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Journal 23U
Long Service in Which "Daughter of Jairus"
" Was Excellently Rendered.
Apostle Orson F. Whitney Spoke Eloquently on Eastertide
Easter was commemorated very
boautltully at tUo Tabernacle Sunday
U afternoon. Upon tho stand wero many
m members of tho priesthood of Cacho
I stake, rrcsldents Sergo P. Bolllf, O.
I II. Budgo and Jos. Qulnney, Jr. and
Apostle Whitney of Salt Lako wero
1 ; tho cholf figures on tho rostrum.
I The masslvo building was crowded
I with a surging sea ot humanity, drawn
I thither by tho occasion and tho fine
fl program which had been arranged.
I Many people, however, were unable to
H - obtain admittance. Tho opening num-
J bcr was on organ solo, boautirully ren-
3 dored by Mr. Smurthwalte on the
jj great organ. Tho sweet tones, molt-
8 ing away Into soft cadonefs mado
a tho hour and tho occasion moro lm
l' prcsslve. Prayer was feelingly offered
I by President Jos. Qulnney, Jr.
I Then tho combined choirs tho Tab-
1 trpaclo and the A. C. College gave
I a forty minute Bong service, under the
I able an efficient leadarshlp ot Prof.
I G. W. Thatcher. Tho first part ot
1 "Tho Daughter of Jairus" was boautl-
9 fully, Impressively and artistically
H rendered. Tho vast audience being
H greatly Impressed with the muslca and
I tho vocal solos ot tho piece. Tho solo
I lets vwero: Frank Baugh, Miss Ethol
yvl Jensen and Prof. G. W. Thatcher. It
4 I Wf, Is safe to say that no sorvico of song
H has been rendered by any organlza-
B ' tlon that loft such a lasting Impres
sion as tho ono given Sunday .
Tho sermon of Apostlo Orson P.
) Whitney, was necessarily limited to
time, owing to tho length f tho sing
ing, but what it lacked In length, It
made up in being direct,, pointed and
singularly edifying. Apostlo Whitney
lwolt principally on the origin of tho
! festival which thoy were called up
on to commemorate. How It was era
blommatlcal ot tho resurrection of
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ho
spoko eloquently ot tho last supper
-with Jesus and his apostles, and tho
word which ho Impressed so indellby
on their' minds. Tbo learned gentlo
men went greatly Into tho historical
Import of Eastertide, how It originat
ed, how many people reverently kept
green tho Important ovcnL He spoke
of how Christ very pointedly spoke to
tho disciples botoro ho ascendod to
his father in heaven, and how ho
ffl said "other sheep havo I which are
not of this fold," showing tho ncces-
Birkenhead, Eng., April 16. Tho
anti-Mormon campaign led to serl-
ous disorders hero today. An organ
ized demonstration against Mormon
" ism wns tarried out and an ultimatum
" ' " was Issued requiring tho Mormon mis
m slouarles to quit town within eight
.Later a ciowd attacked tho Mor
mon meeting houso and stoned and
smashed tbo windows. Tho pollco had
great difficulty In restoring ordor.
Two persons wero Injured and sev
eral wore arrested.
s In Janunry W. H. MoiiBon, chief of
)' 'p tho Mormon missionaries In England,
addressed a lettor to Homo Secretary
, Winston Spencer Churchill, seconding
tho request of certlng English clorgy
men thnt thojiomo offlco investigate
Mormonlsm In England. Monson de
clared that tho Mormons were being
An antlMormon campaign was or
ganized In Liverpool by tho bishop ot
Liverpool nnd other loading church
mon. Tho objoct wnB tho expulsion
from England of tho Mormon mission
aries, who wero chargod with Bond
ing many convorls, chiefly girls, to
tho Unltod States. Tho movement wa3
taken up by the clorgy of other cities.
slty of visiting them to tell thorn that
ho was tho propitiation for all sin,
nujl that fallen man, now had nn
nvcnuo of escape from tho galling
bond which had been placed upon
him, whei our great forefather fell
in tho Garden of Eden. In beautiful
langunga ho Impressed his hearors
with tho Importance ot tho work in
which thoy woro engaged, nnd ex
horted thorn to a Jalthful continuation
of those duties, placed upon them by
bocoming members ot and leadors of
the work of these latter-days. Ho end
ed his beautiful sermon by reciting a
poem typical of Easter.
