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I Guns Rifles
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f Fishing Tackle.
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H Otlicc . -I jo iiuty Court House;
H Southeast, room up -stairs. Telephone
H 18y. Logan, Utah.
11 Salt Lake City's Leading Hotel.
tfM Local and Long Distant phone
til in every room.
U C u 1 1 e n Hotel
f West Second South sticct '
fM Salt Lako City
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jjS McCornlck Hldg., Salt Lake City, U,
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H John Thomas
MR Mkkciiant 'iV.ir.oit
flw The leading tailor of the County,
K Call and be convinced.
ciiAPrnn iv
never w much ii beard or the
'Initio Joanne of French brandy
sent to htm by bis ctvolp friend
In New Orleans. He linil been gono
from Vlucennes several moiitliH when
the hattciiu arrived, having been re
called to Detroit by the IlrltUli au
thorities, and be never returned. Mean
time the little post with Its mialnt eub
Ini nml its dilapidated blockhouse, call
ed Fort Snckvllle, lay minutng drowsily
by the river In a bllxsful state of help
lessness from the military point of
view There was no garrison, the two
or three pieces of artillery, abandoned
and exposed, gathered rust and cob
webs, while the pickets of tbo stockade,
decaying and loosened In the ground h'
whiter freezes and sununer rains, lean
ed In all directions, a picture of decu
and hielllclency
M CjUMiurd Uousslllou was looked
upon as tlin aristocrat par excellence of
Vlncemies, notwithstanding the fact
that his name bore no suggestion of no
ble and titled ancestry. lie was rich
hnd In a measure educated; moreover,
the successful man's patent of leader
ship, a commanding figure and a suave
manner, came always to his assistance
When a crisis presented Itself. He trud-
C1 shrewdly, much to his own profit,
but luvatlably with the excellent re
sult that the man, white or Indian,
with whom he did business felt bhu
Belf especially faored in the transac
tion, lly the exercise of llrmness, pru
dence, vast assumption, llorld eloquence
and ii kindly liberality he had greatly
endeared himself to the people, so that
In the absence of a military command
er he came naturally to be regarded as
the thief of the town, m'sleu' le malre.
He returned from his extended trad
ig expedition about the middle of
July, bringing, as was his hiviiutable
tule, a gift for Alice. This time It was
a small, thin disk of white Hint, with
a hole In the center through which a
beaded cord of sinew was looped. The
edge of the disk was beautifully notch
ed and the whole surface polished so
that It shone like glass, while the
beads, made of very small segments of
porcupine! quills, were variously dyed,
making a ctirlottsl gaudy show of
colors. 4
"There now, ma therle, Is something
worth Hfty times its weight in gold,"
said M. Housslllon when he presented
the necklace to his foster daughter
with pardonable self satisfaction, "It
Is a sacred charm string glon me by
an old heathen who would sell his soul
for a pint of cheap rum lie solemnly
Informed me that whoever wore it
could not by any possibility bo killed
by nil enemy."
Alice kissed M. Itousslllon.
"It's so curious and beautiful," she
said, holding it up and drawing the
vnrlegated string through her lingers.
Then with her mischievous laugh she
added: "And I'm glad It Is so powerful
against one's enemy. I'll wear it when
ever I bo where Adrlenne Hourcler Is.
See If I don't I"
"Is she your enemy? What's up be
tween you nml la petite Adrlenne,
eh?" M. Itousslllon lightly demanded.
"You were alwnys the best of good
friends, I thought. What's happened?"
"Oh, we are good friends," said
Alice quickly, "very good friends, In
deed; I was but dialling."
"Good friends, but enemies; that's
how It Is with women. Who's the
young man that's caused the coolness?
I could guess, maybe!" Ho laughed
and winked knowingly. "May I be so
bold as to name him at a eiiture?"
"Yes, If you'll be sine to mention M.
Rene de Itouvllle," shu gayly answered.
"Who but he could work Adrlenno up
Into a perfect green mist of Jealousy?"
"He would need an accomplice, I
should Imagine; it young lady of somo
beauty and n gootl deal of heartless
ness." "Like whom, for example?" And she
tossed her blight head. "Not me, I am
"Fob! Like every pretty maiden in
the wholo world, nut petite coquette.
They're all nllko ns pens, cruel as blue
! Jays and as sweet as apple blossoms."
He stroked her hnlr clumsily with ills
largo hand, as a heifvy and roughly
fond man Is apt to do, lidding hi nu ill
: most serious tone;
"Hut my little girl Is better than most
, of them not n foolish mischief maker,
I hope."
Alice was putting her head through
. the hiring of beads and letting thu
translucent white disk fall into her
' bosom.
i "It'o time to change the subject,"
said she. "Tell mo what you havo
seen while away. I wish I could go
far off and see things. Ilnvo you been
to Detroit, Quebec, Montreal?"
