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r CI n m
1 1
P f T
n Is
t D
teol lert flat t lIE DELUGE
knfe nAYID GRAHAM PHILLIES Author of 7C S1 dlc
s to l1ZZS lvdy B4 Rl f2 81LL CtY yyy
she k XllContlnued
red t Ierdy 6al opposite me and I was
110 ted and thruwn luto confusion
inn C 1 thno I lifted my eyes > by
> npMrnsicit criminal expression of his
drank hugelyand
WiM He ate and
I a Meiy bad manners It would have
H me had I made as
her warded
noise as he or lifted such quan
I theo
mouth But
lere al U time t Into my
an JLh this noisy gluttony ho man
WMjomehovr to maintain that hang
I re 0 Sirlike a thief who has gone
d ate h the house and on his way
she paused at the pantry with the
best has of plunder beside him to gorge
Jd be r
elf ked at Anita several times each
ERIC rtA a carefullyframed
L each time I found her gaze on
RetxitBand I could say nothing could 1
11 MIMIC away in a sort of panic Her
Biere strangely variable I have II
ry viB then of a gray so pale that It
1 0111 BilBOSt silver like the steely light
for gB e snowlino at tho edge of the
de on again i and they were so that
mark ng they shone with tho deepest
Am I blue and made ono think as
Oier looked at her bf a fresh violet
ii In a block of clear Ico
ire of lt behind her In tho box at tho
Ing al Mer During the first and second
peace Marions several men dropped In
s In Beak to her mother and horfel
s otlKwho didnt ever come down town
eparaB could tell they knew who I was
tUes oy they Ignored me It exas
the ti ed me to a pitch of fury that
1 hat c Insolent air of theirs a Jerky
he a
1st ma without so much as a
of h I and no notice of me when they
ordl leaving my box beyond a faint
IB fjjMdllous smile as they passed with
ice iitralgbt ahead I knew what it
sPOI1J it t what they were thinkingthat
frlet hucket shop King as the news
saa shad > dubbed me was trying to
t fAthe old Ellerslyri neceasttles as a
factB3 er 1 and break into society
out A1 the curtain went down for the
I prohB intermIssion two young men ap
mtlniKii I did not get up as I had bo
J repgfl but stuck to my BeatI had
ml It I iH cd that point at which courtesy
cat anne cowardice
hood r craned and strained at her
me and over me presently gave
i4 retired disguising their
y anger
olempt for the bad manners of a
Ver > Bat that Disturbed me not a
it of f
the more aa I was delighting In
nation Ksoling discovery Listening and
1 S King as she talked with these
ides we men whom she evidently knew
I BroiHcotCl I that she was distant and
flat It politely > friendly In manner habit
lenont that while the Ice might thicken
caw e It was there always I know
he IB about women to know that if
atut oman who can thaw only for one
aslW is I the most difficult sho is also
d Cap lost constant Onco sho thaws
Ime I said to myself
eo the young men had gone I
nt d forward until my head was
its It to hers to her hairfine soft
iyEB tot electric hair Like the In
csponl < 4 fool that I was I tore out all
flDdt I lron boles of my brain In search
silted Mining to say to hor something
ceni onld start her to thinking well
us f She must have felt my breath
irdcriBlier neck for she moved away
ie of T and It Boomed to me a Shiver
16 d 5 passed over that wonderful
skin of hers
r mlol ow back and Involuntarily said
pardon I glanced at her mother
tuft was my turn to shudder I cant
meta to Slve an accurate Impression
I stony mercenary mean face
boast are looks that paint upon the
rrewja countenance the whole of a
ter a flash of lightning paints upon
g Ii winess of the night mlle on
oss t of landscape The look of Mrs
o se ITsstem disapproval at her
od s ter stun command that she be
lied e ciVil that sho unbend showed
on vsvf old
womans soul
mledo des roe wish it I said on Impulse
S fillers in a low voice I
coo ever try to seo you again
iud feel rather than see the I
suddenly beating in her skin
n 01 ere was in her voice n nervous
ery like fright as she answered
are mamma and I shall be glad
iou I whenever
you come
o j I Persisted
mod Ohio said after a brief hesl
he sd
me ° dim I persisted
death oiled tho faintest change in I
orD elect curve of her lips You
ded ° lJ1 >
deds persistent
at arent you
eo I
answered That is why I
I to I ways got whatever I wanted
IIIlre j
J It said she
you dont I replied l You
il is
Dasds b vulgar and you think Inut I
oecauso I have that quality I
o d
I some others
orleij did not
bsUl 11 IDot contradict me
a I
intaiDL vUlgarfrom your
viol Int I ttf
Vha and went on I havo pur
unss5 For passions And I pursue
ese nl she saltl Instance you
IiIe I
e ai igV I repeated 1 made up my
iathl oe first daylBawyuuUiatrd I
lime Ilko me
I Andjou will
da la very flattering said sloe
II be a little
ii G
tbsl hen
went I
bravely 0111
suppose there Isnt anything joud
