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mr t j,
. Jfl otice of levy of As
sessment 'Tlic West-Cache Irrigation com
ipany, place of buslncss.Trcnton.Utali.
Kotlcc IS hereby given that at a
'meeting of the Hoard of Directors held
on the Cth day of June, 1004, an assess
racnt of 60 cents per share wa? levied
on tlio capital stockof the corpora
tion, payable on or before the 8th day
of July, 1!)0, to Charles G. Wood, sec
rotary and treasurer of tho corpora
tion, at his place of residence at Tren
ton, Cache County, State of Utah.
Anystockupon which this assessment
may remain unpaid on tho said 8th da
of July, 1004, will be delinquent and
advertised for sale at public auction,
and unless payment Is made before,
will bo sold on the 28th day of July,
1004, to pay the delinquent assessment
together with the costs of advertising
and expenses of sale. Send checks for
.payment If convenient.
Secretary and Treasurer.
Ollice, Trenton.Cachc county, Utah.
Pioneers of tho We3t.
"Would Ood that we, tliHr children, wore
n they'
Grciit-xmilcit. hravc-hcirtpd nnd of
ilauntli' will;
Heady to dare. responsive to tho still.
'CompolllriK voice that railed tliom nlcht
and May
. ' . ... Prom that f.-r west whero sloeplnir great-
f1 " ncftf Inv
' WK- nidlnjr her time. Would doil wo knew
. '' ' Tr the thrill
1 l Tlmt exquisitely turmonted them, until
I They stood up stroiiB nnd resolute to
j obey.
God, mnko us lll;o them, worthy of them;
, t - Our souls with great desires; our dull
eyes sat
On somo hlyh star whose splendid light
will wake
tig from our dreams and guide us from
this fen
Of selfish ease won by our father's sweat
Oh. lift us up tho west has need of
' man!
.u Voice of April Land.
Seared the Boys.
A witty Englishman who Bought to
'save a tract of woodland and shrub
toery from tho destructive attentions
'of tho boys of tho neighborhood put
up a large board bearing tho warn
ing: "Any one trespassing In this
plantation will be spldlcatcd accord
ing to tho law." Tho rosult was very
satisfactory, as tho fear of splfllca
tlqn, whatever It meant to them, de
terred Intruders from passing through
tho woods and tho trees were unnio
V Old And in the Way.
ti sit In the chimney corner, an' hear !.
younit folks say:
"The world Is weary of her she is .!!
and Ir. the way
And a vacant chair were belter a so.l-
tary place
'Than tho palsied, wrinkled hand of I. r.
nnd the tear-wet, furroed fuci:'
I nursed 'cm tit my bosom ere Life's s'i i
& went down the West;
? -l sans Love's sweetest nones to them i- J
" rocked their hearts to rest;
.And now, that tho end times hastens -i'io
closing of Llfe'H day
'I am onlv a useless woman I am did .in J
In the way!
'Thank Ood, It will soon be over Life's
, sun Is sinking fast;
' ily feet are In the valley and 1 see rr.-
, i home at last!
And 1 say. v.1!li' the angels beckon.
' ' "l'oor, and old, and gray.
, There Is room fo mo In heaven, wliert
I'll not be In the wayl"
Frank L. Sl.intou. In Atlanta Coim.l.j
Automobile Fishing Boats.
1 Fishermen on the laUo of Nouchatel
tare using niitomohllo boats. They are
1 .drlvon by n benzine motor nnd lighted
by electricity. They are tint-bottomed,
I glldo noIsolesBly over the water, do
I not frighten the fish and aro u great
I .-success.
Town Built Over Coal Mine.
Many bull'Mngs In Motherwell, Scot-
.land, look like tho leaning tower of
PiBa. The little town Is built over tho
j -aide of a coal mine. Some houses
have collapsed, business Is at a stand-
' i -still, and the town will probably soon
i lie desortcd.
I At Palm Beach.
"But why," wo ask of the leader ol
' 'tho camping party, "do you take that
, n simpleton Flatheddo along? Surely
I xSfif 'no ,s not ft conBe'al companion for
" - .any of you." "Hut," protests tho load
er, "wo have to have somo ono along
to '' 'ho boat occasionally." J ml go.
Space for It.
