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B ' The Logan Republican.
BgXf .-ai.a IjOoan, Oaciik Coiintv, Utah.
ill! Wh? 1. RALPH MOORE, Editor and Publisher.
M ' ' HtmsouirTioXi
, ' One Year,, VIM
J HU Months I 25
j '"" Tlinti Months 75
B ! All Hnhscrlntlons must liu paid In nil vol ice.
H , Advertising rates rIu-ii on umillcatlon.
Olcn Miller ot Stilt, Lake, cv-Unitcd
1 ' States Marshal, was in Logan Friday
7" j clrculat lug among friends.
M , f Tlic best place Tor light and hesny
B ,' i allocs for Ladles, Gentlemen and
B'. 'Children; also first-class repairing at
! . ., -. Andreas Peterson
fe j s ( , The season of theatrical doings Is
H" licrc again, together with other signs
B -of fall. However pleasant, the sum-
P -mcr may have been, fall and winter
Pi ; with Its attendant pleasures will be
H welcomed by many.
PH James If. Anderson, the new chair-
PH man of the Kcpubllcan State Com-
PH unlttcc, was In Logan Saturday con-
PH, fcrring with t ho local politicians. Mr.
pH Anderson made The Republican a call
PH f and we found him to Ikj a very plcas-
PH t .ant gentleman. Wo have no doubt
PH 4hat Republican Interests arc safe In
PH 'his hands.
H ' The Presbyterian Sunday School is
PH w preparing an excellent program for
-"Rally Day," the 20th Inst. It is the
H'" desire of the superintendent and pastor
pH that everyone interested in the work
PH at the Presbyterian church bo partlc-
pH ularly Interested in the "Rally Day"
PjJ service. The service is free, and all
pBf .aie cordially invited to bo present.
H y Through W. W. Woodside, the O.
pka H. L's. local agent, wo have been cx-
Phb 'tended courtesies that are highly ap-
PP pieciated. Wo have had but little
pBa business with the station force here,
Pjb hut fiom observation, and expressions
PAV by others, care led to bcllcc that
pkV t he Short Line has no more competent
PAV and accommodating set of station
pBa olliclals along the Hue.
PjM The enthc Issue of bonds for the
PAV orcction of the city's new light plant
PAV- lias been taken by the State Hoard of
PAV Laud Coinmissioncis of Utah. Bids
pBw weic opened at a special meeting last.
PAV week and the hid of the above men-
pBV tloned iMiaul wasconsldeied the best
PAV of the two that were submitted. The
PAp. Iwnds amounting to $(i."i,000 will diaw
PAV interest at 4 percent for twenty yeais.
PBYJ The peach is not the only toothsome
PBW fiuit lalsed down the line, llelow
PApJ Ililgham can be seen acicsoftoma-
Phh V toes, and II Is said I hat In some In-
PApJ ' stances it. is eiy neaily Impossible
PApJ to llnd help sulllclcnt to Inmost the
pkBj crop. A number of rows of these
PBVJ blight red "beirles" stiung acio-s a
PBBV Meld present a ciy chaimlng appear-
PAP cilice even to those who would mcfer
PAP walnut hulls as a matter of diet.
H ji Dr. .lohn I-'iauklhi Kngle of the A.
PftflM O. let urned Monday fiom a month's
pftP institute woik in the east. While
PApJ away he also visited home folks at
pftfB Itockvllle and Orleans, Indiana. On
PBVJ his letuin lioine he stopped at Chli-a-
PBBb go and successfully passed an cxaiulii-
PApJ at Ion In law-that will admit him to
Pftpft practice. Dr. Kngle has cairied his
)" i law studies along as a side line for
. iulte a time, doing work under the
J instruction of the Chicago Correspond-
pikpjl 1'iiee School of Law.
pftPJ K II. J. Ilalton, formerly foreman at
pftPJ i the Journal utllec of this city, but re-
PftlH cently of The Preston Standard, is
PBH ! now holding a case on the Descret
pftpH, News. Harry is after a reportoilal
PAPJ; t position and is in the mechanical de-
PAPJ, g j partmentonly until ho becomes lietter
pftpfi g ' acquainted with the city. Mr. Hal-
PPPmI b ton has many warm friends in Logan
PPPpJi f, who arc always Interested in him
PApH wherever ho may lie. The Preston
J Standard while under his manage-
PApH ment showed marked Improvement
J over days gone by.
