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PAYfffff OUT
Just 60 years ago next August on
tho seventeenth day of the month the
t first telegraphic messago across tho
Atlantic via tho now cablo was Bont
from England to America The mcs
sago was of 90 words from Queen
Victoria to President Buchanan It
took 07 minutes to transmit It was
tho first tangible proof that ono of
the greatest attempts of man In tho
field of science had succeeded
When n little company of mon un
der tho leadership of Cyrus W Field
began to organize for tho purpose ol
t bringing tho old world and tho now
within speaking distance of each oth
er by means of a protected thread of
wire across the Atlantic they wore
I hootod at as madmen Capitalists who
s Invested tholr money In tho scheme
wort thought by their friends to have
become bereft of reason Few Imag
D I Ined the feat possible
g By formal agreement on September
i 29 1850 the Atlantic Telegraph com
pany was organized Its object was
to lay or cause to be laid a subma
rind cable across tho Atlantic
I Among thoso prominent in tho form
Ing of tho company were Peter Coop
1 t er Chandler White Moses Taylor
Marshall O Roberts and Cyrus W
n rt Field
I Tho first stop in the program wan
to bo the laying of a cablo across tho
i3N Quit of St Lawrence from Capo Ray
Cove to Cape North The first trial 1
n was disastrous because of n furious
storm but In the following year tho
cable was successfully laid New
foundland was to bo tho western term
g inus
l Assistance was obtained from tho
United States Newfoundland and
I English governments Tho United
States frigate Niagara which was de
tailed to assist In submerging the
cable went to England April 24 1857
Tho coiling of tho cablo In Liverpool 1
occupied throe weeks A strand ol t
seven copper wires composing the
conductor occupied tho center Thoro
s was a guttn percha insulation a cov
1m orlng of specially prepared hemp nnd
II then tho outer covering of iron wire
i fk for protecting the cablo
t t Five largo cones were arranged In f
the hold of tho Niagara round which
tho cable was called Tho length car
ried made a total of 1204 miles Tho
A I remainder was carried by tho English
ship Agamemnon 1700 nautical miles
being required between tho temlnl I
m at Newfoundland and Ireland Spe
cially constructed and complicated
apparatus was designed for paying
i out and if need bo winding In tho
Nature seemed to favor the proj j
ect for extending along tho bod of the
m ocean exactly between tho two points
I to be connected Is a great pleatenu I
like an Immense prairie stretching
over an extent of 1400 miles from
east to west with nn average depth
of about two miles As It approaches
the Newfoundland coast It Is entirely I
free from the effects of Icebergs which
ground on shallow bottoms In every
other part the Atlantic Is character
ized by abrupt declivities and moun
tain heights
Another advantage was found In
the deposit of Infusoria covering tho
bottom In abundance The material
1 showed a tendency to unite with tho
Iron wlro protecting the cable thus
forming a concrete mass making In
effect bed of down for the cablo to
rest upon
Tho landing of the cable In Dolna
bay was successfully accomplished on
thQ fith of August 1857 Never before
had such a mass of people assembled
on the shores of that bay They camo
from miles around from their huts
on tho steep hillsides and the moun
tain pass s from tho storied scenes
of Klllacy in tho Interior and tho
bleak const In tm south
It was n great dny for alt Flvo
days the Niagara sailed overcoming
great difficulties In tho laying of the
cable then on tho sixth day when
tho Niagara had left the shore 300
miles behind n mistaken order to put
on bra l ken resulted in a strain which
broke the cable I
Thero was nothing to do but return
to England mho Niagara sailed for
Now York tho following November
Of course a great cry was lalned
that the scheme had been fairly tried
once nnd failed and that any further
uttumpt to achieve this impossibility
was madness and a criminal wasto of
tho stockholders money Out In the
face of all this opposition the little
band of resolute men led still by the
