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I i
H 'Many women and doctors do
not recognize (ho real symptoms
of derangement of tho i'emalo
organs until too late. ,
1I had terrible pains along my
plnal cord for two years and sulTcrcd
dreadfully. I was given different
V medicines, woro plasters; none of
these things helped me. Heading of
the cures that Iylla K. Plukhnm's
Tcgctnblo Compound has brought
about, I somehow felt that it was
rhat I needed and bought a bottle to
take. How glad I am that I did so;
two bottles brought me immense re
lief, and after using Umec bottles more
I felt now life and blood surging
through my veins. It seemed as
though there had been a regular house
cleaning through my system, that all
the sickness and poison had been token
out and new life given me instead. 1
have advised dozens of my friends to use
Lydia E. XMnkliam'.s Vegetable.
Compound. Good health is indis
pensable to complete happiness, and
Lytlla E. l'hikhnm's Vcgctablo
Compound has secured this to me."
Mns. Lauha. L. IinEJtrit, Crown
Point, Indiana, Secretary Ladies Relief
Corps. 15000 forfeit If original of aoooo tttttr
proving gtnulntntst cannot bo products.
Every sick woman who docs not
understand her ailment should
write Mrs. Pinkhum, Lynn,
Mass. Her ndvlco Is free and
Always helpful.
Valuable Find In Denmark.
In a bog on thb Uland of Zcolaad,
Denmark, a votlvo bronze chariot hat
been found with the Imago of a horse
ten Indies high In front nnd with an
Inlaid gold sun on one side.
Deafness Cannot Ila Cured
by locnl applications, uh they i annot reach tha
dlseufOd portion ot tho mr. Tliero Is onlv one
way to euro deafness, mid thin la by consti
tutional remedies. DcufncHS is entihcd by an
Intl. mod condition ot tho mucus lining of tha
Eustachian Tube When HiIn tube Ulntlnmcd
rJ youlKUou rumbling sound or Imperfect hear-
m. In?, nnd when It it entirely i'Iomh! deafness Is
T tho result, and unlovt tho Inll.immatlon can bo
taken out and this tube ro-torrd to Its normal
condition, he.irlni; will bo dCRtrnjed foreier:
nine cnscHout of ten are au-.od by e.uarrh,
wilch Is nothlrm but an Inn imed condition of
tlie mucus surfaces.
We will (flvo One Hundred Dollars for any case
of Deiifnosn (cnnwl bv catarrh) 1'iat cannot
bo cured by lull s Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. CIIKXKY 4. CO . Toledo, a
Sold by DruKKlsts. rw.
Ball's Family 1M1N are the best.
More Than Disinterested.
Matilda I think that Frank was
wholly disinterested In asking mo to
be his wife. Undo George Disinter
ested? Ilcas positively reckless.
. will pvovont blood
NjM poisoning in Cuts,
A"1 Wounds, Soros,
Bruises, and heal
them, too. 25 cents.
Would you have v n .
15 cents? Our Jap- -iSSM
anese Tooth Ache s 7Vi
Drops will rid you j X
of both. S N
jCX PILLSis Hoalth
riiij Insurance for
WyAi'l 25 cents a policy.
T What is your health
' worth?
All Lung Diseases . r
Jf start with a cough. Z
If you will cough up ffM
a quarter for a bot- N'1
tie of Cough Balsam I
you'll stop coughing ' N
Cv , Japaneso Corn Cure
X 4 will rid yon of a
N iii dozen CORNS for a
.S."1 quarter. Which do
N. you lovo tho best
S X corns or quarter?
Z. C. M. i. Wk
1 Itn
i a
i Toullnis up the nrulwH of llireo t row u 'JjlnS
; Powdir r.xtruolsiindhplcc Akk for them.
I For sale every wlieie
M .mumKionttm HhiCOI.HS v. V AI.A-
L rill I r" 1 Mr "l umJ-uralnU'ii""'"
8mall Boy's Natural Alarm at tha
Teachers' Information.
