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iJ Late News by Wire I
Sgi 2 YtipNr
1JJ YtipNrcod tho Toronto skater Is male
ngfSrrnngements for tournament of
IfaeiTikators In northern Michigan
jajllSve hundred Harvard men have
lgit led 1 their Intention of trying for
the lmsou track team this spring
VIti s the biggest squad In the his
t Io the university
s i Movement was started at Monroe
1M to organize a syndicate for tho
Jir uctlon of a twentyone foot
rl ° tto compete for the LIpton cup
Chicago races next August
irgo Standing American profes
racquet champion successfully
de ded his title In a match with
P Latham of England the worlds
b < Ion at tho New York Racquet
Ai9 ennls club
e Cumberland Valley Rifle asso
jlja held Its annual meeting at
C lie Pa Jan 1 Among tho of
Aee w elected was Charles Albert
ill r the Indian pitcher of tho
il tics He was chosen vice presl I
fi athletic authorities of MIchl
1f jnlverslty have asked tho Uni
yv ty of Pennsylvania for a dual In
fa track meet Michigan suggests
W Hlf Pennsylvania accepts tho In
fJ1 ton the meet bo held In Ann Ar
t April
1 < < krles Leonhardt of Newark N J
Xllet ted Eddie Barr of Milwaukee
fiii GrecoRoman wrestling match
ilia won the first fall in twentyone
nun les Leonhardt won the second
ji t minutes and tho third In twen
yl th so minutes
Gin Jenkins heavyweight cham
Mqffjwrestjer of America is apparent
iy1 3t oTeranxIoua to wrestle Fred
L tp
n0 a
i Dan Patch 155 > 4 Worlds Fastest Pacer
811 tho Wisconsin man for the
Jruunplonship It is claimed that he
ihtlstepped an offer made by Harvey
Packer J Beclls manager
aI On the Turf
M Phoenix s Ariz Dec 30Hazel
Patch paced two mile heats against
block in 205 and 205J4
Jack Keene and Barney SchreIber
We discussing the value of the colt
Hlon Keano sold He Is worth
00 I will sell him toy for f 0000
JwIH also give you C000 cash for
Itke was Schriobera reply Keene
sod the offer for his crack jockey
o Canadian Court of Appeals SUB
i ned the decision of a lower court
lri holding betting to bo legal within
IfeeVOntarlo Jockey clubs inclosuro at
thl lwoodblno track
tin an opinion handed down at Shel
Ibyyllle Tenn Judge John E Rich
TardBon of that judicial circuit In the
case of the State vs Erlchson et al
t RlceLlgon act prohibiting betting
ionjhorse racing in Tennessee was de
clared unconstitutional
T Baseball
Jimmy Casey will be welcomed In
fflfpoklyn where ho was always a fa
ho outlaw TrlState League threat
l to get after Victor Willis in the
Arts next year claiming that ho
ed a contract with the Altoona
h that ho has not yet fulfilled The
iMRUract they talk ot was signed a
fijgr ago
rank Seleo denies the reports that
hrj will l manage cither the St Louis
kQrdlnals or the Pueblo team Sclcc
101 his wlfo are now at Faywood
rings N M and reports arc that
1ftf is Improving In health as fast as
president Ebbetts of Brooklyn is
ted as saying Donovan has abso
control and we have perfect con
ace In his ability One thing la
tarn the team under his manage
tint cannot make a worse showing
n It did under Hanlon
Edward Abbatlcchlo for the past
jeo years shortstop ot the Boston
iMftlonnl league team has been wean
Iftfrom baseball at last by his father
M tty Is to become a hotelkeeper
e and will not get back to the dla
ew Whistler for two years man
er of the IVmpb18 club and who
signed to manage tho Terro Haute
Central League club writes from big
home in St Louis that owing to ob
jection by his family he will quit
According to Charley Comlskey
over 1500 loads of dirt and between
7000 and 8000 cubic yards of turf
have been laid on tho American
league grounds In Chicago making an
average elevation of sixteen inches
the result of which will be to Improve
the draining of tho grounds
It Is funny to road about Herman
Long having under consideration an
offer from the Boston National
leaguers Fred Tenney is tha man
ager of the club and tho name of
Long as manager was suggested to
Frank Dunn who corresponded with
Long about tho matter but that Is a
dead Issue now Boston Herald
Joe Corbett has not been at his
place of business at San Francisco for
nearly a month Four weeks ago ho
was stricken with rheumatism and
compelled to take to his bed Ho
has suffered Intense pain but tho last
report from his bedside was that ho
was Improving Joe has been a vic
tim of this painful disease for sev i
eral years In fact he would bo pitch
Ing now but for It
I Football I
The athletic board of the University
of Nebraska must look other than to
Walter C Booth for a football coach
In 190C Booth has served notice upon
tho Cornhuskers authorities that his
