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bmuc i. ft ff&rYs w-... v.v.. ' k. j
;;. f I GG&nermi.ei?
H f 1 1 II CAIE7V GK. lit TH VnCM- II
ly II Dot' nma tti takch ioyuov II
H ft 'Jf Brsrotrt. JJ
y if
B-r 1 "Gcrtlo Millar's," waa tho prompt
B ' roply of tho girl In tho photograph
,': ' shop to tho question as to which
,''t H London actress' pictures woro soiling
Bill wii
Mu I f Remarkable Feat Credited to Hero of
W,)' !' lA Spanish-American War.
,t 1 3 Though Admiral Dowcy 1h universal
is rt J ' lr known to bo halo and hearty, hardly
ji- , if ' anyono gives him credit for possess
fK f lag the great porsonal strength with
ft , 'which ho Is glftod. One of tho Span
H TO Uh-Amorlcnn war veterans, who had
jd all hut lost tho power of walking,
M IS ' ' called on him at his Washington homo
H fti ' ' not long ngo and found the admiral
H S f, I standing on tho front steps. Dowoy
B fl Invited blm In, but tho disabled man
""4 j looked doubtfully at tho slops, soclng
H '-m i J which the admiral reached 'Into tho
Hi ill carriage picked him up bodily and
H 1 ' i carried him up tho steps and Into tho
H drawing room, whoro ho placed his
H' t i1 . I burden In tho easiest chair at hand.
sBsB ' II
W! ''j Ancient Mctalluray.
H 111 A. recontly publtHhcd report of a
H' ' , 1 IFronoh savant shows that tho dial-
B' 1 deans and Babylonians wcro possess-
H 1 d of consldcrabla metallurgical skill.
Q A Babylonian statuette wan found to
l consist of a copper alloy containing
T T9.C per cent of coper, 1.25 per cont
B tat tin, and 0.8 per cent of Iron. A
H ' jstatuetto from Chaldean, estimated
B ,to bo 2,200 years old, was composed
M 'of nearly puro coppor containing only
M , a slight proportion of iron, whereas
B' another Chaldean statuotto, some 400
M ' , wears older, consisted mainly of an
, alloy of four parts of copper with one
& it part of lead and a traco of sulphur.
H, ' ( Vlralnln Statesman Tips the Beam at
B 360 Pounds a Farmer.
L,U " . James Ranks of Carroll county Is
''l , ! tho heaviest lawmaker In the state- of
H ; j it Virginia. Whon he had taken tho oath
j 1 aB a member of tho IIouso of Dclo-
) f gates ho wont to tho seat assigned
'1 ' him, but was unable to got his SCO
lV I pounds of avoirdupois Into tho space
Hj 1 , resorved. A special scat had to bo
H I 1 arranged for him In ano of tho aisles.
B I j l! Mr. Banks Is n mountalnocr, about
BBb! ' 1' Ifcfi flfty-flvo years of ugu. Ho Is not over
H (Is the averago height, has Irun-grny hair
H (Mv and mustache and Is a jolly good fcl
BH '-' I 'rii 'ow Tti0 attontlon ll,! attracts seems
BH 'U & Please ulm- Air. Banks is a farmer.
Hpb (ilt) A Roosevelt Family Name.
9 TfM Theodore Quentln, a member of tho
H fffi! Philadelphia ruseno pollco lately
BB jilfl wroto to President lloosovclt asking
B yj 'why ho gavo his youngest sou tho
B unusual nnrao of Quentln. Tho Prosl-
H "? dent answerod that "tho name Qucn-
H ( tin U with ua an old family name,
r coming from a French Hugonot refu-
B ' gee who camo to this county over two
B centuries ago."
bB'( m
best now. Th'o answer was surpris
ing, for (lertlo Millar, who Is tho
Oalcty management's latest discov
ery In tho beauty line, has becomo
suddenly tho reigning favorite. Sho
Is playing tho part of "Cora, Cora,
fascinating Cora," In tho London pro
ductlnu of "Tho Toreador," and her
llttlo song, "Keep Off tho Crass," Is
on every piano organ In town.
