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Nervous and Wretched From
Wasting Kidney Troubles
Henry A Reamer Slain and
Sts South Bend Intl says
When I began
using Bonns Kid
ney Pills I was so
weak I could
hardly drag my
self across the
D room I was
f wretched and nor
r a Y f vous and had
s > backache bear
Ing down pain I
headache dizzi
ness and weak
eyes Dropsy not
aid bloating of the chest choked
ay ul threatened the heart I had
I hope but to my untold surprise
a s Kidney Pills brought mo re
1 nd saved my life I shall never
d by all dealers CO cents a box
roe IrMllburn Co Buffalo N Y
Mcon Is Constant
The old Idea that changes are tak
ng place on tho moon carefully has
1 eeaflnvestlgatcd by Dt Pulsoux a
reach astronomer Going over all
eerds from the earliest observations
ojjiie latest he concludes that tho
Milt of the supposed changes has
ie 1 fbeon proved nnd that the varying
leantlveness of the retina to faint ob
eels sufficient to account for differ
inoa seen while different conditions >
ifjlsposure might explain all appear
Lncfi In the photographs
i Would Brand Criminals
British magistrate has mado the
LIII blo suggestion that criminals
1iiht committing a crime under an
Lll s should be branded with their
r = tnme
Me ry ua Distortion of Face Cured by
11I1 Dr Williams Pink Pills
kk jf l1t appears to bo a slight nervous
tti < M k may bo tho forerunner of n severo
lleirder No nervous sufferer should
1 ByCt tho warning symptoms but
l y d seo that the starved nerves are
sour hed before the injury to the deli
> iprKaiiisni has gone to tin extent that
euderH ti cure a difficult matter The
aervesrecoivethelrnourishineiit through
h o blood the same ns every other part
i4 the body nod the host nerve tonic and
fool is Dr Williams Pink Pills Tho
szpedonco of Mr Harry Bemis of
rrnthville Washington couuty NY
mbfcaiitiatcs this
HJ J had been feeling badly for a long
iSltG said Mr Bemis and in tho
Mm part of September 19021 wns com
peYid to quit work oil account of my ill
beallli My trouble was at first ex
treKSo norvouMiess then my sight bo
oaiHB affected and I consulted an oculist
who Bald I wns imffcriiiK front paralysis
HeJrcntetl 1110 for sam time but I got
too benefit I tried another doctor and
again failed to obtain any relief My
nervousness increased Slight noises
would almost niuko mo wild My mouth
vas drawn so I could scarcely eat and
one eye wan affected so I could hardly
seep I had very little use of my limbs
in fact I was almost n complete wreck I
jfijl 1 < am all right now and nm nt work i
That is because I followed my wifes ad
vice nud took Dr Williams Pink Pills
She had used tho same remedy herself
With the most gratifying results amid she
perinnded mo to try them when it ap
peared that tho doctors wore unable to
help me They acted very surely in my
case my face came back into shape and
inHlme I was entirely well
DrWilliams Pink Pills are sold by all
rnfeffl ts or by mail by tho Williams
Hwllcine Co Schenectady N Y A
booklet on Nervous Disorders sent free
loners l Alone Need Have Feared Con
tents of This Box
he Rev Edward Lloyd Jones a
Manchester England minister tells a
Ay of his experience in Fenian
Jaya He was traveling from a Welsh
Tillage to Brecon and had with him a
mng wooden box filled with heavy
jtbeologfcal books At Shrewsbury
tb4 detectives who were on the look
oaj 1for explosive machines and the
Ilia suspected this heavy box and
weed was sent on to Brecon When
thee young minister stepped out of
jtetraln he was astonlshedto find n
sergeant and several constables
nyaHlng him I think you hare a
box with you said tho sergeant
Quite right said tho preacher who
began to scent a Joke Out came tho
bgmatand Its weight excited fresh BUS
ptcton about its contents This Is
Dour box Yes It contains am
tsymltion It does Very well
egmslder yourself In charge Open the
liox The company stood away while
the sergeant found it contained noth
tog more explosive Mian Adam
j < 3pirkes Theology ho expressed his
tiaiignatlou freely to the minister All
that ho got back was the soft ans
4W r Why bless my soul man vou
jsrtpd If the box contained ammunl
Jtloo That Is my ammunition I am
ja MethodUt parson and thats what I
iioot with
r y
i rS
Queer Homes of Troglodytes
of the Twentieth Century
L a 7
7tim M
pr t r +
+ fit Crr r
I Kr r
I yI at
t c it r P t
If we draw a lino through Tarsus
duo north across the Peninsula of
