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H "jl "DO IT TO-DAY!"
H I "Anil to think Hint tenmotiltunjot lnokeil tllce
H, '' 1 owe II toll rill, .11 )tu
Hr I The time worn iiijmn lion, "NYvcr jmt
H , X off 'til to-morrow what vm t.iti do to-
H J I dn," is now Kvlieriilly ir.-icnteil in tint
pl form : " Do it lo-iLi) f" Tliat is tliv Urse
H advice we vvnnt to ;ive vim nljn.it that
H j hnckiii eolith or ilemoraliiMK iolil with
H i j vvhich joti hitve hecn strtij,'j;liiit; for rev-
H i craliluvs, perhaps weeUs. Take some
H I reliable remedy for it to-ih mid let
H , 1 that reined) be Dr. Host lice's German
H . ' j Syrup, which lias been in use for oer
H j thirty-five vears. A few doses of it will
H undoubtedly relieve your couli or cold,
Hi 1 and its continued use' for h few davs will
i cure j on completely. No matter lion
H' deep-seated your cotie;h. even if dread
i consumption has attacked vour ltius,
, German Srup will surelv effect n cure
H' j ns it has done before in thousands of tip-
' ' ' parcntly hopeless cas.es of huijr trouble.
H . New trial bottles, 25c; regular s.ze,
H ' 75C At all druggists 2
H; City Drugstore, Logan, Utah
I ) mboF ACRES
fl; j Canadian Pacific Irrig-
B j ation Project, Alberta,
M Canada. Water charge
B only
! 50 Cents Per Annum
H For Information Apply To
M ' Chandler and Sayre,
H I'ostollleo HoxllOl, Salt, Lake
M City, Hta!., Of- - '
) LOUIS S. CARDON, Local Agent
H Hoises will he received at L. Haul-
H j lug's place In Pjimcvv 011 Monday,
H 1 April 1', nt IIM's place In Whittle) on
H ' Tuesday, A pi il .litl, and the I'reston es-
H tray pound on Wednesday the Ith
H' Cattle will he leeched at Pali view
t April 2:i, at Whltne, the 24lli and at
H, ! I'reston Hie i'.th lloises fl 00 per
Hi month, cattle ."i0c. all stock Insured.
(Nonnan Valley. Hear Lake county,
Idaho. Wiltenieat I'reston
H ' Hi Ink' all 1 sciap lion, metal, bottles,
M rags and lubbers, or call us up and we
H 1 will come. I nil phone IV. Hell phone
" I J46 South Main St.
I 1 j Re-Opened
H Farmers Feed Stable at dai It's Mill
H , South Main Stieot. teams feed at
M ' t reasonable price, also good horses
H bought and sold here
N. A. Williamson, Myr.
H Made to Order on
H t short Notice.
1 Leai onk'is at K union s tin shop.
H ' I'lcntj of I . I' anil Hock Suilng
H coal on hand ." foi -J-.OlHl lbs do-
H llvorcd, or l ."m at the scales Vol
B spccialiateonc.il loads We ftnnlsh
m any coal desited 1st ri and nth W.
H I Chicago Meat Market
H Is the place to no foi all
H kinds of Family Meats.
1 Highest cash price paid
H for all kinds of hides.
H j Logan Lumber Yard.
B , I E. L. Johnson, Proprietor.
H I All kinds of building material on
H ' hand. Shop work done on short notice.
H'i All kinds of planing done.
E , 157 West ."itli South, Hell Thono Hlz
BX1 I Great Wealth a Delusion.
BK Did you ever consider that with n 1
C fraction of the frensrleil efforts spent
M ,' In nequlllni; creut veal'li tlila man
b ' I j roulil have c(imim)sh1 hlniseir for the '
li 11.011. KatUfylnK quiet enjojiiient of a mere '
A General Lot of Squibs
Politic Scpsrlor.to Huntjer.
