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WOlD R8ltt JJ e
A 1 s Tf j
Publlhhea eTlIr Friday Morning at Spanish
Fort UUU
T liuUred ixt the Pest omce at Spanish fork
Utah at iccondolaBi matter
Wm F Gibson Editor
With this number we begin Volume
2 of The Spanut Fork JisiiAM This
paper was established linn year ago
tho 1st of September but a little rc >
flcntrJeity In nutnterlng Urn IHIUCS l
Fake Mia first volume ulosu several
weeks Inter In Lila year and contain
more than Uo usual number of pnpfis
It will numbered In the orthodox
fashion hereafter
The pro pncta for the coming rear
are brighter for THE TIEIULD then
hare born viewed by a Spanish Fork
paper for lol these ninny moons The
pcnpl hero not furert well at thf
handsot local newspaper men and
though wishing heartily eunuch fora
rood local paper did not feel disposed
to give their support another poasl
hie failure
Tlie present manatfftTnent of Tire
HERALD have been assured of the
necessary support by the enterprising
bushes lioiins of this pity and by
fair treatment h tpo to win the pat
remise of all and the rr on lllllu and
esteem of everyone
The miinaRT Mr Felt In 1 known to
most Spanish Fork people through
formrr biiRintiB relations and also as
the editor of the Sprln vllle Inde
pendent The editor hereof Is a
itranper among Spanish Fork folks
being driven Into exile bv the WI con
sin climate bur hoped tr make his
home > In this city and cast his lot with
Utah people lift Is no more Infallible
than jieaverage uf huratmty expects
to be rebuked for his error and
dmilitR not but that approbation will
be forthcoming whon deporved
THE HEIULD respectfully sollclls
the moral support of the cOIlln1unlt
and Is Will aware of the futility or
working without It Wo wl1 1 make no
rnh promises blt will do our best
for you and are content to submit the
rcslllt of our efforts to jou for Judg
iho polioy of ten papvi will bo Imle
pendent on political and ruliuhm
questions ann will he lo advocate the
Interests Spanish Fork In cVcry way
shape and manner
In an entirely utiprovoktd null ut
terly uncalledfor attack upon Hon
WinGrcor of this city John C Graham
nt Provo stamps himself as a Journalist
of small calibre whom the country
prays 01 Utah cannot hut rCLrtlld with
llhKUsti A man with even the most
prcllnury sense of common decency
wpuld not give utterarce to fetich sen
timents concerning a political rue In
none one with whom ho had been
associated in times pist The boss
Graham entirely forgets the rosooct he
should have for the newspaperman
Graham No ono will wonder grittily 1
however nt this forgetfulness
In the days when Mi Crers coop
eration was neccbaary to this welfare
or John Graham that cutlcnian
did not fpeali t of Dill Clcer ilus
fellow Creer etc but courteously
mentioned life Hon Wm Crcor
Verily time niakun great chaniua I
Gratitude and respect for a former
follow laborer liae nu place amonu the
feelings of the Utah county boss whan
lie find Mr Crcer arrayed against him
And In retard to Mr Cresrs partisan
ship the editor of the Enquirer Is mi
one who can ciklclhu in good ta > ii
Mr Craters partisanhip at uu >
rate IS nut grad nattCI < i in quality anu
quantity by a Salt Lake political
Spanish Fork people who are ac
quainted with Mr OieerS honorahlt
record as u business man ofiliiri
years standing treat with contuiupt
the statement that he would not ex
press his sentiments freriy and opcnl >
and scorn the idea of his Uoplng in
adopt the vulgar Hlu of alandur which
evidently obtains In 1ruvo or in fac
anx but a stylo of open legit l < uml i
vrarfiie to WhiCI1 the rill r nt In
Enquiici it J an uniiru fuuir > r ixci
as tiu lutttd with It In a foe
Such low down attack on MI
GrierH character and rql1tatl in bv
I John C Graham of Provo wlJ have no
cuVct on Spanish Fork pooplc or on
Utah county people eubrCove ti i
1 arouse their indignation again t till
author of thorn Ku it political
