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T 1l < Ji r r rl t m t
4 J
il1 II
if the Fugitives Said to be the
ending Teller of a Los Angeles
p k and Another Was His Al
leged Accomplice
pulco MexlcoFrom tho de
IJOM given by a detective agency
believed that two of the men who
wrested on their arrival hero
dIY on the schooner Kate are
i B Evans absconding teller of
farmers and Merchants bank of
llngeles I and H Hamburne an al
I accomplice It Is stated that
ci has been recovered
matter i of the arrests of the
has been taken up by the Moil
fOTcrnment at Washington
Kate came Into port for a sup
gasoline and three passengers
the names of Harry Hamburne
irlson and Dan Archer were
ilnto custody on the theory that
night have been Implicated In
jnamltlng of the Los Angeles
i building The sum of 10000
I found In the boat
kboi Have Been Terrifying People
on Coast of Davao
taMngton Eight Christians one
imerlcan and two Chinese have
killed and much property be
isj to foreigners has been de
til by the rebellious Manobos
11n the Philippines according to
X > rt from Brigadier General Per
to the war department
ra week or more two bands of
t 100 Manobos have been terrify
he people on the west coast of
0 in southeastern Mindanao
1 Their raids have been direct
alnst the foreign element Two
tales of the Third United States
trr were sent to suppress the ills
General PorshlnK does not re
tie situation as serious
Troubles of Premier Franco
bonA crowd Jeered former Pre
Franco as he left tho court on
aT having been admitted to ball
i sum of 200000 Foreign Min
Machada protested against the
Ion to ball Franco is charged
5 other things with having Is i
during his tenure of office soy i
Illegal decrees and with having
Ited < the debts of King Carlos
ting to 500000 with crown
on the pretext ot augmenting
rll list
Peat Island Burning
amento CalThe breaking of
ctrlc power wlro Monday night
e to Drannon Island four miles
Sacramento river Not only
ass growing on the surface but
and Itself which is of peat for
is blazing More than forty
ave been burned and as the fire
back on the Island which con
early 7000 acres It Is believed
be necessary to allow It to burn
Shot by Bartender
Lodge MontA Batlln was
ad probably fatally wounded at
in Monday morning by George
le a bartender Medvlllo claims
two men out of the hotel about
up time and they threatened to
I en with him Shortly afterward
way to tho saloon Medvllle
the men ejected began throw
ks at him and one of them
H towards him when he fired
Bank Robbery In Texas
tine Texas Sheriff Black Is
lpt of a message from Grape
Ming him that the State Bank
peland was robbed of V4000
r night The vault was
d with explosives Four men
engaged in the robbery and
Were exchanged by them with
I citizens
I lj hterlng Caribou In Alaska
tIe hPrince N D Ghlka
i mania who has Just returned I
I1 hunting expedition In Alaska
I iat tho slaughter of caribou by i
i 18 appalling Recently a single
01 natives on Kcnai peninsula
led 1500 caribous In one week
Wiles only
hool for Army Officers
J e gtou Twentythree regular
Qttlcers ranging In rank from
a tat colonels to captains wore
I td on Monday from the army
lIege representing tho seventh
I 4 Pass through tho Institution
I 1 w
acquire nil tho benefits of
e I research In military science
et Fortat Fires In Colorado
h 3 1do Springe Forest fires aro I
If the east slopo of tho Choy
e unlaills south of hero
Coprrllfht 11101
Wild Scene In the French Chamber of
Deputies During Debate on Recent
Railroad Strike
ParlsThe debate on the railway
strike In which the government has
been bitterly attacked in the chamber
of deputies by the Socialists took a
new and dramatic turn Saturday
night During the session which was
not only the most violent In the his
tory of the French parliament but
rivaled In disorder and turbulence the
sessions of the national convention
under the French revolution Premier
Briand himself was the pivot on
which the drama turned and the
general verdict Is that certain govern
ment victory has been changed Into
possible defeat
Smarting under the repeated at
tacks of M Juares the leader of the
