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B Qonornl Ttcyes has beon declared
-ilocteJ president of Colombia.
In the recent 'night attack at Hoyan
B ( (ho Japanoso lost 200 'killed and COO
Hjg 'wounded.
igrl A dispatch from Llao Yang say.n
Oku's array Is retiring, evidently in-
tending to concentrate- on Port Ar
thur. A dispatch from Tlflls says there
ro 300 deaths dally In Teheran from
cholera, and that the dlscoao la
Flood conditions 'In Kansas, 'Oft the
Kaw watershed, are still Borlous, and
imany pcoplo will bo ruined as a result
of tho high water.
It is announced that Mrs. Florcnco
May It rick will bo granted a tlckot-of-lcavo
beforo August 1, and that she
will como to America.
Tho government Is establishing
with all basto a medical and military
cordon In trans-Caucasia against the
'Importation of cholera from Porslo.
Tho Fourth of July was celobrated
from Tanama to Colon, but princi
pally at Culobra and othor points on
tho lino, whoro tho marines had a
great time.
Dr, Silas C. Swallow, tho Prohibi
tion candldato for president, will ro
ll colvo official notification of bis ncm
H lnatlon In Indianapolis on Friday
Ba. -evening, July 22.
H General Kurokl is advancing all
mt along tho lino, and Japaneso officer
H aro organizing Chinese bandit bapds
throughout tho Llao valloy for an at
H tack on Mukden.
J An unldontlflcd man has been shot
H to death on a Statcn Island rapid
H transit train noar Clifton, N. Y. Th
H murderor Jumped from tho train and
H escaped. Tho tragedy was over 9
H woman.
H A negro, namo unknown, has boon
H lynched at Gordo, Ala., for making
B Insulting proposals to two white
jj vomon. Tho negro was taken from
H tho Jail at Gordo by a mob and
H hanged.
H James Wilson's houseboat on the
H Ohio river bank near Laurcnceburg, I
H Ind., was blown up with dynamtto and
H Wilson's wlfo and Infant child per-
H Ishod. Wilson and his wlfo had been
K quarreling.
Bj Temporny Insanity, tho result of tho
Be loss of his family In tho Norgo steam-
Be ahlp disaster, It given as tho alleged
BS causo of tho sulcido of Otto Hanson,
BE who has been found dead on tho roil-
Wt road tracks In Evanston, Ills.
m.. It is reported that tho governor
BjM goncral of Warsaw has akod permls
H?7 slon to placo Ilusslan Poland In tho
Bt minor stato of slogc, as othcrwlso It
BE will bo Impossible for him to provont
Wt an uprising of tho disaffected popula-
jH Uon.
BR Charles II. Corregon of Now York
H and William W. Cox of Illinois wore
ma choson as candidates for president
Bu and vlco president respectively by tho i
B national convention ot tho Socialist
Mm Iabor party in session In Now York
H City.
BE Koreans coming to tho Ilusslan
Hj frontier say there are 5,000 Japanese
H at Seoul, but by marching and coun-
BE tor-marching In and out of tho town
Hj thoy aro attempting to create tho lm-
Hj prcsslon that thoro aro 20,000 men
Hj thero.
H Tho Chicago Tribune publishes a
E partial list ot caaualtlos resulting from
H Fourth of July celobratlons all ovor
Hj the country. The list gives tho total
Hj number ot dead as twenty-flvo; in-
Bf lured, 1,834, and a proporty loss ot
jH It Is officially onnouncod that honco-
K forth that when cotton or woolen
Ba! goods manufactured In Russia aro ox
PaHti ported to foreign countrlos or to Amur
MWj torrltory, Uio duties paid on foreign
Bv material used in the production will
Bb be rofundod.
m Preparations aro being mado at
H Hormoslllo, Mexico, for tho execution
HI by shooting ot ton Mexicans under
Hj sontonco for tho murder and robbery
B of tho Maxwoll brothers and Enoch
V Wcodwortb, on tho 131 TIgro about
IH two months ago.
H dorslng tho candidacy ot President
H Roosovolt for ro-olctlon In placo of
H making Its nominations, tho National
B Nogro IJboral party nominated Wll-
H Ham T. Scott of Kast St. Louis and
B W. C. Payno ot Warrentoii, Va., for
I prosldont and vlco president.
I That tho trust era has como to a
H BtandstlU Is best shown by tho listing
Hj of now stocks. During tho last six
Hj montlis thero woro listed only 11,627,-
Hj SOO, comparod with $290,957,435 for
H tho samo porlod In 1900. $315,853,800
WM In 1902, and 1,273,G87,G7G In 1901.
B Tho Ilusslau nowspapors aro begin-
Hj nlng to discuss tho artlclo on tho
Hj Ilusso-Japanoso war by Count Tolstoi,
Hj recently publluhed In tho London
BjB Times. Almost unanimously tho pa
Hj pors refer to tho artlclo advorsoly and
Bg a few speak ot It la denunciatory
QS torms.
