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H i i L ' " ! -
Hi.F1t .Hi, ,1 "bbb-- "bbb--- -. . - ...---- a.. .-.--......H
M: Moiiilon. April 16. Mrs. Oldham of
H- l i Hurloy, Idaho, In visiting with hor
B. j parents Mr. Htiil Mrs. John Whitney.
Bb' . ,s Tho home of Mr and Mr, David
Hb I f llulst wan made happy over the nr-
rival of n Bwcot llttlo girl Monday,
5 . .Mrs. Agnes llulst lina returiiuil
Bfl " " . homo from Ogdcn whom alio wns ml-
)' 1 '"d '" ""' lot',l(lu of 'u'r dnughtor In-
BM t law, Mrs. Henry llulst.
H I ; Mrs, Job Horenson and dnughtor
Bb Ncho of Haft rlvor, aro visiting with
Bb t rolatlvca and friends this wcolc.
! Tho Mondon ward conference was
BB I . hold Sunday, April 16, two aosslona
Bb t worn hold, tho firs thoglnlng at 10 a.
Bj , in. and tho second at 2 p. in. Kldors
H , 'William Maughan or tho stnko prosl-
H doncy and William Darloy of Wells-
Bb vlllo, wore present. During tho after-
BJ . noon sosslon, tho most of tho tlmo
BB was UBOd In. hearing reports from
BJ tho bishop and tho prosldonts of tho
Bj various organizations, tho roporta
BJ' ...j Rhowed tho ward to bo In a good con-
H i "J" dltlon both financially and splrltual-
H i ly'
B! ' " Miss Myrtle linker Is suffering with
Hl t a bad case of qulnuoy.
K ' Lawrcnco Ilalloy of Logan, was a
B ' Mcndon visitor Sunday.
H ) Mr. Clwyn Smith of Logan and Miss
H Eva Dartlctt wore married in Logan
H i i Tuesday, April 11. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
H will make tholr homo In Logan.
H , Tho smiling faces of tho Jos. Wat-
BB I kins family aro seen on tho atreotn
BH i again after belu quarantined flvo
B ' weeks with small pox. Edward Wat-
Bv ' , kins contracted tho dlsoaao while at-
H l i tending school at tho n. Y. College,
BB Logan.
Hv But Marti of Trade.
B ' Citlca aro not the producers of
B wealth. Thoy are but tho marts or
H, . . t trading places for tho products of tho
H ' weolth of tho earth and of labor, and
BBj T I for tho distribution of commorco
BBf !, " They aro not tho places for homeH,for
BBJ 'i j they havo to bo continually giving
BB; ' way to tho giowth and demands for
BBJL trade.
B No Uie Worrying.
BJ Thoro's two things that are no use
BB worrying about. Just two One of Yin
Bflft 1 Is the thing that a body ran't help
BBj ' T'other la tho thing that a body can
BBj j help. "Aunt Huldah," by 0 M Cooke
BBT and A Macgownn
Hyrum, April 14. Tho second ward
people of Hyrum mot together . In
tholr meeting house to show their
last respects to Kldor Kdwln Clawson
boforo ho doparts for Great Britain,
to labor In the Interests of the Mor
mon church as a servant of God to
promulgate the overrating gospel.
Elder Clawson spoke a short time.
Ho doomed It an honor to bo counted
worthy of being sent Into the world
as a loprosontntlvo of such n great
and noblo cause. Yet ho felt his in
ability In being called upon to preach
tho gospel. "Many nro callod, but few
are chosen," was tho conclusion of
his remarks. Ho will depart next Mon
day for England. Wo wish Drothor
ClawMon a successful Journoy.
MIbs Hollo Mcintosh of Daltlmore,
Md., Is spondlng n few days In Hy
rum. Miss Mcintosh embraced tho
gospel Jan. 16, 1908, and since has
boon a faithful worker and has been
successful In carrying tho gospel to
many of hor friends In Daltlmore
where tho Elders would not havo boon
rocolvod. Miss Mcintosh will return
to Salt Lake Monday where sho ex
pects to mnko her future homo.
