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FOKTIEH IN RE For tho Advancement of Spanish Fork Utah County und Utah Torrlt fry and the Free Coinage of Silver and Fair Legislation 2 PER YEAH IN ADVANCE
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Police Are Unveiling the Great
est Criminal of the Age
Bodies of Ona Man and Two Women
Turned Over to Him by Holmes
ft Taken From a Daik Room in tho I
Cnstic Did tho lend Murder
Minnie Williams Brother Too
Chicago July 27 Inspector Fltzpat
rick believes It to be certain that at
least three murders were committed In
I the castle of Holmes and through
t witnesses that were found today It Is
thought now that Holmes cnn be con
victed of muider In this city Jhe po
lice have tound a man whose name
they refuse to divulge hut who was
biought to the olllce of the Inspector
thU alternoon lie told the police that
ho had mounted three skeletons fur
Holmes and that the skeletons weie
uoin bodies taken from the house of
3 Holmes In Sixtythird street One of
these he said was the body of a man
und the other two were women lhey
I vteie taken from a dark room In
A i Hohness house In the night time nnd
two of tho mounted skeletons were re
f I i turned to Holmes The third skeleton
Is I now In the possebslon of Inspector
t t The llesh of the bodies had not been
stripped from the bones when the
r bodies were given to the new witness
hut the faces were so badly lacerated
and torn that Identification would have
It been Impossible
The police also found an expressman
v today who was able to give what Is
believed to be Important evidence The
name of the exptessman Is Charles
Humphrey and In the month of June
19J he was hired by Holmes to de
liver a box and a trunk at the Union
2c depot In this city The box according
to Humphrey was taken from a dark
nnm nmi imil flu nnnearance of a
collln i lUllf box 1AV This I was expressed to Phil
adelphia while the trunk was sent In
another direction
The story of the man who articulated
the skeleton Is to the elfeet that In
juno 1MIJ he Was sent for by Holmes
who at that time was going under the
alias of Jotdon and asked if he would
articulate the skeleton of a man whose
body was In the possession of Holmes
He accepted the Job and was taken by
Holmes to a room which would have
been dark even In the day time
Stietched out on a table Jn the middle
of the loom was the body of a man
The skin had been entirely removed
Horn the face but In all otner lespects
the body was In good condition
The articulator and Holmes had some
talk as to the best way of taking the
body out of the house os Holmes said
he did not want the neIghbors to see
the body removed It was llnally agreed
that the artlculator should cut orf the
arms and that Holmes would provide
for the removal of the rest of the
corpse This was done attd the artlcu
r Mrttor tert iJ rnrtrewrciliiyiiitJ tliO armS
T with him In a sack He had Just
reached his house and was preparing
to go to bed when he was called to
the door by a loud knocking lIe went
down and found Holmes and another
man They had the balance of the
body which had been cut In two pieces
after the articulator had left the
house Holmes left after remarking
that ho would have another Job for
the man In a short time
Tiue to his word In December he I
k sent for the articulator a second time
and upon the arrival of the latter at the
r house of Holmes he was taken to the
same lark room where on the same
I table where the body of the man had
lain on the occasion of his first visit
was tho body of a young woman The
face of this corpse had been disfigured
In such a manner that It was Impossi I
ble to tell what she had looked like
hen alive
In January 1893 the articulator was
sent for a third time by Holmes and
1 In the tame room on the same table
Jie found the body of a second young
woman Ironi whose face all the skin
had been removed The articulator had
this body taken to his home where he
stripped the hones and mounted the
When ho called on Holmes for his
pay the latter refused to give It to
him and was moreover somewhat In
uueurs on the bill for moiftitlng the
two previous skeletons The two men
could not come to terms and the dis
pute finally ended ly the articulator
letulnlng possession of the third skel
eton and he still has It In his house
