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DutMg October The Republican will conttnae to Issue ant Gradate More Copies pun all Other Papers in Logan Combined. A Pointer for Progressive AdVerttset. 1B
r ll The Logan Republican. FfI ' 1
I On the Republican Ticket are all
I Good, Safe Citizens.
I Some facts Concerning these Men
I That May be of Interest.
D. K. Roberts, our candidate for re
presentative, was born In Logan March
30, 1871. His fatiier Robert D. Hob
t crts was one of the old band cart vet
erans of 185(1, and one of Cache Valley's
pioneers, having settled in Logan In
J 18.50, and is now and has ever been an
honored and respected citizen. His
mother Hannah Roberts came to Utah
in 1804 with ox teams, her father's
family settling in SmlthUeld. She has
been a woman possessed of line
womanly qualities and was an Ideal
wife and mother. Tho early youth of
Mr. Roberts was spent much as other
lwys now adays. Ho assisted his fath-
er on the farm in summer and attended
district school In winter. In those
S days canyon work was more common
$ than nowand its hardships were famil-
lar to Mr. Roberts who worked there
m hauling lumber and getting out wood.
if In May 18'JO he graduated from the
l Hrlgham Young College and returned
a again to farm work. In 1802 ho worked
'1 at O. S. L. Ry. shops in Salt Lake.
1$ In Oct. 1802 he entered employ of Geo.
S A. Lowe Irt his implement house in Lo-
i gan, where he remained until he went
ffi on a mission Dec. 14, 1802. .lust prc-
1 vlous to lcavlngon his mission Dec.0,hc
I was married to Tryphena Davis,
! . daughter of D. D. Davis of Logan.
I ' "Was in the mission field two years
i laboring in Indiana and Illinois, and
' p, acting all of the time in capacity of sec-
V " rctary of the conference, ne per-
!' formed a good mission. Shortly after
his return he entered the employ of
, ' (loe. A. Lowe until Sept. '00 when he
entered employ of Elevator & Storage
Co. where he remained until May '00
and In September following com
menced the Grain, Seed & Produce
business, adding later a line of imple
ments and farm machinery. This
business has gradually grown until
now it means much to Cache county;
i and its markets extends from Canada
' ' to Mexico, and from Missouri River to
Pacific Coast. In his business rela
tion he has been brought In close con
tact with almost every farmer in the
valley, with whom he has a record for
fair dealing and honest treatment.
He has done more, probably, than any
other dealer In tho valley towards
opening up new markets for its farm
products. We have today an unlimited
, marked In California for our hog pro
ducts; it is to Mr. Roberts that we are
' . indebted for opening it up. This
I market alone has brought to the
I farmers of the valley during the last
W2J9.- three years a net revenue of over
Vi , -fSO.OOO.
;, Dave Is wholly a type of Utah's
home product, and tho success he has
achieved In life has been due Intlrely
;' to his own efforts and against great
odds. He Is Just now entering upon
his career In life and certainly has a
bright and promising future. As a
representative he will do honor to him
self and bo a credit to his county.
Fred Turner, candidate for sheriff,
I was born in London, England, August
, 17th, 1!47; came to the United States,
II March, 1857; lived in different parts of
' t he Eastern States until 1801. Ho and
his parents were some of the first set
tlers of Hyde Tark. In early life he
was a freighter at mines and other
places, and was subjected to hard
ships; was a member of the Corps of
i Minute Men under Thos. E. Ricks and
f( Jlp. Marlon Lewis; moved from Hyde
j(L Park to Logan in 1880. Hits occupied
f. several positions in business. The
faf nunio and man is already well known
I tw ' ln t,llls slatc ad county.
. ., , , ...,,,.. i , .- ..... - ... .- ...,-. i ..... .... i , ii.,... .., .,,... i .. ..-, , ..,..,.., ..... ... .. , , .
Fred Turner with his characteris
tic wink of mystery is telling what
wonders he knows and what he can do
to hurt the Democratic party In Cache
county. What does Fred want to ln-.
duce him to X-ray his alleged mys
tery? Fred ought to go off and tell
his troubles to a ward policeman, and
stop misrepresenting everybody and
everything. Clipping from Logan
Journal, Oct 20th.
Here you have It, In part, gentle
man, gratis.
