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The annual opening of our doll and toy
department occurs MONDAY, Dec J 5;
the variety is practically speaking endless
, and no matter what price you wish to pay
you will find dolis and toys that are sure to
delight the little ones marked at prices that
in all instances mean a substantial saving.
A number of the choicest things will be sold
early so you will readily see the desirability
of making your selection while the stocks are
complete and before the inevitable holiday
rush sets in; it is so much easier to find what
you want right now. Watch our windows
iot holiday displays,
Remember the place
1 "
For the Next 15 Days
WC m IsssHsssssssI W la.
RsQ VHssssW M I d
-v. SOLID OAK SIDEIiOAI) with French plate JQ7 nn
j Mirrorl8xJ0 O-I.UU
All other goods at prlcos In piopoition.
Hansen Fmmtute Co.
City Livery and Feed Stable
Best of care given to animals1 Commercial men and other persons need
ing livery will receive careful attention. PRICES REASONA HLE.
Sleigh Bells of all Kinds
We have lust received a stock of FINE SWEDISH HELLS,
t. and we are able to sell them at ery low prices. .,,,
It- Our assortment of STAHLE AND STOHM BLAMvETS
-t is tlic best on tho market. .-n--r.c n i
Wcaionowmanufactuiingour own SADDLES of all winds
and can give j ou hotter saddles for jour money than jou can get
elsewhere and will guarantee them tobcilrst-class In evciy respect.
We also hae a completo line of hand-made harness of all de
scriptions, light and heavy. Call and see us before purchasing.
Special sale on Ladies' and Children's
Coats, and Millinery. Now is the chance
for bargains on Christmas Goods.
Liquor Merchant
Local Jottings.
Don Jones of Wellsllle was a caller
J. A. Hcndilckson returned from Salt
Lake j csterday.
P.M.Maughan, the Wcllsvllle co-op
man was in town Friday.
W. W. Napper has gone to Cache
Junction as night operator.
Salt Lake City is trying to secede
from Salt Lake County. It will bo a
question for the legislature to decide.
Sam Kent of Lcwlston dropped in
on us Thursday. Ho reports every
thing prosperous in his burg.
The Paris Millinery next door to
the Postofflce have a special sale on
ladies' hats, Buyorsshouldnotmlsslt.
I. A. Gardner the O. S. L. Agent at
Mcndon, who was reported down with
Typhoid, died the lirst part of the
w cck and was burled j estcrday.
The merchandise department at tho
tithing ofllcc will be discontinued In a
few dajs and the cast side of the build
ing will be ilttcd up and used as an
Montana is coming to the front as
the greatest wool producing stato In
the Union. This jcar the clip was
33,000,000 pounds as compared with
30,000,000 sounds last j ear.
Utah has 28 studcts at Lcland Stan
ford University. They hao recently
formed a Utah club the object of which
Is to promote the interest of Utah
students. Joel NIbley represents
Logan there.
Theclty schools will lcmaln In ses
sion until the 24th. The colleges w ill
close for the holidajs about tho 18th
and w ill open again on the (Ith of Jan
uary,allow Ing the students about thiee
weeks at home.
D.R. Robcits spent .ill of thewcek In
Salt Lake City looking up the status
of thcStatcInstltutlons. Tho Legisla
ture will meet in two or three weeks
and Dave wants to be posted on state
matters that will come up for consid
eration. The room nct to the bank in tho
Tatcher Opera House block has been
nicely papered and furnished and will
be used for the present as a dancing
hall and later it will be occupied by
G. and II. Tatcher as a show room
for musical instruments.
Itobcit Murdock Is woiklng up a
nice little industry In the candy man
ufacturing line. Our repoter took a
run through his establishment Tues
day and was surprised to see the pro
giess he has made In tho business.
EIc en people arc employed and tons
ofilnc candies are turned out cery
month. A number of our local retail
ers aie finding it to their advantage
to handle the home made article.
Such enterpilscs aie a good thing.