lie lemoved the skull tonight and
brought It to the centml police station
wheie It now Is The articulator will
be kept under close surveillance for
some days yet as the police do not
think he has told all lie knows about
fliu murders in thp castle
The police declare now that they have
nlmuHt pusltle pioof that the first fe
male body was that of Umcllne CI
ginml and the second that of Annie
Williams It la the skull of Annie Wil
liams that Is now at the central sta
i The Htmy of the espiessman Is to the
i effect that he wan hired by Holmes
one uftinoon and told not to come to
llu I house until after nJijhtfull The
1xpicbfcinan kept this appointment He
vvnn Kicn a box and Il trunk by
Holmes J and told to take them to tin
Union depot When he was putting
the box into tho wagon he tumed It on
Jill and was at once otoppod by
Holmes who told him he wan on no
iircount to keep the box In any other
jioHltlon except Hut on tho side He
had orders to take the box and trunk
to the I depot nnd leave them on the end I
of lie platform and was told that they
would bo taken care of He saw only
one man at tho depot who seemed to
be Interested In the trunk and box
and drove away
After Humphey had told his > itor >
to the police tonight Put Quintan wa
hrotifiht from his cell and tin two
wero placed face to face The police
will not tell why this was don but
the general opinion Is that It was done
hoeause Humplney recognized Qttln
Inn as the men at tho depot Toe ex
0 picsaman will be retained In custody
aa a witness
In prosecuting the Investigation of
the basement of the big brick house on
Sixtythird and Wallace streets today
the workmen employed by the police
aamo upuji a grave Lime nnd lulck
lImo had accomplished their work and
tho bodies had turned to native dust
nit I there still remained sulllclcnt ovl
ddnoe to make the identification possi
ble The soft spots In the bed of hart
clay were tho sIze of human bodies
and where the heads would have been
wero mats of long hair One big strand
was of light color like that of Minnie
Williams while the other was of the
brown hue of Annies hair
Letter to Qulnlan Evidently Written
for a Purpose
Chicago July 27lhe police today
found a letter from Holmes to Pat
Qulnlan to which much importance Is
attached The letter Is as lollous
July is 1S05
Dear Pat Among their other fool
theories they think you took tho Iltzel
boy to Michigan and ullhor It ft him them
or put him out ot the way I always told
them I never nskcd you to do anything
Illegal but they are bullheadcd Cm Oc
tober 12th 1 saw you at tho factory I
think Cant you show where you were
all the lost of the month 1 If they ques
tion you or threaten you tell them any
thing hole Is to tell about tliU or uuy
other matters They may want to know
If you weie In Cincinnati or Indanapolls
about October 12th It IH well for you to
be able to know where you were work
Ing I am awfully sorry Pat for 1 al
ways try lo make things easy for you
When Minnie kllkit her sister I needed
you the worst way but would not drag
you Into It If the detectives would go to
New York as I want them to they would
find where Mlnne W took them by boat
I have done no killing Put One by one
they are llndlng them alive Minnie W
will not come here as long as there Is any
danger of her being arrested Boston
May knows where she Is and the guar
dian Mosaic iL Watt will at he pioper
and safe time go to her Let your wife
write me anything you wish not oftener
than two times a month dlrtctlng 11
11 Holmes county ptlbon 10th unu Heed
streets 1nuadelphla l cannot write
many loiters to you I am ilolng all I
can for all I expect to hear shortly neal
Give my Jove to your wife and Cora
Tell her 1 have her picture in my room
with me and I thank her for it Tell her
1 have a tame mouse and spider to keep
me company My food Is the worst part
here aiuill be out ot It sooner than you
expect They kept Mrs 1 shut up here
six months When we would have let her
out on ball they made a tool I of her
Write soon ana tree Ask any questions
you want to Oeorglana Is visiting her
mother Went about two weeks ago
With regards to all 11 H H
The police believe the chain of evi I
dence against Put Qulnlan Is now com
plete and Holmess exJanitor will be
tried for murder here I wont allow