iuivcfuiust riallzp + that personal l abuse
I t rap ° peyct harm eeriously any but the
qnowho Indulges lu It
THE UBUALD doc not Intend to
enter he pj > it sal tight this fall tut
ripps Intend to lesent any and all un
f vgiTautcrt and disgraceful attacks
P1 upon Spanish ark or any oilier eld
lrnr > iCit > llOllll nuJrratanJ hat I
h < lB noi ULHI Ctuoty and her ncwi
papers icjo to rciillz
their iKtrrnr H tlll ni Iungrr
swallowed bliiWy bocausis they ciiV
nniUo fromJJrmt city NmthurpoHtf
cat part s obliged to look iu Provo
for lender or ad vie
Thu combat thickens < Jreal Campaign 1
Bo does the crush or candidates at i
the Salt Hirer cricket oIllccH c il I
Th nanu of the lion GeorRo D
Sail is being mentioned conn clon
with thin Hcpuhllcan noinlnntlon for
State senator Spanish + orKRipubll
cans will in doubt support him lo Uu t 1
convvtiioli and beliberally assisted
by other prcclnctfi I
The stoy Is birlnmiitr to leak out
that Mr John June the puprilnlond
entof the Spanish Fork Coop could
linve had the nomination fortho State
tronsurorshlp from the Uomocrale
convention If ho touM halo allow d
bill mama to zo before that body lIe
declined It li uiidor tond un account
of the fact that his prlvilo business
interests nc upi cl his time fully Mr
Jones would make a canddnto for tho
State f senate whom the Democrats
ould have ro dltllculty In olectlnjf If
he mud bo Induced to accept the
Borne time ago we recelvrj < a rtcril head notice
for publication In this paper with an urgent
request tint we publish the matter for the In
formation of stuafiitB within the circulation of
your paper Tile notice wus printed on n
mlmcTRrorti dated Provo Aiifr 15189 and
mailed from fox Elder AUK 1H 1895 In an en
velope beanne the following Angus Vance
Oupt Public gjhools Utah stamped with n
rubber Rtamp on the upper left hand corner
The mimeograph notice was In reference to
Excursion Rates for student to thenrl bam
Young Academy Perhaps these people had
their notices published In Rome papers out not
In the Messenger Wo might hove Insorlsd
the notice hid there been any evidence ot the
patronage nf n printing press but everything
showed that the press had been eomnlotolj IB
nored Are such people the friends of news
pa ersMantl Messenger
Most decidedly not And just so
loflg as tho country press continues to
encourage these people by Riving
them what they ask for Just that
lon c will they continue to diarcijard
the claims of the press for considera
tion In such matters Seme people
will go to 2 worth of cxpeiiNO and
1 worth of bother In order to avoid
giving a country printer a SI75 job
or course Utah Institutions Miould be
oneouraued and Also encouraged to
encourage oIlier Utah Institutions
Th that ImBlney before Judge Klnjr
TuejUay was the dlnnlsBul of the casa or
Alex Jennings vs Tho Enqll fJo
wherein plaintiff sued for 15 I
ages because the Erqulrer Bt
Decpiuber that plaintiff war SS
Provo being wanted at Ilea a
ing counterfeit money lie n j
at tlio time and wan wanted f obtai
lug injiioy tinnier false pretenses r
Mat charge 11 wns tried and acqultte
Ills attorney Mr Irish Tuesday mon
lug moved the dlsinlhsRl of the ca
which the court granted
Into Smith of Provo who bud pr
vlouly pleaded guilty to fornleatlo t
thoi came forward for Bontenco Jut > l I
King gave him one day in tIe peal
llary The light fine was offing + to t d
fact that Mm yoiuitr man hid done nil
his uovvi r to right the wrong by wauth e
to marry ili I girl she refusing He lit
proviouMj I been a boy of good reputatlil
mil a grandmother is dependent upo
him for support n
TUOi tho greater part of the foronoi
w w < lukeii up III hearing thecneoThorn t
Cloward VK John DL Cloward and Chin
Gloward all of Salem Utah court <
Their dispute la over a private loul e
their faring Plaintiff alleges that
April I 30 18U5 the dcfuiidants fcroll
lirnkeiniil uiitrtrrd upon plain IHslai
and unaiiul 1101 In the sum of 1
rtio dufnidantH contend that for iiv