"Yes, I've been to all, n long, hard
Journey, but reasonably profitable. You
shall havo a goodly dot when you get
married, my child."
"And did you ntteud any parties or
halls?" she inquired quickly, Ignoring
'his concluding temurk. "Tell mo about
them. I want to know what you saw
hi the great towns In tlio lino houses
how the ladles looked, how they act
edwhat they said the drest-es they
wore how"-
"Cloll You will spilt my ears, child,
Can't you till my pipe and bring It to
me. with. a eoiil on?- Tucu.,r.ll.try. to
fell yoifwhalT can," ho crled'nssuin
ing a humorously resigned air. "Per
haps If I smoke I can remember ev
erything." Alice gladly ran to do what was
asked. Meantime) Jean was out on
the gallery blowing n llute that M.
Itousslllon had brought him from
The pipe well filled and lighted ap
parently did havo the effect to steady
and encourage M. ltousslllon's mem
ory, or, if not his memory, then his Im
agination, which was of that fervid
and liberal sort common to natives of
thu Midi and which has Iteon exquisite
ly depicted by the late Alphonsc Dan
dot In Tartarln and ltompard. He
leaned far back In n strong chair, with
his massive legs stretched at full length,
and g7ed at the roof poles while he
In the first place, he had not been in
Quebec or Montreal during bis absence
from homo. Most of the tlmo be had
spent disposing of pelts nml furs at De
troit and In extending his trading re
lations with other posts, but what mat
(tored a trilling want of facts when his
meridional fancy once began to warm
up? A smattering of boclul knowledge,
gained at first hand In his youthful
days In Franco whllo lie was a student
whoso parents fondly expected him to
compter the world, came to his nld, and,
besides, ho had saturated himself nil
his life with poetry and romance, Scu
dory, Searroit, I'revost, Mine. La Fa
yette and Calprenedo were the chief
sources of his Information touching the
life and manners, morals nml gayctles
of people who, as ho supposed, stirred
the surface of thnt resplendent and far
on ocean called society.
Alice was absolutely charmed. She
sat on a low wooden stool and gazed In
to Gnspard ltousslllon's face with dilat
ing eyes In which burned thnt rich and
radiant something we call a passionate
soul She drank In his flamboyant
stream of words with a thirst which
nothing but experience could ever
quench. He felt her silent applause
and the admiring Involuntary absorp
tion that possessed his wife. The con
sciousness of his elementary magnet
ism augmented the How of his flue de
scriptions, imhI he went on nml on until
the ai rival of Father Ileret put tin end
tolt all.
The priest, bearing of M. ltousslllon's
return, had come to Inquire about some
friends living at Detroit. Ho took
luncheon with the family, enjoying the
downright refreshing collation of broil
ed birds, onions, meal cakes and claret,
ending with a dish of blackberiies and
SI. Itousslllon seized the tlrst oppor
tunity to resume his successful ton muc
in K ttud pioiontly In the midst of the
meal lcgan to tell Father Reret about
what ho had seen In Quebec.
"Ily the way," he said, with expan
slvo cnsualness In his voice, "I culled
upon jour old time friend and coad
jutor, Father Sebastian, while up
there. A noble old man, He sent you
a thousatiu good messages. Wns
mightily delighted when I told hint
how happy and hale you have always
- -
Alia- whs absolutely charmed.
been here. Ah, you should have seen
his dear old eyes full of loving tears.
Ho would walk n hundred miles to see
you, ho said, but never expected to In
this world, Illesslngs, blessings upon
dear Father Ileret, was what he mur
mured In my ear when wo were part
ing. He says that ho will ueer leave
Quebec until . ho goes to ills home
above ah!"
The way lit which M, itousslllon
closed Ids little speech, his large eyes
upturned, his huge hands clasped In
front of bin., was very effective.
"I nm under many obligations, my
son," said Fntber Ileret, "for what you
tell me. It wns good of you to rciuem
ber my dear old friend and go to him
for his loving message to me. I am
very, very thankful. Help mo to tin
other drop of wine, please."
Now the extraordinary feature of the
situation was that Father Tlcrct hnd
known positively for nearly rho years
that Father Sebastian was dead and
"Ah, yes," M, Itousslllon continued,
louring the. clarotvJth one. baud vl
ninklng"a pious "gesture wITF the oilier. I
"The dear old man loves you nml prays
for you. His voice quavers whenever
he speaks of you."
"Doubtless he made his old Joke to
you about the birthmark on my shoul
der," said Father Ileret after a mo
ment of apparently thoughtful silence.
"Hit may have said something alxmt it
In a playful way, eh?"
"True, truo; why, yes, he surely men
tioned the same," assented M, Itous
slllon, bis face assuming an expression
of confused memory. "It was some
thing sly and humorous, I mind, but It
Just 'escapes my recollection. A right
Jolly old boy Is Father Sebastian. In
deed very amusing at times."