Socialists and others the premier
leaped to his feet defendingthe
cabinets suppression of the strike as
a revolutionary outbreak exclaimed
If the actual laws had been Insuf
1cientwe would not have hesitated
to resort even to illegality for the pur
pose of preserving the fatherland
An uproar followed these words
The Socialists Jumped up and were
joined by a number of Radicals With
shouts of anger they moved toward
the tribune crying Resign Dictator
Desks were banked and the cham
ber was a perfect bedlam with the
noise of shouts and cheers One So
cialist tried to light his way to the
tribune to strike Briand
Throughout It all the premier stood
calm and dignified and for three quar
ters ofan hour waited patiently but
vainly to make himself heard Final
ly M Brisson president of the chain
bar amid cries and Imprecations from
the Socialists adjourned the debate
Hickory Supply Running Short
Washington Warning that the
original supply of hickory the best
American fuel wood and the most dif
ficult to replace In case of American
hardwoods Is approaching exnaus
tlon Is given in a bulletin of the de
partment of agriculture compiled by
Anthony T Bolson forest assistant
and J A Newlin engineer In timber
tests It shows that virgin hickory Is
disappearing rapidly and that there
are no foreign sources which can be
drawn upon when the home supply is
Says Returns Were Padded
Washington Charging fraudulent
efforts upon the part of the individual
enumeratprs to pad the census re
turns for Minneapolis to the extent of
4668 names Census Director Durand
has announced the corrected popula
tion of that city to be 301408 The
announced figure Is a gain of almost
49 per cent over the population of
1900 which was 202718
Case Amazes Doctors
Detroit Johnnie Green 11 years
old who has a hole straight through
his head from templo to temple be
hind the eyeballs made by a bullet
fired by his chum while they were
playing Indian Is alive and con
scious Ills amazed physicians say ho
may recover
College Destroyed by Fire
Jackson llIssFor the second time
In Its history Bclhnven college one
of the oldest female colleges In this
state was destroyed by fire on Satur
day Loss r0000
Settle Dispute In Duel
Hlbblng MinnPeter Iledovotch
years old la dead and Sam Kntlch 27
years old Is seriously Injured the re
sult of a pistol duel between tho tWQ
as the result ot a dispute
Such Is the Opinion of Grand Jurors
Who are Investigating the Los
Angeles Times Disaster
Los Angeles Ca1The first stage
of the grand Jury investigation of the
Times dlaster establishment of the
fact to the satisfaction of the Inquisi
tors that It was a dynamite explosion
which wrecked the newspaper plant
was completed Friday The next
move will be to name the conspirators
responsible for the crime and to do
this the grand Jury will have to wait
for San Francisco witnesses
So far no summonses have been
served upon any of the members of the
committee named by the recent con
vention of the Building Trades to in
vestigate the causes of the disaster al
though several of the committeemen
said they were ready to appear both
before the grand Jury and at the cor
oners Inquest This statement was
made after the laborcommlttee report
had been made public
Russian Duma In Session
St Petersburg The fourth session
of the Duma opened Friday As had
been expected there was trouble at
once over a proposal to honor the
memory of Professor Serhe Mouromt
zeff who died recently The vice
president declined to put an offered
motion that the members rise as a
mark of respect to the former presi
dent of the lower house Immediate
ly on the announcement of his de
cision the constitutional democrats
and radicals withdrew from the sit
Horrors of the Sea
St Johns N FiNews reached this
city Thursday of the loss of the New
foundland fishing schooner Golden
Arrow with her crew of seven men
in St Marys bay seventy miles
southwest of St Johns During a
heavy gale and thick weather the
schooner stranded on the rocky beach
the crew perishing In an attempt to
find a landing place Since October
10 at least thirtythree lives have been
lost In storms which have swept the
