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) I
Worth While toStudy Your Face Be.
fore You Sit.
A Jurlous fact relative to a wom
an's personality Is that the two Bides
of her face are not In accord one
.H with the other. In other words, every
"J woman has two faces, and one shows
" certain chnracterlntlcs which the oth
er does not, and each contradicts the
The left side is nearly always the
prettier, although It would take a very
ltecn eye to discern any difference,
lint It Is worth while to remember
this when posing for one's photo
graph. The moral of this Is obvious. The
left sldo of the fnce showing to far
better advantago than the right, It Is
every one's duty to Keep the good sldo
turned toward an observer.
Often times the prettloU woman
takes a bad photograph, while a plain
woman with regular features takes
a good one So study ourself In a
glass bofore joti sit for our photo
graph. New York Journal
I Am Thinking of My Mother.
I nm thinking of in mother,
And n Rill n I am n rlillil.
An meniorv lirlmtn bofore mo
a Tho siimnltie of her mnlle.
And the soft molmliou echoes
Of her sweet nnsHIc olco
Still linger nil nround me
And liid me to rejoice; 1 ; I
And often. In m Nions
1 nee Iter lorin afar.
Her lovtil ee lirlhtl gleaming
l'rom some unclouded star. '
I am thinking of mi tnotlicr.
And, though the nrcless throng
Whose onl god Is pleasure.
May King their vlren song,
1 Yet mv mother gentle teachings,
fl&i Which mi childhood's tmiioni bore,
f On my heait are still engraven,
1 r Though she Is now no more;
7 And my eveiy thought growi brighter,
As un Infants slnleis bruw.
I As n whispering spirit telH me
She Is gazing: on me nun.
J itm thinking of my mother.
And ever thought doth roll
Like n cool. refreshing wave,
Through the desert ot my soul;
And the memories that thev bring me
Of the bright and happy past,
Steal many u drop of sorrow
That In my cup Is cast.
And hope with gentle accents.
Speaks softly In my ear.
That with Uod and the angels
I shall see my mother dear.
Dirty Mirror r-urposely.
Whenever a looking glass appears
In a scene In a plav above a fireplace,
in a sideboard, or a cabinet, one Is at
most sure to hear somebody ask his
or her neighbor wh the glass has j
been smeared with whiting or soap
or something that dulls Its stirfaco
a completely. All sorts of reason are
hazarded or suggested. Sometimes It
Is stated that it Is done for luck, at
others that they did not Intend to
leave It dirty. Tho real explanation
Is, however, a simplo one. The glass
is dirtied to prevent the illusion of tho
scene being dosiroed, as It certainly
would be If tho audlenco saw in It
the reflection of themselves, or, worso
Htlll, tho reflection of tho people In
the wings earriiug on tho business
of tho fetage.
I -fo Fishermen Best Sailors.
I PIL Tho Trench fisheries, with head-
' quarters at St Pierre and Mlquelon,
havo been carried on tinder the boun
ty system since the car 181fi Tho
reasons given why a bounty should ho
I allowed are that tho fisheries form
n nursery tot tho navy, antf thus tho
government Is enabled to secure men
for that branch of the service who j
nrc not onl familiar with tho Hca, I
hut who, fiom uxperlento In their
business, are quick to think and act
in times of emersencj, tho theor be
ing that llshvrmen make the best
Two Epitaphs. j
("Memento morl " liedeifk m I.eben " I
"Think of Death1' the gravestones a.
"Peaco to Life's mad striving!" .
"flut the churchjard daisies, "Na,
It-Ink of Living' '
"Think of I.lfe'" tho sunbeam say,
O'er the dial llng:
Hut the slanting sh idows. "Nay,
Think of U)Iiik'
"Think of Death'" the night-birds say.
On the storm-blast driving:
itut the building swallows, "Nay.
Think of Living!" I
"Think of Lire!" the broul winds siy,
'through the old trees sighing:
I Hut the whlilliiK Ituf-dume, ".Nay,
'Ihlnk of Djlng'"
'Think of Death'' tne s id bells siy,
rnteful record giving:
Clash the merrj v ula-penl, "rsny.
Think of Living'"
Jt Dvlng Living, glad m loth.
Jpf On Ood's Itood iellng,
UJyt I'ray lie lit us ull for both,
I Living. Djlng' , , ,.,.