The choirs then finished tho rendi
tion of tho "Daughtor of Jairus,' and
after the benediction had been of
fered by Mrs. Dr. WIdtsoo, tho large
congregation wended Its way home.
Washington, April 15. Brought by
the battle- of Agua Prleta, to a real
isation of tho danger to which the
American settlements across the
southern frontier are exposed, Presi
dent 'Taft has moved vigorously to
prevent any repetition of tho Doug
las, Ariz., episode.
With rumors hero of another con
flict nt Agua Prleta tho President f&T
day ordered tho Sixth cavnlry i regit
ment from" DesMolnes; Iowa, to Ari
zona to reinforce (he posts thero.
This step BdpplemontB tho Presi.
dent's warnlg to tho Mexican and rev
olutionary authorities that American
lives and interosts must not bo en
dangered by unrestrained border lino
fighting. It complotos, It is snld tho
administration's present program of
Tho fact is cmphnBlzed In official
quarters that the American troops
havo instructions not to cross Into
Mexico. Tho officers havo been or
dered to presorvo n strict neutrality
and seo that American citizens do not
exposo themselves to danger.
It Is oxpoctod in administration cir
cles that tho Mexican government and
tho insurgent commanders will heed
tho warnlg from Presldont Taft, and
as far as possible chooso their bat
tleground with respect for tho rights
of a neutral power. No reply has beon
reoelved by the stnto department io
tho representations mado to tho Mex
ican government in this connection,
but already nssuranco has been re
ceived from tho rebel commander at
Agua Prleta.
Officials Reticent.
Officials aro loafh to discuss the
acuto situation that would arlso In
caso an American town Is again
threatened. It Is mado plain It would
creato a diplomatic incident that
would bo immediately referred to and
dealt with by tho president directly.
As far as tho customs situation nt
Agua Prleta Is concerned, Involving
tho question of recognizing tho control
ot tho robols, official Washington is
awaiting devolopmonts. Tho sub-treasury
dopartmont tolegraphed tho col
lector of tho port' of Douglas for a
report of tho condition thoro and at
gua Prleta.
Tho International nspoct of tho caso
is receiving tho close attention of
tho stato 'department. Tho adminis
tration, It is Bald, will await official
reports beforo dotormlnlng n lino of
policy. '
Tho additional troops ordorcd w
Arizona will bo distributed to Fort
Hauchucha, Nogales and Douglas, dno
squadron going to each,. Nogales, llko
Douglas, Is practically on tho bordor
lino, whllo Fort Huachucba lies about
midway botwoon tho two, but forty
miles from tht boundary. In ndditlon
to tho troops orderod directly to
Douglas, Captain Guajot, commanding
the patrollng forco thoro, has been
given a freo hand to call on noarby
posts for assistance.
' MeCutchton in Chicago Tribune.
sueeES$FUL opera
Presented by B. Y. (BoUe&e Un
der Direction of Professor
W. O. Robinson.
Yesterday afternoon we attended
tho matinee at tho Brlgham Young
College, and listened to Tho Mocking
Bird by tho Brlgham Young- Collego
Opern company, under tho - direction
of Prof. W. O. Itoblncon.
The opera was presented free to
tho Old Folks. Tho main floor of tho
largo oudltorlum was filled with
those whom wo havo learned to call
old, yet who, asldo from a fow silver
hairs and faltering Btops, havo every
nppearanco of being far from old. To
entertain tho Old Folks has grown to
bo n timo honored custom nt tho B.
Y. College ,nud annually tho old
folks look forward with a great degree
of pleaauio and satisfaction to this
happy ovent.