SEvl Edward Dorsch, former momber ol
kY, the St. Louis houso of dolegatos, who
BK recently pleaded guilty to tho charge
BV of accoptlng a brlbo in connection
Bl with tho pas-sago of tho lighting bill,
WM has boon sentenced to two yoara' lm-
BB prlsonmont In tho ponitektlary, the
H minimum.
The Democratlo party of the United
States, In national convontlon assembled,
deolarea lu devotion to tlia essential
principles of tho Demoerntlo faith which
brines us together In parly communion.
Under them, local self-government and
national unity and prosperity were alike
established. They underlaid our Independ
ence the structure of our free republic
and every Democratlo extonslon from
Louisiana to California and Texas to Ore
run, which preserved faithfully In alt tho
states the tie between taxation and rep
resentation. They yet Inspire the masses
of our people, guarding Jealously their
rights and liberties nnd cherishing their
fraternity, peace nnd orderly develop
ment. They remind us of our duties and
responsibilities an citizens and Impress
upon us. particularly at this time, the ne
cessity of reform.
The application of these fundamental
principle to the living tssurs of the day
Is the first step townrd tho as
ured pence, safety and proirrcas of our
nation. Freedom of tho press, ot con
science and of speech, equnllty beforo the
law of nil cltlicns; tho right of trial by
lury: freedom of the person defended by
the writ of hnbcaa corpus: liberty of per
lonal contract tintmmmeled by sumptu
ary laws; tho supr nncy of tho lvll over
military authority, a well disciplined mi
Utla: the separation of church nnd
Itato: economy In expenditures; low
laxes. that labor may bo lightly btir
flened: tho prompt nnd snered flulflll-
ment of publlo nnd private obliga
tions: fidelity to treaties; pence nnd
friendship with nil nations. cntnngllng nl
llances with none; nbsolute ncqulesccnco
In the will of tho majority, the vital prin
ciple of republics theso nro doctrines
which Democracy has established ns
proverbs of the nation, nnd thoy should
be constantly enforced.
Wo favor the enactment nnd adminis
tration of laws giving labor and capital
mpnrtlally their Just rights. Capital nnd
labor ought not to be enemies. Each is
necessary to tho other. Each has Its
fights, but tho rights of labor nre cer
tainly no less "vested," no less "sacred"
and on less "Inalienable" than the rights
of capital.
Constitutional guarantees are violated
whenever nny citizen Is denied the right
to labor, ncqulro nnd enjoy property, or
reside where Interest or Inclination may
determine. Any donlal thereof by Indi
viduals or organizations of government
ihould bo summarily rebuked and pun
ished. We deny the right of any executive to
Disregard or suspend any constitutional
privilege or limitation. Obedience to the
laws and respect for their requirements
are alike the supreme duty of the cltl
len and the ofnclal.
The military should be used only to
mprort and mntntaln tho lnw. We un-
Runllfledty condemn Its employment for
le summnry banishment of citizens
fflthout trial, or for the control of elec
tions. We approve the measure which passed
the United States senate In 1SDS, but
Which a Republican congress hns ever
llnce refused to enact, relating to con
tempts In federal courts nnd providing
'for trial by Jury In cases of Indirect con
tempt. We favor liberal appropriations for the
earo nnd Improvement of tho waterways
of tho country When nny waterway
'llko the Mississippi river la of sufllclent
Importanco to demnnd special aid of the
Covernment, such aid should be extended
with a definite plan of continuous work
until permanent Improvement Is secured.
Wa oppose the Republican policy of
ttarvlng home development In order to
feed the greed for conquest nnd tho ap
petlto for national "prestige" and dis
play of strength.
Large reductions can readily be
mado In tho annual expenditures of tho
government without Impairing the effici
ency of any branch of tho publlo service
and wo shall Insist upon tho strictest
economy and frugality compatible with
vigorous and effective civil, military and
navnl administration an a right of tho
pcoplo too clear to be denied or withheld.
Wo favor honesty In the publlo service,
tho enforcement of honesty In tho publlo
service, nnd to thnt end a thorough ex
ecutive Investigation of those depart
ments of tho government already known
to teem with corruption, ns well as other
depiirtmenls suspected of harboring cor
ruption nnd punishment of nsccrtnlned
corruptlonlsts without fear or favor or
regard to persons. Tho persistent nnd de
liberate refusal of both tho senato nnd
houso of representatives to permit such
suggestion to bo made demonstrates that
only by a chnngo In tho executive and
In tho legislative departments can com-
Blete exposure, punishment and convlo
on bo obtained.