stop at III order to gain your end
Nothing said I and I compelled
her to meet my gaze
She drew a lung breath and I
thought there was a solo In itlike
frightened child
But I repeat I went on that If
you wish It I shall never try to see
you again Do you wish It
Idontknow she answered
slowly I thinknot
As she spoke the last word she lift
ed her eyes to mine with a look of
forced friendliness In them that Id
rather not have seen there I wished
to bo blind to her defects to the stains
and smutches with
which her
roundings must have sullied her And
that friendly look
seemed to me an
unmistakable hypocrisy In obedience
to her mother However It had the
effect of bringing her nearer to my
own earthly level of putting mo at
ease with her and for tho few remain I
Ing minutes we talked freely I Indlf
ferent whether my manners and
versation were correct As I helped
her Into their carriage I pressed her
arm slightly and said In a voice for
her only Until tomorrow
At five the next day I rang the El
lonslys bell was taken through the
drawing room into that same library
The curtains over the double doorway
between the two rooms wero almost I
drawn She presently entered from
tho hall I admired the picture she
made In the doorway her big hat her
embroidered dress of white cloth and
that small sweet cold faco of hers
And as I looked I know that nothing
nothingno not even her wish
command could slop rue from trying
to make her my own That
must havo shown In my facet or the
passion that inspired Itfor she
paused and paled
What Is It I asked Are you
afraid of me
Sho camo forward proudly a line
No she said
scorn In her eyes
might bo afraid
But if you knew you
of me
I am afraid of
I confessed
T am
inspire In me a feel
you because you
ing that Is beyond my control
committed many follies in my
It amuses mo to
moods In which
have follies have always
defy fate But
ways been of my own
folly for me
I laughed you are a
But one that compels me
smilednot dUcouraglnely
She tiny sofa In
seated herself on a
and a curiously Impregnable
tho corner notedfer my lm
Intronchment as I °
her by
to carry
was pulse aetonlshod was at my own wd tea of < ler I
wondering where my
had was Bon my awe nf her superior flno
4esa any I
Mamma will bo
Hawn to a few nilnutcs
i she said
didnt coma to see your molder
replied h m came to see you
She flushed then frozonnd I
thought I had
her more got upon
nerves with my rude directness
How eagerly
sensitive our nerves aro
10 bad Impressions
of one we dont
like and how
coarsely insensible to
bad Impressions of one we do like
I see Ive offended
again as usual
said i YOU attach
so much Impor
lance to petty little danclngmaster
tricks and calle rings You IIveal
ways havo llvodln an artlllclal at
moaphero Heal things act on you like
fresh air on a hothouse flower
You arefresh air she inquired
with laughing sarcasm
lam that retorted 1 And good
for YOuas youll find when you get
used to me
I heard voices In tho noxt room
her mothers and some mans Wo
waited until it was evident wo woro
not to bo disturbed As I realized
that fact and surmised Its meaning I
looked triumphantly at her
I see you are nerving yourself
said I with a laugh You aro perfect
ly certain I am going to propose to
She flamed scarlet and halfstarted
Your motherIn the next room
expects It too I went on laughing
even more disagreeably Your par
ents need money they have decided
to sell you their only large income
producing asset And I am willing to
buy What do you say
I was blocking her way out of the
room Sho was standing her breath
coming fast hor eyes blazing You
are frightful I she exclaimed In a
low voice
Because I am frank because I am
honeat Because I want to put things
on a sound basis I suppose If I
camo lying and pretending and let you
lie and pretend and let your parents
and Sam Ho and pretend you would
find mealmost tolerable Wfill Im
not that kind When theres no spe
cial reason one way or tho other Im
willing to smirk and grimace and dod
der and drivel like the rest of your
11311L II 1 I
T pI I
friends those ladles and gentlemen
I But when theres business to be trans
acted I am businesslike Lets not
begin with your thinking you are de
ceiving me and so hating me and de
spising mo and trying to keep up the
deception Lets begin right
Sho was listening sho was no
longer longing to fly from tho room
she was curious I knew I had scored
In any event I continued you
would have married for money Youve
been brought up to It like all these
girls of your set Youd be miserable
without luxury If you had your choice
between love without luxury and lux
ury without love Itd be as easy to
foretell which youd do as to foretell
how a starving poet would choose be
tween a loaf of bread and a volume of
