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° Dr v
t llJsTRATtJIIJ JY 7rAjl ArzRf
A young woman cast ufiliorn on n lone
ly Island ands a solitary InlniMtnnt a
young while man dressed like a savage
and uniihln to speak In any known Inn
1 RuriRu Hlio dPcmcB I to educate him and
inolil ids mind to her own Ideals Him
ands a human Kkclvton the skeleton or n
flop + i IJIhle and a silver box which
lend her to the concliiHlnii that her com
panion WIIH runt aHhoru on the iBland
when a child and that hln nanin IH John
Itevrll Charnoclt or Virginia Near the
q Bkclctnn slm finds two womnna HUBS
ono of which bears an Itmcrlptlon J H
C to M I1 T Kept IU l8iV Katharlno
Hrnnton was a highly Bporlallzecl tuniluat
v of a lending university Ilor I writ nAil on
tho sex problem had attracted whlo at
tention The son of a I imittltnllllonnlri l
becomes Infatuated with her and they
dcclilo to put her theoile Into iinrtli
With no other ceriMiiony than a hnnil
f f clan they KO away tog tIu r A few tla R
I on nlH yncht shows her that the man
only professed lofty dents to POMSCBI l her
f CHAPTER VI Continued
I Sho began to rail IO how helpless
she was Under tho Inspiration of a
I belief which was as honest us it was
mistaken she had put herself In tho
power of this man ISveii If sun were
ashore thoro would he no ono to
whom she could appeal and hero on
tho ship she was liolplehu Lingering
remains of better things had kept him
from tho last resort of tho tyrant
forcelbut how long these would bo
operatlvo In restraint silo could not
tell Sho fancied not for long What
t should sho do then
She saw tho cud coming whon In his
anger ho resorted to drink to drink
which exploded the last vubtlno of his
philosophy however ho had professed
It Sho was frightened beyond meas
ere when she realized tho depths to
which ho had sunk and to which In
spite of herself ho had dragged her
What further descent wns boforo her
Situ did not oven yet abandon that
philosophy which had served her so
i 111 Sho clung to that with tho more
tenacious pride because of Its very
weakness but sho loathed mankind
On that yacht ho summed up for her
tho wholo human race and sho hated
him and It To what sorry pass had a
fow weeks practical experience ro
ducod her
Sho had begged and pleaded with
him to alter tho yachts course but
ho had sworn ho would go farther
south Into thoso unknown sons and
keep her thoro until she crawled to
his feet So the long hours dragged
on Tho Inevitable rupture drew
nearer At last It came In Its details
It wits horrible but there was In it
a great relief actor nit I
The Joy of Freedom
One night nt dinner nho had fled
from him lIe had been drinking mote
heavily than usual and was In un ugly
t mood His handsome face was flushed
i n savage frown overspread his brow
ne had risen during the meal and with
a coarso endearment had attempted
to Iy l hands upon herat last Sho
had broken away and darted Into tho
nearest cabin which happened to he
his own Sho had closed the door and
turned the key against him before ho
realized what she was about She
stood within tho little room panting
enraged fearful yet ready to defend
her all and almost glad tho crisis had
arrived She could hear his drunken
laugh outsldo the door
Why you little fool ho 1 cried do
you think I cant break that lock down
in a moment The ships mine every
man on its mine I pay em They I
do my bidding I have you whore I
want you and I can have you when 1
please nOIor later
Was It true Could she appeal to the
men But what could she say Al
though tho world know there was no
J binding tlo between them to tho ofll
cars and men of tho yacht sho was his
wife They would not interfere And
If she declared the truth she would
I put herself beyond tho palo of their
sympathies Being merely stupid men
with conventional Ideas about pro
priety In that event they would be
less apt to interfere than over It was
true she could do nothing Sho sank
down on a hassock clenching her
As site sat her eyes fell on a chest
of drawers screwed against tho bulk
head Tho top contained various toilet
articles of silver Among them was a
t picture tho picture of a woman It
was not her picture Moved by what
impulse she did not top to analyze
she rose and picked It up The face
she looked at was ineffably vulgar and
common Across tho bottom was writ
ty ton In a sciawl unformed hand Your
devoted wlfo There wan n date sev
t eral yours before that hour Your de
voted wife She had been in that
stateroom before she had never seen
that picture He had only brought it
out since the rupture between them
And so while entering Into thin re
lationship with her In compliance
L with principles and Ideas which she
nt leant regarded as sacred and holy
ho had not been n free man There
was tyiQtlior woman to whom lie hud
lieon bound Oh not by the marriage
tie UUtt she rttpdalnod but by the
honor which vas supposed to exist t
aluouJ thieves mid which certainly
tt forlfd exist moiis philosophers And
f f1 in1 ii i rvdd > fury fillftl lire
nni 01 lIC I I tl
fi I
t t
given To contempt nnd pity for him i