Thcfjth waul Mutual haslnaugiuatd
a new dcp.utmc In the line of amuse
ments that might be adopted with
pioflt by the other waids. Eciy Sat
urday evening the joung people
assemble at the meeting house and
spend the evening in playing games
and in other lines of amusements and
In having a general good time. The
mutual piovldcsicfreshments,ctc.that
aie sold at a nominal cost. The object
Is to keep the joung folks off the street
and from frequenting undesirablo
John J. Gallacher son of John
Gallacher of Salt Lake City, well
known throughout the intcrmountain
legion as the oldest and one of tho
best rcstamant men in the countiy
came to Logan Nov. 1st and Is now a
bonifldo resident of this city, and has
gone into tho icstaurant business with
our well known townsman Zcph
Thomas. Their restaurant Is located
under' tho Eagle Hotel and is urn in
an up-to-date stjle. Eveiybody has
woids of pialso for John and the
treatment they lecelvc. Being raised
fiom childhood In the business he is
thoroughly acquainted with all its
details. Elaboiato improcmcnts aie
being made which when completed
will compare favoiably with any bus
iness of its kind In the state.
Henry Lamoreaux of Leigh, Teton
Basin, is down visiting his relatives
and friends. Henry Is an old time resi
dent of Logan and used to know every
man, woman and child In town. He
rcpoits prosperous times up in Basin
and all the Logan peoplo up theie do
ing well. He sajs Ed. Holden, form
erly of Logan, lives in the Uasln and
has been engaged In tho sawmill busi
ness. He was leccntly arrested on
chaigcof illegal cutting timber and
was taken to Chcjennc for trial. He
was convicted and sentenced to pay
a line of $1100, or go to the penitentiary
for thiee years. He failed to pay his
fine and Is nowscivlng his sentence.
An effort Is being made by his friends
to have him pardoned. Ileniy sajs
tho Teton Valley Is tho piettlest and
healthiest place In Idaho. They have
a-nlne foot vein of coal and a gold
mlne.and now they are boring for oil
which they have assurances they will
tlnd. A telephone lino will soon bo
built from St. Anthony to Victor.
Mr. Lamoreaux w III remain In Logan
about ten days.
The German Mission.
In a little chat with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Thatcher, we obtain some In
teresting Information In regard to
their missionary work In Germany
during tho last jear. They left home
In September, and on their arrival in
Germany, were assigned to labor in
Dresden. Thcro was 3 elders In that
city besides Mr. Thatcher,and a small
branch numbering about 00 members.
They were permitted to hold meetings
but forbidden to hold Sunday
schools openly. Mrs. Thatcher, how
over, had a little class that sho taught
In violation of law. A law has been
passed recently that Is calculated to
check the tendency of tho peoplo to
leave tho State church. It provides
that before Joining another church a
person must resign from tho old one,
and pay a fee of Eight Marks for the
After laboringsix months In Dresden,
Mr Thatcher was transferred to Llcp
zlg where ho labored until ho was re
leased to come home. In Llepzlg there
Is a branch of about 40 actlv o members.
There were 15 baptisms during the
joar. There arc 140 ciders In tho Ger
man Mission.- Last j car they baptised
007 people, lsltcd 12,501 homes on In
vltatlons,held 4500 mcctlngs.had 22,250
Gospel conversations, dlstilbutcd 148,
482 tracts and 3311 books. Tho total
membership In the empire Is 2057.
The prejudice against our peoplo has
been very pronounced on tho part of
the Ministers who aie the source of
all dlilleultics. Some of the ciders wcic
arrested and some banished, but
thiough the cITorts of Minister White
they were released and the decree of
banishment annulled.
Last summer Mr. and Mrs. Thatchci
obtained a leave of absence for six
weeks and spent the time in visiting
England, Fiance, Swltrciland and
parts of Gcimany. They vvcie' released
on account of tho Illness of Hon. Geo.
'1 hatcher. They had a cry rough pass
age homo and were confined to their
state room all the way over. They en
Joyed their missionary work cry much
but aie glad to be at home again.