Chicago Jailors Out
Chicago More than 2000 tailors
Joined the ranks of the striking gar
ment workers on Friday bringing the
number of persons now out up to 25
000 Ten additional shops closed ac
cording to reports at the strikers
Headquarters and it was predicted by
officials of the employees that In a
few days 40000 men and women
would be on strike
Smoked as He Faced Gallows
Sacramento CalAs becomes the I 1
Indians nature Wilbur Benjamlne tho
muderer of little Violet Gilmer met I I
death on the gallows at Folsom pri
son Friday as stoically as ho faced his I
accusers at his trial and Jieard the
fatal words of tho Justice who sentenc
ed him to be hanged for his awful
Benjamin smoked while Warden
Ilollly read the death warrant to him
Says Gas Caused Explosion
San Francisco CalThe committee
appointed by the State Federation of
Lnbor to Investigate tho Los Angeles
Times disaster has presented a
lengthy report to the executive coun
dll of that body It announces Its con
clusion that the explosion was caused
by gas
Telephone Company In Trouble
Chicago The Independent Tele
phone company operating 1n approxi
mately twentyfive cities and towns In
northern and central Illlnlos was
placed In tho hands of a receiver on
Friday by Judge Kohlsaat in the
United States circuit court
Four Men Were Killed Outright
While Two Managed to Crawl
From Twisted Mass of Steel
and Iron Terribly Injured
Montevideo MinnFour stockmen
from Montana and South Dakota were
killed two Injured so seriously that
there Is slight chance of their recov
ery and an engineer and fireman bad
ly crippled when section four of tho
Chicago Milwaukee St Paul east
bound passenger No6 from Butte
Mont crashed Into the rear end of a
stock train as it was endeavoring to
back In on the siding to let tho pas
sengers by u mile west of hero on
Engineer Tat Parker and Fireman
Stickler of the passenger saw the tall
lights of the stock caboose and Jump
ed in time to save their lives Both
were Injured Six stockmen coming
east with the train load of cattle
wore asleep In the caboose when the
passenger bore down upon it and four
were killed outright Two George
Rahsoldt and William Downing man
aged to crawl through the mass of
steel and Iron more dead than alive
and are frightfully burned and in
jured They are not expected to live
The force of the impact shattered the
caboose derallt the two cars of cattle
ahead of It and toppled the engine ot
the passenger over sidewalks acorsa
tho track on top of the wreckage
Fire started and the bodies of the
four dead men were burned Two cart
of cattle were also burned before the
fire department from the city got to
the scene Box cars on nearby tracks
were licked up by the flames and in
order to save the passenger coaches
they were uncoupled and pushed back
by passengers and members of the
train crew Late Sunday afternoon
the charred remains of the men burn
ed to death were recovered
Several Skirmishes Have Taken Place
and Situation Is I Serious
Montevideo Uraguay The revolu
tionary movement is taking on a seri
ous aspect There are now 1000C
armed revolutionists who are gradual
ly being concentrated Several skir
mishes have taken place but the cas
ualties have been suppressed
Dr A Bachlni the orelgn minister
recently issued a manifesto declaring
that the government was unable to
prevent the revolution from spread
Ing because outside of tne capital
the sympathies of the people were en
tirely with the revolutionists It was
partly because of the Influence of
this manifesto that President Willa
man requested Bachlnis resignation
The opposition papers predict that
President Wlllaman will be forced tc
resign and they prophesy the hasty re
turn of exPresident Jose Battle y
Ordonez The government Is keeping
the true situation from becoming pub
He generally by aid of the censorship
Expect Teed to be Resurrected
Bristol TennCurious as to what
had become of the body of Dr Teed
who announced before his death a
year ago that he would rise from his
tomb and become tho Messiah of the
Koreshans two members of the cult
according to Henry D Sllverfrlend at
tempted to unseal the tomb but be
