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fated by Diabetes Tortured
Ith Gravel and Kidney Pains
ary Soule cobbler of Ham
L sport N Y says Slnco Deans
p ey Pills cured ino eight years
a Ive reached 70 and hope to live
r years longer But twenty yoars
01 ti ago I had kidney
tct r trouble BO bad I
e l N could not work
t Backache was per
rl slstent and It was
J agony to lift any I
f thing Gravel
whirling head I
n It aches dizziness
to It and terrible urin I
+ ary disorders ran
ate me down from 1C8 I
i pounds Doctors told mo I had I
taa and could not live 1 was
hed and hopeless when Ibegan
i Doans Kidney Pills but they
J me eight years ago and Ivo
well over since
r ll by all dealers 60 cents a box
rMllburn Co Buffalo N Y
I Gold Mining In Abyssinia
ar rltlsh explorer recently returned
Abyssinia says that he was for
months In a region hitherto un
r a to white men Along the trlbu
to of tho Blue Nile he found t
a g population engaged in washing
t 6 He reports that there Is an earl
d quantity of gold In this region
at4 Ich thousands of natives work
n flows This
9I er One Hundred Dollara Reward for any
Catarrh thus cannot be cured by Balls
ll CJuo P J CHESEr 4 CO Toledo O
tho tindanlgned bata known F J Cbeney
nt q lut 13 vear and betters him perfectly hon
I all builneu transactions and financially
cam out any obligation made by bit firm
J WliolMtle Druggists Toledo O
4 + Catarrh Care la taken Internally acting
upon be blood and mucoua inrraceaot tba
Ie t
rr uJz
1Ire tlmonlau cent free 1rtc 73 cent p i
a01 Bold by all DruggliU
al Half Family Imi or coniUpatlon
Deeds Not Years
II something Methuselah lived to
I years old but little else about
i over got Into prlntJohn A
s land
is Cure Is tho best medicine we over used
el X affections of tho throat and lanes Vfx
nt10 IT Vanburen Ind Feb 101000
u < L
a c Interesting Item regarding tho
lielaletao Is that It is tho only plant
w 0 roots refuse to shoot In the
ndn peculiarity possessed by
t ithcr parasite It is found on the
the lime and tho apple tree as
rt t aa on the oak
Cross Ball Blue Largo 2 or packnce 8
The Russ Company South Bend Ind
> c
red by Richard Coeur de Lion as
Ired Punishment for Theft
e e learn from the annals of the his
4 Hoveden who wits court chap
to Honry III that the old custom
d rrlng and feathering Is one that
lto back to the time of Richard the
te Hearted
ip e tells us that this renowned king
It qh ettlng out for the third crusade
I l i e this enactment among others
oft hIS fleet
JA > robber who shall be convicted ot
JJ tthattt shall have his head cropped af
tWttho fashion of a champion and
tIe JbelUng pitch shall be poured there
f arfand tho feathers of a cushion shall
Jr shaken out on him so that ho may
I I known and at the first land at
h t ch tho ship shall touch ho shall
c ot on shore
e J tils then is one ot several cue
which has been classed com
nly as American while In truth
Ytt originated with us and was lm <
e te ted by them from EuropeT1t
r t London
Didnt Know the Lady
rs ClancyYls Mrs Mugging Pat
01 part to mate no more Ol wlnt
ie hospital to ax afther him 01
t to see me husband sez 01 the
that got blowed up Yez cant
the doctherhos unther the
nce of Ann Esthetics Ol
t know tho lady sez 01 mighty
fled bike but If mo lawful
ded husband can act lolko that
n hos at deaths door Olll have a
rte trim him Exchange
Mighty Good Sort of Neighbor to
YA little widow a neighbor of mine
uaded me to try GrapeNuts when
II r stomach was so weak that it
Id not retain food of any other
d writes a grateful woman from
Bernardino Co Cal
I had been 111 and confined to my
with fever and nervous prostra
for three long months after tho
l h of my second boy We were In
pair until the little widows advice
ught relief
I liked GrapeNuts food from tho
bgiinning and In an Incredibly short
uito It gave mo such strength that I
ablo to leave my bed and enjoy
threo good meals a day In two
iiths my weight increased from 35
113 pounds my nerves had steadied
n and I felt ready for anything
neighbors wore amazed to see mo
n so rapidly and still moro so
en they heard that GrapeNuts
