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Cache Valley Mercantile Company
H IBKTBri'in'fiil.ill IIPIn Hill Wff M
H' 25 lb Sugar for $.00 to every one
H buying ?5.00 worth of goods for cash
H Our regular price for cash is
n 20 pounds for $1.00 10 pounds 50c.
K . We are never undersold
Hi Fine Display Cut Glass and Chinaware
HI Headquarters for Christmasl
I Mtii' dock's
HjJ Itouhon Creams and Chocolates, mixed 25c lb.
fl; 2 lbs" 45c.
'' . Crystal Cream Chocolates mixed 20c lb., 2 lb. 35
H-; Standard Mix Candy 15c lb., 2 lb 25c
H' Hroken Taffy Candy 10c lb.
HJ Cris cut mix candy 10c lb., 3 lbs. 25c
H Cream Taffy 15c lb
H Host Peanut Candy 20c lb., 2 lbs. 35c
H 5 lbs. of our very best Italian Chocolates
H"" and Creams put up in fancy box . . . .91.75
m 5 lb. Hox lion lion Creams and Chocs.... $1.50
H 5 lb. ISox of Sparkling Mixed and Chocs. . .$1.35
H ,", lb. 'o. 1 Creams and Chocolates $1.00
H J New crop of Mixed Nuts 20c lb. or 2 lbs. 35c
Hfj Call and be conviuced that we carry ths Largest I
Hf Varieties and Best Candies ever shown in the city.
H -j 13- :-r-;-i L.L.r.UiJ;'-J'T i-'J'u-n 'i' l!BmMBBeMJl
H Wf A Happy Wearer.
. ' Yk ilHlf Tilll-' j si Our perfect laundering gives you
H Jv V IV--I 111 if pleasure, because they are washed
m t y nIV III K ""rfl-N. clean and ironed to your liking. Wc
K, Jft V ' I V )C ! y watch that the neckbands are proper-
v Sr j M., 1 a'a'J ly handled, that button holes arc not
B QJ v vnJ, QJVXJ pulled out, and that no spots arc left
'M. N-W on the bosoms.
H fm
J v 1(C fj Logan Steam Laundry
Vr .w-uuii-.inf i J c A cummlngs & Co., Proprietors
I a a it- i I I
I IliM I rfl 11 rlllll I
I Often.
B 1 "We want people to look; we ask them tol&ok. It Is the
H ' 1 Caieful Discriminating Buyers that wc seek most, for
H when we gain their custom we have it for good
H ' Is a trjing time. The matter of choosing gifts Is a worry
H to all of us. Seeing help the choosing, and we ask every
H" ' body to sec what we carry. Take nil the time you want,
H, , make all the comparisons you like. We have gifts for ev-
H ery member of the family, und at prices that will make a i
H little money go along way.,
-L' F
i ;
l' Riter !
It I Bros. Druo o. i
H'; j- I Looan, Utah, Fiunklix, Phbston and Monti'kuku, Idaho.
h-f 1' I I llilil II III ! M-MMIM 111 I II I I I I llMIIHUi
! ''1'' t.
& C A W,B
HKolicu. J vnlldlty' of -nno"iiEVKiJS
Bfcl, ,. T, r. ... ,,,,. ,n, 1 1,,,- I ?1MMlt -ihollhll... '. r-i,-i'nv. .nl'l.t V- l.jlGLj!!l
The Logan Republican.
I.ooan, Cache Couictt, Utah.
Isiucd Twlco-a-wcck, Turwlay mid I'rl
(lar. Anpltcatlon lia? ln'CH mado for t'li
trnnco a occond-clam matter at IVO.
Utah, iwttonico.
Ono Year..., SO
Six Montl.i 125
Tliri'O iMontlis 5
AH SubscrlDlloiis must lw paid In advance.
AdvcrtNlne rates Klvcn on application.
Local Jottings.
lilg reduction on Ladles' warm slip
crs at "City ShoelStore.''
Our genial friends Postmaster Mur
dOck made us a pleasant call Wednes
day. There was a new arrival at
Frank Hendricks last night. It was
a Ihic boy.
The City Is preparing to lay a 4 inch
water pipe along 1st West north from
Center street.
M. P. Stephenson, .Ir., Republican
chairman of Lcwiston, made us a call
on Wednesday.
Hyrum lltil.se and Mary Graham of
Mlllvillc were married In the Temple
Wednesday. We wish them success.
L. It. Martineau took a run over to
Ilrigham today on some business con
nected with the Thatcher Hanking
Dr. C. Cartwrlght'wlll leave for
Salt Lake on 'Wednesday of next week,
for a short visit, returning on Sunday
The City watcrmaster has a large
force of men at work extending the
water mains on south Main street and
on 3rd South.
