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u i rrollmlnnry steps hnvo boon taken
W nt nichflold to provide waterworks (or
K' thnt plnco.
flr The reported coming of tlio MolTnt
& i rond Is causing considerable activity In
Hi , I ' ' Uintah county.
M i I Tho price of sugar lion uilvnncod CO
H ' i cents per lmndrcd pounds within th
' 'I "st two wooks.
K' ' ' President Iloosovclt will vlBlt Utnb
' i jf In March or April, wlillu on his way
H ; H to tho Ycllowstono Park.
aaH. S5 H
:, H Tho plant of tho Salt Lnko Brick A
V- li Tllo company was destroyed by flr
asH'S ;W 'aBt W00l!' cntnllliiK a loss of $10,000.
HJj ij Tho rnbbtt hunt near Goshen last
HI "XJ week resulted in tho slaughter of Gil
HJ bunnies, tho winning sldo hacking 268.
Hf?' J Slnco November 17 not n slnglo day
BJ jjj j Tias passed without one or two earth
H1 , ,, qunko shocks being felt In I'lno Valley.
f l Hyrum l'arrnmoio of Charleston nad
H ' Ms hand blown off on tho night of tne
HH I SOth, by tho accidental dlschnrgo of his
H f Kun.
! Whllo working on a now building at
H--)i ' Lchl, Monroe Wilson and II. J. Stow-
BH ' ) art wero Injured by tho falling of i
U scaffold.
PH It Is snld that tho wlfo of Frank
HH , iHlnsdnlo, who suicided at Schoflold, li
U . being closely wntched to keep hor fron
HH) following his oxnmplo.
fHai Tho Utah crop of potatoes is short
BH jre this season, becnuso of the drouth, and
HH So? already a fow potntocs aro being
JJJfi I shipped In from Idaho.
JHf l Tho rural free deliver' service has
HHl . ,i been Inaugurated at I.chl. Tho route
v" Sj supplies residents nt tho sugar factory,
BH kJ Sogo Lily and I.chl Junction.
BBJ ij Tho Utah Wool-Growers' association
BBl 'I hns named 100 delegates to tho Na-
BBl'' v tionnl Livestock convention to bo hold
H ln Kansas City from January 13 to 1G.
BBY t The report of tho stato treasurer
BBJ J shows a balanco on hand Dec. 1 of
BBf- 1C1.997.C9; receipts during November,
H , ( $157,124.8-1; expenditures, $121,104.24.
BBB ft Smallpox Is practically wiped out of
B- ) Bait I. alee City, but four cases being
BBV csrod for by tho department during tho
BBB mouth, aud threo of thesa being trail
H Tho (lowing well at tho Oregon Short
BBB ' y Lino's Lchl station, which has for so
BBB' many years furnished wator for tho
H ! company's big tank at Lchl Junction,
BBB. seems to have becomo exhausted.
BBBI General Manager llauoroft of tho
BBV Oregon Shoit Lino announces that on
BBB ' January 1 that road will establish n
BBB j pension syBtom for employes who hnvo
BBB J boon with tho company twenty years
BBV,y- A and upward.
H ; John Marshall of Pangultch lost GOO
BBB j T sheep In this last snowstorm. The
BBJ ! W sheep had not left tho moitnlns wnon
I 'A tho snowstorm camo, nnd they wero
$' nowed In. Sovernl more herds aro
U, In tho same condition.
) j A Trlbuno special from Now York
( City says that "It Is stated on good nil-
I thorlty that a now lino of rnllway
9 has been surveyed from Salt Lake City
, ig. to San FranclRco many miles shorter
BBB li? than tho Central Pacific."
J Ji Whllo at work In tho Annlo Laurie
BBBj j mlno at Klmbcrley, Snow McDonald
BBBJ i rnmo near losing his lifo through tho
BBBJ ,V caving of timbers, which, fortunately,
BBVJ j struck him on tho head, throwing htm
BBBJ ' v backward. Ho fortunately received no
B j permanent Injuries.