ndomltnblo Cyrus W Field deter
mined to make another attempt
They had learned by their experi
ence many valuable lessons Ono that
It would bo bettor for tho two vessels
carrying the cable to meet in mid
ocean make a splice and then sail In
apposite directions Other lessons re
lated to Improvements In tho paying
out machinery wall found impos
sible to wind In tho cable after it was
once out as the very weight of the
lino was sufficient to break It
Tho telegraph squadron arrived at
Plymouth England Juno 3 and after
an experimental trip of three days
having received a fresh supply of coal
started for mldoccan on tlie 10th the
point of rendezvous having been de
When the splice was finished con
necting the cable of tho Niagara with
that of tho Agamemnon the two ves
sels parted A terrible storm came
up soon afterward and after 142 miles
and 280 fathoms of cable had been
paid out the lino broke It was only
by good fortune that tho vessels re
turned to land In safety
While the squadron was lying In
tho harbor of Quoenstown meetings
worn hold by the board of directors
In London It was proposed to aban
don the enterprise and sell the cable
When the news of this reached Mr
Field ho started in great haste for
London Ho remonstrated with tho
despondent upheld the wavering and
finally by his will and courage ob
tained consent to make another at
Tho vessels accordingly mot again
at the rendezvous qn July 28 and
after making tho splice with some
ceremony separated Anxiety was
keen as a kink In tho cablo or a
hole running through tho gutta percha
through which not oven a hair could
be forced would render all tho work
On tho 6th of August 1858 the
eastern end of tho cable was landed In
Trinity bay Newfoundland and the
press of the country sounded loud
praises lu honor of the triumph On
the 17th of August tho famous mes
sages wore sent and received by
cablo between Victoria and Preslden
Concerning the message one of the
electricians on board the Niagara Ip I
reported to havo mado tho statement
that it was cooked up for commer
clal purposes his ground being that
tho cable had ceased to test out long
before reaching Newfoundland and
that on several occasions In paying
It out accidents had occurred that had
destroyed the insulation of the cable
In 1SG5 another unsuccessful at
tempt was made to lay an Atlantic
cablo Tho first operative cablo was
not laid until 18GG
Apart of transcontinental cable his
tory that possesses special local in
terest is the landing of the French
Atlantic cable at Duxbury in the year
1869 This was the first cable to
stretch actually from tho shore of
America to tho shore of Europe
Whales In Portland Harbor
Two whales one about 100 feet and
tho other about 75 feet In length wero
son Monday swimming about the
harbor by several cottagers at Ever
green Landing Peaks Island
The monsters wore peacefully
romping about in tho water and when
tho steamer Pilgrim camo down the
harbor they swum somo distance
away but remained In view of the
people all tho tlmo flapping their
huge tails out of the water and spout i
ing wator It was a sight not often
seen in Portland harbor Lewlston
Indias 1 Vast Petroleum Deposits
Tho petroleum deposits of India f ir
chiding Burma have scarcely been dis d Is
turbed and tho magnitude of the pas
ulblo trade of India in petroleum n cud
Its products can hardly I be estimated
In 100007 Burton produced 137054000
gallons and exported C579C000 gal
Ions all of it going to Indian ports
Weird Experience
With a Ghost
In the summer of 1894 I was living
In what was called Iluntsvllle or
Lower City n small partially deserted
vlllngo In Canaan a delightful old
Connecticut town bordering upon
Massachusetts says a writer In the
New York herald
Years before this was a prosperous
locality a largo Iron ore furnace hav
ing beon operated hero until about
1890 when It became unprolltablo
and was abandoned
On tho Fourth of July I arranged
with a neighbor to hitch up his horse
with mlno to a twoseated wagon and
with my wife Mr J D and his wife
and two children and Mr M we
drove to TorrliiKton Conn a distance
of about 14 miles where my father
wan then living
We arrived In Torrlngton about ten