"Tho Toreador' has passed Its four
hundredth peifonnanco at tho Gaiety
nnd still tho lordly youths arc Hock
ing 'to hear Uertln Millar sing her
tunoful ditty, Iloslo Booto sang
"Maslo, Sho Is a Daisy," at tho Caloty
so effectively that tho marquis of
llcadford could not resist tho tempta
tion of making her a peeress. Per
haps "Keep Off tho Crass" will servo
Ocrtlo Millar as well.
Prof. Wilder Has Greatest Collection
In the World.
Prof. Wlldor, whoso endeavors to
securo tho brain of tho lato Kllzaboth
Cady Stunton havo been foiled by tho
relatives, has the greatest collection
j' ' " ' "-V
of brains In tho world. Ills laboratory
at Cornell unlvorslty contains hun
drods of glass Jarj containing the
brains of all sorts of pooplo from crim
inals to college professors. Burt Oreon
Wilder, ono of tho great compaiatlve
anatomists of the world, was horn at
Boston In 1841. Ho began his natural
history studies at 1 1 years of ago, and
his recorded observations on living
spldors brought him marked recogni
tion from tho oldor Agassis. When
only 19 ho was lecturing on scientific
subjects, and away back In 1803 he
dlscovorcd on Folly -Island, near Chap
leston, S. C, a remarkablo spider, to
which his namo has slnco been given.
For ninny years ho hns made a spe
cialty of studying brains from nn an
atomical standpoint, and his hopo has
been to solvo great problems thut puz
zlo anatomists.
Find Old British Frigate.
Tho frlgato Anson of tho British
navy, which was lost in 180, has been
dlscovorcd lying in four fathoms of
water off Lovo Bar, Ponanco, Land's
End. Soron brass and several Iron
guns were found ou dock, and with
the oxception of tho top hampor the
ship Is Intact. The discovery was due
to some fishermen, who pointed out a
dark object under wator to Captain
Anderson of tho steamer Creonrastlo.
Tho Anson todlc part In Itodnoy's vic
tory over (ho French In 1782, off the
West Indies, destroyed ten Spanish
gun-boats and a battery in 1S0C, and In
1807 was at tho capturo of the Island
ot Curacoa, off Venezuela. Tho old
vessol Is bolloved to havo hnd a largo
consignment of doubloons on board.
Must Be Poor Observer.
And now a man wants a divorce
merely bocauso ho recollects, after
thlrty-slx yeais of married life, that
his wife refused to promlso to obey
him when tho minister earned tho foe.
To tho casual observer It would seem
that any rerson should becomo used
to being disobeyed by the time thirty
six years had rollod themsolves Into
tho pnst. Thlrty-slx minutes will gen
orally convey to tho male mind a com
plete realization of tho fact that tho
lady will do as sho pleases.
i" '-jtJM "i 'u"iHio""iiBiriftTtliijn"''IU11 ' ' TfS
And shine rosplemle.it at our feet,
Exchanging thus their muddy hue
For colors borrowed from the sky
While In their seeming depth of bhia
The fleecy cloud heap mirrored lie.
So iiuman hearts, debased and vile,
And destitute of native grace.
Orow beautiful beneath the ml.
Of Love's Irradiating face.
And prove that men ne'er sink so low
Uut thoy. despite their lowliness,
May In their lives responsive show
, The Image ot Heaven's hollress.
(CorraioiiT, lew, or Dailt Stout PuiiMsniHo Co.)
"Yes, sir, that thcro machlno will
do tho work of a half-dozen men, and
do It qulckor and bolvr. I'll havo my
alfalfa stacked beforo tho neighbors
havo theirs In tho cocks," and John
Prince complacently surveyed his
latest purchase
His wife poor, tired Jennie stood
In tho kitchen door, looking at tho
now stacker In a dissatisfied manner.
Every year when John went to Den
ver with his cnttlo ho brought her a
now dress, but It was never a silk
one. Sho had asked him again and
again for tho much-coveted article,
but was always refused on tho score,
that "a farmer's wife had no need for
a silk dress." When sho went to
church she always took note of tho
Ilk dresses, most of them belonging
to poorer pcoplo than herself.
