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BmftJwP " ' " " " "'" aI" ' " "'"T '"'" " ..ii...,. ,- . , , ,.,., -. .,,.,7:, .,..,,.
H 5 wmmmmmmmmmmmmmKmmmammmmmammmmmwmmimmmmmmmmmmmmimm
W E HAVE BOUGHT from the Friend J
Bros. Clothing Co., Milwaukee, all the J
H J ' broken lines of fine hand tailored
I i Suits and Overcoats j
H I ' (over 300 garments) at one-fourth off their
H regular prices. That the lines are broken
1 J shows that these are their best selling num- J
H 9 bers, the most up-to-date styles and nobbiest f
B 9 patterns made. ,
WE. will place this Clothing on sale Satur- J
day, December ! Prices rarlge from
$9.75 to $17.45. Don't miss this op
I portunity to buy the best Suits and
H Overcoats produced
I 5 'f rJK teanlee a a of 5 5
H Kvery seller of Friciid-iuadc CCUlm Z
H a Clothes is aulhoried to guar- T
H a anlee, in our name, that any . ssXs3el s Z
H garment made by us is free m jf YrpM fit" flA 9Hf'V-V 2
H a from defects in every particu- 1 "fcl flAlIlM iHtm 2
H a lar; that it is made from per- I -K villi III BB?fc- B-J Z i
H I a feet cloth, thoroughly sponged - "9 W-i v55 2
H J a and shrunk; that it is sewed . P'aSv "" J
; cl;vslH1lnRhoul aud cor Opposite the Tabernacle.
H t In the District Court or the First
H Judicial District of the State of
M i Utah, in and for the County of
M j Cache.
I ; Order Mahing and
H n Adopting Rules of Court.
H' J It Is hereby otdeied that the follow-
H' log rules of coin l to Ih applicable In
H 4 each '"-? the First Judicial DIs-
H ill ate of I'tah be and the
H !
same are hereby made anil adopted, to
i l.'alendais.
The cleik of the court shall keep
three sepatate ealeudais. to wit:
First. A trial calendar consisting
of all causes at issue upon iiuestlonsi
of Jnct, excepting piobato masters and
eases stricken from the calendar. A
wise shall be deemed at Issue for the
puipose of this rule when the time al-
lowed for making an Issue of law on
the last pleading as to facts has ex
plred, or sooner If the attorney having
the tight, to make such Issue of law
shall Hie with the clerk written notice
I that no such Issue will be made
I I! Holiday Announcement
I ;
H J Wilkinson & Son is now ready for
H i inspection. We liae a larger and
H more varied assortment of Holiday Ootids
H than we have ever carried hefore, Hooks,
H , ' Holiday Stationery, Class and China Ware,
H I Gifts of all kinds, a bewildering variety of
H ' Toys a veritable Toyland. Come aud see
H i l us before our best is sold.
Hj j We can accouuuodate those customers
H ' who wish to select now by holding, any "
H ' goods until Christmas on payment of a small
H l deposit.
1 ! m
'., I 2
H , Please note that J. W. Wilkinson will dis-
M : continue Bookbinding after March 3 1, J 907
Second A law and motion calendar
cotisNtmtr of demurrem, motions aud
contested matters of law. Criminal
eases shall be placed on the law and
motion calendar until Issue be Joined
on questions of fact by plea or not
Kullty, when such cases shall be trans
feired to the trial calendar.
Thhd A probate calendar consist
ing' of all probate matters set for heai-
At the opening of court on the ilrst
day of each term the clerk shall fur
nish to the judtftea copy of the trial
cjilendai aud a copy of the law and
motion calendar including the entries
made on said calendars on the. next
preceding day The clerk shall pre
pare nt least two lists of cases set for
trial, and deliver one to the Judge and
pot one in the court room. At the
opening of court each day the clerk
shall furnish to the Judge a list of the
cases, probate matters, law Issues, and
all other proceedings set, continued
otjnotiecd for hearing on that day. On
each calendar or list, furnished to tho
Judge there shall be at least four
blank lines under each ease, matter or
Chse Stricken From the Trial
Kvcrv c.ie and proceeding (except
criminal act ions and probate matters)
In which Issue has been or shall be
joined on questions of fact and which
has been or shall be upon the trial cal
endar for two successive terms, arid
passed without trial shall ho stricken
Trom the calendar by the clerk; bjit
any such cast- or proceeding may ne re
instated upon motion pmsuant to
Oemuirers, Motions, and Contested
Matters of Law.
Cases on the law and motion calen
dar will be called for hearing on the
Prst day of each term. Other das
will be appointed by the Judge for Uip
hearing, upon notice, of demurrers,
notions, and contested raattersof law;
and the clerk shall give notice of the
appointment of such days, by notice
posted Inhltutlko
Setting Oasei for Trial
On the tint day or each tarm the easy
on tho trial calendar will be called for
sottlng.and each case will be set for trial
If any party thereto so request, unless
the setting be postponed for good
caitse shown, if no party to a case re
quests that It bo set for trial, and the
sotting be not postponed, the same
shall be passed forthotcuu. Between
July 1st and August lOtli con tested
causes will not bo heard unless It Is
made to appear to the court that seri
ous Injury may result from delay.
