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F w y
The directors have decided to con
tinue to run trains to Saltnlr ns long ns
a Cull weather prevails
lion George Q Cannon wan made
general vicepresident oC the Irrigation
Congress at Albuquerque
AH tho orders for supplies for the
construction the BIgp1C
J construction of the BIg Cottonwood
o power plant have been made
Rev T C Illff of Salt Luke was made
clmplaln of tho G A 11 at Louisville
nt the recent encampment Colonel
IS W Tatlock was made a member of
the administrative council
ExCongressman Bryan Is expected
to reach Halt Lake on his return from
California early next week A hpeech
by the brilliant Nebraska nt Provo Is
among the possibilities Mr Bryan will
go from here to Portland where he will
deliver speeches on Ulmetallsm and
Taxation at the Oregon Industrial
The Democratic ratification meeting
at the Salt Lake Theater the ICth was
well attended from all parts throughout
the Territory the theater being packed
All time candidates save Thurman It
W Young and Thatcher were present
and delivered short addresses The olll
clul Republican ratlllcatlun occurs early
In October
Some section hands unearthed a
cache of counterfeit coins near the
Hprlngvllle depot while cutting down
some weeds last week It was com
posed of about two pecks of bogus half
dollars and livedollar pieces The fives
were not gilded For two days the olll
cers vveru watching the place until the
secret of the discovery leaked out The
olllcers have no clue
The general land office has ordered a
survey of Gunnison Island In the Great
Salt Lake upon which are the valuable
guano deposits to determine whether
tho Central Pacific Hallway company
has any claim upon It It came up In
n contest between Salt Lake and Ogden
parties who located the deposit last
winter and tho Central Paclllu com
Claude Maosey a twelveyearold
Salt Lake boy was run over by a street
car in front of the Knutsford hotel the
night of the 13th crushing one leg
above the knee and the other above the
ankle lie was removed to the hospital
where both legs were amputated The
shock was too great for his system and
lie died In a few hours The accident
was caused by an unmanageable horse
belonging to a mallcarrier which the
boy was driving
The Democratic nominees for District
Judges In Utah are as follows First
district comprising Cache Box Elder
and Rich counties C 11 Hart Second
district Weber Morgan and Davis II
II Rolap Third district Salt Luke
Summit anu xooeie uuueu since uu
Grand Young and Andrew Hovvat
Fourth district Utah Ulntah and Wa
satch E A Wilson Fifth district JU
ab Mlllard Beaver Iron and Wash
ington Sixth district Sevler fl
ute Wayne Garfield and Kane 12 N
McDaniel Seventh district Sanpete
Carbon Emery Gland and San Juan
L 11 Rhodes
Martin Hay ken the representative of
Andrews Co of Chicago the firm
which furnished the Salt Luke City and
county building arrived In Salt Lake
Monday last and was Immediately ar
rested upon a complaint charging him
with bribery In securing the contract
for his llrm He has been Indicted up
on three counts and Is out on ball
Several exolllclals of both county and
city are said to bo Implicated and will
be prosecuted The amount which the
people are alleged to have been de
frauded Is near 50000 Investigations
both public and private have been go
ing on for several months and the
olllclals profess to he certain of uncov
ering tho whole matter and meting out
punishment to the guilty parties
Joseph Chapman Is a Salt Lake man
who Is realizing the fact that the way
of the transgressor Is hard Some time
since his wife entered a suit for di l
vorce and alimony A restraining or
der was Issued by the Court enjoining
him from disposing of his home and
J21DO In the bank A decree was en
tered the 17th giving Mrs Chapman
JUDO In money and their home Chap
man claimed to have spent all the mon
ey In drinking In about a month Judge
Merritt however discredited his state
ment and remanded him to the pen un
til the money shall have been paid In
addition Judge Merritt called the at
tention of District Attorney Howat to
the fact that Chapman had perjured
himself and it Is probable Chapman
will bo a wiser and more crestfallen
man before ho regains his liberty
According to the Ephraim Enterprise
last Wednesday was a great day for
bears Just about sunrise a threshing
crew at Chris Petersons place in Pig
eon hollow saw what they at first took
to be some stock feeding on the stub
ble A closer examination developed
the fact that they were bears There
were four of them all full grown The
