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FOHTIKR IN BE For the Advancemont of Spanish Fork Utah County and Utah Territory nd tho Free Oolnnpo of Silver and Fair Legislation 3 PBH YEAH IN ADV AJrCJ
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l J Lewis Price of Nophl Was
Was Evidently Placed Against the
Fire While Yet Alive and Managed
I to Crawl Away A Man Named
Jncobson Arrested for the Crime
S Had Quarreled with tho Bey and
His Father
Nephl Utah Sept 30 Nothing for
years has caused so much excitement
nnd cast such a shade of gloom over
r the city of Nephl ns tho coldblooded
S murder of Lewis Price on last Friday
Lewiss father Charles Price Is a
sheep ranchman Lewis a boy of 16
left home Friday morning for the camp
In the canyon four miles east of town
to move the camp some distance to
where the man was who had charge
of tho sheep herd
Tho herder without provisions wait
ed until Saturday morning when hun
gry and uneasy about the boy8 failure
1 to come he set out In search of him
Fttlllng to find Mm late Saturday
i tooht he reported to the paternal roof
thalLe had not come with the
provisions oQld not be found A
posse of meLt Vd In search and
found him early Sunday about a quar
ter of a mile from the old camp
S The men hastened to the city and
Tim Foote a Justice acting as Coro
ner with a Coroners jury went out to I
hold an Inquest over the body On
arriving there and with only a casual
Investigation they said that the Juno
had fallen on him and that It was not
necessary to hold an Inquest They
gathered him up and brought him
home A wound was discovered on
him and they supposed a stick had
passed through his body but did not
Investigate It enough to used tnln
whether It was a stick or a gun wound
At home on dressing the body It
was soon determined that It was not
R wound caused by a stick and Dr
Miner was summoned who found that
I death was caused by a 44cullber ball
The ball entered Just above tho cross
of and In tho fork of the suspenders
shearing ono of the suspenders rang
ing downward and passing out Just be
low and to tho light of the navel
The murderer built a fire by the body
to destroy It and cover up his deed
The body was burned In several I places
and quite a bit where the bullet
passed out However there was life
enough for the boy to crawl away from
the lire and avoid any Revere burns
There is no telling how long he suf
fered as It was posblble for him to lln
Kir iur u uuy ur tWO
Thoboj jfathervlB lylnRvery low 1
with ijpnold fever On Saturday the
boys grandfather came In to see how
his son Charles Price was getting
along and said Lewis Is late getting
The father said I have no Lewis he
will never come homo alive At this
time ho ha l not yet heard that his boy
had not gotten around to the herder
All day Saturday he felt that Lewis
was not among the living The be
reaved family are wild with grief
Who did It Who could have the
heart to shoot down In cold blood one
of Nephls best and quietest boys The
S charge Is laid at the door of one Ja
cobson who had been working for
Charles Price and with whom Mr
Price and tue boy some time previous
had had some words A mans track
about the body and the tracks of a
horse with three shoes have been
traced to the hut where this man was
Jacobson came Into Nephl and went
Into the house when tho boy was
brought home Mr Price ordered him
out Immediately and In the evening he
i left for tho north on horseback An
1 officer started In pursuit today and to
1 morrow he will bring him back and lie
S L will be given an opportunity to rid
himself of the cloud that hangs over
S Jacobson was arrested at Payson
find the Sheriff will be here with him
1 at 10 oclock tonight
I 3 No iw Can Live on Dr Mary Walk
ers Farm
Oswego N Y Sept 30Dr Mary
Walker who forty years ago preached
the gospel of dress reform to the wom
f 1
5 I en of this country and who was ar
rested In many cities for dressing and
appearing on the public streets In male
attire Is tho apostle of a scheme for
the bloomer girls Through lawyer
Henry C Benedict of this city Dr
Mary hall bought farm containing 135
acres of land several miles west of this