Byron Tennyson Klplung I hopo
you will And space for my poom, "In
tho Midnight's Stilly Gloom." Editor
Yes; I'll have the boy empty tho
waste-basket just as soon as ho comes
iln. Woman's Homo Companion.
Bound to Be Comfortable.
An author who bad beon Jailed for
debt wrote to his wife: "Do me tho
favor to send me my Shakespeare, my
nightgown nnd slippers, my pipe, my
jug nnd nil letters asking for auto
graphs, and containing stamps. I want
to bo comfortablo and at peace with
'tho world." Atlanta Constitution.
Blond Hair Is Higher.
The prlco of blond hair has In
creased 300 per cont within a fow
years, partly because tho demand has
Increased, partly because the peas--.ants
of northern Europe, who used
to supply It, aro less poor thau thoy
used to bo, and thoroforo.less Incllnod
to sell It.
Use of the Pen.
In the fourth century was Intro-
duceil tho quill or fenther.pcu. The
I first Meol pon was made In tho lattoV
W ,ulf cf tne eighteenth, and tho first
jy gold pen In tho first half of tho nine-
" teenth century.
Lovers of Flowers.
The British people pay 1,000.000
n year to florists for their products,
out of which 300,000 goos to .for-
Watnt That Sweet.
Somebody whlsper'd something- to me,
Can you guess?
Somebody circled my waist with his arm.
Somebody whlsper'd, "Dear, don't take
Would I might shield you from Life's
ev ry harm"
Wasn't that snect?
Somebody whlsper'd something to me.
Can you guess?
Somebody bending his handsome head.
Looked Into my eyes nnd guess what ho
My Love's subtle art n secret I read.
Wasn't that sweet?
Somebody whlsper'd something to me.
Can you guess?
Somebody nsked "t'ould you lovo me,
my sweet?
My pride nnd my love I lay nt your feet."
Was happiness ever made more com
plete? Wasn't that sweet?
Somebody whlsper'd something to me,
I'an you guess?
Somebody said I trembled with fear
"I've nothing but you to worship, my
How happy I'd be were you always
Wasn't that sweet?
Somebody whlsper'd something to me,
Can you guess?
Somebody made me so happy that day
That even tho air seemed charged with
tho lay.
"I love you I love you" It murmur'd
all day
Wnsn'l that sweet?
Byron Was Superstitious.
Friday was always a black day In
Byron's calondar, but Byron believed
in omens, dreams, supernatural ap
pearances, apparitions, presentiments
and all such. Ho succumbed before
tho weakest prejudices, and afforded
proof that, oven tho strongest intel
lects have always their weak side.
Voltaire, whom ono would supposo do
void of fear, mocker of religion and
beliefs, was made sick when hearing
rooks cawing in tho country.
Red Pepper for Ants.
A small boy who lived with his aunt
and grandma noticed that tho regular
black pepper shaker was filled with
red pepper. This startled him and,
turning to his aunt, who sn. next at
tho table, he said: "You better not cat
any of that red pepper, Aunt Harriet;
grandma says that red pepper kills
ants." Christian Intelligencer.
Harmony In Industries.
The keynote of the wholo matter ot
Industrial organization In both rac
tory and office Is harmony. The In
dustrlal manager brings each detail of
a business Into close-fitting relation
with every other, and each detail Is
mado efficient of itself. The World'.
' Canal Will Reduce Route.
Steamers sailing from New York
to San Francisco by way of the
Strait of Magellan, must cover somo
13,090 miles, Including the usual stops
required for coaling. When'the ctinnl
across the Isthmus of Panama U
opened the distance will be shortened
to 5,294 miles.
Egyptian Studies Agriculture.
Cobra George Salem, an Egyptian,
who entered tho Missouri Unlvorslty
last fall and is taking the four-year
course In agriculture, is so well
pleased with his work that he has
succeeded In persuading soveral of
his friends In Egypt and Turkey to
come and tako n similar courso In
somo American college.
Italian Silk Manufacture.
In Italy thero are 172,000 skllletl
workmen engaged In tho manufneturo
of silk. In 1902, 800,000 of her peoplo
emigrated. More than three million
of her peoplo have left their country
during the last ten years, yet there
is a gradual Increase of population.
"The trouble ain't with tho farm,"
said tho old man. "If the farm didn't
have to do anything but support it
self It could be made to pay; but It
don't seom to be able to carry tho
burden of us llvln' on It, so I reckon
we're to blame."