City Solicitor Ilmco or Clevelanil
once had an opportunity of realizing
tho supremacy of politlrs even oer
Ho was dlnliiK mio evening at Ids
home when the hell raw;. HIh nor
ntit went In the door and lettirneil
with the incssaRc that n IniiiHr man
solicited the wherewithal to curb a
ravoiioiiH appptlle. Imprsicd by such
a HtiutiKo request he biule the servunt
to niraiiKu a cold box The dinner
went 011.
Aimed with the necessities of life
the seivant letuined t the waiting
man nnd casually mentioned that Mr.
Urucu said to kIo the food to him
"Who il Iil ou mi?' u3lcil the man
In 11 tone audible to .Mi. llrucu hi the
.'HidiiK ronm
"I Haiti Mr Uniee." replied tho ser
vant "Not Mr. Unite, the Domoc r.U7"
"I thhil, In- Is 11 Deninerni." was tin
sonatit'a niiHwer.
"Well," nald tho Imngi- man. ttirow
hiB down the box. 1 don t want itils. 1
wouldn't lake tii'ihlnp from a Demo
crat If I had to nun-, and oti i.in
tell him so I am a Republican."
Clc eland Lcnih 1
Ordered by "Ichard Coeur de Lion as
Punlnhment for Theft.
We leant fioni tho annals of tho his.
lorlan lloeden, vho was court vhap.
lain to Henry III, that the old custom
of tarring ami feat hot Iiik Is 0110 that
dales hack to tho time of Richard tho
I.lon Hearted.
He tells us that this lenowncd king,
011 KetthiK out for tho third crusailo,
made this enactment among others,
for his Meet:
A 1 obber who shall be convicted of
theft shall have his head cropped nf
tci tho fas' ''in of n champion, and
h( 'Iiik plti bhall be pom eil theio
on, and the featheis of a cushion shall
bo shaken out on him, so that he may
ho known, and at the first land at
which the ship shall touch he shall
bo set on slime.
This, then. Is one of seernl ens.
loins which has been classed com
monly as "Anieilean," whllo In truth,
It originated with us, mid wab Im
ported by them fioni I'm ope Tit
lilts, London.
Experiments With Weak Children.
IntoioMlng experiments nre In pio?
rcss at Merlin and Charlotlenbuig,
Geimaii, with phslcall weak child
ren aril otheis for whom fresh all la
regarded as a necessity. These exper
iments are attracting attention and
are receiving notice fiom the Kngllsh
papeih ll.11 racks, sheds, kitchens
ev . target u,on lo the wind nnd mis
die fleeted In the pine forect, and
120 bo h and sir's between tho axes
of li and 14 yeuis ate bi ought hv
sii"it car to the woods at S In the
morning and nuiiahi iheie until 7-3n
In the evening It Is stated that no
lesson I3 longei than hair an hour
anil that the lessons are Interspersed
with ample time for lecrenthin. The
girls aie iniiriht to lalso Mowers and
vegetables, nnd the ho.xs aie instruct-i-il
In tilllrp tho soil ami building The
kitchen ariangements are under the
ehatgi) of a Hod Cioss nuise One
liter or milk 11 da) lb allowed eae:,
rhlhl ami all are funilsl.ed luncheor
dlnnei ami supper or a wholesome,
plain t.vpe The promotorH are lepoit
ed lo be vei well satlhlled with the
Favorite Russian Dishes.
Russians nte pant mliticsses In tin'
art or piesonlng vegctahlts and
rults, as on account of the stvtie
wlnteis. It is necessar ror ihem to
lay In gieai stores I'eihaps the 1110c
cm Inns aie preseived Russian ciicuin
hers, about thieo Inches long aud In
shape resembling rtvvnrr vegetabh
ma 1 rows. These nre placed In n two
gallon sioie Jur In Ia)er8, dlvhlei
Irom each othei by leaves of the oak
cli'ii lue ami blnek cuiiaut. The
til st and last mimed are supposed to
give a jihuhini tlavor lo the vege
1. 1 hie, whllu 1 he eherr.v leaves prevent
t i cucumi!r' guting oft When Hie
li.t laer of leaves Is added malted
oild water l iioureil over the vvholf
10 the brim, nnd a pi' . e of wood -leaving
a Bpaer l.uvvoen It and the sldei.
of the Jar lot the ult to entor li
plnceit on the top, with a hoav)
weight to ktep the vegetables down
Thev are iatn with hot meat and
much appreciated llinislng U undor
stood to perfect I011 In Prance, hut at
a rale, mutton and beef are gencrall
overcooked vvhon rois'ed.