pVafH The cause of the O. S. L. trains ar-
PPffH rMnglato during this season may lie
pVApM ittrllmted to the necessity of using
pVafH line screens on the smoke stacks ot
PPgPP the locomothes. As a usual thing
PH large scieensaio used, but while eeo-
J thihg is so dry as to make prairie flies
PBPH laugcrous, the tine screens aic used in
J older to cut otT the large hot cinders
J that aie frequently thrown fiom the
pkpM smoke stack. These line screens soon
become choked up and there Is so llt-
PPAP llodiaught that it Is an impossibility
pj to keep up sulllelent steam to haul the
PJ tialu at the usual speed.
PPAPJ J'lobahlj those 111 Ighainfi ult endeis
PApAp , know their business, but wehaeheard
ppAPj it expressed at diirercut times that if
pPAPJ tthepeoplootTeiiug thcfriiit werea lit-
ppHpP tie ucal er in appeaiauee and a little
PAPH moiccaroful in handling the fruit there
ppftapj wotild be a greater temptation to buy.
ppHpS If those great burly men with their
ipAPpJ dirty hands would get out of that
ppapH little petty ten-cent business and tuin
pHHpB It over altogether to the leally chaiin-
ppHpH, log little ghls ono freiuontlv tlnds
pVApB j there, more shekels would (hop into
ppHpH ' the till than A little girl, neat
ppApH and clean, with a smiling face and
ppapH pleasant manner can come nearer
ppHpH celling a man or woman u last year's
PjpHpJ i almahac than a careless man can a
ppHpJt U 'correct report or a November election
BVAHtl 7i tm. 'thirteen days before it happened.
Inside and Out
A box of our selected Choco
lates and Creams is attracts o
Inside and out. They aro tho
best careful hand work can
make. They have that touch
of excellence so desirable and
unusual. The price, 40 cents,
gives you tho best creams you
cur tasted
Mrs. Marion England is seriously 111
of typhoid.
The Royal Hread of Salt Lake for
sale by P. A. Nielson & Son.
Tho Influx of students has already
livened up the town considerably.
Mr. Ocorgc Hansen has recently
moved from West Centre street to
the Island.
P. A. !N'lclsoii Si Son arc arranging
their front windows for a better dis
play of goods.
During the past few days Mr. C.uy
Thatcher has been suffering from an
attack of appendicitis.
Miss llartha Pulluin of Trenton is
here visiting her sister Mis. George
Hansen. Mis. Hansen has been ailing
slightly for some time.
Mr. Ciarles West of the "West
Ranch" in Idaho Is here on his return
from Omaha, where he been look
ing after business matters.
The Presbyterian C. E. society in
business session last Wednesday even
ing elected olllcers as follows: Presi
dent II. L. Hell; secietary, Miss Alice
Reed; ticasuier, MissClirist ine Laisen.
We would call the attention of our
readers to the various adds of this
Issue. Merchants who are progressive
enough to adeitlse aie geneially pio
gressle enough to secure bargains for
The Paris Millinery company recent
ly opened up in the room acated by
the Hercules company, has one of the
most delightful rooms in tho city.
New show cases, stands, etc., are jet
to be added, when the place will pre
sent a very pleasing appearance.
Cluulcs Lafount, of the linn of La
fount & Son, will leave for Chicago
next Sunday to take a courso In Den
tal Surgery and medicine at the North
western University. Charles is a pop
ular young fellow of good ability anil
will undoubtedly make a thorough
student or the profession he Intends
to adopt.
The linn of Campbell & Morrell arc
arranging for a grand fall opening
shortly. Inability to secure freights,
etc., has made It Inconvenient for
them during tho past few days, but
as soon as some extra shelving work is
accomplished they will have some
thing interesting for the public.
Read their announcement elsewhere.