oclock In tho morning and rcmalnec
hero until late that evening Smut
time between 10 and 11 oclock thai
evening wo started for home
There was a full moon and cloudless I
sky and the distinctness with which I
wo could see tho road and surround i
ing objects was so unusual us to bo
commented upon Wo drove along
without Incident going up over Go
then Hills and on through Cornwall
Hollow until nearing homo wo had
passed the houso whoro my employer I
Mr Yale lived Beyond his houso
the road ran along at tho right of quite
a smooth meadow lying between the I
road and a small chestnut grove about
200 feet away The road was up grado
and sandy hero and I who was driv
ing let the horses walk Tho time
as near as wo could afterward esti
mate It was about half an hour after
We were joking and laughing when
suddenly Mrs H who sat beside my
wife upon tho back seat with her two
children between them called my
wifes attention to an object which
had apparently just como out of the
chestnut grovo and was slowly com
ing across tho meadow toward the
road My wlfo looked and exclaimed
that some ono was coming toward us
out of tho weeds We all looked In 1
the direction Indicated but could see
I stopped tho horses and wo nil con
tinued to look when wo saw some one
apparently coming around the end ol 1
tho wall to a pair of bars opening Into
the road Tho moon was still shining
brightly and we all distinctly saw
what looked like some one with a
sheet thrown over his head Tho ob
ject stepped up to the bars and de
liberately lotting down tho next to tho
top bar came through tho opening
made and after putting the bar up
again came out Into tho road and i
walked along toward us
It camo along the road perhaps a
hundred feet or until It reached a
point midway when it stopped
I had In mind an occurrence which
happened about n week before this
when an Irresponsible man of the
neighborhood had severely frightened
my wlfo and sister who was staying
with us while I was away at night
and believing that the sumo man
might bo trying to frighten us I ex
claimed I know who It Is It is i
H S naming the man I suspected
and Ill teach him not to try to fright
en people around here I handed tho
lines to Mr M and seized my whip
a rawhide with a buckskin cracker at
the end and jumped out of the wagon
and started back toward tho object In
the road Mr 13 fpllowed but cau
tiously kept about ten feet behind mo
As I got within about six feet of
this object which was standing up
right In tho middle of tho road I
raised my whip up over my head and
with all tho force at my command I
brought the lash directly down upon
Its head and shoulders To my great
amazement there was no resistance
to my whip until It reached tho
ground and tho object before me
seamed to sink out of sight into tho
I had never believed In ghosts and
always ridiculed ghost stories and I
had had no fear or thought of the su
pernatural at this time but this sud
den disappearance in the bright moon
light of what I had believed without
doubt was a miscreant bent on fright
ening people sent n most startling sen
gallon over mo I stared at the va
cant road before me which 1 could see
plainly for somo distance to whero a
turn hid It from view I looked upon
both sides of the road which tho moon
lit up with almost daylight clearness
There were no bushes or trees be
hind which anything could hide nearer
than tho chestnut grove referred to
beyond the meadow Mr D came up
beside me Wo both looked search
Ingly around and then at each other
Tho mysterious object had absolutely
Almost speechless with astonish
ment wo returned to tho wagon
Everyone in tho wagon saw the ob
ject as It came along the road covered
apparently by a sheet which as It
walked kept flapping at tho sides ns
ono with a sheet over his head walk
Ing and swinging his arms might ap
Unablo to solve tho mystery wo
drove homo We told our experience
to the neighbors but no ono was able
tho explain tho apparition or suggest
a plausible theory Nothing of the
kind had over been seen there before
or has beon seen since so fur as wo
know There Is no tradition which
will throw any light upon It except Mrs
D told the next day that she heard