city and promises to form a colony In
which the man shall have no part
Only females who will bind them
S selves to a life of celibacy while mem
bera of the community and to wear
Ibloomers for life are to bo eligible
They will work on the farm In all Its
details plant and harvest tho crops
dispose of them In market and take
care of tho stock The site selected for
tho colony Is In the heart of the finest
fruit country In the State of New
Empty Coffins Burled by a St Louis
St Louis Sept 28 neferrlng to a
scandal at the female hoiiiltal of this
city the Republic In the morning will
Jay That the direct charges of Mag
I c r j > fnnaleglng that traffic In human
I bodies Stftscarried on last winter
hy certain perBOnsconnecled with the
j management of the institution are true
was proven today
Tho graves supposed to contain the
bodies of Mrs Smith Emma Lewis and
Helen Hopper wero opened by Health
oncer Francis and two assistants and
the boxes therein were found to con
another a
I talnono a log of wood
railroad tic mid tho other emptiness
Tomorrow tho grave wherein lu
thought to repose tho body of a male
patient who died In tho asylum
December 31 1891 will be opened
on and the health officers In the light of
dovelopmentsbrought forth today ex
nect to find the box empty
I In any event the Investigation will
hn pushed to a point where it will be
absolutely ascertained to what extent
I I the Horrible traffic WUB carried on
Aeronaut Hagols Wife Meets a Tcr
11 rlble Fate
Monjovla Cal Sept 29An accident
occiU i jrci here yesterday which resulted
In the sjtant death of Nellie W la
gel wife > IIot P 0 ungcl the aero
naut The cdj
have been
j lllo avo Jeen traveling
throughout the C Hate
ijate making balloon
ascensions and pan ejhiute jumps Mrll
Hagol made an asceumm1O11 and when at
the height of a thOUbtj rnd feet Rhe
pulled the rope which cat
U yam
chuto loose She shot down about
hundred feet like a Hash > a
caught the parachute and It om
menccd to open but suddenly It
that she fallln I > e
came apparent was fnlllng j
She came down like a cannonball She
struck on her back her head coming
In contact with the bround first Her
skull was crushed Deceased was 23
years of age and u n Hve of Illinois
Body of a Prohibitionists Wife is
Taken from tho Grave
Tucknhoc N J Sept 30Late last I
night n number of young men discov
ered the corpse of a woman lying by
the side of nn open grave In the ceme
tery On Investigation It was found to
u > Un H
be the body of Mrs Mary Wallace the
deceased wife of a well known prohi
bitionist of this place The appearance
of the coffin showed that It had been
roughly handled nnd the body had
been subjected rough usage also A
ring was missing from one of the fin
The news ot the discovery spread like
wildfire and the town was soon In a
ferment of excitement An effort was
made to learn the Identity of the van
dals but without success It is sus
pected that it la the work of revenge
on the part of adherents of the liquor
party because of the attitude of the
lend womans husband on that ques
Mother of One Girl Receives an
Anonymous Letter
St Joseph Mo Sept 28An anony
mous letter received by the mother of
Maude Rteidel the girl who disap
peared from her home last Sunday
night has given the police the only
clue to her whereabouts It Is claimed
by them that the girl will be found In
a few days The letter threatens the
mother with severe punishment for
the trouble phe has caused Father
Wagner and says If she had not made
the accusations the girl would have
been at her home before this time
The police claim they have found
tho writer of the letter and will try to
force a confession from him The the
ory that the girl has i > ecn sent to um
cago Is strengthened by the statement
that Father Wagner has friends there
Father Wagner has been almost
crazed by the strain upon him NothT
Intrfurthpr l an l < e < m liearilo Horn
Kennedy who disappeared shortly af
ter Maude Steidel was missed under
similar circumstances and the mys
tery surioundlng her disappearance Is
as deep as ever
Unless Great Britain Consents to Ar
bitration in Venezuela Within
Ninety Days
St Paul Minn Oct lTho Pioneer