Wo condemn tho nction of the Repub
lican party In congress In refusing to
prohibit Its executive departments from
entering Into contracts with convicted
trusts or unlawful combinations In re
straint of Interstate trade. Wo have ono
of the best methods of procuring econ
omy and honesty In tho publlo service,
nnd that Is to havo public officials, from
tho occupant of tho Whlto House down
to tho lowest of them, return ns nearly
&n may be to Jeftcrsonlnn simplicity of
Wo favor tho nomination and election
f n president Imbued with the principles
the constitution, who will sot his face
itornly against executive usurpation of
leglslnttvo and Judicial functions.
Whether that usurpation be veiled under
tho gulso of executive construction of
xlstlng laws, or whether It takes refuge
in tho tyrnnt's plans of necessity or su
perior wisdom.
Wo favor tho preservation, so far as wo
tan, of an open door for tho world's com
merce In the Orient without unnecessary
mtnnglement In Oriental nnd European
Hffnlrs, and without arbitrary, unlimited.
Irresponsible and absolutn government
anywhere within our Jurisdiction. Wo op
pose as fervently as did Oeorge Wash
Ington himself nn Indefinite. Irresponsible,
discretionary and vague absolutism, and
a policy of colonial exploitation, no
matter where or by whom exercised:
we believe, with Thomas Jefferson and
John Adams, that no government has a
right to make ono set of laws for those
at home" and another and a different
set of laws, absolute In their character,
for those "In lhe colonies." All men un
der the Amerlcnn flag are entitled to tho
protection of the Institutions whose em
blem tha flag Is; If they nre Inherently
nt to be members of tho Amer
ican body politic. Wherever there
may exist a people Incapable of being
roverned upon American laws under the
Amerlcnn constitution, the territory or
people ought not to bo part of the Amer
ican domain. We Insist that we ought to
do for tho Filipinos what we have done
already for the Cubans, and It Is our
duty to make that promise now. nnd.
upon suitable gunrnntoes of .Protection to
citizens of our own nnd other countries
resident there nt tho time of our with
drawal set tho Filipino people upon their
feet? free and Independent to work out
their own destiny.
Tho endeavor of the socretnry of war,
by pledging the Koyernmenl s Indorse
ment for "promoters" In tho Philippine
Elands, to 'mako the United States a
partner In speeulntlvo legislation of the
archipelago, which was only temporarily
held by tho opposition of Democratlo sen
ators in the last session, will. If success
ful, lead to entanglements from which
It will be difficult to escape.
Tho Democratlo party has been and
will contlnuo to be tho consistent oppo
nent of that class of tariff legislation
by which certain Interests have been
permitted through congressional favor to
draw a heavy tribute from the American
Drinkers Had Strong Heads.
Bismarck onco related the follow
ing anecdote about wines: "Formerly,
when wine was still cheap, everybody
could both drink and stand more of it
I remomber tho story of two men
fron the llhine. They mot together In
tho morning for a drink, and, on sit- I
tlnp down, ono ot them said to tha j
othor, in the dialect peculiar to th
Rhino districts, 'This wine Is good.'
Toward muset they got up and after
emptying his last glass, the other on
mode answer, 'And It ajpat TlU oce,
pvaphx TWs -monrtroua -peTTorslen of
thuse equal opportunities -which our po
litical Institutions were established to se
cure, has caused what may onco have
been Infant Industrie to become the
greatest combinations ot capital that tha
world has ever hnorrn. The especial
favorites of tho government, have,
through trust methods, been eonverted
Into monopolies, thus bringing to an end
domestic competition, which was tho only
check upon the extrnvngant profits made
possible by the proteottvo system. Theeo
industrial romblnutluns, by til Cnnhclal
assistance they can give, now control the
policy (if the Republican purty.
Wo denonnce protection as a robbery
of the many to enrich tho few and we
favor a tariff limited to the necessities of
the government economically adminis
tered, nnd so levied as not to dlscrlml
nato against any Industry, class or sec
tion, to tho end thnt the burdens of tax
ation shall be distributed as equally a
We favor a revision nnd a gradual reduc
tion of tho tariff by tho friends of tho
masses and for the commonwealth, and
not by tho friends of Its abuses, Its ex
tortions nnd Its discriminations, keeping
In view the ultlmnto end of "equality of
burdens and equality of opportunities,"
nnd tha exccutlonnl purpose of raising a
rcvenuo by taxation, to-wlt: The support
of the fedcrnl government In nil lis In
tegrity nnd virility, but In Flmpllclty.
Wo recognize that tho gigantic trusts
nnd combinations designed to cimlilu cap
ital to secure moro than Its Just share of
the Joint products of capital nnd labor,
and which have been fostered and pro
moted under Republican rule, nre a men
nco to beneficial competition and nn ob
stacle to permanent business prosperity.