"At times, yes," said Father Ileret,
who bad no birthmark on his shoulder
and had never hud ono there or on any
other part of his person.
"How strange!" Alice remarked. "I,
too, have a mark on my shoulder n
pink spot, Just like n small, five petaled '
flower. We must ho of kin to each :
other, Father Ileret"
Tbo priest laughed.
"If our marks are alike, thnt would
foe some evidence of kinship," he said
"Hut what shuie Is yours, f other?"
"I've never seen It," he responded.
"Never seen It! Why?"
"Well, it's absolutely Invisible," and
ho chmkled heartily, meantime glanc
ing shrewdly at M. Itousslllon out of
the tall of his eye.
"It's on the back of his shoulder,"
quickly spoke up M. Itousslllon, "and
jou know priests never use looking
glasses. Tlie mark Is quite Invisible
therefore so far us Father Ileret Is con
cerned!" "You never told me of your birth
mntk before, my daughter," said Fa
ther Ileivt, turning to Alice with sud
den Interest. "It may some day be
good fortune to you."
"Why ho, father?"
"If jour fnmlly name Is really Tarle
ton, ns you suppose from tbo Inscrip
tion on your locket, tbo birthmark, be
ing of such singular shape, would prob
ably Identify you. It Is said that these
marks run regularly In families. With
the miniature and the distinguishing
birthmark you have enough to make a
strong case should you once And the
right Tarleton family."
"You talk as they write In novels,"
snld Alice. "I've read about Just such
things hi them. Wouldn't It be grand
if I should turn out to be some great
personage In dlsgulsel"
The mention of novels reminded
Father Ileret of thnt terrible book
which he last saw hi Alice's possession,
and he could not refrain from men
tioning It hi a voice that shuddered.
"Iteht easy. Father Ileret," said Alice.
"That Is one novel I have found whol
ly distasteful to me. I tried o read It,
but could not do It. I flung It aside
In utter disgust. You and Mother
Rousslllon nre welcome to hide It deep
ns a well for all 1 care. I don't enjoy
reading about, low, -.He people and
hopeless unfortunates. I like sweet
nnd lovelj' beiolnes and strong, high
souled, brave heroes."
"Head about the blessed saints, then,
my daughter. You will And In them
the true heroes and heroines of this
world," said Father Ileret.
M. Itousslllon changed the- ubjeet,
for he alwnys somehow dreaded to
have the good priest fall Into the strain
of argument he was about to begin. A
stray sheep, no matter how refractor,
feels a touch of longing when It hears
the shepherd's oIce. M. Itousslllon
wns a Catholic, but n straying one, and
he hud promised the dying woman
who gave lice to him thnt the child
should be left us she was, it Protestant,
without undue Influence to ehnngc her
from the faith of her parents. This
promlso he hud kept with stubborn per
sistence, and be meant to keep It ns
long ns he lived
A few weeks hud passed after M.
ltousslllon's return when that big
hearted mn,i took it Into his head to
celebrate his successful trading ven
tures with n moonlight dunce given
without reserve to all the Inhabitants
of Vlncennes. It was certainly a dem
ocratic function that he contemplated,
and motley to n most picturesque ex
tent. Heno de Uonvllle called upon Alice n
day or two previous to the occasion
and duly engaged her as his partenalre,
but she Insisted upon having the en
gagement guarded In her behalf by a
condition so obviously fanciful that he
accepted It without argument
"If my wandering knight should ar
rive during the dance, you promise to
stand nsltlo and glo place to him,"
she stipulated. "You promise that?
You see, I'm expecting him all the
time. I dreamed last night that he
came on a great bay hnrso nnd, stoop
ing, whirled mo up behind the saddle
nnd away we went!"
There wns a childish, half bantering
air lit her look, but her voice sounded
earnest and serious, notwithstanding
Its delicious timbre of suppiesscd play
fulness. "You promise me?" she Insisted.
"Oh, I promlso to slluk'iiwny Into n
corner and chew my thumb the mo
ment ho comes!" Reno eagerly assent
ed. "Of course I'm taking a great risk,
I know, for lords nnd barons and
knights nre very apt to appear sudden
ly In n plnco like this."
"Yon may banter and make light If
you want to " she snld, pouting ad
mirably. "I don't care. All tho same,
the laugh will Jump to the other comer
of your mouth; see If It doesn't. They
say that what a person dreams about
and wishes for and waits for and be
lieves In will come truo sooner or
"If that's so," said Heno, "you and I
will get married, for I've dt earned it
overj' night of the year, wished for it,
waited for it and belloved In It, and"
"A very pretty twist you glo to my
words, I must declare," sho mild, "but
not now by any means. Little Adrlenne
Hourcler could tell jou that. She says
that you have vowed to her over nnd
over. Unit J'.ou dreajiua'tQilt heraud
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Brig ha in Young College 1
Opens Scptentbci in, 1001, with lncicascd equipment, more
room, and new departments. The best of instruction given In H
the usual College nnd High School subjects. H
Lxcellent Nonnal, Commercial, Domestic Arts, Mechanic !