1rcss tomorrow will say Moses E
Clapp left for New York tonight to at
tend Thursday evening a hastilyar
ranged meeting of the Munoa com
pany limited to consider Immediate
steps to take possession of the terri
tory embraced within the concession
from Venezuela The outcome of the
meeting may be possibly fraught with
serious results It Is no seci et that a
portion at least of the territory Is la
dispute between Venezuela and Gifcat
Britain and that the present GovAn
ment of the former country would Vot
be loath to avail Itself of the moral mI
LL n
II necessary physical goon UUIULI 101 I
the United States to prevent the En
croachment of the latter It Is cemu
said that the grant of the concession
was a shrewd stroke of diplomacy of
the Venezuelan President for the pur
pose of drawing the United States di
rectly Into action to force Great Bri
tain to abandon her usurpation of the
territory In Venezuela Time syndicate
has given notice that It will take pos
session of its territory within a month
Diplomatic correspondence on the
subject between Washington and Lon
don has bren active for some time past
President Cleveland and Secretary Ol
ney are said to agree on the subject of
action and three letters It Is reported
have boon sent to Mr Bayard In
structing him to notify the British
Government that unless the whole
question Is submitted to arbitration
and settled within ninety days the
United States will act upon Its own
view of tho dispute and enforce the
Monroe doctrine
Thursday1 meeting It Is said will
consider the details of taking posses
sion of the concessions
Spanish Troops Disperse a Great
Forco of Rebels
Havana Sept 30An Important en
gagement Is reported to have taken
place at Portero Las Veras near Santi
Splrltus province of Santa Clara It
Is said LieutCol Antonio Iluhln with
the battalion Grenada two companies
of the Zamora battalion a company of
the Chlclana battalion and two squad
rons of cavalry dispersed 500 Insur
gents commanded by Castillo Sanchez
Lccon and Znyas after capturing the
enemys position The Insurgents are
reported to have lost 120 killed and
wounded Among the latter are San
chez und Iecon Roberto Plnar was
killed On tho Government side four
teen men Including Col Ilubln were
Baron Hitachi has thus far sent about
4000 Hussion Hebrews to tho Argentina
Jteimbllr and hopes to havo a Hebrew
community there of jiwOOO within ten
years Ho sends them out In companion
of lilly families each provided with a
rabbi and a doctor und ho expects them
to settle In villages giving a vnvclul
tract 1 to caoh company
Avowed Purpose of South
Carolina Democrats
Suffrage Clause of tho Nev Consti
tution Requires Educational rnd
Property Qualifications Which Will
Exclude a Majority of the Negroes
Massachusetts Democrats Will
Hold a Convention Today
h h the h I
z New York Oct IA special to thoj
YorlLl fiom Columbia S Coo says Fives I
Ol Caw tIe six negro delegates to the South
wiiiniiNL11 Constitutional convention
to disfranchise the
iiiipicH Norm imOroPoses tnrou 1t Jol ed 111 all address to the
v the iVorIi The ad
dress says amoT < y V
l other things
Time fiovotitii f v
con vell
tlon called 111 SouthJlIstHutiOllal
M ° < j
Carolina Is III sea
slon It has been cot
wlUalled for the inmr
pose ot dealing wlt
lem Those who haU tile neglu proJ
> advocated Its
assemblage have bceite ad1Voatcl1
I explicit In their
declaration of the puilX6
compllshed tho disfranchises10 i ° e ac
imt or
the and the elimination
entirely not from a partlclpat ot kiln
elections for he line not since
86 hall
any show at nil In any of the i
held In the State but In view n flections
unltln fl or the
possibility of the negro
the conservative Democratic iJt > with
and thus ousting from the lila 1g factloll
now In control of tho govemnimmit co those
cnl The
chief obstacle In the way of e
the accom
pllshlng what Is desired la I
11th and
Fodc >
15th amendments of the
stitutlon This difficulty IJ Mrai ton
there will be plain sailing I removed
Tho Hon Ben II TlllmanJ
the head and front of the irtlf who Is
has not been at all politic or 0ovemmment
cal as to his Intentions He poerltl
that his object Is to dlsfrarC hus said
