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I bAVE MO'li 7 J J
. is now out
Horse Fair Will be a Great
' Tho following Is tho premium list
ol tho Cacho Valley Horso Fair to bo
held at Logan May 1st, 1911. No en
. ,' tranco too Is charged and horses from
tho outsldo are not barred. A cordial
Invitation Is extended to all horse
men pt this region. They and their
horses will bo taken well care of.
It Is to every horseman's advantago
to exhibit his horses. Tho horso fairs
havo brougt Cacho Valloy to tho front
In this particular lino. Tho demand
for horses Is far greater than tho
supply. All horsemen, especially, get
busy and send In your entry cards to
tho secretary A tho CommUrcIal
Boosters club.
Premium List.
Percherons or French Drafts, Class
( No. 1.
1 Stallions, 3 years and over, 1st,
2nd, 3rd and 4th.
2 Stallions, 1 year and under thn:o,
1st, 2nd and 3rd.
3 Marcs, 3 years and over, 1st, 2nd
and 3rd.
i Marcs, 1 year and under 3, 1st,
v 2nd and 3rd.
5 Colts, under ono year, cither sex,
1st, 2nd and 3rd.
, C Stallion nnd two of his get, 1st.
7 Mare and ono of her produce, 1st
? Champion stallion any ago, compe
tition limited to first prlzo -winners
In tho above classes.
9 Champjon mare, any age, compe
tition limited to first prlzo winners
in tho abovo classes.
Clydesdales, Class No. 2.
1 Stallion, 3 years nnd over, 1st, 2nd
and 3rd.
J f 2 Stallion, 1 year and under 3( lBt,
3 Mares, 3 years and over, 1st" and
4 Maro, 1 year and under 3, 1st and
5 Chapmlon Stallion.
C Champion mare.
7 Stallion and two of his get, 1st.
8 Maro and ono of her produce, 1st.
ShlrM, Class No. 3.
1 Stalflon, 3 .years and over 1st,
nnd 2nd.
a-Stnlllon, 1 year and under 3, 1st
and 2nd .
3 Maro, 3 years and over, 1st and
4 Maio, 1 year nnd under 3, 1st and
2nd .
C Clmmpon Stallion.
, C Champion mare.
7 Stallion and two of his get, 1st.
8 Maro and ono of her produce, 1st.
Belgians Class No. 4.
1Champlon stnalllon any ago, 1st,
2nd nnd 3rd.
2 Stallion and two of his get, 1st.
13 Maro and ono of her produce, 1st.
French or German Conch Class No. G
1 Champion Stallfon.
... Standard Dred Class No. 6. ,..,
1 Stallion, 3 years and over, 1st, 2nd,
3rd and 4tlu
2 Stallion, 1 car nnd under 3 years,
1st nnd 2nd.
3 Mmb any age, 1st 2nd and 3rd.
4 neat team, by standard bred sire
to bo shown in harness, 1st, 2nd.
Thoroughbreds, Class No. 7,
1 Best stallion nny ago, 1st, 2nd.
UeBi maro any age,. 1st, 2nd.
Grade Draft Marcs Class No. 8.
1 3 years nnd ovor, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and
22 years and under 3, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
nnd 4th.
3 1 yonr and under two, lBt, 2nd, 3rd
und 4th.
, 4Colts, olthor box, under ono, 1st,
2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Grado gelding, ovor 3 years, 1st 2nd
and 3rd.
A v Grado gelding, 2 yoars, and under 3,
lBt, 2nd nnd 3rd.
Draft teams over 1.C00 lbs. to bo
shown in harnoBS, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Farm team undor 1,600 lbs. to ht
8bon in harness, 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Single drnfter, to ho Bbown lr. harness,
1st, 2nd nnd 3rd.
Best team of 'driving horses to bo
shown In harness? 1st and 2nd .
Best slnglo driver to bo shown In
- linrnoss, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4 th.
