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NOTICEThe date on your name label of this paper is the date to which your subscrjpiton is paid Kindly be as prompt as possible in paying in advance >
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I VOL VIII NO 11 SPANISH FORK UTAH THURSDAY APRIL 1 1900 at Untrred Spanish Fob Fork 21 1902 Utah na Bocondclnss Act of Congress matter March post 3 Office 1879 t
r Who Said Better
it i
t It pays to trade with the World Drug
i Co all other arguments to the con
y trary notwithstanding
5100 Hoods Sarsaparilla 79c
I 100 Native Herb Tablets 85c
100 Peruna 85c
I Vf 100 San Curo for Rheumatism 79c
1 100 Hailers Bitters 79c
100 Monarch Bitters 79c
100 Ayers Sarsaparilla 79c
100 California Catarrh Cure 79c i
100 Swamp Root 85c
f 100 Hallers Sarsaparilla 79c
i 100 Pierces Favorite Prescription 85c
100 Beef Iron and Wine 69c
100 Peroxide of Hydrogen full pounds 65c
50 Peroxide of Hydrogen halfpounds 35c
25 Peroxide of Hydrogen quarterpounds 20c
100 Dr Kings New Discovery 85c
50 Pure Oil of Pine 35c
100 Mexican Blood Purifier 79c
50 Parks Cough Cure 40c
25 Bees Laxative Honey and Tar 20c
40 Epsom Salts full pounds lOc
100 Red Clover Tonic 85c
50 Herbine < 40c
25 Security Stock Powder 20c
50 Security Stock Powder 45c
100 Stone Root Compound 85c
50 Electric Bitters 45c
50 Ballards Snow Liniment 45c
100 B and M Sarsaparilla 79c
50 Halls Canker 45c
50 Carters Catarrh Cure I 40c
50 Carters Canker Cure I 40c
50 Doans Kidney Pills J 45c
50 Mexican Catarrh Cure 0 35c
25 Kondons Catarrhal Jelly 20c
25 Compound Cathartic Pills 20c
25 Carbolic Salve 20c
LCD Greens Lung Restorer 79c
100 Pierces Golden Medical Discovery 85c
50 Dodds Kidney Pills 45c
CAMPHOZONE for crouprrvrrr It b rr 50c
25 Belladonna Plasters 15c
100 Horlicks Malted Milk 85c
I j
3 25 Grandmas Wonder Tea 15c
25 Garfield Tea 20c
j 50 Ale and Beef for invalids 35c
25 Hallers Cough Cure 1 20c
50 Formaldehyde 40c
50 Syrup of Figs 40c
L 100 Scotts Emulsion 85c
50 Sanitol Tooth Wash 40c
25 Sanitol Tooth Paste 20c
5C Premiol Cream 35c
50 Stillmans Freckle Cream 45c
a 50 Lows Wonderful Freckle Cream 45c
100 Pinkhams Vegetable Compound 85c
100 Nyals Vegetable Prescription 85c
50 Lees Lice Killer for chickens 45c
50 Chamberlains Cough Cure 45c
100 Woods Liver Medicine 85c
25 Bismark Tea 20c
50 Denver Mud 45c
25 Hallers Little Liver Pills < 20c
50 Williams Pink Pills 45c
4 100 Herpicide 79c
50 Herpicide 1 0 40c
100 Kensington Hair Tonic 75c
25 Mexican Healing Ointment < 20c
10 Harlem Oil 5c
i 100 Nyals Rheumatic Remedy 85c
25 Emetic Powder lOc
100 Nyals Hair Restorer 79c
25 Pisos Cough Cure 20c
100 Mexican Blood Purifier 79c
25 Mexican Tooth Powder 20c
100 Wine of Cardui for women 85c
40 Ground Flax Seed full pound IOc
25 One Minute Cough Cure 20c
100 Hoods Sarsaparilla 79c
75 California Syrup of Figs 49c
100 Pawnee Indian TOO Re 79c
25 Cuticura Soap 20c
100 Sloans Liniment 85c
50 Cuticura Salve 45c
25 San Curo Laxative Tablets 15c
100 Peruna 85c
50 Junoza Kidney Pills 45c
100 California Catarrh Cure 79c
25 Laxative Bromo Quinine 20c
r 20 Castor Oil lOc
50 Japanese Oil oo 45c
25 Kikapoo Indian Oil 20c
25 Pawnee Indian Worm Killer 15c
100 Scotts Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil 85c
S 100 Pinkhams Vegetable Compound 85c
50 Halls Canker Cure 45c
50 Carters Canker Cure 45c
At Who Said Better
It Pays to Trade with the World Drug Company
all other arguments to the contrary notwithstanding
Member of Prominent Salt Lake Fam
Ily Kills His Wife and Then Ends
His Own Life
Salt Lake CltrJan I Morris for
merly proprietor of a hotel In Reno
Nevada and a member of one of tho
most prominent families of Salt Lako
shot and Instantly killed his wife In
their room in a hotel In this city at
74G p m Saturday and a moment
later placed tho muzzle of tho weapon