In allowing cattle to browse along
the sidewalk and frequently travel
along the walk, the drivers are exhib
iting carelessness that Is well nigh un
paidonable. If wo understand the
stock law properly, cattle are not per
mitted on the sidewalks at all and on
the st loots only when under the caic
of a driver, who Is supposed to keep
them moving. People who take the
tumble tocaie for the small lawns
outside of their pioperty, along tho
walk, do not care to have them de
stiojcd by cattle, nor is it a pleasuic
to tlml ones self suddenly and unex
pectedly up against a "buffalo chip."
The condition or ficight tratllc just
at present Is very annoying to local
business men as no doubt It Is to
others elsevvheie. Mr. Fred Cafes,
the gentlemanly manager of The
Logan Dry Goods company said the
other day that he had had since tho
Hist of July the Invoice for a $1)00 con
slgnment of ribbons but that the
goods have not reached him yet. The
other day wo heaul the statement
made by a clerk of one of our laigcst
clothing and shoe stores, that a por
tion of a consignment or shoes had
been at the Logan station for several
months but that tho remainder had
failed to come, and that until It was
all hero none of It could bo received.
TIiIn Is certainly doing business under
Forest tires in Colorado, Wiomlng
and Oregon arc destroying valuable
property and many lives. It Is re
ported lu dispatches that meteors
started the fires in Colorado.
The opera house orchestra has been
indulging in a little practice recently,
getting Into shape for the season's
work. The excellent music rendered
by this musical organization is a plea
sant feature of every performance and
Is thoroughly appreciated by Logan
Mr. R. S. Campbell of the firm of
Campbell & Morrell has been In the
city tho past few days looking after
business Interests connected with this
popular house. Mr. Campbell Is also
the Gcnl. Manager of tho Utah Light
and Power Co. of Salt Lake and In
terests connected therewith made It
necessary for hhn to return to the
city Tuesday afternoon.
Members of the executive and
finance committee of the Rcbupllcans
as announced by Chairman Anderson
is as follows: W. S. McCornlck,
George M. Cannon, David Keith,
Robert S. Campbell, Arthur Pratt,
James Chlpman, A. Fred Wcy, Hoyt
Sherman, A. R. Hayes, Jesse M. Smith,
C. E. Loose, John C. Graham. The
new secretary of the committee is to
be Thomas Pitt of Hrlgham City.
Mr. J. A. Hcndrickson and family
returned last Sunday from an extend
ed tour of the western coast. Mr.
Hcndrickson as president of the Cache
Knitting Works, this city, Ogdcn
Woolen Mills Co., Ogdcn Knitting
Works, and Salt Lake Knitting Works,
has been tied down to business for so
long that he felt It Incumbent upon
himself to take this much needed
recreation. .Ho returns In excellent
health and spirits and ready for another
siege of business activity. Mr. Hend
rlckson as an active Republican is
highly pleased with the work of the
State convention at Ogden.
Wc learn that Mr. R. Leo Campbell,
secretary of the firm of Campbell &
Morrell, is soon to become a benedict
and make hK future home in Logan.
The lady who is to lie his "better-three-fourths"
is Miss Lama Sand
ers, one of Salt Lake City's most
charming and accomplished society
girls. Theceiemony that is to make
these two ioung people as one will be
pel formed on October Kith after
which Mr. and Mrs. Campbell will be
"at homo" in Logan. Mr. Campbell
was born in Logan and until fifteen
j can sago was a resident and will be
remembered by many of Logan's citi
zens. He will be connected with the
flim at this place and his gentlemanly
licaringiind pleasant manner will cer
tainly lend to the populailty of the
firm. The Republican and many
friends extend congratulations.
Wo have no disposition to offer ail
vico that may inn counter to that
olfered by tho family ph.vslcian, but
we have it on such good authority
that olive oil Is the ptoper thing in
cases of appendicitis, that we can not
leslst the temptation to mention it.
"Pis saiil that In the woist cases,
whoie sutfeilug is Intense, almost un
bearable, that a libeial dose will In
vailably relieve the (listless. A fam
ous Fieuch physician claims to have
tieated four bundled cases and ellect
ed as many cures- all thiough the use
of olive oil. In cases w hole the stomach
Is out of older and will not letain the
oil, It is suggested that Injections will
answer the purpose quite its readily.