no had brought tho change
MY 4yearold boy had eczema
y bad last spring and lost his ap
e entirely which made him cross
peevish I put him on a diet of
peNuts which ho relished at once
Improved from the beginning the
ma disappeared and now ho Is
and rosy with a delightfully soft
r skin Tho GrapeNuts diet did
I will willingly answer all In
rles Namo given by Postum Co
tie Creek Mich
heros a reason Read the little
k Tho Road to Well vIII e in
Warren Zubrlck knocked out Youn
Mansfield In two minutes before the
Vancouver Wash Athletic club
William Broad Bert Coffman and
Prod Johnson were killed in the Opp
ulna at Jacksonville Ore by an ao
sldental explosion of dynamite
George L Brown has been arrested
it Bellingham Wash on a charge of
counterfeiting A fomplete counter
felting outfit was found In his room
A sixtymile wind from tho south
west blow over Reno Nev unroonnd
houses and blowing down a larg < j
freight shed a frame residence and
destroying many trees
Mrs Sally Barry of Northport
Wash the Insane woman who hold
possession of a car at Girard Kan
for five days has been committed to
the asylum at Medical Lake
Jugaburo Asuka a Japanese who
was in the employ of the Southern
Pacific company was killed Instantly
at Preblo siding near Golconda Nov
by being struck by a locomotive
Fred T Sherman has been arrestad
In Seattle charged with having bribed
George T Wright mayor of Tacoma
6000 being the sum In question
Mayor Wright denies having received
the money
Three counterfeiters have boau
placed under arrest by a secret ser I
vice officer at Seattle and hundreds of
tollers worth of spurious 16 and flO
gold places with the paraphernalia
used ln their manufacture was OAP
Ed and Bob Franc and their mother
have been arrested at Phllllpsburg
Mont charged with the murder o
George Reed a woodchopper who wad
known to have had money and whoso
body was found in a shallow grave
near the Franz ranch
The commissioner of the general
land office announces the secretary oil
the Interior has withdrawn from all
forma of disposals except under the
mineral laws 1300000 acres of public
lands lying in Missoula and Flath a4
counties Mont and Koatenal count
Ida for the proposed forest reserve
Mrs C L Bybae of Lander Wyo
recently gave birth to a mite of 0
baby which is probably the smallest
ever born in Wyoming The child q
girl weighed but one and a hall I
pounds and is only nine Inches rn I
length Its head in clrcumf U
about dual to the rim of a silver flol
Active preparations for the con
Btructlon of the Milwaukee line
through the Snoqualmle pass in Wash
Ington are being made and construc
tion work will soon bo commenced Al
ready tie camps are being established
along the Snoqualmle rout and the
cutting of ties under contract has be
The International and Empire Re
tail Dealers association at their an
nual congress in Spokane unanimous
ly adopted a resolution endorsing 1
President Roosevelts action to bring
about a law to fix and enforce reason
able railroad rates and will request
I the delegation In congress to give
him all support
Judge W H Hunt in the United
States court at Butte told Dennis
Burke Samuel McBride Peter Larson
and Oharles Ahtm convicted of 11
legal timber cutting In Missoula coon
tr that the government must protect
Ito Umber interests and the practice
of cutting timber on the public do
main must cease He fined McBride
and Burke 300 each and Larson and
Ahlm j160 each
The people of Montana continue to
enjoy great prosperity and the out
look for the future Is exceedingly
bright The mining men and in fact
nil classes of business men had n
good year last year and a feeling 01
security prevails
A snowilldo carried Harry You
mans and Fred Davidson Into Nellie
gulch near Lake City Colo The for
mer succeeded In digging hlmsolf out
and hastened to organize a searching
party to rescue Davidson who was
burled beneath the avalanche
Joo Rodgers and John Anderson
fare been placed under arrest by tho
police on suspicion of having been
the principals in the frequent hold
ups of saloons In BUtte recently An
dersons mask slipped during a rob
bery It is claimed and he was recog