God gave all men all earth to love,
Dut slnco our hearts are small,
Ordained for ench one spot should prove
Beloved over nil:
That as He watched Creation's birth.
So we, In Godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth.
And see that It Is good.
So one shall Baltic pines content.
As one some Surrey glade.
Or one the palm-grove's droned lament,
Kefora Levuka's trade.
Ench to his choice, nnd I rejoice
The lot lias fallen to me
In a fair ground In a fnlr ground
Yea, Sussex by the seal
So to tho land our hearts wo give
Till the sure magic strike.
And Memory. I'sc. nnd Love make live,
Us and our fields alike
That deeper than our speech and
Beyond our renson's sway.
Clay of the pit whence we were wrought.
Yearns to Its fellow-clay.
God gives all limn all earth to love,
But since man's heart Is small,
Ordains for each ono spot shall prove
Beloved over all.
Each to his choice and I rejoice
The lot has fallen to mo
In n fnlr ground In a fair ground
Yea, Hussox by the sea!
Largest Clock In the World.
What Is claimed to be ono of the
largest clocks In tho world has been
placed In a now tower In Elizabeth, N,
J, It Is thirty-eight feet In dlamotor,
with eighteen-foot hands. Tho tower,
is 330 foot high, was built oxpressl;
for tho clock, which will bo Illuminat
ed at night.
Baldheaded Men Form Club.
A blzarro club has Just been formed
nt Frlbourg. Tho only qualification
for membership Is n bald head. Per
sons seeking admission must huvo
bald heads which absolutely shine.
Tho rules set forth that tho momiicrs
must meet overy month In order to
eat ham and listen to music.
Science Aids Fishermen.
Fishermen along tho Gorman ocoan
used to look on deep sea research as a
mero scientific fad. They changed
their m)nd when, In consequence of
th'oao researches, 700,000 cod were
caught In a few days on now grounds.
Doctor Recognized Symptom of th
Voelferou Game.
Tho hollow-oyod gentleman sat In
tho waiting room of tho throat spe
cialist until the patient In hand was
dismissed, and was then shown Into
the) private consultation room.
"What Is the trouble?" asked tho
specialist, bluffly.
The victim's lips moved, but no
sounds camo therefrom.
Loosening his collar with his fin
ger, clearing his throat and squirm
ing, tho victim again attempted to
vocalize, but without avail.
It wouldn't work.
Tho baffled physician bowed his
head a moment, lost in profound
Then, pushing pencil and paper
toward the suffering and voiceless
patron, ho snld.
"Simply write on this pad tho namo
of the placo where you played Pit last
night, nnd I will fix you up a prescrip
tion. And It you will give mo a list
of tho other guests I will mako a
liberal discount on your bill." Baltimore-American.
Learning to Make Razors.
"The art of making razors Is gradu
ally becoming Americanized," said M.
A. Mlhllls, of Chicago. "Up to n ttvt
years ago Americans could not mnko
rnzors at nil, or mado such Inferior
grades that they were next to useless.
The science has doveloped wonderfully
In tho past five years, though, nnd
domestic goods aro almost as good as
Imported. A razor has to bo tempered
to straw color to hold Its odge, nnd If
tho temper runs to blue, which Is the
next shmlo, tho Instrument Is ruined."
-I-oulsvlllo Herald.
Good Work of Bible Society.
The American Blblo society em
ploys 400 colporteurs, whoso solo
work year In and year out Is to placo
tho Blblo In tho hands of tho peoplo.
Ono million nnd three hundred thous
and Bibles were handled by tbeso
men last year a matter ot 650 tons,
almost two tons to a man.
Grasp of Murdered Man.
Dr. Waldo, city of London coroner
said In a lecture recently that a weap
on In the hand of a man who had been
murdered Is always tightly grasped,
so that the fingers sometimes have to
be severed before It can be release J.
In the case of suicide there U r.o
grasp at all. .
Live for the Living.
A new mound roso near the foothllln.
And my heart was underneath;
My friends were good, for they strew I
With blossom and clinging wrentli:
A voice came, borne on the stillness:
"Though the way seem hard, be In. -:
On-live thy life for the living.
As the dead have lived for you.'
I raised my hand unto heaven
And n pledge I mado that day.
(The Voice had shown me my duty.
And n light shown on the way.)
