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FOilTIEK IN RE For tho Advancomont of Spanish Fork Utah County and Utah Torri ary and tho Froo Coinage of Silver and Fair Lopislntlon 7 = =
= = t 1 = Kl S
Dedication of BloodSoaked
J Battlefields j
l Grounds Ovor Which tho Armies of
t tho Koi in and South lought for
c Eight Days Plan of the jark and
History of tho Project Programme
of the Exercises tor the Coming
Chattanooga Tenn Sept 16 Under
Ulu uuiding hand or tliu Secretary ot
Will anting under tile authority or
CoiiBtus yimttunooKa una tliu notable
bauiellehw Buuounumg It have been
r picparing for a National event without
liuuillcl Great throngs of veterans
vlui tolight against euch other are
crowding Into the city to take equal
paRt unaer National enactment In the
dedication of the llelds which their
prowess made memorable as a Nation
j al military park wherein the move
ments and the achievements ot each
side have received Impartial attention
As provided In the act of Congress
Secretary Lamont has invited the at
tendance of the legislative department
or the Government and the members
of the Supreme court Congress
and its presiding officers the
LieutenantGeneral of the army
and the Admiral of the navy
the Governors of all tho States and
their staffs and the veterans of the I
contending armies All are to be prom
inently represented Nearly every sur
I viving general or the two armies has
I sent notice of his intention to attend
II The Governors of every State which
had troops in the action have respond
I L ed favorably to the Secretarys invita
A Joint committee of twenty Senators
and Ility members of the House will
represent Congress The members 01
twentysix State committees who have
been at work with the National com
r mittee In locating lines of battle of the
> tioops of their States will attend The
ft0 Army or the Cumberland
the Anliy of the Tennessee the G A
It and the Association of Confederate
Veterans will be present In unusual
numbers This ollleial concourse is to
be increased by a gathering of an army
of visitors already known to be so
great that It will tax the capacity ol
the railroads centering here to their ut
V LloutGen Schollekl has cordially
afforded every assistance which could
be given from the headquarters of the
army and the movement of regulat
troops from Fort Sheridan Fort Rlley
b Fort Thomas Columbus Barracks and
Pensacola presented an instance 01 <
rapid concentration ospei
> o1 11J1Q
I ton to the NatulHCOmmlttee t that the
distant battalions batteries and squad
rons had been expected to move were
scarcely received before dispatches ar
rived at Park headquarters from each
post that the troops were starting
The park which is to be dedicated is
of Immense dimensions It extends
with its approaches from Sherman
Heights in Tennessee six miles north
of Chattanooga to Glass Mill In Geor
gia a distance of twentytwo miles
Tile broad boulevard oetween the two
points Is owned by the Government a
part of the park and full jurisdiction
over this over the fifteen miles square
of the Chlckamauga Held and ovei
e many miles beside ot other approaches
has been ceded to the Government by
the States of Tennessee and Georgia
This drive runs for eight miles along
Braggss line of battle on the crest 01
Missionary Ridge It passes along the
fronts of Shermans army Thonmst
army and the army under Hooker Ii
overlooks all the battlefields about
Chattanooga including Lookout Moun
J tain and runs for twelve miles through
the center of the lighting ground of the
three days battle uf Chickamauga
Of the territory over which Jurisdic
tion has been ceded to the United
Slates for park purposes ten square
miles have been already purchased in
a single block on the chickamaUga
Held The entire crest about Draggse
headquarters on Missionary Ridge Or
chard Knob the headquarters of Grant
Thomas and Granger during the battle
ot Chattanooga a tract eight acres in I
extent llfty acres at the north end 01
Missionary Ridge being the ground
assaulted by Gen Sherman and defend
ed by Clebuine and a tract of live
acres on another portion of the Ridge
marking the left of the assault of thi
Cumberland form portions of the park
Congress has also authorized the addi