A Troll-known Reading, Pa., mer
chant wa3 in tho habit ot paying week
ly visits to n form which ha had pur
chased. To thoso living along tho
routo he was wont to drive he wits at
first tho object of much speculation,
but in duo tirao tho causo of his fre
quent visits bpcnmo known, as did
also tho fact that ho was a man of
considerable Influence nnd wealth.
As ho was driving along ono Sunday
morning last summer ho saw plodding
ahead of him a Bmall hoy of tho coun
try thereabout, carefully carrying on
his arm a coat, which, on account of
tho heat, ho had icmoved; nnd, acting
on a chnrltnblo Impulse, invited the
thoroughly nbnshed lad to ildo as far
as the "Sunday school," hnvlng
gleaned that to bo his destination
They were soon there, hut tlio boy, Id
his perturbed Mate, did not realise
until ho had taken his placo In his
class that ho hud left his coat In the
Tho well-known parablo of Lazarus
and tho rich man having been as
signed its tho lesson tor that day, tho
toachcr, addressing the newcomer, In
quired: "What becamo of tho rich
"Ho drove on down tho road to his
farm," pnmptly answered the youth,
still thinking of tho coat.
"For his misdeeds," nfTlrmed tho
teacher. Ignoring tho answer, "ho wont
to an awful placo of tormont, from
which he can never return."
"Holy Moses!" broko in tho youth.
"He's got my "coat with him."
New York School Teacher Makes a
Valuable Discovery.
"I nover realized tho value of tlmo
tables until I got hold of a class of
boys old enough to tako an lntorcst
in geography," said a New York pub
lic school tenchor. "So far as the
study of maps goes, I can got better
results from tho uso of tlmo tables
than from all tho geographies In the
market. Maps that havo been pre
pared for tho purposo of cultivating
the youthful mind in tho matter of lo
cality are shunned as bugbears by all
except tho studious fow. Hut Just set
a dozen boys around a pllo of tlmo
tables and tell them to locate certain
cities, lakes and rivers, nnd they will
work like heavers and come out letter-perfect
overy time. For most chil
dren tlmo tables and accompanying
maps uro a sourco of unfailing Inter
est both In and out of school hours.
It Is true that this unorthodox method
may give the boys exaggerated ideas
as to tho impoitance of certain rail
roads, but they boem to get enough
good out of tho Investigation to coun
teract such Impressions."
Chinese Army Rolls.
Now that China has Russia for a
near neighbor, it remains to ho seen
how successfully or othcrwlso tho
Middle Kingdom will continue to prac
tice its favorite gamo of bluff. How
it has reinforced Its nrmy Is shown by
tho Swedish explorer, Hcdln.
Tho Chlnoso havo n most extraordi
nary way of enumerating their troops.
Thoy aro not content with counting
tho soldiers only, but reckon In also
their horses, rifles, shoes, breeches,
and so forth, so that the resultant to
tal Is a long way abovo what it ought
to bo.
They apparently go on tho supposi
tion that tho rlflo Is at least ns valu
able) as the man, nnd by nn analagous
train of reasoning they arguo that a
man is of llttlo uso it ho has to travel
on foot, that ho cannot go about naked
and so on. Hcnco they count the
whole Kit, hoisc, rlflo, breeches, and
By this peculiar process of arith
metic they fancy they dccelvo the
Russians Into bollovlng their garri
sons much stionger than they aro.
The Transit of Mars.
When Klolso looks up thn Btreet,
Tuts down her work Marts flushes.
And turns away that fnco no sweet
Lest I should note her blushes,
I wish that I wero young nijaln,
liut soon sho's blithely humming,
Forcettlnff mo nnd all and then
I know tho Captain's coming.
When I'lolso with downcast .eyes
Once more bends o'er her stitching
And looks, as her bright needle flies,
(If may be) mora bewitching.
You'd sny she wastes no thought on men.
Hut oh, her cheeks aro glassing
'Iho red geranium near! and then
I know tho Captain's passing.
When Klolse looks down tho streot
With eyes wide-set nnd wistful,
Her clieeka as pnlo as any sheet.