men got horses and started after them
and drove them into the hills east of
the county road There was but one
gun In the party and only three cart
ridges for that They wounded one of
the bears and after driving them
around for some time got them so ex
hausted that they lay down unable to
go further They stoned the wounded
one until It was stunned when they
threw roper on It and succeeded In ty
ing it up so that they got a chance to
U < 10 1 n1oal In tne meantime n man
had been dispatched to Spring City for
cartridges and when he arrived the
other beasts which were lying down
resting were soon dispatched One of
the men Dell Allred of Chester came
very near being caught by the largest
bear while he was off of his horse
stoning It The largest of the four
weighed 395 pounds and the others
averaged about 350 pounds each They I
were of the cinnamon variety
Ono of Senator Voorheess sons Is a
sculptor and has been paid JSOOO for a
bust of VicePresident Richard M John
son for the Senate chamber Crump thin
shipbuilder has also given him an order
The outcome of the Cuban rebellion
depends on the attitude of the United
States and Mr Clarence King In the
Forum September urges that we have
the right to recognize Cubas bellige
rency which recognition Is all that Is
needed to insure her triumph Mr
King Bayo The Cuban war hangs be
fore us an Issue which we cannot evade
Either we must stand as tho friend of
Spain and by our thorough prevention
of the shipment of war supplies to the
Insurgents aid and countenance the I
Spanish efforts to conquer Cuba Into
continued sorrow or wo must befriend
Cuba in her heroic battle to throw off
a medieval yoke Let UB not deceive
ourselves Spain alone cannot conquer
Cuba she proved that In ten years of
miserable failure If we prevent the
sending of munitions to Cuba and con
tinuo to allow Spain to buy ships and
arms and ammunition here It Is we
who will conquer Cuba not Spain It
Is we who will crush liberty Accord
Ing to American precedent says Mr
King neither a state of hostilities nor
the setting up of a civil or military or
ganization Is necessary to entitle a peo
ple to belligerent rights The iutiur
gents he says further do not ask any
thing of us and make no appeal for ac
tive aid but they are at a loss to
comprehend how a great people to
whom heaven has granted the t Ictorl
ous liberty for which they are lighting
and dying should let months pass In
cold half silence without one tinging
God speedl to cheer them on Into bat
Last Illness of George Washington
The account of the last Illness of
George 1Vu pi
vate secretary and recently published
leaves no reason for surprise that tho
disease or lather the tieatmcnt result
ed fatally in the course of a few hours
Washington had caught cold by riding
In a December train and woke at 3 u
in with a chill The tires In I the house
had gone down and Washington would
not permit any of his family to rise un
til the usual time In the morning Do
mestic remedies were then applied and
his overseer bled him to the extent of
half a pint When the doctor arrived
he was bled again A second physician
was summoned and the bleeding was
repeated The case now looked despe
rate The two physicians had no hope
except In one expedient and the pa
tient was bled for the fourth time
Washington felt himself to be dying
and gave his last directions with the
calmness of a stoic With his excel
lent habits and line constitution he
should have lived fifteen or twenty
years longer and his attack would
have yielded readily to modern treat
ment History says Washington died
of laryngitis but history Is sometimes
more polite than truthful St Louis
Origin of the Names of the Conti
In the Journal des Voyages M Uly
see Robert give the results of recent
philological research regarding the
names of the continents We translate
an abstract of his article from IIllus
tratlon Eutopeenne Brussels Juno
23rd It Is dltllcult to discover the origin
of the name of Europe Herodotus
ti trmti Inirnnlmlut Hint nn tyinrtnl can
give Its meaning Several savants
nevertheless agree In recognizing In
this name a word of Semitic origin
oreb or creb which In Hebrew means
evening or setting and the word ac
cordingly signifies the land of evening
or tho twilight land
In any case the word Europe Is
later than Homer for It Is not found
In any of his works It Is mentioned
for the first time In a hymn to Apollo
where It serves to distinguish conti
nental from insular Greece In a word
no one Is mire of the exact origin of
the name of Europe and M Klysee