Quintan to become states witness to
escape the rope said Chief of Police
lladenoch touay 1 have enough evi
dence to Indict both Holmes and Quln
lan and the case will be submitted to
the grand Jury soon
What Witnesses Will Swear to II
Holmes Is Extradited
Toronto July 27 Should Holmes the
alleged murueter of tile PlUel cniluren
be brought to loronto fur trial me au
loillles could put In the witness box
thirteen or louneen persons wno would
furnish damaging evidence against
hIm It might be proved that 011 tile
ith of October in company with a wo
man known us Mrs Howard Holmes
brought Alice aiid Nellie 1ltscel to the
cty that on the 25tn of tile same
CitY Holmes took t these girls to tne
i4use on atrVnreeni s j ret that he
was with them in that house on tile
morning ot the date named and they
never left the house alive
In connection with the disappearance
of these girls the woman known us
Irs Howard would tell all she knew
and the Purport of her statement is
how In the hands of the police authorl
ties When she was in Toronto she
was registered as Mrs Powell of Columbus I
umbus 0 but she stayed with Holmes
UB his wlte
Inspector Stark upon Instructions
from the authorities has written the
Jnlladelphla authorities asking if they
vlll consent to the extradition of
Holmes If a favorable reply is le
elved papers will at once be taken out
and an olllcer will proceed to Phlladel
Uila to bring the prisoner here
A Frenchman Hissing
Chicago July 7A local paper says
lIy no means the least mysterious of
he many mystifying disappearances
from the Holmes castle was mat of
Peter Verrett He was a short heavy
set Frenchman with an unquenchable
thirst for strong drink He went to
he castle und requested to be cured of
he drink habit Holmes had an In
ebriate asylum In the castle and offered
fered to cure the habit The drink cure
In the castle was run under the name
of the Silver Institute Peter took
he cure He said he was heir to a
fortune In Toronto Canada Since
I then he has not been heard fiom I
Some New Testimony at tho Ex
amination of Crump
Boise Ida July 2J Special to Trib
une A special to the Siatesman tiom
Caldwell says the examination of Matt
Crump on the charge of murderIng
Thomas Itonan at Lower Boise May
13th began today The story told was
mainly the same alieudy published
Mrs llonan gave In detail the circum
stances of her husband leaving the
iiCUJO tho night of the murder and her
falling to miss him until morning lie
was often In the habit of working on
liTIgating ditches until late About the
only new point In her testimony was
the statement of a conversation with
Crump some time before the muider
as Crump asked what would become of
the place If anything happened to Jo
nan She had not attached any weight
to the remark
Mrs F tllllictt sister of the mur
domed man testified In u manner Indi
cating that she had a suspicion that
Improper relations existed between
Ciump and Mrs itonnn
This Is a sensational and mysterious
case The man on ttlal once made a
sworn statement that he saw Mrs Ro
nnn kill her husband When she was I
rested and the hearing came on he
retracted and swore he was not at the
ranch that night
American Sent to Parliament
London July 29DI E C Thomp
son the defeated Unionist candidate l
for Middle Tyrone announces that he
will petition against tho return of Mr
Munnaghan to Parliament on the
ground that the latter Is a naturalized I
Bulgarian Demonstration
Sofia July 27A demonstration oc
coned today at the cemetery ut tho
graves of the men who were executed
for the murder of M Boltcheff Five
hundred people assembled anti
speeches were made denouncing M
Stambuloff and letters were read to
tho same purpose The grave Of Stam
buluft Is guarded by the military
Indians Encamped in an Im
pregnable Position
All Accounts Agree That Thero Has
Been No Bloodshed at Jacksons
Hole Since tho Indians Wore
Killed May Bo n Clash of Author
ity Between Wyoming and the
1edcral Government
Washington July 29Tho following
dispatch Hum Indian Agent Teeter
dated Hex burg Ida near Maiket
Lake July fctii was icceivcd today
On the 27th Inst 1 met Sheillt law
Icy heal Hex burg returning from
Jacksons Hole wneio he hud been
sent to ascertain whether settlers had
been killed by Indians Hawley states
the settluis had not been molested by