The outcome of the election held In
this county four years ago, viz. 1808, Is
perhaps remembered by many of the
citizens of this state and county, when
a Republican average majority of 137
was given against a Democratic ma
jority two years previous (In 1800) of
1,184 and the election in 1000 a Demo
cratic average majority was again giv
en of 340. As the minute details of
the extreme reversion of sentiment In
the election of 1808 has been kept from
the people, for their benefit 1 here
with state the facts under oath, that
the people may pass their verdict up
on points contained therein.
Fred Turner of Logan City, being
duly sworn, deposes and says: That
upon the regular call of the Demo
cratic county convention made by the
countychalrman in the fall of 1808,
regular primaries were held in their
various precincts, whereat duly elect
ed delegates were chosen to attend
said convention. At this convention
(as is usual at all conventions) two
distinct factions were visible, viz.:
The straight up Democrats, who were
headed by Thoreson, Farr, Turner,
Woolf, ct al. faction, while the dis
gruntled faction was headed by the
chairman, a majority of the executive
committee of the county and others.
Tho former faction, being In the ma
jority, prevailed; hence the county
nominations were made along thoso
lines. Such intense bitterness was ex
hibited by the defeated faction that
a third ticket was talked of being put
in the field. Said deponent being a
member of the state central committee,
phoned for the State Chairman, James
H. Moyle, to come up and adjust mat
ters If possible. Three meetings were
held upon his arrival. Discussions
pro and con were made by parties rep-'
resenting both sides. Said deponent,
Fred Turnor, who had received the
nomination for sheriff, arose and made
the following statement: "Gentlemen,
I have received the nomination for
sheriff on your Democratic ticket. In
the interest of peace and harmony,
I will resign said nomination and will
sign a document, right here and now,
to this effect. You can placo ' ln my
stead Geo. F. Rlgby, Edward Edwards,
or any other person you choose; but
I beg of you not to turn this ofllce
over to tho Republican party." Imme
diately parties arose from both sides
of the house refusing to let me resign,
stating that I was not the objection
able candidate. State Chairman
Moyle stated that Sheriff Turner had
acted magnanimously and as far as the
sheriff's office was concerned it should
remain settled. Tho meeting ad
journed without any definite under
standing being readied as to the
changing of any candidates. The dis
gruntled faction held one or more
meetings by themselves, which cul
minated In what is known as a "Sam
ple Ticket" being made. Below are
true copies, and to induco individuals
in various parts of the county to press
this ticket to a successful issue, prom
ises were mado to give office In the fu
ture for loyalty to tills disreputable
course. One man in particular was to
receive the county commlssloncrshlp
two years thence for faithful services
rendered. I
Deponent further' states that lie
paid $25 as campaign assessment before
tho meetings with Chairman Moyle
and after the meetings an aditlonal
925, making in all $50.
First Is tho regular ticket as nomi
nated at the county convention; Sec
ond Is the revised or "Samplo Ticket"
made by tho disgruntled faction, giv
ing majorities for each candidate. It
can readily be seen which was success
ful at the polls, all of their ticket be
ing elected except Aaron Farr, Jr.,
Walter Jones and S. W. Hendricks,
who were successful but by few votes.
It can also bo observed that notwith
standing Fred Turner tendered his
resignation, he too was defeated.
1 iti:nm..ii a ok- "samplk ticket"
Statu Senator. MaJ. Slntc Senator, MaJ.
Joseph Moiison. Jus. Howell, L14
lteurchenutlves. ltciircscntatlrn,
I. O. Tlmn-hOii. Albert Law ISM
Aaron Parr, Jr. 37 Mrg.M.IIendrl':kNon
Moroni I'rlvu. Chan. Harris. 1(4
Commissioner. Commissioner,
Martin Woolf. II. Llllnuulht. 112
Thus. Wolforcl. , Thos. Sillier. 1111
S'uth A. I.anirtun li. Melkle Kl
County Clerk. ty'tV-i. , 1L .,..,
John Owen. lmOw"ii iW
WierllT. Shcrlir.
Fred Turner. Knier Crockett 00
Itecorder. ltevurdcr.
Ilusslo Murehead. Ilesslu Morehcad K'
Attorney, Attorney,
I rank IC. Nelwker. l K. N'ebckur. 1W
Assessor, Asses-tor,
Walter Junes. 41 (leo. (lodfrcy.