A prlvnto monopoly Is lndefenslblo and
Individual equality ot uppot (unity and
free competition aro essential to n
healthy and permanent commercial pros
perity; nnd nny trust, combination Or
monopoly tending to destroy these by
controlling production, restricting com
petition or fixing prices, should ba pro
nlblted nnd punished by law. We especi
ally denounce rebates and discrimination
by the transportation companies as tha
most potent agency In promoting and
strengthening theso unlawful conspira
cies against trade.
We demand an enlargement of the pow
ers ot tha Interstate commerce commis
sion to the end that the traveling publlo
and shippers of this country may have
prompt and ndequate relief for the abuse
to which they aro subjected to In tha
matter of transportations.
Wo demand a strict enforcement of x
Istlng civil and criminal statutes against
all such trusts, combination and mo
nopolies, nnd we demand tha enactment
of such further legislation as may b
necessary to effectually suppress them.
Any trust or unlawful combination en
gaged In interstate commerce which Is
monopolizing nny brnnch of business or
production should not be permitted to
transact business outside of the state of
Its origin. Whenever It shall be estab
lished lu any court of competent Jurisdic
tion that such monopolization exUts such
prohibition should be enforced through
comprehen-lvo laws to be enacted on
the subject
Wo congratulate our western citizens
upon tho passngo of the measure known
ns tho Newland Irrtgntlon act for tha ir
rigation nnd reclamation of arid lands of
tho west a mensuro framed by a Demo
crat, passed In the senato by a non-partisan
voto and passed In tho house against
the opposition of almost all tho Republi
can leaders by a vote, tho majority of
which was Democratic. Wo call attention
to this great Democratic measure, broad
and comprehensive as It Is, working auto
matically throughout all tlmo without
further action of congress, until the re
clamation of all the lands In the arid
west capable of reclamation Is accom
plished, reserving the Innds reclaimed
for homeseekers In small tracts, and
rigidly guarding against land monopoly,
ns an evidence of tha policy of domestlo
development contemplated by tho Demo
cratlo party, Bhould It be placed In power.
Tho Democracy, when entrusted with
power, will construot tho Tanama canal
speedily, honestly and economically,
thereby giving to our people whnt Dem
ocrats havo always contended for a
grent Inter-occnnlc cannl, furnishing
shorter nnd cheaper lines of transporta
tion and broader nnd less trammeled
trado relations with tho othur peoples
of tho world.
We pledge ourselves to Insist upon tho
Just nnd lawful protection of our citizens
nt home nnd abroad, and to use all prop
er measures to secure for them, whether
native born or naturalized, and without
distinction of race or creed the equal
protection of laws nnd tho enjoyment of
all rights and privileges open to them un
der tho covenants of our treaties of
friendship and commerce; and If under
oxlstlng trcntlos tho right of travel and
sojourn Is denied to Amerlatn citizens or
recognition is withheld from American
passports by any countries on the ground
of race or creed, to favor the beginning
of negotiations with tho governments of
such countries to securo by treaty the re
moval of these unjust discriminations.
We demnnd that all over the world a
duly authenticated passport Issued by
the government of tho United Btntos to
an American citizen shall bo proof of the
fact that he Is an American citizen and
shall entitle him to tho troatment due
him as such.
We favor the election of United Stntes
senntora by the direct voto of tho people.
We favor the admission of the terri
tories of Oklahoma nnd tho Indian Terri
tory. We nlso favor tho Immediate ad
mission of Arizona and New Mexico aa
separate states, and n territorial govern
ment for Alnska and Porto Rico.
We hold that the officials appointed to
administer tho government of any terri
tory, as well as with the District of
Alaska, should be bona fide residents of
the territory or tho district In which tho
duties nre to be performed at the time
of their appointment
We demnnd the extermination of polyg
amy within the Jurisdiction of tho United
States and tho complete separation of
church and state In political affairs.
We denounce the ship subsidy bill re
cently passed by the United States senate
an an Iniquitous appropriation of public
funds for private purposes and a waste
ful, Illogical and useless attempt to over
come by subsidy obstructions raised by
Republican legislation to the growth and
development of American commerce on
the sea. We favor tho upbuilding of n
merchant marine without now or addi
tional burdens upon tho peoplo and with
out bounties from the publlq treasury.
We favor liberal trado arrangements
with Canada and with tha peoples of
other countries where they can be en
tered Into with benefit to American agri
culture, manufactures, mining or com
merce. Wo favor tho malnlennco of the Mon
roo doctrine In Its full entirety.
Wo favor tho reduction of tho nrmy and
of army expenditure to tho point histori
cally demonstrated to bo safe and suf
ficient. The Democracy would securo to tho sur
viving soldiers nnd sailors nnd their de
pendents generous pensions, not by an
nrhltrary executive order, but by legis
lation which a grateful pcoplo stand
ready to enact Our soldiers and sailors
who defend with their lives tha constitu
tion nnd the laws, hnve a sacred Interest
In their Just administration, They must,
therefore, share with us tho humiliation
with which we havo wltnesed tho exal
tation of court favorites, without distin
guished service, over tho scarred heroes
of many battles; or aggrandized by ex
ecutive appropriations out of the treas
ures of a prosperous people. In violation
Traits of Indian Children.