And these, the words of the proinls.
That my constant guide shall 1 :
"I'll Hvp my life for the living,
As the dead have lived for me
The dend since enrth was created.
Lived they not for you and me?
They made the world that we live In
Such n glorious placo to be!
Take mine for your own life's motto
It will miil you strong nnd true:
And live your Hfo for the living
As tho dead have lived for voi--3
W. GKIIInn In Los Angeles Ilerall.
Paid 20 Cents After 30 Years.
A New York fruit dealer received 20
ei!ts in n letter from an anonymous
correspondent who says l-o stolo a
pineapple worth 15 cents from him 30
yonrs ago, and has had "i rest from
Ills conscience slnco that tlmo. It Is
to be hoped the fellow will now en
Joy a night's rost.
What to Do.
When a man playfully points a pis
tol or gun at you, knock him down:
don't stop to inqulro whether It 13
loaded or not; knock him down. Don't
bo particular what you hit him with,
only seo that It Is properly done. If
a coroner's Inquest Is held, let It be
on tho other fellow ho won't bo
missed. VaIdo3ta Tlmos.
Japanese Divorces.
It a Japaneso husband divorces his
wlfo ho makes no provision for her
and she has no dowry from hor fam
ily, but divorced women In Japan
nearly always marry again. Sho
brings her husband nothing but a gon
tlo and obedient slave, and takes
nothing away with her but tho samo
Auto Have Their Own Field.
A leading vehicle trado Journal ot
France says that the automobile, In
spite ot Its rapid development, has not
dono tho carrlago builders, outsldo of
Parts, any harm, and has only affect
ed the builders of heavy carriages In
that city.
The Scotch "Quern."
In Orkney tho ground product cf '
quern Is sifted Into a skape a t'--
lar straw receptacle about four 1"
In diameter, with n rim bIx wA
deep. The slovo Is of 8houp?l,h
pierced with fine holes by means of a
hot wire. A llttlo tub-shaped basKct
for holding tho grain is called the
Diet of Japanese Troops.
Japaneso soldiers are fed on rice,
salted fish, dried seaweed and pickled
plums a diet that is almost universal
in Japan, except In tho navy, whero
I rations of meat aro served. Soldiers
aro allowed meat when on enmpaigns,
but rarely eat It.
"8eason" for Beggars.
Even beggars havo their "season"
In Constantinople. During tho winter
months the city burbots a much larg
er number ot them than in tho sum
mer, when many migrate to the country.
The Wind.
Twas such n saucy little brook
And had so beckoning a look
And had a wink so sly.
That off It follow'il where It led,
Caunht by Its roguish eye,
Caught by the dimpling Inunh that- sped
Ever ahwid. ever ahead.
Amid the grasses growing;
And O the wind was blowing,
And O the wind was high!
It seemed to me I must chase
Forever nt a charmed pace
Among the parting grasses;
Forever taunted by n sound
Of laughlng-volced lasses
Whom never nnv mortnl found;
While all around and nil around
Green grasses should be growing
And dreams be misty blowing
As a peril when It passes.
led Is the wind I know nof where:
There Is a deadners In the air
And rnln nlong the sky.
Where am I going that I run
Vpon the muddy lints that Ho
In squalor toward a setting sun?
Can this same pathway have, begun
Where there were grasses growing'
And O the wind wna blowing.
And O the wind wns high!
Everybody's Magazine.
Highest Railway In World.
Tho Oroyo railroad, which now runs
from Cnllao to goldficlds of Cerro do
Pasco, Is considered ono of tho won
ders In tho Peruvian world. It Is cer
tainly tho greatest feat of railroad en
gineering in either hemisphere. Com
mencing In Cnllao It ascends the nnr
row valloy of tho Illmac. rising nenrly
5.000 feet In tho first fifty-six miles.
Thence It goes through tho Intrlcnto
gorges of tho Sierras till It tunnels
the Andes at an altitude of lG,(il5 feet,
tho highest point In tho world whero
n piston rod Is moved by steam. Tho
wonder Is doubled on remembering
thnt this elevation Is reached In sov-cnty-elght
A Costly Little Error.