Wti "Mike" Kailey Laughed,
liateball cranks will ill reiiieiubor
with pleasure the late ' Mike" Kolley,
the slat attraction or the famous lios
tons, then tho champions or tliu Na
tional loagite Thu Hoslons weie phi
lug In a western clt.v, and bad just ie
turned to their hotel after tho gamo,
nnd the members of the team nero
separating aud golnf. to their 1001ns,
while Kelle.v headed for 'lie balhtoom
I to tnko his leguhir "iuh-dovn."
t A few minutes later one of tf.i otfc
er plaers on the team, while p.issnig
down the coirlvlor, hoard Kello) 3
well known laugh Inside the bat hi 00 m
nn! stopped at the 1I001 duel asked
Ki Hi what tht joke whs
Kelle replleu This Is the Ilrst '
time ! uver got 011 of tho bath tub j
wtti"M stepping on h snap
Precious Stone Rapidly Loses Luster
If Locked Up.
That pearls "die" In obscurity and
retain their luster and value when
worn frequently Is n fact that hns
lwa)s to ho iiornc In mind by the
owners of Jewels
The stalomcnt that an htstortcni
pearl necklace in the l.ouvre oilginal
ly worth j: 20 000 Is lapldly dt'iecint
lug did not In the lenst surprise the
manager of a v"ll-knnwn llrm of Jew
ellers. "I'eails, ' he said, "must ho worn
frequently to preserve thm II oti
.ake a pearl ntcklacc nnd lock It x
you will dud that In the course of
yenrs the peals become dull and hi3.
'no sheen thai mnkes them so valua
t)h' Hell looms which have been carr
full treasuied will sometimes be
toi'.id to have deteriorated In this way.
Tiny lose tho'r glow nnd In some In
xtancF become cln.ost black Pear,'
ueckhces novel l-op so well as when
they nre coustantlv on the necka ol
Uielr owners
"It has brtn Mlgscsted that per
soinl inniiences have somoihlnr to do
w'.'i the matter, but I th...r It Is more
likely that the effect is due ta Ught nnd
air You can wenr pearls picmlcally
as long ns ou like certalnl.v ror fifty
onrs. and they would give 110 Irdlca
tlon of change, nnd ou might lock
pearls up and peihaps In twent ears
they would show signs or 'dying.'
There are however, ways or lestthcltat
Ing pearls, but the fact that they 'die'
ia qtilto clear."
A Neighborhood Affair.
'Yes, the tiouble began over the
culckens The -chickens belonged to
Hhffeis' next door neighbor, and tho
da one or (hem disappeared the H1I
fers had chicken ror dinner.
"And the nolghboi found li out7
"Ye", with llllffeni' assist nice. He s
so foolishly soft-hearted that he In
slsted on caiilng over 10 Hie neigh
bor a nice plate fill of tho chicken nnd
the neighbor wiihn'' giateful a bit On
the toutraiy, he got hot and sass d
nillTers and IllitTers said that the
neighbor was no Christian, ir he was
he would know that It wasn't the gift
Ilselr that shoiild bo considered but
the Hplrlt that p-umptod It And the
neighbor t-.ihl thai If ho knew what n
tainted girt was it was that stolen
chicken. And Illlffers fired up and
derlnied that tin- chlckm wasu t taint
ed he guessed he know what a taint
ed chicken vvau And the next dav the
neighbor turm 1 'he hose on Illl'iTcis'
little hoy nti.l t:int evening Illlffers
thiw a dead cat over the fence Into
his neighbor's aid, and It hit his
neighbor who was looking th-o'nh
n knothole am' the next ilny when
Mirrors and the neighbor met hi front
or O'llngins corner grocery tliy
clinched and now the who thing
Is In tho courts " C'hlcacn News
Henry Ward Beecher Drew Ltf.