Best saddlo horso to bo shown undcf
saddle ovor 14,2 hands, 1st, 2nd
Governor Spry Writes to Judge
Governor William Spry has written
Juvcnllo Judgo II. A. Podorson, and
tho school authorities calling attention
to tho opportunity Just extended to
tho school children of tho stato to
contribute toward tho purchaso of tho
silver botvIco for tho battleship
"Utah." Tho governor is urging tho
matter because of tho nearness to the
tlmo of closing tho schools for tho
year, and is very anxious for tho
school authorities to give tho matter
lmmcdtato action.
Each of tho school children who con
tribute to tho fund receives a certi
ficate signed by tho governor and
committee. A great many of tho
schools of tho stnto havo reported
and tho rcsponso to tho invitation to I
contribute toward tho purchase of tho '
silver servlco Is moro general than
tho committee first .had hoped for.
It would bo n source of universal
regret should Cacho county fall bo
hind In this matter. It Is tho first
'opportunity of tho kind wo havo had,
and ono that will perhaps not occur
again,. at least whllo tho present gen
eration of school children aro In tho
district schools. Tho matter should bo
taken up at onco and pressed with
determination nnd vigor, in order
that each child may havo tho privi
lege of contributing to tho fund, nnd
receive n certificate that ho may
keop through life, showing that ho
contributed toward furnishing tho sil
ver eorvlco for tho battleship named
In honor of the Stnte of Utah.
Mr. W. A. Curl of Salt Lake City,
spent part of tho week In Logan. Mr.
Curl Is manager of tho Curl Credit
Clearing House and is working with
tho Conimcrclnl-Booslers club In the
hopes of establishing his system in
this city. Mr. Curl was working with
Mr. William Morrcll-and was meeting
with fair success. In order to estab
lish tho system tho company woro
asking for n guaranteo of fifty subscri
bers. Something over half tho num
ber hnd been secured, and as usual,
tho last half is harder than tho first.
Tho question as to who can wo cred
it Is tho ono that worries every busi
ness mnn. Tho answer is obvious,
"Thoso who pay their bills," nnd it Is
tho mission of tho clearing houso to
toll who they arc
For tho information of our readers
tho following facts aro complied from
actual clearing houso ratings,
number of people in rating
book 65,007
Thoso who pay cash on demnn 11,430
Thoso who pay promptly whon
'duo 23,052
Thoso who pay slow, but safo
to credit 13,002
Total, dcslrablo trado out of
05,007 53,384
Thoso who pay, but risky . . . . 3,227
Thoso honest, but not safe to
credit ?.. 1,138
Thoso unworthy of any credit. 5,458
Bargain hunters, who pay cash for
everything 1,800
Tho B. Y. Collcgo Opera company
will glvo a special porfonuanco of
"Tho Mocking Bird" to tho old folks
of Cacho otako nt Nlbloy hall at 3
g. m. All ovor CO years of ago will
be admitted free.
It Is earnestly requested that tho
wnrd committees will sco that all
tho old folks aro present.
Central Commltteo.
Miss Inez Larson of Covo, la spend
ing a fow days with relatives In this
and 3rd.
Best pony undor 14 hands ridden y a
boy or girl, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Best pony undor VI hands, shown in
harness, 1st, 2nd and, 3rd
zt" ; "" ' '- -I
. Minor In St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
The Mocking Bird by
B. Y, Opera Company
This splendid opera was written for
Mabcllo Oilman, and first presontod
at tho Bijou theatre, Now York, 'In
1902, which fact alone is sufficient to
convince opera goers of the ''high
standard of the play.
Tho action of tho opera passes ,at
Now Orleans when that district of
country was in (tho hands of ' tho
French. An envoy from tho Spanish
king arrives bringing tho information
that tho country has been Bccodcd to
his majesty and thereby develops the
plot of tho play. The loyal French
subjects attempting to hold possession
for themselvos.
Tho opera is full of good slngablo
music und ropleto with action, Tho B.
Y, pcoplo always take advantago of
these- two opportunities and glvo to
tho public as good school operas us
aro to bo found anywhero.
To know that Prof. W. O. Iloblnson
Is 'directing its presentation hero
next Monday night and Tuesday night
is to know whero to find n most en
Joyablo entertainment
Nlbloy hall Is tho place, 8:30 p. in.
is tho hour .Tickets aro on salo at
tho Collego and at Howell Clothing
Additional Locals
Dr. Cutler of Hyrum, wds In tho
city Thursday. ' ' A
Kastor services Sunday ovenlngxnt
7:30 In Logan Fourth wnrd. Prof.
