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rr 11 1i
ElI bn Warner Publisher
l It present plans materialize a glass
1 t factory will be established at Brig
44 ham City
The coal dealers of Logan Imve
inaclc a reduction of 50 cents n ton In
the price of coal
The farmers organization In Box
Elder county tan decided to demand
G a ton for their sugar boots next I
I season
It Is estimated that for limo years I
r 1911 and Kill the sum of 00370
will be needed for the maintenance ol
the National Guard of Utah
I Tho Phonons Doe Memorial hospl
tal erected at Ogden by the heirs of
1 the late Thomas Dee was formally
e thrown open to the public for inspec
tion Thursday afternoon
While hurrying to catch a train to I
attend the funeral of a brother Orson
Clark a coal minor of Conlvllto was I
thrown from Ills horse striking on his
head being Instantly killed I
J C Anderson Who attempted to I
t hold up a policeman in Ogden and
was overpowered and placed In Jail
1 by his Intended victim Is to be ex
amined by a lunacy commission
I As tho result of a drunken quarrel
nt Dlngham Nick Allkobac an Aus
trian shot Mike Iolovlna a country
man through the loft leg near the
hip The wounded man will recover
Four men had a narrow escape from
death In tho Jennie mine at Gold
Springs when tho cage fell 200 feet
All of tho men received severe Injur
ies but It Is believed nl will recover
The Juab experimental station and
tho advancement of dry farming In
I Utah have reached tho cars of people
In Capo Town South Africa and they
aro highly Interested In this phaso of
r II W Lotan a switchman was se
verely Injured at Ogden while at
work being caught In some manner
between two cars hill back Doing
7 wrenched and his shoulder dislocated
r Ho will recover
A powder magazine In Freeman
gulch west of BIngham blew up Sun
t day morning tho explosion throwing
tho residents of the gulch Into a pan
Is breaking windows and dishes but
i no one was injured
An assessment of GO cents a share
on all stock In tho Utah Wool Grow
ers association has been declared by
tho director of tho association to
1 cover the expense of lighting tho pro
posed reduction lu tho government
tariff on wool
Fish destroylug birds aro becoming
1 BO numerous around Utah lake taunt
the fishermen and sportsmen who are
Interested will ask tho legislature
which convenes In January to provide
for tho payment of a bounty on all
fisheating birds
In his biennial report to Governor
Spry covering tho period from No
member1 30 1908 to November 30
1910 Secretary of State C S rinse
recommends that a state banking bu
t reau be created and a bank commls
loner appointed
Despondency from drinking and tho
loss of considerable money in an Og
den gambling house in the last two
weeks caused Joseph II Pay so pro
prletor of tho Commercial club at
Layton to commit suicide In Ogden
taking carbolic acid
What appears to have been an at
tempt to blow up tho huge smoke
stack of tho American smelter at
Murray said to bo the second tallest
In tho United States has come to
light A box containing fifty pounds
of dynamite was discovered by an em
ploye in time to prevent an explosion
For tho first tlmo for eight years a
grand jury has been called at Provo
Tho last grand Jury was called to In
vestigate tho case of 1rank Connors
convicted of killing Policeman Wil
liam Strong there in 1899 It is be
lieved the grand jury has been called
to Investigate illegal selling of Intoxi
cants I
A negro who attempted to hold up
three Chinamen In Salt Late Is In
Jail with a fractured skull a broken
f Jaw and other cuts and bruises tho
Celestials beating him almost to
Tho duck season for 1910 will como
to an official close Saturday night De
cember 31 a half hour after sunset
A bill for a search and seizure or
dinance tending to regulate the liquor
traffic Is before the Provo council
Vasa Wurdal a Servian miner fell
down a slope In the underground work
ings of tho Boston Consolidated mine
at Bingham and was Instantly killed
Wurdal was working In ono of tho
stapes when he lost his balance and
The Ogden sugar factory has closed
this year with an output record ot
12000000 pounds of sugar This Is
a Ubout 1000000 pounds less than was
turned out last year the deficit being