From Humorous Incident.
A very little gill was taken In '
paieuts to a piaur meeiing at I' v
ouih church pieshled over 11
neechcr In rdvlng out a hymn
Heecher lequestod evei poison i -out
who could slug to do so.
Tho response not having been -uf
llcientl heart durmg tho first n t
.Mr. Heecher before the tecord as .'n
exhorted all to sing
"Come, hixthren, If ,vou have the
Since ot Clod In your hen-ts, let I'
come out In your volrs Sing! A!'
together now! Sing!"
Tho llttlo rhl took this as pomm
al appeal and hastily bethought herself
of tho bong ileatest to the heart, the
cry of a fruit vender who often
brought fiult to hoi home Accord '
Ingl. when the veie begun she let
Foi tli her voice In a li rill ciy ot
"Straw-her-rles! Straw her ilea! S'rnw
ber-rlos! Tho congiegailon fnlteied '
stopped and laughed, but Mr Beeclu r .
not at all dlaeorcprtel, called out
"that's lsht, llt'Ie girl. Tnat's right.
If .von can't pralso Ood in nnthlnp '
but stm wherries, then slog stiawber-
r.'es '
Traveling Fishes.
"In Soulh Ameilca, ' said the it
turned traveler "theie Is a peculiar
(.pedes of fish which is provided with
a set or embr0 llnibp on which It is
nt times able to hop across tho fields. '
iimiI even to climb tiee.s I believe.
this Is the onl Instance known or ,
llshes that can tiavel oveiland."
"Oh, I don't know," comments tho
other man. "Right heie In tho t'nlted '
States I linvo known of fish that tiav- .
eled thousands of miles overland."
"Yijii don't sa May I ask what
601 1 ot fish the) me?"
"Canned salmon "
Burns' Life Told In Few Words.
"Tho Right Houoinhle John," as
Minister John Hums Is now called by '
his Ilrltlsh fi lends, wrote a character- .
Istic account of himself foi the Kng-
lish "Who's Who" Hefeirlng to his "
oduentlon ho sa)8- ' Battel sea and at 1
night schoolh and still learning. Came i
Into tho vorld with a btruggle, btrug- j
gllnli now and prcspects of continuing '
DoWiti WW Salvo :
ForPJict Qurtis, Soros.
Fortune for Newspaper Man.
A newspaper correspondent recently
found near Klmberley, South Africa, a
diamond of HO 1-2 carata that he sold
hv JlS.tr.G.
When Going East
Why Not Enjoy Yourself. You Will if you Travel
over the Winds Central. Il Don't cost any more.
The best of sei v Ice between Omaha,
Chicago. Minneapolis ami St 1'anl, ns
well ns between Chicago, St. Louis,
Memphis, New Oi leans and all other
Southern and Southeastern points.
For full Information and literature
call on or write .1. A. Foi.kv, Coni
merelal agent, "."1 west Second South
slieel, Salt Lake, (Malt
Tht B:st CctUh Svrup.
S. L Apple, ix 1'iobate .Itidiie
Ottawa t'o . Kansas, wiltes: Tills Is
lo sav that I have used llnlbnd's
lloielionml Si 1 on for .veais, nnd that
thebest cnugli t-yrup I have evi r used
Price ilc- .'iDe. and I.(ki. Mild bv
Klter tins. Drin,' Co
Cheap Rates to Mexico.
Dally until April Ttli the Colotado
Midland will sell tickets from Oiiden to
City of Mexico antl points noitli there
of for ill (in Sleeplnt,' cars thru to
Denver without change Now Is the
lime to visit historic old Mexico.
Ileautlful illtistrat'-d books on Mexico
and its people rree Write L. II.
