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Tlie Logan Republican, Saturday Seplember 15, I9O6. 1
-a? High Grade
rligh Jrnce-1
lAfiljerSB ; i
ajACf I on
J. A. Folger & Co.
San Francisco
I Yes; We Have a Telephone,
What's more we pay attention to it,
and orders for any quantity or size of
coal arc (Hied promptly with top grade,
easily-burning coal. Glad to have you
' call, of course, but the 'phono will
' bring quick response.
I M. & L. COAL &
Both 'Phoues " - No. 74
mt iiiiiii ( Lji
"" Listen
to a piano that has been in use for
some time and if It is a cheap one you
will hear a Jarring sound made by the
"giving" of the string pn$ or other
important parts of the instrument.
'J Nothing of the sort noticeable In
I pianos of our selling true tune until
' they're literally worn out.'
I Harris Music Co.
Music Dealers.
f5j0 Logan - - Utah
We havo the On y
Cold Tire Setter
in LOhiw and it will
Set your tire while you wait
And wo gunrnntco that the tires set
, on this machine will stay tight longer
, than they will set the old way.
1 'ltomembur, wo do all kinds of repair
work and wo assino joil our charges
i, are reasonable.
By experience wo have found the
j Sweet Rubber Tiro tho best and
- ' Emll E. Nielsen
! !&&' L00AN' o0AH
I Kodol Dyspepsia Gura
Dlgetts what yeu eat.
World's Supply of Absinthe May Da
Shut Off by Switzer
land. Pea green elephants, pink monkeys
nnd whlto blackbirds, together with
tho (lock of flmulnsoes which absinthe
drinkers Insist havo roamed at will
about Control pnrk, may soon becomo
extinct by reason of tho action of tho
Swiss government. ,-,
Nmrly ihe entire, ipiantlty of ab
slntho Imported into the. United
States In distilled in tho canton of
Nouchatol In Switzerland. Virtually
all of It that Is imported rocs to tho
thrco cities of New York, Now Or
leans and San Francisco.
Because of the great evil resulting
from the habitual uso of polton, thoro
Is a movement on .foot in Switzer
land to prohibit tho production of
abslntho and oven to forbid its salo
within tho republic.
The manufacture or distillation of
absinthe Is a government monopoly
In Switzerland. Tho estimated rovo
nue to tho government Is about 1,
000,000 a year. This revenue is dis
tributed by tho government among
tho various cantons or provinces
with tho proviso that 10 per cent of
It must be expended in promoting the
rauso of temperance.
Now prohibition Is in tho ascend
ancy In Switzerland and Is Booking
a constitutional amendment to forbl3
the distillation and sale of abslntho
and to enforce absolute prohibition
through tho entlro republic.
Tho movement, according to Consul
Qlfford at liasll, has given a groat
Impetus because of the fact of an
nlulntho-crnzed father In the canton
of Vnud, In killing his wife and chil
dren. With any diminution In supply in
Swltzerlan.l tho Importation to the
United Stales must como from a new
Educational Experiment Which Has1
Solved Most Vexing Modern
Tho superintendent of the schools
of Batavla, N. V., has apparently
solved one of tho most vexing ques
tions which havo to do with modorn
education. It is a realization of the
Pestalozxlan theory that each pupil
liai a right to be educated personally
for what ho can best achlove. For
ninny years It has been charged
against the public school system that
tho standards were set for tho clever
pupils to the detriment of tho back
ward and dull ones. If tho "Batavla
experiment." as It Is called, proves
after long trial to do what It is hoped
it will then pi'ary education will
bo Infinitely bettered.
Mr. Kennedy, tho originator of the
schomo, proposed to tho governlhg
board, of Batavla to procuro the serv
ices of an extra teacher for each
room whoso duty it should bo r to
listen to recitations, but Jo help '
encourage nny pupils who were fah
Ing behind the class. It was to bo
entirely a work of sympathy and de
manded "great tact and discernment.
