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FORTIER nr R1 For tho Advancement of Spanish Fork Utah County and Utah Territory and tho Free Coinage of Silver and Fair Legislation 2 PER YEAH IN ADVANCE
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> u
j L
Highest of all in i Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
Safe1 oVal Baking
U Powder
Sixty Sixth Semi Annual
Session of Saints
Exhortation nnd Instruction from
I tho Leaders of the People Presi
dent Woodruff President Lorenzo
Snow and Others Speak Reports
from London and Mexico Weaily
x a Million Baptisms
Suit CaUo City Utah Octohor n
j The sixtysixth semiannual confer
once of the Church of Jesus Christ of
atterday Saints fnet In the Taber
nacle yestciday moVnlng The ser
vices were commenced at 10 oclock
with the members of the First Presi
dency Wllfoid Woodruff George Q
Cannon and Josoph F Smith rind vail I
ous other officers of the church on the
stand and a large attendance of the
Saints In the body of thc building
President Cannon called the confer
t once to order and after the singing of
n hymn by the choir and congregation
h prayer was offered by President Lo
icnzo Snow
Then President Woodruff delivered
the opening address as follows
I feel thankful my brethren and sisters
that I havo tho privilege this morning or
attending this sixtysKlli semiannual
conference of the Church of Jesus Christ
of LatterUay Saints with the Hitlers of
Israel and tho Saints of the living God
My first attending any ronftioiuo of this
tliinvh wn In 1SII and fiom hit t day
illl tho piosont from time to time us
i licinnHtanrcv I ave peunlttod I t i havo on
jONI this I blessing 1 And while I Ito iroph
IB and Apostlrn and Kldorn nnd Saint i or
God i groat ii iny of thorn HIli nnm
her of Ihfin t who have uRomhlrd III tin so
j rinvn nrn tmlnv litton Ito othor Rlllo of
k thee vail still other men us Apoatlts nnd
I 11 Isauhcts and Kldeis and mom In is of time
I church stand In the llesh following In
theIr footsteps I feel thankful to have
tho privilege of meeting with tho Apostles
and tho various quorums of the Church
of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints to
day And while wo are together during
r this conference hope and trust that
wo may all of uo have our hearts lifted
UI In I Pitt yet anti thanksgiving to I Clod
and ask Ids blessing that we mil IK
guided by his Holy SpIrit In whatever wo
rio called to teach to tim SatntH and Iho
labors vu havo to pel form as time people
1 of God Wo have great reason to rejoice
Croat reason to he thankful to nor Cro
titer to God our Heavenly Father for
Ills mercies and blessings over us today
The hand of tho Loid may pry clearly
Ito seen I think by all nun who enjoy
I thin Spirit of God In the past history of
tho letterDay Saints Ills hand has
1 > pen over us since our organization In
iso until the piesent ilmv Vo have
jiufigod of course through many trials
aintl tribulations but Limo Lords mercy Is
over us and we are planted hero In ho
mountain of Israel the ion of God and
jilattd hem with responsibilities listing
upon us to ho cm lied out In our clay and
lime I am pleased to meet with tin
Apostles und trust as far ns wo hive
line anti opportunity vvo shall have lie
jnlvllego of hearing from them Tint I
will say that President Snow Is expected
to bo absent train us for a day or so In
ntttndlng tho funeral of Judge Smith of
llrlgham City nnd I will call upon him
this morning to occupy a llltlo tlmo In
talking to us
President Lorenzo Snow next ad
dressed the conference He opened
0 with a picture of the blissful condition
to prevail when the millennium shall
arrive The world at present from a
moral point of view was most forbid
ding Tho press was filled with ac
counts of detestable crimea and human
misery All would be altered byand
by and all should endeavor to hasten
the coming change lIe spoke of till
need men foil at times for supernatural
aid agtvliist earthly dllilcultles It
seem to be necessary to try the
Salits to the extent of their endurance
U < ut their characters may bo devel
oped Sometimes the lives of elders
I p f > had been in peril but they hal been
saved by following the directions of