The grentness of llttlo things finds
frequent Illustration In railway oper
ation. A caso has Just been dlscov
sred where, nlno years ago, an error
of flvo cents was mado In tho compu
tation of a rato sheet between tun
given points. It wns found upon In
vestigation that, as a result of this
error, the two railways operating be
tween tho two points havo lost up
ward of seventeen thousand dollars
during thnt time. This shows why
railways aro so strenuously opKscd
to what are considered Inconsequen
tial reduction In rates.
Recovered Watch Through Dream.
Six years ago a woman In Carmcl,
Mo., lost a valuable gold watch. Vari
ous persons foil under suspicion, but
there was no proof agntnst anybody,
and at length the watch was given up
as gone. Recently, for three nights In
succession, the woman dreamed that
the watch was In a certain part of a
cortaln drawer of an unused bureau.
Rising hastily on tho morning follow
ing the third dream, she wont to the
bureau, found tho watch and then re
membered that sho herself had placed
It thro for safe keeping.
Professional Jealousy.
A Hullan philosopher, Slgnor Fcrrl
nnl, has constructed a scale showing
tho varying degrees In which profes
sional Jealousy exists in different pro
fessions. The lowest placo In this
scale Is assigned to architects; next
nbovo them como clergymen, advo
cates and military officers; then fol
low In order from below upwards, pro
fessors of science and llteraturo, Jour
nalists, authors, doctors and actor.
It Is an Interesting classification,
which is not llkcny, however, to be
completely ncceptcd by anyone.
Love's Tribute.
Thero Is In Galloway, Scotland, an
ancient ruin known as Sweetheart ab
bey. Within Its Ivy-colored, storm
battorod walls lies hurled tho affec
tionate and devoted Dergorvlll, with
the heart of hor husband, John Ha
llo!, embalmed upon her breast. live
ly In their lives, In death they aro not
divided. Tho crumbling masonry Is
still and must over bo a romance In
Its symbols ot death and decay, tell
ing every day, as It has for 600 years,
the thrilling story of a woman's ten
der love and devotion.
Importance of Good Food.
Great thinkers In every ago havo
recognized tho vital Importance of
wholesomo food; Its Intlmnto connec
tion with tho Bane mind through tho
medium of tho sound body. "An empty
stomach produces an empty brain,''
Bald a famous French author.
Love knocks at my heart to-day.
Begging me for warmth and cheer.
Should I bid him go nwny?
Sweet his smile as roue of Mny.
And his laughter silver-clear.
Love knocks at my heart to-day.
Lonely aro my twilights gray.
Empty Is my house and dreur
Should I bid him go away?
Now n wistful song nnd gay.
Low he murmurs In my ear.
Lovo knocks at my heart to-duy.
Ah. I know what I would say
Yet I tre-nule I It fear?
Should 1 bid him go away?
Wisdom, n t thy shrine I prny
1 hough, but seeking for a tear,
Io knocks ut my heart to-day-Should
I bid him go awny?
-Charlotte Becker In Puck.
Where He Shone.
Among tho ofllco seekers who came
before President Harrison was ono
who wanted to represent tho United
States at Yokohama. "Do you spoak
Japaneso?" nsked tho President. Tho
applicant faltored; then said ho did.
"Well," said tho President; "let me
hear you speak It." "All right! Ask
mo something in Japanese."
Deep Gold Mine.
Tho deepest gold mine In tho world
Is at Bondlgo, Australia, Its shaft Is
down 3,900 feet, or only sixty feet
short of threo-quartors of a mile, Tho
heat at that depth Is 10S degrees.
France' Potato Production.
Franco produce:, moro than twlco
as many potatoes as tho United
States., Tho nvorago prlco per buahel
Is 25Vi conts.
Consult County Clerk or the Respective Sign
ers for further Information.
In the District Court, lYobate Division In and
for Cache County, State of Utah.
Kstatuof Hani I. Johnson deceased,
Creditors will tirvsent claims with vouch
ers to the undersigned nt the olllcn of James
C. Walters Ksii. attorney at law Uigan, Utah,
on or lioforo tho Slid day of October A. I).
Date of first publication. Juno Nt A. II.
Michael Johnson, executor of the will of
Hans I, Johnson deceased.
United States Laud Ollice. Salt Lake City
Ptali. May M. HUM.
Towliom It may concern!