bobs himself has been obliged to con
line himself to very vague conjectures
As for Asia some think that It gets
Its name from the Semitic root lintel
which means central Others derive
It from the Sanscrit word ushas signi
fying dawn Others still think that It
means simply the country of the Asians
or Aseens u people mentioned by Ptole
my and Strabo who lived east of the
Sea of Azov In the regions of the Cau
casus Here also Hecluu Is noncom
mittal he says that the word Asia
means perhaps land of the rising sun
As for Africa called Libya in an
tiquity Its present appellation seems
to be derived from that of a Berber
tribe of the Atlas the Afres or rather
the Avraghen today limited to the
Desert of Sahara but once spread far
and wide along the northern coast or
In the oases of the saltlake region that
forms the boundary of Tunis
Tho Romans gave to this country
the name of Its inhabitants and called
It Afrlkla Later the Arabs extended
this name to all the countries that they
found and as far as the Pillars of Her
cules tho Straits of Gibraltar And
following them the Europeans dwell
ing to the north of the Dark Continent
believed that all the region to the South
was culled by the same name Africa I
thus now extends from the shores of
Morocco to the Cape of Good Hope
As for America we must destroy a
legend It Is generally believed that
this continent gets Its name from the
Florentine Amerlcus Vespuclus who
having landed after Christopher Co
lumbus at the mouth of the Orinoco
boasted in the narrative of his voyage
that he had been the first to rrch tte
mainland The editor of this narrative
Hylaromylus of St Die in Lorraine
took upon himself to give to tho trans
Atlantic land In memory of Vespuclus
the name America and no one protest
Now U appears that America or
rather Amerlque Is an Indian word
designating the highest lands of Ni
caragua In these lands gold Is found
In abundance and when Columbus In
his fourth voyage asked of the natives
where they found the precious metal
they repeated pointed toward the hori
zon Amerlc America then sIgni
fies the land of gold and this name
like that of Africa has extended from
Its starting point over the rest of the
continent The publisher Hylaromylud
In baptizing a continent was giving
to posterity only a myth which It ac
cepted with Its eyes shut
There remains only Oceanlca which
gets Its name simply from the ocean
or perhaps from Oceanldes daughters
of Oceanus According to Ilesloil this
god was the son of Uranus and Gaea
Ho had by Tethys the story goes three
thousand daughters the Oceanldes and
as many soils This considerable fam
ily was changed Into tho Innumerable
Isles of which the fifth part of the
world Is composedTranslated from
the Literary Digest
The Ups and Downs of Foreign Mis
The foreign missionary movement
like every great continuous enterprise
has Its times of prosperity and enthusi
asm and its seasons of hardship and
upathy Unquestionably tho cause has I
in recent years lacked something of the
undoubting loyalty and ardor of sup I
port which the churches were giving It
fifteen or twenty years ago The lea
sons are numerous and wo shall not
attempt to make a catalogue of them
Commerce and exploration have been
opening up the Aslatlo and African con
HEWLETT BROS New HlghGrade ThreeCrown Baking Powder It I the strongest and purest Made
No Alum All Grocers
No Ammonia Sell It
t 1 j > j
> u ta wdif
tinents In a most Unexampled fashion
nod tho Western world fcus Invaded
missionary ground with a Tiundrod dif
ferent objects and crosspurposes In
the uneasy transitional stiUe In which
the great masses of Oriental popula
tions now find themselves t Is Illilcult
to estimate the relative I jrtltlon and
value of missionary work Moreover
missionary methods have been to a
large extent experimental Jill chang
Ing conditions have mad requlslte
somo new points of view afid nome al
tered modes of approach The careless
assumption however that foreign mis
sionary work In general hills been ri
dlculously barren of results is not In
the least justified The statistics of na
tive churches established nod of con
verts enrolled form the finallcst port
of the evidence that tho jeasoliable
outside observer would father In mis
sionary fields Medical mlialons and
hospitals have had most xtruoi iii nary
success and Christian educational In
stitutions primary collegiate and pro
fessional are accompllsnlng wonders
In the Turkish empire In Japan In In
dia and notably in China It Is not
every missionary sent to the foreign
field who has the tact and adaptability