the spirit of God President Snow
t closed by asking God to bless Presi
Jdent Woodruff
f Elder H J Grant then addressed the
conference He rejoiced In the fellow
ship nnd Integrity of the Saints and
V In the diligence of those who presIded
In the stakes of Zion 1ho disposition
he paid to depend upon the tithing of
oacli ntoKe for tIme support of Its poor
etc was happily dying out and there
was a pleasing tendency to sustain
the presidency of the church with
means ns well ns by faith It should
he the pride of every Saint to pay his
tithing for this purpose United effort
would enable the Saints to place their
tithes in the hands of those who could
use It to best advantage for the ad
vancement of thc work of God Elder
Giant dwelt upon the Importance of
training childien wisely They should
he taught to ho obedient tu God so
that as Saints they would be piepared
for their high destiny The matter of
personal lesponslblllly to God was em
piiaslzod Especially should the priest
hood he said magnify tImely calling
sustaining those over them In the
church and In the government of the
IClder John W Taylor who has Just
returned from missionary service in
London W4s the last speaker at tho
morning service Ho described tho
work he had been engaged In t
ing interestIng pictures of London life
Ills absence from Utah had taught
him to more highly nppicolate the val
IOVH and mountains of Zion The av
erage individual In Utah ho paid was
miioh better off thnn the average En
glishman Elder Taylor dcsulbed a
Hhon noar the London mission which
sold bone that had been discarded by
jostaurantH and hotels Crowds of
wretched people bought these bones
for a penny or two a pound and then
pat on tho curbstones near by gnawing
the gristle and scraps of meat and dig
ging out tho marrow Many of you
Kiigllfh people declared the speaker
would ho Hnawlng bones In England
4t you had not como to the valleys of
Elder Taylor related an Incident that
occurred on thc train on which he returned
turned The men In our sleeper the
moinlng WI reached Utah ho said
went Into thc smokingroom because
thc ladles were dressing The room
was full of smoko when I went In I
never was a hand for smoke Id al
most rather see the Indies dress than
to stand the smoUlng Laughter But
I remained and listened to om > of the
men attacking Bilgliam Young He
declared that Brigham when he came I
out beta never expected civilization to
follow him or that railroads would be
milt Into IIIII legion I just thought
I would put III a word for Brigham
ind I said to this man Brigham
Young did not fly from clvlllratlon lIe
led fiom just such savages as you ap
pear to bo Ho prefonod the led sav
ages to the white And when you in
Imato that ho did not favor inllioids
yoU are mistaken for ho wan one of
he greatest piomotoia of rallioad
mlldlng west of the Missouri river
and was one of thc largest contractors
on the first transcontinental line
Elder Taylor concluded with a mm
illincntny reference to the Elstedd
od after which tho people were dill
nlsscd with a benediction by Putll
arch John Smith
flu afternoon services began with
the icndltion of the hymn Come
Hear Us Lord and Como and Dwell
Prayer was offered by President Ed
ward 1attildge and tho hymn The
Si lilt of God Like a Flic Is Burn
ing followed
Apostle George Tcasdalo missionary
of the church in Mexico preached the
opening sermon taking for his theme
the mission of the church In spreading
the gospel of truth to all the nations
of the earth When the lalterday
work was lovcalcd he said It made
the utiulioment that all I I pi oplo olinulf i
lopint and believe They weio called
upon to believe In I a len < < lnlll God n
imdlnlnr Christ Itsim they vvoie
call I b tl upon tr I I eel I ee in I heavenly I via
ionp tl lit vIMIatlnn of nngels nnd ml
innilous m gifts Ho felt giatlflod I 1 at the t
procresi mall by his oliuioh In shed
ding light In darkened lands and said
they hud great occasion for rejoicing
Ill caw the evidences of Gods bless
ings and revelations on all sides and
as an instance pointed to the great
templo which he said could not have
been designed and built without dlvlm
revelation He closed by felicitating