B ' I City Marshal John Adams and Peter
BBVJ Andorson. of Amorlcan Fork, wero
BBBJ both shot by tho accidental discharge
H Y of the marshal's revolver, which fell
B from his pocket. Tho ball passed
B .V through Adams' loft ankle, nnd lodged
BBBJ li in Anderson's left leg.
BBBlj ty Whllo working In tho sugar factory
BBBi; u nt Lchl, Morgan Lott was caught In
B B tho mammoth beet wheel and carried
Hjc K to the top of tho room. With rare
BBBBr', fj presence of mind ho grasped an iron
H m -rod and hung on whllo tho wheal tore
BB"?1 "10 c'otll,nK rrom his body.
B H Tho tlsh and gnmo warden of San-
BB It pcto county reports that natlvo trout.
& W suckers, carp and eastern brook trout
K W aro Increasing, but that bass aro not
H 'J doing well. Sagchous, ducks and quail
BBB nro on tho Increase, but deer aro de-
BBB 1 creasing, owing to poor range
BBBb j F, L. Illnsdaln suicided at Schoflold,
BBBB 'taking nn overdose of morphine. Hlniv
BBBB ' dale was wanted by Salt Ij1;o olllcials
BBBB K on a charge of obtaining monoy under
BBVB' I falso pretenses, nnd it is supposed a
BBBBi i realization of tho dlsgraco ho had
BJBBf Y brought upon himself prr.riptod tho
BBVB4r , A pasHcngcr (uiu'lno running nt a
BBVBrXy& high rate of npeed or the Hlo Ornnde
BBVJB(j- Western jumped the track at a point
BBABMb 4lV i near Wc8twatir, and tho (IrQmnn, C
VABAVm. Wsbb. f'- Ilcn'10' wnH lulled. Hnglnccr John
HSBBMwJBBB Cummlngs had one leg brokon anil
BBBBBBBBBBk 'all Clerk neuson his shoulder
l'topln riru In Tt-rror tin Finnic ltnrt
Fi.rth Frniii iMiMininln 1'i-nlti
A report from tho United States
naval station at Tutulln, Samonn
Islands, uniler ilato of November 24,
says: On November 1 '.ho Samonns
at tho western extremity ol the group
nt tho Island of Savall were atartled
by severe nliocks of earthquakes
which lusted throughout th6 night and
mqrnlng. Some of tho shocks were
severe enough to thir.w aown a con
crolo church nnd v:cok scvornl oth
ers. Then tiro was seen to burst forth
from sovernl of tho tuoiintnln peaks,
and tho people lied In teiror to places
they considered safe. These extinct
volcanoes, now active, aie toward tho
west of S-ivnll. Tindltlon speaks ot
a violent eruption about 150 years ago,
when lint poitlon of the country wna
a Mowing stream of molten lava, and
travolors l.uvo wondered at the extent
of tho eruption when they havo had
to walk over tho (leldo of waving lock
chilled no it llowod dowr. tho mountain
Bides towuul the sea.
Tho ill oh at jnesfiit nro observablo
at four pt-aku ot tho mountain rlugu
which form the backbone of tho
Island, and so long as tho disturbance
Is confined to that portion of the coun
try little harm can happen. It Is
stated that the other parts ot Samoa,
being of moro recent origin than Sn
vail, will not bo affected by tho out
burst. PiovIoiik to tho present outburst
tho only eruption known to tho peoplo
now living occurred between tho
Islands of Tan nnd Olocscga. tn tho
Manua portion of Snmoa, about thirty
flvo years ago, whon tho sen became
greatly agitated, sand and locks wero
thrown up, and tho Islnnd of Olocscga
became devastated through thn vapors
arising from tho ocean where tho dis
turbance took place. At tho same tlmo
millions of fit.li wero destroyed, but
tho bank then formed which has a
depth of water over It of thirty fath
oms, aud Is a favorite fishing ground
for tho peoplo of Mnnua now.
