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B iCardon,
If Biirnham
J & Co.
H" j Bottom Knock-
H ed out of all
Hj 1 Former Prices!
f f l
if 1 Oho of the Leading Furnltuao
iJ ! Houses In northern Utah.
A . We urc not to be undersold.
Ha 1 1 I Como once and jou will conic
H f St. Clair and Grand
H rj Superb Ranges
H' y arc unexcelled and suit all
H M f that buy.
H ' ' All Furniture, Stoves, lianges
H i 1 dellvcied and set up ready
H ; I
H.i'' Satisfaction assuicd. Don't for-
H Vt get that weal e
j,' ' Headquarters for Christ-
M ! mas Toys.
H Li i t si t st
H East Side Main Street,
1 Opposite Hanks Hetel.
V , TAKE '
j The Oregon
jj Short Line! . .
A For all North Pacific Coast Points-
! Portland Seattle,
ift j Spokane, Tacoma.
B i
i'i New Double Daily Train
l D. S. SPKNCElt, A. G. P. & T. A.,
H F Salt Lake City, Utah
H i W. W. WOODSIDE, Agct, Logan.
H j Commission Merchants.
H 1
m ' Eggs 22o doen.
H ! Wheat 70c bu.
H , Oats $1.0."j ewt.
H . , Beeswax 20 lb.
M. , J Alfalfa Seed 8c to Oc.
( , CliKmarketoveistockcd
ji:' I l'i Ices subject to market
H . ll chlmnges.
v i We sell
H i K Stoves, Fanning Implc-
H ft ments, Machinery, Grain
B R! Practical IlorsoHioor I
BB' (1 Ilnvintf Just nut In a Horso Plioelnc
B-J Uack. I am unablo to shoo with cao
H M ff all vicious liorsi's.
Piesltlcnt Castro of Venezuela docs
notinoposc to bcbullTcd by England
and Germany and Is pcrparlng to fight.
Wc admire his grit but don't think
much of his Judgment.
1 1 Is evident that a determined effort
w ill be made by Utah's Senator and
Rcprcsent.itlc to push tho opening of
the Uintah reserve. Much remains to
do; the consent of the Uln talis must
first be had, and the land will have to
be surveyed, bub lb Is hoped that the
matter may bo kept moving, and the
hope is for opening without unreason
ablo delay. Tho main tiling Is to keep
tho matter moving.
The director of tho mint reports
that tho United States last year pro
duced $78,000,000 In gold and $33,000,
000 in silver, or nearly ono third of the
world's total, which was $368,373,800
for tho two metals. Australia was
second In gold production, with a
total of $70,000,000. The output of
gold in Africa in 1001 was only $0,000,
000. Mexico was first In silver pro
duction, with a yield of $34,000,000, to
$33,000,000 In tho United States.
Wo understand that within the next
few days tho city council and county
commissioners will do asked to give a
way some valuable franchises. In the
past we have been In to great a hurry
to grant these concessions and In many
Instances the peoples Interests have
been sacrificed for individual gain.
While It Is right to uso all proper
means to secure street car lines, tele
phone si steins etc, there should bo rc
strlctlons and limitations that will. en
able the pcoplo to contiol them for the
public good.
Rcpicscntatle Do Armond intro
duced n bill in tho llouso yester
day that alms at the destruction of
trusts. It provides that It shall be
unlawful to ship fiom any State or
Territory, any manufactured articles
sold for shipment or intended to bo
sold unless every aitlclc has stamped
upon the cover containing it the
words "No monopoly product. Pro
duced In open competition," or other
wouls of like Import. A maximum
penalty of $1,000. lino or one j ear's
Imprisonment or both. It Is provided
ftuther that articles not thus marked
may bo confiscated.
Tho dllllculty that has arisen down
In Venezuela may lead to complica
tions that would ultimately involve
this nation In the squabble. It Is just
possible that Prest. Castio, In lieu of
cash, may olTer a land concession to
satisfy the claims of England and Ger
many. In that cent It might con
flict with our lntcipietatlon of the
Moiuoo Doctlne. It Is haidly prob
ablothatwe would peimlt a tiansfer
of tcnltory to either England or Ger
many; but It might necessitate our
taking a hand down theie, to the
extent that wo might guaiantco the
pajmentof tho Indebtedness and take
chaigoof the custom houses oui selves
until the claims were satisfied. It
would seem like an act of Christian
chai lty to seveial of tho Spanish
Ameilcan Republics If wo would glc
them to undcistand that they must
stop their quarreling and maintain
somosoitof older, or we will bo com
pelled to Interfeio In tho Interests of
humanity, Just as we did In Cuba.
Those Mho Work Tor Salaries.
Itlsqulto noticeable in this coun
tiy, as a rule, that men who woik
fiom year to jear under a common
salaiy, never get ahead financially, nor
make any particular maik in life.
Whllo such men may have ability In
ailcd ways, even moic than thoso
the) woik under, but being dentures
of chcinnstances, lemaln for jeais
without much piomotlon; woiking by
the month, thawing sakules at the
end theieof. What becomes of tho
salary V Every dollar Is usually spent
for the living expenses of tho family.
