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Wtt '
I .
H ii Generalities.
M ' The Cache Valley train f 10111 Salt
H Lakc Monday evening was delayed an
H hour and forty minutes as(a result o( a
H -. freight car overturning on the main
H line near Woods Cross. The freight
i I was on a siding, the rails spread and
H the car loupled over.
H Hon. .lolin Woik Ilan. ihr dls-
H tluguMii'd and wood Innkfnur gentle-
H mm who picsldi'sowi tin; tjpe faces
H in 'Pi nc I'uruiiMCAN's Job depart
H incnt left, )estoxlay for Salt Lake city
H ' ' to take another boll at the Warm
M , Springs. Mr. Harry Is sorelv allllclcd
H with salt rheum. Mis Harry and
H ( little daughter accompanied her bus-
fl band, and they will piobably bt- gone
H u month or nioio. In tho meantime,
M Mr. Almc FrinU, a .oung man des-
H tlncd to be president of the Culled
M , States before the year 2.000, will rep
M . resent Mr. Harry In his absence -
M that Is, Ins will accept any and all
M h ' money, but will pay no bill.
H ' l It Is the Intention of Dlretor Ceo
H ' W. Thatcher, head of the Music De-
H ' ! partment at the A. C. of U., to take
H the College Opera Company and Mill-
H tary Hand for a trip over the state at
M ' an early date. 0;:den, I'iono, Salt
fl Lake and 1'ocatello will be visited
B i just to give the young people some
experience. In the "I'lratcs of Pen-
H i r zancc" the opera company will be well
1 able to give any audience the worth
M r of tlielr money, and In conceit work
M Tim Rkimiiimcan will back the A. C.
B of U. Military band against any col-
H lege organization In the country.
M Tho party that goes out will number
H very near one hundred people and
M , without doubt will have a jolly good
H time that will be well worth the
H , I while in many ways.
H A Luxury That is a Necessity
h for those wills musical tastes, and
H , there are few poisons so unfortunate
M as no' to be tnowed with some musl-
M calappieclatlon, If not understanding (
M J yet not all understand that the
H Kstcy Piano is of such supreme excel
H lence as to stand pre-eminently at the
H ? head of great musical Instiuincnts. i
I Yet such Is the fact, and when about
to purchase a piano let ns lirst prove
the truth of this assertion.
m ' Harris Music Co.
H I' Kstey and Newman Dealcis
H i
I: I Want Column
B If Sofno good residences lu Smithllcld
j ; for sale by James Mlllig.m c
H j Wanted pictures to frame. C. V.
BH Hansen, east of LindquUt's the under-
BH 1 taker.
H Kor Sale Lucerne hay, C. Hailing,
Cllii South Main St . IMiono r.tli hide-
PH pendent. wc
For Sale Two acres Utah-Mexico
P i rubber L'nd scries Installment plan.
BP Hargaln. Write "M," care Hki'uiii.i-
H WE WANT to Loan Money, sell
BP Farms and City 1'iopcrty and write
BP I your lusuiances, Cache Valley Ileal
PP Instate Loan & Insuiance Agency, !.
i V.. Stewart, Manager. wc
BP FouSali: A good farm, oilj acres,
BP with house, barn, and all outside ap-
BP purtanees necessary to run a good
BP farm. Located north of Smithllcld.
BP Apply to James Mllllgan, Smith-
PP Held. wc
f "I For Kent One farm of .00 actcs
BP ' near Deweyvllle; one farm of 200 acres
BP near Houeyville; watered from Ham-
BP maud canal. Will rent for share of
BP crop. For partlculats, write J. T.
BH Hammond, .'I15-:il(i McCornlck bldg.,
)- Salt Lake. clly. wc
' Wanted A buyer for a poultry
PP farm In Hear Lake, -I miles west of
PP Montpellcr; -10 acres good lccl land;
BP ' H in lucerne, balance In grain, good
BP, up-to-date poultry equipment; ma-
PP chlncry; 150 thoroughbred chickens,
BP business established. Will sell cheap,
BP easy terms. F. W. Crockett, Main
PPf St., Logan. wc
DeWIti Salvo
H . For PMei Burns, Boras.
PbM sbbbbBb.
Logan Is to have a new music house
the first of March, Mr. James Ilobbs
having arranged to handle the Bald
win instruments. lie has a car of
pianos and organs on the way now and
will open up March 1st In a portion of
the building now occupied by tho Lo
gan Furniture Co., the cast side of
North Main street. Mr. Ilobbs has
been a salesman for several years, has
a wide acquaintance through this
north country, Is generally known is
an energetic young man of splendid
reputation, -and without doubt he wl 1
make a place for hlm-cif among the
business llrms of this city.