A teacher. In an Indian school
writes: "A llttlo girl got her finger
mashed oft recently In tho cogs ot the
mangle of our laundry. She never ut
ters a sound or complaint about the
pain. An Indian doosn't appreciate a
I favor. If you give him broad to-day,
I to-morrow he will ask for two pieces,
and the noxt day will want coffee
thrown In, and If you refuse will bo
greatly offended. One of tho hardest
things wo have to do is to tench the
llttlo Indians to say 'Thank you.' "
Kansas City Journal,
or tko act of congress which axe th
compensation and allowance t mili
tary oflleem.
The Democratlo party stands committed
to the prlnclphw of civil eorvloo roform
nnd wo demand their honest. Just and
Impartial enforcement We denounce the
Republican party for Its continuous en- ,
eronchment upon tho spirit and operation
of civil service rules, whereby It hns arbi
trarily dispensed with examinations for
omen In the Interest of favorites and em
ployed all manner of devices to over
reach and net aside tho principles upon
which the drll servlco was established.
The race question has brought count
less woon to this country. The calm wis
dom of the American people should see
to It that It brings no more. To revive
the dead nnd hateful race and sectional
animosities In any part ot our common
country moans confusion, distraction ot
busluens nnd the reopening of wounds
now happily healed. North, south, oast
nnd west have recently stood together
In line or battle from the walls of Pekln
to the hills of Santiago, and as sharers
of a, common glory nnd a common des
tiny, we should share fraternally th
oominon burdens. Wo therefore dopre
onte nnd condemn the Rourbonllko, sel
nsh nnd nnrrow spirit of the recent Re
publican convention nt Chicago, which
sought to kindle nnew rnclal ami fac
tional strife, and wo appeal to tho sobel
common sense and pntrlotlo spirit of th
Amerlcnn people.
The existing Republican administration
hns been spasmodic, spectacular nnd nr
hltrary It hns mnde Itself a satire upon
tho congress, tho courts nnd upon th
settled pr.tctlces nnd usnges of nntlona)
and International law It summoned thi
congress Into hnsty nnd futllo extra ses
sion nnd virtually adjourned It, leavlns
behind Its lllgnt from Washington un
called calendnra nnd unaccomplished
It mado war (which Is tho sole power ol
congress, without Its nuthorlty, thereby
usurping Its fundamental prerogatives.
It vlolnted n statute of tho United States
as well as plain trenty obligations, Inter
national usnges nnd constitutional lawl
nnd has done so under pretense of exe
cuting a grent publlo policy which could
hnve been moro easily effected lawfully,
constitutionally nnd with honor.
It forced strained nnd unnatural con
structions upon statutes, usurping Judi
cial Interpretation and substituting con
gressional enactments.
It withdrew from congress their cus
tomary duties of Investigation which
havo heretofore mado tho representatives
of the people and states tha territory of
It conducted a secret Investigation of
It own and boasted of a few sample
convicts while It threw a broad coverlet
over the bureaus which had been their
chosen field of operntlvo abuses and kept
In power tho superior officers under
whose administration the crimes had
beon committed.
it ordered assault upon some monopo
lies, but paralyzed by Its first victory It
flung out the ring of truco and declared
that It would not "run nmuck." leaving
It future purposes beclouded by It vac
illations. Conducting "the campaign upon this
declaration of our principles nnd pur
poses, we Invoko for our candldnte the
support, not only of our great nnd time
honored organization, but nlso the nctlve
assistance of all our fellow-citizens, who,
disregarding past differences upon ques
tions no longer In Issue, deslro tho per
petuation of our constitutional govern
ment as frnmed and established by tha
fathers of the republic.
Tho Court of War.
Not all ot evil Is war, grim and stern:
It Is tha swift, keen sword, which
pierces through
The hidden wrong tha ancient and tha
And brings to Judgment lands that will
not learn.
It Is the mighty, unchained fore that
All secret tyranny to fullest light;
The court of last appeal to God and
Where each stakes Ufa and freedom for
his cause.
And he who offers this, when duty calls.
To save his country's honor, serve lur
Who meets death unafraid ivhata'er be
falls, lias he not reached the height of hu
man deed?
II hns known alt that Ufa can hold t
And If he die has felt what 'tis to live,
Ninette M. Lowater In New York
Birth of a Daybreak Pink.
Beneath a hedge-row, dense and grain,
A modest flower reared Its he-id.
With petals while of silvery sheen
No other blossom In the bed.
As on the slender stem It swayed
A dainty odor filled the air.