Saturday, April lli, tho Hyrum base
ball toam will play a gamo with Pro
vtdonco. Our boys aro In good trim
nud wo expect to witness a good game
Mr. Joseph Nollson. son of Dent
Nollson, returned from tho southern
statos where ho has boon laboring
for the past two years as a mission
ary. Many of our Hyrum boya havo loft
for tho mountains to shear shoep,
Our water ditch bunch Is hard nt
work digging up mother earth so as
to get sufficient water Into our fields
this summer.
No Foal.
Dan simply stood still and imtohed
the rabbit disappear over tho hill, and
his partner wanted to know why he
didn't shoot. After a moment's !
lence, he answered, through his nose:
'Did you take mo for a fool? Do you
think I was going to strain my gun
hootlng up hill?"
Truest Friendship.
There are times when the truest
friendship Is Juat to stand on one side,
ind ask no questions. "Captain Des
ninnd. V C " by Maud Diver.
Hj ' The Cosy Corner Bakery guarantees
B each loaf to weigh 1 6 ounces. Can others
B j' t show this standard. It is the best home- .s
i ' made bread on the market today. Made
B) i from good, wholesome flour. Cosy Cor- '
H j ner Bakery Bread is the acme of perfec- '
H tion. Wagon deliveries to the country
'" twice a week
Bi; ' ! Both Phones. All kinds of Pastery.
' ' -
1( i :A Fine Guaranteed:
1 Watch and Fob
bB1 a!
1 j I FREE 1
III fc ? J At Howell Brothers. Given with every
m i $5.00 Boy's Suit. See in Windows. 3
wfci. I Howell Brothers I
tllBflfe ganfs Formost Clothiers.
bMJbbE mmmmWfwm9l
BBiBBBBWBlt'' - mi
You cannot rightly bam one la
an air nd manner except by mak
ing him the land of man of whom
that ah i the natural expression.
Nature forever puU a premium on
reality. What is done for effect i
teen to be done for effect; what is
done for love is felt to be done for
love. A man inspires affection and
honor because he was not lying in
wait for these. The things of a man
for which we visit him were done in
the dark and the cold. Emerson.
How Dill's Poor Wife Caught Him In
a 8loon and Obtained a Gen
erous Contribution.
Now, this Is a true story.
Dill la known everywhere as a
"good fellow." He has his faults, but
his heart la In the right place tbat'a
what everybody says. Nobody over
came to htm for help and got turned
down. He had a family; none of our
crowd had ever seen his family, but
we knew he must be good to them,
even though he nevr did appear to
go home.
One evening Ave or six good fellows
were sitting in the back room of a
downtown saloon, and Dill was telling
a story. A woman entered. She had
a dark shawl over hor head and wo
couldn't see her face, but she came di
rectly to our table "Gentlemen," she
said, "Christmas Is coming, and I havo
nothing for the little ones. Can you
Of course It was Hill who responded
first. He Jumped up and plunged his
hand Into his pocket. We could hear
the rustle of bills, and we knew that
soraothlng more than mero silver had
found Its wny Into the trembling hand.
Dill was blushing when he came back
to us. We were shamed Into 'offering
something, but he would have none of
It. He seemed confused a llttlo
ashamed of his charity but he
wouldn't let us help. And It was Just
like Bill to change the subject and
go right on with his story.
And tho woman? Oh, that wbb Hill's
wife. "We found oi later that that
was about tho only way she could
ever got nny money out of him.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Not an Inviting Ideal.
"Sly son." said llarkor an ho polutd!
to tho Ivy In front of the cnttiigt. "nl
wnj'H be UUo tlu vlne-cllmb."
The little Itoy was thoughtful.
"I don't think I'd like to he like that
vino," he rexpomliMl herlously.
"Ami why not. Tommy?"
" '('nine If I wiik I'd he n porch
rllmln,r"-(,lileiit! News.