Asia Minor and another through
Smyrna directly east tho two lines
will Intercept In tho volcanic region
of Mount Argaeus where tho cone
pyramids and pure cliff dwellings of
Cappadocia are found writes J R
Slttlngton Sterrett an English trav
eler and artist who has recently vis
ited that out of the way country The
whole region Is of volcanic formation
which covers a vast area extending
west to Selrao and south to Soghanlu
Dere and is composed of a deep layer
of pumice stone tufa or peperine
overlaid In tho region of Tatlar by
rugged lava fields The pumlco or
tufa Is of almost Incredible thickness
but the overlaid layer of lava Is com
paratively thin not more than three
feet at any point The tufa is so
soft that It can be dug away with the
thumbnail so that only tlmo and
patience wero necessary to excavate
it Into chambers of any required size
It is known that a chamber 25 feet
long 13 feet broad and 10 feet high
was excavated by a single workman
in tho space of thirty days
In this region tho troglodytes of
Cappadocia havo the wonderful dwell
ings which wero first described by
Paul Lukas who traveled In Asia
Minor on tho commission of Louis
XIV His story was discredited but
It is correct in every vital particular
and he perhaps understated tho truth
when ho estimated the number of
cones at 50000 The region was vis
ited In succession by Texler Hamil
ton Tschlchatscheff Ainsworth
Barth and Mordtmann but It is still
virtually unknown The height of
the cones varies greatly ranging per
haps from 50 to 300 feet Tho tall
est cones usually stand in the center
of rn eroded valley but not always
Tho process of disintegration by tho
solvent action of water still continues
of course and In many cones the ex
terior wall has been worn away to
such tn extent that tho chambers are
laid bare Such exposed chambers
It they lie fairly In the sun are used
for drying grapes and other fruit
as they are safe against invasion by
animals Often the cones are almost
perfect In shape and originally all of
them wero crowned by caps of lava
which wero the primal cause of the
cone formation The caps maintain
their position as they form one Inte
gral conglomerate mass with the cone
Struggle for Wealth Almost Equal to
Wall Street Frenzy
A young fellow a fellow passenger
was leaning upon the rail beside me
looking upon the scene below Ho told
mo to watch and he would show me
somo sport He drew a dime out of
his pocket lIe waved his arm to at
tract tho attention of tho negroes
down upon the lower deck and then
he flung the coin It fell tinkling and
rolled between two cotton bales With
yells the negroes rushed at It tumul
tuously piling over one another n
tangled mass of waving arms and legs
whenco Issued muffled groans and
grunts Then suddenly the mass dis
solved again Into a mob of rousters
gaping up at us with rolling yellow I
eyes and heaving chests and dilated
nostrils Another piece of silver
twinkled in the air and fell among
them Leaping nnd grabbing the
negroes snatched at the falling coin
then plunged again Into heap
By this time others of the passen
gers had heard tho noise and tho
scuffling and soon quite a crowd was
gathered along the rail A shower
of change began to fall upon tho deck I
below and Into the crowd of now
Unit frantic blacks
It was a comical spectacle A
ittlo while before the negroes had been
quietly busied about their own affairs
a handful of cheap silver had fallen
among them and in less than a min
ute their small world wan transformed
Into a pandemonium I have heard It
said that the same phenomenun occurs
sometimes on the stock exchange
Harpers Magazine
Very often the doorways are quite
elaborate and display nn attempt at
architectural and decorative effect
moro especially In the case of cones
that have been turned Into temples
churches or chapels On entering
the doorway of any of these cone
dwellings we find ourselves within a
spacious chamber about tho walls of
which niches and shelves for time
storage of small household effects
have been cut Into the stone Time
stairways leading to tho upper stories
are like wells or round chimneys and
one ascends to an upper story by I
means of ladder holes cut In the rock
The floor between the stories are usu
ally thick enough to withstand any
weight that might be put upon It but
occasionally the excavators miscalcu
lated tho thickness of the floor and
so had to make one lofty chamber In