Wc offer this for what it is woith,
knowing that In several cases the pie
scriptlon has pioved of Immeasurable
All things come to those who wait;
but In this age the business man gets
tired of waiting and hustles out and
brings things in, or the sheriff closes
out his stock. An up-to-date business
man appreciates the advantages of
legitimate advertising.
The Logan Republican Twlce-a-weekafterOct.
lst,$2.G0 peryear. Wo
want a correspondent from every lo
cality in Cache county.
"Miss Maggie," for nine years
tho well-known trimmer at Mrs.
T. 1). Kobcits' establishment,
has Just recently opened up, in
tho loom Just east of the post
olllcc, a stock of all the latest
The Public is Invited
to call In and Inspect our goods.
We aie pleased to show them.
IOvciythlng Is new, clean, and
up-to-dite, and In the matter of
trimming we guarantee satisfac
tion In every particular
Democratic State Convention,
The Democratic State Convention
at Provo Tuesday nomlimtsJ Judge
W. H. King for Congress and Young
for the Supreme Couit.
The Democrats In Session.
The Democratic county convention
for the election of delegates to the
State convention at Provo Tuesday was
held at the court house last Saturday
afternoon, and the business gone
through with In an apathetic man
ner. There were a goodly number of
delegates present, but on roll call It
was discovered that In various pre
cincts there had not been enough In
terest to hold a primary, and as a re
sult several precincts were not repre
sented. Other delegations did not
have their full quota and the general
lack of enthusiasm was apparent.
What little applause was heard was
started by County Chairman Blair and
seconded by a few others. Our Demo
cratic brethren say this quietness was
duo to the fact that the convention
was of little Importance, and that
when their county convention comes
off they will make Rome howl.
M. J. Hal I aril acted as temporary
chairman and George Skldmorc as
temporary secretary. The committee
on organization and order of business
named Rlshop Oldham of Paradiso as
permanent chairman and George Hay
ball of this city as permanent secre
tary. Mr. Oldham's appearance In
the chair was greeted with applause,
and he responded, thanking tho con
vention, etc, but concluded to leave
the issues of the day for discussion at
some other time.
The first business was the examina
tion of credentials and filling of dele
gations not having full representation.
Tills occupied some little time as
every delegation with the exception
of Wcllsvillc had to receive some ad
ditions. Then followed the selection
of delegates to tho State convention,
those selected being as follows:
P. S. Parson, Paul Cardon, 1. C.
Thorcscn, A. G. Nielsen, C. Thompson,
Robert Rceta:, Y. J. Marshall, Mrs.
P. E. KecleflWoscph Wilson, C. D. W.
Fullmer, A. F.Farr, J. M. Ulalr, F.
K. Nebekcr, L. R. Maitlncau, T. H.
Cutler, P. E. Keclcr, William Hovvman,
Joseph T. Pond, Nels P. Olsen, Joseph
Raker, George RIgby, William Read
ing, Samuel Oldham, S. AV. Hendricks,
Geotge Skldmorc, Loieno Toolsen,
M in. Alice Toolsen, P. M. Maiighau,
AVilllam Muriay, J. It. Raxtor. Delc-gates-at-large:
Joseph Monson, Robeit
Baxter, A. G. Harbor, Hattic M.
C. I). W. Fullmer of The Journal
was elected chairman of the county
committee and A. L. Fcuill as secre
tin. Fiom appearances this would
seem to 1)0 a populist 1c combination,
but they swear by the lieaul of the
piophet Moses that 'tis not so.
During the proceedings Frank K.
Nebeker introduced lesolutions pledg
ing the delegates elocted to woik and
vote forjudge Powers for Congioss,
but there was such a demand for
"Hio." King that the motion was vot
ed down. Nebeker was at the Re
publican State convention, was a
student or the methods and results,
and sprung the Powers resolution on
the Democracy as an able piece of
political scheming, but the churchmen
could not see it that way, and Frank
lost out.
