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1 Official Directory.
H Dlsti let .lodge -Clmtlcs Hart.
H District A I torne Frank U. Ncbekcr
H. County Commissioners-lirigbam A.
M Hendricks, C. L. Anderson.
M Win. II. Darley.
H County Clcilc Jacob N. Lar-cn.
H County Recorder Rebecca Kaincs.
M County Attorney-W. W. Maughan.
M County Treasuier-W. C. Parkinson.
H County Assessor -.los. .1. Ulcliardson.
H County Shcrlti-Oeorge 0 Klgby.
H County Surveyor -K. C. Scliaub.
M County Physician Dr. W. U. Park-
M County Supt. Schools-G. M. Thomp-
H County Fish and Came Warden -It. H.
B 'I'horuley.
H Water Commissioner -.lames Melkle.
H Fiulttice Inspector Niels K.lhoby
H Wellsville, south 1 of county
H Thomas Sterling. Piovldence, north i
H J' Road Supervisor- A von, .las. .lenscn;
H ! Ilenson, Samuel II. Koundy.Clarks-
H ton, Ocotge Godfrey College,
H' Christian Olson: Covcvllle, .lolm
H C. Laisen;Oieenvll)e, Jacob WIN
helm; Hjde Paik, Stephen Thurs-
" ton; Ilyruin, O. P. Olson; Lewis-
B ton, II. M. Rawlins, Jr.; Logan,
H ' M. J. Andtevvs: Mendon, Moimon
Hjj Illrd; Mllhille, Eplnalin Yeates;
W Mt. Stcillng, .loseph R. Krown;
' Newton, Niels Christiansen: Para-
H disc, Thomas W. Olna; Peler-
H, bo ro, Fi ed Youk; Piovilence
Hi .1. J. Frederick: Richmond, Fred-
H , itch II. Whittle: Smlthlleld, Win.
H Winn; Tienton, John lilngham;
H Wellsville, Thus. Murra: Wheel-
Bjl or, Win. P.) hoe.
i I Justices or the Pence Avon. Oliver
H F. Davis: llenstm. A. V. Reese;
H Ciaikston. A. II. Aichlbald: Col-i
H lot:e.V.llawkiiis;'oovllle. Fennel
H Collins: (iioenille. Ralph Smith;
i llydu P.uk. lieuige .. Lamb; lly-1
H rum. C. F. ( )lseii: Lew Iston, Peter ,
M I F. Van Olden: Logan, 'I liomas X.
h Smith: Mendon.
MHIvllle. John W. Scott: Mt. Ster-
i ling, W. S. Il.ixtei; Newt( Mm.
l EVC.iillln: P.naillse. John P. ,
1 .lames: Peteiboiii. C A. Maimh-,
M an; Piovldence. Loicu.o L. 1 lb-
Hi i,lls: Richmond, James N . 1; jink,
H Smlthlleld. Win. Douglass: lien-1
m ton, Chilliest!. Wood; Wellsville, .
Hl John S. Leatham: Wheeler, James
B: Constable Iti'iwm, William Catmiill;
R Claikston, John Thompson: ( ol-
H lege, Geo.ge NVIIliamv. (oveWlle
Ht Maik II. Preese: fiieenv lie. Linil I
Moser: Ilvde Paik. Ficd Wollesi
i Ilyruin, AndiewC. Nielson; Lew-j
i , iston, J. W.Leavitt: Logan, Jacob
m, I Johnson: Mendon. P. 1. 1 ird; '
B I Mllhille, James P.Olson: Mt. Stor-
' Hnir, J. W. Lindle.: Newton. John
B llunson: Paiadise, Fred Millei;
H Pcteiboio. O. F. Nje: Piovldence,
H Andrew Fuhrimau; Rieiimond, L.
B II. Hullcn: Smlthlleld, Win. I'M-
W klnson; Trenton, Andrew Sim-
; monds, Jr.: Wellsville, Joseph II.
i i Woodward: Wheeler, Joseph Itan-
Hj I y bu. itijr our tea and eolTee at the
K ! Cache Valley Tea ( o. jou will get
K I J your moneys worth. Remember we
H arehead.iuaiteisforTea and CotTee.
H A Bargain Indeed.
B Jirmeies of Kod laud: l.o acies
H plowed, all fenced: so acres of water
H I ll-lit. House 'J rooms, Kood stable; a
H f number of llrst-tinss fruit trees; (,-ood
H i schools. Must be sold Immediately.
H Call on or write to II. A. Pedoison &
B Co., Logan, I'tah. Olllceover First
H National
B Kvcry housewife should use the
tVatvl Cache Valley Tea Co's Spices, Flavor-
H lit,' Kxtiacts and Hakinc; Powder.
'I'lioy are the hcsl and iho cheapest.