was added haired Tho combination
transformed her Instead of avoiding
she would seek him
Ho was still In tho cabin She could
hear him muttering thickly to himself
Impulsively she stepped to tho door
turned tho key In tho lock throw It
open and entered tho brilliantly
lighted luxurious cabin Ho had dis
missed tho attendants some time
since with orders not to reappear un
less ho summoned them and they were
alone Thoro was no likelihood of any
Interruption whatsoever The man
who was Iqnnlng back In his chair
bent forward when she opened tho
door lIe laughed viciously If sho
had reflected she would have mar
veled nt the change that n few weeks
had wrought In one whom sho had
hitherto deemed worthy of her affec
tion but she had eyes and thought for
nothing except the business In hand
So youve come out havo you ho
stammered triumphantly Como of
your own free will Youve found out
havo you that I am master and you
are coming to heel
Ho whistled to her derisively whis
tled as If to a dog
Who Is this asked the woman In
n voice carefully suppressed yet which
shook with wrath
Sho held the photograph In Its
heavy silver frame up before him
Thats my wife ho said equably
with no surprise or consternation
Wo havent lived together for some
years ho wont on with drunken good
nature or Id tnko you back to San
Francisco nnd introduce you to her
Your wife exclaimed tho woman
In that snmo low tense voice Then
what am n
My mistress said tho man blunt
ly throwing the last shred of conceal
ment and decency to tho winds and
a damned obstreperous one at that
ho went on
Now tho woman believed In no
Providence but n trick got from her
ancestry wrung the words from her
My God My God she whispered i
You havent any sneered the I
man You told me so yourself Ho
laughed And I believed you I
would have believed anything to get
Well there was no God tho woman
realized but she would bo her own
god Her body shrank together a lit
tle her hands clenched The feline
was uppermost Sho could have sprung
upon him but sho waited waited for
sho know not what
Whom tho gods destroy ran the
ancient phrase they first make mad
Ho rushed to his doom with blind
You neednt be Jealous of her my
dear ho mumbled on I used to
think I loved her and wo wero mar
ried damned foolishness as you might
say Sho cant hold a candle to you
If you are a little touched he tapped
his forehead ImpudentlyIn the up
per story
And this man this degraded thing
regarded her QS n mad woman There
might bo no God hut there was a devil
and ho stood before her There might
bo no heaven but there was a hell
nnd she was in It
On second thoughts ho rambled
on I couldnt introduce you to her
You arent respectable nnd she is
Ho stopped nnd poured himself an
other drink
Respectable he laughed To hell
with respectability Wo know a better
thing that that Soul to soul heart
to heart tire union of equals without i
the trammels of conventional bonds
for weaker beings Yes thats what
you said
And sho recognized with horror that
he was quoting her own words
Hut It doesnt go you see Its
all very well In theory but it doesnt
work out in practice The worlds
got some Ideas of its own Its been
holding em for a good many thou
sands of years and you cant change
em You belong to mo now To hell
with your equality You are nothing
more nor less than my property and
mark you ho reached out a trem
hung finger and shook It at her you
salvation Is with me If I cast you off
you go Into tho gutter
She wondered vaguely how much
more of this sho could stand nnd live
Hut dont bo afraid he went on
with n drunken attempt p at reassur
ance you art too line and too hand
some even If you are cracked for
that yet Im glad to see youve com
to jour senses
He rose heavily as ho spoke and
felt his way around the table hand
ocr hand Ho approached her She
lot him do It Sho shrank a little
closer together every muscle tonse for
action She war noionger a woman
she was a human tigress and her phi
osonhy was gone He was too drank
to see It too Incapacitated to talc
1 ThaIs right ho continued as too
I perched nearer to her Stay right
there Im coming to you as fast ns
1 can and when I get close to you
well kiss and
lie was by her side now tlo
straightened himself up with a spa
medic effort released his hold on the
table and sti etched out his arms to
ward hnr Ind then she sprang lit i
him How sho did It sho could nave
tell but in soino way her outstretched
arms grasping for his throat struck
him in the breast Unsteady on his
fi yi he went down ns if ho had been
si i ct Sat h was the violence of his fa
that i4 n Wicntum carried her with
ruA 5
I 1
In His Anger He Resorted to Drink
him Sho fell upon him with all her
force His head went back and struck
he deck with a frightful crash She
herself was almost stunned by tho
violence of her own fall although his
body broke It
She arose and stood over him for
a minute and then she lifted her foot
and brought It down upon him He
had said sho was a mad woman and
It was true Sho was crazed by what
she had heard by the horror of the
situation She had not changed her