Her dt-nr mouth drawn nnd tristful,
I wish that 1 wero young again,
Tor ns I lift hor sowing
Bho sighs. O such n sigh! nnd then
I know tho Captain's going.
Uilwurd W. Barnard.
Changes of the Earth.
How does ono generation of men
succcod another? Tho fathers are not
swept away In a btdy to make room
for tho children, but ono by ono the
old drop off and tho young come ,on,
till a day is reached when nono of
thoso remain that onco wero hore.
How does somo form of human speech
become extinct? About a hundred
years ago an old lady nnmod Dolly
Dontreath died In Cornwall. She could
speak tho Cornish language; after hor
death thoio was nobody that could.
Thus quietly did tho living Cornish
language become n dead language;
nnd In a like unobtrusive manner have
been wrought most of tho new becom
ings which havo changed and are
changing tho earth. Hurpor's,
Name for the Baby.
. r
The doctors aro dumbfounded, tho
druggists astonished, and tho people
excited and Joyful over tho wonderful
cures and tremendous sales of the
great Remedy, St. Jacobs Oil. Every
caso ot Rheumatism somo ot many
years' standing has given way to
this powerful remedy. Thousands of
certificates llko tho following can be
fund shod as to Its valuo:
Georgo Scleyer, Publisher of tho
Ohllton, Wis., "Volksboto," usod BL
Jacobs Oil for "almost unbearable
pains In tho back, which had com
pletely prostrated him." A fow appli
cations curod him entlroly.
Mrs. Ftod Ubcrlo, Bcllalre, O., was
for a long tlmo severely troubled with
Rheumatism. St, Jacobs Oil Instantly
rellovod and ontlrely cured her.
Rot. Dr. B. Pick of Rochester, N. Y.,
suffered so Intensely from Rhcumntlc
pains that ho was unable to preach.
Several applications from a bottle ot
St. Jacobs Oil "relieved him."
F. Raddcr, Cloveland, Ohio, says:
"Two applications of St. Jacobs Oil
cured mo ot great and long-continued
pain In my foot."
Messrs. C. L. Brundago and Son,
Druggists, Muskegon, Mich., wrlto:
"St, Jacobs Oil has a wonderful sale.
We sold eight bottles at retail yester
day. This will givo jou somo idea
ot how well it is liked in this sec
tion." Mr. Louis Hlnkel, of Hast Poosten,
Kill, N. Y., says: "I call St. Jacobs
Oil tho best liniment I ever used. It
curod mo ot Rheumatism and pain In
the back."
Herman Rittnor, Manchester, N.
H.: "I havo tried St. Jacobs OH, and
found It excellent. All those who have
purchased It speak of It as 'simply In
comparable.' "
Geo. Q. Erffle, Palestine, 111.: "I
'was In bed suffering from a swollen
leg, I used St, Jacobs Oil, Its effect
was wonderful. The following day 1
attended to my business again."
Dr. Otto Fuls, Reading, O., writes:
"Tho sale ot St. Jacobs Oil Is con
stantly Increasing; it Is praised by
everybody, and nover tails to give en
tire satisfaction."
Novelist In Poor Health.
Private letters from Sorrento bring
tho information that F. Marlon Craw
ford's health Is giving his family
much anxloty. The novelist recently
had a serious hemorrhage, It is said,
that left blm in a weak condition. Ho
recuperated rapidly, however, and
since his condition has been more sat
is factory.
I do not believe Plso's Care for Consumption
has an equal for cougns and colds John F
Botbh. Trinltr Sp-ni, Ind., Feb. IS. 1900.
The Real Trouble.
The "discoverer of the golden am
ber varnish of tho Cremona violins"
has been visiting New York newspa
pers offices again. There aro enough
good violins. Would that there were
fewer bad violinists!
Rather a Hard Remedy,
"Thsy claim that peritonitis is a
cure for appendicitis." "I suppose
that's on tho same prlnclplo that bo
beading is a suro euro for squinting."
Clo eland Plain Dealer.
I .. " T '....
Writer In the Cosmopolitan Gives
Some Good Advlco.