fore this was accomplished both were
deprived of their reason and died be
fore they could be removed to an asy
Frnch Wheat Crop Short
Washington Tho shortage In the
crop of French grown wheat this year
Is estimated In a report to the United
States government by Consul Hunter
Sharp of Lyons at 85000000 bushels
lie adds that tho French are looking
I to Argentina with tho hope that tho
large crop there will lower the prlco
lof wheat throughout the world
Americans at Manila
Manila The committee of Ameri
can business men representing the
chamber of commerce on the Pacific
coast arrived here from Canton on
Sunday They will romaln until Wed
nesilay They sail for tho United
I States on the Manchuria November C
Improving In France
Paris During the first half of the
year 1910 It Is officially announced
tho births In Franco exceeded the
deaths by 21189 During the year
1909 the deaths exceeded the births
by 28203
Drowned While Hunting
Lltchflold Minn Stanley Wells
and Charles Shlop were drowned on
Sunday In Lake Washington while
hunting Their boat overturned
Bruin Is Knocked Down by Motor Car
And Is Very Badly
Danger Me Running Into a large
black bear In the highway near the
town of LaGrange a motor car In
which wero Mr and Mrs Edwin L
Hopkins and John P Faasott nil of
New Yorkand Mia Marian Gordon of
Disputing the Right of Way
Philadelphia was ditched The occu
pants escaped uninJured and tho bear
disappeared In the woods
The car was running at high speed
when the animal rose on Its haunches
In the middle of the road There waa
Dot room to pass and the car struck
the bear squarely carrying It along
growling on the hood of the car un
til a bad place In the road threw It
off In tailing the bear went under
the wheels
1i looq arttAeSrwRt m ttha 411
or red that the bear was as fright
ened as they wire and was making
tracks for the weds they righted the
car and proceeded to this city on
their way to New York
Animal Resents Being Sold for 73
and Dashes Into Crowd In
juring Several
La Fayetto IndA Jersey cow an
apparently docile animal nearly
caused a panic during a sale at the
Guy Stockton farm on the Dayton
road east of the city
An auctioneer had Just sold the cow
to the highest bidder for e7S when the
animal made a lunge Into the crowd
gathered In the barnyard Dr T S
Motter was knocked down and his leg
cut and Georgia the twelve ydarold
daughter of Mr Stockton received a
Fractured arm Frank Baer was
thrown and bruised and Smith Mc
Clure Ell Drodsky Jack Brady and
leveral others wore knocked down and
trampled on
Thq cow fled across tho fields and
was captured after much trouble
Marries His Niece
St Louis Charles M Vancll sixty
eight years old will continue to be
Unole Charlie to the woman who Is
now his wife and who was Mrs Ida
Corzlno n niece of Vancils first wife
She has always called him Uncle
Charlie and tho marriage will make
no change In the title of the husband
This Is the fourth marriage for Van
cii and bo has ten children living
Child of Seven Turns Gray
Bowling Green KyA lad of seven
years with the greater part of his hair
as whlto as snow came Into Bowling
Greta with his father He Is Walter
Hunter Covington son of Mr and
Mrs James C Covlnpt6n The top of
the lads head Is white but the two
lower Inches of hair are black His
father says the child has been getting
gray since ho was four years old Tho
boy says lies afraid to gp among
iitrangers and that when anybody
cornea to visit them ho run away
and hides
Long Names Once the Fashion
Now YorlIt seems that 100 years
go It was customary to christen a
child with names long enough to sup
ply half a dozen families The follow
ing notice taken from a newspaper
dated September 18 1810 gives some
Idea of the cognomens usually hand
ed out at a christening It reads Mar
ried Alexnndoi Philip Socrates Aenu
HUB Caesar Hannibal Marcellus
George Washington Trendwoll and
Mrs Carolina Sophia Mnrgaretta Ma
ria Julienne Worthy Montague Joan
nf Arc Wlllhuua
t ij a < <
Champions of Garment Workers rl I
Mingle With Strikers and are
Charged wIth Rioting
Chicago Mounted policemen chant
ed threatening mobs of striking gar
ment workers and made numerals t
