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uch Is I Statement Made by Secretary
Wilson In Address
of Agriculture
Who He Says Have
Not Put Up Prices
St Ijouls That the farms of the
States are not producing half
hat they should because ofa lack
education among farmers
rt practical
as the statement made by Secretary
Agriculture Wilson In an address
esday night at U0 Farmers Union
believe the solution of tho cost of
LnB problem lies In good hands
Wilson The farmers are
Id Mr
ake and no country Is in danger
then that Is the case I have hives
gated charges that the farmers have
Lblncd to put up prices and rob the
Immunity and have found they are
Of the fourteen states of
ot true
e Mississippi valley not one Is pro
clog half the crops It should bo
use the farmers have not been
ught scientific farming We can and
il ultimately double every crop we
growing and at tho same time
re for a population of 200000 When
eve done that the agriculturists of
at day will show how to double the
Ions again The farmer must bo ed
ted Wo need a countrywide unl
rslty If I had nothing else to do
hould become a lobbyist In my state
Iowa to demand that agriculture
i taught in every one of tho thirty
more colleges there If wo teach
le young farmers the old farmers
11 soon take interest We must keep
r young farmers on the farm Inn
grants who have lived on farms
lould be placed on farms when they
me to this country
vernor of Oklahoma Granted Fur
j ther Time to Complete Defense
Tusla OklaTho trial of Charles
1 Haskell governor of Oklahoma and
le other men In tho Muskogeo town
t cases was continued Tuesday after
on until tho next term of the fed
il I court Governor Haskoll asked
a postponement on tho alleged
und that ho had been denied ac
tss to the documents in tho posses
fen of the department of tho Interior
Washington These documents he
erted related to the distribution In
fll of 400 town lots at Muskogee
la which were disposed of by the
vernment In behalf of the Creek In
ns He declared the use of the doc
ents was necessary to prove his de
Coal Miners Return to Work
Telle Haute IndEleven thousand
liana bituminous coal miners have
turned to work thereby ending a
rlke which has been on in tho Indi
a coal fields for thirtythree daya
pis Is tho result of tho temporary
reement reached hero lato Tuesday
1 the Joint conference of miners and
erators Under the agreement only
ose mines where tho northern out
de day wage was being paid prior to
brll 1910 will resume operations The
fines that will not come under the
Tecmcnt lie south of the Batlmore
j Ohio employing 3000 men A set
meet of these mines will bo taken
nor soon Tho temporary agreement
a ade gives tho miners a 5G5 per cent
Shot Editor Then Suicided
Walden CuloJ M Davis former
arshal of Walden shot and serious
I I wounded Alfred J Law the owner
t the dally paper hero and then
led himself on Tuesday The
ll oublo arose over an article printed
Law concerning tho municipal
ter plant where Davis had been
4f crklng The men met In the court
aim pse and after a few hot words
c pis drew a revolver and shot Law
i rough the lungs He then put the
fvolver to his own head and fired
te Commits Murder and Suicides
1st Louis Whllo ten policemen
pounded his house In an effort to
Treat him John Briscoo shot and
led his wife and himself on Tues
Y Mrs Briscoe had summoned
e police to protect her from her
jpaad who was beating her Three
Icemen answered tho call but Brls
alb f e refused to surrender Reinforce
enls were summoned and a march
1 the house was started Then Bris
1 l e nred the fatal 1 shots
A Typical Fench Duel
Parls count Ismnol Do Lesseps
r D > n of Count Ferdinand Dc Lesseps
on d an officer of a cavalry regiment
U8ht a duel on Tuesday with Count
1St De Pollgny In tho Parc des Prln
s Six shuts wore exchanged but
Ift ther was hit The two antagonists
11 the field
without a reconciliation
13 Ruth Bryan Married Again
lI Lincoln NebIn a wedding devoid
I J any Publicity Mrs Ruth Bryan
a IK eldest daughter of Mr and
re William J Bryan was married
1 Tuc day lo Ieutcnant Reginald A
I rtn e of the Royal Erg lIeerli corps of
1 Lri I 1 r it Is h Mmy > stationed in Ja
iitnro ea Only embers of the family
lirr tnrascd tho ceremony Tho Rev
11 If lieni rr Uutlll toi > of Crete an olc
va lsu t ° r the fnnilly who officiated
uJb ran stsuuinmer at time inarrlnKo of W J
to I I 01 h Ilcrfonoil the ceremony
Owens IIrst marriage occurro
ea 1
lie was 18
President Schurman of Cornell Think
Well of Rockefeller Foun
IthacllJohn D Rockefellers
s phi
lanthroplc scheme which the Rocko