H Officer Is Good Spender.
B In a recent case In n Paris court It
H s -vvna Btnteil thnt the defendnnt, a young
H olllcer of raiilry. hail npont $100,000
H, In five months.
i "
j Paint Kan important on a house
K as insurance. Flies and e clones
H aie rare but the wear of wimd and
B, weather is sure and constant
j Wood and other building mateiial
1 last indellnltcl) if pioteeted by
l paint. Resides, paint improves Hie
Hl appearance and increases the aliic
K ot any building. There aiemanv
H Acme and Dry Climate paints
H should be oreferred.
H They are strong and title in color -
H possess lots of hod) weigh Jo per
H, cent more than many other biauds
H on the market. Spiead ecnly--(lo
H' not blister, scale or inh otl.pieserve
K as well asoiiiameul. The) aie per-
H feet paints hut t lies cost no more
Hj j than any not so good. We are ex-
H ' cinshcagents and giiaiautec them
H for live eais. Those who know
j sa) we could safely make it ten
B City Drug Co.
V I 1)7 Main trcct - - Logan
IB ?z
They Mine Sewr DeroUcil Nur
triel Ills Interest mid lime Ak
KrrxHhfly Foiorril l,elslHtlon lor
Ills llenellt.
Kneli nitloiuil campiilKU ciiiplinsles
tin fnet Hint the fiiriiuT' M'te niiict
he leckoned with mill catered to, nml
nil parlies put forth their he it titgii
nieiits when iiihliesslng Hie fnriiii'i.
Away Iroiu the mnddliiK rrowil, tin
tniinineled by tin prejudice nml f iNe
cilit of the politician, the runner
en Iml v rends nml thliikf, nnd think
nml rends and tloel.loM I tie iiitlmi
v,lth ii disc Iiik Jiiiltfineiil Hint lend
to n deeliluli willeli lnmet omt
In ispii It witu gouemlly renieil
Hint the runner would lie deceived liy
the grout pnillllses iiinile or the liene
Ileenl ieults to lie iitliilncd h Mitlng
for free sliver, hut till-, w.i not o;
the rnriner iiiIkIi! he ihveheil when
nwny ft inn lioine, tint nl his own lire
side." with plenty of lime to weltfli the
iliiesllnn. he decided lur the Kold stillid
ctnr.D mrjiiT. in m "" ''
wn liuperlnlNm. and with til love ol
rieeihiin It n wiiil Hint the funnel
iiiIkiiI be Hliimpi'dtil. hut npiiii ho nl
loiM'd eoniiiiiin sen-e nml cnlin cnnsld
erntlim to decide the ipietlon. "ind.
seeliic no (lunger of mllit.iiNm or
oiertlirow of the oln1illhed sovorn
lnent liv Hie now order of thlna.
forced upon us li.v Hie war with Spain,
Hie r.irmer ngillll cnt hi hallot for
the lteiutilliiin ticket, tiinl time has
ptoved Hint Id Jildgiiii'i.t wn good
and Id ileelxinn rigid.
Clmll Mill Nnl Anur.
In the pienent cainpnlan no now or
striking lile I pre-enteil. The Hem-
: ocnil niriilKii the Repuhllcan pnrt.v.
vilify the provident anil hold foi tli
gllttoi Ini; celiernlltle. hut ilellnlte
ne I lucking, ii nil what would lie
gained by the election of n Demo
cratic pieldeiit I not nppnrent. A
geneinl "ciilaiulty howl" Is no nrgil
nieiit. mid to M-eiiie the fnrmer vote
It I uecoenry to preent mine than
el in IT.
One form of a Democratic presl
denl. two year only of nlwolute Dein-
, oernllc iidnitidtriitloii. wn siilllciout
to prni'tlcally pnialy.e lmlues
throiiKlioiitthe nation, ileptlvcthe work
er of the chance to earn an honet
living, depre values nml prices and
make u the liiughhiK stock and sub
ject of ildlcule of tlio'nntloiis of the
I WUllll.
I MeKlnloy was elected, a I'epulill
1 can enngre eniietoil a coiiltent ptn
tectlve tniilT. Industry wa revived,
, faetnrle started, unemployed given
! work at the highest wnge ever known,
, consumption stimulated, values re
stored, Spain defeated, Culm freed,
order ewtnhllsliod In the Philippine
Islands nnd the people given civil
liberty In It fullest soiim' and the op
portunity of becoming a creditable
part of the greatest nation on enrth.
I The stability of the currency lias been
1 assured by the action of the Itepub
'llean ndinhiltrntlon; the public debt
' reduced nnd Interest ehnrges lowered:
laws passed that will bring the arid
lauds under cultivation, and that,
too. without tax or cost to tiny per
son except the one directly benefited
by the purcha-e of the land from the
I government.