Ureal llrlluln mill (Ifiriumiy lftt?e l'reieiiteil
Thrlr l)ltlniHliiin.
Great Ilrltnln and Germany havo
presented ultimatums to Vonczuola,
which will ho followed by tho sclzuro
of tho customs unless a satisfactory
settlement Is roithcomiug within a
brief period. The ultimatums have a
tlmo limit, but tho oxnet dnto cannot
bo asectralned hero. Tho Ilrltlsh for
eign olllcu wtutes, with regard to tho
limit "It Is a resonnblo tlmo in which
Vone.uela can satisfy tho injured gov
ernments. Doth notes nro practically
Identical, although tho amounts of tho
clnlms differ. Tho notes merely ro
Itorato tho continued disregard by tho
Venezuelan government of all our rep
resentations, specify our claims nnd
demand Immediate action on tho part
of President Cnstio's government In
connection therewith." Tho British
government's case Is practically Iden
tical with tho statements mado In pre
vious dispatches from London, In
which It was tlrst announced thnt tho
action wan rontomplnted. Should tho
Ilrltlsh ultimatum meet with a hostllo
lecoptlon, the lliltlsh minister, W. II.
1). Ilnggard, hns been Instructed to go
aboard a Ilrltlsh warship, or If that Is
Impracticable, to go Into tho neighbor
ing ilrltlsh colony.
I'utlirr mill Chilli C'rriiMti-il In Tlivlr lliuim
Flro destroyed tho general storo and
dwelling of Ma Mnnthey, nt Colgate,
Wis. Mr. Manthcy, In attempting to
escape, fell fiom tho porch and broke
his neck, dying a fow minutes later.
In the excitement a child 8 yoais old
was forgotten, nnd was burned to
death. Another child was fatally and
thrco othcis soilously Injured. Tho
mother aud two other children wero
tho only ones to.escnpo uninjured. Mr.
Mnnthey wns ovr CO years old. Tho
family consisted of tho father and
mother and sovjt. chllilioii, who, with
tho servant, woro in tho building at
tho tlmo of tho flro. It la thought tho
lire wns caused by an overheated fur-naeo.
l.im-liii'.r Klllr.l, Inn ririiiirii Injiirnl.
Peter Pcteison. a Santn Fo engi
neer, was Instantly killed and two flre
men woro borlously Injured In a head
on freight collision on tho Santn Fo
near Peach Springs, Ariz, lloth en
gines woro wrecked, and soverul
freight cars were smashed up. A. O.
Wells, geueinl manager of tho west
orn linos of tho Santa Fo company,
says that fiom tho advices ho had re
ceived tho wrock was not a Borions
one, oxcopt for tho death of Knglnoer
'I mill-) ('ill Collide.
Two inter-in ban trains collldod
seven miles from Tacomu Monday
afternoon, injuring nine persons
slightly and breaking the legs of Gus
tavo Larson of Seattle. Tho accident
wns caused by tho motoinmn of tho
Tncoma trnln running past tho switch
whore ho should havo met tho Seattle
train. Tho Injured wero able to pro
ceeed to Taconm and Seattle, whero
they received medical attention, and
Larson was taken to the hospital at
lll lie mi Intrmluiiiliiii ,,r i:irclliiu rmW
In llnitt-r.
Judge Carpenter of Deliver has ills
charged the grand Jury drawn to In
vestigate the nllrijed election frauds
In that city Tills action wns taken
because or tin uncertainly as to tho
viilldlty of tin constitutional amend
cuams Arij:u Niioitr u.i.Nr.ss.
Former Wpmlinr of tlm llnuir r lleirraen-
latUeii Wu Oiinlliiril In Ilia lied Hut
Keren 1y When tin I'linaeil
lVnrernlly to thn (Ireut
Thomas Brackett rtccd, formoi
speaker of the houso of rcprosenta
tlves, and for many years ono of tho
most prominent characters In public
life, is dead, his death occurring in
Washington, D. C, at ,12:10 o'clock
Sunday morning, after a short Illness,
tho Immediate cause of death being
uraemia. At tho bedside when ho died
wero Mrs. Bccd and Miss Kathorlno
Uced, Doctoia Gardner, .McDonald,
Hlshop and Goodnow, and tho nurses.