As sho stood thus, In the bright
morning sunshluo, a Hock of nearly a
hundred geese Issued from tho barn
yard and marched past her, on their
way to the Irrigation ditch.
John camo leisurely up from tho
"It Is nearly tlmo thoso geeso were
picked," ho remarked. "Yes," sho an
swered listlessly. "I believe we will
havo llfty dollars' worth of feathers
this year, mused John.
Jounlo stalled. "Fifty dollars!
Why that was Just what Cousin Kit
ty's silk cost making and nil! Fifty
dollars!" and as Jonnlo looked and
thought a sudden plan formulated it
self In her brain. Sho would havo the
money for tho feathers herself, Hadn't
sho sot and tended them? Hadn't, she
wntchod and fed them during tho
cold winter? And now sho was ex
pected to pick them! Surely she had
earned tho monoyl
Early Monday morning, John start
ed on a twcnty-flvo mile horseback
rldo, to buy calves, and drlvo them
home. Ho would be gono all weelc
This was her chance. As soon as he
was out of sight, Jonnlo called Andy,
tho hired man, and with his assist
onco tho geeso woro ono by ono tak
en from tho poultry house, and
robbed of their pretty coats. Hour
after hour they worked all other
work for tho day being neglected. .
When night camo a row of whoat
sacks filled with feathers, stood on
tho barn floor.
Tuosday morning saw Jcnnlo and
Andy driving to Emporia, with Hie
sacks of feathers piled In tho wagon
behind them. Arriving at Emporia,
they drove lmmcdlatoly to a produco
dealer, who purchased tho feathers.
What a bound l.cr heart gavo when
tho dealer counted tho .money Into her
bands. Flfty-flvo dollars!
With a smllo of exultation Jonnlo
started for Cousin Kitty's, telling
Andy to return homo and come after
her on Thursday.
"Kitty, can you go shopping with
mo this afternoon?" Jennie asked at
"Why, certainly. I should bo glad
to go. Aro you going to get a spring
"No, not exactly. I'm going to get
a black silk."
"A black silk!" In great astonish
ment. "Hns John really given you
tho money for it, at last?'
"No. Ho didn't give It to me. I
earned It"
"You earned It? How?" But Jen
nie seemed embarrassed over Kitty's
questions, nnd only said, "I'll toll
you about It somo other time. Let's
go down to tho city right away.'
When sho started for homo on
Thursday afternoon tho dress was
well under way, with tho promlso
His faco changed to tho flinty expres
sion sho so much dreaded,
that she could havo It Saturday after
noon. Sho spent tho Intervening tlmo
planning how to present tho matter
to John.
At last Saturday afternoon came,
and Andy drove her to town In tho
buggy, procured tho dress, nnd then
drove homo as quickly as possible
Jennie fearing lest John should arrlvo
flriL Andy was Instructed not to toll
Mr. Prwo of her visits to Emporia
that week, as sho had been preparing
a surprlso for him. Arriving at homo
Just at sundown Jcnnlo was relieved
to And that her husband was not
homo yet. The dress was hidden up
stairs, her clothes changed and sup
per ready before ho did como.
Sunday morning, John waa tired,
and only aroso In tlmo to dres3 hur
riedly for church and so did not go
to tho barnyard. Every circumstance
scorned to favor Jennie's carrying out
her plan of surprising him. John wns
shaving In the kitchen his favorlto
place. Jennie was In their room all
ready to put on the dress. With
trembling hands sho took It out of tho
box, and looked at Its beautiful folds;
but her spirit failed hor, and sho laid
It back again. Sho went Into the
closet and brought out tho brown
flannel that John had given her last
fall, and began to put It on. Then
sho romombered tho geese, and
thought, "I will at least try tho plan
M 111
v&'-rfett& !&& mRTK
U$a J If 7v
"You aro probably a dying man."
of surprising him, for In any event
ho will know by night, nil about 1L"
Tho brown flannel came off and the
silk was put on. How nicely It flttod
hor slender figure. Surely John
would not harden his heart toward
her when ho saw how beautiful It
mado her appear!