Wldtsoo will talk. Special Kastor mu
sic by tho choir. Everybody Invited.
Mrs. Martha A. and Mrs. aMry JC.
Mccham of this city, aro spending tho
wcok In Preston,' tho guests of their
sister, Mrs, N. L. Campbell.
Frederick J. Peterson had a flno
delivery wngon of his own mako, on
tho streets yesterday, thus demonstra
ting that Just as good work can bo
dono hero nt homo at less cost 'than
eastern manufacture.
Miss Lilly Mutr, whllo playing skip
ping ropo at tho Woodruff schol on
Thursday, was accidentally hit In tho
oyo with tho knotted end. Tho llttlo
girl received medical nttontlon, and
it Is believed no sorlous complications
will nriso.
Mrs. A. D. Jarvis of Bloomlngton,
Idaho, who recontly undorwent an
operation for appendicitis at ono of
tho locnl hospitals is getting nlong
nicely. Mrs. Jarvis is tho daughter of
Mr. and rMs. A. B. Dunford of thh
St. John's Church Tho Raster ser
vices will ho tho celebration of tho
holy communion nn'd sermon nt It
o'clock, nnd ovonlg prayer and ser
mon nt 7:30 p. m, Tho public Is cor
dially invitod.
Mr C. S Wlngor, ono of Hyrura's
Apostle Whitney at
Tabernacle Sunday
i pcclal committees of tho Mutunl
Im roveinent Boards of tho Stako
an busy In their arrangmcntB for tho
Ea iter services to bo held in tho Tab
crqaclo tomorrow at 2 p.m. This
meeting Is tho first ono of tho kind
undertaken by tho Mutunl Improve
ment Associations and It promlso to
bo entirely successful. As has al
ready been announced Apostlo Orson
F. Whitney will deliver the sermon.
Elder Whitney is so well known nnd
bo well apprcslated In Cacho Valloy
that his part of tho program alono
insures a largo meeting.
To add to tho cxcollanco of tho
program. Prof. Gcorgo W. Thatchor
with, his, combined choirs of tho
StakO'tnbcrnaclo and tho Agricultural
College. There will bo one hundred
nnd twenty-flvo voices In nil. Thoy
will sing John Staalner'B "Daughtor
of Jalrus" complete. Even tho splond
id musical talent that Logan has,
It Is not often tliat wo "havo an oppor
tunity of hearing such a production ns
Tbero will bo no other meetings
In tho fltnko to anfllct with tho caster
services. Tho regular monthly con
cntlon of tho auxiliary organizations
being posponed, there Is nn opportun
ity for nil ' theroforo to attend tho
most respected citizens, spent Thurs
day and Friday In our city.
Tho Paronts' class of tho Sixth ward
Sunday school will discuss n very Im
portant subject next Sunday morning
and urgently requests nil parents to
bo present.
Now that a. gas plaut is assured for
this city, tho cheap artlclo which has
been peddled so frequently around
town of tnte, can oaslly bo dispensed
In a desultory, slow gamo, tho aca
demy boys of Preston, Idaho, wont
down to defeat boforo tho B. Y. col
lego youngsters to tho tuno of 10 to
4 yesterday afternoon
Washington, D. C, April 13.
Through a hill Introduced iu tho
Houbo by Congressman Joseph Howell
of Utah, today, tho Btato of Utah Is to
bo rolmburscd for tho expenses In
curred in suppressing tho Indian dis
turbances within tho borders of tho
stnto during tho years from 18C5, to
1SG8, nnd thus, indirectly, aid Is glv
on to tho survivors of thoso frontier
wars which threatened tho very exist
onco of tho state
Federal recognition of tho early
struggles of tho stato Is to tako tho,
form of n grant of 1,000,000 ncros of,
agricultural land in Utah, ecloctcd by
tho stnto land board, It tho bill Intro
duced by Congressman Howell today,
la favorably considered I
H""- 4H
rf $ . t -XF SB
H MM lift I NO RllSULTS, fl
-4? TRY ONI.