Mr. Uced passed awny peacefully and
ipparontly without pain.
Thomns Brnckctt Heed wos born Oc
tober 18, 1839, in Portland, Mo., and
rocclvcd his cnily education In tho
common schools of that city. In 18C0
ho was graduated from Ilowdoln col
lego, winning ono of tho highest hon
ors tho prlzo for excellence In ling
llsh composition, The next four years
woro spent by Mr. Iteed In tenching
nnd tho study ot lnw. Bcforo his ad
mission to tho bar ho was appointed
acting assistant paymaster in tho
United States navy.
After his dlschnrgo In 18C5 Mr.
Hood returned to Portland, passed tho
bar and entered on tho practice of
his profession. Threo years later he
was elected as a Republican In tho
legislature of tho state of Maine. In
18C9 ho was re-elected to tho houso
nnd In 1870 nindo state senator, pass
ing from tho lnttor position to that of
nttorncy goncrnl of the stato tho same
year. Retiring from this ofTtco nftor
Cffectlvo sorvlco In 1873, ho wns then
mado solicitor of the city of Port
I land.
In Soptember, 187G, ho was elected
to tho Forty-fifth congress of tho Unit
ed States, which assembled In De
cember, 1877. Ho immediately be
enmo prominent through n speech, one
of tho few formal ones over delivered
by him, In which ho argued against
tho paylment of damages bv tho Unit
ed States for Injuries received by
William nnd Mary collego at the
hands of United States troops durlnii
the wnr. Tho subsequent policy ot
the government In relation to wai
claims wns largely determined by tho
defeat of this measure, to which Mr.
Reed signally contributed. Ho wnn
also ono of tho minority members ap
pointed to Investigate tho election of
President Hayes In the famous Hayes
Tlldon controversy. Ills skill as n de
bater was at onco recognized, and his
lnfluonco becoming more strongly
marked each year, tho leadership of
his party was finally conceded to him,
and In tho Forty-ninth and Fiftieth
congresses tho complimentary Bare
nation to tho spenkerBhlp was ten
dered him by the nepubllcnns.
In tho Fifty-first congress, that par
ty having obtained tho uBccndancy, ho
was elected speaker on tho flrst bal
lot. In tho first days of his adminis
tration of tho offlco much opposition
wns mado by tho minority to the en
forcement of what Mr. Uoed belloved
his constitutional power, to count
members present In tho houso as par
ticipating In a vote, dosplto their ro
fusal to uso their privilege. Tho ques
tlon of silence on such occnslon con
stituting legal absence, and tho de
struction thereby of a quorum, was,
however, set at rest by tho adoption
of now rules by tho house, Februnry
14, 1890. In September of tho snme
year Mr. Rood wob re-elected to th
Fifty-second cc -ess by a largo ma
jority. Mr. Heed proved himself an
lndefntlgablo worker, oven whllo In
oongH8, nnd nsldo from his duties ns
enngrcsBinnn and speaker ho found
tlmo to contribute to sovornl maga
zines of tho tiny articles pertinent to
tho various political and econ. nilc
questions which wero from time to
tlmo ngltntlng tho country.
Mii l Urimmil l.y llm WHulit of Coin mi
III I'emou.
A peculiar drowning Is reported
from Canarslo. Long Islnnd. With
$300 In silver In his pockets, which ho
had saved for his wedding, Edwarc'
Portor was knockod from his sloop
whllo returning to poit and wnn
drowned. Owing to tho storm, bin.
crew .cou'd roudcr no nssietnnco, and
weighted down by tho coin. Porter, al
though a good swimmer, sank nlmost
Tli lloniie. TiiHueil tin- lVimlnn Hill Wltlimit
n Wunl ill Drlmlr.