Aits, and Agricultural Courses. Forgo woik newly cstab- !
.Iohf.i'ii F. Smith, President of ISoaul or Trustee. (!
.Iamks H. LiNDKMti). President of Faculty. H
Write II Mullen, .It., Secretary, for further Infoiinutloii. r
'---'---M.-MMMMMM----M H
Jst A Word 1
To Teacher and Patent. IH
---- 'H
The tlmo is fast aupioachlng when our chlldten will entei Into the 1SI
school, the duties that w 111 require the use of one of the most delicate ) i
and useful organs of their bodies. The Eyes. And the testing of the
cjes or school childien as Is now, widely advocated by both Accutlsts
andOptoin tiists Is an absolute essential. The piescnt age can truth- 'li
fully be called an Age or Vision. Our entire system or clvlllat Ion Is
ilis,ci V "ll SC10.1 e"c:'iion or the rising gcneiatlon. And this
school education Is based primarily on thu use or theetcs. Those who !
cannot use their eyes quickly ami conectly aro at an enormous dlsad- ?
antage, which, however, can orten be icmedlctl by the wcarlmrof lli
propei ly correcting glasses. It is strange that so many parents and lli
teachers should bo so apathetic In legard to this most Important liu- vli
IVwV1 sci"sei i ' .FiVst:.on t0 tloubL t,mt ocu,ar defects exist, claiming lli
that the Idea that children should wear glasses at all is an absurd one 'Mi
mat age and glasses go together In a legular relative. This Is all an IIi
eiror. Anatomically wo all follow a geneial plan out right along with ii
that we are a so a mass or minor defects. This applies to tho ejes. so '
cl1,. rni)"mal PJ ennnctiople is a raticty. Since wo arc living in a !
state or civil atlon and not In a state or natuic we should conform to !
tlio fointer by impiovlng upon the latter to the best of power, This
means to wear glasses In those cases whcie nature has railed to come
up to the usual requirements or civilization. Jtlsfor this vciy pur- i
K?,s..v',iaMUC!iro..cnPBe(J 'l11' tlio knowledge and best instruments .'
ir. V? . .optical proression for the deviation ot pain and optical ;!
(lerccts that about 80 per cent or the human family ato suircrlng from. 1H
George C. Ownby jfl
Miclan, 123 N. Main street. Eagle Block. H
EYE CARE. FYF flT A"?; parf !
Waiting and hoping nc-cr bctteis E'X ,J,-A33 -AH j m
ailing vision procrastination Is A little way ftotn Right Is a great
the tlilet or good eyesight. wa Wi'in" vlth eje glasses and M
The changes which come to the eye sncctacl s t
are beyond the power or the Inch- Wo niiike i stud or Individual .
vldual to remedy needs ami nt names and lenses (H
Neglect to gle eyes pioper and with exactness. 'MH
timely catc is tespouslble lor much Kvery appliance science has devis- 'H
or the present day eje trouble. ed is at our command. a
A very little sttain upon this dell- Kvery pair or glasses must piccisc- H
catc stiuctuic soon exhausts its ly suit the Wearer and us. i j
delicate nerve force. Kach Lens, each Frame is thor- , M
When the eje llrsi ttoublcs the ou'lily inspected. If there Is a Haw
man of sense, he knows there Is or blemish it is discaided.
need ol help and stialghtway gets Your eyeglasses aic as Important , H
it. as your eyesight Is important. ! M
Lotus aid you to better vision or Ilcic the skill, the will and the ' M
the preservation of what remains. facilities make Uiein so. H
Classes Fitted. P.ycs Examined. jH
All Fittings Guaranteed' to be Accurate and Satisfactory J
CHAS. c. wendelboe
fi:i 1st N O U T II S T It E K T, L O O A N, U T AIL I H
. ll
W. S. McCORNIOK, President. ALLAN M. FLEMING, Cashier H
JAMES QUA YLB, Vice Prcs. II. E. CROCKETT, A sst. " 'H
Under United States Government Supervision,
Attention To All ( Interest Paid on Time Deposit. H
r reign Oratts Issued Prompt. Conservathe, Safe. H
W. S. McCoumck. .Iamks Quam.i: JosiU'ii F. Smith H
.John II Andkuson Thus. Smaut Soiij'x IIanhuk. H
C. C. Goodwin C. W. Niiu.kv. Allan M. Flkjuno M
aaBBBBHKHaaaBaBaBaaaai H
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