The coming of Modjcska In "Mary
Stuart" Monday night, attracted only
a fair audience. There may have been
several in that audience who deeply
appreciated the pioductlon, but general
comment gives ilso to the belief liiat
there were many more who for tea
sons best known to then selves did nut
get enthusiastic over either Modjeska,
her company or her play. It Is bald
ly necessary to go Into futllicr detail
for it Is I'ciicially underitood that this
once great artists Is traveling now on '
u leputatlon of the. pasi. To those!
who can appreciate gredliii's dlsn
throned by time, and who venerate
one for deeds of other days not forgot
ten, Modjeska held a chaim. Hut tills
is a thoughtless and a lushing age.
It's the new thing that catches the
public, taste, not the old nor the per
fect thing.
An exchange publishes the following
conundrum: A banker sauntering
home Jor his dinner saw a $10 billon
the curbstone. He picked It up
and took the number In order
to llnd the owner. While at
home his wife icmarkcd that the
butcher iiad sent a bill amounting to
10. The only money he had with
him was tho bill lie had found, which
lie gave h:r, and she paid the butcher.
The butcher paid It to a (aimer for a
calf and the farmer paid it to a mer
chant who in turn paid it to a wash
woman, and she, owing the banker a
note of $10, went to the banker and '
paid the note. The banker rccognlz-i
cd the bill us the one he had found,
and which up to that time had paid
$,"j0 debt. On careful examination he
found that the bill was a counterfeit.
Now, will some of our kind friends
tell us what has been lost in this tran
saction and by whom. ,
Cioy'den a settlement located
twenty-two miles cast of Ogdcn on
the U. P. It. K. will be a scene of
great activity during the coming sum
mer. Two Inoxhaustlblc mountains
of limestone and shale arc found there
and a great cement factory Is to be
built by syndicate composed of Ogdcn
men, David Kccles, Fred J. Kelsel, )
James Mack and others, who have I
paid up over one-half million dollars,'
the company being Incorporated for
thicc and a half millions. The plant,
It is said, will cost twice as much as a
sugar factory. An expert has been
secured from tho cast who has had a
life's experience In the business, and
he Is paid a salarly of $7,.")00 per an
num. Tills gentleman will attend to
the construction of the plant and
running it after completion. A,
thorough analysis has been made of the
material at hand and It Is found to
have but two and a half per cent mag
nesia, while the maximum limit al
lowed by the government in making
cement Is four per cent. The capa
city of tho plant will bo --'.OOO barrels
per day. It Is expected that two
trains of coal will be used dally.
Satisfactory arrangements have al
ready been made-for transportation
with the railroad company. About
400 men will be constantly employed
in running the plant, which'ls to be
operated day and night. Six enorm
ous factories of this kind hi Colorado
will bo unable to supply cement this
year for block work alone.
Mr. 11. O. Itlchardson, of Salt Lake,
has been In this valley the past few
dajs negotiating for the sale of quite
a number of coiumcicial oichards, It
Is said that not a few land owners !
along the cast side of the valley havc
awakened to the possibilities of fruit
culture heio and propose to put out
orchaids within the coming year. Mr.
Itichaulson Is Inclined to believe that '
few sections otter gieater advantage's
for ccitaln varieties of apples and
cherries than does Cache. In speak
ing of fruit conditions generally, Mr.
Hlchardson speaks of Delta county,
Colorado, where there were no orch
ards eight years ago. Small orchards
had been almost destroyed by Insects
and the fruilmen were discouraged.
Soncone stirred up a little Interest,
tho proper kind of spraying was done,
new orchards were put out, apd today
Delta county Is almost phenomenal
In Its production of llije Irult. Tho!
fruit men of the county organized,
put an agent on the road on a com
mission basis and he soon found
an eastern market. Today the or
ganization Is In existence, but an
agent Is no longer needed eastern
buyers como to Delta county. The
organization has set a standard and
only standard fruit goes from the
county, hence its reputation. Mr.
nichardson would urge proper spray
ing here, then mote orchards and organization.
nJcH. Just receve( a carload of Stein-Bloch
JPJK r Black and Blue Clothes, Correct Spring
J ff Styles. "The early bird gets the worm'
ZZj 27 Main Street J
j Notice or Stockholders Special
Notice Is hereby glyen that a special
meeting of the stockholder of Tho
Farmers' Union, a corpoiatlou. will
be held at The Fanners' Union mill,
at Smithllcld, Cache county, State of
Utah, on Monday the Stli day of March
1P0G, at 11 o'clock a m. for the purpose
of considering and acting upon propo
sitions to amend the articles of incor
poration of said company as follows,
To amend article one to read as fol
lows: I. Namclbf Corporation.
"The name of this corporation shall
To amend aitlclc four to read as fol
lows: IV. Pursuit of Huslncss.
The puisuit of business agreed
upon Is to establish, buy, acquire, sell,
own, maintain, and operate, Hour
mills and to carry on a general milling,
merchandising and manufacturing
business; to manufacture, uy, sell,
and deal In all kinds of Ilour-mlll and
other mill products, and to buy, sell,
and deal In general merchandise, hay,
grain, and all kind of farm products.