As yet Millvllle Not Greatly
In n teccnt Isauo of the Republican
n story was published from Mlllvillo
with regarded to n scourgo of tho al
falfa wcovll at that place Bellovclng
thnt sonio mlstako hnd been mndo or
that tho reports of tho scourgo wcru
greatly exaggerated, we mado enquir
ies, nnd tho result of thoso enquiries
It seems that M. E, L. Morgan of
Millvllle, a former resident of Salt
Lake County, recently visited his old
homo and was shown tho alfalfa wco
vll In tho fields In that neighborhood.
On returning homo ho went out to his
own alfalfa fields nnd in making a
search discovered what appeared to
hlra to bo tho samo wcovll In nbun
dnnco. Further Investigation showed
that thoy woro present in nearly nil
tho fields around thnt soctlon. This
wns communicated to so mo of his
neighbors nnd ono of them furnished
tho Information which resulted in tho
publication in tho Logan Republican
of recent date.
On Investigation, It was found that
the wcovll which Mr. Morgan found
ns much moro common In red clover
fields than In thoso of puro alfalfa
nnd that in tho section In tho lower
part of Mlllvillo wh"r? Mr. Morgon
rosldcs thnt almost nit of tho nlfalfa
fields aro mixed with red clover. In
fact, tho water Is so clcoa to tho stir
faco that tho clover thrives much hot
ter than tho nlfalfa docn. Ono young
field of alfalfa wbb found, howovor,
In which thoro nppearcd to bo no rod
clover and In this field a long search
only rovealed two weovils nnd thooo
Irobably BtrayB from tho nearby clo
ver fields. In somo places tho wtovlls
woro found ns thick us thoy occurred
In places In Snlt Lake Valloy whoro
tho entire crop of last Benson was de
stroyed. It this had been tho nlfnlfa
weovll, therefore, last yoa'r'a hay crop
In thin section would havo boon prac
tically ruined. Instead, nn examina
tion of tho hay stack from this field
showed that tho nlfnlfa wns not nt
all tnjulrcd last Reason,
A number of specimens of tho weo
vll were brought to tho laboratory and
compared with tho true alfalfa weovll.
They were much smaller, lack tho
light brown color of that speclos and
aro qulto dlfforcut iu tho structuro of
tho snout, so much different in this
cfiarnctcc, in fact, that UjIb rather
doubtful ns to whether thoy feed on
clover, ns tho snout la too largo, ap
parently, to oven boro n clover atom.
Thoy will bo sent rast to specialists
fr determination.
In tho meantime, It is certain thnt
thoy aro not tho alfalfa wcovll and
that thoro is uo dasher to tho alfalfa
from this bource, that oven If thoy
prove to bo 11 red clovor weevil that
thoy aro apparently not very Injurious
ns tho clover was not Injured lu this
locality last yoar and red clover Is
only a very minor crop in Cacho Val
loy In nny enso.