Idaho Falls, Idaho, Dec. 0, 1002.
E. 11. Pukckll,
Mgr. Sjmphony Club,
Dear Sir;
The conceit given hcic last night
was attended by a large ciovvd and
thoroughly enjojed by all.
Speaking for mi self, lean saj; that
the piogram lcndeied hero is the best
I have had the pilvllege of hearing
for a long time, and inasmuch as I am
a great lover of this class of music, all
I can say Is that It was immense.
Wishing jou success whcicver jou
go, I am
Yours truly,
C. E. Dinwooduy,
The dow n pour Wednesday night and
Thursday was everything that even
the most thirsty diy farmer could
deshe. From present indccatlons
there will be no lack of water In this
valley next summer.
0. K. STORE.
125 suits of men's boj sand children's
i;iuuil" lu uu sum iusilhui,)
at half pilcebp January 1, ll)0J. We
need the loom for Dry Goods and
Groccilcs which we shall sell ex
clusively hereafter.
For Sale!
Four hundred acres of first class land
in Ticnton. Well adapted for beet
raising, good water light in tho west
Cache Canal. Parties wishing to in
vest In as good a farm as lies In Cache
county call or correspond with
WILLIAM HOMER, Smlthllcld, Ut.
The Musical EventI
Thatcher Opera Mouse
Monday Evening Dec. 15
Tim CELEll'ltATKI)
Club and
Lady quartette
And tho Celebrated Young American
Tommy Purcell
In a'dclltrlitful proirram entirely (no from
dullness and conslstlniruf
Lady Quartettes, Violin and Vocal
Solos, Mandolin and Guitar Club,
Comic and Sciious Readings.
A musical entertainment that Is
enjoyable alike to tho musician and
tho masses.
PRICES 50c and 75c
Tickets on sale Monday Morning at
Pox Ollice.
Don't miss this treat. Seo our pro
gram, it speaks for itself.
Gift Selection Jjfr ;
pleasing to each particular friend' ',?Kwk1N (ssssfl
mcrcglauco at our new stock of KiWm .ssssssssi
are as new as tho goods, and the pl?jBH BH
prices arc now In their lowncss. Wo arc showlmr DrUvAiisssf-ft H H
entirely new assortments in , AhH H
Our name stands for reliable quality and fair price. EflHi i
Cardon Jewelry Co., Logan fflB I H
"ry 1 129 North Main St. I
J Everything First-class. H
Dinner from 1 to 3 p. m., 25c. M
Fish, New Voik Count
a f Ojsteis served any WWW
Cafe -- 1 1
Thomas & Gallacher.
Special Attention Given to Watch Itcdalrlng. Satisfaction Ouaiantecd. M
East of Tithing Office. Dealer In H
Tine Jewelry, Watches, Clocks. I
An elegant Supply of CHRISTMAS OOODS on hand. WE CANNOT BE H
i HiVi
Marriage Licenses.
William G. Jay, Preston, 24
Emily Tovcy, " 25
Hcniy Uuchler, Logan, 24
Mary A. Maughan, Giecnvlllc, 21
Chas. McNeil, Logan, 2J
Letha Jane Orison, Colllnston, 18
Geo. R. Folkman, Thaj ne, 20
Adeline C. Bev Ins, Thatcher, 10
Geo. O. Good, Jr., ChcsteilleU 25
Tlllle Folkman, Thatcher, 21
Win. II. Claik, Jr., Clarkston, 21
Suslo Thompson, " II)
Hcnnlo Ravstcn, Claikston, 27
Clara E. Chrlstcnsen, Claikston, 17
John II. Coopci, AVellsvillc, 33
E. A. Scales, " 23
Hcniy Clnlstoffcrson, Richmond, 20
FIoi.i 11. Hill, Richmond, 27
Claude A. Hill, Richmond, 21
Annie E. Feltman, " 20
Spoke ills Piece,
A dear little boy whoso home is
In New Jersey, but whose Identity
shall not bo further disclosed, attend
ed school Lust winter and, on an occa
sion when visitors vvcro announced,
took part In exercises In their honor.