My young friend, Jimmy Hanks, was
married a llttlo over a year ago. Ho
had previously spent twelvo montba
In tho most furious courtship, Tne
girl at first had not cottoned to Jim
my very much, but ho moved heaven
and enrth so vigorously that she at
laBt consented. Now, the other day
who appears before mo but Jimmy,
with a long face and makes a com
plaint that tho bab keeps blm nwako
nights, "(lood gracious Jimmy," I
said, "didn't you know thnt babies al
ways do that? A baby has to have
somo relaxation. Go homo and be
thankful that it isn't twins." There
Is tho reverso sldo to every Joy. You
can't bavo tho advantages of bachelor
hood and married llfo nt the same
tlmo. You buy everything with a
price leisure, family, ofllce, learn
ing, wealth, fame, position. Nothing
Is free. Ho sure you want tho article,
pay the current prlco and enjoy your
possession. Cosmopolitan.
Fruit acids will not stain goodi
Old-Fashioned Woman Turned Down
by Livery Keeper.
"It is hard theso days," says a popu
lar actross, "to ho an old-fashioned
woman oven with the best Intentions
I was resting at a rathor fashionable
little placo not long ngo nnd wantod
to get somo horseback exerclso, of
which I am vury fond. So I went to n
pretentious looking livery stablo nnd
applied for a liorso. Tho proprietor
Inquired how I intended to ride. "As
n woman should ride a horse, with a
side saddle., of course," I answered.
"Then you can have no horse of ours,"
was tho verdict. "A side enddlo unfits
the best of horses for any other use.
It's an Invention of tho devil and as
injurious to tho woman ns it is to tho
horso." All my wiles were powerless
to ovorcomo tho horse owner's objec
tions and I was forced to forego eques
trian pleasure."
FOR 1903
six sheets 10x15 inches, of beautiful
reproduction", .In colors, of pastel
drawings by Hryson, Is now ready for
distribution and will be mulled on re
ceipt of twcnty-flvo (25) cents coin
or stamps. Address F. A. Miller, Gen
eral Passenger Agent, Chicago.
Good News by Wholesale.
A postal card sent from Blllvlllo to
ono of tho absent brethren reads:
"Dear Jim Nuthln' but good news
to toll you. Your crap paid oft the
mortgage your brother broko out o'
Jail, an' your daddy has Jest got $1,000
out tho railroad for runnln' over his
leg. Ain't Providence provldln'l"
Atlantic Constitution.
ir.rr,. PENSION
II IIIOKI Oltn, VVualilngiuii 1). C, tho;
II lllren-lvenult'.:t ri-i'ln II Hi N II. i1
UuttWthCurpn, Ho,.-;ut n!LM.u!icel87S
I Cold :v li I Ua cil.V'ilviii iCX)lil,hll- I
I Vr mil t tl jii I'liimii iitiiriioon i I ninii'k I
B.noprf.i ffi iy ftn ti fn..ii n ?,i I
. ... HBBBB
- Jl
Use Pe-ru-na fop Coughs, Colds, Grip and I
"Catarrh-A Congressman's Letter. 'I
Jlllillllil!? ; I
In every country of tho cIvIHamI world
Sisters of Charity aio known. Not only
do they minister to tho hplritunl and
intellectual ih-ciIh of tho charges com
mitted to tliolr care, but they also
minister to thulr bodily needs.
TVlthho tiiiinv children to tako caro of
and' to protect from climate uuddlbcasu,
these wise mid prudent bUters havo
found Pcruim n never falling safeguard.
Dr. lliu tnmn receives ninny letters
from Catholic bisters fioin nil over tbo
United States. A recommend recently
received from a C.ithollu Institution iii
Detroit, Mich., re. ids as follows:
Dr. S. D. llartman, Columbus, Ohio:
Dear Sir: "The oungplrl who used
thcl'cruna wni suffering from luryngl
lis, ami loss of voice. The result of
the treatment was most satisfactory.
She found great relief, and after
further use of the medicine wc hope to
be able to say she Is entirely cuied,"
Sisters of Chailty.
