist delegates pres I
ent The motion was adopted how
over while Barrett denounced the pro
cedure as a gag law
Chairman Walsh then read a list of
vicepresidents of the State Sllvur
The principal event of the convention
was the speech of Senator Morgan of
Alabama He said ho came to the
meeting as a Democrat In Democratic
harness and by the authority of a set I
tled creed to advocate Democratic
principles as old and sound as the
great National party
Shermans law of 1873 was such a
deathblow to silver as money metal
that It seemed marvelous silver had
enough life left to take up Its bed and
walk But he said It Is moving to
the front with uplifted head and vigor
ous step again In union if not In full
harmony with gold and the parade Is
so Inspiring that even Great Britain is
keeping step to the music of the
Of Secretary Carlisle the Senator
said he was not chosen as a Cabinet
olllcer until he had changed front on
the silver question Ills conversion
was not like that of ZMul who espoused
error was made bluu and then saw
the truth and embraced It but like
that of Aaron who saw truth became
blinded to it and espoused the dark
ness of Egypt typified In the golden
Morgan said the recent contract for
sale of bonds was without a precedent
or justification Morgan combated
what he termed the false Issue In
vented by Sherman and adopted by
pleveland that It Is ttie duty of the
Government to preserve the parity be
tween the metals by adjusting their
coinage to meet the fluctuations In
commercial value
Of the 100000000 gold reserve he
said It Is a sort of Jack pot put
up by Sherman that has kept up gam
bling In our money It was never
needed to give strength to the United
States The country that had paid In
debts and Interest more than 3000000
000 In thirty years could not need the
support of 100009000 deposited In the
Treasury to support Its credit
At the conclusion of Senator Mor
gans speech the convention took a re
cess until 3 oclock when It recon
vened Evan P Howell chairman of
the committee on resolutions read the
platform which was Identical with that
adopted by the recent free silver con
vention In Memphis
J M McBride offered a resolution de
claring that the act of 1873 surrepti
tiously passed at midnight was a
crime and had created more suffering
to the human family than all the wars
and pestilence and famines since the
foundation of the world The resolu
tion concluded with the denunciation
of the present Administration for hav
ing deserted the Democratic plat
form Wild applause followed the
reading of the resolution but some dis
cussion arose as It was thought best
by some to Ignore the Administration
Under a point of order the resolution
was tabled as It had not been to the
resolutions committee
The convention ended with speeches
by Congressman Livingston Clark
Howell and others
Mrs Ronan Bischargod
A Boise Bpeulal under date of July 2e says
Tho mysterious Itonan murder case In
Canyon county took another turn today
Mrs Itonan who had been arrested on a
charge of having killed her husband was
released and Matt Crump the principal
witness against her was at once placed l
under arrest for the crime
At the preliminary hearing Crump was
placed on tho stand Instead howover
of proving a good witness for tho State
ho apparently surprised the prosecution
by disclaiming any knowledga of the
murder Ho claimed to have spent the
night of the murder at Itusscll Smiths
near Caldwell His attention was culled
to tho confession made at Payette In
which ho declared ho saw Mrs Itonan
Kill her husband with the ax
Crump admitted having made and
signed the statement but denied having
sworn to It and also dodnred It wan
mado under duress and while ho was In
fear of death at thu hands of KMrldge
tho allecfrd detective lie persisted III
this explanation of his confession
After repeated questions and denials ot
a similar character Mr Smith for the
prosecution arose und caused u 1 scimatlon
by moving that tho defendant bo dis
charged und that Crump bo held until a
complaint could bu lodged against him
for the murder and a warrant Issued The
Court grunted the motion and Crump
was Immediately arrested anti tho date
for his examination llxod for Monday
July 23th
Nooroes Dynamited
Waco Tea July 20At Mart a small
borough twenty mlloH from here live
negroes were Instantly killed this morning
and ono seriously Injured us tho result
of a dispute which began several months
ago when Abe Phillips a negro and
Foil Arnold white both farmers wore
killed Since then the fooling between
HIP friends of both men has been very
bitter and the negroes havo frequently
been thr < atened with dost ruction
At 2 oclock this morning the entire
town waS awakened by a loud report In
vestigation showed that the house occu
ppd by Mrs lhllll > 9 widow of the negro
killed by Arnold was In Dame The
house had been blown up with a slick of
dynamite thrown Into It and lire llnlshed
the work
Of the six negroes In the house at the
limo live were killed by tho explosion or
burned to death One person who os
raped Is so badly Injured that ho will die
OUlcers have been sent to Mart to In
O INIdJ11arrR d
The EaY e Tobacco Cure
Is a Wonderful Thing
II T HAS NO RIVAL in its successful
of won known mono Works no IN
JURIES on tho system but improves
TAKE IT and in 0 DAYS you
will bo CURED of tho TOBACCO and
CIGARETTE HABIT and your days
on earth will bo lengthened
Bond 0 for ono bottlo to
E lgle Pharmacy
S V I Cor S < eonJ South and West Temple Streets Silt Lake City
Agonts Wnntod Everywhere
lioforo buying soo that the bottlos aro scaled with the slornaturo DRAN Lni DIAS
None genuine without this seal or when IIIII Is broken