tion to the park of Hookers and Val I
thall battleground on Lookout Tht
Government already owns the roads tt
and over Lookout mountain through
Hookers field to Wauhatchle on Long
streets field
The park and Its approaches embrace
or overlook the fields of live days ol
general battle between great armies
and three days of minor engagements
namely ChlcUamauga Orchard Knob
Lookout Mountain and Missionary
Itldgc Browns Ferry and Wauhatchle
The plan of the park Is to restore the
fields as nearly as possible to theft
condition at the time of the battle to
close all new roads and reopen and im
prove thoso used in tho battles and
over which the armies moved to and
from the fields The lines of battle
have all bwn ascertained and a vasl
amount of work toward permanently
marking them has been done This Is
accomplished by historical and guide
tablets which point the way to and
explain the movements upon every por
tion of the lines These tablets show
UK organizations of armies corps di
visions and brigades with the names
of the respective commanders and
their staffs of the field and the com
manders of all regiments and batteries
Full historical text on each tablet sets
forth the details of the movement at
each IKint
There Is no distinction In the prepara
tion of these tablets between Union
and Confederate forces nor in any
other department of the work Is there
In difference The design Is to mark
with historical accuracy the Identical
ground of engagements which occurred
on these fields and thus present an ob
Jtn t lesson in actual war which no
otlltr nation has attempted
Besides tho historical tablets which
are prepared by the Government the
States are erecting monuments to mark
the positions of their troops Already
nearly a half a million dollars have
bean appropriated by States which had
troops here and all of the Staten but
two of tIbet twentynine which were rep
resented In battles have commissioners
at work locating positions for monu
ments There arc nearly a hundred
miles of roads opened and fiftytwo
have been Improved In most substan
tial manner and all through military
positions l Over 400 guns of the but
teries used on these fields have been
obtained fioin the arsenals and 160
have already been mounted upon Iron
guncarriages which are of the pat
tern of the carriages of the war and
set up to mark the exact position of the
batteries of ouch side In the battle
Eventually the whole 400 guns wijl be
i n position Visitors find this one of
the most imposing features of the re
storation as they come upon batteries
of real guns at every prominent pulm
of the lines 8te < l nlisui viiilnii invert
rising above the foieht in various corn
rnandlng positions afford views of the
entire theater of battle
The Chlckamauga Held Is already
thickly dotted with State monuments
and the Government tablets and while
not over half of the number of each
which are to be erected have yet been
provided the lines of the threedays
engagement are readily followed Ohio
has fiftyfive monuments and fifty
three granite markers for minor posi
tions In place Minnesota has five
monuments to her two organizations I
and two of these are the most costly of
any yet erected Massachusetts has a
fine granite and bronze monument on
Orchard Knob All of the monuments
thus far erected except those from In
diana are of granite and bronze Those
of that State arc of Bedford limestone
The park project and the main de
tails of its comprehensive plan was the
conception of Gen Boynton now the
historian of the National commission
Ills public suggestion to make Chicka
mauga a National park was taken up
by the Society of the Army of the
Cumberland and his first plan was to
secure this through a joint memorial of
Union and Confederate veterans with
the idea of securing State assistance
A memorial association was organized
and chartered but before it began op
erations he perfected a plan for a Na
tional commission acting under the
supervision of the Secretary of War
He wrote a bill which is the present
law l placed it in the hands of Gen
Grosvenor of Ohio who Introduced it
In I the House of Representatives Many
members of the House took an immedi
ate and strong interest In the measure
notably thirty of those who served in