HIP people upon the gland pin poses
of time meeting and said he felt amplj
repaid for his travel of 1200 miles In
ordor to bo in attendance at the con
The duty and Importance of spread
Ing the I gospel In I older that the I people
may bo vvni nrd if the ipcstabllshiii
of truth upon the caith formed the
subject of Apostle John Homily Smiths
dlscnurse He said the message en
trusted to the LattoiDtiy Salr s was
nn > of Pence nnd truth nndXSeater
gloiy happiness und peace of mind
nnd heart could bo attained by living
up to Its teachings as expounded by
DIP leaders of tm I > church Theie were
still million that had never hoard this
glorious message which ho said was
Intiodiieed by tho Savior and pleached
by his disciples nnd the work of the
Mti mon chinch I would not be finished
until I tho I message hail 1 boon can led to
all the people of the earth In spile
or the projudlces that had always cx
Islld in many mens minds the
church was making wonderful pro
gress he said and the great scholars
of the world were examining its teach
ing and mnny were recognizing Its
principles of love and truth He ex
horted his heaieis to awaken to a I
greater leallzatlon of the Importance
of their mission and manifest more
Interest In the work
Apostle M W Merrill repotted the
total number of baptisms in all the
temples of the Mormon church from Its
oiganlzatlon up to December 31 1S94
was 733737 These figures did not In
clude the work done In the endow
menthouses which however had been
duplicated In most cases so the num
ber wan cry nearly correct The
speaker considered thin but a small
beginning compared with the multi
tudes to whom this great blessing was
unknown He urged the members to
greater Interest In temple work
Plebldent Wllfoid Woodruff supple
mented Apostle Merrills closing re
marks by saying thc temples had been
built nnd should be made use of by
time LatterDay Saints who were re
sponsible for the deliverance of Gods
message to the living and the dead
After the announcement of society
meetings the choir Bang the anthem
Jctuu 1 My Cross lave Taken and
the closing prayer was offered by J G
Klmball The conference then ad
journed until 10 oclock this moinlng
Miner Head Blown Off
Denver Colo Oct GA special to
the Republican Cram Victor Colo
says While picking out a missed hole
In one of the levels of the Bucmi Vista
mine today Frodoilck Robot a mi
ner was Instantly Killed His head was
soveied from his body by tho explo
sion lIe leaves a wife and three chill
dien In England
Union Pacific Changes
Omaha Oct 711 Is given out at
Union Pacific headquarters that a
number of changes In thc freight dp
pal tmont have been made ilK time re
sult of the change of Travel
Ing Freight Agent Judd who
waR located at Los Angelen F
II Choate who has been traveling
freight agent at Portland succeeds to
Iho vacancy at Los Angeles while
Chief Cleric Nllcs at Poitland site
ccdls Mi Choate Revising Cleik Kelly
at Ogden goes to Portland to succeed
Mi Nlles and Guy Come of the gen
Walto Going to Kansas
Topeka han Oct Chairman John
W lliledenthal of the Populist State
cnntial committee today received a let
toi from oxOov Waite of Colorado
notifying him that he would an Ivo hero
Octnbor 17th to spend a week In tho
Kansas campaign maUnr speeches
Awful Catastrophe at a Cor
ncrStcno Ceremony
Thirty or Forty Men Were Badly
Hurt Temporary Floor of a Now
Cathedral at Loraln 0 Gave Way
and Threo Hundred People Were
Precipitated into the Basement A I
Big lire at Denver
Loialn Q Oct 6While a great
jrovvd of people was assembled this af
ternoon to wltness Vh < 3 la > lng of the
cornerstone of the new St Marys I
cathedral a temporary floor on which I
many of the people were standing sud
denly gave way precipitating roany
men women and children Into tho hasp
munt One was killed outright ten
were fatiilly Injured and between thir
ty and forty others were badly hint
The services were Just about to be
gin when the accident happened Fully
3000 people were assembled on and
around the platform which had been
constructed across the foundation of
the edifice The boards forming the
tumpoiary floor had been laid across
the Joists which were supported In the