poems You may love love but you
love life jour kind of lifebetter
She lowered her head It Is true
sho said It Is low and vile but it Is
Your parents need money I be
gan She stopped me with a gesture
Dont blame them sho pleaded
am more guilty than they
I was proud of her as sho made
that confession You have the mak
ing of a real woman in you said I
I should have wanted you even If you
hadnt But what I now see makes
what I thought a folly of mine look
nan like wisdom
T must warn you she said und
now she was looking directly at me
I shall never love you
Never Is a long time replied I
Im old enough to bo cynical about
I shall never love you sho re
peated For many reasons you
wouldnt understand For ono you
will understand
I understand tho many reasons
you Hay are beyond me said I For
dear oung lady under this coarse ex
tenor i assure you Hideos hidden a I
rather sharp outlook on human na
ture and well nerves that respond
to the faintest changes in you ns do
mine cant be altogether without SOP
sltlveniss Whats the other reason
the reason That you think you bpve
some one else
Thank you for saying It for me
bloc icplfud
You cant Imagine how pleased 1
was at having earned her gratitude
oven in BO little n matter I havo
thought of that said I It Is of no
But you dont understand aho
pleaded earnestly
On the contrary I understand pen
fectly 1 assured her And tho rea
son I am not disturbed isyou are
here you are not with him
She lowered hor head so that I had
no view of her face
You and ho do not marry I went
on because you are both poor
No she replied
Because ho does not caro for you
Nonot that sho said
Because you thought he hadnt
enough for two
A long pause thenvery faintly
Nonot that
Then It must bo because ho hacnt
as much money as hed like and must
find a girl wholl bring him what ho
most wants
She was silent
That Is while he loves you dearly
ho loves money moro And lies will
ing to seo you go to another man bo
tho wife of another man bo every
thing to another man I laughed
Ill take my chances against love of
that sort
You dont understand silo mar
mured You dont realize there aro
many things that mean nothing to you I
and that meanoh so much to people
brought up as wo are
Nonsense said I What do you
moan by we Nature has been bring
ing us np for a thousand thousand
years A few years of silly false train
Ing doesnt undo her work If you and
he had cared for each other you
wouMn bo hero apologizing for his
selfish vanity
No matter about him she cried
Impatiently lifting her head haught
ily The point is I love himand
always shall I warn you
And I take you at my own risk I
Her look answered Yes
Wel1I took her handthen
wo are engaged
Her whole body grew tense and her
hand chilled as It lay In mine Dont
please dont I said gently Im
not so bad as all that If you will be
as generous with me as I shall be
with you neither of us will ever re
gret this
There were tears on her cheeks as
I slowly released her hand
I shall ask nothing of you that you
are not ready freely to give I said
Impulsively sho stood and put out
her hand and the eyes she lifted to
mine were shining and friendly I
caught her in my arms and kissed her
not once but many times And it
was not Until the chill of her Icelike
face had cooled me that I released
her drew back red and ashamed and
stammering apologies But her Inv
pulse of friendliness had been killed
she once more as I saw only too plain
ly felt for me that sense of repulsion
felt for herself that sense of selfdeg
I cannot marry you she mut
teed You canand willand must 1
cried Infuriated by her look
There was a long silence I could
easily guesa what was being fought
out Inher mind At last she slowly
drew herself up I can not refuse
she said and hor eyes sparkled with
defiance that had halo In It You
have the power to compel me Use
it like tho brute you refuse to let mo
forget that you are She looked sd
young so beautiful so angryand so
SoI shall I answered Children
have to be taught what Is good for
them Call In your mother and well
tell her tho news
Instead sho went into the next
room I followed saw Mrs Kllersly
seated at the teatable In the corner
farthest from the library where her
daughter and I had been negotiating
Wont you give us tea mother
said Anita on her surface not a traco
of the cyclone that must still havo
been raging In her
Congratulate mo Mrs Klleraly
said I Your daughter has consented
to marry mo
Instead of speaking Mrs Ellersly
began to cryreal tears And for d
moment I thought there was a real
heart Inside pf her somewhere But
when she spoke that delusion van
You must forgive me Mr BlacK
lock sho said In her hard smooth
polite voice It Is the shock of real
izing 1 Im about to lose my daughter
And I know that her tears were from