to gain the largest Influence among the
natives But even where missionaries
are somewhat lacking In mental quali
ties and In winning manners they al
most invariably gain the contidence or
tho communities where they loUte by
reason of the dally example they set
of high personal character of devoted
family life and of kindness and good
neighborship From The ProgiebS of
the World In the September Review
of Reviews
Frank W Hawley one of the gentle
men Interested In the Niagara Electric
Power company and a scientlllu farm
er has a model place near Kochester
N Y Writing on the subject of the
farmer of the future he says
The new era for the farmer has Just
begun In no domain of human activity
lies greater scope for genius than in
agriculture No other calling Is so con
ducive to health longevity and happi
ness Science lays discoveries at the
farmers feet and implores their use
For him the chemist tolls In his labora
tory For him the botanist gleans the
tlelds For him the inventor htfa sim
plified labor and enlightened toll For
him scholars and experts employed by
the Government are ever at work at
State and National experiment sta
tions to solve the problems of the soil
The broadminded agriculturist who
avails himself of these researches and
discoveries Is n man to be envied We
may yet attain the art of making mal
leable glass and under such protec
tion acres may be devoted to the
growth of vegetables and semitropical
fruits for our local markets Rapid
transit and Improved refrigerator cars
will enlarge the territory to be sup
plied The broad belts of the temperate
zones extending around the world will
be explored In search of new varieties
of grain trees flowers and shrubs for
our use The laws of animal breeding
and heredity will be better understood
and our domestic stock be greatly Im
proved America will possess the finest
cattle In the world and the States fit
ted for cattleraising and dairying will
vie with one another for the leadership
The electric age will materially Im
prove the condition of the agriculturist
i look for the day when each farmer
will own an electric equipment to fur
nish power for his creamery for grind
Ing food for pumping water for light
Ing his house and for heating his
greenhouse and other buildings Elec
tric roads will pass his door affording
quick transit for himself and his pro
duce to the nearest market town His
horses will labor on the farm while he
Journeys on the highway In a wagon
propelled by a storage battery The
subtle energy can be made to serve him
In a thousand ways and perform In
numerable tasks By Its kindly aid the
hitherto overworked farmer may be
come largely a gentleman of leisure
Then we shall expect much of him
Then will he have liberty to assume
that political Importance to which he
Is justly entitled The successful farm
er should be the coming man and fu
ture legislation must look closely to his
Interests It Is a notable fact that
many of our best and ablest men have
exhibited a strong predilection for ru
ral life Webster delighted to retire to
Marshfleld the name of Jefferson re
calls Monticello Jackson reminds us
of Hermitage Clay Is associated with
his beloved Ashland Mount Vernon
has been rendered classic ground as
the abode of the Father of his Coun
try With the advance of this new era
from our rural homes beautified by
naturo and adorned by art saving In I
fluences will come in the future to
public guide and guard the future of the Re
ExCommodore Smith Criticises the
Action of the Earl
James Now D York Smith Sept chairman ExCommodore of the uup
committee Issued
the following
ment to the press this afternoon state
I have nothing to say In
answer to
u r committee letter of September 13th
is outoaf
My committee Is out of town oil Dun
raven has given his letter to the public
and our answer will come later
To strip this yachting question of nil
silo Issues Lord I but unimportant
pleadings by Lord Dunraven about con
ditions old and new that should not
have prevented him from racing Valky
rio to the llnlsh of the match the cia
ring stands
fact out that ho iihlnUot do
his duty to the Royal Yacht squadron
who made the challenge for him to the
English people nor to his supporters or
to lilmsclf lie prevented Defender from
showing her power and speed In the
second and third races thus giving the
syndicate which built her no opportunity
of displaying her superiority over the
challenging vessel
Lord Dunraven had tho personal rIght
to decline to resail the protested race
of September 10th In a written or un
written offer to him by Mr Iselln and