Trimmlro Him Down a Little. '
IMderly Swell What has become of
the aw the other pretty manicure
lmly I used to nee ut thh hotel?
Comely Pa nisei I presume you nienn
my mother. Phe's looking after a
husband mid a hounoful of children.
What can I H for you, slr?-Cblcago
Breaking It Gently.
Servant You not cheated when you
bought a chluy vase, rauni Mistress
How cheated? Servant Why. It's
weak. It biiHted all to smash tho first
llnio I dropped It. Toledo niadc.
A Good Joke.
"What Is a pood Joko?"
"Any Joke you havo read" that makes
jou soro because you didn't think of It
yourself." Exchange. .
Good nutlons ennoblo us, and wo are
tho sons of our own deed. Cervantes.
a warning.
"You want more money? Why, my
boy, 1 worked throe yeais for $11 a
month right In this establishment,
aud now I'm owner of It " "Well, you
aeo what happoncd to your boss. No
man who treats his help that way ran
hang on to his IhikIiichh."
.Without False Start.
No man can bo happy or successful
or of use to others unless he does
what he Is b'oht fitted to do. Instinct
will tell him what that lu. it Is for
him to think loug and seriously before
ho begins his life work, and then be
gin It without any false, starts
' Wanted the Hired Man.
i "Are you the ownor of this plac?"
! aakad the book agent. "I am," re
plied Former Corntossel Anything I
1 can do for you'" No Tho etmncos
t aro that you aro too hard-worked to
hai tlmo to read anything, and that
you haven't any spare change, any
how r.ct mo talk to the hired man."
Stops earache In two minutes, tooth
ache or pain of burn or scald in five
minutes; hoarsoness, ow Lour, iaua
cleacho two hourn; soro throat twelvo
hours Dr Thomas Klectrjo Oil, mon
arrh over pain
Care For Hopelm Cases.
The t-rlllclMii lias U-en made,
ami I ban- lieu nl It een from,
medical men. thai It was it witMi
of money lo Ixilhrr ullh the
hiipeli-xsl III; Unit liiKllliitloillt
treatment should lie reseiwd fui
the i-ilialily nlTectetl who could
again lie iipide lirvHilivlnnrm
and useful citizens, 'those who
made these criticisms are not
even right from the utilitarian
point of tiew. much less frjin
Ihu. huiiiiiiiltnrlau aspect of the
problem. One who has had any
experience at all with tuberculo
sis as a physician or as a aoelal
worker will know that the con
sumptive, no matter In what
stage of the disease. If he Is un
trained anil unenred for. consti
tutes a great menace In his work
shop ntid In his home. It must
be evident Hint If tho patient Is
con fined nil the time to his bed
the danger of his constituting a
center of Infection In a crowded
bedroom, often without light and
air, Is very great. Such n pa
ilent, becnusc be Is not inkcns
care of nt the right time nnd In
the right place, costs a good deal
more In (he end, nnd not Infre
quently additional lives are sacri
ficed Ihruugh his condition and
environments. This is my an
swer from the utilitarian point of
view to the statement that It Is
n useless expenditure to take care
of the seemingly hopeless cases.
Walking and Balancing.
It Is pointed out that In walking or
ninulng tho arms and legs produce a
"balancing" llko that of the reciprocal
Ing nnd revolving pints of n locomo
tive. The movements of tho legs react
upon tho trunk and teud to rotate It In
alternate directions about a vertical
axis, nut thu awlnglng of tho nrm.H,
each in unison with tho opposite leg.
produces an opposttg mechautcal con
le, the effect of which Is to rotate the
trunk In the other direction, thus bal
ancing, in part at least, the rotating
action of ho Ices.
The Lion's Share.
It. Is really not the male lion, with
fits tcrrllle roar and formidable ap
pearance, that the explorer fears, but
his mate. The male lion Is a good
looking poser, lint when it comes to
business it Is his wlfa who counts, a
la tho African native Oamo Is pulled
down by tho femalo lion, and then tho
male bents her off until ho baa feast
ed to repletion, when sho may have
what Is left: licnco "tho 'tanU Kharx."