stead of two As many as nine stories
may occur in ono cone but most have
only two three or four stories which
can bo counted by the windows
Great numbers of the cone dwellings
aro used today as dovecotes for hosts
of pigeons the eggs and flesh of
which are used by tho cavo dwellers
Tho windows of such pigeon houses
are always walled in holes being left
for tho passage of the birds
The natives of this region are still
to all Intents and purposes troglo
dytes but if we leave out of consid
eration the fact that their dwellings
are at least partially underground
they differ In habits and customs In
no whit from tho ordinary Turkish
villagers with ordinary humdrum sur
roundings Sometimes the front of
tho house Is built of blocks of pum
Ico stone while all the rest of tho
abode Is subterranean the cone or
cliff being used as nn annex but in
most cases a modern dwelling Is ex
cavated not In a cone but In the face
of the bluff and thus becomes a cliff
dwelling properly socalled This
is true of tho business street of the
town of Urgub where the front room
or facade opening on the street Is
tho only room in the dwelling into
which tho light comes The other
Man and Wife
The snow was falling The day i
was still and gray and cold Dr
Parkhurst shaking the white flakes
from his shoulders said
I have Just witnessed nn Instruc
tive happening happening that
might teach us why somo marriages
do not succeed
A man and his wife were walking
down a back street The man had his
hands in his pockets Tho woman
carried a basket filled with cabbage
and beets
A group of boys danced like Imps
rooms aro in midnight darkness all
tho year round
The owner of such nn abode can
extend his dwelling Indefinitely into
tho bowels of tho earth a feature
which Is not without Its advantage In
n land where the wise man conceals
tho fact that ho Is wealthy The In
terior chambers are used chiefly for
granaries and storage even their
chaff which Is made to take tho place
of our hay Is safely stowed away In
these dry and dark chambers
The landscapes amid which tho
modern troglodyte dwells aro never
tame and are often startling Tho
modern troglodytlo usages add to
rather than detract from tho general
weirdness of the prospect The soil
is fertile and produces vegetables and
fruit chiefly apricots of superb qual
ity Indeed ono ot the old travelers
claims this region as tho original
homo of tho apricot Garden and
I desert are often close neighbors for
tho reason that tho garden flourishes
whfl vcr the stone hats rotted suf
lie ntly whereas the adjacent but
mar eil and unrotted stone is tho most
barren of deserts Tho real center of
these cones and troglodytlc abodes Is
tho region about Udj Assaru a huge
mass of pumlco stono rising In tho
midst of many branching valleys
The Turkish namo means the Castle
of Udj but It Is not known whether
Udj was the name of some princeling i
or of a district It is a mere shell
honeycombed to the very pinnacle
with chambers sufficient In number
to satisfy even tho wealthiest troglo
It Is very difficult to fix a date for
the origin of theso cave dwellings
They aro mentioned by no classical
author except perhaps Cicero but
there Is an allusion In the works of
Leo Dlaconus who flourished about
950 A D Prof Sayce however be
lieves that tho cones of Cappadocia
wero well known and Inhabited In
the Hittlto period about 1900 B C
It date beyond which wo cannot and
need not try to goNow York Times
on a corner They had snowballs in
their hands As soon ns the married
couplo had passed them they let
But only tho woman was struck
Sho got two heavy blows about the
head and face Every snowball some
how missed tho man
Ho looked at his wlfo as she brush
ed tho snow out of her ears and hair
and then he shook his fists at tho
boys and shouted
Its a good thing for you you
young rascals that you didnt hit
Stories of affection and apparent
reason among wild animals havo di
vided the naturewriters Into two
schools Ono believes that animals
act merely from instinct the other
holds that tho dumb brute feels and
reasons In Tho Life of a Scotch
Naturalist M Smiles quotes from
the journal of Thomas Edward the
story of how a little flock of terns
rescued a wounded companion which
tho naturalist had shot
I fired and he camo down with a
broken wing screaming as ho fell in
to tho water The report of the gun
together with his cries brought to