the Indians who ale supposed to have
been camped about forty miles from I
the settlement In practically an i
Impregnable position Thieve Is no
doubt of the fact that a large body of
Lemht Indians joined the other Indians
In Hobuck canyon
Speaking of the Indian disturbance
In northern Wyoming General Scho
held today expressed the opinion that
with discreet management the In
dians would soon surrender and return
to the reservation The only way
they could cause trouble Is by scatter
ing In the mountains but he thought
unlikely they would precipitate hostili
ties now the soldiers arc coming
Speaking of the dispatch from Mar
ket Lake stating that the Jacksons
Hole settlers would be arrested and
tried for the killing of several Indians
accused of violation of the Wyoming
game laws Commissioner Browning
said he knew that no steps were being
taken In this direction lie added the
Indian office would welcome the legal
test of the right of the Indians to kill
game In defiance of the State laws
If the courts decided that tho law
Is superior to the treaty of the United
States Government with the Indians
the matter will be settled and we will
be very glad of It he said
Salt Lake Traveling Man Raturns
from tho ttcene
Salt laku City Unih July JJ
Mr Ike Hill traveling representative
ol tIle hymns urocer Company who
HUH ueen going over the bomeis of tile
tug noli country Willie the inulan trou
ole hua been III ogress returned yes
tuKluy vitn ins scamp still intact
a fie bad feature uf the whole
thing said he to a Triuune reponei
is the proballlty of Us lapsing Into
guerrilla wartaie I coat lear any
gjiaLhIeods1cd dullnstI leS lnt = OI
hlct because 1 believe me limiun lias
tile sagacity to go back upon nm res
ervatlon as he has in the past wnen
uncle bums boys in blue have put in
their appeal ancu There wus a time
last week when it looked pretty threat
cuing to us timid people Why let me
tell you there was not a uanrlugu to
Do huu for love nor money the uay l
was in fc > t Anthony
Sold to tile redsKins 1
No to ihu settlers You see there
had urrlveu auting mu night a mebsen
gel Horn tne loruticauoiis in me nig
iiole behind wmcn tne settlers were
entrenched ana scooping in every cur
tildge was in his sudule ugulnspeedmg
through the pass The chief of the In
dian police confessing his inability to
get the bucks back onto tile reseivu
lion wus another bad sign and when
that was made Known muny wives ana
children poured into Mont jt 1 er St An
tnony und juatket Lake The invaderS
positively let used to leturn under the
claim that they had a rlgnt to hunt
upon tie puuiiu domain Ut any season
01 tne yell Tne only string upon mm
was In the clause piovidlng tnut one
caving tile reservation It must le with
ti permit trout the agent We may sup
pose that he suspended this rule when
it got In his way however and to the
tuimie to enforce It Is laigely due the
trouble The chief of the Lnalan police
says there have been but two killed
and It wouldnt surprise me to see tlit
trouble closea without another ueath
Mr Hill leports business very quiet
In the north anu with thu repiesenta
llvcs of but very few bait LaM houses
going there at this time
Wyoming Omcaro to Bo Prosecuted
ior Killing Indians
Market LaKe Ida July 2t1It Is evi
dent from the present Indian situation
that there Is danger of a clash of au
thority and that the present Held
movements will be followed lively
wi e folowed by a lvely
battle In the courts Governor lilch
ards of Wyoming Insists that the In
dians will be taught that when they
are In Wyoming they must obey the
State lawn Ho objects to having the
settlers of northern Wyoming har
assed und frightened by bands of In
dians Indian Agent Teeter on the other
hand made an Investigation for the
Government and asserts that the In
dians uie In the right and have au
thority to hunt In Wyoming under their
treaty of IbGT
These differences cannot be settled
by the troops I Is learned from a re
liable source that there Is a auiprlso In
store for the settlers who believe the
troops are only going to that section to
protect the settlers from the Indians
I Is stated that Indictments will bo
swont out against every one of the set
tlers connected with the killing uf the
Indians who tried to escape while un
der arrest This Is In line with the lec