chlse as
many negroes as he can wi J
thout dls
franchising a single m pout
for crime I an except
Columbia S C Oct l U ECTORS
of the suffrage committee oil he report
stltutlonal convention was1 the Con
made tonight It proc at last
the registration of qua f Ides for
ten The qualincatlons Ilillfied vo
given In the following scctA electors
garded as practically dlsquilJln 1 re
majority of the negroes on eon l1cr0ti1e
the educational and IJIopelcnln ot
mcnls ro
The person applying f < JfW for 1J tre
lion must bo able to real Ka
any apclion In this Oins lte
must show that he V ou nolce or
taxes on J300 worth ollnca looklll In ys
Stalp provided that at iniiYs
atffe of III 110111
iranonunderlhls ConstP
to January 1 1S98 all i10 IS It itepub
voting ago who can nbcr like him
thpConstitution fir 10 IIC trail nTim C
explain it when read t
wwlntiuttun rHrTrBluW V
register ant1 buccmpcl utorll sepa
rate record of very fatp person
thus reglstpied Ct by the rcglll
Irallon officer bnl b4 flied one copy
t and one in the
with HIP Clerk t ui
office of the u tarj of State on or
before Jnnu 1 189J and such per
dur11 g his lifetime a
son shall ret > m dunl
quallllpd elf I UIII iSf c ° nvcted of
some dIRquah lug ciVov The cerII
cate of the Clerk of r I Court or the
Secretary of State I J ui lJe sutllclenl
evidence to cstabllstJO 10 right of said
class of citIt j 11ster and exer
cise thOl e
Lond T d 1 Times and the
Chronl e tKf morn ig give leading
places In their forelg columns to eye
clal telegrams rega piimg the South
Carolina CohallluliC1111 convention
The Chronlclertln a leUer on this sub
ject says y
A very serious p Jilem has sud
denly leaped to the fil1 In the trou
bled politics of the Uied Slates The
negro question may fmpielely over
shadow time currencf and the tariff
Issues In the Pre entlal election
fight 1
J Platform Will AvcJtke Tariff and
Denounce tlA p A
Worcester Mass Jct 1The Bay
State House teeme rom basement to
r n with Democrj0 Politicians to I
miigimt i
Midnight had ho I passed with the
loaders tiil wrest with the Planks
ot tomorrows lIa t 1 m Josiah Quincy
Geoto Frlll Wi II I1S Jolm E Hus
sell oxJudge C Jran exGovernor
Russell exMayOl ltthews Congress
man Fitzgerald I scones ot other
leading liarty ugh were In consnltu
tlon for hours aft banquet ot the
Young 11enlI De ratlc chub which
was held earlier I Ie evening
II be Jresented at
Time ticket thnt
the convention I echanlc hall to
1 be all tollows
morrow morning
For Governor rge lred VII IIams
For Lleutcnlnt vernorCharlell II
Spellman ot Spr Jeld 01 J W Hull
ot Pittslleill
POI Secretary flateEllward J
FInn ot nos ton
For AUdltOIC C Vhlt
nov ot Boston
mes H Gllnnell
For Treasurer ot
For Attorne neralHel11y L
Hurlhurt ot Ly
111 be In
The lIrOIUtiOl charge ot
ot Fall River The
exJIIaor Cough
hUb ot
h Ifnn wll n the tariff
as nn uu IPSUP CIR ig that the present
buslnei roughout the coun
state of
try is full Just pollcy
cratlc tariff ref <
k not bo
Time A P A mentioned
Tlptlon will be de I
by name
nounced In nej terms Na
be largely
ttonnl Issues avoided
is will claim the
nnd State QUI ntlon
larger share ot1r
1r Platform
On a
Oct 1Tho Demo
Shelhyvllle enth
cratll of time J Congressional i
ated Edward
district today
If Madison ft exPled term of
atl ian Hemann Reso
the late Cong tell
llmanllng free
lutlons were age at 16 to 1 With
anll unlimitctm
1 ° action of for
out waiting I any
lgn governm
vlvols Reunion
Syracuse Republica l Oct 1fhe Syracuse
norl ° w letters from
Post will ml
of committee
twenty States Indorsing the
SUlmllItlon from < eunlol1 i ot time urvl
vof tuulca convention
of the
at the fortlellvcrsnry of the birth
n n party
lwX Chairman
ot Carter the writ lien C h ° will lay tho matt
l meeting of Iho com
tlr before
lat allprOIJrllte
mlttlo and I action I
bo taken
Yales Team Weakened
New York Sept 30A special to the
orld from New Haven says Mali
nger Day of the Yule track athletic
tram created a surprise In college to
night by announcing that G Foster
Sanford tho runner would not be al
lowed to compete against Cambridge
on Saturday During the YaleHar
vard games last spring Sunford hud a