Dear old B. Y. C. Wo havo been
moro or less familiar with ho'hlstory
for tho past twenty years. Wo havo
soon her In days of adversity, and
llkowlso in days of affluenco and
plenty. Wo havo soon hor irf 'days of
trial and struggle, when hor very ox-
fsienco was threatened. Wo have Beon
her In tho heights nnd Joys of victory
Wo havo seen her In tho doptlm nnd
sorrows of dofcat. Wo hnve- seen hor
nt tho-very zenith of her power nsan
educational forco In tho state, grace
fully carrying off encomiums nnfltylau
dits from tho best educators In tbo
west .receiving cheering words from
representatives from sea to sea, and
with hundreds of loynl students
boys and girls representatives of tho
host brain and brawn In tho land
cheering her on to victory. And
throughout It all tho dear old school
does not loso nny of her charms, Sho
has beon tho ploneor In many lines
of sport and amusement and novor
falls to please, and today rests on
shrined In tho hearts of tho old folks
of this community, nnd Is tho pride
nnd hopo of thousands of loynl sup
porters In tho district which sho rep
But to tho opera. It Is a pleasing,
cntchy IKtlo pleco, well staged and
beautifully costumed, that does not
fall to please for n slnglo raomont.
Thoro is "something doln" overtrain
uto to tho utmost dollght nnd nmuso
mont of tho nudlonco.
Prof. Uobinson has tho roputntlon
of making happy selections in his
oporns. In othor words htf does not
"blto off moro than ho can chew,"
and in tho present offering ho has
kept up his hitherto good reputation.
Tho characters are all woll bus
tnlnod, Miss Carrie Thomas", of, courso,
being tho star in tho cast. Sho has
had moro oxporlenco thatf nny of tho
rest and hart for sorao time part been
n favorlfo before- a1 (Logan fludfonco.
Tho chorusoirvworo oxceptibnally flno,
ho dancing-graceful, and aside from
n few little Jnra incident to the first
porformnnce, tho opera wont oft
without a hitch. We deslro to cspec
ially cotanend tho orchestra. -Wo
hOYo-attoudcd amateur opoms when,
the orchestra almost drove us from
tho room, but this tlnio Profosaor
Otto has tho music so well in hand
hat it Is a pleasuro to listen to It.
This rendition of Tho Macklng Bird
Is a, credit to tho young peoplo pro
tenting It, and was thoroughly enjoyed
by tho largo audlonce. It Is a success
nnd, deserves tho patronngo of all
lovors of oporn. Not ono loft until tho
cIobo of tho performance, nnd when
tho curtain was rung down on tho
lnsttnct every mother who had a boy
or girl in tho cnat or chorus, evory
lover of good muBlc, youth nnd beau
ty, could not help but say God bless
tho opera, tho boys and glrlB, tho old
folks, and dear old B. Y. C.
Tho opera wont to n largo houso
Inst evening nnd will bo given a
flnnl engagement nt Nlbloy hall to-nlcht.
Sonts nro on salo nt tho B. Y. Col
lego and nt Howell Brothors for to
night's performance. For an ovonlng
of pleasuro nnd gonulno enjoyment,
ono that eclipses about ono hdndrcd
mid ono per cent of tho performances
ono ordinarily sees In a llfo tlmo, nt.
tend tho Mocking Bird nt tho B. Y
Tho most mnrtelous sale In tho
history of tho Lundstrom Furnlturo
and Carpot company onded last ov
cnlng with a rush and a hustlo to
tho last minute. Tho salo began Sat
urday, Apiil 8 at 9 a. m., whon stand
ing rom for rods around tho main
cntrnnco was at a premium, and at
no timo during tho soven proceeding
sales days did tho paco slacken ma
torlally. In fact-1 yesterday waB almost
n repetition of tho opening day, aa
tho Inducements wero mado equally
great. In tho drawing contest at 3 p.
m. yesterday, Mr. Albert Squires hold
tho lucky number and received tho
125.00 rocker.