I Charles W Stuhbs
1 Statesmen of Value.
Of an eminent English statesman
who was a very dull speaker Lord
' Ashbourno onco told this story: "Ho
j was making a ver) dull speech ono
evening when I remarked to a mem
i her of the cabinet on tho dreariness of
tho performance 'Ho is an admir
able man.' was tho reply. 'I wish we
had him.' 'What would you do with
him?' 'Do with him? Send him to
Ireland, of course. He would disperse
! nnv ifli-ufiil assembly in five mln
tit"' ' '
Ingenious Smuggling Device.
I One of the latest devices of tho
smuggler is to bring In rings, watches
nud other compact articles of value
concealed in books. A thick. Innocent-looking
volume Is Bolected for the
purposo and a hole hollrwod out In
tho center large enough to receive tho
umuggled goods. Tho book Is then
closed and tied up. Its weight offers
no clow to the presence) of tho valu
ables, even If tho Inspector should
take it In his hand, and a book is, of
I courso, likely to pass muster oven
' with tho most careful customs agents
; Good Remedy for Sprains.
- For sprains tako olive oil two
a Jl 'J""3h ounces, of emphor, rubbed woll with
fr a llttlo oil and then added to the
0 whole, ono dram. Vory little of this
should bo UHod at a time, and It
Hhould be gontl) rubbed on tho
1 ilralue(l pari lefore tho fire.
Well Illustrated by Incident of the
Early Republic,
Albert Vandam, a French writer,
tells this story of the early days of
tho French republic, which followed
tho downfall of Louis Napoleon: "Ono
day there camo to Tours a hundred
volunteers from tho south, wearing
enormously broad-brimmed felt hats
and dressed In sable garments all
over. They looked like funeral mutes,
nnd they wore evidently determined
to net up to their appearance, for,
wondrous to relate, they marched
through tho principal streets without
opening their lips a proceeding some
what different from that of tho rest.
As a matter of course, the crowd
was tragically Impressed The Impres
sion, however, did not last long. Tho
volunteers felt thirsty, nnd their chief,
who wore a still more enormous hat
than his men, slgnnled to thorn In the
middle of tho Hue Iloynlc to halt for
refreshment. That spoilt tho whole
tragic part of the business, for when
these southerners had opened their
mouths there was a difficulty of clos
ing them ngaln The moment drink
was In speech was out They In
formed their admirers that tho had
come from the department of Oers
nnd that the) had mado a terrible
pact A hundred and one. including
theli leader, thej had started from
their homes, a hundred and ono they
would return If one of them was
killed the whole would perish In their
efforts to avengo him."
Close-Mouthed Natives.
As to tho difficulty of gottlng In
formation from Abvsslnlans, n trav
eler eavs: "I remember onco telling
n Somali, Fara, who acled as my In
terpreter In Mohnmed Hassan's ab
sence, to ask a Koran some simplo
question about the route After ten
minutes' conversation ho appeared to
bo coming to an understanding with
the Doran, so I asked what the man
had said. My Interpreter Implored
me not to Interrupt, as he was Just
getting to the point. Nearly another
ten minutes elapsed before my pa
tience broke clown and I demanded
what he had elicited. 'He says that
he Is a very poor man and has only
two sows,' was his reply."
Ancient Whistling Jars.
Among the ruined cities ot Peru
nearly fifty different kinds of musical
j Instruments havo been found. Unique
I nmong these are many double
i whistling Jars or musical water hot- i
i ties Near the top of the first or ,
, front Jar, which Is usually surmount- '
i cd by n human or animal figure, Is
j the opening of tho whistle When tho
Jars liavo been partly (Hied nnd nro I
swung backward and forward, a mini- '
her of whistling sounds nre produced.
As the vessel swings forward and up-
i ward, tho water Is lowered In tho
Hist Jar and rises In tho other. In
I the backward motion it rushes hack
Into the first, forcing tho air out
I through the whistle
Married Life In Abyssinia.
In Absslnla, a husband who can
nfford the espouse Is continually add
ing to his household of wives As '
soon ns his favorite begins to pall on
him ho deposes her for another. The
new wife rules the house, dictates
orders to tho other wives, who i
strango ns It may seem, obey hei
I without open remonstrance If nn
of the former favorites over cared
for their lord they soon ceaso to be
Jealous of his affections They know,
too, thnt the time will surelj come
when they will be turned out Into
, the streets to look for another mas
I tor.
Leading Horse-Raising States.