gether the party ho had left in order
that they might ascertain the cause
of tho alarm
After surveying their wounded
brother round and round as ho was
drifting unwittingly toward the shore
with tho flowing tide they came fly
Ing In a body to the spot where I
stood and rent the air with their
screams These thoy continued to ut
ter regardless of their own Individual
safety until I began to make prepar
ations for receiving the approaching
bird I could already see that it was
a beautiful adult specimen and I ex
pected In a few moments to havo it
in my possession slnco I was not
very far from the waters edge
While matters wero in this position
I beheld to my utter astonishment
two of the unwounded terns take hold
of their disabled comrade one at
each wing lift him out of the water
and bear him out ueawnnl They wero
followed by two other birds
After having carried him about six
or seven yards they let him gently
down again and tho two who had hith
erto been Inactive took him up
In this way thoy continued to carry
him alternately until thoy had con
voyed him to B rock at a considerable
distance upon which thoy landed him
in safety
tJ Castles for Sale tJ1
Former Homes of the Aristocracy I
of France Offered in Open Market
Special Correspondence
Castles In Spain are probably tho
ihoapcst In tho world for a person
with a sanguine temperament and a
Ittlo Imagination may build them at
my time In this respect they have
in advantage over the chateaux of
franco shown In the Illustration
But seine of these French chateaux
wo wonderfully cheap are Indeed
almost In tho class of abandoned
arms Castles on the Rhino used to
5o within the reach of moderate for
tines but they havo greatly Increased
n price lately In tho same way thoro
mis been an Increase In tho prlco of
Italian palaces
Neither tho Hlilno castles nor the
Italian palaces are so numerous as the
bateaux of France There were many
of them built many years ago some
of them dating from the days of Louis
That these places should bo pur
chased at small prices Is duo to tho
centralization In the lIfo of Franco
wllch has taken so many of tho popu
lation to the cities Young men In the
families that owned these houses In
the past had usually enough to limo on
and possibly maintain tho chateau In
a meager fashion that was a strango
contrast to Its early grandeur
Sometimes a wealthy marriage
helped the owner to hold on to the
chateau These conditions all existed
until the time cane when those places
wero offered for sale
This was the result of tho feeling
among young Frenchmen that It was
not beneath their dignity to work
Nowadays men of tho oldest families
aro anxious to make a name and a
fortune just as If they had not n long
line of titled ancestors behind them
Heirs Are at Work
They enter all professions They
are lawyers engineers architects and
scientists These professions take
them to Paris If they do not lead them
far beyond the borders of their own
Such houses as those shown In the
pictures aro little moro expensive than
the best of tho own your own homo
Chateau De Vlllandry
houses offered for sale near N < rw York
Time noble pile with the pin roar
known as tho Chateau do Vlllimdry
can ho bought for 28000 It was
built toward tho close of tho sixteenth
century and Is regarded as a very
pure specimen of that period
The wings of tho house enclose a
beautiful court of honor There are
ornamental gardens In the French and
English style done by experienced
landscape gardeners toward tho close
of tho last century
A lake lies In tho woods of tho largo I
park surrounding the house and there
aro conservatories terraces In tho
front of tho chateau and several
Islands In tho River Cher that belong
to the property
Older still Is the chateau near
Druex which was put up In the days
of Louis XIII and Is called a perfect
specimen of the architecture of that
period having undergone no alter
ations or changes In any other style
slnco it was first built Thoro Is a
court of honor and tho lake as the
picture shows stretches almost to the
windows in one wing of tho house
Just as It Was Built
Time principal building Is two and a
half stories high and Is accounted re
markable both In original beauty and
In Its present state of preservation
There are kitchen and fruit gardens
conservatories and a very old chapel
n 1
Louis XIII Castle
antedating even tho building of tho
main house Tho park was laid out