t duo to tho fact that thoro was a short
t lige of beets
Cancer of the stomach resulted In I
tho death In Seattle Tuesday of Rob I
ert Forrester consulting engineer of I
Iho Denver S lllo Grande and geolo I
gist for the Utah Fuel company Mr
1i Forrestor was ono of tho best known
3i coal experts in tho world
There were 09 accidents In and
around tho mines of Utah during tho
past twelve months Fifteen result
anded fatally 22 were serious and 32
wore not serious Three of the fatal
accidents occurred outside of the
mines Tho per cent of fatalities par
1000 was 438
1 I
1 L A
° VHt HHVfr It Ji
jJow 10 mVr HAPPY rI r I
q 9 >
ISrwyrMt I r
Days should upcnk and multitude of
years should leach wisdom Job xxxll 7
BV Years day Is like a
traveler reaching n sum
mit on the path where ho
surveys the road ho has
loft behind and looks
ahead to that over which
r he has yot to go These
epochs are momentous In
lav life history and no wise
person will fail at these
periods to tnko his reckon
4 i ing
Most thoughtful persons
aro moved at this season to make res
olutions In fact Now Years day Is
like a grand bazar day In which vari
ous fine and beautiful resolutions aro
spread out to vlow Hut alas how
many of theso are only made to bo
broken Wo aro determined to turn
over a new leaf In tho book of life
and yet tho fair unspotted leaf Is
soiled almost In tho very act of turn
Ing It What then Shall we give
up making resolutions Not at all
All effort Is fragmentary Because
purposes miscarry Is no reason why
wo should not form them Were ev
ery New Years resolution to bo brok
en wo would still have lived bettor
for making them And some of thorn
will be kept while tho very endeavor
will have lifted us to a higher piano
and Increased our selfrespect
We should most of all ask our
selves if wo have a true life aim No
man can hit tho mark If ho Is not
aiming at It
Hcsolvo to break off bad habits
Wo all have our defects of disposition
and character Theso wo cannot help
But It is our voluntary selfindulgence
that makes them our masters Now
is tho hour to fight them to resist
thorn unto blood to break thorn off at
onco and for all
Look on tho bright side The world
Is full of beauty and life sparkles with
Joy to tho unblurred vision It Is our
gloomy spirits that distort our view
The worst evils are imagined ones
that never come to pass Lot us look
look for lovo and goodness and
beauty and happiness and wo shall
trend a fragrant embowered way
Let us do bettor In tho home It Is
hero where we are often most
thoughtless that wo nqcd to do our
very best More depends on tho at
mosphere of homo than upon all else
Resolve that those who love you most
and sacrifice the most for you shall
see only your most pleasing side
shall have only respect gentleness
I love Ah how much of the recupera
tive power needed for the strain of
lifes wearing duties depends upon
tho tempers manners and habits of
If then you will wear a morning
face and keep tho eager unsullied
heart of a child be strict In the Judg
ment of yourself and kindly In your
Judgment of others be more eager
pralso than to blame note tho har
monies of life rather than Its discords
l t °
I ccv
and set your aim upon duty God and
the unfading this new year will bring
you no sorrow without its comfort
and over and over again it will fill
your cup with blessing
Purpose Is the very soul of exist
ence There Is little need that we
press this fact homo Tho average
man grasps its truth Instantly
As wo stand upon tho threshold of
th9 Now Year however wo do well
to consider a certain phase of Its
meaning that which applies to the
things that aro new
Wo naturally like what Is new
There Is n certain charm about va
riety When life presses strongly up
on us with its burden of responsibil
ity and its pressure of care there Is
over tho temptation to throw off the
old and take care of tho new
Wo respectfully suggest that tho
problems of life cannot be solved by
some patent process old responsibili
ties cannot bo shaken off by the adop
tion of fantastic theories of religion
and morals there aro no short cuts
to truth
With this In mind what shall be the
truest attitude of tho thoughtful man
toward tho possible variety of the
Now Year True it may be a variety
closely resembling that of a year ago