The seeming of the route for an
isthmian canal, the construction of
, which I now nssm-ed, I a crowning;
triumph for a Itepubllcuu piesldent
and the party, and no one class will
recelM a gi cater benellt from the
connection of the Atlantic nnd Paclllc
by this great waterway than will the
The opposition to Hie Cuban reci
procity bill, on account of the reduc
tion of the tariff on raw sugar, came
lnrgely from a misconception of what
the result would be. Instead of re
tarding production nnd lowcilng the
price of sugar boots, the opposite hns
been (he result, nnd the production
ha been stimulated and piotlts lu
cre;! mm!.
Ilt'iiellli of 1'ruti ctlnn.
The policy of piotcctlou which
guard and develops the Industries of
our country, cardinal with the Repub
lican party. Is necessary to the pros
perity of the fanner. A taiitT on
agricultural products may not Increase
the pi lee If the demand does not
equal the supply, but a tariff which
protects American labor and homo In
dustries Insures work at high wages,
plenty of money and Increased con
sumption, illuming high prices for
faun products,
The farmer Is Indebted to the lie
publican party ror tho rural freo de
livery system. First suggested by
the editor of a leading farm paper,
himself a Republican, the Idea was re
ported upon ami iccommeuded by a
Republican Mistiunster general, adopt
ed and enlarged upon by the Repub
lican patty, appropriation inado by a
Republican congress ror on Investiga
tion nnd trial or Hie proposed, system.
A Democratic postmaster general,
supported by a Democratic president,
refused to expend the appropriations
and reported not only adversely to the
system, but thnt the scheme was im
practicable. Not until tho Republi
cans were again In full power was
tho Hjstcm given a fair trial, and Its
entire practicability, ns well as tho
grout benefit to bo derived by tho rural
population fully demonstrated From
a ? 10,000 appropriation for tho trial
of tho system It has grown to an ap
propriation of over SKMAWKW uudor,
I the frlendlv encouragement and S-.
I Krehe business policy of Republican ,
administration N "tlier one thing
i could him- been of such gleit '" ''
to Hie fanner. It has pint el hlin m
ilallv cot indention with the world. 1
1 and' rioni the seclusion o. r.nnl lire,
lie emergCh and become n put and)
i parcel or this grout nation and Is not
otilv utile to rend or the doings
thioughout the world, but the facllltuM
iilionli-il ror freitieit and prompt coin
Miiiiicntloii enable Idin to hike pari In
Its nlTnli The runner I now rec
ognized ns a big. broad-minded busi
ness mini, and the discover) I- due to
tho n I ml free delivery system, es
tablished nnd fostered by the Repub
lican Kill. v.
The Republican party has always
! been ng"cioslely In favor of leglsla-
! Hon for the benellt or runners, and
the ioiiiiiI will be considered and re-
meiulieieil when the fiuuier cists his
S.ie plntfoiins or the Ropiigllcaii and
Democrailc parties are so similar on
Important subjects that Hie conclusion
is Inevitable that the latter followed
tho runner ror vote-en telling purposes,
mid thai the Democratic parly Is In
slmeie mid asking support under rale
ropiosoiiiiitlim. and the runner never
fax or or siippoits Inslnceilly or
We. who are icponlblc for
J the administration nnd leglsla-
Hon under which this country,
J during the hist seven year, has
3- glow n so greatly in well-being at
1 home ami In honorable repute
J among the nation of the eaith
J abroad, do not stand luertl) upon -K
J lid lecni'il. do not ue till record j
as an eseuse for failure of ef-
J rort lo meet new conditions. On J
J the contrary, we treat the record -x
J or whn t we have done In the J
J p.it as Incitement to do even bet- -
lei III the rut lire. Roosevelt's J
- Letter or Acceptance. -fc
There I no better criterion of gen
eral pio-pciity than the po-tal busi
ness. When times are good the postal
revenue Incieascs, and vice veia. The
report or the postmaster general shows
that ror the year ending July 1, IS'.Ci,
the receipts from postal revenue were
971 (.17 1, 00(1. For the year ending .Inly
1, HKIJ. they weie .?1 tl),.i.S.,HM.), an
Inciease of ." per cent, dining seven
years of continuous Republican rule.
Dining the year ending .Inly 1, ISO.",
the receipts from the money order
business weie sJSl'J.tKlS; for the year
ending July 1. ItHVJ. they were $1,
8S!)..St7, an Increase or VM per cent,
dining seven years or Republican pros
perity. The postmaster general In Ids an
nual report Tor 1!)irj said: "The In
crease In the postal revenues attests
tho wondeifiil prosperity of the peo
ple anil the activity of business Inter
ests throughout the county." It
would not have boon proper for the
postmaster general in an olliclal rv
port to attiiliute this wonderful pros
perity In IPtrj to the operation of tho
DIngley tariff law and other Republi
can ineitsuies, but such was the fact.
i;xmrt or Miimiritdtitro.