And yet the Mower was not content,
iZ'tn though so fragrant, sweet and
For Just across tho garden path
Were blooms of every shade and hue)
None brighter, gayer could be found
E'er wet by morn or evening dew.
The rare pale flower sadly sighed,
"Only to have one llttlo glow
Like all the lovely Mowers I see.
Would make me happier, I know."
A saucv sunbeam heard the sigh.
And gnyly darting through the green.
With fiery glance and heated breath
Kissed the pale flower or sliver shsaiv
The sudden warmth of the caress
Gave to the flower of a rosy flush;
Transformed, Its petals ever ooro
In bud or bloom a dainty blush.
Content the flower In beauty throve
No sweeter can bo found, I think;
We bless the morning sunbeam's kls
That gave to us the daybreak pink.
Washington Post
A Day Dream.
Ovr yonder near the shore-Una thar
a sea-gull slowly flying,
Drifting gently on the bosom of tha
land breeze from the hills.
And he steeps within Its fragrance all his
aensei none denying.
Till his brain is strangely hearr. and
hi bosom sweetly thrills.
Over yonder near the shore-lint & lo
fancy, see mo luster
Of the ardent sunshine streaming a
the hills serene nnd brown,
Ard my VBgrnnt heart Is rsstlng whar
the redwoods thickly cluster,
While my body lingers, helpless. In the
smoke-encircled town
I've a fervid, wanton longing tor a spot
I know out yonder.
"II n little sun-kissed picture that I
paint when world-oppressed.
And I droam that I through fragrance ol
a phantom garden wander
Where, In fancy, I've a cabin nd. Id
fancy, nin nt rest.
Uabel Porter l'ltts In Sunset Magazine.
Extends Bank of Algeria.
Dy a decree published In tho official
Journal of tho protectorate of Tunis,
tho operations of tho Hank ot Algerls
aro to bo oxtondod to tho regency.
Tho bank will havo tho right to lssui
notes down to tho end of tho yeai
1920, but tboso to clrculato In Tunti
must bo earmarked to enow tholi
Tunisian origin.
Woman's Long Sleep.
A Bromon woman, now forty-four
years of ago, went to Bleep in 1888
and has just awakened. During tha
whole courso ot her long sUep she
nevor once opened her eyes. When
she requlrod food tho sleeper would
groan, and on food being given to hoi
swallowed it in a natural way. Moat
of her toeth fell out In the course ol
her sleep; soma she swallowed, others
were found on the pillow. She awoka
suddenly while tho lire-alarm boll
were being rung
Terrible Cold Found Easy Victim In
Careless Traveler.
Klondlko rlvor Is fed by numerous
soda springs and oven tho wlntor's
cold fails to closo them entirely.
Walking on tho edgo of tho leo near
tho shoro, a miner ono day slipped
into six Inches of water. In a mo
ment ho wns out and hastening to tho
brush hard by to light a llro before
his feet frozo. Rapidly ho cut n few
fragments of wood with his heavy
pocket knlfo. Uut tho unllghtcd match
dropped from his already chilled tin
flors, for ho hnd rashly removed his
I mittens In order to use tho knlfo with
moro freedom. Then ho lighted n
second and n third nnd finally several
at ono tlmo, but clthor his hasto or
perhaps a sigh of tho air caused them
to fall in tho snow. All this tlmo tho
frost wns seizing his limbs, his body,
his heart, tils in lml. lie turned to tho
fatal mittens, which ho novcr should
havo taken off, hut his already frozon
fingers could only lift them from tho
Ico whero thoy had fallen, and after
a vain nttempt ho hurled them from
him nnd strovo onco again to light
a last match. Hut It was too Into.
Remarkable Cure of Dropsy by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Sedgwick, Ark., July 11. Tho caso
of W. S. Taylor's little son Is looked
upon by thoso interested In medical
matters as ono of tho most wonderful
on record. In this connection his
father makes tho following statement:
"Last September, my llttlo boy had
Dropsy: his feet and limbs wero
swollen to such an extent that ho
could not walk nor put his shoes on.
Tho treatment thnt tho doctors wero
giving him seemed to do him no good
and two or throo pcoplo said his days
woro short, even tho doctors, two of
tho best In tho country told mo ho
would not got hotter. I stopped their
mcdlclno nnd at onco sont for Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I gavo him three Pills
a day, ono morning, noon and night
for eight days; at tho end of the
eighth day tho swelling was all gone,
but to glvo tho medlclno Justlco, I
gavo him cloven more Pills. I used
thlrty-flvo Pills In nil and ho waB en
tirely cured. I consider your medlclno
saved my child's life. When tho thlrty-flvo
Pills woro given him, ho could
run, danco and sing, whereas before
ho was an lnvnlld In his mother' armi
from morning until night."