Notice Is hereby given that the Statu nf
Utah has lllt-d In this ottli-u list No. .V of lands
selected by tliosald Mate for the establish
ment and nialntcuaiico of a School ut Mines,
under section 13 of tho Act of Congress ap
proved July III. IS'M. The following tracts
embraced In said list arc In a township con
taining mineral clalmsof record, viz:
SKW NW'l: NWM Ni:(and WJ4 SK4 Sec.
14. T.ll N.. It. 2 K., S. kJIpr.
A copy of said list, mi far as It relates to
said tracts, by descriptive miIhIIvIsIoiis, lias
liecn conspicuously misled In this ollli-e, for
liisins'tlon by any person Interested, and by
the public generally.
Within the next sixty days following tho
date of this notice, under departmental In
structions of November 2r, Ismicsi lll. 45'.i).
protestsor contests against the claim of the
Stale to any tracts or nuIhIIvIsIoiis herein
lioforo dfscrllHKl.on the ground that the samo
Is more valuable for mineral than for agri
cultural puriMises, will 1st iccelved and noted
for report tothodeueral LandOlllcoat Wash
ington, I). O. Failure so to protest or contest
within the tlmo stieclllril will bo considered
sutllclcnt evldencoof tho iiou-inliieral char
ncterof tho tracts, and tho selection thereof,
iK'Ing otherwise, frco from objection, will Ixi
recommended for npprovat.
.V HI Thank I), lloiuw.
(I r.o. A. Smith.
Land Notice,
NO. G5I1.
Department (if tho Interior. Land Olllco at
salt LakoClty, Utah. Juno 8. 1IK)4.
Notice Is hereby itlven that tho followlnir
named settler has tiled notlco of his Intention
to mako final proof In support of his claim,
and that said proof will Imniadn licfortt tho
Clerk of tho District Court In and for Cache
County. Utah, at Ixiiran City. Utah, on July
14th, uvt. viz:
Martha Mills. II. V. I.W3 for the HK of S W
Usee.!), aiidNHofNW'fsec.T.Tp. 14 N. of
It. 2 V..
Ilo names tlio following witnesses to provo
his continuous residence uisin and cultiva
tion of said land, ill:
atlooriro Day. Norman Day, Isitli ot Rich
mond, Cache Couutv. Utah; John M. Morn
hlsel, Lewlston, Cache County, Utah: Kit
Williams, Cow, Cache County, Utah.
KltANK I), Holms.
W. W. Mauoiian, Attornoy for claimant.
Official Directory
District J udifc Charles Hurt.
District Attorney Frank IC. NcbckcrJ
County Commissioners Hrlgliam A.
Hendricks, C. L. Anderson,
Win. II. Darley.
County Clerk Jacob N. Larsen.
County Recorder Rebecca Karnes.
County Attorney W. W. Mauoiian.
County Treasurer W. C. Parkinson.
County Assessor Jos. J. icliardson.
County Slierlir Ocorifc C. Rluby.
County Surveyor 1C. C. Scliaub.
County l'liyslclan-Dr. W. H. I'ark
Inson. County Supt. Schools 0. M. Thompson.
County Fish and Oamc Warden It. H.
Water Commissioner James Mclkle.
Fruit tree Inspectors Niels R.llroby
Wcllsvlllc, south i of county
Thomas Sterling. Providence, north 1
of county.
Road Supervisors Avon, .las. Jensen;
Henson, Samuel II.Roundy;Clarks
ton, George Godfrey; College,
Michael Johnson; Covcvlllc, John
C. Larsen; Greenville, Jacob Wll
helm; Hyde Park, Stephen Thurs
ton; Ilyrutn, O. P. Olscn; Lewis
ton, II. M. Rawlins, Jr.; Logan,
M. J. Andrews; Mendon, Mormon
Hlrd; Mlllvlllc, Ephralm Ycates;
Mt. Sterling, Joseph R. Itrown;
Newton, Niels Christiansen; Para
dise, Thomas W. Obray; Peter
boro, James C. Jensen; Providence
J. J. Frederick; Richmond, Fred
rich II. Whittle; Smlthtlcld, Win.
Winn; Trenton, John Hlngham;
Wollsvllle, Thos. Murray; Wheel
er, Win. K. Rlgby.
Justices of the Peace Avon, Oliver
F. Davis; Henson, S. II. Roundyi
Clarkston, A. II. Archibald; Col
lege, W.Hawklns'.Covevllle, Fennel
Collins; Greenville, Ralph Smith;
Hyde Park, George '.. Lamb; Hy
rum, C. F. Olscn; Lewlston, Peter
K. Van Orden; Logan, Thomas X.
Smith; Mendon, Andrew Sorenscn.