than tan yonrs last past tile eald lau
and prenilHes were trnversod by a hlgl
way 11 tog which they travfUdr TJu
proved that rtliintiff placed nbstructio
iciosj tlio alleged road Huquirer
leotrlo Lii liti aucl ipyer
A curious result has followed the i
troduction of electricity for street ligl
ing in Orizaba Mexico Millions 01JU I
sects have been attracted from vo I
mountains and their dead bodies IpP l
collected in great heaps about the ode
posts Under n 1 hot sun an unbeanng
stench has arisen from the doca n < T
masses and fcVer htas broken out anlnd
the inhabitants It has been fery
necessary to send out wagons < in
morning to carry away tho dea
sects rth
air Kobort Fool and Ororco the spent
Tho Icing was accustomed to conjcpli
upon tho dress of Sir Robert ISid
I tho
whose clothes never fitted him
noy Smith accordingly represent ht
minister when on a visit to tho 1JJ his
on Pavilion as being called rend
bed in the middle of the night to jup
to his majesty in what the kini din
posod to be his last momenta hi an
ner having disagreed with hiraf 1 at
alarming manner Peel wns muhort
fccted and tho king after a fatter
words which ho could scared +
aid f U I
f Go my dear PeelGod bless Peel
shall never see you againl And falut
turned to leave the room ho add < ni my
ly Who made that dreBsinsg 11111
door Peel It sets very badly NCVer
God bless you my dear fellow anlcee
employ that tailor againl
Reduced Rates to OgdenSynod
For the Synod of Utah and tlMission
kal Womens Theo and fforeip 1acjflc
Society Oct 8th to Km thu Unfoi
Ity will miko a rato one and c
faro tertificaia plan from nil stn
Utah and Idaho to Ogden Coil
will be Bifnod by lcv J 11 Hart
ii tl l
to c
ono of tho most
funeral paraphernalia ever Invented
nays I tho News of that city It Is a bur
glar and flro toot coflla With BO many
JBtrango adjuncts that a person teeing
it for tho first time would throw up his
hands In holy horror at the audacity of
tho inventor and the admirable nerve
of a manufacturer that will place suck
an article on tho market Despite the
many ghastly features in connection
VlUi tho < Cold tiro almost I
blasphemous talk of tho enterprising
agent this city has j roved to be n
lucrative Cold for him to work and
now a number of citizens lire equipped
with the strangest burial appliance of
tho docado Tho description of tho
coffin as given by the agent Is as fol
Primarily tho coffin Is flro and bur
jlarpvoof The case la J made out of
boiler Iron harJanud wtit old bono
sprnco bark and leather which forms
an cnamul that cannot be penetrated
bj chisel or drill It Is put together
with angle Iron and flush rivet The
locUs nro all on tho Inside so con
structed with hooka and staples with a
spring behind them that when a pin la
drawn out from tho outside tho bolts
spring down and lock automatically
and the coffin Is then locked so that it
cannot bo one nod from the outside
The only person who can unlock tho I
strange coffin is the person inside i
There are two grades of cofflns
those for vaults Bud those to be in
tarred In graves The coffin to bo
placed In a vault is equipped with ifr
> ouoos that can bo exploded from tho
iusUdo The theory of this is that in
inno a person la burled alive ho can
throw back tho bolts explode the tor
pedoes and warn tho sexton and thus
escape Tho coffin to be placed in a
grave has attached a strong spring and
arm In cruio tho person inside finds
that he ishos to got out all ho has to
do is to throw back the spring and this
arm is thereby released and cuts its
way to tho top exploding a torpedo
and warning tho keeper of the grave
These coffins aro cold at so much per
pound and the first purchaser does
not have to pay anything down Ho
simply gives a 1 written guarantee to
the manufacturer that he will pay for
tho co ill n from his estate within fifteen
days after death or failing to do this
the manufacturer can claim his body
w do what ho may wish with it The