Bavarians Are Progressive,
Tho Bavarian Trado Museum has
adopted a novel Idea to Interest ns
well as to Instruct tho public and
purchasers of toys by sending out
travollng lecturers, who show tho
practical workings ot tho toys by
means ot models In ncttial operation.
Some of tho moro Interesting toys
thus demonstrated lncl'ido: A com
plete railroad train, which can bo run
backward and ford, Blow or fast, nnd
toppod at will.
Important to Mothers.
Exsmlno carefully erery bottle of CASTOT1IA,
a aafo and rare remedy for lafanti and children,
and sea that It
Blcn&turoof C&tZ&y, cidC&M
(a Uto For Over 30 Years.
Tho Kind Ton Hare Always nought
"Dead" Romeo Protested,
Ono Aloxandcr, manager ot a Olas-'
gow theater, who was also a vory had
actor, when ho had becomo an old
man was playing tho part of Borneo
ono night, tho Juliet being a young
girl. After swallowing tho poison, ho
was lying dead, when Uio grotesquo-1
ncss of tho situation evoked applauso
from tho gallery. Allele (tho namo by
which ho was unlvorsally known) felt
this was meant for mockery. Illslng
to his feet, ho camo to tho front of
tho stago nnd said: "You think I can't
play Homeo, but I enn play Borneo.
I havo played It beforo" (nnmlng some
peoplo of distinction) "and I shall play
it again." Ho then lay down and dlod
a second tlmo.
Women as Jewelers.
It Is remarkablo that more women
do not tnko up the Jewelry business
when searching for n trado, says an
exchange. A woman can cater to
women's tastes, and with an appren
ticeship under a good firm should bo
capablo ot starting In for herself. An
Englishwoman has taken up tho work
and Is successful In resetting stones
and also hns acquired tho unusual art
ot painting precious stones. This Is
delightful work for a woman, though
rather trying to tho oyes.
Owed Promotion to Pun.
Canon Molvlllo, who dlod In England
recently, In his 02d year, owed his ear
liest promotion to n pun. When tho
lato enrl ot Dtidloy, who know Mr.
Melville sufficiently to remember that
his Christian namo was "David," had
a living at his disposal, ho rocolve'd a
letter containing only tho words,
"Lord, remerabor David." Tho carl's
roply was no less torso and scriptural:
"Thou art tho man I"
Ants Overeamo the Difficulty.
A naturalist found black ants wero
devouring tho skins ot some bird spec
imens on n table, so ho made tar cir
cles on four pieces of paper and put
ono under each log of tho tablo. Ants
will not cross tar. Protty soon he
found tho ants busily at work again,
nnd, looking nt tho tar circles, found
each ono wns bridged by bits of sand,
which tho ants had brought in from
tho Btreot.
The Fate of Empires.
Empires totter apd fall, and states
men wonder why they don't tottor and
fall when speeches aro mado saying
that tho ultlmnto Is reached. Thus em
plras show wisdom, and the statesmen
tha other thing.
Chinese Durlal Customs. H
When a rich nnd important China- B
man dies, his funeral is conducted m
with much pomp and splendor. Ills H
frlorxls nnd relations. Instead of send- m
lng wreaths, send innumerable ban- m
ners. Theso aro mado of white silk, m
with inscriptions beautifully worked W
in black velvet, and express tho send- m
crs' good wlchcs to tho deceased him-
solf or to tho members ot his family
for many generations. On tho day W
ot tho funeral theso banners nro car- H
rlcd by hired men, who aro all dress- J
ed allko for tho occasion. After tha W
funeral, which lasts several hours at W
tho cemetery, Is over, tho bnnnors are
all brougnt back, and eventually m
graco tho rooms of tho lato China- H
man's houso. H
Stats or Onio, Citt or Toledo, I .