the commonplaceness of lifes expe
riences Is only too apparent To win
without effort Is a misnomer to attain
without sacrifice ID to eliminate joy
to look for an easy path is to prove
the worthlessness of such a lifes at
tainments So In view of these sug
gestions what shall be our attitude
toward tho New Year and Its purpose
Let there be Joy In work modera
tion in pleasure faithfulness in
friendship energy In service loyalty
to truth openmindedncss in research
openheartedness to all men May wo
abhor only that which is superficial
and hypocritical and prove our can
dor and frankness by living above tho
thought of more profit
Furthermore let there be honor to
whom honor is due custom to whom
custom fear to whom fear Courtesy
rises supremely higher than obsequi
ousness of course the former is gentle
tie and selfrespecting the latter Is
servile and selfcondemning
Invest the mind with noble possi
bilities and the heart with holy aspira
tions Bo charitable sympathetic
cheerful stronghearted fearless free
and undefiled Let those about you
know that these old truths have been
found of you full of new meaning and
Interest and there can be little doubt
but you will do much toward the bet
terment of your kind
Tho world stands In need of men
who possess poise of character bal
ance of soul and vision of usefulness
Morality teaches us that it I Is better
to bo true than false pure than licen
tious brave than cowardly
Spirituality does better than this
for It keeps men unsound by perse
cution undaunted by opposition un
complaining In tho presence of hard
ship hopeful for the future bearing
reproof and criticism thankfully and
above all headed toward the right
Speeding Out the Old Year
JL 92r
The Old Year waIted amid the snow
Till men should bless her and bid
her go
But tho children laughed We await
the Now
TIs fairer and gladder and brighter
than you
And the Year sank sobbing amid the
Will no one bless mo before I go
Then from their woes tho weary said
Farewell we shall bless you when
you aro dead
But tho Old Year walled Oh cruel
as blame I
Will no ono bless mo because I
Then a poet spoke from his kingdom
I bless you Year for the powers you
I thank you for loveliness lovo and
For strife divine and for visions
bright t
But the poets heart Is the heart of
Ills hope Is ToBo and his quest Is
And tho Old Year sighed in bitter
Is there no one would take my gifts
Then a youth and maiden made soft
We again would live all your days
gone by
Its New Years little kid and you
Aro starting on your way
Where varied pathn go winding
The darkness and the day
You may not rise to chooso your pat h
Until the years have spread
Their kindly mantle over and
Around your curly head
Su I will guldo the way for you
And I will lovo you when
You feel oppressed and need UK
Of older fellowmen
Its New Years little kid and you
Must open wide your eyes
And lift your voice In sanguine pralsi
To Him up In the skies
Ho gives to you tho stars of night
Tlio sun of noon and dawn
And yours the peaceful sleep anc
When daylight time is gone
For you He blonds the sunsot skies
For you all hope was mado
And ho has taught mo love for you
That you bo not afraid
Its Now Years little kid and wo
Aro starting hand In hand
As pilgrims young and pilgrims old
To find the promised land
Ahead there lies tho vale of tears
1 But wo will take tho road
That leads around away from It
And wo will hear our load
With strength and cheer along the
Our hearts attuned to glee
For Ill be there to guldo you child
And you will talk to mol
Remarkable Fertility of Many Kinds of
Fish as Ascertained by Care
ful Calculation
I Not only do time eggs of fishes dif
fer In appearance but there Is a great
diversity In their size and consequent
ly In tho number of eggs produced In
the various species thus In a marine
catfish the eggs are as large as robin
eggs in tho salmon they are one
And the Old Years laugh rang sweet
and gay
Bless me Oh bless me and bid me
stay I
But the youth and tho maiden made
answer swift
Wo bless you Year for your price
less gift
But the love which came to complete
our life
Goes onward and upward through
pain and strife
The highest hopes of the better part
Wo seek together thus heart to
We therefore bless youbut bid you