Ilartlfntr, Ocncial AkciiI Salt Lake for
further Information. Tho Midland
Uoute assuics titi tho best service
and scenery
tTW Again
TrerTVwMyJ Is what Mrs. Lucy
jfY Stovall.ofTilton.Qs-,
lj St a' "'' tWng
23 Ak Kodol Dyspepsia
JHpftfTfyMJsEigSSW Cure. Hundreds
siih iflsSl of other weak
sH BfirV women are
171 nl being re-
r I . yL etored to perfect
L ' I health by this rem-
I mJ edy. YOU may be
li well if you will take
t. r' Indicestloneausee
'yy nearly all the sick
ness that women
have. It doprives tho system of nourish
ment and the delicato organs peculiar to
women suffer woakon. and become
Dyspepsia Cure
enables the stomach and dlgestlvo organs
to digest and assimilate all of the whole
somo food that may be eaten. It nourishes
the body, and rebuilds the weak organs,
restoring health and strength. Kodol cures
indigestion, constipation, dyspopsia, sour
risings, belching, heartburn and all stomach
Digests What You Eat
Dollu bolt), held, I4 I rul U Ltk- i
UwtuantulVi rkUrr'ts.O.DtWItt I
trltl, r 10 mt ill. 0...6tl,c,O 1 A.
Sold antlKuarantecd by It;ter IJros
DruK Co. Lopan, Utah; Montpellci I
I'ranklln and I'icston, Idaho. i
Consult County Clerk or the Respective Sign
ers (or further Information.
in the District Court. Probate Division In nod
lor Cache County, State of Utah.
Notice of sale of Real Estate and
Personal Property.
In the m&lti r uf tliu estate of Charles Cow
ley, dereasiil.
The untlvrsliriii'it will sell at private, sain
the eaxl half of Jut llvu('i) block twintj two
22) plat "A" IxiL'an elly mirve)-, ('.lohucuuiily
Also lut seven (71 liltH'K tweutj-sli (Jii) iilat
"F." Ixiiran farm or lKau vtestllelil survey,
euntnlnlnir twenty UMl neres.
I'lftten shares of the capital stin-k of the
I.HKUU NtirthHesl l'le Id Iriijfutluii Ciiiiinaii)
u eoriioratlon,
On or after the S.'ml ilaj nf Mnreh, lHOtl.aml
wrlttiii Mils will lm recelMil sstlic reslileni'ii
uf the iinilerslifiicil. I. .Murth I'liiirth West
stni't, IJKan, Uluh. Terms of sale eash. leu
Inreent.ni limn of hit). Imlamv on eoiillrina
tlun uf sale ny the court,
i Jnsren V.. Cow 1.1 v. eveeutur
.1 C. Wulurs, ntturney.
Haled Match Jlh, llnHI,
aricnTc o t'c iin.:
Kstateof Thumas C. Ailamson. deceased
Ciidllurs will present claims with luuchers
to tho uiiilerHlifiied at his resldeneo at No DOS
West L'nil Nurtli ntreut, Ixjjran, Cache count),
Utah, uu or In-furo tho lm day uf .Inly nw,
Ixinu I'. UmiiiKiio
Administrator of thu estate of Thomas C
Ailamson, de?eastil. Hart A. Neljeker.Altor
nejs for salt! i slate
Istniilillcatliin l"eli. Jsiii last March 31st
Notice to Creditors.
Kstateof .lens X Hansen, ilu'eu-ttl.
Creditors will biesent claims with xnui hers
to tliouiiilcMlirnutl al thootllee of .1 , Ml
wart Jr.. atturnej-, at I-oiran tlij. Coeho
Cuiintj. Utah, on or liefuro the .mill iljj of
.lull A II. llKNi
Hate of tlrst lmhlleallon, Man-h IT, A. I)
Administrator uf the estate uf .It ns X
llmisn. itfoasid.
Notice to Water Users.
Stale i:iie.liicci'.s Oillce, halt Lake
cilv, Utah, IM) 21. IIhhi
Notice Is heieb yiveii that (Jcorjrc
Q Illcli. whose post oillce addiess Is
Logan, Ulnli, has tnndc application In
accordance with the icqiilremenls of
Chapter 1(', .Session Laws of Utah.