Edward Kcastor a well known
stockman of Hlghwoods Mont com
knitted suicide by shooting himself
through tho head Koaster lately sued
his wife for divorce on the ground of
Jnfldellty Tho wife fought the
charges claiming that Keasters mind
Was unbalanced
After considering the case 113
hours and forty minutes and estab
lishing a new Montana jury record
the jury In tho casa of Camlle Romey
tried at Helena for killing Wasson
Oliver was unable to agree and
Judge Smith discharged them It is
asserted 114 ballots were taken
The house has passed Represent
ative Mondells hill extending the pub
lic land laws to the tca mlle squara
tract of land In Wyoming ceded by the
Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians to
the government on June 7 1897 This
land has heretofore been subj ot to
entry under the homestead law only
Head of Family Kills Himself at Home
of His Sister When Told His Home
Had Been Destroyed
Pembroke N 1ISoven persons
all members of tho family of Charles
Ayqr perished In a fire whlh de
stroyed Ayers farm house near here
Wednesday The bodies of a child
and of Ayors motherinlaw have been
found In tho ruins Ayer shot and
killed himself ono hour after tho fire
was discovered The theory of the
county authorities is that Ayor was
tho murderer but they have been un
able to find any ovldcnco to indicate
the methods employed to wlpo out tho
family Whether tho victims wora
shot or killed by other means cannot
be told at present
The firo occurred about 9 oclock In
tho morning and Ayer drove up to
tho home of his sister Mrs Georgo
Bailey in the town of Chichostor
about six miles from his home just
after 10 oclock Ho remained at his
Bisters place until afternoon and
when Informed that his buildings bad
been burned manifested some agita
tion A moment later ho drew a re
volved and pointing It at his right
temple fired and fell unconscious
Man of Humble Origin Chosen on the
First Ballot
Paris Tho national assembly met
on Wednesday for the purpose of
electing a president Although sev
eral candidates wore mentioned for
tho presidency in succession to M
Loubet including M Fallleres pres
ident of the chamber of deputies M
Sarrlcn former minister of justice
and M Leon Bourgeois tho former
premier the real contest was between
M Fallleres and Doumer
In all 849 voters were present The
final figures were M Fallloros 449
M Doumer 371 scattered 28 Ono
voter abstained from depositing his
M Fallleros returned to Paris from
Versailles escorted by a military
guard of hoonr He will take over his
new duties February 18
The now president of France is the
son of a magistrates clerk and the
grandson of a blacksmith I
Chiefs of the French Cable Office Ex
pelled from Caracas
Willomstad Island of Curacoa
Dutch West Indies Franco on Jan
nary 10 broke oft diplomatic relations
with Venezuela through tho American
minister at Caracas Mr Russell who
at present is In charge of French in
terests M Tnlgny tho retiring
French charge daffaires who left La
guatra January 16 on tho French
steamer Martinique for Curacoa via
Porto Cabello Venezuela arrived hero
Wednesday M Talgny was not per
mltted to land at Porto Cabello Ho
Is awaiting a French cruiser to con
voy him to Martinique
Tho chiefs of the French cable of
fices at Caracas and Lagulra Mm
Jaccoux and Bourget have boon ex
pelled from Venezuela and are ex
pected hero by the first steamer
Cable communications with Vene
zuela continues Interrupted
Unionist Leader Escapes From Ava
lanche of Ballots
London Tho most prominent fea
ture of Wednesdays election returns
Is the wholly unexpected stand made
by Birmingham Not only were all of
Joseph Chamberlains seven candi
dates returned but Mr Chamberlain
himself secured a majority of 6000
while the majority of others aver
aged 3000 Tho members already
elected are distributed as follows
Liberals 167 unionists 73 laborites
31 nationalists 60
Stage Upset Passengers Injured
Goldfield NevA Manhattan stage
carrying eighteen passengers upset
Wednesday Dr R J Mapes ot San
Francisco sustained a fracture of tho
left arm and a broken noso William
Plerco had a leg broken Georgo Foley