Tea Seeds.
Tea seeds resemble hazelnuts. Thoy
ure sown In beds to grow thickly to
gether llko cabbages.
Norway Fishermen.
Norwegians do not favor whalo hunt
ing because they lielloo that whales
drive tho Msh shoreward.
A Maine Record.
"I think I can safely lay claim to
having hauled moro wood Into Hock
land than any other one man," says
Otts Tolman of Itockvllle. "I have
boen at It sixty years, hauling an av.
erage of 200 loadu a jtiar with an av
erage of Boven feet to tho load. I
brought my first load Into town behind
a pair of steers In 1S50 nnd Bold It to
the late S. H. llnrpeo for two dollars
a Lord." -Konnvboc Journal.
Teacher Now, 1 have explained
what "providential" means, and I
want Home of you to glvo me an Il
lustration, rtrlgbt Hoy Please, ma'am, I gun.
"Very well. What is It?"
"The holes In a porous plaster,"
"Hum! Why?"
"When yeh pull th' plaster off th'
holes don't hurt."
f Au:x,yi)i:it iiA.uim. '
j First sivretnry of the treasury !
'""' l''ler
T I . I ""',' ,,'",l-,r i
I .?s& u;,nv '"''i1"1 :-
$ flPWHSS of .Sols, 5
w&&$ w,'sl 1iiiIim' '
$ Yr5 .liiu.11.17".
i b'SEWA '",',1 'Vew
4 L&W i "eillitlmi of I
t MM H a West in- j
4- "' luiril- .1
w nine minified faornlil notice
aud outlined lilin eilm-allou in t
2 New or I'ainphlcis against '..
& the Ilritlsn made him a tltritru T
f unioiig ttu, pat i lot. Was . i icin ',
$ bor of W'aslilnglon's stun iliu i
Itovolutioii; also partlcluted In
the capture of Yoiktonn. Wrote s
4 most of the Federalist papers 2
$ and led for a strong central gov 4
ernmeiit In tho constitutional 3
.1 eoiivontlou Washington's first f
& Hceii.tary of tho treasury, In 1
,j wh.li position ho exhibited gon- 4
r 'i" 1 organizing tho nation's .'s
finances Stnrtcd the protective 'f
tariff system, niocked Aaron 3
Xf Durr's plans nnd was killed by f
S Biur In a duel. '.l
Tuesday, April 18, 1911.
One Conductor Helped Back to Work
Mr. Wllford Adam Is his name, and
ho writes! "I was confined to my bed
with chronic rheumatism nnd used
two bottles of Foley's KldnoyTlomedy
with good effect .and tho third bot
tle puo me on my feet." It clear.i thu
Co-op Drug Co.
blood of urle acid.
On Probation.
"Ferdy wants to marry me, father."
"Ferdy doesn't know bis own n!nd."
"Oh, father, give him a chance."
"Wall, I'll put him on probation. It
be sticks to one brand of cigarettes
for the next six months, I'll admit
that be la getting steadier."
- i m "
If you havent tho time to exercise
regularly, Doan's Itcgulots will pre
vont constipation. They lnduco a mild,
easy, healthful action of tho bowels
without griping. Ask your druggist for
thom. 2fic.
To bo sold nt public auction nt Hur
ley, Idaho, April 21st. This land Is un
der the Minidoka govcrnmnt. project.
I.nnd selling for twenty fl- dollars
an aero or less will re"-" jno -tenth
payment on date of purc'nooe, balancn
In eighteen annual Installments. Land
selling for over twenty five dollars per
acre will require two tenths nayment on
dato of purchase and balance In six
teen annual Installments. Reduced
rates will bo made via tho Oregon
Short Line, tickets on sale from Utah
points April 19th nnd 20th, and from
Idaho points April 20th and 21st. See
agents for rates nnd further particu
lars. a20.