law practice in New York city will
not permit him to coach another sea
Word has been received that tho
crack New Zealand football team will
visit the United States and Canada
The team is now in England and ar
rangements have been made to en
able it to return by way of Canada
and the United States If suitable
arrangements can be made it Is ex
pected the New Zealanders will play
several exhibition games hero with
leading Canadian and American
A game that will bring together tho
greatest football players of the ago
that will see arrayed for the first time
In recent years a representative team
from the West against a team of grad
uates of Eastern schools and the first
venture on anything like a large scale
of professional football Is tho out
line of a plan on which W Martin
Heston Michigans famous half back
and pronounced by Coach Yost the
greatest football player the game has
ever known is working on at present
in the middle West
r Boxing I
Isaac Abraham manager of Jack
Johnson the colored champion offers
to bet 2500 that his man can defeat
Philadelphia Jack OBrien In either
a limited round or finish contest
Articles of agreement have been
signed for a six round bout between
Terry McGovern and Battling Nelson
to take place on March 1C before Bob
Deadys Philadelphia Club
Tommy Burns has posted 1000 as
a sldo bet for a tight to a finish with
Philadelphia Jack OBrien the con
Queror of Bob FItzsImmons Burns
is just now in splendid condition and
says ho Is confident of his ability to
take the measure of the Quaker City
Philadelphia Pa Jan GTommy
Murphy of Harlem stopped Tommy
Mowatt of Chicago after fiftyfive sec
onds of tho second round Mowatt
went to the floor with a left handed
swing the punch landing In tho right
spot He tried to regain his feet but
he was counted out
It Is reported Charley Mitchell the
old tlmo English pugilist Is expectei
here shortly with a number of the
best fighters he can lasso In England
In time for the opening of Tom
ORourkes new fighting club the
arena of which will bp lucated a few
miles outside of Philadelphia Tho
men Charley Intends to bring over ar
Jean Bowker Owen Moran Jailer
White and probably England
irAvywelgut champion Jack Palmer
Of the subtlety nnd guile of the sul
tan of Turkey a diplomat writes
Tho sultan can lie nnd cheat with nil
ho bland simplicity of the henthen
Chlneo In fact his capacity for de
ception amounts to little short of
genius I remember that n shrewd
Yankee friend of mine who was min
ster at Constantinople pitted his
braIns against those of the sultan
Ho had been specially commissioned
lJy the United States to collect some
outstanding debts which had been
long due The sultan acknowledged
the debts cheerfully ho was most
anxious to pay them he would pay
them before those duo to any other
lower However my diplomatic
friend determined to pay a visit to tho I
sultan and to wako him up He
had already refused a present which
the sultan had sent him of two su
perb Arab horses which had ho had
a weak spot would assuredly have
found It My friend was tenacious
lo had often lassoed and thrown and
held a bull In Texas and he was cute
as all good Yankees are Besides he
was angry with the sultan and things
had reached a crisis
But he had not been two minutes In
the society of the commander of the
faithful before all his resentment
began to oozo out ot his finger tips
Ho told mo that looking into that
benevolent countenance and listening
to that gentle voice ho could not be
llovo that tho sultan was not as In
nocent as tho child that had just
seen tho light Still ho had come
there on business Ho was very reso
lute Again and again he had broach
ed tho subject and every time tho
sultan had given him tho assurance
that the account would bo settled
presently He took him over his
grounds and led my friend to recount
tho stories of his roughriding In Tex
as his exploits In the civil war The
sultan showed somo knowledge and
great Interest In those affairs A de
tailed and particular account of tho
American constitution was next
Then came dinner There follow
ed while they smoked cigars together
like two old cronies a Turkish com
edy with Turkish dancing girls Then
suddenly and with words gracious but
few the sultan disappeared It was
late My friend returned to tho lega
tion cheerful and exasperated beaten
and content Tho next morning ho
realized that In n diplomatic play with
tho sultan It was ho who was as In
nocent as the child that had just seen
tho light lie never got thoso debts
In certain parts of India the pan
ther Is named blpat which means