arrests in three sections of Chlcl cot t
on Tuesday only to bo dumfounded I s
when met by obdurate groups of welt
known club and society women whew
produced engraved calling cards at
r 4
police stations In lieu of ball bonds
It was a new experience for tho po < <
lice and plainly confused them A
score of these women champions or
the garment workers who faced the P
rioting were taken Into custody They
wore Immediately released however
when their Identity became known to
the police
One of them was Injured when
struck by a policemans club but her s o
name did not become known as she < f u
was hurriedly place In an automobile p
and taken to her home pI
Most bf the women of prominences i
Involved in the demonstrations were t
garbed as working girls and for this 6S
reason tho police could not distin ft
guish them from strikers until after
arrests had been made
Aeroplanes for the Government T
Washington Twenty aeroplanes at I
least are needed for the United State
1 ut
government service says General uth
James Allen chief signal officer ot
a 1
the army In his annual report mate
public Tuesday These aeroplane he
I It
should have been on regular practice t
at different points In the country nd
throughout the year continues Gen K
eral I Allen They should be present ill
In camps of Instruction for regular jr
troops and organized twenty aero jrho
planes would provide but two for each mil
camp of Instruction ° te
Alleged Edibles Filled With Bacteria
Seattle Application was made to a
the superior court on Tuesday by
State Food Commissioner Davis for i i
an order to destroy a ton of turkeys
and five tons of smelts salmon crabs
and lobsters l chipped here last May fun
by a California firm turbo placed la
icpldatQrl1 eJinI JjtLttfoI e r jig r4
consignment was seized last woejfc I I
Analysis showed that the smelts con
tained 415000000 bacteria per gram
and the > turkeys 189000000 per gram
1 in
Accused of Accepting Bribe day
New York Charged with having so I
licited and accepted a bribe of 500 to
to bring In a verdict acquitting Ed I as
ward T Rosenhelmer a wealthy man itu
ufacturer charged with murder
George W Yeandle an architect
drawn as a Juror In the trial of Ros
enhelmer which was to have opened i
Tuesday morning was arrested and
brought before Supreme Court Justice
Otis Again Charged With Libel
Los Angeles Cal General II G
Otis general manager and Harry
Chandler assistant general manager of
the Los Angeles Times were arrested
for the second time on Tuesday on a
warrant sworn to In San Francisco
charging criminal libel The charges
grow out of an article to which labor t
leaders have taken exception
Alfonso Not Dictator
t I
Madrid The recent statement ot
the Dlarlo Universal the ministerial
organ that King Alfonso would decline If
to assume plenary powers In the set
tlement of the boundary dispute be
tween Ecuador and Peru and will pro 1
pose that the parties invest him only J
with the faculties of a friendly arbi
trator is conalderated official i 1
Aged Man Thrown In Prison I
Grand Forks N DProbably the t
oldest man over arrested in the Unit 11 1
ed States was Imprisoned at Fort Tot 1
ten on Tuesday by Deputy Marshal Y
P Wood when he placed In custody
C M Zlebnch aged 107 years on a r s I +
charge of Introducing liquor on the l
Indian reservation 1 I
< UI
Case Against Packers Postponed t I
Trenton N JAt the opening ot 1
the November term of the state su i t
premo court on Tuesday tho cases < I y
Instituted against the National Pack
ing company Swift Co Morris I
Co and Armour Co by Prosecutor I
Garvin of Hudson county were do tJ 11 I
clared off for the term
Was Woman Guilty I I
Boston William H Davidson an
Inventor died at the city hospital
Tuesday from the effects of n bullet
wound Inflicted Monday at his home
In Dorcester His wife is said to have d
admitted to the police that tho rovoK 1 j
ver was in her hands but claimed that
tho shooting was accidental
All Busy Campaigning
Washington Tho lack of a quorum 6
aused the abandonment of tho rcgulnr d
sslon of the cabinet on Tuesday
tl +
1 rv

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