coffins wore originally invented at
Vpsllantl Mich and the invention wns
duo to necessity At the time that the
company gained its inception Ypsilanti
and Ann Arbor and other Michigan
towns were being overrun with grave
robbers It was to counteract the ef
fects of this that the cofllns were made
The scare had become so bait th < e
that the peoplo had Cut > sth I 1i
l atuUut1t1bjuZ aucustlutrylJ viv It it
wa thls company began operations
Tim smallest bird is an East Indian
hummingbird It is a littlo larger
than the common house fly
SUN spots were first observed in lOll
and were then noted by several astrono
mers ut about the same time
i SEVEnAi species of ants keep cows
the aphis answering the purpose and
fi milk them at regular intervals
l Lf MiciioscoriSTS say that the strongest
microscopes do not probably reveal
jtho lowest stages of animal life
M MAN is scientifically defined as forty
ghvo pounds of carbon and nitrogen dif I
fused through five buckets of water
NKITIIKII chemists nor naturalists
° Javc yet been able to solve tho qucs
gon why n lobster turns red when
j Boiled
Ql OvEn one hundred instances are on
lTcord where human bodies after bart
t a4 remained uncorrupted for many
6U rs t
ktY > n1iwcttest place in this CQUiitry s
n 1 in Withilton over one
ariitdred nnd twentythree inches of
Men fall there every year 4
wa OMAN leads the world She used
duo celess powder for ages before men
LWthought of adopting it TidBits
PATSay Mike wIlY dont you buy
ablcyclo Miko Becauso if I walt
to walk Ill walk standing upBoston
TOODTES Could you lot mo have five
dollars for a few days Noj I have
more days than I know what to do with
nnwInter Ocean
MB DOLLCV Miss Flypp why Jo
you suppose it is that there Is no mar
rying nor giving in marriage In
Heaven Miss Flypp promptlyNo
men thereJudge
UcTheI 1 understand that you
contend for an equality of tho sexes
ShoNot at all I dont expect men
I ever will bo qulto equal to women
Boston Transcript
HcMAirc OmcEn Why do you pllo
all your load on tho front of the cart
ManSo th boss
Lazy wont have so
far f pull it uv course Think I aint
got no fcclin Clcvoland Plain Deal
TIRAtlcns Of Hoosier Schoolmaster
will remember IJilllipj the champion
speller of tho IndI V > schnol dec ribcd
therein Ihillipsjftll lives iu i Yea
1 1 gstpnV rid h e and
throe W is oil
1 TI
THe American Tobacco 0 Successor
CI Ittrtit te LlihL
We offer no apology In placing before you
lutely reliable flillly adjusted dOM not be
come misplaced and Insures protection Can
bo worn when desired without observation or
oLu A u d1 able
KnowiiiKO 01 another and provcnvn ui5 isivv u
urnovancn under certain conditions It you
It OU will never bo without It Is a
liRe once you whenever
fjllhful safe nand relUblo friend whenever
needed by special circumstances requiring Its
use It In on article every woman should keep
ready jor Immediate use It is simple to use
and inspires cOnfldanco In the woman using It
Ills reliable and cWrltlflcnllv made Insures
Rood protection phynlclnn would sty We to are of tno ns opin any
ion that no article has ever been made vhch
will give 113 much satisfaction to the women of
rho Immense sales of this article is a subjtan
tlal Indorsement of our claim Do not there
fore experiment With any of tho numerous un
reliable articles as It Is Doth dangerous to the
health nnd expensive to do so Such experi
menting can only result In loss of time disap
pointment nnd dismal la lure tidies should
remember this before ordering other goods and
not waste their time and money on Inferior
best andaye
articles The best Is always cheapest TUB
SAFE PROTECTOR Is sold under a positive
guarantee for use for ono year with full direc
tions ana Is sont sealed In plain u rapper upon
receipt of express money order for WOO three
for 15 Do not wait but order lit once Address
The La Cross Specialty Co Ta crosse W13 I
Utah Territory Utah county t I
Spanish Fork City f