Joy and relief Anita had come up to
the scratch the hideous menace of
genteel poverty had been averted
Do give us tea mamma said
Anita Her cold sarcastic tone cut my
nerves and her mothers like a razor
blade I looked sharply at her and
wondered whether I was not making a
bargain vastly different from tlmt my
passion was picturing
To be Continued
Congressman Evidently Was No Hero
to His Wife
Thero Is a certain congressman
who whatever authority lie rsny hold
In tho councils of state Is of compara
tively minor Importance In his awn
household Indeed It has been un
kindly intimated that his wlfo Is tho
whole thing In their establishment
Representative and Mrs Blank
hnd been to HnKlmoro ono afternoon
When they left tho train at Washing
ton on their return Mrs lllnnk ells
covered that hor Umbrella which had
been Intrusted to the care of her hus
band was missing
Wheres my umbrella sho de
Im afraid Ive forgotten It mj
dear meekly answered the congress
man It must still bo in tho train
In tho train snorted the lady
And to think that the affairs of the
nation are intrusted to a man who
doqsnt know enough to take care of a
womans umbrella Success Maga
sine I
Benefits from New Law Which Re
mains Substantially Unchanged
Through tho Influence of Gov
Hughes the New York Legislature do
tided to make no radical changes In
tho new insurance law It was pointed
out by Gov Hughes that the Now York
law has already accomplished wide
spread reforms with proportionate
benefits to pollcyholdors and that It
should be given a thorough trial be
fore any amendments wero seriously
considered It Is estimated that tho
cost of the mismanagement of tho past
did not average more than 20 cents to
each policyholder whllo the benefits
to present and future policyholders
will amount to many times moro and
be cumulative besides The speed
craze of tho big companies and the ex
cessive cost of securing now business
was tho most extravagant evil of the
old managements Under the new
regime the cost of now business has
already been greatly reduced along
with other economics
The showing made by the Equitable
Life Assurance Society In Its report
for 190C was n strong argument
against meddling with the new law
in the Equltablo alono thoro was a
saving of over 2000000 In expenses
besides an Increase In tho income
from the Societys assets amounting
to as much more The ratios of the
Equitables total expenses to its total
Income was 1942 In 1901 1738 in
1905 and only 1448 In 1906 The
dividends paid to Equitable policy
holders In 190G amounted to 7289734
which was an Increase of more than
9 over 1905
While the Equltablo made a better
showing than any other big company
all reported radical economics and un
der such conditions tho Legislature
wisely decided to leave the law sub
stantially as It stands
Forgetting Something
When the train that convoyed Pros
Idont Roosevelt through Virginia on
his last trip south stopped at Char
lottesvllle a negro approached the
presidents car and passed aboard a
big basketful of fine fruit to which
was attached the card of a prominent
grower I
In course of time the orchardlst ro
celved a letter of acknowledgment
from the White House expressing the
presidents appreciation of the gift
and complimenting the donor upon hit
fruit The recipient of the letter was
of course greatly pleased and feel
Ing sure that his head gardener would
bo much interested In the letter ho
read It to him The darky who
served in the capacity mentioned lis
tened gravely but his only comment
He doan say nothln bout sendln
back do basket do hoSuccoss
Text Somewhat Apropos
Tho Rev J B Hamralll the elo
quent preacher of the Hanson Place
Methodist Episcopal church Brooklyn
was preaching at Sayvlllo L I from
the text Look well to your founda
tions After repeating the text ho
leaned heavily on the pulpit desk
which gave way and plunged over the
altar rail nearly hitting the laymen In
tho front scat and scattering the Bible
and the preachers notes among the
holders of the pews The aged preach
er barely escaped a tumble over th < >
altar with the heavy desk
And It Wound Her Bobbin
Tea drinking frequently affects peo
ple as badly as coffee A lady In Salis
bury Md says that she was com
pelled to abandon the use of coffee a
good many years ago because It
threatened to ruin her health and that
sho went over to tea drinking but
finally she had dyspepsia so bad that
sho had lost twentyfive pounds and
no food seemed to agreo with her
She further says As this time I
was induced to take up tho famous
food drink Postum and was so much
pleased with the results that I have
never been without It since I com
menced to improve at once regained
my twentyfive pounds of tlcsh and
went some beyond my usual weight
I know Postum to be good pure