in his mouth and fired Morris lived I
for three hours but never regained
Tho direct cause of tho murder and
suicide Is not known but Mr and
Mrs Morris It Is said have never
lived happily together and Jealousy of
his wife Is believed to have caused i
Morris to commit the terrible crime I
Mrs Morris was divorced from WIl
lard Bean on August 3 1908 and mar
ried Morris In Reno it Is said some
time later It was Morris It Is al
leged who brought about the trouble
between Dean and his wife and it was
through him that Dean secured a dl
vorco from her She was married to
Mr Dean In 1899 and by him had two
children both of whom were commit
ted to the custody of the father at tho
time of the divorce The woman was
formerly Gusslo D Felts daughter ol
Mr and Mrs Robert Felts of Eureka
Another Sensation Sprung In the San
Francisco Graft Cases
San FranclscoFive men were ar
rested Saturday afternoon and locked
In separate cells In the city prison ac
cused of conspiring to secure confi
dential records and transcripts of evi
dence ot value to the defense In the
graft cases from the private offices 01
the district attorney They are
Heed N Hamlin confidential em
ploye of District Attorney Langdon
and for two years private secretary to
Detective Wflllam J Durns Al Me
Klnley William Corbin E A Platt
and Joseph Van Wormer
After his arrest Hamlinbrohe lowri
and made a confession of his part In
the affair Ho was tho only man In
the district attorneys office who pos
sessed a key to Burris desk and also
tho combination to the safe It Is al
leged that Hamlln for a consideration
of 200 a month has been In the prac
tice of transcribing records and docu
ments he thought would be of impor
tance to the graft defense and turning
them over to McKlnley who Is de
clared to have acted as a gobetween
Sloop Kearsarge Goes Down Only
Nine on Board Escaping
New OrleansA dispatch from
Dlueflcld gives the details of the loss
of the sloop Kearsarge on the night
of March 13 between Monterey Point
and Greytown Nlcaraugua Twenty
people perished when the boat went
down The captain cook two sail
ors and five passengers succeeded In
reaching shore In a small boat The
Kearsarge was a small vessel of
about 25 tons It went to Dlueflclds
from St Andrews islands with a
cargo of cocoanuts and took on twen
tyfive passengers at Dlueflelds It Is
stated bound for Bocns del Toro Ja
Hunting Big Game In Africa Like
Shooting Cows
Now York Dana Estes the Doston
publisher who arrived here on Sunday
after a journey of 25000 miles In Eu
rope Asia and Africa says Former
President noosovelt will find hunting
bIg game in Africa like shooting cows
In a back yard The antelopes and ani
mals of that kind are so tame ho
said that they graze along the rail
road track and scarcely look up as the
train goes by I saw thousands of
zebras antelopes ostriches etc
Kiss of Patient Killed Nurse
Cumberland MdHaving become
Infected from a kiss bestowed by re
quest of a patient dying of blood poi i
soning Miss Marion O Spier a
trained nurse Is dead Miss Spier at
tended Mrs Virginia Callan Carder
a prominent society woman at the Al
legiance hospital and displayed such
a lovable disposition toward the Rick
I woman that the latter asked the nurso
to kiss her as she was dying The re
quest was granted and In a few days
Miss Spier was stricken with tho
same malady
Sheep Ruthlessly Slaughtered
Butte MontThat thousands of
sheep ere unnecessarily slaughtered
In Custer county and other parts ol
eastern Montana to rid the flocks ol
Up and leg ulceration and the venereal
form of that disease Is the statement
of Dr M E Know lea state veterinar
ian who was In Butte Saturday The
serious nature ot this disease was
greatly exaggerated In newspaper ro
ports the stockmen became unneces
sarily alarmed and many ot the own
ers began slaughtering their sheep U