To amend article six to read as
VI. Amount of Capital Stock.
That the amount of the capital
stock of this corporation is Eighty
Thousand (MO.OOO.OO) Dollars and the
number of shares Into which It Is di
vided is Eight Thousand (8,000) of tho
I par value of Ten ($10.00) Dollars each.
Gkokok Colk, Piesident.
Ihaao .Ioiioknsun, Secretary.
First insertion Feb. lO.Iast March :i
Bids Wanted.
I Sealed bids will be received by
I Smithllcld City for the following:
" Excavating and back lll'.lng approx
I Imately 2200 feet of trenching 4 feet
deep for water pipe conduit.
j Laying approximately 22(H) feet of 2
Inch and It Inch galvanized pipe.
Sepaiate bids for excavating and
'for laying of pipe must be given and
J must be piescntcd before m o'clock p.
! m. March rah, limit.
' lllds must be accompanied by ccrtl
j tied check for $100 as ovidence of good
I faith. The city reserves the 'right to
, reject any and all bids.
Plans and speculations furnished.
Chairman Waterworks Committee.
i "
tumult County Clerk or the Respecthe Sign
ers for Turthcr Information.
in the District Court, Probate Division In and
tor Cache County, State of Utah.
Ktotu ut Mary l Wlilltlo. dew-cased.
Creditors will undent claims with vouch
crtt to tlic lUHlcrMitiird at his residence at
Klclimunc, Cacliu County, lliali on or imtoru
tliH4thilayot.luuu A. II. IHUil.
Hate or first publication, .Ian. litli A. I),
Cmaiilks. IIaiihu. administrator of tho
estate of Mary 1'. Whittle, deceased.
.1. .. mkwaiit. Attorney.
Sheriff's .Sale.
In District Court, Cache County,
.James C. Walteis, plaintlir, Lars
Peter Larson defendant.
To be sold at shcrllt's salp on tho
llthday of Match, at Logan city, at
front door of County Court House, at
two p. m. ItKXI In Cache County. Utah.
Tho east half of the so Hit west
quarter of section twenty-oi.1 (21)
township twelve (12) north rango one
west Salt Lake Meridian, hi Cache
county, Utah.
First date of publication February
17th, 1000. Last date of publication
March loth, liiofi.
Tuos. irr'SmTii,
ShMlT Cache County, Utah.
The King of Reversible Disc Plows J
Wholesale Agents for Utah, Idaho, Eastern evada and j
Western Wyoming.
Works either . jf &v. Easy dr.ait i
right or left; has WgZL. ,,n PIows de-hill
patent double S3?S equal to !evel
scraper. Turns HflPlmi3S round' foUow-
under more trash 'Oft WStSSmT mS Same f"r"
than any other ff OT'BRSKWL row each wa or
plow made. sSNl W lrK arUnd d'
Strength and Ease of Operation are its main features. Is perfection itself.
Will plow hard gumbo sod. Write for price list to
Ogden and Logan, Utah, d Montpelier and Preston, Idahctf'
White River Country.
That great stretch of country be
tween Carthage, Mo., and New
port, Ark.,, is now open, the White
River Line having been opened Jan
uary 21st. This country is wonderful
in Its possibilities. Inquiry of the
Missouri Pacific Hallway will bring
full particulars.
Are You Buttess at Night
And harrassed by a bad coughV
Use Ballard's Horehound Syrup. It
will secure you sound sleep and fleet
a prompt and radical cure. Sold by
Illtcr Hros. Drug Co.
Swlsi Nonagenarians.
Of the C63 persons In SwltzerlArtO
who on Deo. 1, 190O, had reached thn
age of ninety or more, only flfty-nlno
are now known to bo nllvoj tTUity
one niPii. thirty-eight women.
A clock is more than ti piece of furniture a good n
clock is a family friend. a
If you want a true family clock that caivbe depended
upon, take a look at our varied assortment.
Parlor clocks with substantial cases in new and rich
designs, reliable movements and reasonable cost. All
prices between $4.50 and $10.00.
Kitchen clocks that will keep good time and give
good service for many a day, $3.50 to $4.50. j
I Alarm clocks that can be depended upon to awaken
you at the right time, $1.00 to $1.75.
(Bardon Jewelry Go.,
Something Worth
Before you buy your Xmas presents, we wish to call your attention to -our beaiitf
ful line of instruments. We have everything from a mouth-harp to a Grand Piano.
Just think, a beautiful new piano in your home for $165 and we have nine other makes
We will sell organs so that you can afford to give one to your family or friend.
We are going to close out our sewing machines.
We have a big shipment of Victor Talking machines and 500 records.
Thatcher Music (Bo.,
39 South Main St., Logan. K j

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