change In his studies He was there
fore Ineligible for the Yale team and
as the Yale team that meets Cambridge
i will be taken from men who were eli
gible to meet Harvard Sanford will be
ruled out His withdrawn leaves Yale
without I theIr strongest man in the 300
and 410 yards run
L Confiscation of Arms
r t London Sept 30A dispatch from
Madrid to the Times which will bo
published tomorrow says that Henor
Dupuy de Lome Spanish Minister to
the United States telegraphs that time
United States at the request of the
Secretary of State and In accordance
With the demands of Justice has de
creed tIat all arms and munitions In
Ignded for the Cuban rebels Khali be
seized by the American aulhorllles and
pot returned to their owners
PrlzeFighters Acquitted
I Boston Sept 7Dlcll OBrien of
Lwistoli Me and Joe Walcoll were
acquitted this nflernoon of the charge
dt engaging In a prlzellghl The Jury
was out four hours The men have been
on trial for two days before Judge
Sherman of the Superior court The
testimony showed that they used tour
oUnce gloves
Arrested for Murder
Denver Sept 29A special to the
Newo from Victor Colo says George
Miner who has been working In the
mines In thin vicinity for about two
ypftrfl was today oriented by Countable
LriJn for a murder committed at Jet
fe VCIty Mo In 1881 He says Dial
hij Jipr was In the State of Mlssouil
Since he has been In Victor he has been
an Industrious worker and bears a
good reputation lucre
Jealous Girl Shoots a Rival
Washington Courthouse 0 Sept 29
Llda Hargrave shot and badly
wounded Daisy Redman of Columbus
here late last night Miss Redman and
Miss Hargrave attended a festival last
evening A young man who had been
pajMnc attention to Miss Hargrave
started to accompany Miss Redman
home This aroused the Jealousy of
Miss Hargravo She procured a revol
ver followed the couple and shot Miss
Redman In the shoulder The girl waa
arredled late at night at her home
Col Whltesldo Deposed
St Louis Sept Announcement
was made this afternoon that Lleut I
Col Samuel AVhlleslde U S A com I
11 t J 1 mandant Jefferson barracks hac
been fjummarlly deposed by Secretnrj
alltf W rahmonl and LieutCol au5
l1rah3lli l J deroil o thorn from Nev
S ltQ O Sept 29The v Tribune will
I lCmon6w publish Interviews with wi
I I enleen Governors all of whom advo
cate the recognition by the United
States of the Cubans as belligerents
Eighteen Crafts Reported Ashore A
Schooners Crew of Eight Men are
Drowned Gale Was Terrific
Chicago Sept Yesterdays storm
on the lakes was one of the most vie I
lent and destructive of recent SSKrs
No less than eighteen vessels have been
reported stranded at various points Jcn
while reports continue to be received of
others Hying signals of distress At
Milwaukee the schooner Connor Is
long overdue and grave fears are felt
for her safety Thirteen persons fel
rowly escaped drowning when the
steam barge Kershaw went on the
reef at Choclay beach breaking com
pletely In two
Five steamers are grounded near De
troit and the barge R J Penny
went to pieces VI lie rocks near HnnH
Sic Marie Several vessels lost deck
cargoes and others were stripped of all
canvas steering gear etc The stttam
er Puritan from Chicago to St Jo
seph Mich was obliged to put back
to port after making three attempts
to land at the latter port The pas
sengers became panicstricken and
many of them sick Thus far no loss
of life has been reported
Sault Ste Marie Mich Sept 30The
captain of the Anchor line Schuylklll
arrived from Duluth Schuylltl
passing two boats tola at Kewoo reports
flaW point He thought they were
the Matoa and Alosaba big steel
steamers belonging to the Minnesota
company The Matoa and Masaba
cleared from two harbors for Cleve
land yesterday Kewoonaw point Is
one of the most dangerous points on
the lakes and the boats stranded are
likely to prove total losses owing to the
heavy northwest gale
Duluth Minn Sept OA special to
the News Trllnnn frn On i o
5 u Juu Otu
Marie Mich says The steamer
Schuck which arrived this after
noonreporls that while laying to for
shelter In Copper Harbor the City of
Paris came In there and went ashore
on Flatrock She Is bound up tight