calamity for he Is an everpresent
scourge among tho people Ills prop
er name Is tendwa It Is tho habit
of these panthers for a family of them
to quarter themselves on a circle of
villages within convenient distance of
their nightly prowllngs As soon as
tho sun is below the horizon they
sally forth from tho cover of the sur
rounding forests nnd watch the paths
by which the village herds and flocks
return to their resting places If a
meal cannot be secured then later on
they enter a village and patrol tho
dark lanes In the boldest manner
Nothing comes amiss to them that Is
not too largo and heavy for their
Children dogs goats and tho young
cattle are their favorite quarry They
aro bold enough to dash into n hut
even with a light burning in it seize
their prey then rush away with Iglht
nlng speed and with n noiselessness
that is marvelous retreat with their
prize to tho nearest cover and thero I
devour It In the morning tho poor I
villager following the tracks of tho
retreating animal soon arrives at tho
few remains of his goat or calf or
maybe his child
In the following way tho natives
get their revenge A stray dog Is
caught In tho village and is tied on
the path generally frequented by the
panther family Tho bait is carried off
during the night and devoured closo
by Next day a mnchan platform
Is fixed In a convenient tree and In
the evening a kid Is tied on tho spot
occupied by tho dog on tho previous
night The sportsman settles himself
in the machan before sunset and be
gins his watch
Terrified by his lonoly position tho
kid begins n frantic bleating which
soon attracts tho panther marauders
which are skulking about near tho
spot where they found their last meal
A short stalk soon brings them to
the kid nnd directly under the con
coaled sportsman who shoots tho
beasts It Is Impossible to follow
tho panthers Into the Impenetrable
cover they frequent nnd they never
show themselves In daylight
Hero Is a true story of an octopus
not tho kind that has Its hendquarters
in New Jersey Two fishermen were
plying their vocation off Great Belle
Island Conception Bay oft the New
foundland coast Suddenly they dis
covered at a short distance from them
a dark shapeless mass floating on the
surface of the water Concluding that
it was probably part of the cargo of
some wrecked vessel they approached
It anticipating a valuable prize and
one of them struck tho object with his
boathook Upon receiving the shock
the dark heap became suddenly ani
mated and spreading out discovered
a head with a pair of large promi
nent staring eyes which seemed to
gleam with intense ferocity tho creat
ure at tho same time exposing to view
and opening its parrotllko beak with
an apparently hostile and mnllgnnnt
purpose The men were petrified with
terror and for a moment so fascinated
by the horrible sight that they were
powerless to make a move to defend
Before they had time to recover I
their presence of mind tho monster
now but a few feet from tho boat sud
denly shot out from around its head
several long fleshy arms grappling
with them for the boat and seeking
to envelop It In their folds Only tho
two longest of theso arms reached the
craft and owing to their great length
went completely over and beyond it
Seizing his hatchet with a desperate
effort one of the men succeeded In
severing these limbs with a single
welldelivered blow and the creature
finding Itself worsted Immediately dis
appeared beneath tho waters leaving
in the boat its amputated members as
a trophy of the encounter
One of tho arms was unfortunate
ly destroyed before Its value was
known but the other when brought
to St Johns and examined by tho
Rev M Harvey was found to meas
ure no less than nineteen feet The
fisherman who acted as surgeon de
clares there must havo been at least
six feet more left attached to the mon
sters body The story Is preserved
In the proceedings of the British Zo
ological Society
In tho nineteenth century the cen
tury In which so many wonderful
things were done tho fourth stop In
the development of the match was
taken In 1827 John Walker a drug
gist In u small English town tipped
a splint with sulphur chlorate of pot
ash and sulphld of antimony and
rubbed It on sandpaper and It burst
into flame
Tho druggist had discovered tho
first friction chemical match the kind
wo use today It is called friction
chemical because it Is made by mix
Ing certain chemicals together and
rubbing thorn Although Walkers
match did not require tho bottle of
acid it nevertheless was not a good
one It could be lighted only by hard
rubbing and It sputtered and threw
fire in > ill directions