that some tlmo In the past a man
had been murdered In that chestnut
Tho following III tine plnttorm
adopted at tho Chicago convention or
the Independence party
We Independent American Party hi
representing the Impendence
fortyfour states anil two tor to
have met In nntlnnul for
iiSmlnntc absolutely independent of all
nominate ldnt1I
other political parties enndtdntrs
l11 tho
president nncl vlcoprosldont of
action Is based
United States Our
determination to wrosl the eon
duet upon of tv public affairs from th ° hands
arctalrps IItlcal trllkllters
of selfish Interests P 01 mlcnJ ft
und corrupt Losses ami make the gos
IOIIIItS annJcrs Intended an
eminent its the founders
for tho common ROOd
agency Ithlo Cro lg national
I At a period of unexampled n °
nrosnorlty mid 1 OI tfiln lllt staggering
bluty was dealt to legitimate Imslncss
by tho Unmolested practice of stocK
watering nnd dishonest financiering I
M mudcs of defenseless Investors
thousands of honest business men and l
an army of kilo 1 worklngmen are pay
Ing tho penalty Year by year fos
tered h l y wasteful und reckless govern
mental HXtrnvnganco by the miinlpula
lion of trusts and by a privilege
creating tariff tho cost of living
mounts higher and higher Day by
day tho control of tho govoinment
drifts further away from tho people
and more Ilrmly Into tho grip of ma
chino politicians and party bosses
The Jlepubllcnn and Democratic par
ties are not only responsible for the e
conditions but are committed to their
Indcllnlto continuance Prodigal of
promises they ago so barren of prefer
ence that to a new party of Indepen
dent voters the country must look for
tho establishment of a now policy and
n return to genuine popular govern
Look for Independence
Our object Is not to Introduce violent
Innovations or startling new theories
We ot the Independence part look
I back 119 Lincoln did m to the Declara
tion of Independence as the fountain
head of all political inspiration It Is I
not our purpose to attempt to revolu
tionize tho American system of govern
ment but to restore the action of the I
government to the principles of Wash
ington and Jefferson mid Lincoln
It Is not our purpose either to effect
a radical change In tho American sys
tem of government but to conserve for
the citizens of the United States their I
privileges and liberties won for them
by the founders of this government
and to perpetuate tho principles and
policies upon which tho nations great
ness hns been built
The Independence party Is therefore
n conservative force In American poli
tics devoted to the preservation of
American liberty mid Independence lo
honesty In elections to opportunity In I
business and equality before the law
Those who believe In tho Independence
party 1nd work with It are convinced
that a genuine democracy should ex
ist that a true icptibllcan form of
government should continue that the
power of government should rest with
tho majority of the people and that
the government should lie conducted
for the benefit of the wholo citizenship
rather than for tho special advantages
of any particular class
Of First Importance
As of first Importance In order to
restore the power of government to the
people to make their will supremo In I
the primaries In tho elections and In
tho control of public ofllclals after
they have been elected wo declare for
direct nominations the Initiative and
referendum und tho right of recall
It Is Idlo to cry out against the evil
of bossism while wo perpetuate a sys
tem under which the boss Is Inevit
able Tho destruction of tin Individual I
boss Is of little value Tina people In
their politics must establish u system
which will eliminate not only an ob
jectionable boss but tho system of
bossism Representative government Is
made n mockery by the system of
modern party conventions dominated
by bosses and controlled by cliques
wo demand the natural remedy of di
rect nominations by which the people
not only elect but which Is far more
Important select their representatives
The Referendum
Wo believe In tho principle of the
Initiative and referendum and wo par
ticularly demand that no franchise
grant go Into operation until tho terms