So It goes fiom month to month, and
j ear to jear, until some men pass tho
meildlan of their lives woiking for
wages, and not a dollar laid away to
help themselves with, in tho dajs they
need It the most. It may not bo put
ting it too stiong If wo should say
theio appeals to be a fatality follow
ing all such men. It Is admitted that
salailes paid to men In their early life
Is a good thing. At such times while
they have small families, perhaps none
at all, a portion of their earnings
should belaid away as a saving de
posit for futuio uso, so that when an
opportunity piesonis itself, some busi
ness may be gone Into wheieby a profit
fioinasmall Investment may bo lea
ll7cd, and thus to a certain extent be
come Independent. Tho western coun
try being new, many entei prises In a
small way can bo gono Into, that will
bo luciatlvc with a small amount of
capital, and therefor this wilting Is
inoio applicable to this country than
to tho cast. Ftuther, largo corpora
tions seem to have an age limit, that
when employees have spent the best
of their lives In their employ, such
men arc released and younger ones
employed to take tholr places. To
men that are approaching middle age,
wo say break away, if jou can rustle a
little capital any way at all. If vou
carr not do anything but ralso beets,
start a poultry farm, go into tho bee
culture, get a few sheep and graze
them on Uncle Sam's domain. Get
out and direct the labor of your bo)s;
have them around you. Perhaps at
tho present time while you arc earn
ing a monthly pittance, to bo con
sumed as regularly as it is earned,
your boys arc running the streets
learning mischief. Wo repeat again,
to young men who are earning wages;
be frugal, save some of your earnings,
deposit ityin a savings bank, so that
in riper years you will not bo under
tho necessity of being bossed by men
that don't know as much as you have
forgotten. Remember tliero Is no
pension awaiting you in old ago. The
Chicago North Western Rail Road
company have a most excellent rule
established. AH employees remaining
faithful and loyal to their company, at
a certain ago arc placed on a retired
list with a pension. Even in sickness
their faithful employees arc cared for.
Last summer one of their telegraph
operators was In this locality on a va
cation through sickness, attended by
a nurse, and the whole expense was
paid by the company, which is cer
tainly praiseworthy. These advan
tages do not await you, therefor look
ahead a little and prepare for tho fu
ture. In making the above change
you may be cut short of some advant
ages for a time, but In the long run
you will l)e better off, and bo placed
on an indepentent footing. Men
working for salaries rcllcct on these
A City Club Room.
Logan needs a library and reading
room. Each of tho Colleges have one
but they do not fill the requirements.
What wc need Is a nice comfortable
room as near the business center of
town as It Is possible to get It, where
peoplo can diop In and spend an hour
or two reading tho papcis or perusing
tho latest magazines. Wc have
a good many joung people and old
peoplo also for that matter, whose
home surroundings are not as pleas
ant as they might be, and they seek
pleasure elsewhere. Many of the
young men como up town and drift
into the saloons and billlaid halls and
como In contact with the Influences
and associations of those who frequent
lesorts of that kind. Young ladles
cannot with pioprlety seek diversion
In saloons but will spend moie time
on tho street that is profitable for
their good. Thero Is another class oj!
pcoplo that might bo considered In
this connection. Wc refer now to
those who are tied at homo all day
with routine duties, and to whom a
little exercise and mingling w lth man
kind would come as a welcome diver
sion. To these peoplo an hour at a
leading room or club would come as a
welcome lclicf as an oasis In tho
monotony of dally life.
An oidlnaiy reading room would
hardly answer theso lcquliomcnts; wo
would want to go a little further, just
what we would ncetl wo could not say
but It seems to us we could follow the
lead of the Young Men's Christian
Association with profit.
wc vrsrTKn
ono of their associations recently in an
eastern city about tho slo of Logan
and weio surprised and pleased at what
w o saw.
There was a nicely airanged leading
room furnished with chairs and tables
and supplied with books, magazines
and papers; adjoining this was an
other room supplied with chess and
checker boards and a ariety of other
games. Adjoining this again was a
pool room with two pool tables. In
another loom was a bath tub and
barber shop; another was litted upas
a gymnasium. In another room was a
piano whero those who loved music
could spend an hour of an evening
listening to tho best talent tho town
could alloid. Wo wore told that tho
rooms wero kept up by tho association
partly by voluntary contribution and
partly by monthly dues paid by tho
members. The amount of the dues
wero arranged according to the bene
fits dcilved. For Instance fifty cents
a week entitled a pcison to ono shavo
and one bath. If a peison wished the
advantages of tho bath room only, the
feo was less. Admission to tho lead
ing loom was fiec. Fifty cents a
quarter entitled a peison to take ono
book a week from the library. Two
nights a week tho association gave a
sort of conceit In tho music loom.
Wo weio Informed that tho club had
become so popular In tho town that a
nice little sum was left over after all
expenses weio paid, which was spent
in purchasing new books.
Now some such organization as that,
It seems to us, Is what wo need. Of
course It would take time to work It
up, but It can be done. It would seem
tons that the Mutual Improvement
organizations throughout tho city aro
tho proper pcoplo to take hold of this
matter. Tho looms In tho second
story of tho tithing olllco building
would bo very suitable and would cost
but little. Nearly every mutual In
the city has a small library that aro
doing Httlo good where they aro trow.
These could bo collected and form tho
nucleus for a library. Tho news
papers in towrr can furnish papers and
magazines from their exrham;c3. So
that a commencement could bo made
without a very great outlay.
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