Flguics recently Issued by the de
partment of commerce and labor nt
Washington sliovv that during the
month of July last our exjmrts of
manufactures amounted to ? 10,000,
0(K against ?m.000,u(K) of agricultural i
products. During June the exports
of manufactures wine nearly $11,000,-1
000. against s.i7,r.0O,(KHi of agricultural
products. This Is the lht time In the
history of the country that the ex
ports of manufactures have exceeded
those of the farm. This does not
mean that the exports of rami prod
ucts are railing off, but that those or
mamiraetures have greatly Increased.
This Is due to n protective taiitT
which, while It lienellts American
nianufuetuies, nlso Increase the home
demand for American fiirni products.
A Striking Contnut.
From IMl'J lo IS!'.", inclusive, under
a Democratic administration and a
low tariff, the total epoits or Amer
ican iniinnfnolures weie K!l,S.S,noil.
From ItliK) to 100:!, Inclusive, under a
Republican administration and a pro
tective tarilT, they were .si.urM.Ooi.
810. Thu export or inniuifactures lu
any one year or Republican adminis
tration was considerably more than
In any two years or Democratic ml- j
.11 lint Tl lint ltfonult.
I Western Laborer (Onniha.) '
In a former Issue of this paper, wo
said we must trust Roosevelt and we
will trut lilm and lu our Judgment
overy worklugman, skilled or un-!
skilled, of whatever race or creed,
should at once make up his mind to
trust him anil vote for him Instead
or Inilngling lu vain regrets that they
laid not when thoyi hee Parker's
"hand," If by chance or fraud ho Is
TiiBcurtS rrnpliccliw.
j A tip toHopubllears, Don't be scared
, Ay Chulrinan Tnggnrt's prophecies or
I claim legardltig the political out
look. In 1801, when lie was chalniian
of the Democratic (duto central com
mittee lu 1 milium, ho claimed the
stnte by 10,000 votes up to the night
' before the election. Tho next day tho
I Republicans carried It by IU.000 plurality.
I Perhaps tho policy of protection
has made business prosperity moro
dependent upon politics than It would
Imvo been otherwise, but It certainly
has contributed more largely than
anything ulsf' to our extraordinary
I and unparalleled progress.
You are welcome as friends I
rather than as Customers 4
and you are not expected to buy because you 1
come into our store. Our STEIN-BLOCH I
smart clothes for Fall and Winter have arriv- 1
ed, and we shall be glad to 1 stein -bloqh I I
show you how well clothes - 1
can be made when talent i H 1
shapes the cloth. If you catch ' H 1
sight of a style that suits you HAjghS LAbEl I
ty it on as an experiment. It IbeneaththecoliarI I
will fit you. The models are varied from m
conservative to extreme shapes in suits and I
overcoats, but each is marked by a personality. H
Thatcher & Hansen 'I
27 Main Street, Logan, Utah. H
Throw it
Rather than have
your, watch handled
by incompet ent
We guarantee our!)
watch repairs.
Cardon Jewelry Co.,
Brunswick Saloon
Sells the largest and coolest
glass of
Of any place in town.
Petersen & Sons
We Do Paint- ?
ing That's All
Shop one block south of Thatcher
Joseph Tarbet,
Tho Plumber, at the Con. I old stand.
Done on short notice, with satisfac
tion Ktiainutecd.
1 Salt Lake City's Leading Hotel.
Local and Long Distant phone
1 in every room.
C u 1 1 e n Hotel
! West Second South street
I Sail Lake City
Modern and up-to-date. Kates 92
per day.
S. C. EWING, Prop.
O ill ce . i junty Court House; I
Southeast room up-stalrs. Telephone
lsy. Logan, Utah.
Oillco ovor Tho First National Hank,
m i m
The I buck's I
. Stoves g Raixes H
Makers iSM 1
That's what Bucks SljKO I
stoves and ranges lalllSf j i)TI H
have come to be fsc m
called because things mjT M
run smooth in the j f
Remember al- SimpIy can, I I
ways, this is the I
Buck's store." 1' il I
Our buyer lms been utj fortunate in securing cur &
Fall and Winter Stocks
; .Yciv York. These goods are nrrixing daily . We
are offering
Big bargains in School Suits and School shoes,
Do not fail to see the NEW FALL LINK ot A.CA
WHAH we are showing.
Regular 50c grades in f" I
I IAA Hand and Shield Techs, Jlf I
I lr" V I'our-in - hands, Hows, m l I
I I Li O A,i(lXets' '" nl1 Hit-' latest jUJlJ
colors. Your choke, each
Look at our windows.
1 One Price Store. 45 Main Street! j
" lH

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