In tho Justice Court Spanish Fork City be
fore John P Jones
David ti Mulcolm und Wm n Hughes part I
nersand doing business under the name nnd
stylo of Maloolm A Hughes Plaintiffs vs
George H Uxbcoj Defendant
To George II Babcock Greeting
You aro hereby summoned to be and appear
before me tho undesigned at my ofllco In Span
ish loik City Utah County Utah Territory to
answer complaint against you Illcd herein by
said plalntlns within live days If this summons
is served on you within Spanish Pork City
within ten days II I served on you outside of said
Spanish Fork City I but wlililn the County
Utah and within twentyllvo days If served
elsewhere Slid action Is brought to recover
from you tho sum of t6Jto tho said sum being
as 2aK S5 55RSSSaAfl nod < sold d
Ish Fork City Utah Connty And jSaarblierc
by notllled that If you fail to so appear and
answer as above required the plaintiff will take
judgment ngulnst you for too sum of fO z BO and
lulertit thereon at the rate of 8 per cent per
annum and costs of suit
aAv < iLnVBUcr my hand this 2al dav of August
A D 1003 JOHN P Jones
Justice of tho Peace
Wm II Hughes Attorney
8iis IIp Wnd
fr3 to fl 150 a month paId to any ono to repre
sent ua Work iilmos easy enough for a child
to do Mr J W Nixon liaise City Idaho
made f21l > 0 In OliO week Mary Hush Lyons
Colo made if T31o J to three daps Hov < Wm
Curtis Aberdeen S DI1r made ell tho first
day No capital or experience necessary
Terms and pamphlets free Addrt ss ot once
Shepp A Co 10M Chestnut 3t
Coo x > < < > OO r
J Invaluable Odco School lIneZ IIomo
New from Cover to Cover
Successor of ide
LDlJbrJdlZcel y
n standard nf the
t V BjBoiJ lrint
I udlcc tr v
N Po prema L ourt i u and 11
r grey j If iwery all the
e I a yut Bchiolbooks
> <
leasedq com
a mended toy f3tate
+ ts rttllieiintenilLiiM I
< 2U1 cf Schools end
X other KUiicators nl I
most Mitbou nuni <
> It Is easy to find tho word anted
WCll mY1I iiercorrfC nlrhbUc1 l lacf
Jin thd ucahutrr cnrli one iW l rlut Irpn I =
graph so u to l > 9 1 teddy raucbc Iffy 1 tU tY
It is easy to certaIn the pronunclatlcn
iho tl ciitlcAl7 pronunciation tnarkf u l iTllritfd ltem uM by In tli tho onlin iroo
ichoolJ wluda I sounds era taught in Ibo tubllo
J It It easy to irate tho growth cf n rorJ
The et7moingiearnrnnplrtoccierlauaennd t
rri rro1 lg
the dl
t cent iienntnr u xvord bee ncqt lieit a r
Idea frlrcn In the order of their 1rIOlh from ta root
5 It Is easy to learn what n word means
Thnilennlllotlun riM I uj > lcll no1 full tterre
JOI HirnMie J achutLnlUoalCouutueU I
ll1acpUJt 1 n > lmJl
O rD C arrrzr relrCoIhtblisaon
SprJDI1i1cH STasa U S A
U7 aredmen parer eta seat on appUstlon
0t7 Ire art bi 7Lbip reprint of nnclnil edition X
The modern stand
w ard Family Medi
rxN cine Cures the
> U common everyday
ills of humanity
tQ Z rruox p
o pgBU4 + y
Deseret Gol iVn
or t
Capital Stock 500000
With 500000 Shares are offering for sale
100000 Shares ot
thrsaid Company at
Tiiis Property is Lucntcil and SHuiitci l iu the
Pluto Connty Utah There Is a
Mountain of Free Milling Gol
Ore Water and umber
In Abqndann
1t says Ttverage 2500 per Ton
Brigham D Dtrgcr Pres John ChristiansenV Pro nnd Tree
I J Stewart Richfield Utah I G II Parks Ncphl Utuli
Henry Bosoly Secretary
For Particulars Address
P 071 Spanish Fbfk Utah
4 t
m ARE You t
m A DeJQo rat R1
m YES i Then you should i rend J
The ThrieeaWeek World
Tho leading Dmocratlc jpaper of the United
eeawrr StateaLTlipnawi of the Aay la now of great inn 1
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Who will 03 the cindhlitcs anti what will be the
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partment i hen no superior in tho t
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3 I
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I ou r i
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I d
fr tt c + s JB + Ie
ti 1

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