The houso on Saturday passed pen
sion appropriation bills carrying
$130,000,000 without a word of debate.
Mr. Barney (Wis.). In charge of tho
measure, explained that the npproprla
tlous it cnrrled, aggregating $139,St7,
000, woro practically Identical with
tliotto for tho current year and that it
contained no now legislation. Tho bill
wnn then pnssed without a word of
comment, oxnetly ten minutes having
been consumed In Its consIilTation.
MeHMirr. r.ieit rniMniir llmv ,a
int-iit .Mhj In Wurkeil
A bill hns hPuii passed by tho housr
providing thnt when oil hndti nio lo
cct'tl ns placer mining cllms the nn
ni-iil assessment labor upon such
chl - mny be rto upon &ny or ca'h
One rroipermn City at Apen, Colorado,
la llelng Ueaerted.
A special to tho Salt Lake Herald
from Aspen, Colo., says: Tho rccont
slump In price of silver Is virtually a
disaster to this onco prosperous , city,
and has brought great distress to for
merly happy homes. At tho present
prlco of tho white mctnl not a mln
In tho camp can bo worked nt a profit,
nnd almost tho entire population ol
tho town must give up old associa
tions, many of thorn of a lifetime nd
seek other places to mnko n livelihood.
In this exodus, sons, daughters, par
ents and children must necessarily bo
separated, and there Is grcnt dejection
over tho prospect. Every outgoing
train carries peoplo who havo for
saken their homes hero, being unnblo
to soil them at any price, to seek
work or make a now start in lifo In
other sections of tho country. Aspen
has been known heretofore as the
greatest silver mining camp In tho
United States, and nt ono tlmo tho
greatest in tho world. Tho city Is sit
uated in a pretty valley surrounded by
threo huge mountains, which abound
In tho white metal which may novcr
boo the light of day. During tho bust
ling days of 1SS7 to 1893 Aspen
boasted of a population of 15,000, but
today scarcely 1,500 remain. After
tho panic of 1892-93 nnd until a fow
weeks ago, all of the largo properties
havo been worked under lenso and tho
miners mado a llttlo bettor than
wages, whllo silver was between GO
and CO cents an ounce.
Mln Wurkera Kxperted tn Connumo Ilia
Klltlrn Woek.
It Is oxpected thnt tho mlno work
ers will consumo all of tho week In
presenting to tho nnthraclto coal
strike commission their side of tho
controversy with tho coal operators.
It Is estimated tho employers will take
about ten days to submit tho Informa
tion thoy deslro tho commission to
havo. Tho commission will ask tho
attorneys for both sides to present
what figures they already havo pre
pared, so that tho arbitrators may
study them, and those who aro not yet
ready to present their figures will bo
requested to mako an extra effort to
expedlto tho work. Tho commission
has no deslro to unnecessarily hurry
anyone, but feels that all lntorcsted
should work ns rapidly as possible.
Tho arbitrators aro dally receiving let
ters of advice from persons In all
parts of tho country. Nearly a major
ity of tho letters make pleas for the
protoction of tho non-union mon.
Furanua Carloonlit Ruceumba to nn Attack
nf Yellow Fever.
Consul-General Thomas Nast died
Sunday noon at Guayaquil, Ecuador,
after threo days' illness from yollow
fovnr. Ho was Interred at 6 p. m. The
funoral was attended by tho governor,
tho consular corps, tho American cob
ony and by many friends, Tho coflln
wns wrapped In tho stars and stripes.
Tho British consul recited a prayer In
tho cemetery. Tho death of Mr. Nast
Is deeply lamented by tho natives,
who held him In high esteem.
Mr. Nast was appointed consul-general
at Guayaquil this year, leaving
New York for his post July 1. Ho
wns born In Landau, Bavaria, Septem
ber 27, 1S40, and camo with his par
ents to tho United States six years
lator. As a caricaturist and cartoonist
ho boenmo famous.