one or the other of the armies of the
battle of Chattanooga Before it was
called up universal support had been
secured for it and it passed both
houses by unanimous consent It pro
vided for the purchase of 7600 acres of
the Chickamauga field and for the
equal participation of both sides in
the marking of the lines and the erec
tion of monuments All subsequent
appropriations now aggregating 750
000 havo also passed without opposi
r roctor took great < intoroit
mission under which the park is being
established Secretary Elklns gave the
project energetic support and through
the last two years while the Immedi
ate work has been placed in final
shape Secretary Lamont has rendered
constant and most energetic assistance
The National commission consists of
Gen J S Fullerton chairman Gen A
P Stewart representing the Confede
rate side Maj Frank G Smith Second
artillery secretary and Gen H V
Boynton historian Gen Fullerton by
order of the Secretary of War has
charge of all arrangements for the
The official dedication under the aus
pices of Congress and the Secretary of
War will occupy the 19th and 20th in
stants but exercises of a general char
acter which will be attended by most
jf the officials who are to arrive will
ccupy the whole of the ISth and the
jvenlngs of the 18th 19th and 20th
The dedications of State monuments
will occur mainly on the 18th
At noon of the IDth the Chickamauga
> ield will be dedicated the VlcePresI I
lent of the United States presiding
upon the Invitation of Secretary La
mont The orators will be Gen John
M Palmer and Gen John B Gordon
both ot the United States Senate
The night of the 19th In the tent at
Chattanooga the veterans of Sher
mans and Braggss armies will hold
public exercises Gen Granville M
Dodge president of the Society of the
Army of the Tennessee presiding The
hlef speeches will be by Gen O O
Howard Gen Joseph Wheeler of Ala
bama and Gen Wlllard Warner of
During the forenoon of the 20th there
will be a parade and a review In which I
ill organized military bodies and the
Governors of States will take part At
noon the dedication of the Chattanooga
field will take place In the tent the
ipeakerr being Gen Charles II Qros
venor of the House of Representatives
and Gen William H Bate of the Sen
rreasury the Source of Supply for
the International Balances Peoplo
Should not
Complain I
London Sept 16Hon James E
Eckels Comptroller of the United
States Treasury made the following
itatement today on request of a repre
sentative of the Associated Press
Being thus far away from New
Vork and not knowing the exact con
lltlons prevailing there which are pro
luclng the shipments of gold abroad I
eel I can say nothing upon that sub
ject wblch will bo of special benefit to
the public Generally speaking the
sold shipments came about from the
fact that the American people are buy
Ing a great deal abroad and not sell
Ing sulllclent of their own products to
equalize things thus necessitating the
settlement of the balance duo in gold
We maintain a financial systemwhich
makes tho United States Treasury the
general market of supply for all re
lulrlng gold Consequently more or less
ambarrassment comes to the Admin
istration of the Treasury department
when these balances require to be set
tled However the Treasury has al
ways managed to maintain unquestion
ed the payment of its obligations and
always will do so The system under
which it is forced to operate makes it
sometimes expensive to do so but as
long as the voters tolerate them the
people have no right to complain of
tho expense
Dangerous Lunatic In the
Mountains of Sevier
Armed with a SixShooter Which He
Turns Loose at Unexpected Times
and Places Attacked a Camp Near
Joseph CitySupposed to be
Hrighaui Nay with a Stuipeto Re
Rlchfleld Utah Sept 15hi these
latter days Joseph City beuei county
Is the scene of a deal ot wlluwest ad
venture itlgnt on lop of the moon
> shiners arrest arrd Indictment conies
the story OL a thrilling uupude en
gaged hr by a half dozen utucKinen and
a madman
Saturday night the sheep and cattle
men In question hud camped in the
mountains a short distance above
Joseph City They were grouped around
Lhe camplire enjoying tile uttersupper
iimoke and chat when without warn
ing they were fallen upon by a man