In a few years however phosphor
us was substituted on the tip for anti
mony and tho change worked won
ders Tho match could now bo lighted
with very little rubbing and It was
no longer necessary to have sand
paper upon which to rub It It would
Ignite when rubbed on any dry sur
face and there was no longer any
sputtering This was the phosphorus
match the match with which we nrq
so familiar
After tho Invention of the easily
lighted phosphorus match there was
a o longer use for the dipsplint or tho
strikcallght The old methods of get
ting a blaze wero gradually laid aside
and forgotten Tho first phosphorus
matches were sold at 25 cents a block
a block containing 144 matches
and they wore used by but few
Now a hundred matches can bo
bought for a cent It Is said that In
the United States wo use about 15
000000000 matches a year This on
an average Is about five matches a
day for every porsonSt Nicholas
At fivllt u maidens wants nro low
A set itJ Mocks n doll or two
A llttlo Place Inside to play
It It should como a rainy day
A pall of shoes a plnnforo
I reallv think of not lIng more
Nor wants she overmuch nt ten
A birthday party now and then
A tilt of ribfion for her hnlr
A little better dress to wear
Perhaps a pony tart to drive >
A bit more than she did at live
A modest Increase nt 15
A imrty dress In red or green
A loom alone that she may fix
With hrleabrnc and candlesticks
A parusol a fan and oh
J iult forgot to nddn benu
At twenty she Is quite above
All childish wantsshe asks but love
And dreams of princes tall nnd fair
Who come nwoolnjt and who dare
All dangers nnd she keeps apart
For him tho castle of her heart
At twentyfive her fancy goes
iTo bonnets frills and furbelows
A country place n house In town
A better rli than Mrs Drown
Or mack or Jones and Just a wee
Small figure In Society
At thirty well n little tea
For the distinguished Mrs n
Who writes a prince to entertain
A longhaired lion to make vain
With silly trick n horseshow box
And just a little plunge In stocks
At thirtyfive and forty well
There Isnt much thats new to tell
A little bigger country place
A real good lotion tor the face
And some reduction made In those
One can afford to say she knows
At fifty docs her fancy end
She wants nh yes she wants a friend
To provo her years were not In vain
She wants those dreams of youth again
When princeserrant tall and fair
Lived loved and came nwoolng there
At seventy she wants to know
Why Vanity nnd hollow show
Tempt Wisdom from its lofty seat
She wants but care for iouty I feet
And pence to wonder what must be
Tho last leafs musings on the tree
J W Foley In New York Times
4t la C m i M I 681G1 r A I4W t
ty mt4 lf tYd
American League Notes
Wllllo Kcoler will next spring
again coach the Hnrvnrd batters
Columbus and St Paul arc bidding
for outfielder Huclsman of VnshlHR
Guess pitcher Frank Donahue will
have no objection to playing under his
old manager Bill Armour
By order of Manager Griffith In
fielder Hnl Chase Is practicing left
handed batting with tho San Jose
It is settled that Washington will
send third baseman Hunter Hill back
to thu minors unless St Louis should
take 1 him back
Messrs Comlskey and Hedges have
decided to hnvo the White Sox and
Browns train together around Hous
ton and Dallas In Texas
Jack OConnor now says he will be
back In tho game next season Ho
will make nn early trip to the West
Baden Springs to take oft about thirty
pounds he took on In the saloon busi
President Johnson announces his
umpire corps for 190C as follows
Sheridan Connelly OLoughlln timid
Hurst of the old staff Evans of tho
OhioPennsylvania League and Honl
ban of tho Now York League
Manager Lajolo of the Clovolands
Is agitating whlto stockings for his
players for next season The blood
poisoning from which ho suffered last
summer as the result of wearing col
ored hose Is tho cause of this agita
National League News
Catcher Bill Clark of tho Giants
is booked for Toledo it is said
Catcher Henry Pelt has been
placed on tho bargain counter by
Pitts burg
Chicago now has nn nllltcratlvc out
field with Sheckard Slagle Schultc
and SebrIng
George Howard says ho Is satisfied
lll ll llyu
Catcher of the Now York N L Club
with tho deal that takes him from
Plttsburg to Boston
Barney Dreyfuss says that Inlleldor
Claude RItchey will never bo sold or
traded to any other club unless ho
wants to be
Clarence Beaumont tho Pirates
outfielder is making excellent prog
ress under tho now treatment ho is
taking for his bad ankle
President Herrmnnn of Cincinnati
emphatically denies that Carr Is to
be given to Brooklyn gratis Only a