Erroneous Impressions are in circu
lation as regards the leading horse
raising states. One Is Impressed
that Kentucky Is entitled to tho lead
from tho frequency that the horses
of the llluegrass State aro eulogized.
Yet there are fifteen states that sur
pass Kentucky In the number of their
hon.es, while tho average value In
twenty-three states rates higher than
tho horses of tho Dluegrass State.
The horses of New Jersey average
, $99 28 a head, and of New Mexico
$17.52, tho extremes of nverngo
prices In tho different states and ter
ritories. Drovers' Journal
Show Surgical Operations.
Clpemntograph records aro now
mado of all operations performed b
n certain famous physician and sur
geon In Paris Ho entered somo time
ago into an arrangement with an oper
ator of tho bioscope, who has tnkeu
pictures for tho doctor on several oc
casions It Is stated that tho records
In question nre Invaluablo ns scientific
documents Ono of tho surgeon's
operations which has heon clnemato
graphed was that by which the link
of flesh connecting the Hindu twins,
Itedlca and Doodlca was sovered
"The Silent Sea."
I Of all tho navigated seas of the
world tho most dreaded by tho mar
iner Is tho great Southern ocean,
which stretches between tho Capn
and Australia, and llos nearest to the
Antarctic circle. A lonoly highway Is
this far from the rrnln ocean trad
Ins routes, and but few ships aro to
lie found In Its waters Its awful soli
tude has given It '"' nf the
"Slip"! c'" "
Use for Toy Paints.
Ono of the women who can turn
their hands to anything says she finds
her llttlo boy'n box of paints invalua
ble for touching up the wallpapers
when they are rubbed or soiled. If
tho Injured spot were very big or con
spicuous, it would probably bo
matched with frosh paper, but for any
slight dlBflguremont tho wator colors
do famously. She Is careful, howover,
to get Just the right shades and to re
produce tho pattern exactly
There It a Wealth of Coloring to Be
Found In the Yellowstone.
Nature Is n most exquisite colorlst.
Nowhere is her work more lovely than
olorg the crested rims and overflow
catmols of -warm spring pools. Tour
ists aro seldom nwaro that these har
monious and brilliant tints owe thoir
oilgln mainly to plant life They aro
usualb told b) so called guides that
tho colors aro duo to mineral mat
ter, which tends tOMmhanco thalr hor
ror of underground waters. Algae
flourish equally well In tho. waters of
all gejser basins nnd on the ter
races of Mammoth Hot Springs Wa
ter bolls on the plateau at 198 degreo
Fahrenheit and rudimentary organ
Isms appear at about 185 degrees Fah
renheit, although nT definite lino can
be drawn beyond which all llfo ceases.
Wherever these boiling waters cool
to the latter temperature, algous
growths appear, Piul bv tho lowering
of tho temperatuio on exposuro to
nlr still moro 1 lghl organized forms
gradually come In. It Is said that nt
about 140 degrees the conditions nro
favorable for the mpld giowth of tov
oral species Tho development of
plant life at such excossivo tempera
tines nnd on n bcalo of such magni
tude seems a marvelous thing. No
where else enn thla bo seen as well as
In the Yellow stone park Scrlbner's
I The Use of Flowers.
I God might havo made the earth bring
Ihiough for great and small
The oak tree and the ml.ir tlee,
Without a flower nl all
Vn might have had enough, enough
I 'or every want of ours
for luxury, medicine nnd toll
And et have had no Doners.
The one within the mountain mine
Itequlreth not to grow,
Nor doth It need the lotus llower
To muke the river (low
The clouds might give abundant tain;
The nightly dews might tail.
And the herb that keepcth life III man
.Might vet have drunk thim all.
Then wherefore wherefore were they
All ded with rainbow light.
All fashioned with snpremest grace,
Unsprluglug day and night
Springing In valleys green and low.
And on the mountains high.
And In the silent wilderness
Wheie no man passes b "
Our outward life requires them not
Then wherefore had thev birth?
To minister delight to man,
To beautify the earth
To comfort man. to whisper hope.
Whene'er his faith Is dim
Tor whoso careth for the powers.
Will much more care foi him
-Mary llowltt.
j How Lunatic Asylum Doctor Escaped
Threatened Ducking.
I Tho doctor of a lunatic asylum was
I in the bathroom one clay watching
I a number of his patients bathe, when
' one of then called out suddenly,
"Lot's duck tho doctor" Tho cry
I was taken up at once, "Let's cluck
the doctor!"