and healthful and there never was an
article and never will bo I believe
that does so surely take the place ot
coffee as Postum Food Coffee The
beauty of it all is that It Is satisfying
and wonderfully nourishing I feel as
If I could not sing Its praises too loud
Read The Road to Wellvllle In pqll
Theros a Reason
7 a Y
It Is rumored that a 1 serious uprls J
Ing Is Impending In Plnar dot RIo >
province Cuba
Mayor GrlMHlis of Springfield Ill
was drowned while endeavorlnR to <
ford n stream of water OIl horseback
southeast of Hint city
Lieutenant Hart was killed and I
tbreo Bailors Injured by an explosion
of gasoline on board a oubmarlno
boat at Portsmouth England
August Meyer a welltodo shoo
denier of Brooklyn was BO severely I
beaten by highwaymen that ho died
several hours later In n hospital e
Col Gucssokoffsky assistant harbor
commandant at Sobastopol wan killed t
by a revolver shot In the vicinity of
the docks The assassin was ar
Former President Cleveland will de
liver tho principal address at Wil
mington Del next Saturday at the
unveiling of a memorial statute to
Thomas F Bayard
A triple drowning occurred Sunday
In tho lllo Qrando at the Indian Pueb
I lo Isleta twelve miles south of Al
buquerque N M as the result of tho
capsizing of a ferry boat
Carrie Nation after haranguing n
crowd In front of a downtown saloon
In Washington was arrested on tho
charge of disorderly conduct Sho
was released on 20 collateral f >
Observations of Atlantic steamers
arriving recently nt New York aro
very Interesting as showing that the
waters of tho ocean off other eastern
coasts arc now abnormally cold
Tho government reports show that
In tho last three months of 1DOG tho
most recent statistics available more
than 20000 persons wero killed or In I
jured on railroads or about 700 a day
Twentyeight passengers Including
twelve women and children were
drowned by the sinking of the French
schooner La Jalouso from Cayenne
for St Luclas The schooner Bunk off
Frank T Edeson a lodging houso
keeper of Ios Angeles shot his wlfo
through tho head and Instantly killed
her and then blew his head off The
couple had frequently quarreled over
financial matters
Frauds Murphy tho veteran tem
pcranco apostle Is seriously HI at his
homo In Los Angeles with a compli
cation of ailments and his physicians
aro In doubt about tho probable out
come of his case
A dispatch from Lisbon says that
nn explosion of dynamite at Covlhllo
a manufacturing town killed thirty
persons It Is believed the explosion
was caused by dismissed workmen
who sought vengeance
The overdue Norwegian steamer
Preston Captain Olsen from Now
Orleans Is ashore at San Andreas
says a Colon dispatch The steamer
Ellis has gone to the scone to take
off the passengers and mall
George Curry late governor of
Hollo sailed from Manila on the 17th
on tho transport Logan to assumo tho
duties of governor of Now Mexico to
which position ho was recently ap
pointed by President Roosevelt
Don C Henderson onco private
secretary of Horace Greeley and for
many years publisher of tho Allegau
Michigan Journal has been taken
to the insane asylum at Kalamazoo
by direction of the probato court
The grave of Michel Pacha the
Turkish admiral who died at ToulOn
last January has been desecrated by
thieves who stole tho body The r
thieves it is believed expected to
and In tho tomb Jewels of brC value
Albert Nleslngcr a plumber of St
Louis has been arrested on tho
charge of having thrown vltrol Into
the faco of Mrs Lena Wunach who
had refused to marry him Both her
eyes were burned out and her taco
Time government officially declares
tobacco is not a luxury but a neces r
sity In a decision by the comptroller
of tho treasury The question arose
through a number of Panama canal
laborers held In quarantine demand
Ing tobacco
Andrew Carnegie and Mrs Carne
gie will be the guests of Ambassador
and Mrs Charlemagne Tower during
the Kiel yachting week It has al
ready been arranged that Mr Tower
shall present Mr Carneglo to Em
peror William
The first tornado ever known In
southwestern Iowa devastated a path
100 feet wide and two miles long
through a farming section six miles
north of Ottumwa No houses were
In the storms path but orchards were
torn up and livestock killed
Charles Shafer of Symmes Creek
Ohio shot his wife find her mother
Mrs George Thacker Ho then took
his 2yearold son upon a hill shot
him dead and attempted to burn tho
body Then he suicided Domestic
trouble is given as tho cause
The suit of the United State
against the coalcarrying roads
which arc charged with carrying on a
monopoly In the production trans
portation and sale of bard coal was
med in tho United States circuit
court in Philadelphia last wnck

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