middle by uptight posts These sup
ports biolce and the hoot went down
with a crash Fully 300 persons were
tin own Into the pit formed by tho sag
ging In the middle of the hoer
Foi a moment everybody was para
lyzed by the calamity but soon there
was a rush forward by those willing
to lend assistance to the crushed and
itiuggllng people This made matters
woiae for fifty more persons were
crowded forwaid Into a hole upon
hohe who went down with tho floor
When the confusion had subsided
somewhat many of those who were
xblo to extricate themselves did so by
walking or ciawllng over the less forJ
lunate The work of rescue was begu
it once and all were Dually taken frog
the lIlt
Following Is Il list of the killed and
u nu mlcd
Killed Mary Wobbor 3 years old
daughter of Mr and Mimi Matt Web
bet of Shellleld
Fatally Injuied ROHO McGee skull
ilutlo Grlllln 8 yearn old hurt In
Mis Mary McGralth left let crushed
tad hurt Internally
Mis John Eustln left leg crushed
and chest Injured
Mis Cornelius Sullivan spine In
jured and left leg crushed
Murysdalbcr severely crushed hurt
Inlet nally
Mrs M Kelly Injured Internally
Mis Kate Dledilck both legs broken
uul inn Internally I
Mrs Muigaiet Mackert hurt Inter
The old Catholic church was at once
lutned Into a hospital A score of doc
tors were called and they were kept
busy for hoots caring for the Injured
sevoinl ing of whom will die before moin
The accident was duo to defective
ttmbcis The contractor was told yes
terday that the platform was Insecure
but he wild It would hold all the peo
plo that could be cimuled upon it
1heie were between 1500 and WOO peo
ple on It when It gave way
Despite the accident the services
were cnntlmifd and the laying of the I
I coi nitstone vns completed
Lawrence Street Fire Destroys 78 I
000 Worth of Property
Denver Colo Oct GIlre broke out I
at 5IB oclock today on the top floor
of the fivestory brick block 1C34 to
644 Lawrence street burning fiercely
for several hOles For some time the
Markham hotel at the corner of Sev
enteenth street and the Immense dry
goods emporium of Daniels Fisher
extending mom the burning building
to Sixteenth street were In great dan
gel but the fire department succeeded
In confining the flames to the structure
In which they started The losses are
as follows
Leonard Montgomery
1ontgomery building
30000 CooperHagus Furniture com
pany goods stored on third and fourth
tloors 15000 BrunawlckBalkeCollen
der company billiards and bar fix
tures 20000 Toxel Brothers Clark
bicycles and riding academy 3000
illlnols Glass company wholesale ware
rooms 10000 total 78000 The last
ter three firms suffer principally from wa
Robhsrs Get EightyFive Cents
Fort Smith Ark Oct 7lhe north
bound Frisco passenger train was held
up at Caston I T fIfty miles south of
here last night by six men They cut
the express car loose and ran It up tho
track They failed to open thc through
safe and only got 85 cents from the
local safe The passengers were not
molested It Is thought to have been
the work of tho Christian brothers
Father Wager Indicted
St Johcph Mo Oct 7Thc grand
jury today returned Indictments
against Dominick Wagner the priest
for rape seducing a gill under 18 years
of age and abduction The Jury Is In
vestigating the chaiges of embezzle
ment pioferied against the priest by
mcmbeis of his congregation The
three Indictments returned this morn
ing will probably bo nolle piossed tho
Eeriest having inarilcd tho girl Satur
day night
Two Mexicans and an American
Ranchman Killed
Laredo Tex Oct 7News reached
here this evening of I fearful shooting
affray which occurrerd near TvvohlgB
Station on the International Great
miles north
Northern railroad eighty mlell
of this city last night which resiiltei
In the death of J Shaw an American
ranchman and two Mexican men a
Mexican child and tho wounding ot 1
Mexican woman Shaw had lost a
yearling meteor and he In company
with Deputy Sheriff Wink trailed the
thieves and camo upon them together
with A woman and chilI Tho meat ot
the animal was In i tho cart In a tllt
whlcli ensued two Mexicans and Shaw
were killed outright and the rhlld died
this morning The woman Is bal In
Jureil but will probably recover