With a faltering step and a falling
hoart, sho crept down tho stairs,
across tho sitting room and through
tho dining-room until sho stonDed In
tho kitchen door.
John had Just hung up tho towel.
Ho -turned nnd looked at hor. His face
lighted up with pleasure. ' Her heart
gavo a great bound and with a Joyful
cry, sho took a step or two toward
him. Ho then saw for the first time
that tho beautiful dress was silk, and
his faco changod to tho flinty expres
sion which sho so much dreaded.
"Jane Prlnco, where did you get
this dress?" ho said, seizing her by
tho nrm.
"I I bought It"
"You bought It; and whore did you
get the monoy7" sarcastically.
"I I picked tho geese and sold
tho feathers," sho said, much as if
sho had been reading her death sen
tence. John pushed her from him.
"Jane Prlnco, you may wear your silk
dress, bought by trickery and with
stolen money, but you can no longer
be my wife. I'll not forglvo you until
my dying day for this base deceit
I'll not turn you out of tho house, for
you've teen a good wlfo to mo In the
years that aro gono. I'll uso the west
bedroom and you stay whero you aro,
But don't speak to mo again until my
dying day. Then and not till then
I'll forglvo you."
The days came and tho days went;
how, Jennie scarcely know. Each
seomed harder to enduro than the
last Sho cooked tho meals, placed
thom on the table, and then went to
somo other part of the house while
John and Andy ato.
Often sho longed to throw her arms
about his neck and bog for forgive
ness, but was afraid of doing so, lest
she should be denied the measure of
pleasure she had In serving him.
John, too, afte.' his temper cooled
and he had tlmo to think the whole
matter out, came to a realization of
how meanly ho had acted In many
things toward his wlfo. He thought
of all bis acres and acres of land, ot
the money which thoy brought to him
overy year, of the barn and buildings,
of tho machinery, of tho horses and
cattle, which he hnd bought for his
own pleasure, and then ho thought
of all that ho had denied his wlfo.
Thus the summer nnd autumn
passed. Early In December, John be
came violently 111. Jennie Immedi
ately sent for the doctor, who pro
nounced It pneumonia, Jonnlo nursed
him day nnd night, but ho grow rap
Idly worse. Ho had now and then a
few lucid moments, ono of these oc
curring during tho doctor's visit
John grasped tho doctor's hand and
begged him to tell his condition.
"Doctor," ho said, "I want to know
Just what you think ot my cass. An
I dying? There Is ono thing which
V i
TOa!TJnB?HTeoTiyadvlce Is, sclUs
them at once. Yon ore probably a dy
ing man, but wo will hope for the
best If you want to see your lawyer
from tho city, I can send blm out to
you at once."
"Thank you, doctor, but thero Is no
ono to send for. if you seo my wife
as you .go out, please tell her that 1
want her."
With her heart beating almost to
suffocation, Jennie came swiftly Into
the room, and up to tho bedside. John
caught her hand, pulled her down to
him, and put both arms around her.
He held her thus moment after mo
ment before ho spoke. Then he
whispered softly, "My wlfo, will you
forglvo mo?"
"Can you forgive mo?" sho Bobbed.
For answer, ho hold her close to
htm and covered her faco with kisses,
and all was quiet peace In their
hearts. A week later when John
know that ho was to live, and not dio,
ho snld to Jennie, "I said onco that
t would nover forglvo you until my
dying day. Will you consider last
Wednesday as my dying day tho day
In which I died to all my hardness
and selfishness, and let mo lire
again, to make you happy? Wear
your black silk as a plodgo of our
now found love. Without that dress
wo should nover have known this
happy hour."
Peculiar Malady Has Affected Win
dows of English Cathedral.