of Denver received many bono bruises
and cannot uso his left arm P H
Toohoy R M Rogers Charles Nel
son mining men of Nevada were all
slightly Injured James Higgins the
driver was unhurt Many of tho pas
sengers were so wrapped up in
blankets that thoy could not save
themselves by jumping
Only Survivor Out of Thirteen
Savannah GaAdrift on a gang
plank from 9 oclock Saturday morn
Ing until 5 oclock Monday evening
without food or water Carl Summer
tho only known survivor of a party of
thirteen people aboard tho ourmast
ed schooner Robert IL Stophonson
was picked up by the German steamer
Europe bound from Philadelphia for
Savannas Monday afternoon In lati
tude 3463 north longitude 3564 west
and brought to Savannah
f LR ucQ v1rK CGr Tfe2JILOC5
Never Too Duty
lo hover been quite too busy
To BII for u romp with you
Through tho forest of Transformation
In the Island of Hullnlmloo
Once there Im u horse in ride on
Im a lioogerbenr to nffrlKht
1m the whole mcmmcilc nil In one
Contrived for a buboa delight
Im nn ellunt and n hlppo < wmn
And n camel anti n zebm too1
Im n sake tint twlsln and w
And giggles and hollers boot
Im n horso and my loose IlIspentlen
Arc lines you cnn drive me b >
Im n tossing ship on the ocean
inhere tho waves dash mountain high
Im n ship on the tossing ocean
And you nre my captain bold
And I toss and I roll beneath ym6
But my cars they nrc HtrotiR to hold
And OU laugh ns the liicnkpra grumble
And you fear no dire mishap
As jour laugh drowns out tho tempest
And your glad voice calls Ulddapl
Im glad I am not too buss
At any old time of day
To get on the lloor and tumble
And grumble and growl and pin >
To just put aside my paper
And romp when you want mo to
Through the forest of Transformation
To the Island of Hullabaloo
Im clad I am not too busy
Nor tired nor glum you wls
To stoop when you steal beside me
With jour lips held up to kiss
I am Kind I am not too busy
To romp till jour heart Is glad
I am glad that tho Lord picked me out
Dear baby to be jour dad
J M LewIs In Houston Post
The ll0mencd Raven
Many birds seek the protection
which tho presence of man affords
against furred and feathered foes
when the breeding season approaches
Not so the raven Its distrust of us Is
profound and Its nest Is placed In
some wild spot far out of reach of
our possible attack or succor But
there are other enemies I know of a
pair that built on one side of a pro
jecting crag high up on the cllfts of
Rathlln Island Some fierce peregrine
falcons occupied the other side of tho
crag and when one day thIr eggs
were taken by an adventurous collect
or they sharing the popular opinion
of a ravens blackness concluded that
their neighbors were tho offenders
and wreaked their grief and vengeanco
upon them When on their return
from a foraging expedition the falcons
found their nest despoiled they were
seen to hold a consultation and after
much deliberation they suddenly
arose and both with ono accord flow
at the ravens nest and sacked It
tearing It In their rage and indignation
until not one stick was left upon an
other London Standard
To Make an Aeolian Harp
This instrument can bo made by
Almost any ingenious boy It consists
of a long narrow box of vory thin
wood about flvo or six Inches deep
with a clrclo In the middle of tho up
per side an inch and a half in diame
ter In which are to be drilled small
holes In this side seven ten or moro
strings of very fine gut are stretched
over bridges I at each cud like the
bridges of a fiddle and screwed up or
relaxed with screw pins
Tho strings should all be tuned
to tho same note and tho instrument
be placed In some current of air
where tho wind can pass over Its
strings with freedom A window tho
width of which Is equal to the length
of tho harp with tho sash just raised
to give the air admission Is a proper
situation When tho air blows upon
Ilio strings of the harp with different
Degrees of force It will excite different
degrees of sound sometimes tho blast
brings out all the tones In full concert
and sometimes It sinks to the softest
How to Make Peanut Dolls
Very odd and funny and Instructive