who emerged form the darkness and
singlehanded commenced a fierce on
slaught upon the assembly
A tier emptying a sixshooter at tht
camp ho grappled with the man near
est him Worsted in the catchas
catchcan wrestling match the wild
man eluded the others and escaped into
the timber as suddenly as he had ap
The identity of the wouldbe assassin
i s not positively known but it is
thought he is one Brigham Nay who
was arrested last year In Gunnison for
a like offense Tho criminal is short
heavyset and very darkcomplexioned
A few evenings previous to Saturday
nights adventure a man answering
that description had attacked and was I
driven from another sheep camp in the
same locality No one was Injured at
either time
According to latest advices a posse
organized In Joseph City has gone into
tire mountains In pursuit of the fellow
who has terrorized the entire commu
nity As yet no trace of him has been
Slayer of Indian Wint Indicted at
St George YesterdayA Heavy
Guard Will Protect Hun
St George Utah Sept 10In the
Second DI iutrlcitQ < t r4 kByu n < Kriint
an yB i i t kUlcal kV > kt ultOrw t
luws or the United States and two un I
der the Territorial laws one of the lat
ter being an Indictment for murder In I
the first degree against Frank Hagle I
stead for the murder of Indian Wmt I
Haglestead was arraigned at once and I
pleaded not guilty He will not be tried I
at this term of court but will be ta I
Ken to the pen I
The Indians are hanging about the
courthouse every day and are very I
eager to learn concerning this case In I
talking with the oflicers of the court I
they always insist that Haglestead I
must be hung and they seemed much I
disappointed when they learned that I
his trial had been postponed In view or I
the feeling and demonstrations of the I
Indians and the apprehensions of some I
of the citizens that the Indians may
seek to intercept and take the prisoner
from the marshals on their way north
ward District Attorney McCarty asked
that an order be made authorizing the
Marshal to employ as many guards as
he deemed necessary for tho safe
transportation of the prisoner
George Davis implicated with Ed
Keely for stabbing young Crosby at
Pangultch pleaded not guilty
Frederick Clift a barrister of the
English courts was admitted to the
John H Mlckles pleaded guilty to an
Indictment for selling liquor without a
license and was fined 20 and costs
The forgery cases were dismissed
Indicted for Murder at Logan
Coughlins Experience in His Pres
ent Prison
Salt Lake City Utah September 11
Pat Coughlan and Fred George the
beardless assassins over whose heads
the hangmans noose Is dangling who
were indicted at Logan yesterday were
brought down from Ogden last night
with a bunch of other criminals and
commuted to the penitentiary where
they will await their trial on an In
dictment charging them with murder
Coughlun appeared to relish the posi
tion In which he found himself and
garrulously recited while his pockets
were being searched his adventures
within the confines of the pen In which
he had done a term for burglary and
In which he languished for several
months while his friends were saving
him from the punishment ho had in
curred in the attempt to murder Patsy I
Harrlgan of Park City It was Cough
lans first visit to the Institution since
he was discharged two years ago His
record for meanness and moral ob
liquity while there excelled says Pa
trolman Jarrney who stood watch over
him that of any convict who vas ever
there Ho was constantly in tho sweat
box No power was able to reform
him His mothers pleadings were vain
Ho was an Instrument of constant tur
moil It was with this record that
Coughlan went back to his old haunts
It was Georges first experience and
while his companion in crime laughed
about his career behind the bars
George was crestfallen and taciturn
I have no confidence In Coughlanu
boasted pluck said exguard Burt
On the contrary I believe him a cur
Stanford Case on Appeal
San Francisco Sept 101ho people
of the United States Regan the second
attack upon tho Stanford estate in the
Circuit Court of Appeals today In tho
suit involving 15000000 When the
case was heard In tho United States
District court the demurrer Interposed