Meeting at Clarkston
Tho county commissioners announco
a mtoting at Clarkston noxt Saturday
plght nt eight o'clock to tulk over tho
coming bond election with tho peo
plo of that place. It may be that the
commissioners will nrraugo to meet
tho. peoplo In all the towns tor tho
iounly on thislmportant niatter.. j ,
Elder Bair Sends Interesting
32 North Mnln Streot.
Auburn, Maine.
Tho Lognu Hopubllcan.
Logan, Utah
Boar Sirs:
Thinking that perhaps you would
llko to hoar from onu of tho mission
aries In tho field, and thnt also, your
readers would bo Interested In a fow
lines from tho samo sourco, I will
take this opportunity of penning a
few thoughts. After nearly four
months In tho mission field, I havo
como to realize that a great work is
beforo tho Elders, and beforo tho
Church. Thoro are hundreds of thou
Bands who havo novor heard tho mes
sage. Yes, millions havo yet to bo
warned, and an tho timo la drawing
short extra dlllgonce Is necessary on
tho part of those who aro carrying tho
moosngo nnd upon thoso who hnvo the
work In charge.
Strenuous efforts nro being made
to keep up tho quota of missionaries
in tho Hold, and If possible, to In
crease It. The peoplo of tho church
aro mnklug great sacrifices to help
the work along, nnd nraong others
tho pooplo of Cache Valley nro doing
tholr sharo to holp sprond tho gospel
message abroad nnd that Is n prettty
good Indication of their sincerity and
deslro for good.
Perhaps -you vould llko to hear n
little in regard to the work hero. You
aro probably awnro thnt wo nro bolng
mado tho target for a battery of mud
Bllngors, or writers for so-called popu
lar magazines. It seems thnt all hell
has combined at onco In o grentoffort
to stir up tho old days of persecution
again for us as a people, Tho heads
of tho church aro bolng made tho
special targets, nnd are having hurled
at them nn amount of venom nnd bit
terness, tho llko of w;hlch I havo novcr
witnessed In any of tho magazines
boforo. At tho samo tlmo, In England
tho government has boon induced by
BC-callod ministers of tho gospel, "and
so-called follow ors of tho Lord Josus
Christ, to ordor an Investigation of
what has beon glibly called, tho
"Mormon Question." In Gormnny
tho American oldors are fnrhlililnn n
do work and so forth. Pulpit and
press nro against us, and all manner
of lies nro being told nnd printed Wo
elders hnvo to meet tho most ridicu
lous statements nnd quostlons. Wo
hnvo Insults hurled at us, and nro
sometimes practically ordered away,
But tho work Is going on Just tho
same, wo are getting out literature,
nto meeting tho peoplo nnd talking
I with thorn, our friends nro romalnlng
loyal and wo aro a squiring othors.
Whllo It Is tmo thnt a great manyl
pooplo beHovo tho Blush and nro
prejudiced against us, yet many nro
bo fair minded, nnd tho articles aro
bo ridiculously overdrawn, that wo
aro getting tho benefit of tho doubL
As for myself I havo felt no serious
consequences .as yet. True, a fow
days ago a Methodist mlnlstor start
ed In on mo pretty rough, but with
tho holp of tho Lord I was ablo to
meet him on his own ground, nnd as
nlways Is tho caso tho truth camo off
Of courso tho mlnlstor will toll his
flock that wo aro wholly bad, and n
largo number will bellevo him, but
wo will meet somo who will listen to
us nnd wo will got tho opportunity of
presenting, our sldo of tho caso.
Somo peoplo say, "Why don't you
defend yourBolvos In tho papers."
In tho first place, whoro Is tho mnga
zino that would glvo U3 spaco In
which to, print a dofonso? In tho
noxt placo, "Mormonlsm" has nothing
to defend or npollglso for. It Is nil
open nnd nbovo board. If tho tlmo
comes when tho oldors will havo to
apollglso for tho doctrines and nets
of tho "Mormon" church, then I want
nothing moro to do with It, Tho gos
pel of Jcbus Christ has nothing to
Continued on Pttjrg J.