And tho Year lay smiling amid tho
Jessie Annie Anderson
i I
fourth of an Inch in diameter In the
brook trout onefifth In tho grayling
one stxtlm In tho shad oneeighth
while In tho eel they ore almost mi
croscopic The number of eggs pro
duced by tho female of fishes varies
according to Its ago and weight In
several familiar fishes tho number of
their eggs has been ascertained by
careful and accurate calculation as fol I I
lows Brook trout 200 to 2500 cal I
anon 5000 to 15000 grayling 1000 to I
5000 and black bnsu 3000 to 15000
Among salt wntfeXflshen the number
of eggs Is largely increased as in the
shad from 30000 to 150000 striped
bass about 2000000 and In the cod
fish about lOOOOOOO Jnrnes H lien
Got Damages Enough
A little fellow listened openmouthed
to tho description of a railroad acci
dent In which a man was very serious
ly Injured When ono of the family
remarked I think ho could get dam
ages from the railroad the little chap
was puzzled and broke out with But
father hasnt ho got damages enough
already Y
1er I
f 41
Aj 4 d
PhilosopherAnd now after having
reviewed all philosophy with you
there Is only one < law that I can lay
down for your guidance
StudentWhat Is that
PhilosopherWhen you are sure
you are right you should suspect that
you arc wrong
I have been afflicted for twenty
years with an obstinate skin disease
called by some M Ds psoriasis and
others leprosy commencing on my
scalp and in spite of all I could do
with tho help of the most skilful doc
tors It slowly but surely extended un
til a year ago this winter it covered
my entire person in tho form of dry
scales For tho last thrpo years have
been unablo to do any labor and
suffering intensely all tho tlmo Every
morning there would be nearly a dust
panful of scales taken from tho sheet
on my bed somo of them half as large
as tho envelope containing this letter
In tho latter part of winter my skin
commenced cracking open I tried
everything almost that could be
thought of without any relief Tho
12th of Juno I started West In hopes
I could reach tho Hot Springs I
reachod Detroit and was so low 1
thought I should have to go to the
hospital but finally got as far as Lan
sing Mich where I had a sister liv
ing Ono Dr treated mo about
two weeks but did mo no good All
thought I had but a short time to live
I earnestly prayed to die Cracked
through tho skin all over my back
across my ribs arms hands limbs
feet badly swollen toonails came off
fingernails dead and hard as a bone
hair dead dry and lifeless as old
straw 0 my God how I did suffer
My sister wouldnt give up said
We will try Cuticura Some was ap
plied to ono hand and arm Eureka
there was relief stopped the terrible
burning sensation from the word go
They immediately got Cuticura Re
solvent Ointment and Soap I com
menced by taking Cuticura Resolvent
three tlmo a day after meals had a
bath onco a day water about blood
heat used Cuticura Soap freely ap
plied Cuticura Ointment morning and
ovenlng Result returned to my
borne In just six weeks from tho time
I left and my skin as smooth as this
sheet of paper Hiram E Carpenter
Henderson N Y
The above remarkablo testimonial
was written January 19 1880 and Is
republished because of tho perman
ency of tho cure Under date of April
22 1910 Mr Carpenter wrote from his
present home 610 Walnut St So
Lansing Mich I have never suf
fered a return of tho psoriasis and al
though many years havo passed I have
not forgotten the terrible suffering I
I Remedies endured before using tho Cuticura
Wants a Long Engagement
Do you believe in long engage
ments 1 ho asked after she had con
sented to bo his
Yes dearest sho replied I have
always thought It was such a mistake
for two people to rush Into matrimony
before they learned to really know
each other
Well about how long would you
wish the engagement to b01
Let mo see Would you think It
was too long If we did not get mar
ried until a week from next Thurs
Important to Mothers I
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children and see that It
Dears the
Signature Of
In Use For Over JJO Years
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought
Reverse Art
An actress In her makeup re
verses tho usual rules of art
How so
She paints first so she can draw
Household Hints