Millvllle. John W. Scott; Mt. Ster
ling, W. S. Haxter; Newton, Mar
cus Cooley; Paradise. John P.
James; Peterboro, C. W. Maugh
an; Providence, Lorenzo E. Tib
bltts; Richmond, James W. Funk,
Smlthlleld, Geo. V. Smith; Tren
ton, Charles G. Wood; Wollsvllle,
John S. Leatham; Wheeler, James
Constable Henson, William Catmull;
Clarkston, John Thompson; Col
lege, George Williams; Covevlllo
Mark II. Reese; Greenville, Emll
Mose; Hydo Park, Fred Wolfe;
llyrinn, AndrovvC. Nlelson; Lew
lston, J. W. Leavltt; Logan, Jacob
Johnson; Mendon, P. R. lljid;
Millvllle. James P.Olsen; Mt. Ster
ling, J. W. Lindley; Nowton, John
Henson; Paradise, John II. Glbbs;
Peterboro, O. F. Nye; Providence,
Andrew Fuhrlman; Richmond, L.
II. Ilullen; Smlthlleld, Win. Pll
klnson; Tier on, Andrew Sim
monds, Jr.; M ellsvllle, Joseph 11.
Woodward; .Vhceler, Joseph Ransom-
Olllco and Residence, Room 4, Itlck'a
Hlocif; Main' Street.
i""i SiiSW PMi Mil H
John Thomas K
Mkuciiant Ta i r.o it
The leading tailor ot the County. ' H
Call and be convinced.
A. Swinyard H
Is now located In Fisher's lumber yard IH
one block south of Thatcher Hank. All H
Done. Glvohlm a call. 4lH
Oillce . ill; Jouuty Court Ilbusc; iH
Southeast rovn up -stairs. Telephone IH
lHy. Logan. Utah. sl
Attorncy-at-law IH
Olllco over The First National Hank, il
Joseph Tarbet,
The Plumber, at the Con. I old stand. H
Done on short notice, with satlsfac- H
tlon guai antccd. j
Sam Glaser, I
Dealer In Fine Liquors and Cigars. j
llottle and Jug trade a specialty. Our H
Lewis 1800 Whiskey. Try it. ' H
Centrally located. South of Kcnyon j
Hotel, Main street. European plan , jH
Rates reasonable. State trade solid-
ted. Rates fiO cents and up. jH
Livery and Feed Stables. First j
West street. Telephone 1-iy. u H
Connections made with all Trains. 0
Livery and Iiaggcge promptly at- P'lH
tended to. ' B
Commercial trade solicited, tf Hl
, j H
Jennie P. Slater,
(Ex-County Recorder.) p H
Bonded Abstracter and Conveyancer. H
Notary Public. '' H
Room 11, Commercial Ulk., LOGAN. ' M
Is located on South Main street and , H
handles a line line of Dry Goods, No- H
tions, etc. The cheapest placo In H
town for Painting, Wallpaper, and j H
Paper-hanging. ) H
H C Hansen
-and MINING. H
Agent, The Mutual Life or New York ' H
Sec'y Amazon Mining Company
71 N Main St. Logan. H
Brunswick Saloon I
Sells the largest and coolest M
glass of H
Of any place in town. M
Tbe North-Western Line Russo-Japan Atlas M
A Russo-Japanese War Atlas has M
been Issued by the Chicago & North H
Western Railway. Three line colored H
maps, each 14x20, bound In conven- H
lent form for reference. The Eastern H
situation shown In detail, with tables H
showing relative military and naval H
strength and Hnanclal resources of M
Russia and Japan. H
Copy mailed to any address on re- H
eclpt of ten (10) cents In postage, H
by C. A. Walker, H
Gen. Agt. C. & N. W. Ry., M
200 South Main St., H
Salt Lake City, Utah. H
Logan Real Estate 1
and Loan Company
has a number of First-class Dry ' H
nnd Irrigated H
Farms For sale I
on terms or for Cash. City proper- H
ty In all parts of town. Long time M
Farm loans a specialty. I
Optional' payment. Local money H
money placed. A No. 1 Security M
tJ i

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