Seeing his danger, the doctor, with
I great promptitude, said
"All right, boys, but suppose, now,
you give tho doctor a cheer beforo
ducking him."
This reasonable proposition was at
once acceded to, nnd a ringing cheer
I rebounded through tho building,
I which at onco brought tho keepers,
ns the doctor expected, nnd ho was
Doctors' AUments.
Somo statistics Just published In
Austria throw an Interesting light on
tho ailments from which doctors suf
fer. One fact Is Instructive. Tho
medical profession contributes only 7
per cent to tho mortality from tuber
culosis, which speaks volumes for tho
efficacy of Intelligent precaution. On
tho other hand, for somo reason not
vory apparent, 40 per cent of doctors
dlo from diseases of tho heart or of
the nervous system, while nlso 40 per
cent of Austrian victims of tho mor
phia habit are medical men. The aver
age age of Austrian doctors Is GO,
Fair Japanese Smoke.
Smoking Is almost a universal cus
tom among Japanese women. Tho
empress uses a silver pipe with a
stem ton inches long. Tho howl Is
small In fact, only a quantity of to
bacco BUfllclent to give tho smoker
two or three whiffs can bo put Into It.
Then tho ashes arc knocked out and
the plpo Is carefully cleaned before It
Is refilled. To an American this form
of smoking seems to Involvo too much
work. A plpo is cleaned many times
in tho course ot an afternoon. The
Japancso word for smoking means,
literally, "drinking tobacco "
An Infinite Giver.
Think you when tho stars are glinting,
Or the moonlight's shimmering gleam
Taints tho water's rippled sill face
With a io it of sllveted sheen
Think you then that (Jod the Painter
Shows Ills masterpiece divine?
That lie will not hang another
Of such beauty on the 'Inn'
Think you when the nlr Is trembling
With the birds exultant song
And tho blossoms mutely fragrant,
Strive the anthem to prolong
.Think you then that their Creator,
At the signal of Ills word,
rills the earth with such sweet mush
As shall ne'er ngaln he heard
He will never send n blessing
Hut have greiter ones" In sloro.
Anil eich oft recuirlng klndnesi
In an earnest of still more
If the earth seems full of glory
As UN purposes unfold
There Is jet a better country
And the half has pot been told!
Kngene Clifford roster.
Some Virtues of Louis XIV.
Ono need not overlook tho ennr
raous shortcoin.ngs of Uiuls XIV ns
a man and is a king to admit that In
jome linpoit'iit rospects he "tried to
do his duty" suva I ongman's Mipa
zlno. Ho w is a hardworking sover
elgn, both In tho sphero of nclmlnls
tratlon and It that social spline
which was, to lis mind, no less m
portant. So run tonus that ho never
passed th c. inst woman about the
palace v Ithrut lifting his hat, ho cir
rled polite r n Uaratlon to the level
of s ftno att
Official Directory.
District .Judge Charles Hart.
District Attorney Frank K. N'ebeUcrJ
County Commissioners -Iirlghain A.
Hendricks, C. L Anderson,
Wm. II. Dai ley.
County Cleik Jacob N. Laison.
Count) llccordcr ltcbccca Katnes.
County Attorney W. W. MauKh.in.
County Trcasuier W. C. Parkinson.
County Assessor Jo-. J. Ichardson.
County SlierM-George C. Kigby.
County Simeyor 1. C. Schaub.
County l'lijslclan Di. W. II. I'.irk
inson. County Supt. Schools ti. M. Thomp
son. County t'lsh and (lame Waiden H.H.
Water Comtnlv-lonei James Mclkle.
Kiult tree Inspector Niels It.llioby
Wellsvllle, south I of county
Thomas Stcillnir. l'lovlilence, noitli i
ltoail Supervisor Avon, .las. Jensen;
IScnson, Samuel II. HoundyjClarks
ton, Gcoiku Godfiey; College,
Michael Johnson: Covevllle, John
V LaisenjOiecnvllle. Jacob Wll
heltn; Hyde I'.ttk, Stephen Thurs
ton: Hy rum, O. P Olsen: Lewis
ton, II. M Itavvllns, .It.; Logan,
M. J. Andrews; Mention, Mormon
Uhd: Mlllvlllo, Kphialm Yeates;
Mt. Stcillnir, Joseph It lliovvn;
Newton, 'lcls Christiansen; l'aia
dlse, Thomas W. Obr.ty; I'etei
boio, James C Jensen; Providence
J. J Frederick; ltichmond, Ficd
tleh II. Whittle; Sinithllcld, Win.