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and save money MATT U rDSALI Ogden
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Farm Loans Hawley Mtg co U
cCorulek lllock Salt Lake
Watchmaker i Jeweler Fs Optician
ILEX L VYATT Ml JIolu Street
Declined to State What Subject Was
Under Discussion but There Was
nn Air of Gravity
Washington D Coo July 19For tho
first time In many years there was a
midsummer Cabinet meeting In Wash
ington this afternoon In the absence
of the President Secretary of State
Olney apparently caJ s to Washing
ton from IJalmouthfJI the express
purpose forhTPnTrTVea Bls noon and
will leave the city tomo J v nornlng
Secretary Olney calle at the War
Department soon after his arrival at
the State Department to talk with Sec
retary Lamont The latter was absent
at the time and he failed to attend the
Cabinet meeting which was held later
although an eltort was made to sum
mon him by telephone Secretary Her
bert next received a visit from the Sec
retary of State and about 4 oclock the
pair walked over to the State Depart
ment and were closeted In the oillce of
Secretary Olney Here they were Joined
li the course of half an hour by Sec
retary Carlisle and AttorneyGeneral
Harmon who had been called by tele
phone Into the conference This lasted
for fully two hours and from time to
time Assistant Secretary Adee who has
been acting as Secretary of State dur
ing the absence of Secretary Olney
was called Into the room to advise the
Cabinet as to some point under discus
sion Whatever was the subject considered
could not be learned and apparently
It was resolved to keep the proceedings
secret for each of the persons present
as they emerged from the oillce de
clined courteously but positively to an
swer a single question touching their
deliberations All that could be gath
ered was to the effect that nothing
had happened at Gray Gables to give
rise to any apprehension Still there
was an air of gravity In the demeanor
of the Cabinet olllcers as they emerged
from the conference that would Indi l
cate that some weighty and Important
questions had been under discussion
The Impression Is very strong to
night that the Cabinet meeting was for
the purpose of discussing the neutral
ity features of the Cuban question and
It Is believed that some public state
ment will be made In regard thereto In
a few days
Says tho Party Will Bo Wiped Off
the Map If It Dodges the Free
Coinage Issue Any Longer
St Louis July UxCongressrnan
Miami Is In the city Hponklntc of the sil
ver question tonight ho said
There Is no use trying to dodge this
Issuo any longer If tho Democratic par
ty does not declare for the free coinage
of silver It will be wlpwl I off tho map The
newspapers In the urge Titles lllto St
Louis talk about tho silver sentiment dy
ing out but they are not going to fool
anybody There may bo a few Democrats
in the cities who will follow the Admin
Istratlon but there aro practically none
In the country This coming convention
will show how the Democrats In Allnsonrl
stand In order to win In the next cam
paign wo havo got to take n bold stand
far silver and we must bo getting In
Do you think that the next Democratic
National Convention will declare for In
dependent free silver
I do not know whether It will or not
but if It does not the party will not stand
a ghost of a fliinv The people are not
KOliiK to follow a platform which U
moiuilnKlees or Intended to deceive Fed
eral olUcchoIderx and wlilaltypraUKcra
may succeed In controlllnir conventions
like they did l < in Kentucky but the people
will not follow them
Would not a declaration for free coin
ago losn us the vote of the large pills
It would < Untjuentlanahly hose votes In
some cUles but we would gain In other
Your name ban frequently been men
tioned as a candidate for the Presidency
what can I Miy about that
It Is all foolishness to tall about can
didates hero Is no Democratic party
Thero U nothing but chaos and disorder
Vtom Tlio
Cases heretofore hole now cured and
brought to neuneti of me aid hnpplne
Head the test menial In thU Issue ot u pliy
fclcUn once skeptical on liquor < cure but now a
coiiMrt to the Enjjio Itemndy Itclapses Rum
other cures and victims ol the terrible liquor
dlenso should not delay
Writ for lurtlnir partleulirs or call at
S U Cor Sd 1 So and V Templo ts
bait hake Uty Utah
When answering nilvertlsemeuts kindly meutlon
thU nowppujicr
C tt Cafef0 W Tnlril South oppo
age ila eHo Walkers tore A F rat
Class MI with wino Strawberries and Cream or
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ASS YEHS I Sampler by mall or express
receive prompt attention
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attention clvou all orders by mall or express
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o Cut rates to all points
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BICYCLES I Best in the Market
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Salt Lake our trip
Onan I JOHNSON Proprietor
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Reed Hotel OCDEN
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Desperado in n 3o
Seattle Wash July 2iH has been
learned that Frank J Hart a notori
ous bunko steerer who broke Jail last
March with the dpspiraJu Tom lllanck
finally made good his escape by being
sent in a bux to Pasco on the North
ern Ittcine Traveling Auditor AVolt
dlBoovereil how the ficlienm had been
worked Thoro was nothing In tho
box but a few
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ere < l the hour was inlilnlitht and escape
from the lonely
freight hnise was easy
Dr Prices Crcam BaWnff Powder
Worlda Fair Highest Medal and Diploma

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