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Pa f . !
Bunch Rescues Itself
Before Daylight.
The Council and Other
Interesting News,
H I KicmioNi), Jan. 8. To have the I
H jovel experience of beini' lost within
H I a Jew miles of thelrown homes, whero
H . Sfrey had been born mid raised, is
H i wlisit happend to a pari of the Daisy
H Dean Dramatic Club of tlm place on
H j ' their return trip home from their
H i ingagcment in Preston Tuesday night.
H Lcwlston was at last rcie'ied and
H pasted and when the came to Die
H i railroad Hack neai the sugar r.ietoiy,
H after much discussing and talking
H Shey decided they erc at or near
H L'ornlsh, and accoidingly the turned
H -roiuifl and went back the road they
H tame The weie completel lost.
M Lcwlston wns again icached and one B
H if the part allghled fiom a sleigh H
mil aflei much knocking, succeeded I"
H .n awaking Jie inmates or a certain
H Jiouso and Inquired of them the way
M lo Klchinond. The reply came "go
H tast," but which way was castV The
H party entirely lost their bearings and
H tot having a compass they had to
J jgaln cniulre which way was east.
H They got the infoimatlou and the
H road, too, and icached home at last
M Site Wednesday morning. The com-
H pany Intends, but not dctinitcly to
H i Pl-i In Cl.ii kston Friday night, audit
H !ns lieen suggested that tlicy have a
1 3i;i( of the country between Rich-
M Ji arid and Clarkstou drawn up show-
H K the loads, houses, fences, locks
M nd othei landmarks', that the ex-
H pcrieucesof Tueidaj night will not be
m The City Council.
B Tliecitv council held a .short ses-
H ilon Monriav night The various new
1 aoininltlecs weie appointed The
H members of the new council got ac-
fl luainted with each other and trans-
1 acted a little business Frank Kobin-
H son was selected to till the unexpired
H term of .1 W Funk on the council,
1 cntiscd b the latter resigning after he
fl had been elected major Fred Chi is-
H ienscn was again given the street
m iiipcrvlsoiship and oillee or city water-
H i?stcr. The appointing of a marshal
H ' and Justice of peace was laid over tin-
H Ml anothci meeting
H Personal Mention.
H .Maggie Petersen, of this place, who
H ivasopeiated on for appendicitis in Lo-
H san last Tuesday Nlmproving as fast
H is can be expected, consldciing the
H seriousness of hci case.
H Fred Ilatcnian and Millie Smith,
B two opular young people of Rich-
H .nond, will be married today (Wcdncs-
M day.) The) will live in Axel Krlck-
H ion's house hcie
H The manv Ulchmoud friends of Miss
H Josephine .Ienscn, the popular nurse,
H will be grieved to learn that she is
H very sick at the h I) S hospital In
H Logan.
H Mr. and Mis Geo Fames weie in
H Lyan Monda attending the funeral
H of their cousin's bo, Ronald Fames,
M who was killed hi Itiverdale last week.
H While John Harnett was in Logan
H f last Frldaj the stork came and left a
H t Thatcher Opera House.
H Thursday, Jan. nth.
H 1) Messrs. Pelton and Smutcr
H present the eminent
m Russian Actor
H ' Mr.
fl Theodore Lor eh
H I Miss Rita Harlan
H One of Ameiica s Foiemost Acties-
H I es- :UI(1 splendid supporting com-
H I Pil,1 hi a (Ir.11n.1u1jt10n or Robert
H I Louis Steenson famous stoi)
j Complete .Scenif Production
m Special Klectricai and Ma.
H chauical Kffccts.
H. . PrJces-3.sc 50c 75c and $1
Slein-Blocli Clothes? WM 7 Ladu I
on't fail to secure a SUIT OR B BB Wm90SSK 1 M
OVERCOAT this month mjgzEpS&SsH OIMP pnirc n 1
big g'll at her home The 11 other
and babe are doing well
Mi and Mis Chas Ro.Uei, or
Oownet, Idaho, aie Wsitlng line and
aic rejoicing over the at rival or a line
girl to them last week
The local icglstrar's lepoit lo the
State Hoard or Health shows K))lrths
and r, deaths in Richmond during the
past thi co months.
Mrs. Mary Merrill and Mrs Almora
Men 111 are both repoited to be Im
pioing rrom theii Illness, as Is Mis.
Rooert Webb.
F O Nelson and all the Richmond
teacheisietumed from theli trip to
Salt Lake and all weie on dut Mon
daj morning.
The Smlthlield Conceit Co, with
the Smlthlield band, placed ery
creditably here last Saturdaj night.