Uolnc tn Old Country tn Upend Chrlitinnr,
Tho annual exodus from tho north
wost nnd tho middle west of Scandi
navians who returned to tho mother
land for tho Christmas holidays, is un
usually heavy this year. A special
train thnt left Chicago for Now York
Sunday carried COO of theso oxcurslon
lsts to Norway and Sweden. Tho train,
which was elnborately decorated with
tho flags of tho United States and of
Norway and Sweden, carried a brass
band. Practically all of tho excursion
ists will return to tho United Stnteo.
and n largo number of them havo ar
ranged to bring kinsmen with them on
tho return trip.
Tliree-foot Lend Which Aaaura 4,3!!H.nil
tn tho '1 nn In tlnlil,
Ono of tho richest strikes cvei
mndo In southeast Wyoming is ro
ported from tho Sllvor Glanco mine,
In tho Harlvlllo district, whero a
three-foot lead has boon opened up
which assays S4.328.C0 to tho ton in
gold. The qro from which tho re
turns woro rocolvod was selected rock,
but it Is said tho voln mntlor Is vory
rich, containing, in addition to tho
gold, about 15 per cent copper and
eomo silver.
Mitn Telle h lVr-nUur Slnry Hi-curding the
Death nf Ilia Siieelliritrt.
Annlo Mc.Mnhan, a domestic cm
ployed In a Springfield, Mo., hotel, wns
found dead In her room Sunday. Wil
liam Plttman, an on.ployo or tho Frls
:o shops, slightly wounded, wns also
found In tho room. Plttmnn assorted
that the girl, In n jealous frenzy, shot
him and thou committed suicide. El
imination by tho police disclosed tho
fact that tho girl had boon shot In tho
nek. Plttmnn was held for Investigation.
rrnaperlly In Ne 3!rxlrn,
The annual report of Governor
Otero of Now Mexico to tho Becretnry
of stato says the tonltory Is unusually
pioBpcrotiB, irrigation v. oil; Iiuh taken
great stildcs, new mines m opening
and new towns and titles ar spring
PK.'i' life-- Tho netjionilerl dobt f
Three Men Bturt Trouble on i Veel nnd
Lenie the Hlilp In Mld-Oreitn on a
ltiif t W hlch I'rohably
Went lo l'lecel,
Tho British ship Lolccstcr Castlo
from San Francisco hn9 arrived at
Quccnstown. Her commander reported
that threo American seamen had mu
tinied and Captain Peattlo nnd his
second ofllcer wero shot, the latter
fatally, after an encounter with tho
mutlnors, who left tho ship on a raft In
Captain Peattto pavo tho names of
the mutineers as W. A. Hobo's, Ernest
Scars and Turner They wero all
shipped in San Francisco. Tho Becond
ofllcer, Mr. Nixon, wns shot whllo at
tempting to reneuo tho captain. In tho
darkness tho mutineers ijot a few planks
and formed n raft and launched It from
tho ship, which was thon about 300
miles north of the Pltoairn Islands.
Tho captain searched for the raft the
next day, but It wa not in sight,
and It was surmised that It went to
Captain Peattlo added that Hobbs
wns tho actual murderer of Mr. Nixon,
whom ho shot through tho heart.
Tho captain himself wns shot twice,
but had quite recovered when bo ar
rived here!
When tho chief olllcer discovered
that tho three men bud mutined hu
mustered tho rest of tho crow on thu
poop, Intending to await daylight and
capture the mutineers, but tho latter
escaped in tho interim. Tho captain is
unable to account for tho mutiny. He
thinks It was tho Intention of tho men
to murder tho ofllcers und others who
refused to join them, and tako tho ship
to Pitcnlrn island.
It Is Bald that Ilobbs came from Illi
nois, Sears from Idaho and James
Turner from Portland, Ore.
Fourteen Meet Death In Hotel Fir.