l.VCAS Cobstt ("' 1
Fsaxk J. Ciisvkt mkc otth that he Is senloi jaaaaaI
psrtner of ttm firm of F. .?. CiiRNsr A Co., ilulnif iH
aMlnoM tn Hie CUjr ot Toledo. County anil Stata H
af irpvatd, an I that aM firm will ty tlio aum of kTaTafaH
USK lIUNDIll.l) DOI.I.AUS for each and every gtH
n nf Cataiihu that cannot be cutuJ ly tbe uia of iH
IUll's Catarrh (irk. H
I'll NK J. Clir.NEY. fkWl
Strom tn before tne sml Mttcrtbel la my prea- mH
ence, ttila ctli day ot Pi-comber, A. 1) ion. fmm
i i A. W. ULhASOX, kWM
i 1! f NoTAtir VtJBLlO. 1
HaU'a Catarrh Cure la taken Internally ami acta H
directly on the Moml and inucoua aurfacea of the ffflBBBBBBfBBJ
arileui. bend for loMlnimiUK free. mm
V. J. IIKNK A CO .Toledo, O. JBm
Fold lr nil pniKuMn. rc. jBH
Talo HaU'a Faintly l'llla forcomtlpatlon. H
e Sincere. H
Assoclnto reverently nnd ns much wu
ns you can with your loftiest thoughts. 9
Man's noblest gift to mnn Is his sin- LM
ccrlty, for It embraces his Integrity mm
nlso. Tho llncst uses of things are jH
tho accidental. Boutlno Is n ground mm
to stand on, a wall to retreat to. Be jLU
absolutely and faithfully what you
nro; bo numbly whnt you asplro to. m
Disappointment will mako us conver aH
sant with tho noblest part of our no jLU
turc. Wo render men tho best as- W
Blstnnea by letting them seo how rare m
a thing It Is to need any assistance jH
London Answers. H
This Will Interest Mothers. H
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Chll- H
drcn, used by Mother Gray, a nurse in H
Children's Homo, Now York, Cure Fover- jH
lshuess. Bad Stomach, Teething Disorders, H
movo and regulate tho botvol.i and destroy H
Worms. Bold by all Druggists, 2So. Sample W
FREE. Address A. S. Olmsted, LoIloy.N.Y. H
Stage Magicians of To-day Differ from jH
Ancient Brethren. jH
When In tho thirteenth century, at iH
tho University ot Paris, Roger Bacon, jH
by means of n prism, throw a rainbow jH
of colors upon n screen, his nudlcnce H
ran nway, and ho una actually in iH
dnngcr of execution for witchcraft jH
How wonderfully different Is tho splr- jH
It of tho present age, when stngo ma- H
glclans actually advcrtlso tholr per jH
formanccs by llnrlng posters repro- IH
sonttng themselves In confabulation jH
with tho dovll und assisted by his jH
Imps. They do this not only without mm
fear of punishment by flro and tor- H
turo (Buch as would havo been their H
portion only a couplo ot centuries H
ago), but in tho knowlcdgo that oven H
a partial bollof by tho pcoplo In theif jH
claims to Influence In diabolical quar jH
tcrs will bring money to tha box of- H
flco, and thnt n reputed connection H
with Satan, for business purposes, if jH
for them tho best posslhlo advertise- H
When Success Is Easy. H
Tho principles that win succoss art mm
very simple and fow In numbor. The; H
aro easily remembered. Hero the H
aro: First, Industry, but not over SM
work; second, willingness to profit by JH
tho oxpcrlcnco of others; third, ablV H
lty coupled with modesty; fourth, slnv H
plo nnd correct habits; fifth, honesty, H
politeness and lalrneaa. Any one ol H
ordinary ability who practlcos thes H
rulos cannot avoid success. Success fWM
Is easier than failure London Tlt H
Bits. IH
Had To Switch. H
Even the most careful person Is apt IB
to got on tho wrong track regarding M
food somotlmes and has to switch rH
When the right food Is selected tha J
host of alls that como from lmpropoi (H
food and drink disappear, even where H
tho trouble has boon of lifelong stand. 'H
"From a child I was never strona M
and had a capricious appetlto and I M
was allowed to eat whatever I fancied lU
rich cako, highly seasoned food, hot U
biscuit, etc. so it was not surprising M
thnt my digestion was soon out ol ,M
order and at tho ago of twenty-three I M
was on tho vorgo uf norvous prostra- H
tlon. I hud no nppetlto and as I had
beon losing strength (because I didn't M
get nourishment in my dally food to -M
repair tho woar and toar on body and fl
brain) I had no rescrvo forco to fall ,fl
back on, lost flesh rapidly and no mod- M
' Iclno helped me. M
"Then It was a wine- physician or M
dored Qrapo-Nuts and cream and sau 'm
to It 'hat I gave this food (now to me) M
1 a proper trial and It showed ho kna mm
what bo was about, because I got bed lM
tor by bounds from tho very first M
That was In tho summer and by wlr lM
tor I wns In better health than evei ,M
before in my life, had gained In fleah M
and weight and folt llko a now person M
altogether In mind as well as body,
all duo to nourishing and completely .M
dlgestlblo food, drape-Nuts. 'M
"This happoned three years ago and tt
nevor slnco then have I had any but ''mt
yerfect health, tor I stick to my
Qrapo-Nuts food and cream and still B
think it delicious. I eat It every day. H
I never tire ot this food and I can en- ;kH
Joy a saucor ot Grape-Nuts and cream M
whon nothing else satisfies my appo- jH
tlto and It's surprising how sustained H
and strong a small saucorful will ,1
make ono feel for hours." Name glr-
en by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mica. ,iH
True food thnt carries ono along ani H
"there's a roason." Grape-Nuts 10 IH
days proves big things. ',H
Got tho llttlo book, "The Road to !,
WaUrUle,1 In each pkc. S
1 mVJ

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