ommendutlon made by Indian Agent
Teeter In his olllclal report of the oils
Inal trouble The settlers will be put
on trial for taking the Indians lives
und In this way the longmooted ques
tion of authority In Jacksons Hole will
eventually icuch I legal settlement
No mall his been received irom Jack
Ions Hole this week Tho Uago which
brings It out once a week Is now lour
days overdue and nothing has yet been
heard from I
Just before the arrival of the troops
a number of Indian runners started for
the Jacksons Hole country to war
their friends and relatives and endeav
or to get then out of there ofore the
soldiers arilveir They were peaceful
Indians and went with the idea that
the Hoops would open fire on tho first
Indian t seen General Oopplnger
through Indian Agent Teeter sent to
the regency for more Indians to over
takelthcsc runners and explain to them
to gvon < and tell the Indians that I
there peaceable they would not bo
Yerc It la the Intention of the
ttoopsjto prevent any blood being shed
by clh r side If possible and endeavor
to gglHhe Indians to return quietly to
thelrJresen atlons I
If >
Attorney Asked a Witness if Ho Was
wLv Armed
< ardlton Mo July 20 There were
plqnW bt vacant seats In the court
hout1 this morning when the tilal of
the Taylor brothels began So far It
t i v testimony has been brought
dutjaml most of the people here to at
tendJthe Ulal have heard It once be
TMsfafternoon during the crossex
ubliuitlDu of Jerry youth the man from
AilJ riTsiiB wno captuied the Taylors
ettt riley Conkllng asked All > ou
tlm u Air South
il8 none of your business said
SOuh but I know my lights in this
couifnnd If the Court cannot protect
local am capable of protecting my
There was a moment of excitement
andlirthe Court rapped for older and
said r Such language Is not peimlsst
bio In this court 1 will not allow the
Witness to be Insulted Mr Conkllhg I
wlnt you to keep out of this ciossex
nifilnatton and stop these side re
stored 7Al > ologles followed and quiet was re
Position Taken hy the Kansas Silver
t < Repuolicans
TbpeUa Ian July 20The execu I
tlvc cJmmlttee of the Kansas llepub
llcan Silver League met here today
and Issued a 2500word address to Kan
sas Republicans In which the financial
issue Is stated thus Shall we have bi l
metallism by restoring sliver as stand
ard money with gold to the position I
occupied iwhen demonetized by Con
gress l187a1 Or shall monometallism
ur tneBingle gold standard be main
tained und peipetuaied in this countiy
Verus rttimuheuns says toe ud
dres3jruivor me toriner pusitlun und
oppose tne latter Jn our judgment mu
American system ot protection une of
thepTain tenets uf the Uepuuntun pat
ty lij J1 hiipinet leu uie und cuiinut be aus
luuiedjiin toe absence of iJiinetullisin
UolU jmonoinetuillsin amid leo naue
Fmustfgo i 5 together
Ietb1lJ Concerning the 1 Where
I olmlSrat cue juyiui oCUeib
I Carrofon Jlo Juiy uimt time lay
lQAtijrfi > tTmfmoinillg lira detenae bent
rail us energies 10 prove uu uliul lor
both prlsoneis juoie llulley iJ yeuia
cot age who lives init0 miles uoin
UeOibo Taylors noilbe swore mat sue
nacueei1 oeoige ia > iur ULUVCIU a unU
U oltiouc on me nigtit or tie miuuei
unul mat lie was uuving towutus his
nonJe jhid testimony WOULd indicate
mat it was huiJOMaium for me luyiois
lu dave been in tile Load wneie me
inuijUer was commuted on the night in
Albeit Taylor a other of the pris
oner testnieii mat Ueorge iayior was
at nOme on tie night ot me murucr us
late us U 0 clock and when he Abort
saw Ueorge he was leading his horses
to the bain which he hud just un
hitched nom a wugo
Mrs David Glbsii George Taylors
motherinlaw also testirted that
Ueoige w a at home and in bed on tie
night of the muider She denied that I
thieve was any blood on me wagon
when the bodies of the Meekses were
found In the strawfatack Mrs Ulbson s
manner was very belligerent anu
caused much merument t the crowd
in the courtroom
Vouug Desperado Shoots and Kills a
Fort Smith Ark July 26Cherokee
Bill got his hands on unomer revolver
today and used it in
I an attempt to
liberate prisoners confined in muidei
ers row of the United States jail ills
attempt was I bold one and resulted
in the death of Larry Keating the old
est guard on thefoice Nlgnt Guards