little dolls can be made from peanuts
You may have an Indian chief squaw
and little papoose John Chinaman a
Japanese lady Dutch woman Norman
peasant woman with high white cap a
witch In peaked hat and red cloak
a wizard arrayed In star trimmed
cloak and high hat a Hindoo Yogi
with white turbaned head a gypsy
and many other characters In this
Jolly company
The peanuts aro threaded whole
upon coarso white twine through tho
length of tho nuts Very short nuts
aro used for feet and hands and tho
round single nuts for tho heads A
thick peanut forms tho body or If
more bulk is required use two Long
slender nuts form the arms and legs
Now for the wigs For tho Orientals
use horsehair or the hair filling of a
cushion gluo the locks In place and
then fasten on the head covering
Now rope If combed out fine will
make a splendid flaxen wig by color
Ing It you can have an auburn or
brown tint Fasten this wealth of hair
with a Jaunty bow Outline the feat
ures with Ink The wigs of the wiz
ard and tho yogi should bo white
use cotton picked out fluffy and gluo
In place so It will fall long over the
flnouhlers and mako flowing beards
Material for the dresses can be of
rum or crepe paper In gay colors or
from tho scrap bag The garb of tho
Chinaman will he silk cut the lea
garments from paper patterns tho
shoulders are naturally YOn narrow
Gilt paper will bo very useful to
help decorate tho gypsy and yogi
It Is only half tho lun to make
and dress the o curious little figures
They can bo made to act on a minia
ture stage like little puppets Phila
delphia Inquirer
The American Jack Tar
The Jack tar of all countries Is a
jovial happygo lucky follow over
ready for a game or for sports of any
kind and the American manowars
man Is no exception to the rule A
favorite amusement among tho
United States sailors Is of all things a
pleeatlng contest With hands behind
their backs the contestants kneel
around a table and a pie on a tin
dish Is placed before each man The
pie consists of two layers of pastry
on a round tin platter with apples
rhubarb peaches mince meat or what
not between them and as It Is baked
on the platter tho lower layer sticks
tightly It Is most comical to watch
tho mens faces as they wrestle with
the sticky crust or endeavor to swal
i low a terrifically hot fragment of
I fruit The man who first disposes of
his pie Is of course decided the win
ner and It Is considered a distinction
to bo declared a pie eating champion
The Wldo World Magazine
A Simple Bookrack
This Is a handy piece of work that
can be made by any boy who has
tools some wood and follows direc
tions It can when finished be hung
upon the wall of a room and serves
just as well as one bought at a store
First get two pieces of board two
feet two Inches long nine and a half
Inches wldo and onehalf an Inch thick
These are for tho sides of the book
case Two and a halt Inches from
tho top draw a light line and with a
scroll saw saw as shown in tho din
grrm and saw a half circle In tho mid
dle In the bottom of the wood
For tho shelves get three plecos ot
board two foot long and nine and n
half Inches wide and a half Inch thick
Poi a ton place get a board two feet
long two and a halt Incites vide and
a half Inch thick and saw with scroll
saw na shown In diagram For the
bottom got a piece of hoard of samo
i dimensions as for ho I top piece and
saw In curves on bottom edge
When all this has been completed
null tho shelves to tho sides the first
one two and a halt Inches from tho
bottom tho second nino and three
qunrters Inches abovo the first and
tho third nine and three quarters
Inches nbovo the second Then nail
tho bottom piece In to tho front be
low tho first shelf Then nail tho
top piece In to the back above the
third shelf
Now If this Is given a coat of var
nleh or paint you will have a service
able bookrack with little labor or ex
The Vanishing Dime
This Is a clover trick and may bo
done with good effect In tho following
manner Previously stick a 1 small
pieta of white wax on the nail of your
middle finger lay n dime on tho palm
of your hand and state to tho com
pany that you will maIm It vanish at