Tho, plan was tried In a single room
and tho result was so marked In both
pupils and teachers that tho experi
ment has spread rapidly and Is bolng
Introduced in all tho better schools
in tho United xStatos.
Its valuo can not bo overestimated.
Tho teachers are stimulated to do less
nagging, whllo the pupils themselves
aro relieved from going beyond their
ability and strength. And the effect
o"n health of tho children was also
marked. No books were taken home
for night study and six times the
number of pupils remained to gradu
ato from tho high school.
The Beverages Which Stimulate
the Brain Are Non-Alcoholic.
"Tea nnd coffee nro d miks drugs
solely," said a chemist. "They stim
ulate the brain, and tho reaction from
this stimulation Is not perceptible
Hcncd toa nnd coffee are excellent
brain spurs. For a little while they
do, actually, make us more Intelligent
than we naturally are. That Is why
they rro bo popular. It Is why
wo chemists call them intellectual
"Alcohol, whether It bo takon In tho
form of chnmpaqne or beer or whisky,
Is not an int llectuol drink, but tho
opposite From tho boglnnlng alcohol
stupellos instead of enllvonlng tho
brain. But it makes us talk) If It
wore not enlivening, how should It
mako us talk? A'as, nlcohol makos
us talk, but we "nv under Its Influ
ence tho things we should not. AIoo
hoi deadens tho inhibitory, tho pro
hibitory centers ot itfo brain. It stu
pefies tho brain musclo which knows
what things should not bo told. And
hence, while drinking wo talk, but oh,
tho things wo say, and .oh, how we
blush in tho cold gray light of tho
morning after to remember what wo
All the Aids to Comfort.
"Spoaklng of accommodating hotel
clerks," lemnrkod n Portland traveler,
"tho best 1 ever saw vras In a town near
Bangor. I reached the hotol late In the
evening nnd wns assigned to a pretty
tidy looking room. Just beforo I ro
tirod I hoard n scampering under tho
bed nnd looked under, expecting to see
a burglnr. Instead, I snw a couple of
large rats Just escaping Into thelrholo.
I dressed nnd went down to the ofllce
and put In n big kick. The clerk was as
sorene ns a Fummcr breezo.
" 'I'll fix that oil right,, sir,' ho said.
'Front! Tnko a cat to 2S nt once.' "
Minneapolis Tribune
Saildwlch Under Any Other Nnmo
Easier for the Waiter to ,
A busy man hastoned Into ono of
tho quick-lunch "enftays" that aro
popular In a portion of tho elty, nnd,
nfter smiling at tho blonde whoso
duty it Is to ring up fares on tho
cash loglster, called to the colored
waiter; ,
"Bring-mo n sandwich and a glass
of milk, and bo quick about It."
Tho son of Ham boltod nwny nnd
quickly returned with the desired food
nnd drink.
"dive mo my check, quick. 1 am
In a hurry."
Tho waltor pulled out a pad of
paper and a pencil nnd began to
scrawl several weird hieroglyphics on
the popur. In i espouse to tho sharp,
"Come, hurry lip," the waiter made a
final tlesperato attempt nnd banded
the man a check on which was writ
ton "Ono pl(?co pie. ono milk."
"Here," said tno guest as ho de
ciphered the characters on tho slip
of paper, "1 didn't order nny pie.
"I know das, boss," responded the
abashed waiter, "but pie nnd sand
wich ants Jos' do same, and I, enn't
spell Bandwlch. '
And tho blondo cashier smiled
sweetly as she Invited tho man to
call again.
And Was Willing to Kp the Dealer
from Imposing on a
Not long ago u man wuu about to
purchase a barrel of apples at thu es
tablishment of a produce dealer. They
appeared to bo especially fine ones, but
an old farmer standing near whispered
to him to look in the middle of the bar
rl, relates Sturm's Statehood.