dross for dinner that afternoon Sho
was wearing a pair of light boating
shoes It was lucky for him If she
had worn evening slippers with high
rigid heels she would have mashed
his faco beyond recognition As It
was she loft horrible marks upon It
Ho lay absolutely motionless She
could see that ho was still breathing
and was not dead If sho had had
n weapon sho might have killed him
In the fury and transport of her rage
This wretched philosopher As no re
sistance came from him she pres
ently stopped tho fomlnlno in her
slowly rising to the fore
She realized now that the irrevoc
able had happened that there was no
longer room for two of them on that
ship As the mists of passion cleared
away although the flro of rage still
burned In her heart her mind cleared
also She thought with such rapidity
as she had never thought before
First she picked up a cloak threw
it about her and wont on deck A cabin
attendant was standing at the compan
lanwny us was always tho case wait
ing a possible summons She told him
that his master was ill and did not
desire to be disturbed lIe did not
even want tho dinner things cleared
away lIe wanted to bo left entirely
alone until morning The servant
smiled sllghjtly sho thought In the
light from the cabin skylight She
noticed that It was a moonless night
cloudy overcast for she couldsee no
stars She knew whrft that smile
meant that tho man realized what
sort of sickness his owner and master
was liable to Sho bade him tell the
olllcer of the deck her message and
then dismissed him
Then she returned to the cabin and
carefully locked the door She glanced
at tho man as she did so He lay just
as he had lain before She bent over
him lie was still breathing she noted
with wns It egret Hut sho wasted
no time over him Time was the most
precious of all things to her at that
She had n clear and definite plan
of action She knew exactly what sho
Intended to do and how she Intended
to do It Fortunately tho means of es
cape were at hand They had passed
ono or two tiny Islands during the
day more treeless spots of sand or
coral In the vast of the ocean but
prospects that others more Inviting
might bw raised had caused tho man
to order tho power tender to bo got
overboard This was a good sub
stantial boat 15 feet In length biond
beamed and built for heavy seas yet
powerfully ongincd nitd capable of
good speed By his direction the tanks
had been filled and everything over
hauled so that It would be readiness
for use limo sea was very calm and
the gentle air scarcely raised a ripple
on Its surface To save the trouble
of hoisting It aboard again the tender
had been left trailing astern at the
end of 11 long l hue i It would be ready
for Instant uso Sho would escape In
that Sho know how to run the motor
and how to steor tho boat She had
done It many n time
I Carrying her heavy boat cloak she I
I entered her cabin hastily packed her
She Believed That the Yacht Would
Retrace Its Course
bag with what things she fancied she
would need returned to the table
took from It every scrap that was
edible and portable without much re
gard for the niceties she made It up
In a heavy parcel which she tied with
napkins She remembered that tho
water tank In tho Hunch had been
filled so that for a time at least she
would lack nothing Carrying bag and
bundle in her hands and with the boat
cloak over her arm and a straw hat
tied on her bend after one long look
at the man she turned and went aft
and reentered tho starboard after
stateroom her own
The boats painter had been affixed
to the starboard side of the yacht She
opened the stern window and looked
out She leaned far out and by great
good fortune In tho darkness caught
the painter Tho boat of course was
swinging to a long rope She pulled
at this line cautiously although the
effort taxed her strength to the ut
most Indeed she seemed possessed
of a fictitious strength for the time
being else she never could have aCi
compllshed her hard task Hut sho
managed to get tho boat practical
under the cabin at last She fjjstenei
the painter to her bed which was of
brass and securely screwed to the
floor Then she cut off tho line and
tied the bundle of provisions and her
bag and cloak to the end of It Thoso
l she dropped down Into the boat
Among the potty articles was a sharp
sailors sheath knife fastened to alan
yard She slipped this lanyard Into her
blouse Then she climbed up on tho
port sill and essayed the dnngoroti
descent herself She was glad Urn
she was a strong athletic
used to trusting to her own skill ani
powers for It was no easy task to
slide down that rope and got into a
boat trailing along beneath the court
tor of a yacht going peihaps 12 knot
nn hour Fortunately tho
engine was
well aft and the how of the launch
was high out of the
water else hr
weight would have 1 pressed it dcmr
and tho back wash from the yacht
would perhaps have swamped the
At any rate she succeeded although
after sho got her foot
In the bows site
slipped and foil But that she fell
straight aft upon the clonk and bm
dies she would have hunt herscIf so