Treasurer, Treasurer,
Sam Hendricks. ,'W II. T. Merrill
Surveyor, Surveyor.
(leo. W. Ilakcr. Jeo. llaker. 131
Subscribed and sworn to before mc
this 22nd day of October, 1002.
L. S. J. C. Waltkkb,
Notary Public.
To you disgruntled Democrats re
ferred to In tho statement. These
statements are cither true or false.
If true, you can and shall carry all the
odium they Imply. If they arc false,
I am guilty of perjury. Your recourse
before the law is clear. 1 am ready,
gentlemen, proceed for the Investiga
tion. After the results of the election
were known, the stralght-up Demo
crats were dumbfounded. A rumor
was started that church officials had '
written letters to certain bishops to
change the clecUoii,and this was never
denied by thoso who were familiar
with the nefarious schemes, thus al
lowing the church to carry the odium
for which they themselves were re
sponsible, and thereby not only wrest
ing from the people their political
rights, but Impairing confidence in
their spiritual leaders.
To the stralght-up Democrats you
who have in the past furnished the
sinews of war, to form and maintain a
political party In this county, that
was as impregnable as the fortresses
of Gibraltar, tell mc what do you
think of a class of men that will ar
logato to themselves the right to say
"that your regular conventional ticket
named by your regular delegates shall
not bo elected;" but they themselves
will act as a tribunal to sit and formu
late a ticket that shall and did defeat
yours, upon which were only four
Democrats-all the balance Repub
licans. Did you ever hear of such a
damnable piece of treachery performed
by men who were appointed to act as
your custodians In a political sense
not only causing such a reversion In
this county, but their traitorous acts
led up to the depriving this State of a
U. S. Senator In A. W. McCune. For
let It be remembered lie only lacked
but one vote In the legislature to elect
him, but owing to this condition of
affairs being brought about in this
county, the whole state was deprived
of a representation In the Senate for
two years, and brought disgrace upon
your party therein. And now these
men have the effrontery to ask you to
elect them as Legislators, a county
commissioner and a county sheriff for
their "fidelity" to you. Democrats It
Is up to you to decide the matter.
Will you turn and kiss the hand that
has smitten you? What title will you
give men who go over under cover to
the opposite side, aid and assist them
without the Republicans asking for It,
and bringing such a disaster all over
the State? Reflect over this; compare
the condition of the Democratic party
of six years ago In this county when
you had a majority of 1184 with tho
last election, in 1000, when you had
but 310. I say such men are traitors
and should be branded as such, and
the finger of scorn should Iks pointed
at them everywhere. Even In the
Legislature, If tlicy succeed In tho
election and procure seats therein,
. --thcy'Should always be remembered as
the men that brought disgrace to
their party In a state capacity ln tho
the year of our Lord 1808. And again,
as each one of them knew of tho old
popular clamor "church Influence" be
ing raised, why did they not like men
state out boldly In defense of their
church the cause that led up to this
political slaughter? Rut no! With a
passing wink at each other as they
met they said: "Let it go boys, it Is
all right." For this I brand them as
cowards and traitors to tho church
t hoy belong to. For over one year I
was Ignorant of the whole affair, but
after a thorough investigation found
the facts as above stated and can
prove every allegation set fort!). I
then and there resolved that at. the
proper time I would unearth these
proceedings to the honest Democrats
of the county and show to them what
kind of leaders they have. Can you
follow such men witli confidence?
Are they worthy of your suffrage?
Knowing what they have done, have
you any assurance that what was once
done will not be repeated?
Undoubtedly some of you would like
to know tho exact names of all con
cerned, but remember, they have
families bearing the same name. Rut
also remember there is a "roll of
honor" of all such and each one shall
feel the heavy hand of retribution
following them at the proper time.
Stralght-up Demcrats, don't regret
that 1 am not w ith you. 1 expect to
Ik! within hearing of you and shall
take great delight In guarding the
political treasury for you and In years
to come when recreants bob up for
office 1 shall quickly communicate it
to you. I have received the nomina
tion for sheriff on the Republican
ticket. The office alone 1 do not caro
the snap of my finger for, now that
conditions have come so favorably for
me to expose that which has been on
my mind for years. In conclusion will
add that, while differing somewhat In
political view, I am still your friend.