by the defense was sustained BO the
case never actually came to trial
It was considered a victory for the wi
dOy J of Senator Stanford however for
her litlQWCXJvisjrpheldJn every point
EM ri MeClsICK counsel for tho plan
tIff began his argument on his appeal
today Time history of the Central Pa
ClfictaB made by Congress the bill of
cortynlalnt and the decision of the Uni
ted States District court were cnuint
rat d In the Opening remarks Little
or no J new material was Introduced
Jl Hills View Modified
Washington Sept 1C Doubt no long
er exists here as to tho correctness of
tile 1Cprrnltlon that Mr Hornblower
Is tp get a seat on tho Supremo bench
It Bottled that Senator Hill will not
oppose his confirmation and In all
probability there will be no opposition
from any other source
Senator Hill has modified his views
on MI Hornblowers fltnesa for the Su
preme bench since Mr Hornblower
supported Mr Hill for Governor last
falln I Is said
James Whitton of Hailsy
Wielded the Knife
Claimed His Credit with George A
Lowe Had Been Injured and is
Said to Have Been the Aggressor
A Terrible and Probably Fatal
WoundInflictedTestimony at the
Crocker Trial v
Ilalloy Ida Sept 10 Aboat 1 oclock
this afternoon William Loucks a
rancher from Sliver creek aged 32
ypois ran out of the Bailey Lumber
companys olllce holding a largo iron
file in his hand saying Im cut to
pieces Im a dead man come with me
to a doctor
These words were addressed to T E
Ptcotte editor of the Times who was
standing near The latter accompanied
Loucks to lice postolllce where he
weakened and collapsed falling to the
ground Four men carried Loucks to
the office of Drs Brown Gue where
examination proved a large knife
wound two inches In length in the
lower right abdomen the Intestines
protruding The wound was sewed up
ojid subsequently Loucks was removed
to his mothers house at Bellevue Dr
Urown informs your correspondent that
even it I he outlives the shock death
Worn peritonitis Is feared
fJames P Whitton manager of the
Ilailey Lumber company and excom
mlsfiloner of Logan county stabbed
liouckd Loucks who is a stalwart fel I
ldwi l superior to Whitton In strength
claims Whitton Injured his credit with f
GeoISQtr owe or Utah Whitton de i
ithi5 < 1 demandedif4tli
Durlrti4tbMl4cbumltll it s bald I
Loucks has met and abused Whitton II I
on thd street and in his olllce twice I I
This morning Loucks renewed the I
quarrel Whitton stood at his desk I
Loucks kept him penned in a corner I
brandishing a pair of iron pinchers
threatening to dash out Whlttons I
brains and smashing the ofllco furni
ture to pieces This was continued for I
about one hour Finally according to
Whitton Loucks grabbed a large iron
file shouting Im going to kill you
you d s of a b but as he ad
vanced seemingly to execute the threat
Whitton applied the knife In selfde
fense and Loucks retreated Whitton
Is an inoffensive and pleasant man to
get along with No arrests have been
The coke workers at Scottdalc Pa de
cided to go on a strike
The prison congress opened at Denver
with fifty delegates In attendance
The convention of mothers which was
to havo been held under tho auspices 01
the Chicago Kindergarten college Sep
tember iMth2Gth has been postponed to
October 2rd to 25th
The trials of the recalcitrant witnesses
in the Senate bugar tnvcstlbl1t1on case
will not take uluce until November The
llm case tried will bo that of Kiverton
H Chapman the New York broker
It is understood that Presldqnt < CkivJ
land has practically determined to ap
point W L May or Omaha Neb Com
missioner of Fish and Fish Hatcheries
to succeed the late Marshall MacDonald
Dunlel Coffcy one of the bestknown
detectives ill the San Francisco police
department committed suicide by shoot
hitf himself in the head His relatives
are unable to assign any cause for the
All the continental steamship companies
except the Thlngvulla line made Impor
tant advances in rates for outgoing steer
ago passengers which aro now as high
aa they were two years ago before tile
rate war
Comto Max do Foras son of tho grand L
marshal of tho Court of Prince Ferdinand L
or Bulgaria has become betrothed to LI
Marlp tho daughter of tho lion Mere
dith head formerly United States Min
ister to Greece
A dispatch from Berlin says the Em