Not Guilty Murdering Deputy
Marshal McDermott
Green RIver Wyo Oct 7 Wayne
Rose was acquitted today of the charge
of murdering Deputy Marshal Charles
McDermott at Hock Springs last April
The jur arrived at the verdict of not
guilty after remaining out for forty
Tiny first ballot taken showed ten
JurorjJJJh acquittal and two for mummy
df ln the first degree The same vote
LI obtained on ballots for murder In
I 1 second and third degrees Public
I Iment regarding the Justice of the
e1 let Is very much divided In this
Jilt Electric Car Hold Up
is hlcago Oct 7An Evanston eltc
I I1 car was stopped tonight between
ifeyle Park and Edgewatur by five
9kod men shortly after S oclock
I ere were eighteen passengers When
l icsr was stopped one of the rob
beijf quickly passed dow n the car up
prl brlatlng the valuables of every one
In eiit The conductor and passen
get i were relieved of watches and
otlfr tilnUets of value and money to
th value of several hundred dollnis
I Warning to Butto Footpads
utte Mont Oct 7 Thomas
0 C non the first man convicted of
hi lay robbery In this town of hold
ur was today sentenced to twelve
e rr at hard labor In the penitentiary
Ti o companions caught with him are
ye to be tiled OBrien shot at the
pC ceman v ho pursued him The con
vI1on was had on slender evidence of
IIIY and tlc sentence is looked on I
as naming to other footpads
lat ight Childien Left Orphans
SnrlnglloU 0 Oct 7At Vernon
Latvronce county thIrty miles west of
heite George Napper shot and killed
hls l arlfe and himself Mrs Napper had
4 divorce proceedings Eight chill
Oiir1 Acylendei ale left orphans Napper was a
llofjens Corpus Proceedings in Def
r of Two Bannooks
< lieyenne Wyo Oct 71n the Fede
ti court today United States Allotney
Ilbson Clark applied for writs of ha
can corpus on behalf of Ben Blnowln
iiu jbuiu jiuiau Lime tWO xnuuiuuK 111 Stat
liVns under arrest at lOvanston the
lunged with violating the lutz < nlll v liei
snme laws The writs wen insult
arid made returnable Oct IJ rain
ami4 on to stir ni lives
t when the question of the sup reforrei occu u
S or the WYOI fvUAI0t box B and
d to the hunting tlgimtstectiofl nft oMT
I rti will be Im8t > ea ulogetbcTj BO our
I coSter boenJ1
t r the writs had
Ai liLy General Fowler Ie at Presluont
i AlO S ale instructed the Shejial policy the
rtinty to discharge Benj rest upon our
trl ustotly im the grouum
lstmlyn our children
writs ot c ImhcaB of wnltun coilmUs dCBtlUctlV do ito II I the R Cpu b I
tuesllor taImttri4 and theiof WBS 1 fax nod
0 J the ijlee noise which rue the burden
t 10110
ttuMtI Ot U11UB gale b >
thc qUestic0 only ono U0 St8h wa tamp
to ton have s 71cldcd under tho rt for the people I
cpillniral nnnnlntflrl rnil
ir the nun
I THREATS OF IY aud cold
POOLIS lry Yet a
< nlnnnlrll
Say tho Spanish Troops Will Parade
in Central Park and Hope Cleve
land Will be Hung
Chicago Oct 7A special from Tarn
pa Fin says Two lilt gs are cer
tain says a New Yorker on his way
home from a prolonged stoy in Cuba
hooking after extensive Int rests In the
Interior One is that w j are going
to have trouble with Spah about com
plications arising from the Cuban ques
tl Iin the other that Cuba viil be free
wttielher time United Stat s recognizes
her or not
This I gentleman would pot allow his
ni me to be used because his property
n i Cuba would be conllat uted and he
w uld be thrown Into prison were he
ti return to the island I
I heard a high ofllcla In Havana
s y he contInued that It the Amerl
mind wI3l 1 parade the
cr ns do not 11111V we If j w w
S janlsh troops in Cenlrtl Park New
Y ark before we are through I heard
11 said in a wellknown cafe In Ha
v ma that after the rely lllon Is sup
p essed the United Slate s will be at t
te nded to and It was hgped Cleveland
ci uld be caught and hanged
It Is openly declared In the cafes
th I If Uncle Sam redognlzes Cuba
t I e Americans must gel out of time Isl
am id By Christmas there will be 180
O 0 Spanish soldiers on the Island of
Cuba Why should Spain mobilize so
needed to
m any troops It they are not
Sl ippress the revolution
The Cuban patriots are sadly In
n eed of aims ana ammunition uiiu
d ly a band of forty passed my planta