I DOS, lo apptopiiate three luiiidrtd
(.'100) cubic feet pet second of water
llovvlne; hi Logan river, foik of Hear
liver, Cache county, Utah. Said
water will he diverted by means of a
dam and a pipe line at a point '27 7J0
feet west and 2 244 feet south of the
south west coiner id Section 7, Town
ship 12noi Hi, Itani;c4 cast Salt Lake
base and meiidlan, from vvheie It will
beconveved lor a distance of .21 120
, feet antl theie used from .lanuaiyj 1st
I to Decembei .list, inclusive, ol each
veai. to develop power for the purpose
j of circuit; ll(-'lii Inland propelling ma
.clilner in Loir.m. Ogtlen and Sail
Lakecltv, Utah After navlnj,' been
so dlvericd ami used, tho water will
j be leiiiined to the natui.il channel of
said stream at a point 2.1.200 feet cast
I antl 2 i00 Tcet north of the south east,
I corner of Section 24, Tmvnship 12
i north, llange I east. Salt Lake base
and incihllan.
I All piotests against the granting gf
said application, stating the reasons
therefor, must he marie ny affidavit In
duplicate nnd tiled in this oillce with
in thirty (.10) this after the comple
lion of the publication of this notice.
Calkii Taxnihi,
State Engineer
Dale of lirst publication Feb. 2Sth,
liiOO, date of completion of publication
March ;!0th, lnoii
I Deeds, Not Years.
Do BoinethlnK. .Methu.ehih lived to
he flOO .veais old, hut little else ahout
I him ever got into print. John A.
Mow land
Cullen Hotel.
West Second South st. Modern
and up-to-date. Kales $2.oo
per day.
S. C. EWING, Prop.
B, C. Morris Floral Co,,
Floral Designs and
Decorations :: ::
Hrancli 02 E. 2nd S. Phone 853.
Windsor Hotel
Centrally located. South of Ken
yon Hotel, Main street.
European plan. Hates reason
able. State trade solicited.
Hates 50 cents and up.
When jou are In Salt Lake
Look for Big 7
7 West Second South Street 5
made from old Carpets. No. 2.T0 West fa
South Temple. S3
Pamphlet on application VM
OiiaHHHBMMslsiisVHHslsiiivl U
Oregon Short Line R.R.
No. II. Dally. .No. IS Dally Mixed tj
I'ocalello SilS p. in. x':30 . m wj
Salt Lako 4:10 " llilMm 1
Ondea l-V " . :2bT" j
CaclieJct. 7:0(1 ... .. 5:30 am
Menilon 7:l " . 6:00 "
Loeau 7:35 " fl:3
SmlthfleW 7:5.1 " 7.00 "
Itlchmonil s.04 " 7;sj
KranUIln 8:3 " n:i
I'rston ;(( " Hiio a.in
No. U Dally. No, 111, Dally lllxe
I'reston 7:10 a. in VttO a.m
franklin 7:27 " ....10.00 "
Itlchmond 7:4Z " 10:10 "
Smltliflelil 7:&a " lino "
Lotran 8:15 " 12:50 p. in
Mention 8:ai " liio '
Cache Jet K:50 " 1:35 ' I
OtriJt-ii 10:35 " ii.00 I
Salt Lake 11:15 " 7;t0 ' I
t'e atcllo 4 45 ' I
I'or further Information apply to I
W. VV. VVooitlUi!,Aitent
j $50.00 to California I
ti -s asns-Mii.1. ....o.. ssssbssjS))..., ., "" " ijl
I Round Trip Rate to the Land of Perpetual Sunshine 1
Good for Six Months. FREE RECLINING CHAIR f
V Ajl
S: .
IS I "" 1 tjf
The Trains of the San Pedro, .
Los Angeles & Salt Lake Rail- f
:jf road are the Finest in the West $
! , Aji
u : ijt
rf X
I See Agents ot write). L. Moore, L
District Passenger Agent, Salt Lake City.
i,ii,ii,ii4iii,i.i,ii,iiii,iiii,ii,ii,ii,ii,ii,i.iiiiii.iii. -i. .. ... .. .i . . . . . . . !'
. . ..-

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