feller foundation
bill now pending In
congross proposes to
Incorporate wa
commended by President Jacob G
Schurman In an address before the Cor
nell congress Friday night In sum
mlng up an exhaustive discussion of
the measure President Schurman
I recognize that section No2 of tho
bill which
defines the
object of the
Rockefeller foundation
authorizes and
empowers that foundation
to do any
thing and everything which may pro
mote and advance human clvlllatlon
that Is to say morals nnd religion art
and science manners and social Inter
course and all that concerns the po
litical economic and material well
being of Individuals and communities
This Is a vast Hold for tho exercise of
But Mr Rockefeller has conceited
a vast scheme of philanthropy for the
benefit of his fellow citizens and man
kind Ills character
ability and or
ganizing skill are adequate guarantees
that ho will carry out his scheme
wisely and successfully with Incal
culable benefit and blessing to man
kind It Is In the Interest of tho na
tion that he be given a free hand In
the exercise of his colossal benefi
cence So long as he Is active or his
Influence remains It would be wlso
and safe to give the foundation the
sort of organization he desires Neith
er now nor hereafter does It
seem nec
essary to limit the scope of his benefi
cence which Is coextensive with the
efforts of mankind to attain a higher
Tho only change I would desire to
see In the proposed bill is the total or
partial elimination of the method of
selecting trustees by operation The
organization might well bs left a close
corporation If Mr Rockefeller so de I
sires for a generation But after that
time I am confident that it would Inure
both to the efflciency of the foundation
and to the public welfare to say noth
ing of the satisfaction of the sentiment
of a democracyIf the majority of the
trustees were appointed by the presi
dent of the United States with the
advice and consent of the senate or
selected by some other high abiding
governmental agencies that may fairly
be regarded as representing the peo
ple of the United States whose wel
fare is the primary object of the Im
mense and glorious benefaction
Temperature Reaches 85 Degrees In
Shade Where Freezing Weather
Usually Prevails This Time
St Johns N F Record break
ing temperatures have accompanied
a hot wave that has been ex
perienced on the west coast of New
foundland for the last few days
At points where the usual tempera
ture at this season of the year would
bo below freezing the thermometers
havo registered as high as S5 degrees
In the shade
These figures are unprecedented In
the history of the colony
Two Schooners Crash In the Night
Off Fortune Bay N F and One
FoundersCrew Saved
North Sydney N SA col
lision In the night off Fortune Bay
N F of two Newfoundland schoon
ers the Edna Carter and the Victoria
by which the former vessel was sunk
was reported For two hours the two
vessels hung together with their rig
ging entangled and It was feared both
would founder After they were cut
apart the Edna Carter went down
Its crew escaped to the Victoria
Lowlands of Mississippi Below Brain
erd Minn Are Imperiled by
FirePeople Desert Homes
Duluth Minn April 25The low
lands on the upper Mississippi river
for fifty miles below Dralnerd
arc Imperiled The big Weyerhausor
dam holding back Immense head
water In the height of the manufac
turing season Is slowly burning Its
center piers were afire when the last
word was received from there
The city water plant was destroyed
by fire of unknown origin The city
service paralyzed and
is dark water
tho citizens reported panicstricken
Residents of the lower quarter
deserted their homes couriers report
and women and children line flamellt
banks while tho men fight the
hopelessly with buckets
The Northwest Paper companys
catching afire when
Plant was
the pulp last mounted courier left Bralnerd
settlers to flee
downstream to worn
to tho surrounding hills
In Ball Costume
Men and Women
Arouse Occupants of Apartment
House Womin Injured
Chicago April 25Slxt1 I ors oas
rescued from time Clodan apart
were building 74046 j East I FoitlIrtb
ment dress brigade of
by an evening
attending a house
and women
amen when lire nltncla the
arty near One woman Mrs E E
Ig building fatally
inlta d was burned hndb
5 others had narrow es
nd several
apes from death
a JJ r
1 1 1
t >
Jt Mj
1iJ 4
I t Y in y1
t v
ayn auk
° e
tyAz r air c7ZW
AilF AX N S This city has gained added Importance by Its selection as time Atlantic headquarters of
HALIFAX navy that Canada Is to have This Is to be time homo station of tho two Bristol cruisers the