head off the malady
Leader of Bloodthirsty Creeks Sur
renders to Militiamen and War
in Oklahoma is Ended
After a Week of Excitement During
Which a Number of People Met
Death the Band of Indians and
Negro Outlaws Must Reckon
With the Law
Guthrie Okla Chief Cray Snake
who at the head of n band of In
dians and negroes has been causing
much uneasiness In this section the
militia having been sent to effect his
capture Is a prisoner and badly
wounded having been shot In tho
It Is believed that the capture of
the leader of the band of discontent
ed Indians and negro outlaws will re
sult In the final surrender of all Im
plicated or at least their escape
from tho district and a restoration of
peace In a section that has been well
nigh crazed with anxiety as to the
next probable move of the desperate
Tho list of fatalities since the trou
ble began reduced to a basis of con
firmed facts consists of Deputies
Odom and Baum who were klll d
In the performance of their duty and
Dick Darnett a Creek negro It
Is true that a number of Creeks were
wounded but they were able to es I
cape No official report has been
made save of the two deputies and
tho Creek negro
Trouble has been brewing In this
section for a year over he I allotment
of lands Crazy Snake persuaded his
clansmen many ot whom are ne
groes and halfbreeds not to accept
the allotment The old chief stands
for all the traditions of his race par
1 tlculaily that of the unrestricted
IJlMgrolnlll AJthojigh iDnnsj of
his tribesmen secretly secured their
allotments they dared not tell their
leader who would have expelled
them from the community
On Wednesday March 24 officer
sent out to arrest an Indian who had
sold his farm once too often were
fired upon by Indians and negroes
Meanwhile Crazy Snake was at his
home near Pierce about fifteen miles
from here He had passed some tim
In Washington and the Creeks were
gathering from far and near to hear
his report Sheriff Odom regarding
the old chieftain as at the bottom ot
the resistance which had fjeen met
resolved upon his arrest It was in
this attempt that the sheriffs son and
and a deputy were killed by a volley
fired from Crazy Horses house
This started the trouble Governor
Haskell ordered the First regiment
Oklahoma National Guard to the
scene and another and larger posse
was formed Before the militia ar
rived this posse encountered tho
Creeks and there was a lively ex
change of shots during which an
other white man was slain
Later the followers of Cray Snake
were driven to the hills by the mili
tiamen who kopt hot upon tho heels
of the lawbreakers until the wound
Ing and capture of Crazy Snake and
a score of his followers
In a few days It Is expected the
trouble will be at an end
Statement Made That Crazy Snake
Was Not to Blame for Trouble
Muskogee OklaNo Indians were
Involved in the original trouble that
resulted In tho militia being called
out and Crazy Snake had a right to
defend Ma home from the attack of i
irresponsible persons and eyen of
ficers not authorized to arrest him
according to the finding of Special
Attorney Woodruff and Indian
Agent Kelsey after several hours
Investigation at Henrietta on Tues
day The report reached the Indian
agency here Tuesday afternoon It
stated In addition that negro out
laws congregated at Hickory stomp
ing grounds were the only persons
who started the trouble and that the
Intervention of the federal govern
ment will be Invoked for the protec
tion of the Indians I Including Crazy
Snake If necessary
Castro Barred From Venezuela
Paris The French Steamship
company has confirmed the report
that the Venezuelan government had
reconsidered Its decision not to per
mit Cipriano Castro the former pres
ident of the republic who la return
Ing homo on board the steamer Guad
eloupe to land In Venezuela Upon