Fourteen men mot death by suffoca
tion iln a flro which occured in the
Lincoln hotel, in Chicago. Thirteen
of thoso who lost their lives were stifled
whllo lying in their beds. Ono victim
was takon from tho building before
life was extinct, but ho died in tho
ambulance on tho way to the nearest
hospital. Corner Traoger, after in
specting the building, united with Fire
Chief Musham In declaring that tho
building was averitablo trap.and never
1 thould havo boon used for hotel pur
poses. Chief Musham declared that
there woro such wide cracks In tho
floors that the smoke poured through
thu building In clouds, rendering escape
extremely difficult for those on tho
upper floors.
Blx-Vear-Uld .liny Dead, Ilia Slater In
Dans;eruua Cnndltlon.
Ab a result of tholr attempt to go to
sleep In a trunk, John Allen, Jr , tho
six-year-old son of John Allen, a resi
dent of Anchorage, Ky., Is dead, and
his oight-year-old sister Is in a vory
Borlous condition, though t-ho will re
cover, Thu children, nueording to tho
girl's story, wore playing in tho attlo
of their home when the boy pioposcd
that they get Into tho trunk and rest.
After thoy hud done so tho boy pulled
tho lid down and thoy were unable to
open It again. Their cries for help
were not heard, and when their mother
found them, about an hour later, tho
boy was doad and the girl unconscious.
Kalian .lulnt-BliiHalii-r AuhIii lleaurreela
llrr llatfliet.
Mrs. Carrio Nation, the saloon smasher
returned to Topeka, Kuns., Thursday
and Friday morning mado a tour of the
saloons of tho city, preparatory to bo
(inning another Mnashing lour, as she
expressed It. Thu crowd following her
grew ro largo that the police arrested
Mrs. Nation on a churgu of dlonler)y
conduct. Shu was given a small lino In
thu police court. Mrs. Nation has an
nounced that sho Will repent her old
tlmu exploits In this city before long.
Trli-il I'lidrr Mpnnlah l.ut.
Edward .luluieun, a citizen of Cali
fornia, though his attorney, has peti
tioned tho supremo court of tho District
of Columbia for u writ of habeas corpus
Johncou, with two Others, was con
victed of robbery on thu island of Guam
and Rcntencijd to long terms. The
threo men wero seamen hi tho Amerl
can navy, and Johnson's petition states
that thoy were tried under tho laws ol
Spain, In splto of tho fact that Guair.
was American territory att tho tlmo of
tho coiumlselon of tho crime.
Son nf Kit C.ii-aon Druil,
Aged Sam Carson has been found
dead In his hut, In Santa Monica can-
on, California, Ho had been bitten by
u spider. Carson was about 83 year
old and claimed to bo a son of thu re
nowned scout, "Kit" Curson. For mauy
years thu old man Hvud at tho head ol
Rustle canyon, with only his horses and
dogs for companions, Hoforo taking up
his abode In tho mountains tho stories,
nro that Carson hud a most picturesque
career us a pioneer gold hunter, Indian
fighter and adventurer.
rrlmr Kept mini I ,. ..jiu,i,
Thu papers of Vlu.um allogu that tho
former Ituutuuunt of lliiss.irn, named
Mll-edllbvll, Whoulopetl Willi 1'l-lllCl'M
lyiulr-u nf Culnirg eeveral )t-uis ago,
utiil wlio who r-L-itia need lo four years-liinu-l
-iti'iii in fur forging the slgiiaiure
ol IViim-KMu itlunie, Pi ncciel.uuUs.
''"rTr" ja"7 " tf'--"""- i" '
"""news summary.
Threo thousand people perished by
the eruption of Snnta Maria volcano
at Guatomola.
Representative Cooper of Wisconsin
hns introduced a bill to promote th
efficiency of the Phillpplno constabu
It Is authoritatively stated that th
Ohio miners will demand nn Incrensa
of 20 cents a ton In the scnlo for pick
mined coal.
The Ohio Valley Stovo Manufac
turers' association at n meeting de
cided to Increase tho price of stoves
B per cent.