Tom Parker and Larry Ken tlng hall
just gone on duty and Turnkeys Kolt
and McConnell were engaged In locking
up After the break had been tin own
Koff ent In to lock the cells while
McConnell remained at the door When
Eoff reached the cull next to Cherokee
IJllls he found the keyhole plugged and
willIe he was trying to clean It out
Cherokee Hill came to the door and
llred shooting Keating through the
stomach He run to tho end of the cor
ridor und fell dead
Lolt run back to tile corridor on tlu
east side of the cells and McConnell
Parker and several deputy marshals
nm In and opened lire on Cheiokee
13111 whenever he tried to leave his cell
His ammunition was nearly exhausted
and he agreed to suriemtr his pistol
to Henry Stair which was done The
pistol with which he did the deadly
work was a new pearlhandled ilcall
her How he got it Is a mysteiy but
Joslc Hrown his sister who has been
hero several days mid visited him
twice has been arrested for I and Is
now In the county jail
The murdered guard was very popu
lar and many threats of lynching have
been made though the citizen who
were terribly excited are now becom
ing cooler None of the prisoners left
their cells except Bill and he Immedi l
ately Jumped back Into I and the
guards have everything In order
though there Is much contusion among
the prlsoneis mnong
Crawford Goldsby alias Cherokee
Bill alias Goillla Is only 13 but has
teen convicted of train robbery and
murder One murder case Is pending
In the Supreme Court of the United
States and the charge of killing hla
brotherh here law Is still on the docket
A Bootlegger Shot
Chetopa Inn July 2GClty Marshal
Sam Coulter today arrested J T
Dowdlll I bootlegger who later es
caped and resisted arrest defending
himself with a knife and hatchet The
Marshal then shot him the ball enter
ing his back Dow ul Is dying
I Lavater every man has his davllUh moments
fad George and Coughlin
Duwes Was ExMarshal of Evan
ston and Stage Was the Echo Con
stable Waiting for Daylight to
Make tho Attack When tho Assas
sins Opened Eire Calverly and
Taylor Survival of tho Posse
Ran Out of Ammunition and Wore
Compelled to Retreat Leaving
Their Dead Companions on the
Piold Bandits RUled the Dead
Bodies and Took Their Guns Es
caping to the Hills Will Never
Bo Taken Alive
Uvanston Wyoming July 30Xo
ONunl slneci ihu turilblo explosion
at the Ahny mines lust Mai eh has
caused greater excitement In vans
lon man the killing today of exCuy
Maisnal iMiwant Dawes of this city
and Constable nonius Htagg or Echo
Utah ihe uead men hud voluntarily
puistied Fied Ueorge anti Pat tough
nn time two young Utah hoinethleeu
J < L dispatch Horn Wasutch last nlgnt
to Deputy Sheilll Calverly announced
that Ueorge and Coughlln seie neai at
hand tutu could be lound on Duck
Itinlr 1 tin in mIl > M 11111 tluimt flt
Wasutch und twelve miles fiom
ISvunston Accordingly Deputy Hheilll
Calverly together with N 1C Dawes
Thomas Stugg and William Taylor Im
mediately rcj > aimed to the locality
where the outlaws wele supposed to be
In a deseited shanty formerlY occupied
by Ernest Palmer 1 lancher
Ariivlng at their destination at 130
this moinlng the deputies disposed
them solves so as to Invest the shanty
which the outlaws were presumed to
occup The deputies awaiting day
light were shortly after apprised of the
presence of the outlaws who were
lust attracted by the appearance of
Dawes who unconsciously exposed
himself to their view whereupon a fu
sllade ensued resulting In the death of
Dawes and Stagg
Deputy SheilUs Calverly and Wil
liam lied Taylor the survivors of the
party wore leSt without ammunition
when the fhlng ceased and abandoned
their watch to go to Vnsatch and tele
gruph for help
When news of the tragedy reached
Evanston volunteers quickly responded
to the call for aid and went at once t
the scene of the encounter where after
thoroughly riddling the shanty with
bullets practically making u sieve of
It they cautiously approached the
ca ln und found It vacant
During the absence of the deputies
George und Couglln had availed them
selves of the chance t escape not
however belore lobbing the dead
boules of the two deputies Dawcs
and Stngg taking their guns and am
munition thus liicieasing tnelr oppor
tunities lot lurther leslscance In Limo
case of Stagg they overlooked u le