Benefit for If. J. Christiansen.
The following program w HI lie ren
dered at a benefit to be given for Mr.
If. J. Christiansen, In the cast base
ment of tho Tabernacle, Friday even
ing, September 20. Mr. Christiansen
will leave on a mission to Scandinavia
about the first of October.
Opening song by Scandinavian choir.
Prayer by BishopChrlstlan J. Larson.
Opening remarks by Lars Pearson.
Selection by members of the choir.
Speech by Christian Larson.
Song by Jacobscn Sisters & Co.
Remarks by II. A. Pederscn.
Selection by the choir.
Declamation by Ivar Aline.
Instrumental music.
Present at ion of purse by F. Jacobscn.
Remarks by II. .1. Christiansen.
Selection by members of the choir.
Rcmaiks by Presdent Joseph Morrell.
Solo by Minnie Peteison.
Piayer by Rlshop Antlion Anderson.
At tho piesent time there is a
tendency among preachers of tho gos
pel over the country to attempt to en
1 lighten their congregations on tho
political situations In flic world, and
to direct the settlement of problems
arising between capital and labor.
Accouling to Rev. L. M. Zimmerman,
of the Lutheran church, Ralthnoic,
Md., this is not tho picacher's olllco.
Inaiecent sermon Mr. Zimmerman
said: "For tho time being It Is pos
sible to crowd a church by other
methods than that of tho pieachcd
word. AVhat tho peoplo need and
want to hear from tho pulpit is not so
much about capital and labor, but
more of tho teachings of tho blessed
Master who ciuno to tench peace."
Rest Route. Most Reliable. Quick
est and the Safest. Rest Dining Car
Service. Rest Sleeping Car Service.
Fastest train of Cars In tho world.
Elcctrlo Lighted. Tho Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul.
. .1.1 U-. J . .. -s
For Winterl
And while preparing bear in j
mind ours is the place to buy j
Stoves and Ranges.
We have them and can give r
good values for your money.
j Spande Furniture
. . Company . .
Center Street. I
TAKE & &
The Oregon
Short Line! . .
For all North Pacific Coast Points:
Portland Seattle,
Spokane, Tacoma t
New Doable Dally Train.
D. S. SPENCER, A. G. P. & T. A.,
Lake City, Utah
AV, AV. AVOODSIDE, Aget, Logan.
Oregon Short Line R. R. 1
No. 5. Dlly. No. 15. Dally, Mixed. fl
l'ocatullo S:45p. m. y
Hall I.tili. 7:00 a. m.
Om.-t.-n, 8:25 " I
Cacliu Jet. 10:15 " 5:30 " R
Mention, 10:15 " o.OO " l
LoKnn, 11:15 " 0:25 "
Smllliflclil. 11:35 " 7:00 " 1
Richmond. 11:53 " 7:35 " (j
1'ranklln 12:10 " 8:15 " H
AimiVKS. U
I'rusliiiu 12:30 a. m 9:10 p.m. I
No. 8. Dally. No. 10. Dally. Mixed. f
fronton, 1:05 p. m 9:45 p.m. 1!
Franklin. 2:10 " 10:30 " R
Illuhniond. 2:28 " lino " il
SmULilelil. 2:28 " 11:45 " M
Logan. 3:05 " 13:30 a.m. 1
Mention, 3:25 " ...." 1:05 " I
CaclieJct. 3:50 " 1:45
Allium. I
Ot-dcn. 5:30 p. m. :
Salt Lake. (:55 "
fbcatollo 8:00 a.m.
Tor tlcktHs to or from all points Kast, West.
North or South, call on
AV. AV. Woodsidm.
Tourist Cars
To The East.
From Salt Lake City three times a week via the
Hurlington Tourist Sleepers aro first-class In everything
but name, and aro groat money savors. Only $4 for a '
iloublo berth to St. Lonls or Chicago; $3 to Kansas City i
or Omaha j
Tickel Office: 79 West Second South Sfreel, Salt Lake City, Utah.
R. F. NESLEN, General Agent.
THE REPUBLICAN, Twice-a-week after ,
Oct 1st Supscription $2.50 per year

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