peror la drawing an allegorical picture Il
lustrating tho Intervention of time powers
In connection with the peace between I
China and Japan It IH to be painted bI
iluirKimehfusb and will be presented I
to tho Czar of Kubbla
Glen Ford McKinnoy of New York a
son of John L McKinney of Tltuavllle
lcnn bank president has been lost in
tho mountains in Northwestern Colorado
for ten days His father who was also
a member of the party hUll offered 6UU
reward for any news of him dead or
Arrangements for a combine of all I
windowglass manufacturers In tho West
ern district were perfected and tho price
of window glass was boosted SHe to II per
cent Heretofore the entire production of
the seventy windowglass Unas will puss
through the hands of but two sales
agents one at Plttsburg and another at
Muncie Ind
An immense traffic In Mexican cattle Is I
being built up under the present favora
ble conditions for their Importation into
this country Twelve thousand head of
stock cattle were purchased in the State
of Coahuila Mexico last week and
brought Into Texas and tho Dolores
ranch in Kinney county was stocked
with them
Mr Theodore Runyon Unlttd States I i
Ambassador to Germany has rnado a
second application to the District At
torney at WuorzburB In behalf of Sir
Louis Stern of New X ° rk who was re
cently sentenced Ifftour months Im L
prisonment at NurUriburg for insulting
Baron Thucnjcn Aocluto Justice I Inl
Klsscngen Mr Ituhyon iIe
lUJ t tiGI
l e
ed that the sentoncif p
be sustained jj It f
Little Girl Who Saw Booth
Only Saw His Arm and Part of His
3ace Other Witnesses Saw Crockor
at the Barn About that Time In
teresting1 Developments at the
E nnston Trial Objections to Mr
Vnrlans Participation
t I
Evanston Wyo Sept 17In the
Crocker murder trial this morning the
prosecution Introduced Mr C 8 Va
rian of Salt Lake and asked for his
admission Into the case at this day as
he had not been able to appear be
efensc > entered an objection Mr
Varian on the ground that he was a
nonresident of tho State and conse
quently not eligible to admission to the
bar of Wyoming Defense cited au
thorities In support of their objection
and contended that Mr Varian could
only be allowed to practice in our
courts through courtesy They con
tended that an attorney not a member
of the bar of Wyoming could not take
upon himself the quasijudicial func
tions of a prosecutor
The prosecution taken unawares on
this point withdrew their motion to
admit Mr Varian reserving the privi
lege of renewing the same later on
The case proceeded by the prosecu
tion recalling Ole Bergstrom lie said
ho had a conversation with Crocker on
the day after the murder We start
ed for the barn and he said that after
he had seen tlV nan unload the 8raw
he went down z jfl and theU hand and
then back to the barn whom he met
Brown coming out and he told him he
had got on to the combination quick
ly This was between 4 aid 0 oclock
Mrs Lyme Hugglns the next wit
ness said she had lived in Evanston
seenteen years I live next to the
Presbyterian church and opposite Mr
Crockers residence I know where the
Booth Crocker bwn is On tho 26th
day of January I saw the defendant
going to the barn at about 510 or 515
p 1 m I saw a wagon drive into the
corral and saw rman drive out I did
nr JlIee any oni there when he camo
I Jtvd the man closed the gates hlm
t y drove away It was from ten
A 5in > minutes after the man had
su i ti saw Crocker come to the
lfupro I
fJlIUllt th Hitchlnga was the next
1 ni the say defendant walking
06th ii
l K rfctffward t8wn ori tire
ol n er for ry about 5 oclock
a a Jerforj
g i rn Witness was not
ved Jnl regarding the con
son ins atiorJhm rleltl with Mr Butler
Inlaw ot rocker Judge Brown
mated that as Butler was an at
i ey of record in the case the pro
tha1 pro
tlon should be allowed to show
wi Butler had endeavored to tamper I
the witness
orgo Murphy the next witness
lied to having seen the defendant
t <
he barn He first saw him coming
sa his house to the barn and then
ht him again at the barn door He
Itev a sled with a bundle of canvas on
eVg aw him there at 540 p m on the
a lj Ing of the homicide I stopped
I Io i looked at him and he looked at me
as very cold that day and he had