This the would-be purchaser did, to
Und that with the exception of a 'layer
at each end the apples were small nnd
"I'm much obliged," he said, turning
to the old farmer
"I've got some nice ones on my wagon
I Jest brought In," the old fellow ven
tured, diffidently.
"I'll take a barrel from you, then," the
man said, paying him the price and
giving his ad'li-ess for their delivery.
"Say," a "tander asked, as the pur
chaser walked away, "how did you
know those apples In the Tenter of the
barrel were no good?"
A twiuklo camo into the old codger's
"0, that was ono of my bar'ls," ho
Washed Air to J'-athe.
"Dust doesn't appear to get into
your building." said a depositor to
H. T. Aberni-.thy, cashier of tho First
National ban.t, "nnd the el" seems un
'usunlly fresh, too."
"It's tho work of the nlr filter,"
said the cashier. "The air wo breathe
hero comes into the building through
a shower."
The top of the air Bhaft on the new
bank building Is above the tops of
the surrounding chimneys. By means
of a turbine fan the air Is drawn
down the shaft to the basement,
through a continuous shower of cold
water, and Is sent up through the
ventilating shafts, In tho winter this
nlr Is heated as it Is sent from the
shower. Kansas City Times.
Washed Air to 1 athe.
"Dust doesn't appear to get Into
your building," said a leposttor to
H. T. Abernthy, cashlf- ' 'the First
National bank, "and tho nl. seems un
usually fresh, loo."
"It's the work of the nlr Alter,"
said the cashier. "Tho p'r we breathe
here comes Into the building through
a shower."
Tho top of the nlr s,huf on the new
bank building u nbov the" tops of
the Rtirrount. ng chimney. By means
of a turbine fan the air Is drawn
down tho shaft to tho basement.
through a continuous erower of cold
wnter, and Is eent up through the
ventilating shafts. In t!:o winter this
nlr Is heated as It Is sent from tho
6hpvcr.--Knnsas City Times.
Cry for Land and Liberty.
It Is stated that tho estlnvite of tho
money noeded by tho Hussion govern
ment for nld to tho famluo-strlckcn
provinces would amount to nearly J 10,
000,000 this yoar. Tho peasants aro
starving, partly In consequence of lack
of land to cultivate, partly because of
specially bad crops this year. Moan
whllo tho ront of land Is, steadily ris
ing. According to tho latest roport of
tho Peasants' bank tho average' ront
per doslatln roso in 12 years from 39
rubles to 108 rubles. No wowW that
tho cry of tho peasants Is for "land
and liberty." And the o- ri.isoiinbly
fortilo land remaining la that of pri
vate owners, tho public domain being
mostly swampy or forest land.
Vive la Culture!
A modlst" ""during If to n dress
makers' club told the numbers that
tho dressmaker must know moro than
nnyono else In tho world, and she ad
vised them to study art, music, litera
ture and tho drama. Vive la culturo!
Wo cannot havo too much, of It. Here
after, when rindnm goes to have n fit
ting, she will not only hear of chiffon,
but nlso of Chaucor, of passomentorie
and Pnter, of moussellno do sole and
Mondelssohr., of shirring nnd Shaw,
teffetn and Turner, But, horrors!
what If tho barber shc'lld add nrt,
music, llter-'turo nnd tho drama to
his conversational reportolre! The
Header. r
Has Formed Vast Bed of Solid Salts
Through Which Stream
Undoubtedly one of tho most reumrk
nb o springs in the world hns recently
been dlscoveicd In New Mexico. It ia
literally a Bprlng, says the Knglneerlng"
und Mining Journal, saturated with
sodium sulphate Distilled water
weighs 8.33 pounds to the gallon. The
water of thl.. .., ring weighs 10.CC pounds
per gallon, i eaporat!on yields 3.13
pounds of .1,, tuiid matter, of which S3
per cent. Is sulphate of soda, crystalliz
ing out chemically pure.