und conditions have been approved by
popular vote In tho locality Interested
The Recall
We demand for tho people the right
to recall public olllclals from the pub
lie service The power to make of
ficials resides In the people and In
them also should reside the power to
unmako and remove from ofllco any of
Octal who demonstrates his Illness
or betrays the public trust
Corrupt lnifhe tit IMeetlonn
Of next importance In destroying the
power of selfish special Interests and
the corrupt political bosses whom
they control Is to wrest flora their
hand tho main weapon tho corruption
fund We demand severe and effective
legislation against all forms of cor
ruption at elections and advocate pro
hibiting the use of any money at elec
tions except for meetings literature
and the necessary traveling expenses
ot cainnldatci Ridding fr votes the
Republican and Democratic candidates
are making an outcry about publicity
of contributions
although both the
Republican and Democratic
have tor years consistently blocked
every effort to
pass u corrupt nmdirixi
oct lulllty of contributions de
slrablo and should
be requlrvd but the
main matter of importance
to which Is its use
contributions are put Wo
believe that the tlishonest uso of
money In the past whether contrib
utod by Individuals or by corporations
has been chiefly responsible for
corruption which has undermined
system of our
popular government
Dciiiiinil for KroiiMiny
ofllco mV ° and demand bualnessllko honest conduct and economical
administration of
pUhllc affairs
we condemn the gross extravagance and
Unnecessary federal Ing annual all ministration Increaso In and approprlntlons Its appall or
anecessatn taxes direct and or Ind mean ectssuro IIn
paid by the people and add is tho ever °
Increasing cost of living
Otrenil < nllinlou
lzntlon onllUd tho evil or 0
rn capltnl
Izatlon Modern Industrial cundlgons
make the corporation and stock
pany In corporations a nlcosslt fe but ns hlrl11ful and crilmn com
as Is
dlvldonds Individual upon Iersonat Cnmpelllng dlshonesly the tn nto
great Slims that
novel hoes Invested hav
propert watered stock nnd i upon justlned masses Uy tiro of
property ovolcapltalizatlon
vents tho better ierrnyib ixltlorn pro
Kf tho CUb
tic sorvlce mid th0lon rr Sr pub
Bhould result from cost tint
genius anti lint whle inventive
which Is organization
replacing toatly I
competition rho Individual
esty Inflated enterpriser ot dlshon
ors closes bunks robs i t st
< lestro
am engenders pnnlcs T rio conlldcn
lcnco party atlvocntcs nV IndcIIO
necessity for notimlcf huslness as a Prlmnr5
tlons and l Improve1 pUblic herVlclth co
enactment or laws the
to prevent watering stntu and nationnl
of stock dlshnnost i
Claim to Have
Checked Conspiracy
for Revolt
IJsbonTho government
Ing to the newspapers of Lisbon accord
discovered and frustrated has
spread Republican plot
Ing scheduled for Tuesday last 30
anniversary of the abortive
July 28 revolt of
Premier Franco bv ox
follows announcement
a largo number of
arrests maim during
weeks Alfonso
I dine NaChado the Costa Hellllbllcan and leaders Bernar
are among those under suspicion
and other forms of cor
issue of bends I
porntlou fraud
the socalled labor
or mho Ilopubllc + nn and Demo
plllnks nil political Uuncambo
crntl plllttorlns
contlmltlblo claptrall unworthY
ot nntlonllt Illuties claiming to bo
IIIS and sincere II nh
Wn cpSbliSln dcclnrntlon that
or temporary
Injunction should be Issued without notlco
except where irreparable Injury would
exult from delay Is empty inifrv
tor u showing of irroparnbld Injury
can always bo rnmlo and Is ulwajs
inndo In cxparto aflUlavltx
rime Democratic declaration that In
junctions should not bo leaned l In any
ctiso ISHUO Jn If no which Industrial injunction < amllowWrctrhJs should not
volvcd Is I meaningless and worthless
Such Insincere and ncmilnBless doclnr
atlons place n low estlmnte upon tine
IntplllRenco of the average working
man I11lIt exhibit cither If orniioo of or
indifference to tho real Interests of
The Independence party condemns
tho arbitrary uso of the wrIt of in
junction andcontempt proccrdlnRS as
11 violation ol the fundamenWl Ameri
can tight of trial by Jury