tl on with only ten guns and they were
tJ ic cheapest kind of birdguns The
r st of tho parly were armed with ma
c metes They load their guns with bits
a t barbed wire taken from fences and
v 1th nails
Will Entertain the Englishmen
Cambridge Mats Oct 7lhlllIrll Is
1 reparlng to give tho CarnlirMgo nthlutcs
m rousing reception on their visit here
I omorrovv After being shown the sights
I f Boston the visiting athletes will hi I
C riven to Harvard wliero IL thousand
indents larnrd them President TIM
vlll gIve them a reception after which
L banquet will be tcndcud at the limit
> uddlng club In tho Harnoon time vnl
crslty crew will give an exhibition spin
lerlity escorted to
I ml then the visitors will be 11
I ho football field to see tho lrlclcoI I
Colorado Populist Killed
f Denver Colo Oct frV special to
I he News from Leadvllle Cole lays
atilclc J Kennedy Populist candidate
shot down
ror Sheriff was
or Ihot
blood tonight by his ft crnla T
n Powers They had been quarreling
over family affairs Powers being un
ram1Y of liquor rime mur
del the Inlluenee
hastily taken out of town
deror was talon
by the offIcers as a lynchIng was
tlo olcera Sheriff of Lake
eared Kennedy was Bherlr
county four years HBO
A Renewal of Hostilities at
Jacksons Hole
Oodles of Capt Smith and Two Com
panions Found Near the Camp of
Sixty Bannocks Indians Had
Tin eat ened Their Lives Two
Troops of Cavalry Start for tho
Scene Indians on the Move
fduht Falls Ida Oct 6A further
intervIew with Mr Wilson elicits but
nuuger details as to the paitlculars of
Iht KllMng of Capt Smith and two
companions at the south end of Jack
son Holt country on tho morning of
ho 3rd
Mr Wilson has been In the Jacksons
hole country since July last so he
jtntes employed as a scout and cou
rier tor the I troops
The bodies of the three victims were
mitul on the south bank of the south
foik of the Snake river and encamped
or > mile below them were about sixty I
nick Indians
Constable Manning and Mr Wilson
uocpcded Immediately to Giant camp
whloh Is located In Tetoni Basin In
astern Idaho and notified the troops
of the now troubles Companies C and
D were Immediately dispatched to the
scene under command of Capt Cols
ThQie 1 no evidence so far to show
that Smith and his companions had
made any attack on or Inteiforcd with
the Indians In any manner
The Indians hau stated that they
wanted the life of Capt Smith and
others of those among the posse who
iiiested and killed Homo of their num
teem In Jacksons Hole last summer
Report comes from different paitles
that t 4reat many Indians are going
toward Jacksons Hole from the Fort
Hall Indian icservutlon and people
geneially are ciltlctslng Indian Agent
Teetu very severely for giving his In
dians Mie right of way over the entire
Feared that Other Outrages Will he
Committed Before tho Arrival of
Poualello Ida Oct 7Advlces fror
Idaho Full tonight fall to give jiny
later news logardlng the finding ijf time
doud bodies of Capt Smith
ojft twc
companions In Jacksons Mole lasl
huiHday 1IIe
J W Wilson scout ttsfr the Unitei
os troops who IsrpsponslUe for
story has left ItJiJho Falls and his
reabouts camjt be leauied A
her by thoofiame of Adams who
3 five mllefUfiom where the murder
med aOViustloned Wilson closely
belieVm the seport la reliable
V > Ul l > a ot UlUteil State
9 who atJ1 stationed at
Valley since the Indian scare or
ii months ago have left for Jack
hole to ascertain the truth and
ml turtlier outrages It possible
re are about seventy Bannock
i us leported in that vicinity and
feared they may accomplish otlie
igos before the arrival I of troops I
fill be three or four days boforo thl
it of the soldiers Investigation
bo learned owing to the dlstanq
rugged roods
Iber enver Oct 7A special to the
nR ws fioin Cheyenne Wyo says
ftpiiMltniy authorities at Foil Russel
nescredlt the repoits ot tIme Idling In I
IS aicksonH hole of Capt Smith and two
tofcmnides by Bannock Indians ilee
tlopcdcral authorities hero liynJi
Lieut Ladd who Is In command of
the troops at Montpeller Ida tele
graphs this afteinoon as follows
Nothing Is known heie of the mat
ter Report not credited
At 545 this evening Adj Gen Stltzer