approved by the cup committee which
he did decline He had also the same
personal right to start his yacht across
tho line on September 12th and with
draw her from the race as he did leav
ing Defender to go over the course alone
I believe It was to say the least n
mistake In judgment and that the great
majority of yachtsmen the void over
will so decide
The seat of operation of the prlnclpa
yachtsmen of America and England Los
been changed from this city to Newport
The cup and regatta committees are repre
sented there by Chester Griswold A
Cas3 Canflcld Mr Qrlmmell and Secre
tary Oddle Lord Dunraven nnd II Malt
land Kersey are also there as are
Messrs Vanderbilt and Morgan
Mr C Oliver Isclln Is at New Rochelle
superintending fender tho dismantling of De I
A Bonanza for Pupils
The Now State Commercial College
J Frank Ryan principal 01 to 031 East
2nd South St Salt Lako City opened
slnco January 1st Is an Institution
destined to surpass all others In the Wost
3500 per month entitles a pupil tothor
oughly firstclass Instruction In any or
all of tho following Shorthand Gra
ham or Pitman systems Typewriting
Bookkeeping Penmanship Higher
Mathematics Academic Course Sta
tionery books etc required for
Bookkeeping Penmanship and Short
hand furnished at a cost not to exceed
50c SI00 pOI month
Latin Greek German French Span
ish Drawing and Architecture 8800 per
montl books and materials not Included
Shorthand Bookkeeping Penman
ship thoroughly taught by mall for 125
payable when course U I completed
Correspondence solicited
J COM = i oI rim = = a
13 y Not Limping
wf rtufcroncci 1 + JL Iyraan dad 7 C M IWo 1
i 1I
r r r O
a I > t
f + I
i y ya t
Wo tnnko SHOES for any REMEMBER
kind of FOOT no neater Wo
can niiiko no price on
what SHAPE or form Vo
nny shoo until svo can see t
7 x
OF BOTH FEET and mnko 1 Y u r tho FaD and the person
Y ri y yJ walk Vo cut LAST
a lor
both font Ionic nllko and
WALK NATURAL with oneh foot which la your
out Limninr Iho R own 1KOlKKTV t and will
vac uuuyau > IU Nllmo as
f I SVUI fOl CO I l
ioouiiu you tar jUu
and any arilflcliilllmbs person Stool braces f y a > + tt ilw t i FORT ns tang us you Llo 1 1
Established 13 Years
11 J
f cyw i
c rooNE kFflA
Hilgert Deformity Shoe hI21 on =
00 Risi Third South street Silt HloClty
n r a
Morton May be Indorsed for tho
PresidencyDepew Makes Sug
gestions Illinois Gold Democrats
Saratoga N Y Sept 1C Nearly all
the delegates to the Republican con
vention are here but not a condition
has changed and the ticket and plat
form as detailed by the Associated
Press yesterday are unchanged The
platform was finished this evening and
the State committee looked It over to
night It will not be changed in its
salient points and the only discussion
seems to be as to whether or not the
question of Sunday liquor selling should
be touched upon The proposed mem
bers of the committee on platform and
the leaders have agreed that it Is best
tu Ignore the matter altogether the
members from New York icings and
13rle counties Insisting vigorously that
there shall be decided action on the
The leaders have carefully planned
however to avoid all discussion of
such issues In the convention
Dr Chauncey M Depew was among
the arrivals tonight and called on Mr
Platt He believes the convention
should Indorse Governor Mortons ad
ministration and recommend his nomi
nation for tho Presidency This may
be done although there Is nothing set
tled about the matter
The State Republican Editorial asso
ciation tonight heard Mr Depew say
some very sharp things about indeci
sive qualities that seemed to prevail
among the Republican party
The Republican editors adopted reso
lutions denouncing tho Cleveland Ad
ministration and applauding the Re
publican administration of State af
Illinois Democrats not Bound by the
Recent Convention
Chicago Sept 1GThe legislative
committee of the State Democratic bu
reau of which Ben T Cable is chair
man has Issued an appeal to the Demo
cratic voters of Illinois In which they
jay Notwithstanding the action of
the June convention there are many
Democrats In the Statea large major
ity of voters > we believewho refuse to
accept its declarations as the true sen
timent of the Democrats of Illinois
It Ib 1 contended that authoritative
declarations of the belief of the party
in the currency or any national ques
tion catlcomcalo from isr jlrei
e represen
tatives in national convention The
committee says We each and all fa
vor the use of silver as money but we
are convinced that the free and unlim
ited coinage of silver nt a ratio of 16 to