six destroyers and the cruiser Nlobe which Is to bo purchased at n cost of 2000000 and the naval
college will bo built here The people of Halifax are Immensely pleased by the choice of their city ns
the naval base and already there Is great activity In carrying out tho plans of time provincial government
The royal dockyard hero Is one of the finest In tho British colonies and the harbor is six miles long and n
milo wide with excellent anchorage In every part Tho north end of It connects with Bedford Basin which
Is capable of containing all the navies of the world Numerous fortifications protect the city and harbor
Novel Method of Constructing
Peace Palace at The Hague
Never Before In Holland Has Super
structure of Such Immense Pro
portions Been Seen Provis
ion Made for Enlarging
The HagueIn speaking of the
progress made on tho peace palace
In course of construction here Mr
Van del Steur the Dutch architect
who has practical charge of tho build
Ing operations in talking of tho novel
methods adopted In its construction
Such a freestanding scaffolding as
this right around a building has never
been seen before In Holland It Is
quite a piece of work In Itself being
60 feet high and costing 10000 but
then It will stand firm for many years
and we intend to let It remain until
the whole outer part of tho palace is
complete which will bo in two years
In that way it will protect the walls
from Injury Two great lift towers
133 feet high arc built Into this scaf i
folding with two mighty cranes each
capable of lifting 6000 pounds Such
great lifting power is absolutely nec
essary since mno for example tho blocks
of Swedish granite for tho balustrade
of tho lower terrace weigh 4000
pounds each though when you see
them in place they do not look so
particularly big The scaffolding Is
built In several tiers and along each
level runs a Decauvlllo railway for
hauling materials We use as much
machinery as possible to lighten tho
labor and not ono draft animal en
ters our precincts the material being
brought close up to tho building
ground by especially mado small rail
way lines from the station on the
HagueSchoveningen line Thence the
materials aro hauled In trucks to the
foot of the lifts and brought to their
destination by means of the cranes
and tiny railroads along the scaffold
ing i Another novelty for Holland Is
Joe cementmixing machine which
can be handled by one man The
foundations are entirely of concrete
and tho floors are reenforced con
crelo below their covering of marble
or wood
Twelve million brick will bo used
on tho walls and about 00500 cubic
feet of Ohernklrchen sandstone 38500 I
cubic feet of white French sandstone
and 15570 cubic feet of Norwegian
granite Four hundred thousand
pounds of Iron will bo required for
Queer Looking Creature Terrifies
Three Anglers at Greenwood Lake
In New Jersey
Montclalr N JTho sea serpent of
tho Atlantic coast resorts will have
to take a back seat for a queer am
phibious creaturo thnt Is reported in
Greenwood lake by Charles Van
Gleson John Willis and George Mc
Cormick all of this town who have
Just returned from a weeks stay at
the lako
Van Glcson bears evidence of a con
flict of some kind for his wrist Is
gashed as with a saw The wound
ho says was inflicted by tho lake mon
ster when It made a desperate effort
to get Into a boat occupied by him
and his companions
The three men wero fishing for bass
In thin lake when they saw the mon
tel Jump out of tho water after a
fish which McCormick had pulled up
Time first sight of the creaturo led the
men to believe that It was a huge
eel but Its second appearance was
more terrifying Tho thing dashed
oso up to tho boat after ono of
rhu captured fish It had a long horn
the roof with 4200 cubic feet of small
granite and 70000 square feet of slate
The great tower will weigh 15000
000 pounds Although the palace In
of such Important dimensions tho
members of tho Carnegie foundation
committee have foreseen that it will
eventually have to be enlarged es
pecially when Americas project of
making tho arbitration court truly per
manent shall have been accepted by
the powers The architect Is confi
dent that any such extension will In
no wise detract from tho beauty of
the building because with M Cordon
nler he has planned the proportions
In view to such an eventuality
The upper part of tho walls In the
halls and stairways Is to be of white
French sandstone alternated with
sculptures nnd marble mosaics All
the doors are to bo of precious woods
Inlaid with Ivory nnd other rich ma