By taking one hobblo skirt and
sewing up ono end of it a very pretty
ragbag may bo mado In which to put
tho others
Stop guessing fry the bent and most
certain remedy for all painful ailment
Hsmlins Wizard Oil The way it re
lIenA all soreness from epralnn cuts
wounds burns scalds etc is i wonderful
It Is often a shorter way and more
useful to fashion ourselves to others
than for them to adjust themselves to
usLa Fontaine
Dr Pierces Pellets mnll auRarcoated
easy to take as candy regulate and invig
orate stomach liver and bowels Do not I
Gripe i
When the virtues aro only on the
surface they oslly find vociferous
c I We wish you
the compliments
of the season
i1J i jt
Drunkenness and
Opium Diseases
Then li no ablidtyooickon I Ltdii Imtnl M
prunlelr a in their own borne THE KEELEY IN
STITUTE J34 W Soclh Temple Street l Sill UW City
RUBBER STAMPS itaitlaNt mAUt S1K h
llItlS Etc
line HnblicrType Outllli fwd Mii > l > llcH In stock t
Hull orders recilie i < riinitutlciitlon g
Provision for Reduction
National characteristics are suggest
ed by this story which according to A
Judge was onco told by Sir Henry
Campbell Bannerman A certain gen
tleman It seems complained to three
friends an Englishman a Scotchman
and an Irishmanthat his servant
broke a great deal of china i
Tho matteroffact Englishman gave
tho short bit of practical advice Dis
miss him
Take It out of his wages spoko
tho thrifty Scot
Objection to that course was mane
on tho ground that the wages were
less than tho amount of tho damages
The Irishman at onco came to tho rs
cue with
Then raise his wages
Salt Lake City December 3031 1910
Low excursion rates via Tho Salt
Lake Route Tickets on sale from all
stations In Utah on Salt Lako Route
From Tlntic district and Nephl and
East December 30th and 31st from
points Modcna to Tlntic December I
29th and 30th Good returning until I
January 3 1911 t
Bantam Hen Quail Brood
Lee Botts son of Dr A T Botts of
Glasgow has live almost full grown
I quail that wero hatched and raised by
a bantam hen They imitate chickens
In all of their habits except to go on
a pole to roost
The mothers repeated attempts to >
Induce her flock to observe the cus
toms of fowldom have failed and she
goes with the quail to a corner of the
hen house where sho hovers them all
night St Louis GlobeDemocrat
Took Precautions
Mr Nowrich had his own Ideas
about what a person should bp to keep
well and what he should eat and
drink Ills Intentions therefoi6 beIng
good what does It matter that his lan
guage sometimes slipped up Says the
Philadelphia Record
With all your wealth are you not
afraid of the proleta tit asked the
delver In sociological problems 1
No I aint snapped Mr Newrlch
We boll all our drlnkln water
Of the Newest School
ShelIere comes Diana Way
bridge Doesnt she entirely satisfy
your artistic sense I
HeDear lady she savors
much of a statement We ante
prandial impressionists see 1 1
only In semisuggested Into
Knlcker love the good tho true
tho beautiful
StellaThis Is so sudden but I am j
sure father will consent
There Was a Reason
When Edwin reached homo tho
other evening ho was pained to find
Angollno with tears streaming down
her face
My love ho cried why are you
I am not weeping sho replied
cheerfully theso tears are stimu
Ha 1m ho laughed in a superior
manner you mean simulated my
No I dont she returned I
stimulated Ive been peeling out
Scotch Piety
Two Scots one old and the ethic
young set out one bright wInter
morning to walk ten miles to tin kirk
The sun shone gloriously The fro
zon road rang under their foot Tlif
cold pure air was as exhilarating n
wIno Tho younger Scot looked up n I
the glittering blue sky and said I 1 <
Its a hue day
The older man frowned iml n
Aye It is a line day but is tl J
a day to be talking about days
One on the Senator I
The wit of Bishop Seth W fAl
amuses Nashville frequently j
Bishop Ward in company with W °
senators came forth from a Nashvillo
reception tho other day and entered
a waiting motor car t
All bishop said one of his com
panions you are not like your Mas
ter He was content to ride nn sass
Yes and so should I be Bishop
Ward answered but theres no such
animal to bo got nowadays They
make thorn all senators Detroit
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