The Currency
Tho Independence party declares
that tho right to issue money Is Inher
ent In tho Bovcrnincut arid It favors
tho establishment of u central Bovcrn
mental bank through which the money
so Issued shall bo put Into General cir
rime Ill 11 IT
AVe demand a revision of tho tariff
not U y tho friends of tho tariff but b y
tho friends of the people ana declare
tor a gradual reduction of tariff duties
with Just consideration for tho rights
of tho consuming nubile and of estab
I lished industry Thero should bo no
protection far oppressive trusts which
sell cheaply I abroad n cud toko advantage
of tho tariff nt homo to crush compe
tition rnHo prices control production
and limit work and wages
The UnlJrniidH
Tho railroads must bo kept open to
all upon exactly equal terms Every
form of robiito and discrimination and
railroad rates Is n crime against busi
ness and must bo stamped out Wo de
mand adequate railroad facilities and
advocate n bill empowering shippers
in tlmo of need to compel railroads to
provide sulllclent cars for freight and
passenger traffic nnd other railroad fa
cilities through summary appeal to
tho courts Wo fiuor tho creation of
an Interstate commerce court whoso
solo function It shall bo to review
apeedlly nnd enforce summarily the or
ders of tho Interstate comerco commis
sion Tho Interstate commerce com
mission should have tho power to ini
tiate Investigation into the reasonable
ness of rates and practices and no In
crease In rates should bo put Into ef
fect until opportunity for such Inves
tigation Is afforded Tho Interstate
commerce commission should proceed
at once with a physical valuation ol
railroads engaged In Interstate com
The TrunlH
Wo believe that legitimate organiza
tion In business designed to secure an
economy of operation and Increased
production arc beneficial wherever the
lubllc participates in tho advantages
which result
Wo denounce all combinations for re
straint of trade and for tho cstabllsh
meat of monopoly in all products of
labor and declare that such combina
tions arc not combinations tor produc
tion but for extortion and that activ
ity In this direction Is not Industry
but robbery
In cases of infractions of tho anti
trust laws of tho Interstate cotamerco
act wo believe In tho enforcement of a
prison penalty ana lust tho guilty and
responsible individuals controlling tho
management of tho offending corpora
tions rather than a fine Imposed upon
Ililille Ownership
Wo advocate the extension of tho
principle of public ownership of publlo
utilities Including railroads as rap
Idly ns municipal state or national
government shall demonstrate ability
to conduct public utilities for tho pub
lic benefit
XntlonnI Itcnnurecn
We rejoice In tho adoption by both
tho Democratic and Republican plat
forms of tho demand of tho Indepen
denco party for Improved waterways
and tho Mississippi Inland deep water
ways project to complete n ship chan
nel from the gulf to the great lakes
lye favor tho extension of this system
to the tributaries of the Mississippi by
means of which thirty states shall bo
served and twenty thousand miles
added to the coast lino of the United
States Tine reclamation of arid lands
should bo continued and tho Irrigation
programme now contemplated by tho
government extended and steps taken
for tho conservation of tho country
natural resources which should + be
guarded not only against devastation
and waste but against falling Into
the control of monopoly Tho abuse
growing out of tho administration of
our forest preserves must bo corrected
and provision should bo condo for free
grazing from tho public lands outside
of forest reservations In behalf of
tho people residing In arid portions of
our western states wo protest vigor
ously against the policy of the Federal
government In selling the exclusive
use of water and electric
power de
rived from pUhllc works to private
corporations thus creating a monopoly
and subjecting citizens living In those
sections to exorbitant charges for light
nail power and diverting
prlmnrlly the started for pUblic benefit in
nnn channels ° f c ° rl > onito greed and
oppression and wo demand that
moro exclusive contracts bo made