the word of command at tho same
time observing that many persons per
form tho feat by letting the dlmo fall
Into their sleeves but to convince
thorn that you have not recourse to
any such deception turn up your cuffs
Then closo your hand and by bring
ing tho waxed nail In contact with tho
dlmo It will firmly adhere to It Then
blow upon your hand and cry be
gone and suddenly opening It and
extending your palm you show that
tho dime has vanished Caro must be
taken to remove tho wax from tho
dlmo before restoring It to tho owner j
If It should havo been borrowed from
some one In tho company
Tho Cat and tho Rooster were visit
Ing In the back yard They would
have visited In the front yard but the
Lady would not allow It
I am getting tired of being bossed
by a Woman said tho Rooster
What Is the trouble now Inquired
the Cat
Nothing more than usual was tho
reply But just tho same I am tired
of It all and If Sho dont stop shoo
ing mo every tlmo I peep around the
corner of the house theres going to
bo war
What would you do laughed the
I would do lots of things if I
dared said tho Rooster flapping his
wings In the first place Id scratch
all tho covering off tho bulb beds But
I dare not do that as Id be caught
sure and I might be served up for a
Sunday dinner for the minister in or
der to keep me from making further
That would be a joke on tho min
ister mewed the Cat
The Rooster was so angry that the
Cat should think him tough that he
flow up on the fence and crowed
three times as loud as ho could
For several minutes not a word was
said by either tho Cat or tho Rooster
Finally the Cat apologized and tho
Rooster flew down and the two wero
soon on friendly terms again
All of a sudden a brilliant Idea
struck the Cat Ill tell you what
well do ho said Wo will run away I
and go to tho woods and gather nuts
and havo a line time with no ono to
shoo you or scar me
Agreed exclaimed the Rooster
and they started
It was almost dark when tho woods
wero reachedsuch big dark woods
that oven tho Rooster was afraid to
look to either the right or left and the
t I
rJ If
A 2
i I
Cat walked with noiseless tread Over
head they saw the limb ot a tree Let
us go up there suggested tho Roos
ter and stay all night and flapping
his wings up he went tho Cat scaling
the tree after him
All about the tree In which tho
Rooster and the Cat had taken refugo
It grew dark and still it seemed they
I were In another world from that In
which they had lived all their lives
Tho Roosters head soon began to bob
and then ho was fast asleep with only
tho Cat on watch
Away oft to tho right came a weird
screech To tho loft was another and
from tho front and rear came other
screeches Unbeknown to the Rooster
and the Cat they had selected tho
nightly gathering place of a flock of
hoot owls
I hear something awful whispered
the Cat
The Rooster drew down his head
closer but did not reply
I hear something awful awfu1 1
said the Cat In a louder tone at tho
same time scratching the Rooster on
tho comb to awaken him
Hoot Hoot Hoot came the call
of tho little owls
The evil ono Is abroad In these
woods groaned the Rooster now
awake to his danger
Again came tho call of the owls and ±
tho Cat started down the tree 4
Whore aro you going asked the
Home called back tho Cat and
the Rooster flow down and started
It was very late when two animals
could have been seen crossing a ladys
front yard on their way to a friendly
barn and coop Both wero footsore r
and weary Both staggered as they
walked But their trials wero not yet
ended Tho barn door was closed and t >
the coop was locked
Poor old runaway Rooster Poor old
runaway Cat Until daybreak they sat
on the fence In tho once muchabused
back yard and shivered shivered
with cold and whispered to each other
about the awful sounds they heard in
tho woods
But that was a long long time ago
and now thoro Is no happier Rooster
or Cat in all tho wide world than tits
pair who onco became angry at a Lady
who said shoo to tho Rooster and
scat to the Cat
After all theres no place like ones
own back yard v

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