The steam barge Blrckhead towing
the schooners Chester B Jones and
Elma lumber laden Baraga to Og
densburg lost her consorts off Whlte
fish yesterday morning The Jones
Is at anchor three miles west of While
fish point The Elma Is reported as
foundering with all hands lost In
Munlslng bay She carried a crow of
eight She Is owned by Warre of Ton
From Whisky to Forgery
Chicago Sept SO Frank McCurdy at
one time a prosperous commission man
nt the Union stock yards Is locked up
on chanfca of forgery Love of whisky
Is said to be the cause McCurdy has
onfessed and Implicates C M Cole
man a bookkeeper who has been out
ot employment for some time Coleman
Is also locked up
lungunRO of animals ana ho used to pass
hours In his stables daily talking with his
daly tulklnl wih hil
horses Although very old Vnlerlo en
joyed robust health and probably he
would bo alive now but for nc
I of lop drinking Iced 1 water S after a Ions gal
Will be Hung If They Hang
An Unexpected Sensation at the Dur
rant Trial Further Attempts to
Build up Durrants Alibi Wit
nesses Called to Impeach the
Pawnbroker How Durrant Tried
to Manufacture Testimony
Sun Francisco Oct 1After gather
Ing up a few ragged ends of testimony
left over from last week tIme defense
In the Durrani case this morning be
gun the building of an iilllil for thn
young medical student from April 4th
to April 12th Inclusive The purpose
of tho alibi U to Impeach the tcsllmony
of pawnbroker Oppenhelm nnd W J
Phillip who lesllllcd that on April
12th Durrant tried to pawn Blanche
Lnmonts ring at OppcnhelmH stoic
During the course of the tcsllmony
which covered Durranis movements
on Apill 4th and 5lh a struggle WUH
precipitated by District Attorney
Barnes who again challenged the reli
ability of a rollcull book nt Cooper
college The argument ended In a vic
tory for the defense so far as the
question before the court wan con
cerned UP Judge Murphy sustained an
objection to a question propounded by
himself to the witness and cut off dis
The trial begun this morning with a
sensation which was quite as unex
pected to the prosecution as to the
defense Juror I J Truman Informed
the court that last Thursday during
the noon recess of the court he was
approached by H J McCoy general
secretary of the Young Mens Chris
tian association who endeavored to
engage him In conversation on the sub
ject of the trial
I you hang Durrant said McCoy
to the juror we will hang you
The court said the offense bordered
strongly on a crime and cited McCoy
to appear In court at noon on October
3rd and show cause why ho should not
be punished for contempt
n W Mankind the electrician who
testified last week with regard to the
construction of tho sunburnprs In
Emmanuel church was the llrst wit
u <
of the
ness called The testimony was tll
1 sumo nature as that given last week
Hand was IntendejUto how the HablHts
f I ot the e3clOrIllu rcQolllcn
< UUlnl
The assault on pawnbroker Oppcn
helms testimony then began The de
fense called to the stand four wit
nesses by whom It was proposed to
test the accuracy of the pawnbrokers
memory S
Ma tin Cuilis William Cathcarl P
J Neumann and Leonard Everett
n rbcu of the National guard alI
time ilrnal corps to which Durrant be
longed testified that they had taken
various articles of Jewelry to Oppen
helmn store and attempted to pawn
them They described the manner In
which they were dressed at the time
The descriptions In many Instances
did not correspond with the descrip
tions given by Oppenheim when he
was asked to tell how the men who
tried to pawn the articles were dressed
Each of tho four witnesses said ho had
subscribed money to assist In the de
fense of Durrant Ie I
The next stop was to Impeach the
testimony of David Clark the witness
who assisted attorney Qulnlnn to fix
the date upon which he saw Durrani
and Blanche La mo tit walking Durrnt toward
Emmanuel church John Patten Pat
rick Mulvancy all At L Murphy said
Murlhy BalI
that Clarks
reputation for truth and
Integrity wan bad On crossexamina
ton Mulvaney and Murphy said they
were prejudiced against Clark from the
fact that they had had business dill
cullleH with his father The District