1 by this country alone would result
In disaster to the business and com
mercial Interests of the nation an
opinion In which wo arc sustained by
tho most eminent authorities on
finances In all parties and In all coun
But He Defeated the Proposition to
Name a South Carolina County Af
ter Senator Butler
Columbia S C Sept 16Tho proceed
ings of the Constitutional convention to
day were characterized by n most ox
citing tilt between Senator Tlllnmn and
his brother George D Tlllrnun on tho
question of naming a now county George
U Tlllman on Saturday had succeeded In
getting tho county named Butler Soon
tor Tlllman was absent at tho time and
returning today ho moved to chaiiLo the
name to Saluda In a passionate speech
ho charged Senator Butler with being a
traitor to his party and said that to
iiaiiio a county utter him WM an Insult
to tho reformers of tho State
George D Tlllman In reply taunted
his brother with lighting a man whom ho
had defeated I and dramatically striking
his breast exclaimed Thank God there
Is no sentiment In my heart that would
make mo stoop so low
Tho scene became oxtremely exciting
and tho convention was wild In confusion
which continued until adjournment at
115 p m
Senator Tlllman In his speech taunted
Senator Irby with not replying to his
brother G D Till m ILII on Satuiday and
Iiby In a hot speech denounced Tlllman
for stirring up strife In tilt convention
nnd nald It camo with 111 grace for a man
to hound his fallen foe and declared that
Duller In patriotism honesty and coup
are was the equal of Tlllman or Any
other man In tho State When a voto was
finally obtained Senator Tillman carried
his point and tho now county was
named Saluda Instead of Butler by a
voto of 80 to fit
The Eagle Tobacco Cure
Is a Wonderful Thing
I T HAS NO RIVAL in its successful
of wel known men Works no IN
JURIES on the system but improves
TAKE IT and in 5 DAYS you
will bo CURED of the TOBACCO and
CIGARETTE HABIT and your days
I on earth will be lengthened 7 ° I t
Sond 5 for oao bottlo to 11
Eagle Pharmacy µ
s E Cor Ssoon1 6 nth and West Temple Streets Salt IaVe City
Agents Wanted Everywhere
Before buying see that tho bottles art seuitid with tho signature DEAN LEE DAIS
None genuine without tin seal or when seal Is broken
Temple of Music
Utah Ag cola for the best Pianos and Organs In the market
208 SoutH West Temple f
A t
Vlion jou
DONT LIMP can I lie I
S olio to
walk straight We take IlastiT
of 1arU cast of feet to haute
comfort Specialists In crippled I
ev find Looriuiil I Shoes Sleol
uniuuB HIIU tt > vtii c iui iu
A t cver description
cpy 09 j Third Soulh St
Salt Luke City Utah
From The
Cues heretofore hounloer now oured and <
brought to newness of life and happiness
slolan one skeptical on liquor cures but now i
convert to tbo Eagle Itemedy Rela see Iron
other cure and vlctlint of the terrible llquoi
disease thould not delay
Write tor furthar particular or call at
S E Cor 3d So and W Temple SU
Salt Lake City Utah
Tho Kooley Institute
a direct authorized branch of tho ptrant
house at Dwight III has boon opened
at 100 W Second North Salt Lake City
on tho line of tho stroot railway running
to Warm Springs
For tho treatment of the liquor and
opium habits with Lesley E ICooloy
Companys doublo chlorldn of gold join
The Institute Is under tho manage
ment of Dr J W St John who Imp
boon at work with and In tho employ of
the Losloy ICooloy Company for the
past four years The treatment and
mcauugomcnt of patients will bo Idnntl
ally tho same as at Dwight
Visitors to the city WIllie VIWIIJIC the vetus
point not liipre mid pleasuro are ust ud J a
cordial iiivltatlou to Inipuol the colluulluii ol
oil paliitlnK ut Ibo Oxford The extiUilt In
cludes such famous ruaiterplecei us the Jury
of tliellalus1 Morning and Evening and
that lustly celebrated ut tor oal legend Meet
iBOf Anthony and Cleopatra
EliOElilllEltGIn 1JH03
UWSo oudsciilh
University of New york 1H63
Irn IIM Ihnlln In n Nnl 11 n on
u MMft
o6Frli i
Young Efcros Co
Intjj 11 t
Dealers In UnftlVlP CTIf 1 SEWING
lug Machine gupplto + tlanot organsall Vid
Musical Instruments Sheet Muslu and Muslo
llookn Instruments and Maohlnei sold on
ea + ptyments bend for our tOo lUt of sheet
music 5000 copies
IifrrUu II
JLS mil
8 L
Dr J EJ ICeysor
dllln Illock 210 Mulu St nut door north of I
110 WalKer House SALT LAKE CITY I
Como In the raorulnj und 1 wear jour new teeth
borne at night
Rc I
Grow only Firstclass and High
Grade Stock
fouler Bupphm Wrapping
tier Ham Twlnei Etc
y in M u pact Leo VltYI 27UO

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