Tho young girl wnsundcr the enro of
the Sisters of l liarlty and used Porunii
for catarrh of the tliroat with good re
sults ns tho abovo letter testifies.
Send to The lYrunn McdlclnoCo., Co
lumbus, Ohio, for a free book written
by Dr. Harlnmn.
Tho following letter is from Congress- J H
man .Meeklson, of Napoleon, Ohio: 3
The Pcruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O. II
Gentlemen: "IJSStr"I i I
havoiibcdsL-Ternll MQjPy 11
hottlcsof Pcruna fl jl
nnd feel greatlyt vtfl ? H
benefitted there-! Ikr 1 I I
by from ray ca-J JJ0M JaW. "
tarrhofthohcad.t IV -rS' ! $ I
and feel cncour-1 Vafffil sa3C I
nged to bellovcv flKKHIV H
that its oon-f 'SftwlmWir '
I tinned uso will! Davld Mcoltlsoa. It
fully eradlcato h.4mI $
disease of thirty years' standing;." ? H
Duvld Mcckihon. '
Dr. Hnrtman, ono of tho best known ft
physicians and Mirgcons in tho United H
States, was tho first limn to formulate 3 H
Perunn. It was through his genius and II
perseverance that it was introduced to I
tho mcdlenl profession ot tills country. H
If you do not derive prompt and satis-
factory results from tho uso of Pernna ' H
wrlto at once to Dr. llartman, giving a H
full statement of your caso and he will ' H
bo pleased to give you his valuable ad- H
vice gratis. V H
Address Dr. llartman, President oi .
The llartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O. .. H
m Why BecdMsa I I
Kii Vy? IfFli f!T SSlfl Its component parts arc nil wholesome.
SI I ssKyl AyUti il'W it acts gently without unpleasant after-effects. MWi' fl
'III tt V t K IS .- caa. It is wholly free from objectionable substances. ffe jM
i' tK-bst feamuy laxaAiy . , , . ..,,,, I m
i'Mlli w".-w "w""' u""',uu It contains the laxative principles of plants. IB Q vM
.y4l It contains the carminative principles ot plants. llliv' . U
'fjj It is pure. It contains whokhome aromatic liquids which are K, ' 'I
jyjj'ffl agreeable nnd refreshing to the taste. 1 k H
g II It is gentle. . f ft M
MM Itisnleasant v All arc pure.
1 1 All are delicately blended, I K
:-f J It is efficacious. ' ' , All are skillfully and scientifically compounded. I p H
y'i It is not expensive. 1 Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to if' I
VJm It is gootl for children. '' the originality and simplicity of the combination. tm' f
''' !l' ' It is excellent for ladies. To get its beneficial eiTects-r-buy the genuine. jiT-'i ' I
tl'jif, j V
''. lik It is convenient for business men. Manufactured by if Jj
- lit I ' sal
& ii. It is perfectly safe under all circumstances, .--' n , S 1 J ,'i I
?? 4J1 It is used by millions of families the world over. f AHFADNI A '! Ifi VwND P Wife I
I It .tands highest, as a laxative, with physicians. ftAUI WfimiA . IU )Ii(UFIL
i il- If you use it you have the best laxative the world - 1 1 I
-. I , Son FroLnci3co, Ctvl. ' l I 'i 1
'. Ii produces. Louis vlllo. Ky. Now Yorlt. N. Y. 1 1 H ?;
. i ri" ' ai
-. I roit SAlt; BY ALL LEADIXQ UUUaOlSTS. 3i! I
:'i,.'Vi'i?-.'-i' -,Yi3firMf'W,'y"'.J uv i'.'y.':v.:,''.y.-'.,.?r.ftQJig! .1. .. '.h'.v.'m.vi'.-.m ij.iwJii-rTrfrrtvv. H
1 I
! Utah's Favorite Confections i I
i ?' 9
A, jK. yctir Dealer for Them, H
I Sa.lt La.ke Ca.ndy Co., Sole Makers. : ' ,. I
tnWi ,n J UTftH JUNK GO.1IB:: .UsSVi! I " - ! H
ores as metals' rj.::;;.." M

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