Winn; Ticntou, John Hltighani;
Wellsvllle. Thos. Muiiay: Wheel
ei, Win. F.. Kigby.
Justices of the Peace Avon. Oliver
F Davis; Hcnson, S II. ltoundyi
CUukston, A. II. Aichlbald; Col
lege.W.IIavvkltis'.Covev lllc. Fennel
Collins: Gieenvllle. llalpli Smith;
Hyde Park, George'. Lamb; Hy
itiin. C. F. Olscn; Levvlston, Peter
i:. Van Olden; Louan, Thomas X.
Smith: Mention. Andrew Soicnsen.
M ill vllle. John W. Scott: Mt. Ster
lint;, W. S. Baxter; Newton, Mar
cus Cooley; Paiadlse. John P.
James: Peteiboio. C. V. MntiRh
an; Providence, Loreno K. Tib
bltts: ltichmond, James W. Funk,
Smithlleld, Geo. Y. Smith: Tren
ton, Cluules G. Wood: Wellsvllle,
John S. Leatham; Wheeler, James
Constable- Henson, William Catinull;
Clarkston, John Thompson; Col
lege. George Williams; Covevllle
Mark 11. lteese; Greenville, Kmll
Mose; Hyde Park, Ficd Wolfe;
Hyium, AndrewC. Nic son; Lew
Iston, J. W. Lcavltt; Logan, Jacob
Johnson; Mention, P. It. Hlrd;
Millvllle. James P.OIsen; Mt. Ster
ling, J. W. Llndley: Newton. John
Henson; Paradise, John II. Glbbs;
Peteiboio, O. F. Nye: Piovldente,
Andrew Fuhilinan: ltichmond, L.
11. Htillen; Smilhlleld, Win. I'll
klnson; Tienton, Andievv Slm
inonds, Jr; Wellsvllle, Joseph 11.
Woodvvaid; Wheeler, Joseph Hansom
Worms In Millions.
Tho Bclnras. of the genus tlpulx.
tiny, wormlike creatures which are
found In the fotests of Norway and
Hungary dining the month of July or
early In August gather In huge num
bers preparatory to migrating In
search of food or for a change of con
dltlons. When betting out on this
Journey they stick themselves together
by means of some glutinous nntter,
and form a huge seipentllke mass,
often reaching a length of between
forty and fifty foot nnd several Inches
In thickness As the selara Is only
on an average or about three thirty
beconds of an Inch In length, with no
appreciable breadth whatever, the
number required to form a continuous
line of the size above mentioned Is Incalculable
My Mother's Way.
When I was 'oung, I recollect.
My mother had u wav
Hf ilrnppln' all tin nicknames when
I chanced to disobey
Or whin 1 tried to shli k m) worh,
Ily argumi nts or games
1 'member how she'd change my mind
II) slm! savin" 'J lines"
1 member linw sin d iihimp m mind
When mother wanted wood
J low IT she uilled rn- "Jim' 'twas HJf
To whine I unrteisloort
ilut how I shot out to the shed
Tor fuel for the llames
When mother ri"l"',l '""I turned aioun
And quletl) i I ".lames' '
It's thlrtv mis in thereabouts.
Since slu Milled "James" to tne
Ilut thlrtv vinrs ain't long enough
To kill thai nieinmy
To-da that wind fiuin mothers lips
'I d Im tin k iu it names
1 d give tin w .-'d hi heir once mori
Old mother i ill me James!'
Kansas cn- Star
Stronghold of Dick Turpln.
Thero Is an old houso at lluckhurst
Hill, Huglaud. roputed to havo once
belonged to Dick Turpln, tho notorious
highwayman. It stands on tho top ot
tho hill. Is ono story high, and has
windows on all Bides. Tho reason
plven for Its peculiar construction Is
thnt Dick Turpln could thus survey
tho flat country Tor miles around, and
got timely warning of tho approach
of unwolconie visitors.
Milk Stops Flames.
Kerosene or gasoline hlaes can
readily bo extinguished by the milk
which Is convenient In almost overy
kitchen. While water only quickens
the flames of petroleum or gasoline,
says l. Jourral cle Petrol, milk Im
mediately extinguishes It nnd pre
vents all danger.
Man's Great Falling.
It la n wonder that some sardonic
Schopenhaur has not beforo now de
scribed man as tho only ono of the
animals that do03 nut loam by experience.