Morris Swlnyard is down from
Lcwiston. Morris Is connected with
Hyrum Hayball in the mcrchantile
bulsness there and Is doing well.
"Clly Shoe Store" has sold 308 boxes
of the "The Tew Corn Cure" and no
complaints, as yet, have been made,
hence must be good. Price 10c.
Memorial exercises will be conducted
next Sunday in all the Sunday schools
of the stake to comemorate the birth
day of the Prophet .Joseph Smith.
Apostle W. W. Merrill, was about
town yesterday. He is looking hale
and hearty and should be good for
another twenty live years of life yet.
Dr. Widtsoc and Prof. Hall address
the Farmers Institute at Xcphl to
night and Profs. Merrill and Hutt
will meet with the farmers atKlslnorq
in Sevier county.
Alex Maughan and Porter, proprie
tors of the City Livery and Feed sta
bles, spare no money in buying the
best horses In the country for their
business. Try them.
The ship in the Logan Knitting
Factory may not be rigged Just as an
ocean liner should be, but if it lacks
anything in the line of beauty It Is not
the fault of .loo and Melvln.
Hyrum .leppson brother of Scverine
Jeppson of this city has been down
with an attack of pneumonia. "We
shall be pleased to hear of his speedy
Hlshop Clias. G. Hyde of Hyde Park
fell from his barn Tuesday morning.
Wo did not learn the full extent of his
injuries, but understand his body Is
batUy bruised anb one foot strained or
fractured. ,
The pupils of the H. Y. College train
ing school gave an entertainment at
the college Wednesday evening. They
had an excellent program and the
parts wore well rendered and wero
highly appreciated by all present.
Geo. Il.Champ of tho Utah Mort
gage and Logan Co. of this city, re
turned yesterday from Uoise City and
Payette valley Idaho. Wc under
stand the firm Is opening up quite a
buisencss in that locality. Mr Champ
is looking and feeling well.
The students of the city schools pet
itioned Supt. Merrill to close the
schools to-day until after the holidays,
but after considering tho matter It
was decided to continue in session un
til Wednesday and close the schools
that much earlier in the spring.
E. IJ. South returned recently from
Kansas City. Mr. South shipped two
hundred and sixty head of cattle for
market, but owing to the Kastcren
quarantine tho market was much de
pressed. Mr. South sold part of his
I shipment tho balance was put on feed-
lug grounds.
U , .
i $3.50
Royal Blue Shoe
I Vor sale by
James Quayle & Co.
Jas. Iiullock was In from Providence I
today. I
Hcst goods for least money at Dun
bar, Robinson & Co.'s. t
Our motto "One Price" City Shoo
Hon. Jpscph Howell was In town
yesterday attending to business mat
ters. Jos' McNeil is down from Lcwiston.
Jim is one of the heavy weight farm
ers of that section.
Wc are headquarters for the famous
"T.W. Ncwcomb" line of soft soles for
Infants. City Shoe Store.
Every family in tho county is
making up.a $5 list of goods to take
advantage of the special oiler at the
U. O. store.
Our best advertisements arc never
printed. They arc worn by our cus
tomers. Robinson Pros., tho cloth
iers, 45 Main St.
Adolph Anderson Is a familiar llgurc
onoursreets again. Ho lias been em
ployed at tho .sugar factory for the
last three months.
David I witt was in from Greenville
today. Dave is a man that can always
find some good things in life oven If
the clouds do hang low at times.
W. li. Pryorand George Hill have
Insisted in a steam cross-cut saw ma
chine, and will open a'sawyard where
logs can bo cut into stove lengths
The capacity of the machine is eight
cords per day.
There will be a Christmas service at
the Presbytcrain church on Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock at which special
music will be furnished. Regular ser
vice will bo held in the evening at 7.30
All are welcome.
Dr. y. Newman, tho European eye
specialist, of Pocatcllo, Idaho, will be
here at the Hanks Hotel on the 28th
and 29th of December. Those with im
perfect vision should not miss this op.
portunity. The doctor also fits glasses
for headache and nervousness, old age
and weak eyes. Examination free.
Mortgagee's Sale.
Notlcu in hereby Klren tli.it pursuant to tlu3
tonus of a certain chattel iMortirnire. dated
NoM.-mtH.-r 10. 1IW. Hied November 11. 1KB, In
tint ollleu of tho County Kit-order of Cache,
County. Utah, executed by William Willie,
to Tho l'lrat National Itank of Logan, Utah,
(a corporation) on which there Is duo at tho
date of the. Ilrst publication of this notlcu tin
sum of il.3111, the said mortKaKce will sell at
public hale, on Momlny, January 5, IPC..', at
.Memlon. Cache. County, Utnh, nt 3:H0 p. m. of
nld day, tho Personal property described In
said chattel mortgage, as follows:
I'lftecn head of cows, threo to eight years
old, most of them branded W on left ribs,
somu other brands not known,
Twenty-llvo head of comliu.' two-year-old
heifers and steers, same brrud.
l'lfteen head of yearling heifers and steers,
same brand.