of the State militia received a dispatch
from Hon Marion Patrle of Market
Lake chairman of the Republican
State central committee of Idaho read
Ing as follows
Courier Wilson asserts positively
that he saw the three dead bodies I
have not seen Wilson personally
V1son personaly
Concerted Action by American Re
publics Proposed
New York Oct 7A special to the
Herald from Washington says There
Is discussion In political circles here
over the possibility that all the Ameri
can republics may In the future act
Jointly In the recognition of the bel
ligerency of the Cuban Insurgents
PanAmerican representatives here
have been anxiously waiting to see
what Secretary Olney will do and tho
suggestion has been Informally made
to the department that It would be a
good plan for the United States and
all the South and Central American
countries to act in concert either as
to the recognition of the Insurgents or
as to the independence of Cuba when
ever the proper time arrives
I has already been reported that
Mexico and Venezuela have declined to
grant belligerent rights I this be the
case the representatives of the lespoc
tlve countries In this city have not
been advised of It
I Is admitted by those concerned
however that the Insurgents musi
make greater headway before It will be
entirely safe for the United States or
any other republic to recognize them
The proposition for Joint acton Is
based upon the possibility of Insnrgen
victory In engagements which are like
ly soon to occur
Efforts of Democrats to Control the
Columbus 0 Oct 7Sonic leading
free silver Democrats of Ohio arc In
Ilver tho olllce of len W Thur
lan to formulate icsolutlons to bc
published advising Democrats to sup
poit only legislative candidates who
will voto for u trIo silver Senator Ai
rangements arc to be made to send
free sliver delegates to tho next Na
tonal Democratic convention
Tho silver Democratic State contra
alvcr of which Senator Wash
hum Is chairman and W W Durbl
secretary tonight Issued an address to
the Democrats of Ohio urging concen
trated action looking to the control at
Irlted Icto < 1001lnl
time I next National Democratic convon
lon The address concludes as fol
nvvs 1
nvvsThe functions of the Government of
he United Status me distinct and
Kepatate from those of the States Mat
erd of tariff taxation and coinage are
functions of the United States with
which time States have nothing directly
to do The support of every Democrat
Is duo to tho State ticket But mem
bers of the Legislature who are to be
chosen and who elect a member of the
United States Senate who will have to
vote directly on the monetary question
and at a very critical stage of it
should be uncompromisingly pledged
I they are elected as members of the
General Assembly to vote first In fa
vor of an open party caucus for the
naming of the United States Senator
second against a secret ballot In cau
cus and third against the selection
of any man who Is not In favor of the
free coinage of both gold and silver
Into full legal tender money by the
United States alone without regard for
the action of any other country To
this end we ask your cordial coopera
ton and assistance
His Chair was Occupied by Another
San Francisco Oct 5Tho prosecu
tion In the Dutianl case Is said to have
in Its possession evidence that vvill
finally shatter the last remnant of tho
alibi which Dnrrants attoincys havo
attempted to prove W H Dorr a stu
dent In the Cooper Medical college sat
alongside Durrant at the lectures
When examined with the other mem
herB ot Durranis clans Dorr testified
that he did not know whether Durrant
was present at the afternoon lecture
on April 3rd or not DOors father who
Is a prominent physician Informed the
police however that In his own home
and to the mcmbciH of his own family
young Dorr stated that on time after
noon of April 3rd Durranis neat was
occupied by a student named 13 Barry
Ho added that the Student who that
afternoon nnswetedto Durranis name
occupied one ofme rear teats In the
classroom Tb communication made
In his own fafniiy was not accompanied
by any Injunction of secrecy I was
not untUall the students including
Dorr lud on the witness stand denied