1 he sulphate of soda crystal contnlns
57 per cent, water. At 110 degrees Y. it
melts In its own water of crystalliza
tion, and tho temperature of tho spring
beiug slightly In exeees of 110 decrees
F., the saturated liquid upon ovciflow
lng and cooling immediately forms a
crystalline mass like lie.
The natural inquiry nrlsos ns to the
dopoKlt or accumulation of ages from
this Fprlng; for, unless it discharged
Into stream of fresh water, the deposit
would be vast In extent. No more fit
ting locution could be Imagined, for It
is in the lowest portion of a vast sink
or basin, scores of miles In extent.
The deposit, therefore, has formed n
vaBt bod, miles In extent, of solid sodium
salts, through which this spring, by rea
son of Its heat, maintains Its channel
and continues to augment tho deposit.
Inasmuch as tho soda crystal effloresces,
or gives up Its water by evaporation, tho
elements servo to smooth nnd level the
surfuco; so thnt tho lake, though dry, Is
whlto as Rnow nnd bears some resom
blanres to n northern lake In the em
brnre of winter.
Isle of Wight Man Evinces an Un
accountable Desire to Stay
in An Asylum
A man has Just been discharged
from tho Isle of Wight asylum undor
oxtrnorJInnry circumstances, having
twlco feigned madness with such suc
cess that ho was committed to that
Institution as n dangerous lunatic.
Ten years ago ho startod on his
career as a professional "lunatic,"
and he was tho first inmate of tho
Isle of Wight nny'um. At'that tlmo
he was soon uncharged, as tho
asylum authorities wero satlsflod ho
was shamming.
About n month ago he arrived nt
Cowos from Southampton, where,
seemingly under tho influence of
drink, he was chasing children and
women In the streets nnd acting In
an extraordinary manner Witen
takon to tho police nation ho spoke
of military relations :.nd m.illons of
money, but ns the .ocat jloc'or sus
pected he was shamru.ug ho directed
his removal to the workhouse.
There ho Indulged In window
smashing, nnd having dono consldor
nblo datnago ho was romovod to tho
asylum as a dangerous lunatic. Tho
modlcal superintendent at ouco rcc
ognlzod him nnd turned him out. Tho
mysterious Individual refused to ro
turn to tho workhouso and has not
slnco troubled the authorities.
Wealthy Arnblnns Havo Taken to
Biding in the American
Milk white Arabian steeds and nil
tho vothor color of horses In Arabia,
as carrlors for travel or ploasuro, are
bolng displaced by American built
carriages and carts.
Instead of mounting a fleet-footed
camel or a horse with tho speed of
the wind to make his excursions Into
tho desert the Arabian climbs Into a
buggy or a cart built In Indiana or
New York nnd drUcs off Uko nny
other civilized citizen.
Consul M?''terstin nt Aden, tho
chief city of r.ii'-i repoits that of
all vehicle? i ",ji. t during tho last
year three- r hj of Lhom came from
tho United fr .
Tho Anitl.-'n hickory vehicles are
proferred to thoso of India and Eng
land because of their sto.lng quali
ties. It has been found that tho
American built wagons, carriages and
carts withstand tho hot dry cllmato
better than any others.
All of tho 160 public carriages In
Aden aro of Amerlcnn manufacture
and aro lightly constructed so that
ono horse may pull four passengers.
The real Arab of wealth nnd fash
Ion likes vctorius built In tho United
States hotter than eiiy other. Ho
also uses American harness hocauso
tho makos of other countries aro too
heavy and cumbersome.
Good Welsh Babbit Story.
Gcorgo C. Boldt, tho proprietor of
tho Wnldorf-Astorln, told at u banquet
of hotol mon n Welsh rnbblt,8tory.
"Two young mon from tho country,"
ho said, "visited n Now York theater
ono ovenlng'nnd nfter tho play decided
that thoy would havo n littlo supper.