There Were Seven Well Oi-
livered Addresses. 9
On Snturday evening nt the U. A. M
C. the "gold medal" oratorical con- H
test was held In tho largo auditorium H
Homo tlmo ago tho collcgo authorltioa H
offered a gold modal for tho best ton r M
mlnuto talk without preparation, c.r M
that Is without sot preparation, whom- M
in the nddrcM Is written nnd com-
mlttcd. Tho contest wns open to all
students nnd when tlmo was called M
on Saturday evening soven nppearod M
on tho platform. M
Mr. Stonowall Mnjor spoko on tho M
Mexican Itobolllon. Mr. Orson Israel- M
son took for his subject, City Govern- M
ment, and elaborated somewhat on tho
Dcs Moines plan. Messrs Ed. Brossard, M
Clydo Lindsay, E. J. Holmgren and A. M
M, Gurjar spoko on tho valuo ot high M
Ideals. Mr. Torlzko Tanakn addressed M
the assebbly on Modern Women. M
Tho JudgCB chosen were Professor fl
Larson, Miss Huntsman and 'Miss M
Stownrt .The result of tho contest M
wns seven well delivered addresses, M
but as only one could win It became M
necessary for tho Judges to decide H
which was the best among tho good. M
After deliberation thoy rendered a do- , U
clslon In favor of Mr. Majors, and ho M
was herctoro awarded tho gold medal. M
. . M
Believed to be Preliminary, to an At- 1 H
tack On Mexican Port Just M
Across from El Pa&o. M
El Paso, Texas, April IS. Fighting H
which Is believed to bo preliminary H
to n general attack on Juarez, began H
this mornlg, soventcen kilomcttta H
south near Baucho. and has been In H
progress nil day. Tho latest In forma- I H
tlon rccolvcd hero shortly after six ,
o'clock tonight wns that tho battle jH
was still In progress, but with what ' H
advantago to either sldo wns not H
stated. Information rcgnrd'm; casual- M
Oct. Io equally meager. M
In splto ot tho nearness of actual M
fighting, thero Is tho lack ot excite- H
ment in Juarez and El Psbo such as '
oxlstod nt tho tlmo of General Oroz- H
co's advanco on Juarez and his bat-
ties with General Itabago at Baucho. H
However, precautions nro bolng tak-
on by Mexican nnd United States of- H
flclnls for tho protection of tho non- "1
combatants. Gcnornl Navarro today ,
notltlod American Consul Edwards H
thnt an embargo would bo placed on 1
nil traffic from tho Unltod States. JH
Tho El Paso Chamber ot Commerco lil
today also conferred with Colonol iH
Shnrpo, commanding tho .United
States troops hero, rolatlvo to tho pro- 'il
tcction of this city from an oxporlenco i'l
similar to that at Douglas, Ariz., dur- iH
Ing tho battlo of Agua Prleta, whon jH
Americans wero killed by bullets ilH
from acrosB tho border. ''1
Federals Ambushed. '1
Today's fight was ontlroly uuoxpoct- 'il
cd and' oponcd whon 100 federal cav- iH
nlrymon wero ambushed by Insurrec- 'H
tos. Tho federals woro lator rolnforc- 'jB
cd by 100 infantry and fifty cavalry 11
from Juarez. Tho Insurrccto forco Is ljV
estimated at 500. i$K
Tho Insurroctos camo from tha ' 2
south on a train and took position in lTU
a well-protocted canyon, whllo tho fed- UB
orals fought in tho open. However, tho ,f
rohols declined to tako tho oftonslvo mm
throughout tho day, being content to fESH
meet tho federal assaults. Lato today 'lV"
tho federals sent to Juarez for n field Pvl
pleco, with which thoy bopod to be &xA
ablo to dlslodgo tho rebel forco. Rj
Shortly before dark n nowspaper flc!
man und a Juarez physician returned Ktim
from tho battlo field, bringing with itH
them two wounded fcdornls. Thoy iHH
woro lnformod by a staff officer that
several federals had beon woundbd, 'lH
but nono killed. No Information wad JjH
obtainable on the flold as to the ia LH
surrocto loss. ' H

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