terials In tho assembly rooms and
justice halls the floors wainscoting
and ceilings will bo of oak wood and
tho walls of hewn stone These will
almost disappear under the tapestries
paintings and other mural decorations
In tho basement Is located tho res
taurant closo to the kitchen It Is a
vaulted chamber which has been
practically completed by this time It
Old L Engines in China
Helping In Construction Work of Can
ton Hankow Railway With Other
American Material
Washington Consul Albert W
Pontius of Swatow submits tho fol
lowing from a HongKong newspaper
concerning tho equipment for the Can
tonHankow railway With regard to
the rolling stock six American loco
motives are already In operation and
16 are In stock There are six moguls
of 120 tons tho cylinders of which are
19 by 2G inches tho coal capacity nine
tons and tho water 5000 gallons
There aro four no Manhattan locomotives
being used In construction work
these engines wore formerly In
service on tho elevated railways In
New York city There are also six
doubletender tank engines of 50 tons
which are engaged In running tho
freight and passenger trains to rail
Tho mogul engines havo just ap
peared on the road and they will cer
tainly Inspire tho Chinese of the In
tenor when they go out to duty The
foreign engineer In charge and his I
Fish With a Horn Appears
on its snout and measured about
seven feet In length Its general fa
cial appearance was like a catfish ex
cept for the sharp horn It was this
horn which cut Van Gleson
Tho strange visitor managed to
crawl over tho bow of tho boat before
tho occupants could recover from
their amazement It Impaled a bass
which was lying In the bottom of tho
boat and thon made overboard again
As the creature slid back Into tho wa
ter it beat Its tall which seemed to
havo spongeIIko qualities so fiercely
that the air was filled with a fine
spray that blinded nnd drenched the
Montclair men
Ladybugs to Save Melons
Los Angeles Cal Millions of lady
bugs aro receiving free transportation
on the railroads while traveling from
the state Insectnry at Sacramento to
tho melon fields of tho Imperial valley
Three consignments have passed
through Los Angeles to bo turned
loose to browse on aphides and other
Insect pests that harm tho melon
crops There aro on hand In tho In
sectary 52000000 ladybugs weighing
more than a ton
was at first tho Intention to do with
out such things as kitchen and lunch
room but on mature consideration It
was found better to put them In Ev
ery ono knows tho Influence of a good
meal on tho temper of man No badly
nourished Individual can bo expected
to be filled with peace and good will
towards his fellow men and so a
neglect of the food problem might
have spelled disaster to tho arbltrat
lion court Tho architect said that
tho palace would be completed In
1913 In time to receive the delegate
of tho third peace conference
Recognized Sweetheart
New York John Ditmer a cowboy
of Unities North Dakota visited Ellis
Island the other day and Identified
his finnceo whom ho had nevor seen
before by a photograph which Dlt
mars mother hnd sent from Hamburg
The girl Rosa Hemko of Hamburg
mid tho cowboy were married and left
for their home aoon afterward
Ditmer recently wrote his mother
nt Hamburg that there were not eligi
ble girls whore ho lived and asked her
to pick out n bride for him Sho sent
Rosas picture A correspondence
and later the engagement followed
Mustnt Wear Birds
Trenton N Jlhe assembly has
passed tho bill making any woman
found wearing a closed season bird
I on her hat guilty of a criminal offense
mon are proud of the fact that they
got these big engines together In 11
days from thu unpacking of tho first
Of coaches and freight cars there
are 30 Americantypo passenger
coaches one directors car 72 Ameri
can freight cars and lOG Chlnnmadu
freight cars At tho works of Won
gnha three firstclass compartment
coaches are now being built as well
ns three secondclass coaches and four
tldrd class coaches The steel under
frames have been sent on from
In ho future much of the super
structure of cars will bo built by tho
Chinese themselves and a change is
to be made with regard to bridge con
I struction Whereas the practice has
been to Import the bridge from Eng
land or America already for erection
future bridges will bo mado from
material Imported In tho rough The
mechanical department at tho head
station at Wongshn which Is exceed
ingly well equipped tho latest ma
chines havjng been Imported from
Great Britain and America Is capable
of turning out all manner of work At