veroly If she had not fallen that way
if she had pitched to the right
or the
loft sue would have gone
and that would have
ea the Pmt
I for she Knew 1 that slip u > uij hal i thl d
rather than appeal to that
bhu fsr
the noise
help She was fearful that
of her fall might have attracted the
attention of some ono on tho deck
of tho yacht was usually
but tho poop
ually deserted at night and It was un
likely that any ono would be up there
Scrambling to her feet sho drew
her knife nnd severed tho taut rope
that held the launch to the yacht It
parted instantly She wag whirled
backwards and sideways with a sud
denness that again almost threw her
out of the boat For one agonizing mo
ment the launch lay full In tho broad
beam of light that proceeded from tile
bright cabin window sho had left For
one agonizing moment of suspense she
hung there and then the swirl of the
wave carried her into tho darkness
She lay directly In the wako of the
yacht and the launch wns pitched up
nnd down by the waves made by tho
rapidly moving ship with a violence
of motion that was sickening There
were a pair of oars in the boat but
she did not break them out She Just
drew herself down in the stern sheets
out lay there waiting Sho knew that
the clatter of the motor could bo heard
a long distance in so still a night and
over so still a sea and therefore al
though her Impulse was to start it at
once she restrained herself and
waited watching tho yacht rapidly dis
appear She could mark her course
easily by the light from that cabin
window Her ear was keen and she
listened until sho could no longer de
tect the beat and throb of tho steam
ers engines Then she rose and
started the motor
The boat was provided with a com
pass and although sho could see no
star she was able to set a course
which was directly at right angles to
the course of the yacht She realized
or at least she thought so that she
would be pursued Sho believed that
the yacht would retrace its course
She decided that those aboard her
would reason that sho would endeavor
to put as much distance as possible
between herself and tho yacht and
therefore she would sail straight away
from it Consequently she went broad
off to starboard at right angles to the
other course Tho gasoline tanks were
both full Inasmuch as the boat had
been designed for extended cruising
in shallow waters there was enough
fuel to keep the motor going for over
30 hours at full speed The motor
was capable of developing at least ten
knots per hour By the same time
tomorrow night she would bo 240
miles away from the present spot Tho
yacht was going 12 knots an hour Her
escape would probably not be discov
ered for ten hours By that time the
yacht would be 120 miles away They
would be ir 0 miles apart by morn
ing measured on the hypothetic and
by night who could tell At any
rate she had now done all that she
Her condition was desperate her
prospects gloomy beyond expression
She was alone In a small power boat
which would bo helpless the sport of
wind and waves after perhaps 30
hours That boat was alone in the
great expanse of the Pacific ocean
Somewhere about there were islands
probably Indeed on the charts those
seas were dotted with points of land
but they were small Inconsiderable
uninhabited unknown In that little
boat she might pass close by many
of them without seeing them She hat
provisions such ns they were and
water sufficient perhaps for a week
or ton days After that unless she
landed somewhere she would drift on
until she starved nnd died If a storm
came the launch probably would not
survive it Her chances of escape In
any event were worse than problem
atical The end was almost certain
Hut she was happy Tho first rea
ray of happiness which had entered
her soul since the beginning of the
great awakening which had culmin
ated In the frightful scene of the
night Illumined her being As sho sat
In the stern sheets her hand on the
steering wheel listening to the steady
drumming of the motor seeing tho
black water broken Into foam by the
boats bows flash by her keeping the
launch steady on her course by the
aid of the compass needle her eyes
turned ever and anon to the fast di
minishing point of light which marked
tho rapidly disappearing yacht and
she realized that site was free She
had hurled out of her path and how
she exulted In her own prowess It
was something of a salve to her soul
for the wretched humiliations which
had been heaped upon Itsho had
hurled out of her path and stricken
down as any other animal might have
Bono him who had brought her to this
awful pass She was away from him
free Horn him
Sho wns once more
so far ns wind and wave allowed the
master of her fate tho mistress of her
She was glad In her heurt too that
there were to be
no physical
quenreH from her brief alliance she
did not realize hat them wore to hi
consequences which
not even all
the water of the seas over which sho
floated could wash out Thorn was a
strnnge elation In her soul She felt
as If In some way she had vindicated
her rIght to ho There was something
yet In her philosophy and did oppor