Turks Clamoring for Removal of High
Officials of Old Regime
Constantinople Now that the first
rejoicings over the constitution
granted to Turkey by the sultan last
week are at an end the people are
beginning to discuss tho future Al
ready they are clamoring against the
high officials
who were responsible
for A the abuses and Injustices of tho
old regime Public opinion in do
manding a clean sweep especially of
the palace officials The situation la
The sultan broke into tears at tho
conference of Thursday nt which It
was decided to grant a constitution
Only once has tho sultan been In
duced to show himself to the largo
gatherings of
demonstrators in
of the palace On this occasion his
Mnjesty appeared at an open Window
and thanked the people In conclu
slon he said
Insomuch as I havo labored since
my accession to tho throne
for tho
land salvation and prosperity ° f time father
Is now my witness that
greatest object Is tiro salvation and my
prosperity of my subjects who are to
mo as
my own children
Central Pacific Settles Indebtednes
to Uncle Sam
WnshlnBtonActlng Secretary
Treasury Collldgo on Tuesday re
cel led from tho Central PacltIe Hall rSJ
company 2J39GGI In
or the payment
and last note and In
liquidation of Its total
the Inllebtedess to
Jove1l1ment under mho settlement
at Fobruary
the 1899 At
tho totnl
the railroads to tho 01
58812715 government wnll
for which tho
gao twenty company
semlannual ar
notes bear
lag 3 per cent
note was not duo until February fho Anal
w M TIME 1
No 61Vor Payson Snnlaquln
LoaN AnllctesH and
No 63For Payson Wepiil BBC l 111 n
No 05For Provo ILOrovr Ante
loan Fork
Lobi itercur
Salt Lake
No etror Provo Salt ue and If V
fatermediato fIOlbt9
PlaUat trains are non runD dap 1 I
tween Salt Lnke nna the l clne tlnllJi i
Ulll COUNTY 19 In Coast J
a a dlrecUouch
reM t1eiUDeettoco traIn aerYlco11th I I
J II BtmTMEH Dlstrlot P aerYlco
N PBTEB3BN Dlpo PaeeeNerA TIcket e t f
Arrival und departure ot trains tram rwj
No 7For SprlnKvllleProToS tip J
and all points east and Lake I 6
west i
No WForSprlnitvlllo IrovoSaltLii ki WH
and nil points ea t and est t It
No BKor nureka Mammoth aw sit j I e f n m
vcr Oity
No SFor Eureka I li a
Mnmmolh > iisii 1
vcr City e rp
Connections mndo In dentlntosdrpolr 1 id
all Lluo trains ot Southern Iaelae and Oreiou cPOIt I e
Pulman Palace and ordinary Slrenlottm
Denver Omaha Ifuans City St Lou enl
Chlcoio without change rut
Free Reclining ChalrTars Pf nowl < B g
ducted Excursions a perfect DlntajoiS
vice CaISti > el
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or writ L A DENTON
OA P D Salt LabClIJ I
Office at Palace Druj Store
Both Phones Provo Vni
Make regular call to Spanish Fork
Thursday Offlca at World Droj SWiJ rt
1 At the old Oran Lewis earner on Spiiu j Q1
ville road Spanish Fork Utah X Sbl io
Bone Spavins and Pipes of Feitali tenor cry
or no pay X Crippled and lamthertiiJ e
specialty X All aaimali examined inl
charge Look well to your hones tttlh fa i
from them comemany diseases Unit p
let live is my motto J < A BROTNl ds
Whats the mattert pa i
with IDAHO I f hen
rIm rara e <
0J Thousands of acres of Und lin
1 beeu reclaimed cultivation I ki
irrigation in that State don re
tho past 10 years Tboniija t
more will bit reclaimed 1I1t1 te
the next 10 years This mm t
an opening tor many thonnw r
of homes
nl 1
HAVE You IsvEsnoArRD IDAHO age
termed one
It has been truthfully
Land of Opportunities atl
A Land of Homes e
Tho Oregon Short Line Railroad C I
will be pleased to end oescrlptin nii t etl
tor regarding Idahos resourvoi nr cut
to D I Dnrfey G P A or D bSp 1 t
cor A G P A Salt inke City DIaL
oar In
Spanish Fork t cur
CoOperative 1 fir 3e to
Institution er ip
Dealer in is
Flour d
Q Grain raoi
and Produce aoi
Uanofaoturera of o
Harness p1
Boots 0 e
and Shoes alt ti
out hel
Spanish Fork
The i1
Best Bargain le
tint yolJl i
In reading matter
money can buy is your local pal r l
on w rd
per It keeps you posted
doings of the community ttal t
This Paper Ink
will tell you the things you Want n
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will give you all the new
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