Livery and Feed Stable
Good Teams, New HIrs
for unv service. Canyon
rigs a specialty.
Hacks meet all Trains
Guarantee Piompt Service
West Center sttcet, One
Block south of Lincoln
Hotel. 'Phone 61.
From $400 to $10,000
We have. Fauns ami city homes on
our list from UX) to 9 10,000. Prices
and terms to suit all and plenty of
piopertj. $10,000 home money to
loan on good city and faun pioper
tj. No delay, no red tape. We
collect bad debts, notes and ac
counts. H. A.Pedersen & Co
Oillce over First National Hank
Jennie P, Slater,
(Hx-County llccoidci.)
itonded Abstractct nnd Conveyancer
Notaiy Public.
Itooin 11, Coinineicl.il lllk , LOGAN
Utah Mortgage Loan
Tiding Office corner, login, Utah
has plenty of MONEY AT
at lowest rates. No Commis
sions chained
Sam Glaser,
Dealer In Fine Llquois and Cigars.
Uottlc and jug tiade a specialty. Our
Lewis 1S0(1 Whiskey. Try It.
Ccntitillj located. South of Kcnjon
Hotel, Main stieet. Kuiopean plan
Rates reasonable. State tiade solici
ted. Hates 50 cents and up.
H C. Hansen,
-and MINING -
Agent, The Mutual Life of New York
Sec'y Amaon Mining Company
"1 N Main St. Logan.
Oilico i v unity Couit House;
Southeast ro) n up-stalrs. Telephone
18y. Logan, Utah
Oillce ovci The First National Hank,
Joseph Tarbet,
The Plumber, at the Con. I old stand.
Done on short notice, witli satisfac
tion guaiantecd.
John Thomas
The leading tailor of the County
Call and be coin Inced.
A. Swinyard
Is now located In Fishei's lumber jard
one block south of Thatcher Hank. All
kinds of
Done. Give him a call
Commercial Electric
Klcctilcal Supplies, L'lectile lions,
Fans, Signs, Ktc
House Wirinfr
totonfonn to Insiiiancol'nderwiiteis
F. E. Plowman, Mgr.
Phone 180k 13fN Main
Logan Real Estate H
and Loan Company H
has a number of First-class Drt H
Irrigated H
Farms For sale H
on lernts or for Cash. City proper-
ty In nil parts of town Long time 1
Farm loans a specialty. H
Optional payment. Local money jH
money placed. A No. 1 Security H
Give Your Boy H
m,. Ill 1
Cardon Jewelry Co., H
Oregon Short Line R. R. jH
F.lTect on Nov. 22nd. l'.MT. '
No, II, Dally. No. ti Dally Mltrri. tl
I'ocatollo -;tj i in -:.1) a. ni H
i-alt Lake 5:11 1 1:15 p. m Sl
Oirck'ii 7:11 1:' ' iH
Cm lie .let. s-.M 5:30 am H
Muulim 11:13 " 0 00 " IH
I.oin UT0 0:3 " jH
Smltlilh lil ').4t " 7.00 " lH
Itlolimoiul Hit 7:: jjH
franklin 10 1- SHS jjH
1'rston 10:11 " !i:10a.tu IH
No. U'Dallj. No. HI. Dally Mixed JH
Prelim 7:10a. til UiWiffi' IH
rrauklln 7:'.T " 10 00 " ll
Itlelimoml 7:4; 10:10 " iH
SmlllilWM 7 .Ml " 11:10 " H
Loiran S:1.S " U'.Mi'.ru fH
Muiiion 8:-! " 1:10 " jH
Cacliu.lLt (:5i " :X " - Jf
Oxik-ii io.: 5:M " ll
Salll.&ko 11:5.1 " 0.55 " IH
Pocatc-llo 4 15 "
Knrtlicr Infortuatlon atlly to vll
VV W VVooilHlilu.Aicent. ill
Brunswick Saloon H
Sells the largest and coolest B
Of auj place In town ll
Wc ate Waiting H
to show jou some of the handsomest VM
furniture thai ever graced a dining jJ
room. Handsome furniture does not j
necessarllj mean expenslvencss, with H
us. So ou ate Included in our In vita- B
Hon, vvhethei'jou have little or much H
monej to spend. H
South Main Stieet LOGAN H
Oregon Forest Reservation. jH
Tho government has already talcon aH
one-fourth of nil tho land !u Oregon jlH
and turned It Into a forest reservation. 1H

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