Tho exercises comprised recitations by
the brighter children and among them
this dear little boy was called on. He
recited In perfectly good faith the fol
lowing which hchad learned or caught
from an indulgent nurse with scnil-po-ctlcal
.Tano ate cake and Jane ate Jelly,
Jane went to bed with a pain In her
Now don't get excited,
Don't be misled,
Foi what Jane had was a pain In her
When the youngster told of this, to
his entirely surprised and somewhat
shocked parents they asked him:
"What did the teacher sayV"
Ho replied: "She said nothing.
Sho just turned mound and looked out
of the window, but tho scholais and
visitors wanted me to say it again."
W. D. Hendricks was down from
Richmond Thursday.
ham has taken agency at Mcndon.
The speakeis at the funcj l of Ingolil
AlmeweicH. A. PedviH'ii, Andicas
1'cterson, Pies. J. II. Lipfoid, John A.
Hendrlckson and Hans A. Hansen, all
of whom spoko In glowing terms of tho
worth of tho deceased. The remains
were shipped to Bilgham on tho after
noon train.
Preparations are now completed to
commence laying the Paclllo cable be
tween Manila and San Fiancisco.
The cabin ship will sail fiom San
Francisco within a day or two and It
Is expected that tho cable will bo in
operation at Honolulu by Christmas.
Tho cable is now being made to cover
tho remaining distance and It is ex
pected it will becompleted into Manila
by June 1st. Tho total length of tho
cable when completed will be about
10,000 nautical miles.
John Thomas I H
Merchant Tailor. M
The leading tailor of the county.
Call and be convinced. 1
jr T Incandescent vft-
"Ip Vapor Gas Light jp ,, H
Tti cttaftit and ilrongnt UgU ca ttrtb. Makes anil
burn. it. own cas. it is portable, hang It any. H
where. Requires no pipes, wires or gii ma- H
chine. A safe, pure uhite, powerful, steady rt H
light. rffproveJ 1 tin hiutanct VnJtrmUcrt. , H
100 Candle Power 15 J
Hours for Two Cents. H
No wicks to trim, no cmoLc or smell. No H
chimneys to clean. Superior to electricity or H
acet lene niul cheiper thin Lcrosene. Saving H
effected liy Its use quicUy pay. for it. Great
arlety of Fixture for lmloor nnd outdoor use. H
This is the rlontcr Incandescent Vapor Gas
l,aup. It is perfect. Ueware of imitations. H
T Thcro arc More f Evei7 W
I "BEST" LAMPS In 1 Lamp
use than ALL other WAR H
w makes combined. F ssssH
J . JLsoid JL ik JL
r-l by T-1 I M
R. Lafount and Co. H
i:ast and North U:00 and 2:45 p.m. H
Preston branch 10:45 a.m. i H
Salt Lake, Ogden and South H
2:45 and 0:00 p.m. H
'Providence, Mlllvlllc, Hy- H
rum and Paradise 12:00 m. H
I5cnson and King 12:00 m. H
College, "Wednesday and Sat- H
urday 12:00m. H
Salt Lake, East, West, North H
and South.. .11:00 a.m. and 0:25 p.m. ,v : H
Preston branch 3:05 p.m. '? ,
Providence, Mlllvlllc, Hy. , i M
rum and Paradise 0:30 p.m. , H
Uenson and King 11:00a.m. H
College, Wednesday and Sat- j H
uiday 11:00 a.m. ' : H
Daily except Sunday. I H
Gcncial Dcllvciy window f H
open 8:00 a.m. to 0:00 p.m. -:: i H
Sunday, General Delivery i H
window open. ...12.00 m. to 1:00 p.m. f,k ' H
Money order window open - , H
fiom 8:00 a.m. to 5.00 p. m ! H
i m
$3.50 I
Royal Blue Shoe 4 mm
For sale by wj
James Quayle & Co, B
r tttWWW

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