trade will land that player
Jim Hart does not think that Frank
Selee will ever bo able to enter active
ly I Into baseball again Ho says he In
afraid Seleos Improvement exists
only In his own mind
The National Commission upon ap
peal of pitcher Bell drafted by Brook
lyn from the A J G Club has de
cided that Brooklyn must tender Bell
a larger salary than ho received from
tho A J O Club
American Association
Pitcher Wm Kellum has resigned
with Indianapolis
The Toledo club has signed short
stop Frank of the New York League
Toledo Is anxious to secure Chic
Robertalllo and Is trying to Induce
Plttsburg to part with him
Louisville has signed catcher Louis
Schan who was with tho Hopkins
vlllo team of tho K I T League last
William Pugh the youngster picked
up by Manager Clymer this fall from
some Pennsylvania lot Is spoken of
nt Decatur as an Infield possibility
Bobby Quinn and Billy Clymer
while at tho New York meetings se
cured pitcher Tom Walker from the
Cincinnati club
Joe Cantillon Is well enough to say
that his Milwaukee team will como
onetwo next year All other Aaso
elation managers think they can do
ns well
Mike Kelly closed his deal with
Watklns for tho purchase of tho Min
neapolis club for a sum said to be
25000 Kelly has also entered suit
against the St Paul club for 1000 al
leged to be unpaid 1901 salary
President OBrien has thirtyfive au Jt
Mentions from umpires Included In
tho list are Knne Sullivan Owens
Zlmmor Mullano Perry Werden and
There Is already talk In Chicago to
the effect that Milwaukee will get
back Harry Clark and Tom Dougher P
ty I Both wero sold In September to
Ed Grlllo has arranged for his Mud
hens training trip to Norwood Ind
Ho is In Cincinnati now nnd already
hns a date for throe games with the
Cincinnati team
Central Leanue Chatter
Ganzcl Is still trying to get his re
lease fiom tho Now York IJIghland
ers that he may play first base on
his Grand Rapids Club
fitter reports Indicate that Owner
1ilker of Uvnnsvlllo may yet reach
an agreement with Jimmy Ryan to 0 b
manage tho club In the river city
Tho Sohrlver playing with Wheel
Ing Is being contused with tho veteran
Pop Schrlvor Tho latter Is In tho
Western League while the Wheeling
Schrlvcr Is n youngster only out about
wo years
McGrew tho Springfield shortstop
who has had trouble with manager
tlendrlcks may bo traded to South
Bend Curtis who was with Spring iH
field may go to Evnnsvllle where ho
wants to sign
In tho event that Springfield re
tains Eugerio Curtis outfielder that
club will trade him to Terre tirade
or Canton Curtis hns naked the Na
tlonal Commission to free him from r
the reservation by Springfield claim I
ing ho never signed a contract with
tho Springfield club
Western Association Notes J
Springfield with several new faces
on its 1900 team will next season try II
to gain back her lost laurels Hard 1
luck kept her players In poor condi f
tion and many of her games were lost 1
by n narrow margin I
Webb City which took Sedalla8
place In tho circuit has a fine outlook J
The team Webb City starts with baa
finished In the first division every sea 1
son and tho change of towns will put r
now life Into tho players
Dick Cooley will no doubt bo well
up with his Topokn White Sox anti
the Western Association Is tho gainer
by his entering Its folds as owner and
manager He has a good foundation
to build on and will have a strong 1
team In next seasons race
1 Tho new St Joseph Club will be In
tho hands of Frank Hurlburt and
Joseph LeBolt who will endeavor to
give the old town a strong team with
the Guthrie team ns nucleus Hurl
hurt has a record as manager which J
Is hard to beat having given Spring j
field n pennant In 1903 and finished
second three seasons
Western League
Tho Sioux City club has signed out
fielder Leo Croughn of Wilkesbarro
Tho Sioux City club has purchased
third baseman Louis Carr and pitcher j j
Crystal from the Toronto club
Pearl Barnes who Is Casey of the
Tacoma team until he was Injured
about tho middle of the season was
the leading baseman of the Pacific
League jtl
< i
Northwestern News l
Eddlo Hammond right fielder of
tho Boise team last season lost his
father by death recently t
Thanks to tho fight made by Presi
dent Lucas the National Board has
reversed Its former ruling and has re
stored tho Spokane territory to the
Northwestern League
Three League I
The Davenport club contemplates
transferring pitcher Gene McGreevy
to tho Cedar Rapids club
PeorIa has closed for exhibition i
games at homo with Minneapolis
April 14 and 15 and with Burling
ton April 21 and 22

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