Joseph Sharp, late of Rexbuig, Ida.,
but now of Salt Lake was up from the
city for a few dajs artcr holldajs
Luthur Iltirnliam and wire went to
S.ilt Lake last week and leturned Sun
day evening.
William II Hill returned Ijst week
from a week's outing in Rexbuig,
Mendon Midgets.
Mkn-do.n, Jan. 7. I'rluclpal .1. F
Reese, Miss Eva Williamson and Miss
Jennie Richards will be home this
evening. They have been to Salt Lake
attending the convention.
A veiy pretti wedding reception
was given Thursday evening at the
home of Mrs. Mary Gardner, in honor
or her daughter Tllllc, who was mar
ried the same evening by her uncle,
Alfred Oaidner. Your coircspondont
was misinformed, foi Instead of being
married In the Salt Lake temple, Mr.
Harry liassett and MIssTillieGardner
were married in Mandon aftjr return.
Inghome. They also gave a wedding
dance in Uichaid's lull Friday even
ing, which was largely attended.
Mr. Auimond Soicnsen and Lennlo
Wood have gono to Logan to take the
winter's course at the 15 Y 0. This
nnkes eleven fiom Mendon who aic
In Logan attending college
The nicest card party or the winter
was given Wednesday evening by Mr.
and Mrs Jos. Wood There were
about forty present Refreshments
weie seived (lining the evening
Mi. and Mis Jos. Ilaidman went to
Hide Park icsterday to see their
daughter, Myrtle She is up there
talcing lessons from Mr. and Mrs K R.
Will Remington and Jos Mason, of
I'.nkei, Idaho, have been spending a
Tow das in Mendon with friends
Mrs. Jacob Sorensen has been In
Logan this week visiting withhei
daughter, Mis. Mo-.es Illanehard.
The Wellsvllle Diamatlo Co plajed
"Hecause 1 Love You," to a crowded
house Saturdaj night
II. T. Richards and hi.s daughter
Annie have been spending a few dajs
In Salt Lake.
Children Frozen.
Mr and Mis. Fred Wood of Lanark
tucked their two little children in bed,
and went to enjoy the dance at the
school house about a mile distant on
New Yeais night The children woke
up and became frightened on llndlng
their parents absent, opened the door
and ran across the road In their night
clothes and baro feet. When found
tiey were nearly fwen to death, and
it Is fcaied that one of them w III have
one of Its feetamputnted.-Parls I'ost
Officials Decided Mat
ter Last Saturday.
Particulars About Es
tablishment of same.
According to Tuk RKi'miucvN'b
piedlctlon Saturday morning, the A.
C. trustees, vvlth;the State Land Hoard,
selected Lchi, Utah county, as the
most desirable location for the central
experiment station. It took two
ballots to decide and these were as fol
lows. Spanish Foil; .1, Provo 6, Lchi :5.
Farmington '
The second ballot stood: Lehl 7,
Provo 5, FarmlnL'tou 1.
The line-up in the voting was as fol
lows ir we have been Informed correct
ly, and we doubt it not.
For Lehl-W. S. SrcCornlck, Oeorge
C. Whitmore. K. R. Owen, J. A. Mc
Alister, W. II. Thaln, Thomas Smart,
Dr. P. A. Yoder.
For Provo-Wllllam Spry, John
McGrey Dixon, W. I). Candland, Mrs
Susa Young Gates, Loreno Stohl.
For Farmington- n. N. Hayes. '
The supporters or Lchi, as shown bv
the above, Include all the members o'r
the bojid of trustees or the Agiicul
tural college with exceptions two and
with the vote or Dr. Yoder added.
The only momber of the land board
shown to have voted against I'rovo Is
Mr. Hayes who appears as a supporter
or Farmington He Is the onlj Demo
crat on the land board.
This Settles The Contest.
Satuulay's action settles a contest
that had been pending before the com
mission for moic than six months
Oilglnallj Weber, Davis, Salt Lake
and Utah counties weie In the Held.
Committees of the commission visited
the sites otrered in all the counties,
and at length eliminated all but Dais
and Utali The tight between the
two counties was warm. Rotli coun
ties otrered several good sites The
commission decided that the Farm
ington site was the most suitable one
in Davis county Utah countj kept
tlnec sites in the Held, one at Piovo,
one at Spanish Fork and one at Lehl
Arguments In favor or the Farming
ton site weio that it ottered all that
could be desiied In the way or location,
soil conditions and watei supply, and
thai Davis county had never received
a state institution, while Utah count v
had one or the leading institutions 1
It Is likely the ARilciiltur.il college'
trustees would have been as well sal
il!l with the Faimlngton site, but a
compiomlse was round necessarv In or
dei lodereat Provo
Yoder to Be in Charee.