rpeelvlns official notification to this
effect from Senor Paul the Vene
zuelan commissioner In Europe line
agent of tho company at Santander
Spain communicated the charge to
the captain ot tho Guadeloupe and
to Castro
Attack on Life of ExPresident Wu
Made by Steerage Passenger Be
fore Steamer Was Out of
Sight of Land
Hortn Faynl Island the Azores
In the Hamburgs steerage hold lies
a man In chains who seeks the life
of Theodore Roosevelt cxprcsldcnt
of the United States Only Mr Poose
volt and a few of his fellow passen
gers know of this prisoners exist
As the steamer was losing sight of
land Gulseppl Tostl a steerage pas
senger broke from his companions
and started f9r tho upper deck whore
Mr Roosevelt was standing with his
son Kermit He has let them take
away my child shouted Tostl in
English Now he shall pay for it
Sailors seized Tostl quickly mastered
him carried him below and by tho
captains orders put him In Irons
For four days the prisoner refused
to eat constantly crying Roosevelt
Is trying to poison me Now tho
ships doctor must taste food offered
to Tosti before he will eat It At Mr
nooseyells request the steamship
Hamburgs ourse was changed to
the Azores the steamer remaining
here two hours The governor of
Horta came out to the steamer and
welcomed Mr Roosevelt then took
him and his party ashore and drove
them about the city
Government Wins a Victory In Utah
Fuel Company Case
Salt Lake CltyThe Tribune says
Pleading guilty to having defrauded
the United States government out of
1440 acres of coal lands located In
Salina canyon Stevler county Utah
the Utah Fuel company of this city
was fined 8000 fly Judge John A
Marshall In the United States dls
trlct court late Monday afternoon Be
sides this the Fuel company pays
to the United States tho sum of 192
000 for coal extracted deeds back
JluUaatatfl tJiegoj WEll L and la
the loser by tlc transaction of 14400
paid by It for the lands making a
total of 214400 It Is out by the deal
In spot cash to say nothing of the
land The money was paid Imme
diately after the passing of sentence
Father of Female Kidnaper Hastens to
Her Assistance
Plttsburg Pa William McDer
mott the retired Chicago fireman who
believes that Mrs James H Doyle
one of the alleged kidnapers of Willie
I Whltla Is his daughter has retracted
his declaration that he would not as
sist the girl and on his arrival In this
city on Saturday Is said to have re
tained an attorney to look after the
McDermott did not get a chance to
seo Mrs Doyle as she had been
taken to Mercer Pa before he could
visit her
Beat the Stock Yards Company
Kansas City MoA man who gave
his name as Roy Horton was arrest
ed here Monday on a charge of for
gery for an amount placed at VSOOO
and will be taken back to east St
Louis Ill as soon as officers from
that city arrive for him Horton was
arrested hero Saturday night by the
local police but was soon released
Monday he was taken Into custody
again and agreed to go back to Illi
nois without requisition paers lIe is
charged with perpetrating a confi
dence game upon the Stock Yards
company of East St Louis
Shot by Robbers
Trenton Mo Every road within a
radius of fifteen miles of this city Is
being watched In an effort to capture
the last of the three robbers who
looted a number of stores In Spick
ard twelve miles north of here and
later seriously wounded Marshal
George Caraway In a tight at James
port Two of the men have been
captured and are now in the Gallatin
jail One Is wounded and may not
recover The fight at Jamesport oc
curred when the robbers got oft a
freight train after leaving Splcknrd
on a handcar
Woman Electrocuted for Murdering
Auburn N Murmuring a
prayer for her soul Mrs Mary Far
mer was quietly led to the electric
chair In Auburn prison shortly after
G oclock Monday morning and exe
cuted tor the murder ot Mrs Sarah