Lately It has been found that a
peculiar "glass disease" has broken
out among the windows ot York
cathedral. Indeed, It Is Statod thai
feomo of tho thirteenth and fourteenth
century glass In tho edifice- has been
removed In order to nrrcst tho "dis
ease." Tho outbreak Is ascribed to a
"fungus, but tho exact naturo of Its
attack upon tho glass Is not describ
ed. Tho glass appears to be perfor
ated to such an extent that portions
of tho glass yield on tho slightest
touch. Moreover, the transparency of
tto glass has to a great extent dlsap-1-eared
In short, tho glass hero nnd
thoro oxhlblts no longer tho proper
ties of glass. It Is evident that somo
kind of chemical action has been es
tablished, duo, perhaps to tho llfo and
habits of a specific fungus. Organ
isms aro known, of course, which
assimilate silica. The gradual, but
sure crumbling of tho cement used In
water reservoirs has been traced to
the operation of countless tiny organ
isms. Tho action wns at first regard
ed as being duo to the solvent prop
erty of carbonic acid and other sub
stances commonly present In ".vator.
Under tho action of tho bacteria tho
cemont slowly resolved Into soft mud.
The attack Is mado by tho ubiquitous
nitrifying organism, which conducts
to a largo extent tho great work of
purification throughout nature. Tho
uctlon ceas03 in tho absence of
nitriflablo material, and tho view Is
mat nitrous acid Is producod which
nets upon tho cement lining ot the
water reservoir. London Lancet
Emir Hassan.
Emir Hassan, of the prcphcts's race.
Asked, ivlth folded hands, tho Almighty's
Then, within tho banquet hall ho eat
At his meal, upon the embroidered mat
There a slave beforo him placed the food.
Spilling from the charser, as he stood.
Awkwardly upon the Emir's breast
Drops that foully stained the silken vest.
To the floor. In great remorse and dread.
Fell the slave, and thus, beseeching said:
"Master, they who hasten to restrain
Rising wrath. In paradise shall reign."
Qentl was the answer Hassan gave:
"I'm not angry." "Yet," pursued the
"Yet doth higher recompense belong
To the Injured who forgives a wrong."
"I forgive," said Hassan. "Yet we read."
So the prostrato slave went on to plead,
"That a htcher seat In glory still
Walts the man who renders good for in."
"Slave, receive thy freedom, and behold
In thy hand I lay a purse of gold.
Lot me never fall to heed, In aught.
What the prophet of our Qod hath
William Cullen Bryant
Lest His Wife's "Dot"
Paris Is enjoying a swlndlo now no!
comparable with the Humbert affair,
but still with somo unusual features
A pretending canon, an unfrocked
priest, named noscmborg, of Jewish
origin, a flnanclor named Malloval and
somo others plucked a wealthy widow,
Mudamo Civet Malloval is an Inter
estlng character. Ills lively youth ro
suited In his being disinherited. He
decided to marry monoy, and did It
And then on tho day of his woddlna
ho went out with his wlfo, took a cab,
went to a certain gambling house oa
the boulevars, and told her to wall
outside. That was, It appears, In thi
afternoon, and at 2 o'clock In tht
morning the bride was still waiting.
When ho finally arrived, tho bride
groom Informed hor that he had IojI
the whole of her "dot" at play. Ac
cording to Paris papers that was but
a typical incident ot his career.
Beware the Bore With Anecdotes.
There Is a man at ray club, a pleas
ant, amlnblo. person, whom we all fly
from as though ho woro stricken with
plague. Ho is traveled, highly edu
cated, the soul of honor, courtesy per
onlfied; but ho has tho mania of
I onco dropped a coin on the floor
he obligingly Joined In tho hunt and
found it, and told mo tho tale of a
coin ho had dropped O, In the COst
nnd I swear that If ho wero by me,
and I dropped my wife's umbrella
aurely tho most precious thing a man
can bo entrusted with! I would pass
on and resolutely disavow ownershln
The. King.