RULE "5.
Arraignment of Defendants In
Cilmlnnl Cases.
When an Information shall be tiled
against a defendant In a criminal case
tlie clerk shall Immediately notify the
district attorney, the county attorney,
and the defendant or his attorney,
that the time appointed for the ar
nralgnmcnt of the defendant Is two
o'clock p. in. on the lirst day there
after (designating such day) that the
court Intends to be in session In that
county The arraignment shall be
made at the lime thus appointed un
less otherwise ordered by the eouitor
I'lca of Defendant in Criminal Cases
Appealed from Justice's Court
When an appeal shall be tiled fiom
a Justice's court in a criminal case for
the alleged violation of state law or
for the alleged violation of a city or
town ordinance, the clerk shall imme
diately notify the defendant or his at
torney, and the district attorney and
county attorney In cases In which the
State of Utah Is plaintiff, and the at
torney of record for any cltyor town
In cases where a city or town is plain
tiff, that the time appointed for the
defendant to plead to the complaint in
said case, is two-o'cloek p nf. on the
Hist day thereafter (designating such
day) that the couit intends to be in
session In that county. The defend
ant shall plead to Up complaint at
the lime thus appointed unless othei
wise ordeied by the court or Judge.
Publishing Impositions
A paity to a cause maj give two
days' notice to the opposing party of
his Intention to applv to the clerk to
open and file depositions which have
been returned Into court, and if no
objections shall be marie in writing
within the.time specified, such deposi
tions maybe published by the clerk
as of course. Objections which may
be made as aforesaid shall be set down
I for hearing on like notice
Requests for Instructions to
the Jury.
AH requests for instructions to the
tho juiy shall he In writing and the
loquests of each party shall be num
i hered consecutlvelj; each request
' must be upon a separate sheet of paper,
, at the lop of which there shall be an
I unwritten maigiu of about two inches,
i Requests for Instructions desired In
criminal cases shall be presented to
i the Judge at or befoie the close of the
evidence In the case: in civil cases the
requests shall be presented to the
Judge at or before the close of the evl
'dencefor the plaintiff upon his orlgl
I nul case; provided that requests con
cerning matters not known to counsel
making such requests until after the
defendant begins to Introduce evi
dence, may bo pieseuted as soon as
practlcableaftersuch matteis become
known to counsel, but before or at the
close of the evidence in the case. At
tho time of presenting any request a
copy of the same shall be furnished to
opposing counsel.
i RULE 9.
; Stipulations.
All stipulations between counsel
shall be In writing signed by the at
torneys or record for tin- respective
parties and tiled with the clerk, or be
made orally in open court and taken
down by the clerk oi by the court
I stenographer. Any stipulation made
j otherwise than as In this rule provid
ed will not bo consideied by the
court for any purpose whatever.
RULE 10.
Orders, Decrees, and Other l'apcis to
be Signed by the Judge, and
Orders to bn Signed
by the Cleik.
Kvcry order, tindlng, decree, and
other paper to be signed by tho Judge,
and every order to be signed by the
clerk, In any action or proceeding,
shall be prepared and picscntcd or for
warded to the Judge or clerk respect
ively by the attorney for the party In
whose favor It Is to be made
If the clerk in his discretion shall
permit the tllca,ln any case or proceed
Ing to be taken out of his offleo, the
person taking such flics shall return
them to tho clerk's olllco within ten
days; but upon requestor tho clerk any
person having In his possession or
under his control any flics belonging
lathe clerk's ofllcc, shall Immediately
return tham to the clink.
j The secret of success
Bock's Hot blast, f
1 I
Heavy base with solid air
flues Around fire pot instead J
of center thereby greatly in- J -
. creasing the direct radiation.
Does not puff. f
' j
All bonds, wills, ordeis, anil decrees
while unrecorded, and all exhibits and
vouchers shall bo kept separate from
the tiles in such case or proceeding
and shall not be taken from the cus
tody of the clerk except upon order of
the court or judge.
All rules heretofoie iiiadi hi this
court are hereby looked
Done In open court this thlitieth
day of November A 1) nineteen hun
dred and six. W. V MU!1IA.N,
Disti let Judge.
State of I'tah. i
County of Cache. ,
I.J. X. Larserr.Clerl. of the District
Court of the First Judicial District of
the State of Utah, In and for the i
County of Cache do hereby ceitlfj that
the above and fotcgning is a full t rue
and correct copy of the original "Ol
der Making and Adopting Utiles of
Court" as the saute appears on tile and
of lecord in tnv olllee.
In witness wheieof 1 have hcictinto
set my hand and alllxcd the seal of
said court this ."Oth day of N'ovembei
A. D. ISXXi. J. X. Daksicn.
4 (Seal) Cleik.
I'.y J. S. Laisskn,
Deputy Clerk
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