AUorney asked that the
orney mu testimony IIP
stricken out but the motion was de
nied by the court
Tho building of Durranis alibi in
contradiction ot the charge made by
pawnbroker Oppenhelm was begun
with tho testimony of Dr A W Hal
halt a lecturer at Cooper medical col
lege Asked It Durrant was present at
the lecture given on the morning of
April 4lh the doctor referred to the
callbook and said
calbook that the defendant
was recorded as present On cross
examination tho doctor said he hud no
personal knowledge of Durranis ab
sence or presence The defense tried
to offset Ibis by asking If he could give
the name of any one of the fiftyone
students In the class who attended the
lecture on Urn morning In question
Th doctor recalled the names of a
dozen students and said he believed
he could remember more If ho were
given time to think the mailer over
The prosecution next attacked the
rellabtllly of tho rollcall Before the
District Atnlnnv h1 hnr1
uj CUVllVU
the point of the subject however
Judge Murphy took a hand In the ex
amination He asked the witness
whether In hIs experience as an In
structor at the college he had known
of Instances where
students had
swered at rollcall for other students
who were not present o fenso at
once interposed an v and the
court was placed In thv l ° ent of
having to rule on its estlon
The Judge said that wK < might
permit the question to be iinswereit If
It should como from a proper source <
lie would sustain tho objection for the
Then District Attorney Barnes asked
time same quesllon and the defense In
terposed another objection Attorney
Dickinson argued that while It was
possible to call Into court every stu
dent who nllended the lecture and ask
each one It he answered at rollcall for
Durrani It would he unfair to cast
suspicion on the particular rollcall In
question by any practice or custom
that might have obtained at another
time Tho court said that It believed
the question proper and the evidence
Bought competent but for tho sake of
safety sustained tho objection
With Durranis whereabouts on the
morning of April 4th accounted for
the defense attempted to show whero I i
the dpfendanl wns the next day
George A Merrill an Instructor at
the Lick school of mechanical arts
Ill that Durrani culled upon him at
11 oclock on the forenoon of April 5th
Asked If Durrani made known the ob
ject of his call the witness replied In
the affirmative but ho was not per
mitted to tell what Durrant had said
Before court adjoin ncd attorney
nickliiBon culled Iho attention of time
court to the large number of threaten
ing letlers that were being received by
himself i nnd attorney lemt lucy and
asked thnl the jurors bo Instructed to
turn such letters over to tho court
should they receive any
The Judge said he received a great
many letters of the sumo kind
Whal the prosecullon believes to bo
testimony of the most vital Importance
In the Durrant case has at last been
obtained from n student In Cooper col
lege For months the prosecution und
the defense have labored to find seine
ole among Ibo accused Undents cuss S
mails who could give some dellnlle In
formation regai ding the lecture which
Dr Cheney delivered on the forenoon
of April 3111 I was Impossible to find
such a Hludent None knew definitely
that Durmnt wns there No one could
tell t Indicate
e anything which might Imlcut
thai Durrant was not thieve
At last there has been found a stu
dent who can shed definite light I upon
the subject Charles A Dukes the
young man who sat next to Durrunt In
the lectureroom will take the witness
stand and swear that after being un
able to tell whether or not Durrant was
present at the lecture the accused stu
dent asked him as a favor to him to
say Hint he was there and that ho
remembered the fact
Dukes tells this now only with tho
greatest reluctance He says he drew
the only Inference that could reason
ably be drawn from the request which
he could not grant For the sake of
his classmate Dukes decided that he
would not speak Ho says Durrant
wanted him to remember the fatal day
and his presence In the lectureroom
without any reference to the truth of