Dato of ilrst publication. Dec. ID. IMS.
Tub l'ntsT National Hank
ok I.oo an, Utah,
J. C. Walters, Attorney.
An Ordinance
levying a ta and providing for tho assess
ment of property on lwth sides of 1'lrst Kast
Street, between H-cond North Street and
Third North Mreet, In Water-mains Exten
sion District Number Ten. In Logan City,
Section I. llo It ordained by thu City Coun
cil of Logan City, Utah, that said Council
does hereby levy thu tax and provide for tho
assessment uikmi the real property herein
after described, on both sides of First East
ftreet, lietween Second North Street and
Third North Street, In Water-mains Exten
sion District Number Ten, In Logan City,
Section 2. That said lax Is luvled to defray
tho expenses of constructing, extending,
maintaining and laying water pipes and
mains, erecting hydrants and keeping tho
samo In repair, along tho street hereinbefore
mentioned and opposite thu property to bo
especially affected and benefited by tho said
Improvement, and It Is hereby determined,
adjudged and established by the City Council
of said City that tho samu will bo especially
airected and benefited by thu said Improve
ment; that said property Is to bo assessed at
an isjual and uniform rato In accordanco
with thu linear foot frontage on both sides of
tho said street.
Section 3. That tho cost and expense of
said Improvement Is estimated at sixty (CO)
cents per frontorllnearfoot.and tho tax hore
Jiy levied and to be assessed on tho said
property U sixty (60) cents per front or linear
foot abutting upon tho street aforesaid and
to bo affected and benefited by tho said Im
provement, and tho City Treasurer U liureby
authorized and directed to assess the said
property In accordanco with tho provisions of '
this ordinance and for tho purpose herein '
mentioned. I
Section 4.--That tlun said property U de
scribed as lots ono (1) and eight (S) In block '
thlrty-ono (3D and lots two ('.'). threo (3), four
) and five (5). in block thirty-two a:) all In,
plat "A", Logan City survey, Cache County,
Section S. That said tax shall Ihj delln
yuent on and after tho 31st day uf January,
Passed by thu City Council of Logan City,
this 17th day of Dccemlor. 10OJ. and referred
to thu Mayor for ills approval.
IIattib Smith,
City ltecordur.
Approved this lUtli day of December, lOOi '
Statk op Utah, ) .
County of Cache, fss-
I, Ilatllo Smith. City Hecorder of Lo
gan City, Utah, do hereby certify that the
aliovo and foregoing Is a full, true and correct
copy of i lio original ordinance, entitled:
An ordinance levying altax and providing
for thu assessment of property In Water-main
Extension District Numlier Ten, In Logan
City Utah.
In witness thereof I have herouuto set my
hand and affixed tho corporate seal of said
Logan City, this 17 tit day of December, 1W.'.
(Seal) IUttiii Smith,
City Kecordi-r,
I Stove Season at the Stove Store!
I y
I y-. We're always hap-
IlTStx py when the Stove
IIW-HWiI eM season rolls 'round.
BUCKS wd rathcr
S1e1L ha llK ' stove than anything
jSalWiRlIt) in the house just
iflftiiISi?) now Inspect our
y" L big line of & &
And you will not wonder
are Proud of our Display. j
m70A.x i i II 'TM If M
t-X-S- --f" '"" ' I 111' 1" I J
I We Will Sell For Cash Onrf
the following articles cither singles or the entire list (
as long as our Special Sale lasts: i
w .(.cans uomatoes '.ic
! 3 cans Corn 2oc
13 lbs. Italsins 2oc
2 lbs Arbucklcs Coffee 2oc
2 lb Lion 25c !
lib Citron or Lemon Peel 15
S ,n,sw sc S
lib. Tapioca 5c ZyQ
1 lb. Mixed Candy 5c .
1 lb Mixed Nuts 15c I
1 package Schillings Tea 20c j
1 package Tree Tea 25c
1 pkgc 10 oz. can llaklng Powder: 20o
' Snap of the Season!
Closing out Sale of Men's Clothing
200 Softs at Cost.
Suits that were 810.00 now 811.50
Suits that wero 14.50 now 10.00
Suits that were 30.00 now 15.00
, Suits that were 12.00 now 8.00
"Wc arc closing out our entire line
of Men's Sultn to make room for an
extensive Shoe Stock. These goods
are all neW stock, this year's styles
and patterns and will not last long.
Come early and got the first choice. '
Remembe the Place
2 Doors south Riter Bros., Main st,

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