"Thoy entered n fashionable restau
rant, puzzled awhile ovor tho menu
and finally hit upon Welsh rabbit.
"'Any thoy said, 'Welsh rabbit!
That" sounds good. We'll try a littlo
of IV
"So thoy ordered tho i" 'h and In
duo courso It was sot beforo them.
"But thoy looked nt It In nmazo
mont. It wns not nt nil what thoy had
expected. Thoy frownod and mtit
torod. "But finally ono of thorn smiled and
brlghtonod up. -
" 'Ah,' ho nald. 'I understand. Thl3
Is a littlo bit of broad nnd clioeso to
go on with till tho rabbit's ready,' "
bin rmunr WFSTR pN I
Kill uHANDL WJbisry w
The Scenic Line I IH
To Glen wood Springs, Aspen, Lcndvlllc, Pueblo, Colorado SpMngs I H
Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and all points I H
Rast. Connecting at Ogdcn Union Depot with nil Southern l'a- I H
clfic nl Orc'01 S-io t Mm triliu. Tn only Tinnscontlnon S ll
Lino passing directly through Salt Lako City fl
3 Splendidly Equipped Trains between jl
Via Three Scpirato and Distinct Scenic Routes. i H
To Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago without S H
change. Frco Reclining Chair Cars. Personally Conducted Ex- 1 H
curslons. DINING CARS, Service a la Carte on all through trains. H
For rates, folders, free Illustrated booklets, otc, Inquire of your H
nearest ticket agent, specifying tho Rio Grande H
. . . .route, or address.
I. C. BENTON, G PAD, Salt Lake City B
Commercial Ranking In all Its branches. Solicits accoutits of
Ranks, lllrms and individuals nnd extends to customers every reason-
able courtesy and consideration. H
Our SAVINGS DEPARTM ENT n specialty. Wo pay 4 per cent
Interest compounded quarterly. Amounts of Ono Dollar and up
received on deposit. Come In and get one of our little savings banks. H
W. S. McCornlcri, President; James Quayle, V. President, jH
John II. Anderson, vlhid Vice President; Allan M. Fleming, Cashier jH
Ilyrura E. Crockett, Assistant Cashier. H
Bank of Smithfield. I
Paid Up Capital $20,009.00. M
Surplus, $500.00 H
- 1 H
General Ranking business, in all Its branches. H
VVc pay 4 per cent Interest on time and savings deposits. H
Interest compounded quarterly. H
Drafts drawn on all parts of the world. H
Safety deposit boxes for rent. H
$10,000.00 deposited In our Savings Department in ten months H
We solicit your business. Correspondence Invited. H
E. R. Miles Jr., George Y. Smith, I H
President. Cashier. I H
Free! Free! I
Wo have purchased a quantity of very neat Vest PocketMcm- H
orandum books containing tables, and lots of other useful information suitable M
Farmers, etc. We shall be pleased to give them to our chstomcrs and others M
It they will ask. Wo have the largest line ot General, Shelf and Builders H
Hardware In Northern Utah and we will guarantee the quality and prices 1
against anywhere In tho state. Call and see us. Everything In hardware. H
R. Lafotmt & Co, I
38West Genter St., Logan. H
Chicago Meat Market
Is the placo to go for all
kinds of Family Meats.
Highest cash price paid
for all kinds of hides.
Affleck Machine
Go to Alllcck's Machine Shop and
Foundry for Iron una Brass Castings
and all kinds of machlno repairs, 150
E. 1st South St. Opposite Central
mills. Win. Allleck, Prop.
Sold and Guaranteed by Riter Bros. Drug Co. M
I Your Druggist Guarantees Every Box of - I
To Cure Colds and Stop Headaches-U does the Work- Quickly Safely M
M Leaving no Bad After-Effects Like Quinine Preparations Because g m
S In the Orango Colored Box nt nil Drug Stores 35 cents or by Mall. m

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