unity serve could she get fret frolO
the dangers that
encompassed her she
vowed that she would prove it
All night Ionic she stayed awake
foiling tho launch In her rourX
When morning broke sh iv 1H ahKo
mutely alone upon the otU lalHllng
erect upon a st itt Horn I e low
I lug point hhe could bl nlllhllll but
smoothly undulating sea She break
fasted sparingly from her scanty store
and resumed her post at the wheel
She was tired and sleepy but while
tho little engine was alive she could
not leave it to its own devices She
must hold on her chosen
course as
long ns the motive power remained
She could not lose a moment while
that motor throbbed
and beat
must bo nllvo with it There would
jo time to sleep when It was
latistcd Sho must put as many
leagues between her and pursuit by
holding the direct course
as long
was possible
And so sho sat there grimly hands
clutching the wheel through tho long
day nnd through the longer night and
well Into tho following morning
must have been half past ten on tho
morning of tho second day before the
motor stopped Tho silence after the
ceaseless drumming of n night a long
day a longer night and a still longer
struck her with
morning the
strange sense of shock She calculated
that tho motor had been running for
38 bourn nnd that she had gone 380
miles at least on her course She had
seen nothing whatever of the yacht
The chances that it would pick her
up even if It came about and cruised
for her a lonely speck in the ocean
were millions to nothing At any rate
sho had done all sho could Her phil
osophy for once stood her In good
stead There was nothing more to be i
done She was dead for want of I
sleep The sky had been slightly over
cast since she had left the yacht but j
there had been no storm and weather
conditions looked just as they had and j
seemed to bo permanent
Taking the precaution to examine
tho gasoline tanks and finding that In j
deed they had been drained of the last I
drop she carefully closed and locked I I
them thereby assuring her salvation j
nnd spreading tho boat cloak In the I
stern sheets with her bag for a pillow j
and her straw hat tied over her face
to shield It from the sun she Instantly
dropped to sleep
Cast Up by the Sea
Day was Just breaking again when t6
the woman awoke Reference to her
watch which she had taken the pre
caution to wind just before she re
tired disclosed the fact that It was
four oclock In the morning She had
slept unbrokenly since 11 oclock tlel
morning before Her sleep had been L
stupor of utter and complete exhaus
Hon Added to tho tremendous physi
cal strain of keeping I awake and at
tending to the duty to which she ha
enforced herself had been the furthei
strain of the terrible events on th
night In which she left the yacht an
tho apprehension of pursultwhlch ha
been continually with her Her firs f
motion indeed wasto rise to her fee CU
and scan the horizon With relief II nUl
describable her scrutiny descovei
nothing She was still alone NeitM lJ
the yacht nor any other vessel m
any smallest speck of land was si t ff
houetted against the circling sky to j i
She sat in the boat musing a 10 i
time and then woke to the fact tt i y
sho was hungry Again she satlsC SI i
her appetite sparingly from her scat
and rapidly diminishing store of Jo f it
and drink and then putting the ps I i
resolutely behind her hoping and p
haps fancying by some exercise of 1tM
will power finally she could put It 1
hand her forever she gave serlo
thought to her condition
She realized at lost that she ea
the hands another would have II cilia
of God sho said of chance The fI age
that she waR so helpless that allfc t tae
learning and all her training I miv
her powers Thi
all her skill nnd all Tnhg
situation t
of no avail made the const
more galling Was there inkl
that sho could do She renew Hass
deeply and as sho did so fdia
breezo sprang up She Judged tl aunt
the period during which she had se ictua
had been culm and still Any viol area
have all 2Po
locking of the bout would
felt bitter ring
ened her a st
stiff from having
cramped and e C
long on the hnrd floor which only I g
boat cloak thick amid heavy made DP a
tolorablo bed
stln Init
the breeze
lime coming of
lilted her ImnRlimtlon It was a g her f
that It
tie breeze She noticed
she h
from the direction
If I
como by her compass course
only hud n sail of some Idl1llthe
would bo driven along
She had heard m
movo somewhere ta
urn I
and drift
ocean currents items
boat was moll
doubted whether the
or In a vote
lit least
dif eamat
dollnito direction n Yo
bomenv lien
Utica Unless she got
would slowly starve nnd die 1
where sho was She stepped forward
th oars T
time boat nUll examined forward 0
was a sort of a deck thougbt I ENI
tho tanks She
she might makeshift witbhorarnt l ha
uC tho painter of which site
0 H1
of t h e
good length to fasten one It
in an upright position vent I
Thoro were bolts and rings of j varo r
sorts on this little deck
step time bundle of the ear A ev t If P
cleats or ribs nt tho bottom 1
she wool n fo

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