oiver that lay partly under him
I I is believed that a hot trout Cal
verly either hit one of the outlaws or
struck the gun In his hands us ho itms
seen to stagger and drop the gun At
all events me desperadoes have thus
tar escaped and gone to the hills tak
ing with them their Jaded horses
which I Is presumed can stand no
great Journey
While there Is hope of their Immedi
ate capture the desperation that has s
far characterized their actions heads
people here to believe that other and
moro serious trouble may follow en
tailing further loss of life
One thing Is certain two dead men
lie at the morgue in Evanston who
were yesterday full of life and hal
no appiehension whatever that their
end was near
Dawes was a Grand Army lan 43
years of age and leaves a widow
Stagg was nn old pioneer 63 years
of age with a grown family lie was
a man whom every one loved and le
speoted There Is a deep feeling of re
sentment against the ones who have
caused their dire taking orr
I Is Idle l to presume that either of
the murderers will bo taken alive
Tnelrs will be a light to the death I
captured alive they are almost certain
to be lynched to the neai est pole that
will support a cross beam
Deputies Glbbs amid Smith of Salt
Lake arrived safely tonight from a
search for the renegades through the
i his cast of here
This posse under Sheriff Hardy and
Sheriff Wilght of Weber county not
being able to secure a special train to
nvanston arrived here at 1 05 tonight
Consultations were held and It was de
termined to leave tomorrow morning
at daybreak Rumor has It that while
the olllcera were In consultation Patsy
Coughlln one of the murders appeared
In town took a drink and after listen
Ing to various condemnatory remarks
regarding his character departed
Sheriff Hardy repudiates such state
ment as an Impossibility but many be
lieve I here The posse with The Trib
une correspondent leave for Wnsatch
tomorrow morning
Free Coinage Democrats Will Con
trol theIowa Convention
Sioux City la July 30The Jour
nals Ottumwa special Buys How will
the Maishalltown convention handle
the money question f was asked
Charles A Welch secretary of the
State Democratic Committee
Kvery indication Is that the bimetal
Istu will be In contiol You can Judge
fOI yourself when I say that of thirty
counties thus far heard from twelve
delegations Instructed for free coinage
of gold and silver at tho ratio of 16 to
I f itir counties adopt the Chicago plat
form of 1S92 two express themselves
In favor of making the campaign on
State Issues and twelve counties go
unlnstructed The probabilities are of
course that a majority of the counties
of tho State will not Instruct at all
as It Is somewhat unusual this State
for county conventions to Instruct the
State convention but of those that go
uninstructed n large majority will be
for free coinage ot silver at 16 to 1
Free Coinage Cause is Still
People Are Deeply Interested and tho
Agitation Will Show Results at
the Polls Senator Duboiss View
on tho CarpetBag Indian Agent
Causa of All the TroubleCopper
Washington D C July 20 1893
General A J Warner president of
tho Bimetallic League of the United
States has arrived In the city after
an extended tour of the country In the
Intelest of silver General Wuiner ex
presses himself as much encouraged by
the outlook He denied emphatically
that silver is losing ground and states
that the charge Is only made by the
Eastern papeis
I am Just back said General War
ner from the sections where the light
for silver Is being waged and where In
the end It will be won and you may
quote me as saying that the people are
neither going over to the gold side of
the question nor becoming Indifferent
to silver The people Indeed were nev
er before so much Interested In silver as
they are at present There may not be
the excitement growing out of public
meetings and conventions that existed
In the spring but there has been no
n whatever of that Interest
which betokens un organized purpose
and upon which you may rely for good
results at tho polls
Senator Dubois who leaves tomor
row for Idaho is very emphatic In
Stating that tie light of the controvei
ny between the whites and the lan
nocks is entirelY with tho whiles who
contend that If they me not to Ue al
lowed to kill game out of season the