present the Machines are In tempor
ary sheds but permanent shops will
shortly bo erected
That Is Valuation Fixed by Pennsyl
vania MagistratePrice Proves
Scranton PaOno dollar apiece
I was fixed In police court as tho price
of kisses In the Scranton market Tho
quotation was given by Magistrate
John T Howe when Nathan Perlman
a clerk In a Penn avenue shoe store
pleaded guilty to a charge of dlsor
doily conduct preferred by Agnes
Mosher a comely girl who works In
a candy store In the same block
The girl declared that 1011 man
bought some candy and when asked to
settle ho asked her If sho wouldnt
rather accept kisses than money Doi i
fore she could reply Penman circled
her waist nnd planted two resounding
emncks on her checks When sho re
monstrated with him he refused to
be squelched and she finally notified
police headquarters
A warrant wan Issued and It was
served on PorI man When ho paid the
2 fine Imposed by tho magistral
Perlman expressed satisfaction w
the bargain
t J
Lad Noticed Where Tot Seeking Red m
Riding Hood Had Struck Leaves
From Bushes With Stick and Fol
lowed the Trail a
RUerhend L IAll Rlvorhead Is
telling how a sharpeyed kuonwlttcil
small boy who followed a clue of list
own found asleep In a thicket thrco
miles from Its huinu mid two nillca °
from any habitation a lost child for
whom the distracted mother and two
score volunteers had searched for
hours In vain
Only for Willie Smiths cleverness
everybody says Margaret McGnrry
three years old might bo still lost and I
In danger of perishing from exposure j
and hunger For n nllo tho boy traced s
the missing child by marks It had
made on bushes and III an unfrequent
ed path with a switch
She had not been gone long before
she was missed Forthwith tho womon
grow uneasy mad shortly when a still d s ti
wider Inquiry failed to bring any word
of tho child they became downright i
alarmed and a general alarm was
spread Several parties set out In dif
ferent directions some toward Great
Peconlo bay others toward Good
Ground and tho ocean while still oth
ers went up and down along tho stato
road and east to JnmcsporL
One by one tho searching parties re < 4
turned to town empty handed Not t
the slightest definite clue to Margaret f
had been obtained from anyone
Meanwhile Willie Smith who had
been with ono of tho searching parties
started homo by himself across the 1
fields On tho way ho thought of a
lonely path through the woods leading i
to tho desolate scrub oak district In p
tho middle of Long Island Wonder Y
Ing he says If Margaret could havo
wandered In that direction ho cut
across lots to tho path Sure enough
there were small footprints In tho soft
earth A little further along tho foot
prints were lost to sight but Willie j r
noticed in tho path a mark which he
rt a
know with his boyish Instinct had nil
been made by dragging a stick along
For more than a mile Wllllo fol
lowed tho marl in tho path through
a wood and across a stretch of bushy
country until finally ho found tho
child asleep In a clump of tall dry
grass and bushes Her stick lay be
side her her cheeks were stained with
ears and her sobbing had softened
down Into dreamy sighing The boy
sat down and stroked Margarets
IS 1Jrrkt H 1
1 a t
r 1
a i
r 1 rip
r a a l
s J
Finally He Found the Child s
hands and face so as to soothe her
nnd rouse her without alarm When j y
she opened her eyes sho asked t
Wheres my mamma
Shell be here pretty soon said
Willie with a prevaricating little grin t
for well he know her mother was sev tt I
eral miles away breaking her heart jr i
about the lost child
Im lost aint 11 asked Margaret
as they walked back along tho path In m
the gathering twilight
Youre not as much lost as you
were cheerfully remarked her res a
cuer They had gone half a mile or so
when the tot said she was too tired to
go any further Wllllo carried her
piggyback for a short distance and In
his arms a while until ho reached a 11
crossroad where they stopped and
rested The boy had a whistle and ho
blew It until ho got the attention of i t
several farm hands It was dark when
Margaret was brought back to River
head There were great times hug 1
ging and kissing and crying and tho
like when tho mother got little Mar
garet back Tho child IB all right to
day and Is tolling everybody ali sho
can remember about her Journey nil
by herself Into tho woodu uiid foil >
away She la too young t recoil t t
very much In t of > u thing she Is
sureI didnt see beats and 1 couldnt aM
find Little Hed Riding Hood she
C n to

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