the facts I could not grant his fa
vor said Dukes but I wished to re
main silent as I did not want to hurt
his case If I could help It
Now that Rev George M Gibson
pastor of Emmanuel church has vir
tually been accused by Attorney Deu
prey of committing the murders that
have made his church notorious ho has
seen lit to break the silence which ho
ft sience
has maintained ever olnce the discov
ery of the crimes
Rev Gibson hns allowed himself to
bo Interviewed for publication and tho
unit question asked was
What do you think of Mr Deuproya
I speech as an argument In defense or
Mr Durrunt <
Well It ts ILm t tU
c Vei iIC1 Ir Hudi a recklpss
K I In his hand the life
ptetrf when he 1m hams helif I toad Ing
01 death of a for kiuirs
between the lines ItTS eu5j Gh ULt
Die speech was not the one he Intended
to deliver I resembles the sermon
prepared on Sunday morning after tho
preacher discovered Hint fur viriom
reasons ho could not use the ono ha hi
worked on for weeks
Why did you remain sllenl so long
Because as a witness I had no right
to talk and I was willing to take my
share of newspaper criticism
Do you think the situation b I
changed S
Yes I am virtually accused of tho
murder My name Is singled out from
among all the witnesses and uttered
In loud lones to the Jury Mr Deuprey
hal declared the light on The Issue
now according to him Is between W
I T Durrani and myself The speech
gives me the right to conclude that
Durrani concurs In the accusation He
through his attorney accuses me of
having somo connection with the mum
der of Blanche Lnniont The public
must have noticed that I never accused
him of such a crime
Rev Gibson talked In a sarcastic
manner about Deuprey and when
asked what he would do If he were ar
reslod said Ironically that he would
send for Deuprey to defend him
Were you surprised at his charge
against you
Not at all Ills accusation Is In har
mony with all the actions of the de
fense from the beginning You surely
think I am very simple If you suppose
I have beon In Ignorance a
S Ignornce of the work
going way on In the underground all
Do you think the defense will spring
sOle surprises on you
That Is a good question but dont
care to answer It In public I think I
can smell a rat as well as any person
I hope the rat for his own sake will
choose the right moment to come out
of the hole When he appears the cat
will not have a bell on Its I neck
Your handwriting Is going to figure
In this case
Yes so Mr Dfinrpy save T
knows what he Is
talking about < Ha
la just as SHIP of
IR IUr my handwriting UH
he was of Dr Cheneys testimony
What Is your opinion about tho
handling of the case
In these days when analogy does
duty for logic It is positively refresh
Ing to know of at least two lawyers
who are Intelligent enough to think
the people do not see any difference be
tween a bluff and a fact
Dont you think they are working
faithfully WIrklng
Yes they are piling up excepllonn
that nvn ovnollr r thn i oht n
o m nuu UU
of their case Every technicality lsa S
curse thrown In the face of the friend S
they profess to defend No witness has
done so much against W H T Dur
rant as the actions of his attorneys I
would rather be hanged than saved
by such means as Mr Deuprey and
Mr Dickinson are employing
What do you think of W H T Dur S
rant Whatever peoples opinions are r
there are few but think that he dgrx1 1
serves a wealth of sympathy becatfso
lie is unfortunate enough In time hour
of trouble to have as his beat friends
two men whose fame outshines their
Story is Fictitious t 1
London Oct lThe Spanish Em I
bassy hero publishes this morning a
denial of a statement cabled from tho
United States to the effect that Secre
tary of State Olney has given a YIn
ing to Iho Spanish Government that
unless Ihey had succeeded In suppr ss
Ing time Insurrection In Cuba In time
next three months the United States
would Intervene for the protection of
the Insurgents Time Spanish Embassy
declare that this story Is ontrelY mJassY
lloua and that tho Spanish relations
with the United States regarding Cuba
aro working and with
smoothly wih no ap
parent friction

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