same law shall be enforced against the
Indians And right here continued
me Senator wltn some warmth I
walt to express my belief that this
trouble would not have occurred but for
tho President having unloaded a car
petbagger on us as Indian agent
Ihe mans iiumo Is Teeter and he is
Horn West Virginia and was loiced on
us t oblige Mr Wilson Now Teeter
like all Easterners is afraid of an In
dian and perhaps I Is u good thing t
mistrust tnem until you get onto their
tricks Teeter has piouubly Issued
passes to these Ilannocks pernaps was
afraid to letuse at any late me en
tire tribe appeals to bo up there and
having been joined by the tough bucks
of other tubes uie killing game Indis
criminately who Interferes and ready to kill any one
But there will be no war or any
thing like one inures the pity nor do
I believe there las been rile troops
will get there the braves will prompt
ly submit and be taken back to their
reservation and there the matter will
end fqr a time A little later the In
dians will be off the reservation
slaughtering game again it cannot
be otherwise as long us Inexperienced
men such as Teeter are appointed In
dian agents and yet there are people
who blame the whites for taking me
matter in their own hands The extermination
termination of the whole lazy shiftless
nonsupporting tribe of iiannocks
would not be any very great loss
Miss Christiana Mease of Fort Du
chesne Utah Is In the city W Id A
Over Half of Last Years Product
Cam Front Montana
Washington July 2Ulhe review of
copper und copper mining for the year
Ovi made by the United States Ceo
logical Survey has been completed It
says that copper mining suiiereU nom
the general uepiesslon of me year
still consumption was In advance of
16UJ but un eiuaiged pioductlon could
ot lower
only be marketed by means
Prices On the whole copper mliium
than me
lesisied the tension better
other metal trades The exports were
less than in IhlM and were almost en
tirplv of th rntlnud metal I The Ulo
ducuon of ow rIorwl was l 1ro l 0
tons A little over half of tilts camu
n om Montana and twomlrds of tile
lemulnder uoin tne Luke Supeiior
mines other sources ot supply includ
ed Arizona ijuuouu pounua Colorado
uouuuvu pounds taoutneui lutes U
uuu pounus blah 1100000
The available copper supply In ISO
Is placed at iu50oouou pounus not In
cluding stocks hunt previous yeais
Lilt expoits from the United btatcs
lor 1SJ1 were IfJOOOOUU pounds valued
at over lu000000
The lepoit or the Survey of the pro
duction of zlno in tile United States
says that the check which the steady
and rapid advance of me industry iu
celved in IsJJ extended into 1W4 The
decline In the consumption of galvan
ized lion the Biuup lulling oil in the
demand for brass and stagnation In
tile building lade contributed to this
result The production of spelter Uui
Ing the year was in round numbers
iaoOOouO tons derived from the follow
ing btutes Illinois 2JOiu short tons
Kansas 20000 short tons Mlssouil 12
diO tons Western Slates luoo short
tons bouthern states luuu short tons
The production of zinc oxide In 1804
was 21442 tons
Itegardlng manganese the Geological
Survey report says that nearby all of
the United States manganese ores mo
oxides In the United States mangan
ese Is almost coextensive with the
blown hematite lion ore the connec
tion between them being Intimate Tho
largest portion Is mined In three lo
calities tho valley of Virginia Carl
osvllle Ga and Ilatesvllle Ark Many
huge deposits have recently been ob
served in California and Tennessee
The production of tho United States
for Ibid was UJOS long tons valued at
Committee Stopped Lynchings
London July 29M D Conway has
presented to the antllynchlng commit
tee the report ot his iccent visit to
America He says that ho does not
doubt that the agitation of Miss Ida
Wells and the formation of an English
committee has had a good effect In
America the crimes having nearly this
appeared In some of the Southern
States where no suggestion Is now
heard ot the negro propensity for rape
Springs which was called to take ac
tion on the money question Conven
tions at Plattsbuig Marshall Llnneus
Chllltcothe Hlgglnvlllp and Mexico
elected out and out freoBllvcr coinage
advocates basis ou tho unlimited 16 to 1

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