Dronnan at Brownvlllo last April
The execution of Mrs Farmerthe
second Infliction ot the death penalty
on a woman by electrocution In this
state was effected without sensa
tional Incidents Five women two
of whom were prison attendants
were witnesses
IMul + aHn
+ ma
Delinquent NoticeFluorine
Fluorine Mining Company principal place of
business Spanish Fork Utah
NOTICE Thcra arc delinquent upon tho
following described utock on account of assais
meat No 3 levied on tholstli day of February
IWt the several amounts set oppoMto the t
names of tho respective shareholders as fol
WC Adfttni 13 I I ooa j2W
W 0 Adnnm 13m 1 000 300
J A Martoll 14 4 ess 988
lllcbard F Smith 161 0 313 U 63
F 8 Dart 40 1 OM 2 00
F 3 Dart 41 1 000 SCO
F H Dart 42 1 000 ton
PH Dart 43 1000 i 2 01
F S Dart 4T 813 I 81
1tl Dart 6S 04 10
iVli Warner 65 7812 31
A 0 Larson 81 IS 1 625 31
H 11 Hicks 76 10 000 MOO
Alma Hales M 1 000 2 00
Alma Hale 87 8 000 10 00
Alma Hales 89 BIS 163
Alma Mules IM 3 000 400
Archie Hales to I 000 J Ol
E J Howe 100 fi 1 WO 10 00
t B J Howo 101 1000 1 S 00
E J HOWO 1W 1000 1 S 00
B J Howe 103 812 1 03
J M Calderwood 104 1000 I S 00
J M Calderwood n 183 1000 I S on
OOKIrlkison 10S to 000 10 iO
U O EIrlksson ISO N
Nephl Stark 113 6 000 10 00
Wm J Btowart 1SI 1 000 S 00
A M Howard 81 1000 S 00
n F Hodson 161 3 121 0 2A
ThomasG Davis 133 1000 SCO
W Jone Uowen 1ST 3 VM 781
Wm 11 Frost 140 2 000 4 00
O A Lewis w 147 BOO IOu
O A Lewis U8 MO 1 00
O A Lewis 7 8UI IS 1 M t
Adam Hurt ° 159 1 100 2 00
Jno W Itockhlli 1 M IM 1 MO 300
Jno W Hockhlll IIS I ROO a X >
F J ISnulo in 600 100
A B Kookhlli 66 rot 1 8S
And In accordance with law and an order of
the board of directors made on tbe 12th day of
FebruarylMO so many shares of each parcel of
such stock as may be necesary will be sold at tho
office of J J Hanks secretary of the company
lu the basement under the Commercial Bank
Bpanlsh Fork Utah on Thursday April 16th
1909 at 2 1 oclook p m to pay the delinquent
assessment thereon together with tbe cost of
advertising and expenses of the sale f
Delinquent NoticeM M M Co
Office of the Martha Mining R Mllllnz Com
pany principal place of business Benjamin
Utah county Utah
NOTICE There are delinquent upon the fol
lowing described stock on account of assess
ment NO 11 levied on tho 8th day of February
1009 the several amounts not opposite the
names of the respective shareholders as fol
Name Cert Shrs Amt
D n Williams 129 600 II 00
E W Frlsby 105 1 020 2 04
Albert Hulsh 101 600 I00
C W Bradford 61 200 40
Jones Bowen IIS117 2 000 4 00
And In accordance with law and an order of
the board of directors made on the 8th day of
February 1m so many shares of each parcel 1
of such mock as may be necessary will be sold j
at the omce ct George A Hone secretary at
Benjamin Utah on the 27th day of March 1009 r
to pay the delinquent nmessuient together
with the cost of udvertlslnn and expense of
the sale QEO A HONE Secretary
TAKE NOTICEUy an act of the bond
made March 15th 1909 ihe data of above sale
has been changed to April 10th 1909
C1KO A HONK Secretary
pa asaN Proprietors
Bread Pies Cakes
Phone Orders Promptly Pilled Ind31M
The Cough Syrup that
rids the system of A cold
by acting as a cathartic on tho
bowels is
Bees Is the original laxative cough syrup
contains no opiates gently moves the
bowels carrying the cold off through tho
natural channels Guaranteed to givo
satisfaction or money refunded
Dr J Fred Potter
Office at Residence
1 r
ftUU tSMMUi HUW BattMOllUVtmtU rnaa
f y
t r
A Good
Barn Deserves
a good roof Shingles rot
blow offand burn Roofs built
n XuMir
Jtt 3tintkotl
always resist fire water snow
heat cold and wear Wo prow lit
Send for
I Free Salonika
oa d cur book 1I1I
c thai OIl olu t
JfX lumber CO
a L

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