The house committee on appropria
tions has agreed upon the pensions
appropriation bill. It appropriates
Flvo KngliBh shipping firms are
combining lo form a new lino of
steamers to ply between Now York
and tho far cast. '
At Bochuhi, Prussia, ton persons J
were burned to death nnd others wen
dangerously Injured ns the result of
a fire which bioko out In a baker'.
Captain Pershing has located what
Is left of a licet of small gunboats
which tho Spaniards Bank In Lake
Lnnno, Island of Mindanao, In 1S98
Ur. Kills S. Duncan, who Is charged
with shooting Uruco Head of Louis
ville Ky., sovernl weeks ago. was re
leased from Pittsburg, Pa., Jail on
$20,000 ball. Head will recover.
City Marshal Felipe Haca of So
corro, N. M., shot and killed David
Baca, a prominent citizen, at the
Windsor hotel. There hnil been trou
bio of long standing bot.voen the men
A bill was Introduced In tho house
authorizing tho president and the uu
thorltlcs of tho state of Texas to mark
tho boundary linos between Oklahoma
and Now Mexico and the state of Tex
as. The statistician of tho department
of agriculture estimates tho nrttia'
growth of cotton In tho United States
In tho year 1902-03 as 10.417,000 bale -of
an nvcrngo net weight of 490.7
A Panhandle work train aud a To
ledo, Walhondlng Valley & Ohio en- ,
glno and cabooso collided near Co.s ' Jf '
hoctou, O. Engineer Veo of Toledo
wns Instantly killed nnd seven train
men hurt.
Mrs. Elizabeth Mannhan, a cousin
of Secretary Stanton, 1b dead in Bo
lolt. Wis., aged 87. Mrs. Manahnn
was the only surviving daughter or
revolutionary ofllcers In Illinois or
When tho president cornea to take
up the question of tho succession to
the vacancy caused by tho death of
Minister Buck at Toklo, it la under
stood that ho will namo John Barrett
of Oregon.
In Amstordnm a general strike ha3
been proclaimed by tho Dockers' union
In conscquenco of tho lusistonco ol
the dock companies m undertaking
the work of a company whoso em
ployees nro striking.
Shipments of currency by Now York
lubtreasury to western and south
western points for crop moving pur
poses thus far this year aggregate
118,135,000, a decrease of J804.00O
compared with 1900.
The Jury In tho raso of William J.
Nelson, on trial In Judgo McEwon's
court, Chicago, for tho murder of his
wlfo. returned a verdict of guilty and J.
fixing tho ilcfomlant'8 punishment ai fc
imprisonment for liro.
President Koosevelt Is assured thai
If tho negotiations with Cuba for n
reciprocity treaty nro concluded sat
isfactory by tho stato department tho
treaty will bo ratified by tho senate
during tho present session.
At Murshflold, Ore., Doc Engle, a
gamblor, shot and killed Thomas
Barker, another gambler.
Mnnlln diatoms Collector Chuster
rules that Chinese lodldlng In tho
United StntCB may enter tho Philip
pines. As n result of faithful sorvlco Ber
nard N. Baker, former presldont of
tho Atlantic Trnnspoit company, Bal
timore, now a part of tho Intorna
tionnl Mercantile Marino company,
will distribute nenrly half a million
dollars among his former oraployes.
It Is estimated that 15,000 persons
attended tho funeral, In Now York
of tho rich Italian banker, Itnphaoi
Bovo, known nn "Tho King or Mul
borry Bend." Thirty policemen woro
required to preserve order In the great
throng, unruly only becnuso of num
bers, y t
Investigation Into the causes which "
led to tho oxplosloM on tho ttenmer
Progreso nt tho Fulton works, Ban
l-ranclsco, by whlrh thirteen men urn
supposed to havo lost their llvos and
others aro badly mulmod, has sliowrt
that tho quality of oil which exploded
on the steamer was poor,
Senator Hoar has presonted to the
eeaMeeeeaea-e-ejeaaai' -'----'- - 'taafc

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