by the famous Lo Notro
Built In Sixteenth Century
Tho Chateau do Farguctto stands
near a palace famous In medieval days
Tho castle Is medieval in architecture
having been built In the sixteenth cen
tury It is in good preservation how
ever and has been occupied until re
cently when It was put on tho market
The cost of this house and Its twenty
acres Is but 18000
The severe and forbidding architec
ture of the house Is proof of its an
tiquity although that would not en
dear It to many persons who seek for <
moro beauty In a home To thuso
who want a castlo that not only Is
really old but also looks old the un
adorned exterior would not be repel
For 30000 there Is n beautiful cha
teau In tho stylo of Louis XIV that
possesses a park of twenty acres and
a facade of stone columns from one
end of the house to tho other There
aro also beautiful woods nnd architec
tural gardens attached l to it
Another chateau that looks as big
as u railroad station can bo bought
4 to I
x r
Chateau De Farguette
for 32000 although it was put up in
1760 by ono of tho most noted archi
tects of his day Then thoro aro sixty
two acres of wild and ornamented
ground about tho house
Another chateau moro modern but
beautiful can bo had for 22000 along
with Its twelve acres It has existed
for about a century and years ago re
ceived tho namo of Lo Chateau des
Penitents because of its rather ecclesi
astical aspect Tho Seine runs at tho
foot of tho lawn and tho views from
the windows stretch through tho valley
to Paris
There aro many other chateaux of
tho samo kind offered for sale but
these aro typical and show that next
to Spain France Is an easy country to
acquire a homo In
Mine Promoters Not Sharp Enough
to Deceive Hannah
Hannah I cant maIm this out
said the old farmer as ho looked up
from his paper Hero Is a company
out west that advertises a gold mine
It has 1000000 worth of oro in
sight It estimates tho amount of
oro on the claim to be at least 100
000000 Ua uhavoa ara 100pur Jwo
and nonassessable It offers shares
at one cent each to tho first 1000
people who apply It rends straight
enough but
Samuel what an old blockhead
you are exclaimed tho wife Why
oven a blind man could see through
that trick
Wall whats tho trick
Why they want to make you a
shareholder and as soon as thats
done theyll send on a begging letter
asking you to contribute 5 toward a
steeple for some Baptist church
somewhere You just let that stock
alone We have been Methodists
for over thirty years and we havo
got along without a steeple to our
church and If the Baptists cant do
tho samo lot om sell off their cows
to build one
I guess youro right Hannah
What tricks they do Invent nowadays
to make a man think he Is going to
got something for nothing and then
find himself fllpflopped Baltimore
Too Scaly to Believe
Miss Maria Wilde an authority on
ceramics told this little story recent
ly of her early days as a collector
I was buying some pieces of Be
leek one day when the salesman
asked me if I know tho secret of the
high glaze of tho Irish Beleek On
my replying In tho negative he said
ho had It from good authority that It
was obtained by putting powdered
fish scales In tho mixture
Tho next time I saw J Hart Brew
er the Trenton potter who succeeded
in making American Boleek superior
to tho original Irish product I told
him with some elation that I had dis
covered the secret of tho glazo and
related the powdered fish scale story
As Mr Brewer listened a look of
amusement overspread his counte
nance and when I had finished ho c
Miss Wilde thats a fish story v J
Told of King Alfonso
The king of Spain Is young and
likes to have n good time yot ho Is
often obliged to work twelve hours or
Not he handed r
moro a day long ago
his prime minister a sealed petition
with tho request that It should bo
granted unconditionally When it was
opened It was found to be in the t
kings own handwriting Ho demand
ed for himself an eight hour day and +
no work on Sundays and holidays On f
another occasion his automobile was
stopped by a policeman who did not
recognize him at once but who pres
ently began to apologize profusely
Why was the automobile stopped
anyway said tho king Because
motor wagons are not allowed on
this street Very well roUrtod
Alfonso then I shall have to bo
more careful In future
I Some mothers save slipper soles and
spoil their children a

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