01 It of clothes on very much like the
CO i he now wears He had no over
OJ 1 but think he had I pair of gloves
fl Ho was standing ten or fifteen feet
l n the corner going toward tho
hu i t I was daylight and he was go
i along openly When I last saw him
vas standing at the barn door He
i I iped there turned and looked at
and I stopped and looked at him
SIrs George Murphy next took the
il Id and testified as follows On the
ll I day of January last I was in
t nston and came down town with
husband about 520 She went to
tl stores as stated by her husband
1 J started for Mr Hugglnss I saw
Crocker a short distance from the
n h n as we turned into the alley oppo
a the barn I saw him hauling a
up d 1 sled with something on I and
IPI t then standing In front of the barn
at We went directly up the alley to
ginss place I did not turn after
el tent Into the alley When I saw
Ill last his face was turned toward
pit I I nd he stood In front of the barn
If I was about 510 that I saw
Dont know if electric lights
1m i
turned on or not or whether sun
Upl liming or not When I first saw
n ufdant he was coming toward the
C Shurtllff Jr was working for
Iln n I Fargo Co In January Saw
V 1 8t r lint twice on the 26th of January
en 430 and 645 p m He bought
v o grapes the first time and went
anc f the rear door leading to the al
p < i pon which the Booth and Crocker
Infl is situated He came in about
ot IJ I or 545 and bought some onions
r II defendant has talked to me about
I I to atter and said I was mistaken
d i the time lie said ne came in
8 ont door but that is not true He
Ztr nald he went out of the front door
fit ttttils 1 was also not true On cross
lily Dration witness said he could not
Oil deilnitely to the day but Is cer
I all 1 was about that time I was
I I Qf fr unusual for defendant to cot
time back door
t Ill
V I i 4 Walton a young girl of Evans
I con itUled I was coasting on tho
the 26th of January I dont
tnlrirliow t long I was coasting but I
Ii i li llere I late I saw Mr Booth on
IJ g y to the barn I stood by the
ustrl cross from tho Little Rock
m the sidewalk There were
i Is with me Mr Booth went In
arn The doors wero closed I
after I saw Mr Booth and
ilal rc nt home I noticed the electrlo
Ing in C when I went up the hill after
rson tr Booth ater
issoxamlnatlon she testified as
> tie welt into the barn ho was
by some person and pitched
and fell The door was then
She saw a mans arm and a
its face but could not Identify
e says she heard some one reo
ere he comes referring possi
loath who was approaching
She further said he was struck by
something that looked like a baseball
bat Being Hhown a plok handle could
not nay I was the weapon
That todays evidence is strong for
the prosecution Is unquestioned I lo
cates Crocker at the barn at the time
the murder was supposed to have been
Missouri Senator Said to nave
Changed HisViews
New York Sept 17A special to the f
Herald from Washington says Another
United States Senator can be added to
those who have left the standard of the
advocates of the free and unlimited
coinage of nllver at the ratio of 10 to 1
Senator Vest of Missouri who Is now
In Carlsbad has in private Conversa +
tlons with persons who have met him
In I Kurupe declared that In hid opinion I I
free coinage of silver at the old ratio f
was no longer possible Just what po
sition tho Missouri Senator will occupy
on the silver occuJY
IIIer question will probably not
lie known until sonic occasion arises
In which ho can express himself but
says I Missouri gentleman I can be
announced with pofdtlveness that he
would never again favor the free coin
age of silver at the ratio of 10 toil
Wlll Coin Double Eagles
Philadelphia Sept Superintend
ent Kretz will commence tomorrow
the coining of double eagles from the
millions of dollars In gold bullion now
stored In the vaults of the mint in this
city The press has a capacity of 18000
Pieces a day which by working to its
full capacity will give an output of
over JIO000000 a month This course
will be pursued by the superintendent
as the reserve gold fund in the institu
tion is now quite low and because of
the weekly shipments to New York and
other cities It is desired to replenish
Health Officers Meet
San Francisco Sept 17 Members of