I '
"flffflfuToWNrnumbored wlthB
tho abandoned posts In 1895), his lit- H
tie son then six years old, chose as WjljV
his career the rolo of second licutcn- VVV
ant, as ono of his favorites among. VMVMVi
the officers was of that rank. BVH
Ono day, when talking over his am- vVI
bltlons his mother said: "Whatever Um
you aro, my son, I trust you may be VVfl
a Christian gentleman." Vl
"Can't I bo a Christian gentleman
and a second lieutenant, too, mam- ' VH
mal ' . BBssi
Caso No. 41,200. Capt. Alfred O. WM
Itlgler of Hose Company No.H-.-Can- UM
ton, Ohio, says: "I had a weak back M
ever since I was a boy, and about H
six years ago the causo developed
into rather a bad caso of kidney com- (
plaint It was not a little backache
now and then, but backacho which
caused actual suffering day and H
night, and the harder I tried to got
rid of It the worso It became.
When tho attacks wcro In tho acute
stogo It was difficult to sit down, and M
when down It was Just as hard to re-
gain an erect position, on account ot
tho twinges of pain In tho kldnoys. I B
can only describe some ot the pangs B
as similar to that rccelvod from a
knife thrust. H
In time, distressing and terribly H
Inconvenient urinary weakness resultr
cd, causing annoying embarrassment M
during tho day and loss of sleep dur-
lng the night H
I took everything which came to Bj
my notice from reading, from observv H
tlon, and which my friends and ae- H
qualntances advised. I consulted H
physicians, but nono of thom were
able to relieve the trouble, let alone
stop It i
It became so well known that I had
a pronounced caso of kldnoy com
plaint that I often received circular vS,
from medical companies offer.ng to
cure mo, and ono day eighteen letters
wero handed to mo by tho mall car
rier. When Doan's Kldnoy Pills attracted
my attention I wanted to try them,
Just as I had tried everything else,
and Mrs. Itlgler went to Durban A
Wright Co.'s drug storo for a box.
Belief followed.
I know, after a dose or two that
tho medicine was acting directly on
vthe kldncjs from the altered condi
tion ot tho kidney secretions, and,
oncouraged, I continued tho treat
ment Finally, tho backache and
other complications stopped.
Let mo sum up my opinion about
Doan's Kidney Pills by saying, I
would willingly pay ono month' '
wages for a box ot them If I could not
buy them for less. You can refer
any ono to me about Doan's Kldnoy
Pills and I will convlnco them that
thoy act Just as represented."
Four Years After.
"Lapse of tlmo has strengthonod
ray appreciation of Doan's Kidney
Pills. I gavo this remedy my unquali
fied endorsement In the summer of
1896, because of tho results I obtained
from a courso of tho treatment I
can now add to my original endorse
ment tho experience of a number ot
others who nro Just as enthusiastic.
when they express their opinion of
Doan's Kidney Pills, as I."
A FBEE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mr. Big- j
ler, will bo mailed on application to j
any part of tho United Stnti Ad
dress Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y. For salo by all 'druggists, prlc
50 cents per box.
The Cost of Warfare.
Since 1850 the world has expended
300,000,000 In waging war, and four
times that sum In holding standing
armies in readiness.
Mrs. Wlnslonr'a SnotMnc Mjrnp
For children tcetnloi;, tottem tbs cum,, reduces la.
flunmculon, alltji pun, curei wind colic. S3o a bolU.
Tea Seeds Like Hazel Nuts.
Tea seeds resemble small hazel nuts.
They aro sown In beds to grow thick
ly together like cabbage.
Stopn tlio Cough and
Woi-Jch OfT tho Colli
Laxative UrouioQuintuoTablots. PriceSSo.
How Advertising Grows.
N. W. Ayer & Son, tho "Keeping
Everlastingly at It" advertising
agents of Philadelphia, havo found It
necessary to movo into new and
larger quarters at 300-303 Chestnut
Street in that city.
This announcement will Interest
many publishers, becauso Ayer & Son
aro so widely known as promoters ot
newspaper publicity. They began
business thlrty-threo years ago, with
two people and an annual business of
$15,000. They now have one hundred
and ninety employes, nnd have for
f'ars done tho largest advertising '
islness In the world. The difference
between then and now is, they say
simply the result of making news
paper and magazlno advertising pay
their customors.
I -u.,.u'n,,lJ,:;l.';'''V'''-fi.ir'fu. z,.'
I siF.M,;;-"'-nox. AbjHTVg

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