A word of caution might Mjo given
In this connection. Tho Introduction of
tho nlfalfa weovll Into Cacho Valley
wlllmcan nn annual loss of $100,000
or moTo to tho farm'ng community
yes, probably two or tbrco times that
much In consideration of our dairy
intorests nnd thu ruin that it would
bring to them. Therefore, It behoovos
oyoryono to keep a constant and sharp
lookout for tho appearand of tho wco
vll in tho fields or thia valloy. Tho
first appearhnco thnt will ho noticed
will undoubtedly bo tho whitonlng of
tho loaves noar tho top of tho growing
alfalfa somotlmo In Juno or early In
July. And if oxnmlncd closely theso
leavos will bo found to havo had tho
grcon coloring matter Btrlppcd off
and tho baro framo work exposed. A
curled green larva with light stripes
will bo found doing this work. It Is
of llttlo tiso to sci'rch nt this time for
tho weovils themselves ns It would
bo Imposslblo to find them In nny
field whoro thoy had not boon num
erous enough tho previous year to
havo seriously Injured tho crop. It
anyone notices anything wrong with
tholr alfalfa thnt e"'-' looglhly nn
ewer this description, tho host method
Recent Bond Election Glincfies I
Proposition; I
The school bond election for tho 'M
issuance of $100,000 of school bc4 H
did not crento much lntorost through- M
out tho county, although In ono or
two places thoy were out with " th M
big stick" to glvo it a swat or two. H
Tho matter of tho lssuanco of school M
bonds has been up for discussion for M
Bomo time, nnd In both public nnd prt-
ato meetings tho question has r- ,jV
cetved considerable comment M
It wns a foregone conclusion that t
tho schools needed somo material as- M
slstanco to keep them Jn perfect run- H
nlug older, nnd tho conditions In somo M
places (his winter shQwcd that eom .H
dcslrablo chango would havo to takfc 1H
placo or parents would havo been put i
to' tho painful necessity of Vcoplne M
their children homo. M
Thnt tho bonds hnvo carried will M
bring joy and satisfaction to tho Board M
of Education or tho city and county, M
ns' no ono knows tho vital need of H
proper accommodation than tho gen- M
tlcmen who nro nt tho head of thos-t M
affairs. M
Ono or two curious phases of Us M
recent election showing tho lntrodue- M
tlon of tho "hammor," la Interesting M
to many In tho county. Mondon mads M
u clean sweep nnd registered 70 kicks M
ngalnst tho Issunncc of tho bonds. M
Mlllvillo registered 45 against and 11
for, whllo Hydo Park kept up tko M
knocks with 70 against. On the other M
hand, Smithfiold enmo ont for Ik
bonds to tho tuno of 177 against 10, M
Hyrum 9C for, 18 ngalnBt; RIchmoBd jS
47 for, 17 ngnlnst; Wellsvlllo CI for H
32 ngalnHt. The following la tho to H
by towns: M
Yoa. Urn. B
Ilyrum,.. ... j... 96 1 M
Clarkston "TTT zS 1 H
Mondon 0 71 M
Paradise 70 It H
Avon 2 It JH
Mlllvillo 13 4S jl
Providence , y 13 4 H
Smithfiold ". 177 1 H
'ilydo Park 4 74 I
Richmond , ... .47 IT jH
Lowlston . . .( 1 3t H
Nowton 12 3 H
Trenton 16 3 H
Covo 4 t H
Greenville 3 31 H
Benson 4 M H
Cacho Junction 1 t H
Collcgo 4 It fl
ML Sterling 8 1 H
Wellsvlllo , ... Gl M jH
Salt Lnko City, April 12. Roland jfl
MoKco of tho bureau of plant lndua- Jfl
try, who has Just como to Utah to aid flj
in tho fight against tho alfalfa woe- Jfl
vil, spent yesterday looking about for flj
tho best flections of Salt Lako and flj
adjoining counties In which to start jfl
his experiments. Mr. McKco will In- lfl
troduce Into this stnto nlfalfa whtck jfl
has proved weovll-proof in other parts jfl
of America. Ho will send for seed 1 flj
n few days, and plant It in favorabln jfl
jocalitlos. jfl
A. II. Klrkland of tho bureau of JH
entomology is to commonco his fight fl
ngalnst tho alfalfa weovll In tho vie- jfl
lnity of Salt Lako, as this is tho sec- jfl
tlon of tho stato whero tho pest was -
first located, and It Is handy to his I
laboratory, whoro ho Is propagating H
tho parasites which prey on tho weev- H
11. From horo ho will go to Utah nnd I
Davis counties, whero considerable nl- fl
falfa and luccrno nro raised.
Ho has rocolvcd requests tor nU Hj
from othorparts of tho Btato, ami r ill 3
take them up ns fast as possible ' a
Mr. McKoo Is to mako a varloty of u
tests to ascertain which particular J
kind of alfalfa can best withstand the I
Inroads of tho woevll. il
1 if
will bo to roport It to tho Experiment M
Station at onco nnd avoid publishing 9
until nn Investigation has beun mado ,Jj
; and it hns boon determined definitely jp
' that wo havo tho woovii with us, as ,H
' such promuturo publication ns this is IS
llablo to bo widely circulated and to jfl
react detrimentally to tho lntoresta of , ' jfl
tho valley. fM

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