Control or the matter passe-, now to
Dr. P. A. Yotlcr, director or the stalo
experiment station at Logan Utah
county donates the site to the state
Dr. Yoder will select sixty acres or
laud about midway between Lehl and
American Fork. The exact descrlp-1
tlonortheslto will not be known un
til Dr. Yoder makes his selection I
Iho site will contain loam, clai.gravel 1
and sand In (Lstlnct areas, and will fl
have 'one second-foot of water avail- I
able on the ground. This piovlslon I
Insures the rami against loss or Irrlga- I
Hon water. tluough evaporation and
I makes it certain that the roll second
root will be available foi the uso or
the farm at all times
An appropriation or fS.OOii Is avail
able for the establishment of the new
station Kxperiments will be con
ducted with menard, garden and Held
ctop" to detei mine the most prolltablc
kinds, the best varieties or each kind,
the best cultural methods, the proper
I use or irrigation watei. the possibility
lof adapting Imported varieties to
Utah conditions, preparation or pro
ducts for market, pieservatlon by dry.
lug, canning, etc At least one report
on experiments must be made annual
ly, and (JOOO copies or it will be distrib
uted Tree or charge to interested clti-
7ensorihe state
The experiments will be conducted
under the dliectlon or Dr. Yoder
The Hansen Reply.
people, whose coiilidence he once en
Joyed, as it lias come tons who have
known him all his HI.: He is now as
he has always been, a loving and
obedient son. a sjmpathetic, kind
hearted and God Tearing boy We do
not saj that he is perfect, or that he
has made no mistakes, but whatever
mav berall him, wc do here and now
solemnly say to you, and to the work',
that Wm. Hansen it not responsible ror
the death or Lucy Hansen, his girl wire.
Yours truly
. . , , C V. Hansk.n
in beliair or mjseir, parents, and
Cheap! Cheap!!
All Goods Must 0, as I am Mov
ing to California.
Onlyrouror those extra Hne Mon
atcli Malleable Ranges, a line lot or
the very best and latest White Sewing
machines; six or the most extiaoulin
aryFarrand P.ulor organs: one very
line chinch oigan; one lirst class piano.
A lot or sewing machine extras,
needles and Hnest oil. Some Home
Comrort Range extras and reservoirs.
Tlueo washing machines; some very
good second hand ranges, and sewing
machines. All must go at once. Call
quick, at WM North Main, four blocks
All Answers Must Be In I
Xo Later than January 20, at 6 p. in. I
The Contest will close on Januai.v 21th. and the uinneis will be I
announced Just as soon as ti e Judges can decide whose Tt 11 Reasons I
Whv .lie the best. I
II .vouaie a little gill 14 peats m under, and have not entered I
in this contest come to t he stole at once.
1101 th of com t house, or drop a postal.
K A Nki'iii ikikh.
Escaped His Memory.
Mr. Selfiuuile Why do the c.i!I it
an alma mater, ni son?
The (Sraduatf Wh er-.the fact Ir
I can't remember what tlif taui?ht
us about that.
An Ordinary Mortal.
"KuBaned? Why, he Hoeiueil quite
broken-hearted when the other clrl re
fused him "
"Well, he's like the aieraKe man
It wasn't Ioiik before he wag looklnc
tor a conxolatlon prize "
How's This?
We oiler one hundred dollars reward
for any case or catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. .1. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. We,
the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney ror the last 13 years, and be
lieve him perrectly honorable in all
business transactions and Hnuncially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his Hrm. Waldlng, Klnnan & Mar-
v,?i" ;T,,10'Ss:ilc lrupRlsts, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
nnd mucous .suiraces of the sv stem.
Test monlals sent free. Pi Ice 73 cents
Pl,';bo,l,l,( .m550!'1 l)' il" JlrujfBlsts.
Take Hall's Family Pills ror constipation
Something Worth
Wbre you buy your X,s preset, ,s 10 call your McMim (o
J ull,oof ,stn,lc,, W tave t,,.rytlliK fr0, mlh,u,.p l0 a Gra(, pia10.
J"" ".'," T'm'1 ""' "'"'" y""r''""; fr $165 !'"d - ""' otto-nata
U w.11 ll orRas ., tat you alTor,! , KiV(.. e l0 yollr ,,,, or fnW.
U c are rotor to close out our scwiur inaeliiucs.
I We Lave , biB shipu.cut of Victor 'IVIking ,uacl,ies m,d 500 records.
Thatcher Music Go.,
39 South Main St., Lo&an. I
JrmTriiiftr.sgBa aw . J '

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