Bvcrton ft Sons report very good
trado In spring lines this yoar. They
nro building extenslvo additions to
their store to take care of tholr In
creased trado. . . '
a 1
State Kngineer's Otrice,
Snlt Lake City, Ut.h, Fob. -14, ls)U.
Notice Is hereby given that y Olo
'Sonne, whose post-office addr'oss ls (fa
Logan, Utah, has mad3 application in
ntcordanco with tho requirements of
the compiled Laws of Utah, 1907, as
amended by the Session Lawn of
Utah, 1909, to nppj-oprlato twelve (1?)
cub feet por second of water from
Three Mile Creek, Cache county,
Utah. Said water will be diverted at
a point which lies 2,145 feet south nnd
1,320 fcot west of the' liorthenst tot ner
or section 29, township 12 north, rangn
1 west, Salt Lake base and meridian,
from whoro It will be convoyed b
means of a canal for a dlstanco i
1,485 foet and thero used during tho
period from Juno 1 to Scpettnbor 15,
IncluHlve, of each year, to Irrigate
120 acres of land embraced In sec
tlons28 and 29, township 12 north,
Range 1 west, Salt Lake basu and me
ridian. This application Is designated
in the State Engineer's office as No.
All protests against tho granting of
said application, stating tho reasons
therefor, must bo made by affidavit
in dupllcato and filed In this office
within thirty (30) days after tho com
pletion of the publication of this no
State Engineer.
Pate of first publication April 12,
1911. Date of completion of publica
tion May 12, 1911. myl2
I The First National Bank, Logan Utah
SW offers exceptional facilities for tho handling of your banking bust- W
For example If you are a customer and want to send mnne) fp
$awny, we SELL you a bank draft. k
. If you are a customer, and have' money you want to loan, our ad- jj
ft vice and services aro nt your command. A
Dy having a chocking account with this bank nnd issuing checks X
2 nnd making doposlts, you nro, unaware- to yourself, gradually build- JP
Jr Ing up the most valuable asset a man can have, namely: A GOOD 2
W THIS CREDIT IS EXTENDED toothers away from home with
4p whom you might seek accommom- Hon. ' 4S
$ SOME DAY you might need tn HORROW: the CUSTOMER RE- tv JJ
Jj celyes not only tho accommodation but tho preference of rates and J
J amount, while tho N.ON-Customer may In times of stringency meot JL
Thos. Smart, President. James Quayle, Vice-President. X
g Jno. H. Anderson, 2nd Vice- Pres Allan M.r Fleming, Cashier. 3T
tl. r. Crockett, Asst-Cashler. .
The Painter Knows Your painter win ten you
$ .wui-nii hi i mini, hj nmii.ihnt wp nrix lieadquarters
A jrsa--.M jtfH or tne Dest painting ma
iaj ff ff&kn&mBm tcrias Linseed oil (that
I UllStAmyfffiW yu can re'y on as extract
ll tSMK MWImm f F,axseed0 Pure 'White
t.mv pIPI-P-I Lead (tne Southern brand
I v Fwi-w witn the Dutch By ,ain-
$Xm H6 ter "Trde Ma"k) and other
ii lln l( f(nm tn,nSsof quality. Brush-
i l 1 iA M -l es Varnishes, Stains, etc.
!jji 'SHSS Let us ta,k r,a,nt wth
i m gpi
l!--D--Hl h J 5)iV fl 3 j MLilfiiEuBPi
P8jl Through the Partialis
And the fortllo Fruit nnd Agricultural Districts of Colorado & Utah I
Pullman and Toimst Sleepers 1
From Salt Lake to DoDfor, Chicago and St, Louis without Chnnge M
of Cars. For Folders, Dvoklets, Etc,, address, I
F. A. WADLE1QH, O. P. A. I, A. DENTON, O. A. P. D. I
Denyor, Colorado. Salt Lnko City, Utah I

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