the State and San Francisco boards
of health United States health offi
cers and the health officers of San
Francisco and Oakland met In the
olllce of the Mayor today to consider
the cholera
question Resolutions
Resolutons wero
adopted pledging tho various officials
represented at thd confcicnce to act In
concert for the prevention of an epl
demlo Invasion or in case of its inva
sion to effectually suppress it It was
also agreed that the practice of the
Pacific Mal Steamship company in
returning to China In wooden coffins
bodies of Chinese who died en route to
this port would be fatal to passengers
in case of cholera epidemic The com
pany was notified to place such bodies
In hermeticallysealed caskets
Democratic Lawyers Foe in Wyo
ming Legislative Contests
Cheyenne Wyo Sept 17In the
District court hero today a verdict was
rendered against Albert L New ex
chairman of the Wyoming State Demo
cratic committee and now Collector of
Internal Revenue for the district of
Colorado for 400 the amount of a
claim sued for by A C Campbell a
Campbel I
prominent Democratic lawyer
Mr Campbells case was that he had
been engaged by Mr New as attorney
in the legislative contest cases follow
ing the Wyoming elections of 1892 Mr
New contracting to pay for the serv
ices from funds to be advanced by the
National Democratic committee Mr
New paid part of Mr Campbells bill
but refused to pay the CumpbelH when
Campbell opposed his candidacy for
the United States Senate Campbell
charged New with having received 6000
for the contests and with having 60o
used these funds
Mr New did not appear In court but
answered through his counsel to the ef
fect that he had kept no books during
the time of the contests that he could
not remember how much money he had
received that he had no account of
what he had expended but had ex
pended all he received Under the e
peremptory order of the court Judg J
claim ment for was the rendered full amount of Campbells
Outflow of Gold is tho Only Discouraging
aging Feature of the Situation
Gold is Insuulclent
New York Sept Congressman Fran
cis AI Newlanuu of Nevada chairman of
the executive committee of time National
Silver party talked to a World reporter
at tho Holland house today on the luturo
of free and unlimited silver coinage as
a political issue 1
1 recognize the fact ho said that It
business continues to Improve and it
tunis out that the improvement is perma
nent tho silver Issue Is dead
Tho only discouraging feature of tho
situation is tho outlluw of gold At this
particular time there ought to be u mar
ket abroad for our staple export pro
ducts wheat and cotton but England
doC not appear to be buying as ireuly
as usual J may be that conditions will
change and the beginning of exportation
will causa an Inflow of gold expOlluton
who believe In the free arid unlimited
coinage of silver tile situation Is ono that
should make I evident that tha world
cannot do business on gold alone
Nevertheless I um frank to admit that
with the return of prosperity silver ceases
to bo an Issue for when tho people are
occupied with profitable business affairs
they have neither the time nor the utan
nation t discuss money Questions
Appalling Excess of Imports Over
Exports this Year
Washington Sept 15A bulletin by the
Bureau of Statistics of the Treasury de
partment shows an excess of imports of p
merchandise over exports for the month
of August of 15215729 and for tho eight
months ending August 21st of 36505518
Tile sarno periods last year 6I518
exports to bo In excess by JiojS075 and 5
01777257 00
Gold to tho value of 10007201 was ex
ported during August making S57t217
for the eight months of the year 1021
excess of exports over imports U placed
at 15151I and 2770 > 31 as opposed to
l91530i and 54233281 for corresponding
periods of lilt Gold ore showed a totiu
export for the eight months of tW
million The silver exports Including coin 1
bullion and ore wero J5000uo and 3S
OOOOUO opposed to RGOOOOO and fcllOOOWO
for 189L
Tho Immigrants during tho month num
bored 27199 and for tho year to date 213
lSL 733 as opposed to 17418 and 1CGGU during
Mrs Hearst of California baa Q colloo
ton of laces which rivals that of the
Queen of Italy

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