If 1 had not been I would not certain
ly have placed myself In the position
I liavo at this writing. You that
think I changed Just for office, please
do not vote for me. Ry the time this
reaches some of you, It may bo rumored
that 1 am arrested for perjury. Here
tofore I have taken care of myself and
can do so In this emergency. This
language is rather strong but circum
stances demand it after being defiant
ly challenged.
In support of honor and right I sub
scribe myself
i H
Hon. Leslie M. Shaw, Secretary H
of the Treasury Talks H
And says Some very trite things, H
as is Found Below. H
Hon. Leslie M. Shaw, secretary of ;H
the treasury, ln a recent shcech at H
Indianapolis, spoke more truth In re- H
gard to the political situation of to- H
day than most other speakers whom H
wc have read after. Among other H
things, ho says: H
"Roth parties complain this year of H
great lethargy and apathy on the part H
of the people. The reason Is simple. il
There Is no issue between tho parties. Il
The Republican party presents its H
time-honored, time-tested principles H
of sound money, stable currency In H
other words, good, reliable business H
tools and equipments, implements of H
trade and its equally time-honored .H
and time-tested principle of protcc- H
tlon to American latxr and a conserva- H
the, stable, liberal policy toward tho H
people Inhabltatlng our Insular pas- H
sessions. Our political opponents pre- :H
sent nothing in opposition. H
"Tho only criticism I havo to offer VH
tonight of our political opponents is 'H
tills: They seem to be more anxious
to discover an Issue on which they ''
may win a campaign that they have 'H
to formulate a policy for wise govern- ;H
ment after they have won their cam-
palgn. It Is due an Intelligent people IH
that there shall be presented for their ;
consideration at the polls affirmative ;
principles, progressive policies, pro-
grcsslve measures. M
"I regret tho Issue is nob between lH
the personnel of officer-holders, but !H
between a party with a purpose, an .. -
aim, a hope and a party that has ,H
nothing to propose, no issue to pre- 'M
sent, and no one leader in whom more M
than 33 1-3 per cent of their adherents H
have any confidence whatsoever." M
In fact the Democratic party today H
has no Issue that Is, it is not advo- M
eating any proposition peculiar to it- M
self and designed as being the prin- '
ciplc on which the coming battle is to '
be fought. In the first place it Is M
very bard to tell Just what is tho M
Democratic party. Is it that faction M
headed by Grovcr Cleveland, which M
claims that "tho tariff" is tho issue? H
Is it that faction headed by W. J. M
Rryan which says "trusts" is now tho M
Issue, witli silver a close second? Is it H
that faction that says tho Philllpplno H
question is the real Issue? H
As Mr. Shaw says, "tlio Democrats 'M
seem to be anxious to discover an issue H
on which they can win the present H
campaign than they have to formu- H
late a polcy for wise government." H
Grant for the sake of argument that H
"trusts" is tho Issue, as the largest H
number say is that really a principle,
or an issue with the Democratic party? H
Inasmuch as the party says "pro- H
tcctivo tariff Is the causo of "trusts" IH
and that "free trade" is the only rem- H
cdy, It immediately confounds itself M
with the tariff Issue and Is not an issue H
within itself. At the same time, the tH
Republican party proposes to legislate
against trusts, so pray tell where there 'Itl
Is any Issue between the two parties 'H
on this score? The Democratic party f M
doesn't favor trusts, neither docs tho f H
Republican party, consqucntly "trust" ll
is not an Issue. ll
And now what is there left. Bryan Cl
sas silver, Cleveland says gold so the. ;H
issuo can not be tho money question. Xl
Tho party is not united on that. Tiio il
tariff question Is the only thing left, IH
and it is generally conceded that all 1
Democrats want free trade. Rut it is rH
equally truo that but a small portion H
want to mako tho tariff tho issue of i -sH
the campaign. Free trado doesn't 6 VV
sound well, consequently the party U Sll
trying to mako "Trusts" take its ' "
place and fool the people. The peo- "Jwfl
pie of Cache will not bo fooled by any mM
such blulf. A, vote for Democratic .; Sfl
legislative nominees means a vote for SV'B
free trade, and a vote for Democratic- ; , i;rfl
nominees on the county ticket means J .tH
a vote to help sustain the party .f, ' jl
free trade and disruption. ' tsr H
...t-T-'-1'- -" ' ntt'Tiiimi liffliit'fMiiiMiM

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