knoviedgc of the Impoitant fact of
DuviswtH piiSince or absence that
tnW who hud hearth tho story con
uded to communicate with the DIs
It Is that
rkl Attorney I II presumed
Don In common with other of Dur
antn fellow students deslied ua far
Itudcnts u
lan1l relow
C I ar possible to Protect their
laHsmate and so avoided answering
Kitlnent questions by lospondlng I
I don t know II Is now considered
lecaiieu 10
certain that Dorm will ue recalcu
he ntand and icqulied to tell all tho
truth concerning the events In the col
loge classroom on the fatal afternoon
ot April 3rd
District Attorney Barnes ayBthera
is no truth In the published Btatement
that student Doir ot thfc medicalcol
lege heard another student juriwnr
for at roll call on
present or purrant rol CI
AprIl 3rd
Family Quarrel Results in a Bloody
GreensLurg Ind Oct 7The quiet
town of Sandusky live miles north of
affray In
the scene of an ufflay
this city was In
ciy killed
which ono man was Instantly 1led
im two others neilously
Taylor Goddaid the village me
< of David Her
chant is a sonIIny Hh
His wife dl1 about BIX umiomitimi 1 ego amid
left I twoyoarold cliUiiwhlch Imil
since been cmod JPrriy Itn grand
paiunt Sundjjifloddard went to Se
llghls Qjllemandod the child
HiJgYrt lefused to let him have I
ioildaul diew u involve1 and began
lilng wounding Serlght slightly
Goddard then left but returned shortly
with hlB father James Goddard who
cat i led I club They Jerked Serlght
vla tnlitn null lipfrnn lipnMnir him
and shooting at him whereupon Se
right took a shotgun and fired striking
the elder Goddard in the abdomen
tilling him Instantly and seriously
wounding Taylor Goddard
Serlght came here Immediately and
gave himself up Both families are
prominent and wealthy
Judge William Lawrence of Bellefon
tabs O president of the National Wool
Growers association M Q Markham
and Secretary Avon of New York have
called a meeting of wool growers wool
dealers and filioep breeders to meet at the
bbltt house Washington D C Decem
her 4th to urge Congress to Incorporate
wool tariff provisions In any revenue bill
hut may bo passed
Crisp Still for Silver v
Nashville Tenn Oct 7ln a letter
to Mi J W GaInes of this city dated I
Amerlcus Ga October 2nd in refer
ence to the reports that he had j t
changed his views on the sliver ques
tlon exSpeaker Crisp said I still favor
favor the free coinage of silver and
hlnk perhaps I may muKe a speech or
two In Georgia on thai line beforo Con
gress meets
Want Mass Meetings Held Through
out the Country
Chicago Oct 4Every Mayor of every
oily town and village throughout the
United States will be advised and 10
Unl11 commlttcu of
uucstcd by the executive
till Cuban Bympathctla masBmeetlni
held In Chicago last Monday night to con
fer with tho most prominent and public
Hiililtnl cItizens within their respective i
munlcipalltli8 to airuiKo for a national
mauHmodllng tho night of Thursday October
tober list for the purpose of awakening
toward tho suffering and
a kindly foiling suCerlng IIII
patriotic Cubans who aro struggling for
liberty rime committee will also call
upon every prominent organization In tho r
country 11romlltllt toopeiation of Its
county In every section Churches of i
every denomination and fraternal and A
benevolent pooloUes will nlao bo called
upon for assistance In making tho man3
mcetln on Oetobor Hat a girat wave of e
public opinion amid sjmpathy for the Cu
I ban cause from time 1aclllo to tho Atla
uo lie and from British Columbia l t I
Commanderinchief Wnlkor of the 0
A II Issued a general order appointing
A I Binbank of Chicago quurtermas
tergcnenil Vllllum O OlIn of Boston
inBpcctorgoncral ami Alfred Dante of
Wllkcslmiio Pit Judgoadvocato
rim Iarlu Kiguro says that tho next
oimnlstory will bo tho occasion of crual
lug tho following cardinals Mgr For
lain tho pupal nuncio at 3arK Mgr Ag
llardl I tho papal nuncio at Vienna and
lan Jgr Stol tho pupal delegate to tho
chiiinh in time Unlttil States
Time wedding of the Duko of Marl
borough and MIss CoiiBuelo VanderbIlt is
announced for Tuesday November Hth
al Ht ThomiiBa olmrch Klfth uvenue and
Kittythird sheet Now York

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